Friends: Ross's Revenge - What Monica Did Part 5: A New Friend For Monica
by Exintaris ([email protected])

The plane was not halfway to Los Angeles when Monica began to wonder if she
had done the right thing. For the first time in her adulthood, she would be
without the emotional and practical support of a group of friends. For a
moment this made her feel so miserable that she almost contemplated getting
straight onto the next plane back to New York as soon as she had arrived.
But then she realised, no way could she do this. She had had very good
reasons for feeling that she would not be able to go on living in New York;
and she had her pride, which would not let her head back home like some
scared child as soon as things got a little tough. Still, she could not help
feeling sad over all that she was leaving behind, and cried for a while.
Luckily, she was seated by a window with no one next to her, and could do
this unobserved.

When she had recovered, she began to think seriously about what she was going
to do, and by the time they arrived she had the outlines of a plan. First she
got advice and found a reasonably cheap hotel. Once established there, she
got a paper and started checking out prospects for restaurant work, following
up those that looked promising with calls from a payphone. As she had
expected, without references she did not stand a chance of getting a
particularly good job - the need to be vague and evasive over the reasons why
she had left New York clearly did not impress the people she spoke to - and
the best prospects seemed to be in contract work. She made appointments to
see people, and then began to think of what else she needed to do, like
getting herself checked over for infection, and how she was going to set
about getting into porn or stripping. She realised that what she needed was a
contact, but she felt nervous of approaching anyone who looked as if they
might be in those businesses: suppose she was wrong? The paper had ads for
agencies that looked promising, but she had no way of knowing which were on
the level, she needed a way of getting to them - she certainly did not want
to do much walking, with her knees still sore - and all the time she was
undecided about whether she really would take that step. In fact, she spent a
lot of time in a state of indecision.

Then she had a major stroke of luck: she met Abby. She was having coffee and
a cookie in a diner, when a woman came and sat down near her. She looked to
be still in her twenties, was even smaller than Monica and had a friendly
looking face, bearing an interesting resemblance to Jennifer Love Hewitt,
with a rather sharp face, brown eyes and a broad mouth. She wore her dark
hair straight and falling to her shoulders, pulled back behind her ears. She
was dressed simply in t-shirt and jeans, which emphasised a good figure with
quite large breasts. Monica strongly suspected she was a lesbian, hoping to
pick her up, and made a snap decision not to turn her away, but rather to
encourage her, when she said simply, "Hi, I'm Abby. Are you like new around

Monica had more than one reason for responding positively, apart from liking
the look of Abby. She was very lonely, badly missing the friends who had been
part of her life for so long, and she was also desperately horny. No amount
of getting herself off could seem to ease a desire for sex that had been
growing in her even in the few days since she had left New York. Somehow she
almost felt like a teenager again, willing to try almost anything to ease her
horniness. And she could not detect in herself any kind of shrinking from the
idea of making love with a woman; on the contrary, she felt considerable
curiosity as to what it might be like. And finally, this looked a much safer
bet than accepting one of the casual advances made to her by various men she
encountered here and there.

Abby proved to be a considerable talker, and on discovering that Monica was
new to LA she poured out commentary and advice for some time before pausing
to ask where Monica had come from. On hearing that she was from New York, she
looked very interested and said, "Hey, d'you like have details on this story
in some of the tabloids, about the woman on the balcony in Greenwich Village,
with all those men?"

Involuntarily Monica flushed, but Abby did not seem to notice. "I, um, left
before that hit the news stands," Monica said. "So tell me about it."

"Well, all I know is, it was on one of those like metal balconies outside
the apartments, quite a way up, and there was this one woman, who was like
totally naked, and she was going through a whole bunch of men who went up
the fire escape ladders, taking them on in groups. She was like kneeling
down, it's said, so she could blow 'em, and jerk 'em off, and get screwed,
all at once. Oh, and there was some guy videoing it all."

"Do the stories say what kind of woman?" Monica asked, trying to sound

"Well, she was white, not too big, with long dark hair and good boobs, is all
I heard," said Abby. "With a lot of men around her, I guess you couldn't see
too much. But imagine the nerve she had, to do that like right out where
people could see - though it was night time, they say."

"Maybe she didn't have much choice," said Monica. "No one knows the
background, do they?"

"That's true," said Abby slowly. "But if she didn't wanna do it, why didn't
she like scream the house down?"

"Maybe she thought it wouldn't have done any good, and would only make the
men mad," said Monica.

Abby looked sombre. "Yeah, I could believe that. But if I'da been there and
seen this balcony thing, you bet I'd call the cops, because you're right, she
coulda been like forced into it." She seemed to shake herself. "Let's talk
about something else. Hey, are you like free? We could take in a movie or

Monica was attracted by her easy friendliness. "Great idea," she said,
smiling at Abby, whose answering smile was accompanied by a hopeful look.

In the movie theatre, Monica let Abby initiate things, but she responded
positively to everything she did. She snuggled closer when she put an arm
around her, and when Abby leaned over to kiss her she accepted it
wholeheartedly. Abby was a good kisser, and a woman's lips were soft
compared to a man's, she found, and... But when she felt Abby's hand on her
breast it gave her a thrill, just as if Abby had been a man. They began to
make out seriously, until Abby said, "This isn't a very good movie, and
we're not seeing much of it anyway. Wanna come back to my place?"

"Sure," said Monica, her heart beating a little faster. "But, um ..." She
looked at Abby rather shyly, "it will be my first time."

"Oh," said Abby, seeming at a loss for a moment.

"But I really want to do this," Monica went on, as earnestly as she could.

Abby beamed. "That's what I like to hear."

Once in Abby's small and rather messy apartment, Monica let her top and bra
be taken off, relishing Abby's rapturous comments on her breasts and even
more the feelings that her mouth on them gave. When Abby stripped in her
turn, she revealed a body pale where the skin was not exposed to the sun -
she evidently did not sunbathe in the nude - and well shaped breasts that
had very light brown areolae. Monica found it quite easy to bend to suck on
one in her turn. Abby removed her own clothes straight away, including her
panties, revealing quite an expanse of bush. They pressed close together,
and Monica ran her hands over Abby's bush gently, enjoying the sensation.

"Now let's see yours," said Abby, breathing hard.

As Monica's slacks came down and her panties with them, she realised that
the scarring on her knees might be visible, but Abby did not seem to notice.
She ran her hand over the little landing strip of bush that Monica left when
shaving herself, with a chuckle of apparent delight.

"Come on," she said, and moved her to the bed.

Again she sucked on Monica's breasts, but now her hands moved over her. When
she reached Monica's mound, she squeezed strongly, giving her a great jolt of
sensation. Monica gasped and pushed up. Abby ran a finger into her quickly.
Monica rejoiced in the feeling of something hard and fleshy inside her again,
though a finger could not compare to a cock.

"Oh yes, Abby!" she gasped. "Do me like that!"

Abby ran in another finger, then used her thumb to rub Monica' s clit at
the same time as finger-fucking her. Monica's reactions grew more and more
unrestrained. She began lifting herself up at Abby's probing hand regularly,
moaning, urgent for the release of orgasm, kissing her back passionately.
Then Abby did something with her fingers, pulling them back and up a bit,
and Monica was seized by an extraordinarily intense sensation that turned
into an orgasm almost instantaneously, making her shriek with joy.

For a few moments she lay gasping. Then she pulled Abby down to her and
kissed her with heartfelt gratitude.

"What, what was that?" she asked. "I never felt anything like it."

Abby chuckled. "I got your G-spot," she said, looking pleased with herself.
"You have to know how to find it, but I had some good teaching. Glad you
liked it."

"It was fantastic," said Monica sincerely.

"Good," said Abby. "Uh, Monica, if this was your first time, what made you
like decide to do it?" She sounded genuinely curious.

"Well, I was really horny, have been for days, but also I, uh, had an
experience recently that rather put me off men," Monica said, still trying
to work out how to say it. "It's ... part of why I left New York."

"You wanna tell me about it?" said Abby, but before Monica could begin she
cried, "Holy cow! Whatever happened to your knees?"

"Well," Monica said, deciding not to lie, "you may find this hard to believe,
but - "

Abby interrupted, a look of sudden understanding appearing on her face.
"You're her, the woman on the balcony? That's why you said those things?" She
gaped at Monica in frank amazement.

Monica nodded. "I'm her. But it wasn't like you might think."

Abby seemed awestruck. "Were you like forced into it, then?"

"It started that way," said Monica, feeling increasingly uneasy, "but I ...
really got into it; that's the part of the story you will have read about.
What made me leave New York was ... well, the man who forced me was part of
our group, and I ... kind of fought with my friends, too ... look, maybe I'd
better go." She sat up.

"Don't you dare!" cried Abby, grabbing her. "I'm not gonna like disapprove,
or go all moral on you. I want the story! Wow, just think: I hook up with
the woman the whole porn industry's talking about." She coloured a little.
"I work in porn, you see."

Monica was elated. "Abby, that's just great! Because after what happened to
me, and how I reacted to it, well, I have been thinking of getting into porn.
If you'll help me, and promise not to reveal all the details until I say,
I'll give you the whole story."

"Oh sure!" said Abby. "I'll give you any help you need. Oh, this is like so

Abby seemed so sympathetic that Monica decided impulsively to tell her a good
deal about herself and her relationship with her friends and her troubles
with Chandler, and to reveal that Ross was her brother. Abby made a very good
audience, not interrupting, though she made sounds of shock or sympathy at
appropriate times, and she was also perceptive. Despite herself, Monica could
not help becoming excited when she described how Ross had driven her out onto
the balcony, hands tied behind her back, and begun raping her ass, in full
view of anyone below, and then had forced her to encourage men to come up,
and how she had found herself shamefully enjoying it even with the first man.

She tried not to give signs of her growing arousal, but Abby put a hand on
her arm. "I know what you want," she said, smiling. "You want more sex. How
would you like to be screwed with a toy?"

"What do you have?" said Monica, feeling eager.

"Vibrators, dildos, strap-ons, you name it," said Abby cheerfully.

"What would you like?" said Monica. "You haven't got any yet."

Abby smiled. "It's been great just getting to see and handle this fine body
of yours," she said. "But okay, I'd like it with a strap-on. That way, I can
get off myself, or try to." She opened a drawer in the nightstand. "How
about, you go on telling the story while we're doing it?" she said, as she
brought out a fairly realistic looking but black plastic item on a harness.

The idea gave Monica a rush. "Right!" she cried. "How do you want me?"

"I always liked doggy style," said Abby as she fitted on the harness.

Monica took position, feeling very excited. As soon as she felt Abby's hands
on her and the fake cock's head nudging at her pussy lips, she became really

"Yeah, stick it in me, Abby!" she cried, and groaned with delight as she was,
at last, filled again with something really sizeable. She wriggled against it
until it felt really comfortably lodged, and then said, "Now, where were we?"

She began to give details of what she had done with the men while Abby
began to thrust into her at a steady pace, speeding up slowly. It took some
concentration to keep her mind on the story when she was receiving such
delicious sensations, and finally she gave up and just started slamming
herself back against Abby, with cries of joy. She came very hard indeed, and
so, panting and puffing, did Abby, who fell back on the bed, spent, when she
was done.

"That really took it out of me," she gasped, beaming up at Monica. "You are
like one great lay, Monica."

"Can I finish the story?" Monica said, leaning down to give her a light kiss.
"I'd like you to know how I come to be here."

"Sure," said Abby, relaxing into a more comfortable position. "Come cuddle
with me."

Snuggled against her, head on Abby's chest, Monica went on with the story,
laying stress on the phone call from her mother, but she did not mention the
argument with her friends over what to do if she had become pregnant.

"That's rough, having a mother like that," said Abby, with real sympathy. "I
didn't get on too well with my mom either, but she just didn't care very much
about us kids. Well, you certainly seem to have made like a good recovery."

"I keep dreaming I'm back there on the balcony," Monica admitted, "and
sometimes it's frightening, because it's Ross doing me some way, maybe with
others, and they're hurting me, but everyone's just laughing and making fun
of me. But often it's good, though when I wake up from one of those I just
have to masturbate, to calm myself down. So, do you think the porn industry
would be interested in me?"

"Someone sure would," said Abby. "You're so attractive, and you have like
personality. And if you're willing to do stuff with guys or girls both,
that's the way to get lots of work. But most of the gangbang stuff is shot
by the gonzo guys, who are not very nice and would want you to do all kinds
of stuff you might not want, like double anals."

Monica shuddered. "No, one cock up there is enough. That's kind of
disappointing, because these flashbacks I've been getting make me feel, I
really want that. Not all the time, but I get these sudden urges to be with
a lot of guys. And now I know something about it, I'd be just as willing to
do stuff with lots of girls, I guess, because it wouldn't be so different.
They could screw me while I was using my hands to clit rub or finger fuck.
Mmm." She allowed herself to contemplate the possibilities, which made her
feel a little horny again.

"You're like really hot to trot, aren't you?" said Abby admiringly. "You go
for oral? Because there's a lot of that in girl porn."

"Well, obviously I've never done that with a woman," said Monica, "but I
liked it fine with the men who did it. Chandler was only fair, but I've had
others ..." She looked at Abby hopefully.

Abby groaned humorously. "If I'd known what I was getting myself into ..."

"I don't want it right this minute," said Monica. "But I would appreciate it,
and I'm ready to do it for you, too. I need to learn."

"Monica sweetheart," said Abby, looking at her earnestly, "I'd love to do it
with you and show you how to do it. I haven't met someone like you in a long
time. I, uh, hope you don't think this is gonna be like exclusive, though."

"Oh no!" said Monica, eager to reassure her. "I'm not falling in love with
you or anything, Abby. I just love getting the sex I need so badly, though I
do like you, truly."

Abby looked relieved. "That's nice. I'll have to introduce you to some
friends of mine."

"Bring 'em on!" cried Monica exuberantly. "This new stuff is so great, and I
don't even have to worry about protection."

"Um, that's not quite true," said Abby. "See, there's things you ought to
know ..."

She proceeded to explain some of the realities of STD transmission even among
women, which obviously reminded her of something.

"Monica, you could like so easily have caught something from one of those
men," she said. "Did you do something about that? You haven't mentioned it."
Suddenly she sounded a little severe.

"Uh, no," said Monica, feeling rather ashamed. "I, uh, have had it in mind,
but ... I just haven't gotten around to it. To be honest, I don't know where
to go."

"Right, well, until we get that cleared up, no oral for you," said Abby
firmly. "You should go to the AIM clinic. Any good company will like want you
certified clean by them anyway, before you work for them. Did you at least
take a morning-after pill?"

Her cheeks hot, Monica stammered an explanation of how, if she was pregnant,
she wanted to keep it, and how this had been a major cause of the rift with
her friends. Now Abby proved sympathetic again.

"That's okay, sweetheart," she said, hugging her. "I understand. Well,
obviously, if you are pregnant you won't be able to work like for long in
porn or as a stripper, but I guess you could go a few months, make some
money. Is that what you had in mind?"

"I didn't have it all worked out," Monica confessed. "Oh Abby, you're being
such a help!"

"You need a friend, clearly," said Abby, pinching her cheek affectionately,
"and I'm happy to be that friend." She looked thoughtful. "Tell you what.
Let's go and clean off, and I'll give my strap-on here a good cleaning too,
and then we could come back, and you could practise pussy-licking, because
I don't guess your tongue is like gonna be infectious."

Monica was perfectly happy to do this, and explained to Abby as they were
washing that she was by nature a very clean person.

"I could tell," said Abby, grinning at her. "Now I guess you've noticed, I'm
like kind of a slut that way. So here's an idea: why don't you like move in
with me? I wouldn't even charge rent, if you would clean and cook some."

"Oh, Abby!" cried Monica, hugging her rapturously. "Are you really okay with
that? You've only known me a few hours."

"Yeah," said Abby, smiling, "but I like what I know. Of course, I'll be
expecting like payback in pussy."

"You got it," said Monica happily.

They returned to the bed, and Monica spent a while learning about
pussy-licking. From the start she did not find it at all gross, as she had
feared that she might. Rather, it was fascinating to be able to investigate
the intricacies of female anatomy from the outside, and Abby's wild reactions
to Monica's amateur efforts were extremely gratifying. In the end, with the
help of a little clit-rubbing Monica actually managed to make Abby come,
which she did with an abandoned shriek, and Monica found that she enjoyed the
taste of her come cream even more than the juices she produced when she was
getting worked up.

"Oh boy!" Abby panted, as Monica moved to lie beside her. "Monica, you have
like great instincts. You may be a fine chef, but I think this is like your
natural area of skill."

Monica felt considerable pride, and also a strong suspicion that Abby was
speaking no more than the truth. She had always put a lot of effort into sex,
and when it went well had gotten a great deal of satisfaction out of it. That
was why the balcony thing had worked so well. She had sometimes thought, when
fantasising, that she would make a good sex worker, but she didn't feel drawn
to that so much as to porn.

"I wish I'd known how great this was before," she said. "I'd love to be doing
stuff like this with my friends Rachel and Phoebe."

"But did they show like any signs of being interested?" said Abby.

Monica thought. "Well, there was this one time ... we took Chandler to a
strip club to cheer him up, after he'd broken up with a girlfriend he was
keen on. That was part of the pattern of getting him over it, and normally
Joey would do that, but he wasn't around. Well, it didn't work, but back in
the apartment we got to talking about which stripper we'd like to go with,
if we were into that, and that sure cheered him up. Yeah, I'd say, from what
they said then, they could be interested." She sighed. "Poor Chandler. I
hope he's not feeling too miserable." She looked sadly at the place where
her wedding ring had been. "I still have feelings for him, you know. I hope
that doesn't offend you."

"Hell no," said Abby, hugging her consolingly. "Maybe you'll like get back
together some day. Stranger things have happened. Don't give up hope."

Monica hugged her back. "Thanks, Abby."

They lay in silence for a while, then Abby said, "Well, sweetheart, the
afternoon's drawing on, and I like actually have to do some things. You go
on back to your place and get your stuff all packed up, and I'll come get
you later, and maybe this evening we can like go clubbing or something.
How's that sound?"

"Absolutely great," said Monica enthusiastically.

They fixed on a time when Abby would pick her up in her car. She walked back
to her hotel, feeling very pleased about the friendship she had made and in a
good mood generally. When a man leered at her, she grinned back in a friendly
way, but held up a hand firmly and shook her head when he looked like showing
a closer interest. When a man shouted something indistinct but apparently
complimentary from a building site, she laughed and waved. She was feeling
confident again.

Nothing like some good sex to make one feel better about everything, she
thought. Already the bad memories were fading. The good memories remained
clear, though, even the great feelings that she had gotten from Ross's cock
driving into her. Damn him, why did he have to have such a great cock? Maybe,
if it had happened when she wasn't so frustrated about Chandler's failure to
perform, she wouldn't have reacted that way. But then, if there had been no
problem with Chandler, the whole situation wouldn't have arisen in the first
place. She sighed. Poor Chandler - she hoped that somehow he could get over
his problems. Feeling as she did now, she would be willing to do almost
anything with him if it would help. She now considered that she had been
ridiculous to refuse him her ass, not that he had ever shown any great desire
to have it, and even more stupid to ration his blow jobs because she wanted
him to save all his stuff for trying to impregnate her. She had not handled
him well, all in all, in this and other things. Well, she thought, she had
learned something of a lesson, but unfortunately the way she had learned it
had made it almost impossible that she could return to being a faithful wife.

That night, after unpacking at Abby's, she had a marvellous time
visiting a women's club with her. If she had any lingering doubts about her
attractiveness, the eager way that she was welcomed into Abby's circle and
the constant glances, comments and come-on lines passed by strangers provided
all the reassurance she needed. She happily talked and flirted the whole
night long, but did not dance too much because her knees were still a bit
sore and stiff, which she attributed to a domestic accident. Chatterbox that
she was, Abby was as good as her word and did not even hint at knowing
different. She introduced Monica to several women who worked in porn or other
branches of the sex industry, indicating that she would not take it at all
amiss if Monica hooked up with one for the night, for she aimed to find
someone herself. Eventually Monica went home with a tall, lanky girl with
very long silver blonde hair called Linda, who attracted her especially
because she looked a bit like Phoebe. Linda was a professional dominatrix and
liked her partners to be submissive, but Monica found no difficulty in
playing along with that, for Linda was a proficient user of the strap-on and
had great stamina. In fact, she fucked Monica three times, the last in the
ass, and brought Monica, and herself also, to orgasm every time. But she
didn't want Monica to stay, though she let her use her phone to call a cab.

"I like my space," she explained, "but if you ever want to drop round
again ..." She smiled and gave Monica a card.

When Monica got back to the apartment, Abby was not there, but she had
expected this, and already the apartment felt like home. She did a little
straightening up, then fell into bed with a smile on her face.


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