Friends: Ross's Revenge - What Monica Did Part 8:
Monica Returns To New York (MFF,MF,FF ref)
by Exintaris ([email protected])

The next evening Monica was on a night flight to New York, wishing the plane
would hurry up and go faster. She found herself extremely eager to see not
just Rachel but all of them. After a while she realised that her impatience
and excitement were making her horny, as often happened to her these days,
and looked around for a likely prospect to ease this, and along the way join
the Mile High Club. The plane was by no means full, but the other passengers
were mostly dull looking business types, or obviously with someone, or single
women who looked uninviting as prospects, and most had fallen asleep already.
Sighing with frustration, she wondered if she should just go to a restroom
and get herself off. Then someone leaned over her. It was a flight attendant,
a bit older than herself, tall and blonde with a good figure and light blue
eyes, whom she had noticed eying her once or twice.

"Hi, I'm Sharon," she said. "Got everything you need, honey?" Her eyes
had a knowing look. Then they widened. "Hey, I knew I recognised you from
somewhere, and it's just come to me. You're the woman in She Couldn't Get
Enough, aren't you?" She grinned broadly and held out her hand. "Nice work,

"You've seen it?" said Monica in considerable surprise as she shook hands.
"I, um, wouldn't have thought - "

Sharon laughed. "It's quite popular among some women, you know."

"Why is that?" Monica asked, intrigued.

"Because you win," said Sharon simply. "You wear them all out, and still they
haven't satisfied you fully."

Monica smiled. "So, I'm kind of a star?" It gave her a great lift to think

"You betcha," said Sharon. "Now, I might be wrong, but it seemed to me you
were looking antsy. You interested in some action?"

"Yeah, sure, any kind," said Monica instantly.

Sharon grinned even more broadly. "How about me and a guy together?"

"Great," said Monica eagerly. "Just what I need."

Shortly she was in the crew's section at the back, behind the curtains,
eagerly licking Sharon's tasty pussy, while Sharon's boyfriend in the crew,
Jim, rammed her from behind. Jim had a substantial cock, which was very
pleasing to feel, but he came too soon for Monica to have reached climax.
As he apologised, saying that he was always like that the first time with
a new woman, Monica lifted her head off Sharon's pussy for a moment to ask
if anyone else might be interested.

By the time Monica finished, she had handled everyone in the crew, including
the other female flight attendant, who was normally straight but had become
completely turned on when curiosity drove her to take a look at the action.
Monica readily informed them all that she was in porn, giving her stage name
Judy, which she had chosen for her porn work as a kind of nose-thumbing to
her mother. She wanted to make sure they knew what they were getting into,
but they accepted her assurances that she was clean as if this was obvious
and did not need saying. She found herself considerably excited by the need
be as quiet as possible and to keep moving around the plane - she was even
smuggled onto the flight deck to deal with the pilots - to avoid arousing
too much suspicion. Eventually, as well as getting a good deal of pleasure
out of making them all come, she had come twice herself and was feeling much
better. After freshening up in a restroom, she returned to her seat feeling
very relaxed, with a bunch of phone numbers and promises that free trips
could be arranged if she would put out like that again.

Not very long after she had settled down, Sharon came along with a small
bottle of wine and a trayful of other delicacies.

"It's on the house," she hissed. "Anything you want that's not here, just
say. You're a marvel, Judy."

"Well, it passed the time very nicely," said Monica, smiling at her. "Thanks
for everything, in fact."

"No, thank you," said Sharon enthusiastically. "I haven't come that hard
since I don't know when. And you should hear Bill, the pilot, raving about
the blow job you gave him. You really have a talent, Judy, and we'll all be
looking out for more videos." She patted her on the shoulder and walked away.

Monica spent the rest of the flight in a glow of pride and satisfaction,
ignoring the curious glances of one or two other passengers near her. But as
arrival time approached she found her impatience growing again, and by the
time they landed she was fuming at every delay, and shamelessly wriggled her
way past other passengers who were still assembling their belongings in her
eagerness to get to the front of the queue. She gave Sharon a brilliant smile
and mouthed a kiss as she passed her. Sharon actually blushed slightly, and
her farewell was especially warm.

Since Monica was carrying everything in her purse and one overnight bag
she could go straight to the exit. She hurried faster and faster, finally
breaking into a run. When she saw Chandler, Joey and Phoebe all waiting for
her and waving - Phoebe was even jumping up and down with excitement - she
rushed into their arms, tears coming fast, and kissed each passionately as
soon as she could grab them, repeating their names.

"Geez, Monica, it's great that you're so pleased to see us," said Joey when
she had calmed down a bit.

"I didn't know how much I would miss you till I went away," Monica said
fervently. "I have friends in LA, but not like you guys." She beamed at them,
then asked, "Is Rachel okay?"

"Oh, she's fine," said Phoebe affectionately, "but she felt she should keep
Emma at home and not bring her out here so early in the day. For now, I'm
sleeping over there, in Joey's room, and Joey's in the spare bedroom in your
old apartment." She giggled. "He's all the time forgetting where he should

"Well, it's confusing," said Joey defensively.

"Yeah, you're just hoping to catch me doing my naked thing," said Phoebe,
patting him on the cheek. "But I wouldn't do that around Rachel, it might
embarrass her."

"So, when she was at your place, you two never did that?" said Joey, looking

"Oh no!" said Phoebe emphatically, but she turned so that only Monica could
see her give a huge wink. Monica was hard put to it not to giggle.

"Let's get a cab and go straight back," said Chandler.

"Oh yes, let's!" said Monica. She turned to him.

"How have you been, Chandler?" she asked softly. The sight of him was
stirring all sorts of feelings of affection and regret in her. She did not
believe she truly loved him any more, but she still thought of him as her
dear friend and wanted him to be happy. She wondered whether, if she could
get him into bed and give him a good time, that would help, or whether it
would do harm by arousing memories.

He smiled at her a little wistfully. "I've been okay," he said. "But I've
missed you, of course."

"Well, I've missed you too," she said. "I've missed all you guys - I've
missed New York. But I, well, I think I did the right thing at the time."

"Oh yeah!" said Phoebe. "There's been a lot of stuff in the tabloids. No
one has come right out and named you, but there have been, like, hints that
anyone who knew you would pick up on. And you gave us all a jolt, which we
needed." She looked meaningfully at Joey.

"Yeah," he said ruefully. "I'm, uh, very sorry that you didn't become
pregnant, Monica."

Monica sighed and shrugged. She had gotten used to it.

As they waited in line for a cab, it occurred to Monica to ask, "Has anything
been heard from mom?"

Joey drew in his breath sharply and Chandler pulled a face. "I guess we'd
better tell you," he said. "She won't believe it. She thinks we're all
ganging up on Ross. How she thinks she's gonna get round the evidence of
the other people in the block, like what they saw, I don't know." He sighed.
"She's beyond reason, Monica."

"Oh God!" said Monica softly. "I can understand, though. It must be so hard
to believe that the son you adored, who you remember from a tiny baby, has
gone bad. For so long, he never showed a really bad streak. I mean, he'd lie
to cover up things he'd done, and between them Carol and Rachel and Emily
made him mistrustful of women, even a bit paranoid about them, but he did
seem to get over it at the time."

"He's possessed," said Phoebe firmly.

Monica said nothing for a moment. In some ways, it would make a lot of sense.
But she herself had changed quite radically, it could be said, as a result of
a particular series of events, without being possessed.

Suddenly a wave of tiredness overwhelmed her. She shut her eyes and put her
head back on the seat, announcing that she was going to take a nap. She was
awakened by Phoebe's gentle shaking.

"We're here," she said, then before Monica could lift her head she bent
down and kissed her quickly on the lips. "You look so beautiful when you're
asleep," she said as she drew back.

Monica looked at her in surprise, but Phoebe just smiled and turned to get
out of the car. Soon Monica was hurrying up the stairs, going faster and
faster in her eagerness. She was not weighed down, as Joey was bringing her
overnight bag. Then she saw Rachel waiting at the top of the flight, and
called out her name. Rachel called Monica's name back and ran to meet her.
They embraced on the top step, both crying.

"Mon, Mon, my dearest Mon," Rachel murmured as she hugged her very tightly.
Finally she pulled away and stood back a little, beaming at her. "Now you're
here, everything seems right again," she said, her eyes very bright. "Oh, how
I've missed you!" She took her hand. "Come see Emma, she's grown since you
saw her last."

Monica went in to admire Emma, followed by the others. She was suddenly
conscious that Rachel was still holding her hand, squeezing it now and then,
and standing very close to her. Was it her imagination, or was Rachel coming
on to her? I wonder if there's a chance, she thought to herself.

After a short while, Rachel said, "She's a consolation, that's for sure. It
would be so great if you could have a baby too, Mon."

"You know I'd love that," said Monica, "but the way it looks, maybe I just
can't. I mean, if I didn't get pregnant from any of those men, not to mention
Ross ..."

Rachel's eyes turned sad. "My poor Monica - you really wanted a baby, didn't

"Yeah," said Monica, smiling back at her ruefully.

"You've shown such amazing strength, in getting over it all," said Rachel,
hugging her and kissing her on the cheek again.

"Yeah, don't let this pull you down," said Joey.

"Thanks, guys," said Monica, a few tears coming. "Now, uh, can we have
breakfast? Because I had some stuff on the plane, but I realise, for some
reason I'm starving."

"Breakfast has been arranged," said Chandler cheerfully.

It was balm to Monica's soul to be ushered into her old apartment, to be
given her choice of seat and have coffee poured for her. Some other time she
might have wanted to be doing things herself, but just for once she was happy
to be waited on hand and foot. There was hot food as well as cereal and
toast, and she helped herself to everything. Phoebe beamed at her.

"That's the way, Monica, eat hearty," she said. "You know, you look like
you've filled out a bit."

"Yeah, I think I have," said Monica. "I'm not so fixated on being really slim
any more."

"You look good on it," said Joey. "I've seldom seen you looking so hot ...
though when I met you, that first day ..." He rolled his eyes.

Monica smiled at him. "How long ago that seems." She giggled, and decided to
say it. "You know, sometimes, when I wasn't with anyone, I wished I'd taken
you up on the offer."

He looked startled, then grinned. "Well, that's very interesting, Monica,"
but then he stopped and looked at Chandler guiltily.

But Chandler just smiled. "Yes, it is, isn't it?" he remarked casually.
"Well, don't think I'll stand in your way, guys."

Monica began to say something, but was surprised by an enormous yawn, and
realised that despite her nap in the cab she was still very tired. "I think
I should lie down and catch up on my sleep," she said. "Straighten my body
out. It thinks it's three hours earlier than the clock says."

"You can have my bed," Phoebe offered.

"Or mine," said Rachel, "but Emma's bassinet is in my room."

"Okay, maybe I'd better take Phoebe's," said Monica, smiling at them both.
Then she yawned again and shook her head. "And I think I'd better get there
right away."

"Come along," said Phoebe, and led her by the hand, while Joey followed with
her bag.

"I could get to like this," she said laughingly, as they solicitously ushered
her into Phoebe's bedroom. "Now, if you guys will excuse me, I think I'll

It seemed to her that both looked disappointed, but her head was too heavy to
let her think about this. She just about managed to get her outer clothes off
before she couldn't keep herself upright another second, and crawled into bed
in her underwear.

When she woke, feeling much better, it was mid-afternoon, but Rachel was in
the apartment with Emma.

"I took the day off," she said. "I told my bosses that you were coming back
and all, and they said okay. You want some tea?"

"Great," said Monica. She watched as Rachel made tea efficiently, thinking
that she seemed to have got a lot more organised. When Rachel brought the tea
to the table, she grinned at her.

"With you gone, we've had to really learn how to look after ourselves," she
said. "Did us a lot of good."

She looked about to ask Monica about what she had been doing, and Monica did
not feel ready to answer that, so she hastily asked her how things were going
at Ralph Lauren, and when Rachel had explained all about her flexitime job
she asked what progress Emma was making. This was a very effective diversion,
and Rachel had still not finished enthusing about Emma when Phoebe came in,
quickly followed by Joey, and in a while Chandler, and they had a prolonged
conversation. Chandler told hilarious tales of his colleagues at the
advertising agency, Joey brought Monica up to date on his acting career, and
Phoebe expounded the latest weird idea she had encountered. It was all so
like the past that she caught herself wondering when Ross would get in, and
then almost felt like bursting into tears, because that was a past that could
never be retrieved.

Slightly to her surprise, none of them asked what she had been doing in LA,
and just when she had managed to work up the nerve to tell them Phoebe
announced that it was time to get dinner organised. At once they all moved
to the other apartment, Rachel bringing Emma, who was having an evening nap,
in her carrier, and set to work. At first they wanted Monica to just sit
and relax, but when she explained that she would relax better if she had
something to do Phoebe assigned the preparation of a salad to her. Chandler
opened a bottle of wine, and later a second, and they all settled down to a
meal together in a very cheerful mood.

It was when they had finished the main part of the meal and were sitting back
in a glow of alcohol-fuelled bonhomie that Monica decided she could wait no
longer. Seizing on a pause in the conversation, she said, "Guys, I have
something to tell you, and I don't want to put it off any longer. It's about,
um, how I'm making my money."

"You're in porn," said Chandler calmly. Rachel, Joey and Phoebe chuckled and

"Oh my God!" Monica cried in unfeigned alarm. "How did you know?"

"Well, you know Joey," said Phoebe. "He came across your video She Couldn't
Get Enough. He heard, it's selling really well."

Monica put her hands over her face. "Oh God, you guys, I know it's bad - "
she began in a small voice.

"Monica," said Phoebe, putting an arm round her, "we understand." Her voice
was warm.

"It was one hell of a video," said Joey admiringly.

"But th-that's not all I've done," Monica said, stammering a little. "I mean,
I am doing a little cooking work on contract, but sex stuff is where most of
my money comes from. There are lots of shorter videos, including, uh, girl on
girl, and I've done nude modelling, and, well ..." She looked at them
apprehensively, but their faces remained sympathetic.

"Did you do something with the tape?" Chandler asked, his voice still calm.
"I noticed you took it."

"Well, yeah," said Monica, and she went on to tell them how she had used it
to help get her break. Still they did not react badly.

"You, you're not mad?" she said, her voice trembling a little. "I thought
sure, you'd be very mad."

"It could be a lot worse," said Chandler mildly. "You could have become a
call girl, for instance. You have the talent for it, I'm sure. But I'm much
happier that you're doing this. I mean, you need the sex, right?" He spoke
in a very matter of fact way.

Monica sighed, but thought she might as well confess it all. "Yes, I need the
sex. In fact, I've become very promiscuous, and, and with women as well as
men. I let my new friend Abby seduce me when I hadn't been in LA very long -
she works in porn, it turned out - and I haven't looked back. I've done all
kinds of stuff with women. I'm rather a bad girl all round, these days." She
looked at them nervously. To her amazement, they were smiling.

"It's good that you're being so honest," Chandler said. "We wondered if you'd
tell us."

"But you don't know how bad I can be!" she cried. "I mean, on the plane, this
flight attendant Sharon recognised me from She Couldn't Get Enough, and I was
feeling so horny, and ... well, I ended up doing something with the crew,
every one of them! I licked them, or fucked them, or blew them - I was so

She spoke in desperate earnest, irrationally wanting them to be mad at her,
but to her astonishment they all burst into delighted laughter.

"That's our Monica," said Chandler, chuckling and shaking his head. "Any
ordinary slut would be satisfied with just one or two, but no, you had to bag
the whole bunch. You know, if she went to Washington, she'd probably wind up
banging the President - "

"And the Vice-President," said Joey.

"And the Secretary of State," said Phoebe, grinning.

"And the whole goddamn White House, right down to the interns and guards,"
Rachel finished, making them all laugh.

Monica felt heady with relief. "Guys, it's so great that you're accepting it
like this - but I have to say, I'm very surprised."

"We talked it over, like I said," said Phoebe seriously, "and we decided
that, like, with your nature, and what happened to you, it's not so
surprising you should go this way." She patted Monica on the back. "But are
you happy, doing this? Don't you miss being a hotshot chef?"

Monica didn't have to think before replying. She had already considered this
more than once. "Yeah, I'm happy," she said, "and I don't miss the pressure
of being a full time chef - because that is a lot of pressure, you know. I've
come to like the freelance life, now I can be sure of making a fair living.
I've gotten sort of laid back, about lots of things."

"That's good," said Chandler seriously. "Because I was finding the old you an
increasing strain to live with."

"I know, Chandler. I've realised that since I left, and I'm really sorry I
put you through it so," she said remorsefully. "Um . did you start getting a
divorce yet? I really don't think we can go on being married."

"I agree, we don't have a future as husband and wife," he said, "but, well,
I didn't want to give you any more hassles, and I didn't know where to send
the papers anyway."

"And be honest, Chandler, you just didn't get around to it," said Joey.

"So, but ." Monica wondered if she dared mention this, then decided to. "Are
you seeing anybody?"

"No," Chandler said, "but it doesn't bother me all that much at the moment.
I'm working my ass off at the agency, but I'm enjoying it like I never
enjoyed work before."

"I'm glad," she said, and she really was.

Then they began to ask her questions about what working in porn was really
like, and she started telling them as honestly as she could. She noticed that
they seemed to get rather excited; even Chandler, who she would have expected
to become distressed, seemed as interested as the rest of them.

"Will we get to see an all-female video as good as She Couldn't Get Enough?"
he asked eventually.

"You watched it?" she said in amazement.

"Sure he did," said Phoebe. "We all did, when Joey brought the tape, like you
all watched Ursula's tape when you thought it was me."

"Well, but ." Monica looked at Chandler worriedly. "Didn't it hurt you,
Chandler? I mean, there I was, with a whole bunch of guys - it was rather
like when I was," she dropped her voice and stammered a bit, "on the

"You know," he said, in a serious way, as if he had given the matter thought,
"I really thought it would. But then I remembered that what we could see -
and hear - on the tape that Ross shot didn't bother me all that much. It, um,
sort of turned me on, in fact. And I didn't want to be a party pooper, so I
said I'd watch too. And I was fine with it."

"Somehow, it didn't quite feel like you," said Rachel. "I mean, we knew it
was you, but you were acting a part, and, well, it was just so hot!" She
beamed at Monica.

"In a way, though, it was so like you," said Phoebe, also beaming. "There you
were, you, like, took them all on, and you outlasted them."

"That's our Monica," said Joey proudly.

Monica looked at them bemusedly. "But you weren't at all happy about the
balcony stuff, which was like that, only there was a hell of a lot more of

"Yeah, but, see, that's where we were wrong," said Phoebe. "We agreed, it was
obviously your real nature showing through, and we shouldn't, like, hold it
against you for expressing your real nature."

Chandler nodded. "Phoebe made a very persuasive case." Then he looked at her.
"Go on, Pheebs, tell her what else you said."

"Oh, er, do I have to?" she said, looking uneasy. "Can't it wait a little?
Why don't you? I mean, you're still legally Monica's husband."

It was Chandler's turn to look embarrassed. "Well, it somehow doesn't seem
right, coming from me. Joey?"

"What's going on, guys?" said Monica, noticing that Joey too was looking
uneasy suddenly.

Rachel laughed. "They're all nervous," she said, "so I guess I'd better do
it. What we wanted to ask you, Mon, was," she paused dramatically, "whether
you'd go to bed with us." She giggled and gave Monica a wicked glance.

"Not all at once," Phoebe explained. "We figured it might be easiest if you
were with the two guys, or the two girls. Because, well, Rachel and I are,
like, used to each other now, and so are Chandler and Joey, though I guess
they're more likely to have hangups about being naked in front of each other.
Or it could be just one of us at a time, if that's what you'd prefer."

Monica looked at them all in considerable surprise. They looked back with
expressions that mingled excitement and even pleading with a degree of

"This is for real?" she said slowly. "You all want to go to bed with me?"

"I've always wanted to," said Joey, "but when you got tied up with
Chandler ..."

"Yeah, that was it for me, too," said Phoebe. "I, uh, well, I have been with
women now and then, and I would have done it with you any time you asked,

"I've always loved you, really, despite our fights," said Rachel simply.
"This would just be a special way of showing it. And that video was so

Monica turned to Chandler. "Despite everything I've done, you still want me?"
she said. "And you're even ready to share me with the others?"

He nodded. "These are my dearest friends. They have given me such great
support over the last months, just like they did so often before. We are a
really tight group. But you were always our centre, Monica. It seems a ...
natural way to handle our relationship with each other."

"But you don't want to make love with Rachel or Phoebe?" she asked.

"Well, sure I want to," said Chandler, "like I would with any really
attractive woman, but I don't think it would feel right. And I certainly
don't want to do anything with Joey," - he said it one of his funny ways,
and they all laughed - "so it wouldn't be an evenly balanced arrangement.
But I think this might work."

"So what do you say?" said Phoebe. She leaned forward and looked at her
earnestly, showing considerable eagerness.

Monica leaned back. "I say," she said slowly, and then paused, looking at
them a little wickedly.

"Yes? Yes? Oh please say yes!" Joey begged.

Monica grinned. "How could a slut like me possibly say no? It's such a
compliment - " But she got no further, for all four of them jumped up and
came to kiss her, looking very happy. After they had all done so and drawn
back, leaving her looking rather dishevelled, she chuckled. "Sure you don't
want to come at me all together? I could handle it, you know."

Her friends looked at each other, showing uncertainty in most cases.

"Let's leave that on the table," said Phoebe decisively. "For now, we ought
to decide who gets you tonight, the girls or the guys - that is, if you're
okay with it, and are ready to take on two together," she added, looking at

"Sure I am," said Monica easily.

"Maybe we should ask her preference," said Chandler.

"You should choose which pair," said Monica. "That would be fairest. But
whichever it is, I promise that I will go with the other pair, separately or
together, as soon after that as is reasonable."

"Get the cards and cut for it," Rachel suggested. "Each of us should cut, and
the highest wins for his or her pair."

All agreed on this. The others drew various low cards, but Phoebe produced
the Queen of Hearts.

"Yay!" she cried triumphantly.

"Very appropriate," said Chandler. "You sure you're not a witch, Pheebs?"

"Not in this life," said Phoebe. "Okay, you guys, we're gonna take our lovely
Monica back next door."

Rachel went to collect Emma, and while she was doing so Monica felt impelled
to kiss Chandler.

"You're being so good, so understanding," she murmured. "You know, I'll be
happy to do stuff with you and Joey together, if that's what you want, but
I'd like to have a time for just you and me."

He looked pleased. "I'd like that too. Well, see you at breakfast - maybe."

She giggled, gave Joey a quick kiss too, and then moved across the way,
helping Rachel with Emma's carrier. Suddenly, she was feeling tremendously


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