Friends: Ross's Revenge - What Monica Did Part 9:
Loving Them All (FFF,MMF,oral)
by Exintaris ([email protected])

"They're gonna realise, we left them to wash the dishes," said Phoebe
mirthfully. "Oh Monica, this is like a dream come true!"

"Tell me the truth, before we get too far in to make any sense," said Monica.
"Have you and Rachel done stuff together, when Rachel was staying at your
place, or now, in here?"

Phoebe and Rachel looked at each other and giggled. "We did make out now and
then," said Rachel, "for fun and comfort." She smiled at Phoebe. "It was her
idea, but I liked it."

"And when we were in my apartment, sometimes we went around naked," Phoebe
said, "or near-naked. There were times when Rachel preferred to keep panties

"We didn't usually make out when we were naked," said Rachel.

"But there was that one time," said Phoebe, looking at Rachel very lovingly.

"Yeah, we got so excited making out, we started rubbing against each other,"
said Rachel.

"That was a time we both had panties on," said Phoebe, "but we took them
off." She smiled softly. "I felt so close to Rachel then."

"We both came," said Rachel, "and we were very happy with each other. But
then we started feeling sort of shy of each other, and never did it again,
and even stopped making out. And you know what I think? Each of us was
feeling guilty, because we thought, we shouldn't be doing stuff like that
without you. I know I thought that."

"Oh yeah, so did I!" said Phoebe enthusiastically. "And now we're sharing
again here, but we haven't done more than a little kiss now and then. We have
been sort of subconsciously waiting for you, I think." She looked at Monica
with great affection and also, Monica was pleased to see, considerable lust.

"Oh you guys!" she said, deeply moved. "You know, ever since I got into sex
with women I've wished so often that I could be doing stuff with you - and
now here you are, offering yourselves to me on a plate. But, Rachel, are you
absolutely sure? I mean, you're probably all shaken up right now."

"I'm sure," said Rachel, smiling at her confidently.

For a moment Monica felt nervous, in a way that was now uncharacteristic for
her, but then she plunged forward to kiss Rachel on her full lips. With a
little moan, Rachel kissed her back quite uninhibitedly, opening her mouth
and meeting her tongue immediately. Phoebe moved in and begun undoing
Monica's clothing, giving her little kisses on her neck.

"I think one reason I was so mean was because I was actually jealous of
Ross," Rachel murmured. "I wanted to be the one fucking you."

"Oh, me too!" said Phoebe. "Oh Monica, do let's see that hot body!"

"Okay, but I hope I get to see you too," said Monica.

"Of course," said Rachel, removing her top at once. To Monica's delight, she
was not wearing a bra. Monica leaned in and fastened her mouth on one of
Rachel's inviting pink nipples at once. Rachel hissed with pleasure and, not
entirely to Monica's surprise, began producing milk.

"Oh great!" cried Phoebe, who had also taken her top off. She latched onto
the other breast, and for a while she and Monica suckled side by side, with
much enjoyment, while Rachel stroked and kissed their heads, murmuring
endearments. But then she gently moved them off.

"Can't let you have everything Emma should get," she said. "Let's do
something else."

"Yay!" cried Phoebe, turning to Monica and pushing her shirt over her arms.
Rachel pushed down Monica's pants and panties, and there she was in her bra
only, which she removed herself. Then she stood smiling at them, proud of her

"Yeah, you have filled out a little," said Phoebe happily. "You look really
great." She threw off her own bra and drew Monica into her embrace and kiss.
Rachel stripped hurriedly, then with Monica's help removed Phoebe's remaining
clothing. Then, stroking and rubbing each other, they moved to the bed.

Monica's head was whirling with excitement. "Triple clit rub," she cried,
and quickly organised them so that she was rubbing Rachel, who was rubbing
Phoebe, who was rubbing her. Gasping and moaning, and praising each other
for how well each was doing, they swiftly came to copious climaxes.

They lay panting for a while. Then Monica roused herself.

"I wanna taste one of my sweeties!" she cried, and she quickly went down on
Rachel, running her tongue all over her mound. Rachel gave a cry of joy.

"Ooh, two can play at that game," said Phoebe, and before Monica knew it her
hips had been seized and Phoebe's tongue was licking all the way up and down
her ass crack and pussy, slowly and lingeringly.

"Oh my God, Phoebe!" Monica cried in delight.

"Mm, this is the best," Phoebe said. "You taste good."

"Oh God, yeah, it's the best!" Rachel cried as Monica returned to licking all
around her clit.

"My sweet Rachel," Monica murmured.

In truth Rachel did taste sweet, and Monica was determined to get every drop.
But this excited Rachel again, and Monica was herself becoming aroused from
Phoebe's first class work on her. She moaned and pushed back at her more and
more eagerly, while Rachel pushed up, whining with need. They continued, more
and more eagerly, until finally Rachel came again with a wail, and almost at
the same point Phoebe drove her tongue in so far that Monica went into an
orgasmic spasm, crying out delightedly. Temporarily overcome, she lifted off
Rachel and rolled onto her back.

"Oh God," she moaned happily, gazing at Phoebe, "that was the goods. You
really learned to do that well. But" - she frowned in relaisation - "you
didn't come, this time."

Phoebe chuckled. "No, but I got some great Monica honey - and the evening's
not over yet, at least I hope not."

"Come taste Rachel's honey," said Monica. "I'll bet it's better than mine."

Phoebe moved round, and Rachel willingly spread her legs, sighing with
pleasure as Phoebe's agile tongue searched her out.

"If you guys aren't careful you'll get me going again," she said fondly. "Oh,
why didn't we get together years ago?"

Phoebe chuckled again. "You might not have been ready for it," she said,
"nor Monica, nor even me, perhaps. But now ..." She moved up to kiss Rachel
tenderly. "Now I think we can handle it."

They sorted themselves out on the bed, with Rachel in the middle and the
others on either side. Rachel looked very relaxed.

"I haven't felt this good since I don't know when," she said happily.
"There's only one thing missing, really."

"And what's that?" said Monica, fondling a breast gently.

"Well, I do like to be screwed properly, I mean with a cock," said Rachel.
"Have you done that, Mon?"

"No," said Monica, "if you mean with a strap-on, I've not done it, though
I've taken it often enough. I've used hand-held dildos and vibrators, but
I've never done it sort of like a man."

"I have," said Phoebe quietly. "Not often, and not recently, but I have a
little experience."

"Ooh, did you do it in prison?" asked Rachel excitedly.

"No, I always had to take it," said Phoebe. "No, it was later, with ... oh,
maybe I shouldn't say ..."

"Oh, do tell, Pheebs," said Rachel, rolling over towards her. "Pretty
please." She put on a pleading expression.

"Oh hell, why not?" said Phoebe, smiling at her. "Well, you remember Bonnie?
She just loved being screwed, and she didn't care if it was with a real cock
or a fake one. She owned more than one, and she would encourage any woman she
was with to do it to her. I did it a few times."

"So you screwed Bonnie, eh?" said Rachel. "Well, she made enough noise with
Ross that you could see she really liked it. How did you do her?"

"What she liked best of all," said Phoebe, "was riding on me, but she
would do it other ways too - you know, missionary position, doggy style,
cowgirl ..."

"Wow!" said Rachel. "Just hearing about it makes me hot."

"Me too," said Monica excitedly, "and, um, it just so happens I have a
strap-on. I always carry one now."

"Oh Mon, please dig it out," Rachel begged, rolling over to look at her. "I
would love it if one of you would do me that way."

"But I've never done it," Monica protested.

"I wouldn't care," Rachel said, with a look of love. "Whatever you did, that
would be good enough for me. What we've done so far has been great, but I'd
like to get really close to you, and you can't get much closer than that!"

"I could show you how," said Phoebe, "and if you feel like it, after Rachel
maybe you could do me - or I could do you." She grinned and winked.

Although this warmed Monica's heart, for a moment she felt just a little
taken aback by their eagerness. But she also felt humbled by their evident
love for her, and determined to respond to it as well as she knew how.

"Guys, I'll do anything you want, as long as my strength holds out," she
said. "You have given me such a great welcome home." She got up and went to
find her purse, not bothering with a robe.

When she returned, Phoebe and Rachel were making out happily. They turned to
look at her. "Isn't she beautiful?" Rachel said to Phoebe. "I don't know,
Mon, it's almost like you've lost some years and are back to where you were
when I was living with you first. You were so gorgeous then, I couldn't
understand why men weren't fighting to get at you."

"Yeah, she was, wasn't she?" said Phoebe softly. "That lovely skin ..."

"The time with Richard," said Monica softly. "I . I felt gorgeous then. He
really made me feel wanted." As sometimes before when she thought of Richard,
a pang of pain at her loss went through her.

"Come here, sweetheart," said Phoebe gently. "We really want you - and,
though it may be, like, inappropriate to say so just now, so do Chandler and

Rachel giggled. "Joey was nearly creaming his jeans when he watched She
Couldn't Get Enough. You could see, he had this great big boner."

Monica got onto the bed beside them, smiling. "Okay, Phoebe, first show me
how to put this on," she said.

Always keen these days to learn something new about sex, she quickly
perceived how to wear the strap-on. Rachel was watching big eyed, and when
she saw that Monica felt comfortable she laid back and said, "Please, Mon,
will you try me like this?"

Under Phoebe's guidance, Monica mounted Rachel, who seemed so eager for her
that Monica found herself becoming seriously aroused again. At first the
movement seemed strange and she felt very uncoordinated, but Rachel produced
a constant stream of encouragement, as well as stroking her back and gripping
her butt, and finally they fell into a rhythm, with Rachel pushing up fairly

"That's the way!" cried Phoebe, clapping her hands together. "You're doing
fine, Monica!"

Monica began to go faster, at which Rachel cried gleefully, "That's right,
honey, ram me hard!" and similar expressions, which, with her continued
caresses and regular driving back at Monica, really made Monica hot. Somehow
she seemed to be outside herself, so that the thrusting movement of her hips
continued automatically. She gazed down lovingly at Rachel's face, to see her
love reflected back to her in Rachel's eyes.

"Oh God, you're gonna do it!" Rachel cried, gasping. "Yes you are, my sweet
Mon, you're doing it, you're gonna make me come, ooooohh, just a bit more,
that's right ..."

She crossed her legs behind Monica to hold her in, which made her deliver
shorter strokes, but she tried to make them faster and stronger.

"OOOHHH YEEEAAAHHH!!!" cried Rachel, humping up at her wildly. Monica
felt liquid around her inner thighs and realised that Rachel had come so
powerfully that her juices had flowed out.

SO!" She pulled Monica's face down to hers and kissed her wildly.

Gasping, Monica collapsed on her, feeling as if she had done a hard sprint.
Phoebe leaned in and kissed them both on the cheek, Monica first.

"Well done, both of you," she said, "but now it's my turn to say it: Monica,
you didn't come."

Monica realised that she was still keyed up, her body tingling, especially in
her crotch, but also that she felt a growing weariness. "Oh God," she gasped.
"I used up all my energy doing that."

"Turn over," said Phoebe urgently. Monica pulled out and did so, to find that
Phoebe was already unstrapping her. Adeptly Phoebe fitted the strap-on to

"Can you take it?" she said. "Because watching that gave me a powerful urge
to screw someone."

"Oh yeah, Pheebs!" Monica cried, spreading her legs. "Take me!"

She grunted as Phoebe entered her strongly, but found herself too wrung out
to respond to her powerful thrusts at first, except by raising up to kiss her
and running her hands over her. But soon she found her arousal growing again
under the impact of Phoebe's action, and she discovered the strength to push
up at her. She reached orgasm quickly but less spectacularly than before;
tiredness seemed to be overwhelming her. But she hugged Phoebe tight and
kissed her gratefully before relaxing and allowing her eyes to close. Dimly
she heard Rachel say, "Okay, Pheebs, get it off and I'll lick you!" before
sleep claimed her.

She awoke the next morning to find herself under the bedclothes, still naked,
with Phoebe next to her. In a moment she realised what had awakened her; she
could hear Emma crying. But shortly that stopped, and then Rachel returned to
the room, also naked. Despite her slightly dishevelled appearance, Monica
thought she had seldom seen a more entrancing sight.

"She just wanted a little comfort," Rachel said. "She's dropped off again. So
how are you this morning, Mon?"

"Good," said Monica emphatically. "I guess you must have tucked me up."

"We did," said Phoebe, "after Rachel gave me a good licking." She beamed up
at Rachel. "You slept right through it."

"Well, I was pretty active yesterday," Monica said.

"Move over, Mon," said Rachel, and got in beside her, to throw her arms round

"Ooh, you're cool," Monica said, shuddering involuntarily.

"And you're warm as toast," said Rachel, looking at her with laughing eyes.
"My dearest, dearest Mon." She leaned forward and kissed her, while Phoebe
moved in to hug Monica from the other side.

"Oh, this is so great," said Monica, really meaning it. "Let's just lie like
this for a while, guys. It feels so nice."

"Fine with me," said Phoebe, reaching a hand around to fondle one of Monica's
breasts gently. "Ooh, your skin is so soft - isn't it, Rachel?"

"Almost as good as Emma's," Rachel agreed, rubbing herself against Monica

"Are there any plans for today?" Monica asked in a while.

"Well, we aren't ladies of leisure, like you," said Phoebe. "Some of us have
to go to work. I suggest you go around and see Ben some time, maybe drop in
on Central Perk and say hello to Gunther, and, uh, well, are you gonna try
to contact your mom?"

Monica sighed, recalled to the real world and serious matters. "I have to
try," she said. "But ... oh God, it's gonna be hard. What's the time?"

Rachel turned her head to the nightstand clock. "Time we were getting up,"
she said. "Phoebe and me, anyway. Shall we all go over and have breakfast
with the guys?"

"I'd love to," said Monica, "and you can let me do the work today. In fact,
why don't I go over there and see what's doing? I could even use their
shower, if it's free."

"Good idea," said Phoebe, kissing her neck, "though I hate to break this up.
I'd like to lie here like this all day, making love with the two of you."

"Mm, wouldn't that be great?" said Rachel. "But I would have to keep getting
up to see to Emma, so maybe it wouldn't work out very well, though she does
still have long naps during the day. And anyway, Chandler and Joey should
have their time with Monica."

"Yeah, I guess," said Phoebe. "Okay, let's do it." She sat up dterminedly and
got off the bed. "We're gonna need to change these sheets," she commented.

"Sure," said Rachel, getting out on the other side and walking across to the
door to get her robe off the hook.

Monica feasted her eyes on the two of them while she could, then got up
herself, feeling a little inner glow when she felt their hot gaze at her.
She went to her bag, still in the living room, and found a robe, nighty,
and slippers.

"Are the guys keeping the door unlocked?" she asked.

"Yeah, usually," said Phoebe. "Come back if you can't get in."

But the door opened and Monica entered quietly. She looked across at the
bedroom that had been hers and Chandler's. Its door was slightly open.
Irresistibly drawn to it, she moved across and eased herself inside.
Chandler was asleep on his back, snoring slightly. Her heart turned over.
He looked so vulnerable, almost lost, and suddenly she found herself
desperately wanting to comfort him. Quickly throwing off her robe and
nighty, she slipped into the bed beside him and moved her body to his,
putting her arms round him. He moaned. She kissed his cheek and moved a
hand down to his crotch, to fondle him gently. To her delight, she could
feel him getting stiff.

He groaned again, and she slipped her hand through the slit in his pyjamas,
to feel his hardening cock. His eyes opened.

"It's not a dream," he gasped.

"No, Chandler, I'm here," she said. "C'mon, give me your good time."

"I, er, what about - " he began, but she put a hand on his mouth.

"I want it," she said. "If I get pregnant, I shall be very happy. Ooh,
Chandler, that's nice and big, why don't you just stick it in me?"

Suddenly energetic, he rolled her over and almost threw himself on top of
her, pushing his pyjama pants down with one hand. She reached down to push
them further, spreading her legs for him. Quickly he moved into her.

"Oh God, I want you so much!" he gasped. "I don't know if I can hold on."

"Just do it, Chandler," she murmured. "I had enough orgasms recently to last
me quite a while."

With a grunted "Thanks" Chandler began to drive into her with considerable
force, really pounding her. She cried out joyfully; this was like the old
days. It did not take him long to come with an exultant cry that filled her
with happiness, because she had given pleasure to Chandler, the man she had
known most of her adult life and loved as a friend before ever they went to
bed together.

"Oh thanks, Monica," he said, kissing her gratefully. "That was a very ...
generous thing to do."

"I wanted to do it," she replied, kissing him back. "You're still my very
dear friend."

"Hey there," came a voice, and she turned to see Joey in the doorway. He was

"So, Mon, you got him up?" he asked.

"Didn't need much effort," said Monica, smiling back at him. "That was
like old times." She looked at Joey speculatively, then turned her head to
Chandler. "Um, Chandler - "

Chandler chuckled. "Go ahead and do it," he said. "We agreed, and I don't
think it'll bother me."

"Care to join me, Joey?" said Monica, throwing back the bedclothes to reveal
herself. "Chandler's cool with it."

"Oh man!" cried Joey, stripping off his robe hastily. He was wearing nothing
underneath, and was evidently very excited already. Chandler moved over in
the bed, keeping under the bedclothes, and Monica welcomed Joey into her
arms. Behaving like a small boy let loose in a candy shop, Joey eagerly felt
every part of her body between passionately eager kisses. His attentions soon
had Monica completely aroused, and increasingly frustrated that he seemed
happy simply to go on feeling her up. Suddenly she exerted her strength,
rolled him over, and straddled him.

"I'm gonna ride the hell out of you, Joey," she cried, and expertly inserted
his cock into her cunt, bearing down hard. He was a good size, to her

Joey seemed almost overawed. "Okay," he gasped.

Monica set to work, hoping that driving up and down on Joey's rigid tool
might get her off. She went at him from different angles and at varying
speeds, which gave her considerable pleasure, but still she couldn't quite
seem to manage it. After several minutes, his face suddenly looked very
strained, he murmured "Oh no! Mon, slow down!" through gritted teeth, and
then, before she could react, groaned and shot his seed into her in several
strong spurts.

Almost immediately his face took on a guilty look. "Er, are you using
protection?" he said.

"Don't worry about it, Joe," Chandler said. "Monica wants to get pregnant,
and if it can't be me, I'd rather it was you than anyone else."

"Oh Chandler!" Monica cried, delighted with his attitude, and she threw
herself off Joey and onto him. He took her into his warm embrace and began
to return her eager kisses. This was Chandler at his best, the lover he had
once been. She abandoned herself completely, urging him to take her again
some way, she didn't care how.

"Your fingers would be plenty good enough," she murmured.

Chandler chuckled. "No need for that, I think." He guided her hand to his
cock, which was ready for action again. "Could we ... doggy style?"

"You bet!" she cried. Completely careless of the fact that Joey was on the
bed beside them, she got into position, and cried out joyfully as Chandler
drove into her. She was so excited by this time that it took no more than
seven or eight powerful strokes from him and she was coming gloriously. But
still he continued, and she held herself up, happy to be there for him,
until he came again in his turn, with a great groan.

They shuddered to a halt, both gasping heavily. "Oh man!" Monica said. "You
boys did me proud." She turned her head to smile at Chandler, still wondering
if he was really okay with it. But he smiled back.

"You are the dearest slut," he said. "I feel great, but," his smile
broadened, "totally shagged out." He spoke in an Austin Powers voice.

"Jeez, me too," said Joey. He was lying sprawled on the bed, looking totally
relaxed. "Monica, you are something else. That was so hot."

"I know!" she cried in her old way. "Well, guys, the reason I came over here
was to ask if I could use your shower, and then get breakfast ready, but ...
I seem to have gotten sidetracked."

They both chuckled. "Go ahead, Monica," said Chandler. "I'm not sure I'm even
gonna be able to move for at least ten minutes."

Monica got off the bed and donned the robe and slippers again, throwing the
nighty over her shoulder. She blew them a kiss and went out into the living
room, to find Phoebe and Rachel already there, with Emma, getting breakfast
things out.

Phoebe grinned and cocked an eyebrow at her. "Seeing to the guys?" she said.
"We heard you."

Rachel giggled.

"I can't deny it," said Monica, grinning back. "You caught me red-handed. I,
um, went in to see how Chandler was, you see - "

"It's okay, Mon," said Rachel warmly. "Whatever you do, it's okay with us,
really. So, you screwed both of them?"

"Yeah," said Monica, in a voice that expressed the satisfaction she felt.
"Chandler twice, and Joey once. And now I really need a shower."

As Rachel said "Chandler twice?" wonderingly, Monica went to the bathroom,
now feeling a considerable need to relieve herself, after which she had a
long and invigorating shower. When she came out, Chandler and Joey were up
and at breakfast, and someone had evidently thought to bring her overnight
bag in. Some clothes had even been pulled out for her to choose from.
Feeling that perhaps she should preserve a little modesty, she went into
her old bedroom to dress, which she did hastily, then brushed her hair and
re-emerged. They all beamed at her.

"You are a wonder," said Phoebe sincerely. "The guys told us what happened,
without too much detail. Now, even if I was with two guys, I doubt I could
have done all that so fast."

"Well, it was like, they wanted it, you know?" said Monica.

Joey shook his head. "You are Wonder Woman."

"Superslut, more like," said Rachel slyly, but with a loving look in her
eyes. "Monica, you have treated us way better than we deserve, for how we
behaved to you that night."

Monica sat down and poured herself a coffee, just to give herself time to
control the feelings that were suddenly overwhelming her. In a moment, she
looked round them all and said, "I love you guys, I really do - I love you
all, and I am so happy that I can show it like this." Her voice still
trembled a little, despite her effort to keep it steady, and tears were
appearing in her eyes.

They looked at her with expressions full of sympathy and affection.

"We don't deserve it," said Phoebe. "Not that much love - but I for one am
happy to accept it."

The others hastily agreed. Monica beamed, and wondered whether there was any
way she could persuade them to move to LA with her. But before she could even
introduce the idea, the phone rang. Phoebe was nearest, and went to pick up.

"Chandler Bing's residence, Phoebe Buffay speaking," she announced, grinning
at Chandler. Then her face changed as she heard Judy Geller's voice.

"Phoebe, d-do you know where Monica is?" Judy Geller said abruptly, but in a
very shaky voice.

"Why should you care?" said Phoebe curtly. "I thought you'd disowned her."

"Phoebe, please!" Judy Geller pleaded in an anguished tone. "It's very

"Oh," said Phoebe. "Well, she's right here. She flew in yesterday, when
Rachel told her what happened."

She heard a distinct sob. "Can I . will she speak to me, do you think?" Judy
Geller said hesitantly. "She will want to hear this."

By this time Monica was standing by Phoebe, looking impatient. Phoebe handed
the phone to her.

"Mom?" she said in a voice she could not prevent from quavering. "What is

"Oh, thank God!" her mother said, and burst out crying.

Monica could not prevent her own tears from beginning to come. "Mom, mom,
whatever's the matter?" she cried, dreading the answer that seemed only too
likely. She could not remember when her mother had last cried.

"Please come," her mother said in a pleading voice. "I believe you now.
Please come."

Her mother had said "please". Monica could hardly believe it. "Of course I'll
come, mom," she said, "but do tell me what's wrong. Is it dad?"

"He's in the hospital," her mother stammered. "They both are."

"Oh my God!" Monica gasped. "I'll come just as soon as I can."

"Thank you," said her mother faintly before she broke the connection.

Monica looked round at the others, her face very strained. "Dad and Ross are
in hospital," she said. "I have to go." She began stuffing clothes back into
her bag.

"I'll drive you," said Chandler. "You might go too fast and have an

"I'll come to support you," Phoebe said. "I can call in."

"Oh thank you, guys!" Monica said, nearly breaking down. Phoebe and Joey came
to embrace her.

Rachel met her eyes. "You know I'd come," she said, "if it weren't for Emma.
I'm not sure I should take her all that way. Do you know why they're in

Monica shook her head. "But mom sounds totally distraught. Did they have a
fight, maybe?" She sighed. "Well, the faster I get there ... I'll call as
soon as I know."

Rachel nodded. "I guess this is where we do some more growing up, huh?"


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