Friends: Ross's Revenge - What Monica Did Part 13: Three Years Later
(MFF, anal refs, nc/reluc refs)
by Extinaris ([email protected])

"How you doing there, Chandler?" Phoebe called. She was kneeling on the bed
naked, with an equally naked Monica in front of her, eyes shut, hands on
Phoebe's shoulders, moaning ecstatically as she drove her body up and down
on the strap-on that Phoebe had up her cunt and also on the real cock a naked
Chandler had up her ass. So vigorously was Monica moving, in fact, that
neither Phoebe nor Chandler needed to do anything much except keep her and
themselves steady. But she was exciting them so much that they drove back up
at her, alternating with her movements, as hard as she drove down. All were
gasping with effort. Chandler kissed her neck and shoulders as she leaned
back towards him, while Phoebe caressed the breasts she displayed in this

"Just fine, Phoebe, just fine!" Chandler called back. Never in his wildest
fantasies had he imagined himself in such a position, and at one time he
would have been unutterably shocked at any suggestion that he would be
sharing Monica with anyone else. But now, although they had never officially
divorced, he and Monica were agreed that their marriage was dead - which did
not stop her always being ready, even eager, to go to bed with him, alone or
together with one of the others. He found this much the best arrangement,
since he knew that on his own he could never have kept up with Monica's now
phenomenal appetite for sex. Of course, Joey often helped out, and Monica
certainly did not restrict herself to Chandler and her old friends, which
sometimes came as a relief, he had to admit. The icing on the cake, as far
as Chandler was concerned, was that Phoebe was happy to be his lover also,
and a rather less demanding one. He had never had such a good time in his

"She's about ready to blow!" called Phoebe in warning.

Indeed, Monica had begun to babble in the way she often did when her orgasm
was imminent. "Oh God, you guys, I love you so much!" she cried. "Lovely
Phoebe, darling Chandler, you fuck me so well, both of you! I can never get
enough of you! Oh yes ... you're taking me there again ... yes yes yes, fuck
me fuck me FUCK ME ... oh God, it's coming, yes, I LOVE YOU, YESSS,
YEEESSS!!!" She screamed the last word and began writhing around between

Chandler gave a deep groan of release and shot his load into her, and then
Phoebe cried, "OH YEAHHH!" and began humping against Monica eagerly, with
little cries of joy. She sought and found Chandler's hands and they held
Monica close between them in a way they had developed. She moaned
deliriously, rubbing her body against theirs as she slowly came down.
Finally she rested her head on Phoebe's shoulder, panting hard.

Gently but firmly Phoebe pulled at them until they all lay flat on the bed,
Monica in her arms and Chandler close against Monica's back. Monica was
almost purring with contentment.

"Oh - my - God!" Chandler breathed. "You know, I think it gets better every

"Does it, Chandler?" said Phoebe affectionately. "That's good to hear, eh

"Oh yes," Monica gasped. "Oh, I'm so happy. I really do love you both." She
sounded very much in earnest.

"Well, we love you too, our darling little slut," said Phoebe tenderly. "It
is so fulfilling to make love to you."

"If exhausting at times," Chandler observed with a little chuckle. "Man, I'm
glad I don't have to keep office hours any more. I'd fall asleep at my desk
as soon as I got there."

"Yeah, it takes a strong constitution to keep up with Monica," said Phoebe
with a touch of pride. "Let's cuddle a while, sweetheart. Just let me get
this off."

She withdrew the strap-on and removed it, then pulled Monica back into her
arms. Monica fitted herself against Phoebe's body with the ease of long
familiarity, and lay there, nuzzling her occasionally.

"This has worked out so well," she said in a while. "I am the luckiest woman
in the world."

"No, I am the luckiest woman in the world," Phoebe murmured, kissing her
gently in the hollow of her neck.

"No, I am the luckiest ..." Chandler began, then paused. "Hell no, that can't
be right," he said in simulated chagrin.

He did it so well that both women laughed delightedly.

"Don't ever change, Chandler," said Phoebe fondly. "You certainly do your bit
to keep us happy."

"My pleasure," said Chandler, reaching round Monica to stroke Phoebe's butt.

After a while of lying there, Monica asked drowsily, "What's the time?"

Chandler opened an eye and gazed at the bedside clock. "Coming up to half
past seven."

"Oh wow!" Monica sat up, suddenly energetic. "It's a work day, I better get
going." She wriggled down to the end of the bed. "But first I'm gonna see
baby Jack. He's bound to be awake by now. You coming, Chandler?"

"Hell, yes," said Chandler. "No way I'd miss." His words were full of pride.

"Yeah, for someone who was afraid he'd be no good as a father, you sure have
proven yourself wrong," Phoebe said. "You're absolutely sold on him, aren't

Chandler grinned and nodded, beaming.

Monica was on her feet, stretching luxuriantly. Now she said playfully, "Hey,
guys, wanna see something?"

"Sure," said Phoebe, rolling over grinning. She knew what was coming, as did
Chandler, to judge from his expression.

Monica giggled and jumped up and down in front of them several times, knowing
that they loved to see her breasts bounce. "I love my life!" she cried

Chandler gazed at her body very appreciatively as she hurried into the
bathroom. It now seemed inconceivable that at one time he had disliked her
new breasts. Admittedly, they now looked more in proportion to the rest of
her body, for she had allowed herself to fill out a little and exchanged
her almost excessive slimness for sleek curves.

Presently she emerged and started to walk around the bedroom, still naked,
brushing her hair.

"Isn't she gorgeous?" said Phoebe to Chandler as they lay there together
watching her appreciatively. "I could just eat her up."

"That's a rather Janice thing to say," Chandler observed. "But it doesn't
bother me. I think of Janice with affection now."

"And so you should," said Phoebe firmly. "There was nothing much wrong with
Janice really, and she did truly love you at one time."

"Yeah, but she loved Gary the Mattress King as well," said Chandler, "and
when she was really over him, it was too late. Now she's married to that deaf
guy, and happy as a clam, it sounds like, so it's all worked out for the

"Mm, Janice," said Monica, as she rubbed moisturiser into her face. "I wish
I'd known what fun going to bed with women was when she was around. I'd have
tried for her."

"You think she'd have been ready to go for it?" said Chandler sceptically.

"The way Janice used to look at us sometimes, I think she would have been
interested," Monica said.. "She would have been worth a try anyway." Having
put on some panties, she stopped her pacing in front of a row of hooks with
robes hanging from them. "Do I have to put on a robe?" she queried with an
air of discontent.

"Now, Monica," said Phoebe firmly, in a tone that suggested that this was by
no means the first time she had had to say this, "you know perfectly well you
do. You might be seen by your dad, or the postman, or who knows who? I'm not
sure even Rachel or your mom would appreciate you, like, flaunting your
charms in front of them."

"O-kay," said Monica resignedly. "It's just ... I'm so comfortable with my
body now."

"So am I," said Chandler in a mock-lascivious way.

Monica giggled. "Well, Chandler, are you coming?"

"Oh yeah," he said, jumping out of bed. "Just let me go to the bathroom."

He did his business fast and hurried out again, to find Monica holding a robe
for him. He slid on some slippers, smoothed his hair down, and grinned at
both of them.

"See you later, guys," said Phoebe. "I'm gonna grab a shower now."

They walked out of the bedroom. Monica took Chandler's hand firmly.

"You know, I still can't get over how easily you are taking all this," she
said, with a very affectionate glance at him.

"Well, like you, I feel so relaxed these days," he said. "I don't have to try
so hard to please you, and you're generally in such a good mood that I don't
need to worry about how things have gone for you in your work, or stuff like

"I used to be such a bitch," she said, looking at him sympathetically. "Well,
Chandler, let me tell you, I really appreciate the way you are now."

They came to the nursery and opened the door, to find Rachel breastfeeding
baby Jack, while Emma was happily playing some intricate game with her
stuffed animals on the floor, watched lovingly by her grandmother Judy. As
always, Monica's heart melted when she saw the miracle baby that had come
from her egg, fertilised by Chandler and carried by Rachel. Giving Rachel
financial help sometimes, mostly to buy clothes for Emma and herself, seemed
small recompense for such a gift.

"Monica!" cried her mother, jumping up and coming across to hug her.

What a change, Chandler thought to himself. That's another reason for
Monica's happiness. Judy is so good at showing her love for her now.

Monica kissed her mother and turned to Rachel, who was smiling at her

"It's so great that you let me do this, Monica," she said.

"It's so great that you're ready to do this and so much else for me, Rachel,"
Monica replied rather emotionally, bending down to hug and kiss her and baby
Jack. Chandler then also bent to kiss his son, though he just hugged Rachel,
trying not to look too obviously at her breasts.

"Yes, you're not a bad nanny, as well as wet-nurse," said Judy approvingly.

Rachel smiled up at her. "It certainly helped, having been through it with
Emma," she said. "Though I only really started to put in effort there
after - " and then she stopped.

"After Ross went bad," said Judy firmly. "It's okay, Rachel, you can say it.
But maybe it hurts you to remember."

"It does," said Rachel. "But only a little now. I'm very happy living here,
and I get such satisfaction from looking after baby Jack."

Indeed, Chandler thought, it was amazing how well Rachel had handled the
whole business of being a surrogate mother. He still felt pure love for
Rachel - there was no other word for it - every time he thought of what
had happened, when Monica had told them, almost breaking down, the result
of tests she had finally taken, at her mother's suggestion. Basically, her
eggs were fine but her womb was an "inhospitable environment", and she had
almost no chance of carrying a baby to term.

Without hesitation Rachel had said, "Then why don't I do for you what Phoebe
did for her brother? You provide the egg, Chandler provides the sperm, and
I'll carry it."

Monica had looked at her with her mouth open. "You'd do that for me? When you
went through your pregnancy with Emma not very long ago?"

Rachel nodded, looking completely sure. "I want to do this for you, to show
how much I love you," she said. "You have been very loving and forgiving, and
I'll never forget it."

"Oh Rachel, if you have a baby for me, I'll never forget it," said Monica
very emotionally. "Chandler, are you on board for this?"

Chandler would not have dreamed of refusing. Their marriage might be dead,
but their friendship was very alive and well, built on the lovemaking that
Monica shared with all of them, though less often with Joey than the others
because as usual he spent a lot of time chasing other women. Indeed,
sometimes Chandler had shared Monica with Joey too, and Phoebe had also been
with both of them, but this was too much for Rachel who politely but firmly
refused to join in any such games. In fact, when the pregnancy took - the
first time, to everyone's relief, for paying for it took a considerable bite
out of Monica's savings - Rachel voluntarily abstained from all lovemaking
for some months, concerned to do everything possible not to disturb the
pregnancy. Even when she was in her middle trimester, blooming and horny,
she only occasionally had sex, and then with Monica alone or with her and
Phoebe together, but still never with Chandler or Joey. She was very
affectionate towards them, but in a wholly sisterlike way.

Throughout the pregnancy she was far less fretful than she had been with
Emma, and kept Monica fully informed of every development, and in the end she
endured what was admittedly a much shorter labour than before with complete
good humour. By then it had been agreed that she would act as the baby's
wet-nurse and part-time nanny, because Monica was making a lot of money and
wanted to cash in on her popularity while it lasted. Rachel had transferred
to the LA branch of Ralph Lauren, and now went on a flexitime deal, accepting
a lesser post without hesitation. She never breathed a word of complaint
about the amount she had to do with baby Jack, though she did often get help
from Judy. She was also very fair about sharing the nice part of having a
baby with Monica, the playing and bathing, and she expressed milk so that
Monica or Judy could feed it to baby Jack from a bottle.

It was a great help, Chandler thought, that Jack and Judy had come to live
with them in the rambling, compound-like one storey house which Monica found
through her contacts and which they purchased jointly. It was still amazing
to him how easily Judy accepted Monica's promiscuous lifestyle and major
occupation of porn star; he did not think Jack was so easy with it, but he
made no overt comments. No doubt he was under strong pressure from Judy, who
seemed determined to make up for all the years of criticism and unfavourable
comparison with Ross that she had inflicted on Monica by constant displays of
unconditional support and love. Her disillusionment with Ross seemed
complete, and she often spoke more bitterly of him than Monica, Rachel or any
of his former friends dared do.

Chandler's attention returned to the present. "Yes," Judy was saying, even
more approvingly, "you've almost given up your career for baby Jack."

"Forget my career," said Rachel, smiling at her. "It wasn't so hot, you know.
And I made up my mind when I was carrying baby Jack. This time, I said to
myself, I'm not gonna miss out on a thing. Because even changing a baby can
be satisfying." Suddenly she made sniffing noises. "You've been making love
this morning, haven't you?" she said to Monica, cocking a knowing eye at

"Mm-h'm," Monica went in a happy tone.

"Phoebe was there too, maybe?" Rachel said in an insinuating way.

"You know it," said Monica. She dropped her voice very low, though at that
moment Judy was attending to some urgent query of Emma's. "They double-teamed
me. It was terrific."

"Dear Mon," said Rachel fondly. "It's all just play to you, isn't it, a
really enjoyable game?"

"Well, it's also a way of showing how much I love them," said Monica. "But
you're right, it's the best game there is."

Her voice had risen again, attracting her mother's attention. Judy turned
around, and smiled at Chandler. "I'm glad to hear you're keeping Monica
happy," she said. "And dear Phoebe was with you too?"

"Well, yeah," Chandler said, feeling a bit embarrassed. He could never quite
get used to the ease with which Judy referred to their situation.

Judy beamed. "You know, it's hard to believe that Monica is approaching
thirty-five," she said. "She looks so young and beautiful, and I'm sure it's
because of the love you all give her."

"It's your love as well, mom, yours and dad's," said Monica, going over to
hug her, "and your acceptance of my wicked life."

"If it weren't for that, we wouldn't all be living nearly so well," said Judy
smartly, "and Chandler couldn't even think of a writing career."

Chandler grunted in agreement.

"I think baby Jack's done," said Rachel. "You wanna carry him for a bit,

"Love to," said Monica, taking her son in her arms and walking round the room
chatting to him lovingly. Her mother, Chandler and Rachel all watched her

"Bless you, Rachel, for carrying baby Jack for her," said Judy. "It's the
best thing you've ever done."

"Absolutely," said Chandler. "We owe you more than we can ever repay,

"Don't think of it like that," said Rachel, though clearly moved. "You have
done lots of things for me, over the years. And I get to be baby Jack's
second mom."

There was a pause, then Judy said, "Have you, um, had any contact?"

Rachel shook her head, suddenly looking unhappy. "Emma might as well not
exist, as far as he's concerned. Judy, I hate to say this, but you'd better
know. Carol told me he's been heard to say, he's not sure Emma is his, even."

"Oh my God!" Judy exploded wrathfully. "Every time I think he can't get any
lower, he proves me wrong. She has her sources, I guess?"

Rachel nodded. "She tries to keep contact with him, but it's hard now he's no
longer at the U. She says he's drinking a lot. Sometimes he forgets to come
see Ben when he's entitled to, even, but she says Ben has gotten used to that

They all sighed. Ross was never far from their minds. He showed absolutely no
gratitude for the dropping of the rape charge, no doubt out of resentment at
the requirement that he must resign from his post, and the compensation he
was made to pay to Monica and Rachel as a condition of getting a minimal
level of support from his parents - they ensured he paid by deducting it
directly. He found a small apartment and cut himself off from his parents and
former friends, only maintaining a connection with Carol and Susan because,
as had been agreed, he went on seeing Ben. Carol had reported that he was
trying to maintain his position in his speciality, but was finding it hard to
place papers when he did not have a university base and was the subject of a
variety of unpleasant rumours.

"He's not seeing anyone, either, as far as Carol can make out," said Rachel.
"Though who would want him, the way he is now!" She shuddered, then looked
apologetically at Judy. "I'm sorry ..."

"You took the words out of my mouth," said Judy fiercely. "I shall never
forgive him, never, for what he did to Monica and to you, for telling such
vile lies about it to us, and for not showing a trace of remorse. But talking
about seeing anyone," her tone turned lighter, "when are you going to get
back in the game, Miss Rachel Green? You do have free time, and as far as I
know you're not doing anything with Monica, or any of your friends, come to

Rachel blushed. Judy did have a tendency to be alarmingly blunt about these
things nowadays.

"I just don't feel like I have the energy at the moment," she said. "I'm
perfectly happy, though. It's not like I'm all alone."

Monica came over. "Trying to get Rachel to date?" she said. "Don't bother. I
can't get her to consider any of the cute guys I know. You still won't?" she
said to Rachel.

Rachel shook her head. "LA is as full of phonies as New York. I found that
out my first weeks here. And I don't want to offend you, Mon, but I don't
think I could date any guy who worked in porn."

"It's what the public wants," said Monica, shrugging, "and I'm happy to
supply it." After a pause, she said, "You wouldn't be interested in a cute
girl? I know some who aren't even in the industry."

Rachel laughed and shook her head again. "I'm not sure I could feel about a
stranger the way I did, and still do, about you and Phoebe. Really, I just
don't wanna think of dating at the moment, Mon. I love looking after baby
Jack, but it takes a lot out of me, and I need my sleep. I can't be up half
the night, the way you often are."

Monica giggled, not at all offended, and Judy laughed merrily. "That's
telling her, sweetheart! Now, Monica, I have to say, like Rachel I get the
strong impression that you need a shower. Off with you, and leave baby Jack
to us."

"Yes, mom," said Monica with fake humility. She handed Jack to Rachel and
scampered off, not caring that her robe was coming undone and showing a great
deal of leg. Judy, Rachel and Chandler gazed after her fondly.

Judy chuckled. "I do enjoy my daughter like this," she said, looking at
Chandler. "I don't care what the world would think. I'm having more fun than
I've had for a long time."

"That's good," said Chandler sincerely. "I enjoy her like this too. There's
no pressure."

"Yes, isn't she a doll?" said Rachel. "Okay, Chandler, it's diaper-changing
time. Do you want to do it or shall I?"

"Let me," said Chandler. "I love to see his little legs kick. You be first

"Okay," said Rachel, "then he can be dressed."

Later, when baby Jack was ceremoniously brought into the breakfast room,
they found Jack Geller and Phoebe already there, discussing some item in the
morning paper animatedly.

"Hey there, Jack junior!" said Jack Geller, getting up to greet his grandson
with a kiss on the head and a pinch on the cheek. "Hi, honey. Where's

"Still in the shower, I think," said Judy.

"It's a work day," said Phoebe. "She'll want to look her best."

"Yes," said Jack rather unenthusiastically. But when she swept in a minute
later, still in a robe, though it was now carefully tied, but very fresh and
bright-eyed, his eyes lit up and he stood again to give her a big hug.

"My little Harmonica!" he said. "How do you do it? You seem to get more
beautiful every day."

"You're flattering me, dad," Monica protested, though obviously pleased.

"Well, I think you could give a lot of those Hollywood stars a run for their
money," Jack said stoutly.

Just at that moment a yawning Joey appeared. "Absolutely right, Jack," he
said, "and I keep offering to get her into movies, but she's just not

"I don't think I'd go very far, that's why," said Monica. "I don't have that
kind of ability, and I can make better money doing what I do. So, anything
interesting in the paper?"

Three quarters of an hour later, Monica stepped into the California sunshine
and drove off to the studio. She was eagerly anticipating beginning on a new
movie, as she always did, but her mind was troubled by Rachel's report of her
latest conversation with Carol. She wished she could think of some way to
help Ross. Although her mother had washed her hands of him, she could not
forget all the years they lived in New York in general harmony.

She was pleased to see Abby's car in the lot already. Sometimes she was late,
which held things up. It had been a minor triumph for her to persuade Abby
that she would make more money doing hetero stuff, whatever her personal
sexual preferences. Abby had proved enough of a professional to be able to
fake enjoyment of men's attentions, and admitted to Monica privately that it
wasn't so bad, really, "but I'd much rather be with you." Monica had
continued to go to bed with Abby quite frequently, and she was a welcome
visitor at Monica's house, for everyone recognised how valuable her help to
Monica had been. She also became good friends with Jack Geller, to everyone's
surprise, through a common passion for baseball.

Monica walked to the set area, exchanging cheery greetings with various
people along the way, and found Abby looking at a script.

"Hey girl," she said.

Abby turned, beaming, and gave her a very warm kiss and hug.

"So what's the storyline?" said Monica.

"Yeah, right," said Abby. "Okay, you're, like, cooking this dinner party for
six business type guys, and this new girl we got, Chloe, is waitressing.
You're both in the gear you use for your special contracts," - she grinned
and winked - "bra, panties, apron, and high heels, and you're wearing a
chef's hat. The guys keep sneaking looks at you and whispering to each other.

"Okay, so, the main course is over, and you come to ask if everything has
been, like, satisfactory. The head guy says yes, so far. Then you ask what
they want for dessert, and he says, like, you two. Then he and three of the
guys grab you, and the other two grab Chloe, and though you struggle and
yell you get stripped and forced to your knees. Then he makes you blow him,
and that's when you start to get into it, because he has this great big cock
and you like it! But Chloe cries and carries on so much that the men with
her are, like, quite turned off, and they don't know what to do, so finally
they just tie her up with the bras and apron strings and gag her with her
own panties, and leave her.

"By now the other guys are all waiting their turn to be blown, and two want
you to take them on at once, and you go for it. Then two others decide, like,
they can't wait and start you jerking them off, and by now you are so excited
that you suggest to the fifth that he fucks you, and he does this from
behind, because that's, like, the easier approach. Now when they've all come,
and you too, is when I come in, when they're discussing what to do about
Chloe. I'm like the person who does the dishes or something, and I'm not at
all shocked, but I'm jealous of you and her, so I say, like, I have just the
thing for these snooty bitches, and bring out a strap-on. They want me to
demonstrate, so I, like, do my stuff on you, which you enjoy a lot, and then
they offer me money to, like, strip off and do Chloe, and I agree. At first
she makes an awful fuss, but then she starts getting into it. Now this makes
you hot, not that you've ever cooled down, really," she snickered and winked
again, "so you, like, squat over Chloe's face and encourage her to lick you,
and she's now so hot that she's ready and willing to do this. So we all have
a great time and come all over the place, and it ends when the men all have
hard-ons again and jerk off on us."

She paused, her cheeks rather flushed, produced an exaggerated "Phew!" and
said, "How does that grab you?"

"Sounds like fun," said Monica easily, "and I bet you're pleased you get to
do us but don't have to fool around with the men."

"I can't deny it," said Abby.

They went to the set together, where everything was set up. The director and
Gino Lombardo greeted Monica warmly.

"How d'you like the story?" Gino said.

"Oh, fine," said Monica, "but I have an idea for the end. How about, after
Abby's done Chloe and I've come from Chloe licking me, one of us grabs a
cucumber or zucchini, something like that, and Abby and I use it as a double
dildo? The men can come on us while we're screwing."

Gino looked delighted. "That should make a great finale, don't you think?" He
turned to the director.

"I don't see a problem," said the director, "as long as Abby's okay with it,
and we can find a nice long cucumber or zucchini."

Everyone snickered, and Abby said, "Yeah, I can handle that." She smiled and
winked at Monica.

Monica noticed an attractive woman with short reddish brown hair and a good
figure hovering. "You must be Chloe," she said. "I'm Monica Geller." She held
out a hand.

"Hi," said Chloe, shaking her hand. She looked nervous. "Are, are you by any
chance related to R-Ross Geller?" she stammered.

"I'm his sister," said Monica coolly. Then enlightenment dawned. "You're that
Chloe! The one he slept with all those years ago when he thought it was all
over with Rachel!"

Chloe blushed. "Yes." She moistened her lips. "I thought it all looked okay,
the morning after, but word got back to me. I'm so sorry about the breakup."
She seemed genuinely distressed.

Monica looked at her quite sympathetically. "You had quite a crush on him,
didn't you?"

Chloe nodded. "I wouldn't have done it otherwise. And I always had good
memories, but recently ... I've heard such awful stories ..." She paused,
then burst out, "Are they true? Did I start something that turned him bad?"
Her gaze at Monica was painfully anxious.

Monica drew a breath. "Don't blame yourself, Chloe. It's things that
happened much more recently that really mattered." She turned to Gino and
the director. "Look, could I have a few minutes alone with Chloe? This is
obviously something that's bothering her, from both our backgrounds, and
she won't be at her best when she's anxious, will she?"

"Sure, Monica, go ahead," said Gino. "Just try not to take too long, okay?
Remember, time is money."

Monica took Chloe into a corner and very quickly filled her in on the main
events - her marriage to Chandler, Rachel's conceiving by Ross, and all the
troubles that had followed. Chloe listened with eyes wide, crying out in
shock more than once.

"So, basically," Monica finished, "that's why I am now a porn star and a very
promiscuous woman." She eyed Chloe appreciatively. "But I am happy, whereas
Ross is an embittered drunk, who's cut himself off almost totally from his

"Wow!" Chloe breathed. "Gee, Monica, I admire you so much! To come through
that and make something of yourself ... I would have flipped, for sure."

"But you've moved into porn too?" Monica said.

Chloe flushed a little. "I liked the photocopying job, but the money wasn't
very good. I got offered some nude modelling work, and told how much I could
make in porn, and, well, I thought, I'm not getting any younger ... and I've
found, I just like it."

"So do I," said Monica, grinning at her. "Okay, let's go get dressed up."

"Oh yes," said Chloe, looking at her with great admiration. "Oh, I'm so going
to enjoy working with you, Monica."


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