Friends: Rachel After Trouble Part 2 (FFF,FFFF)
by Exintaris ([email protected])

Rachel would not have been due in Central Perk anyway until the afternoon,
but at Phoebe's suggestion she rang some time after it should have been open,
to see what was happening. A harassed Terry, the owner, answered.

"I saw the item on the news," said Rachel. "Should I come in?"

"Rachel!" he cried. "I'm so glad you rang. Do you know anything about what
happened last night? Lucy was on with you, wasn't she?"

"Yes," said Rachel cautiously.

"Well, she hasn't shown up this morning," Terry said. "It's all very strange.
Was this woman up to something with Max and Lucy? The police can't get any
sense out of her at all. Anyway, do you know anything?"

Rachel had been thinking. "Terry, if I tell you something in confidence, will
you promise not to tell anyone else without my say-so?" she said. "This ...
involves my friends, and I don't want to get them into trouble, because I'm
not sure they were acting of their own free will."

"My God, Rachel, what are you hinting at?" said Terry. "Shouldn't you be
telling the police?"

"Look, let me come and tell you about it," said Rachel, taking a decision.
"I'd like your advice, frankly. And then maybe I can start work, if you're

"Better than nothing," she heard Terry mutter, and then say more loudly,
"Okay, come on in."

Rachel turned to Phoebe as she put down the phone. "Will you walk with me
there?" she said. "Maybe help me with Terry?"

Phoebe's face broke into a beautiful smile. "I'd walk anywhere with you."

Somehow, in the morning light, Central Perk did not look threatening to
Rachel. What had happened there seemed almost like a bad dream. There were
even more customers than usual - sensation hounds, she supposed - but Terry
had managed to get some temporary help to assist the only regular waitress
to show up, a large redheaded girl called Connie. In Terry's office, Rachel,
holding Phoebe's hand for support, told Terry as baldly as possible what had
happened. Phoebe filled in at the end.

Terry looked at them in horror. "But you don't want your 'friends' to be

Rachel shook her head. "No, I want to deal with it my own way. Phoebe thought
they might have been influenced by something."

"I'm amazed you can talk of it so readily," said Terry, looking at her almost
in awe, "and seem so ... relaxed."

"That's thanks to Phoebe," said Rachel, squeezing her hand and looking at her
lovingly. "She has given me great support."

Terry shook his head as if dazed. "Well, at least do you want me to ban

Rachel looked at Phoebe uncertainly. "No, that would only draw attention to
something we would prefer to keep quiet," said Phoebe firmly. "Our only
stipulation is that Rachel not be required to serve them. We have a cover
story for that, simply that they have had a huge fight and Rachel has moved
out and is living with me - which is true, as far as it goes."

Terry nodded. "Well, Rachel, if you can bear to continue to work here, I
shall be grateful," he said, "and you have my personal apology for your
subordination to that, that son of a bitch Max." He seemed really mad.
"I'll be getting in a new manager soon. Do you want me to fire Lucy, if
she shows up again? She's a bad waitress anyway, rude to the customers.
At least you're not that."

"Then fire her for that," said Rachel. "I doubt if she could be easy working
here anyway. Um, Terry . I know I haven't been a very good waitress either.
I'll, I'll try to do better."

"That's okay, that's okay," said Terry, waving a hand. "We'll make a new
start from today."

"Okay," said Rachel.

As they went out, Phoebe said quietly, "You know, I think he's grateful
that you don't want to sue his ass. He's ultimately responsible, as Max's
employer. But that would bring it all out, of course. So he'll be just as
keen to keep the details quiet as you. You know, you could be as lazy as
you like and he wouldn't fire you now, for fear of that."

For a moment the idea seemed appealing, but then Rachel shook her head. "No,
he cut me a lot of slack before. I owe him, really." She looked pensive. "You
know, Pheebs, in some ways I can't help feeling I have got punished for being
so idle in the apartment and here. Maybe it's a warning."

"A pretty savage warning for not too awful a sin," said Phoebe, but
seriously. This was the kind of thing she thought she understood. "But,
sweetheart, if you want to smarten up a bit, it might be good for you
in the long run."

"I will," said Rachel determinedly. "All this time I've been drifting. This
is kind of a wakeup call. And now I have more of a focus for my life." She
looked at her lovingly. "You."

Phoebe blushed but looked pleased. "Thanks, sweetheart," she said simply.

So it was that when, rather tentatively, the other four came to Central Perk
at lunchtime, most having called in sick and Joey having no work to do, after
spending some time in trying to comfort Monica and in fruitless debate over
what to do, they found Rachel waiting as if nothing had happened, and Phoebe
sitting at a table watching her fondly. As soon as she saw them, Rachel
turned her face away, for a moment overcome with feelings of terror and
revulsion and memories of what they had done to her.

"You okay, Rach?" said Connie, going up to her.

"I can't serve them," said Rachel. "Please can you do it?"

Connie had been told of a big fight. "Sure," she said, and went to take their
order with a hostile attitude that made them fear Rachel had told on them.
But Phoebe went over to put their fears at rest. Curtly she outlined what the
situation was.

"So you're in the clear, unless the police come round asking questions," she
said, surveying them with some scorn. "Be very grateful that Rachel can't
face bringing this out, and still has enough feeling for you not to want to
see you go to jail, which most of you probably would. Oh, and perhaps I
should tell you." She looked at Ross in particular with an expression almost
of triumph. "Rachel is with me now." She made sure they got the message.

All looked taken aback, if not shocked, and to her surprise Monica burst out

"Oh, I've lost her!" she moaned. "I've lost my darling friend."

A little shaken but determined not to show it, Phoebe went back to her own

"What was that about?" said Rachel, coming over to her.

"I wound up by telling them you were with me," said Phoebe. "Monica took it
really badly. Interesting, don't you think?"

Rachel flushed a little. "She never gave me any idea that she ... had a crush
on me."

"Maybe she didn't realise until now," said Phoebe.

The period that followed was a strange one for Rachel. She went to her job as
usual, but everything else had changed. She saw her friends, but never spoke
to any but Phoebe, let alone served them; she tried not even to look at them
directly. Because she did not spend so much time hanging out with friends,
she worked harder at her job, and became better at it. Only with Phoebe did
she maintain the same intimacy as before; indeed, they behaved more and more
like lovers. She shared her room very happily, and willingly kept some of her
clothes packed up because wardrobe space was so limited. She had become, she
realised, a less selfish and self-centred person.

Her former friends reacted variously to her freezing them out. Joey affected
not to notice, and soon became to all appearances the same happy-go-lucky
person he had been before. But he could be thrown into gloom almost instantly
by one of Chandler's comments, of which there were many, for Chandler had
become even more bitterly sarcastic and his quips often seemed intended to
hurt. But he seemed disgusted with himself even when he said them, and in
general was more nervous in behaviour than ever. As if trying to take his
mind off recent events, he set up a date with Janice again, but though she
came to Central Perk eagerly enough, she quickly divined that something was
very badly wrong and for the first time found Chandler's manner too hard to
take. For once, she dumped him.

But it was the Gellers who took Rachel's shunning of them worst. Ross went
about with a permanent expression of deep gloom, while Monica's face was
drawn, and dark marks under her eyes suggested that she was not sleeping
well. Her eyes would follow Rachel round Central Perk, and often Phoebe saw
despair in them. She admitted to Rachel that it was hard to see it.

"I know, Pheebs," said Rachel. "I feel that too. How long should we make her

Phoebe considered. "Give it a while longer," she said. "Then we make her an

"What kind of offer do you think we should make?" said Rachel curiously.

"At the very least, you get to spank or beat her as hard as you like, with
whatever you like," said Phoebe. "That won't hurt like a whip, though, and
that's just for starters. I guess maybe you should get to screw her too - up
the ass, in fact, which would humiliate her even more."

Rachel looked a little shocked, but Phoebe said, "She owes you, Rach, and she
knows it. Believe me, if I read her right, she'll be begging to have things
like that done to her. She won't feel she's done proper penance otherwise."

"B-but how can I screw her, when I can't even handle you screwing me?" Rachel

This was the only notable problem in their relationship. Rachel remained
totally turned off by the idea of taking anything hard in her pussy, whether
a finger or a dildo, although she was perfectly happy to receive Phoebe's
tongue in there. But Phoebe had learned about strap-ons in prison, and
liked to use them, and Rachel's revulsion from the idea was a definite
disappointment to her. Rachel was very apologetic, and was continually
willing to try again, but always at the crucial moment she shrank from it.

"I think you should talk to my friend Bonnie," said Phoebe. "She's kind of a
sexual therapist, and maybe she can cure this. I think it's gonna take, like,
professional help."

"You're right," said Rachel. "I'll do it." She was keen to be cured, so she
could give her dear Phoebe what she wanted.

So in her free time she went to Bonnie, who proved to be a natural blonde,
slightly sturdier and more heavily bosomed than Rachel but otherwise having
a similar build. She had a merry look in her eyes, one sign of her extremely
uninhibited character; she did tell Rachel that she drew the line at children
and animals. She talked frankly with Rachel, and also acted frankly. With
Phoebe's encouragement as well as Rachel's she got her used to the feeling
of fingers along the edge of her pussy or going just a little way in. Then,
instead of going further, one day she produced a quite small strap-on and
suggested that Rachel put it on and screw her with it.

Rachel was totally taken aback. "But, but Phoebe ... " she protested.

"Phoebe knows what I do," said Bonnie. "She knows I'm likely to make an offer
like this, so don't worry about it."

"I've never done anything like this before," said Rachel uncertainly. "The
most I've done is finger Phoebe."

"You'll be fine," said Bonnie encouragingly. "Remember, it's not your job to
make me come, but to get easy with the idea of a prick again, whether real or
artificial. That's what Phoebe wants."

That was enough for Rachel; she agreed to try. She felt strangely excited
when Bonnie fitted the strap-on, and even more when she went to all fours,
totally naked, in front of her and said that doing it doggy style would be
easiest. Slowly, with instruction from Bonnie, Rachel inserted the cockhead
and began to push in. To her surprise, she found the action exhilarating and
not particularly difficult. In a while she had established a rhythm, and was
combining it with stroking Bonnie's body and feeling her fine breasts. She
realised that Bonnie had become very aroused, and suddenly felt eager to
drive her to climax. She increased her speed and the force of her thrusts,
and found Bonnie's reaction of pushing hard back at her stimulated her clit
greatly. Eventually her whole being was concentrated on a faster and faster
thrusting motion, until Bonnie gave a cry and writhed against her and
suddenly her own orgasm exploded, just as if she had been a man coming.

For a while she lay against Bonnie, who seemed happy to have her there,
shaking a little with aftershocks and feeling wrung out.

"Oh Bonnie," she breathed eventually, "that was ... tremendous."

Bonnie gave a joyful giggle. "Rachel, I think you may be a natural. Not many
of my clients do so well the first time. Of course, you're lucky I come quite
easily, but still ... well done!"

Rachel felt a surge of pride.

"Now, how would you feel about doing that to Phoebe?" said Bonnie, looking
back at her, "or having Phoebe do it to you?"

Rachel felt a strong twinge in her pussy area, but it was not a painful one,
rather one that suggested anticipation. "I think I'd like it," she said. "Oh
Bonnie, you've cured me!" She withdrew and wriggled forward to shower kisses
on her. "Oh Bonnie, thank you, thank you so much!"

Chuckling at her enthusiasm, Bonnie returned her kisses eagerly, and
presently began to caress her. Before Rachel knew it, the strap-on had been
removed, and her whole body was coming alive under Bonnie's skilled touch.
She felt swept away, unable to resist, and when Bonnie's hand moved to her
mound it seemed the most natural thing in the world. When she pushed gently
at her legs, she spread them almost automatically, to discover that somehow
Bonnie had managed to don the strap-on and was about to enter her. She firmly
dismissed a momentary twinge of panic and welcomed her in. Bonnie pushed in
very slowly and carefully and at first moved very gently within her, but
already a fire of desire had begun to burn in Rachel's loins. She pushed at
Bonnie, urging her on, and soon she was being screwed as vigorously as she
had ever been by a man, and enjoying every moment of it. Finally she came
again with a joyous shout, and Bonnie came with her, panting and groaning.

Only when they were done did Rachel realise that she had now cheated on
Phoebe completely. But Bonnie seemed to guess what she was thinking from her
distressed expression. "No, you haven't cheated on her," she said, smiling at
her. "As I said, she knows what I do in my therapy. She and I have been to
bed together quite often, and in fact she said to me, it might be fun to have
a threesome with you. What do you think?"

"Phoebe really won't mind?" said Rachel uncertainly.

"Of course I won't," said Phoebe, steping out from behind the door that she
had silently opened. Rachel gave a shriek of surprise and shock, and looked
at her imploringly, as if asking for pardon. Phoebe just laughed and came
over to ruffle her hair.

"Bonnie's right," she said. "I'm very pleased that you're cured of your
phobia and enjoyed being with Bonnie so much. It means we can do everything
together now. I never expected you to be bound to me and me alone, anyway."

"Oh Pheebs," Rachel breathed, "I don't deserve you."

"Sure you do," said Phoebe, beginning to undress. "It's I who don't deserve
you, my gorgeous little darling. Isn't she a darling?" she said to Bonnie.

"Oh yes," said Bonnie, stroking Rachel's face gently and looking lovingly
into her eyes. "I feel very privileged."

Rachel relaxed and smiled at Phoebe, but as she got onto the bed with them
she said, "Can we wait a while before doing any more? I feel rather in need
of a rest."

"Sure," said Phoebe, drawing her into her embrace. "Just don't go to sleep
on me completely."

Bonnie moved up against Rachel's back, so that she was enclosed by warm
female flesh. She felt utterly safe and protected. Murmuring "Thanks"
faintly, she nodded off quickly. But she only slept for a short while,
and woke refreshed. Then Phoebe got the reward for her patience, for
Rachel was positively eager to be screwed with a strap-on again. They
did it doggy style, to their mutual pleasure, and then at Bonnie's
suggestion she did Rachel this way while Phoebe went up Bonnie's ass.
Rachel found this very interesting, and asked Phoebe to try going up her
ass. Phoebe was very careful with her, and to Rachel's delight it did
not bring back bad memories, but after a while she wanted to stop, which
Phoebe said was just as well, because she doubted if she could last it
out. But they made a date for the next night, when they rearranged the
order so that Rachel was doing Bonnie up the ass while Phoebe was doing
her. It took a bit of effort to arrange, but Rachel found it extremely
exciting. When later she agreed to let them double-team her, with Phoebe
at the front and Bonnie at the back, she found that best of all, and
came the hardest she had ever done, moving with such abandon between
them that she set them both off at the same time.

As they lay recovering from this, Phoebe said, "Rach, you do still want to
forgive Monica?"

"Oh yes," said Rachel in heartfelt tones. "She's getting so unhappy, she's
not looking after herself at all. I can hardly bear to see her."

"Do you mind if Bonnie joins in?"

"Of course not, if she wants to," said Rachel, leaning over to kiss Bonnie.

"Rachel, I bless the day Phoebe brought you to me," said Bonnie quite
seriously. "You have such a generous nature - and you're so hot!" She
pinched Rachel's fine butt.

Rachel giggled. "Between you and Phoebe you have made me feel so much
better," she said, "and sharing with you seems a small price to pay for
having my pleasure in life given back to me."

They started fooling around again, and soon Rachel was riding on Phoebe's
strap-on, bouncing up and down joyfully, revelling in the pleasure she was
now getting from sex. She thought she could easily manage without ever
going with a man again, although clearly Phoebe and Bonnie did, and it would
be the simplest way to have children.

Before Bonnie left they agreed that, if Monica accepted a deal, they would
meet at nine that evening in her apartment; Rachel was to keep them informed.
The following day she had the morning shift in Central Perk. Monica came in
early, as she often did when she was not required at her restaurant at once.
As often, she watched Rachel moving around the shop with a look of longing
and despair. Suddenly she buried her head in her hands, and Rachel could
stand it no longer. She went over and touched Monica gently on the shoulder.
Monica gave a great gasp and looked up, hope suddenly dawning in her eyes.
Rachel willed herself not to smile, though she was not feeling much like it
anyway. Monica looked dreadful, her hair a total mess, her eyes bloodshot,
her face drawn, her clothes thrown on anyhow.

"You can be forgiven," Rachel said in a neutral tone, "if you agree to take
whatever we choose to give you."

"Oh anything, anything!" Monica replied almost hysterically. Then doubt
entered her face. "But you wouldn't want me to ... drink your pee, or
anything like that?" she quavered.

Rachel almost laughed. Monica had a much more lurid imagination than she
did. "If I were to crap on you, would you think you deserved it?" she said
in the same neutral tone.

Monica went even whiter than she already was and almost looked as if she
would faint. She closed her eyes, shuddered, then opened them again, and
said very softly, "Yes."

Rachel almost hugged her. She really was sorry. In a warmer tone she said,
"Well, I won't want to do anything like that, and I won't let the others.
But you must be ready for some rough handling."

"Others?" Monica queried.

"Phoebe and Bonnie, her friend," Rachel explained. "She has cured me of
a ... hangup I developed after ... that night, and I owe her. Besides, I
like her."

Some colour had returned to Monica's cheeks. She drew a breath. "Rachel,"
she said firmly, "as long as it's not really disgusting I don't care what
you do or how many do it. I deserve it all." She gulped, and looked at her
pleadingly. "Would, would you consider coming back to live with me after
I've taken my punishment?"

"I'll have to talk to Phoebe," said Rachel, a little taken aback by this.
"No promises."

"But you might?" Monica pursued.

"I might," Rachel conceded. "Nine at your place okay?"

Monica nodded.

"Now, Mon, I suggest you go and clean yourself a bit, or they won't let you
in the door of the restaurant, as a health risk," said Rachel with a little
grin. Monica's face filled with delight. She jumped up, suddenly grabbed
Rachel and gave her a hurried kiss, then rushed off. Her co-workers in the
restaurant were pleased to see, when she arrived for work, that she was
looking much better, almost like her old self, and was working much better
too. But she would not be drawn on the reason for the change, except to say
that it looked as if she might make it up with her best friend.

When she arrived at her apartment that evening they were already waiting for
her, seated on the couch, and a notice had been put on the door saying "Keep
Out, Guys - Girls Only."

"Mon," said Rachel severely, "this place is a dump. The first thing you can
do is tidy it up a bit - naked."

Monica had wanted to do that in the morning but had been out of time. "Of
course,"she said happily. "Can I put my clothes in my bedroom?"

That was conceded, and soon she emerged naked and set to work, looking a
little selfconscious but rather excited. Rachel found her slim white body,
quite prominent breasts, with their surprisingly large dark areolae, and
completely shaven pussy a definite turn-on, and watched her moving around
with a sense of arousal.

When Monica had cleared the surfaces she looked at the others expectantly.
"It will take some time to do the washing up or clean off stains."

"Okay," said Rachel. "Bend over that chair."

They tied her to the chair and proceeded to spank her, first with the hand,
then with a hairbrush. Monica grunted at first, then gasped and groaned,
then cried out, but there was a sort of triumph in her cries, as if she was
welcoming the pain. Then Bonnie produced a paddle.

"Just a few strokes with this,"she said. "That'll really make her sing!"

At the first stroke Monica screamed in amazement and pain.

"Ah, that got to you, did it?" said Bonnie. "That's more like what you did
to Rachel."

She struck again, and again Monica screamed.

"Hey, we ought to gag her," said Phoebe. "The neighbours might get worried."

They took Monica's own panties and stuffed them in her mouth. After the third
stroke she was crying, but her face still bore an expression that suggested
that she welcomed it all. At the fourth stroke the noise she made was quite
loud, even through the gag, and tears were streaming down her cheeks. Rachel
felt uneasy.

"Okay, that's enough of that," she said. "Now - screwing?"

The other two nodded eagerly. Leaving Monica tied to the chair, they stripped
off and donned strap-ons, sensuously fondling each other as they did so;
Rachel had her own now, a medium-sized one given her by Bonnie. Then they
went over to Monica and paraded in front of her.

"You're going to take all these," said Bonnie jeeringly. "So . spread 'em!"

Willingly, it seemed, Monica spread her legs once they were untied. Her body
was quivering, and Rachel could not help saying,

"Relax, Mon. It will hurt less." Monica's body seemed to respond.

Bonnie went first, and drove herself up Monica's ass. Monica made a great
noise of apparent surprise and pain, but once Bonnie started thrusting she
only grunted rhythmically. Bonnie gave it to her hard, but came herself
quite soon, having been very excited by the spanking. Then Phoebe took over.
She entered Monica with equal force, and reached forward to grab and twist
Monica's nipples. Monica moaned, but to Rachel it seemed almost a moan of
pleasure. She decided to go see Monica's expression, and went round to her.
Monica's face was strained with effort as Phoebe brutally plunged into her,
but she tried to smile when she saw Rachel.

Unable to avoid smiling back, Rachel removed the gag.

"Anything for you, Rach," Monica gasped.

Rachel patted her cheek and went back to wait her turn. Shortly Phoebe gave
an exultant yell and came, then pulled out as fast as she had got in.

"All yours," she gasped.

Rachel entered Monica's ass carefully but determinedly. The only noise Monica
produced was a sigh, as if she welcomed it. As Rachel began to thrust, Monica
began to pant and moan, "Oh Rach!" "Do me!" and similar things. Rachel
realised that Monica had become quite aroused, and for a moment paused,
contemplating punishing Monica further by withdrawing before she was brought
to climax.

"Please, Rachel," Monica hissed. "I'm so close."

Rachel thought for a moment longer, then laughed and took up her thrusting
again, producing a little cry of pleasure from Monica. This was followed by
a series of little cries and Monica's increasingly strong attempts to push
back against her, until she shook violently, evidently coming. But Rachel
herself, though aroused, still hadn't come.

"Untie her," she asked Phoebe and Bonnie, while she removed her strap-on.
Then she lay on the floor. As Monica stumbled free of the chair, she fixed
her in the eye and said, "Lick me."

"Oh yes," said Monica, going to her knees. Her licking was clumsy but
enthusiastic, and she seemed to enjoy having her face pushed into Rachel's
pussy as far as it would go. Finally, Rachel came strongly. She looked into
Monica's eyes, and was surprised to see such an expression of love.

"Okay, Mon, but we're not done yet," she said. She rolled over onto her hands
and knees and looked back at Monica. "Lick my ass."

For a moment an expression of disgust crossed Monica's face. Then she seemed
to take hold of herself. She came forward, and soon Rachel felt what proved
to be a delightful sensation of a tongue rather tentatively moving around her
asshole. Quite quickly the tongue was moving more firmly, and pressing into
her, which Rachel found very arousing.

"She's rubbing herself," cried Bonnie. Rachel looked back, to see that Monica
did indeed have a hand on her clit.

"Liked that, did you?" she said.

Going red, Monica nodded.

"Okay, Mon, if you need to get off so badly, show us how you do it," said

"Yes, yes," Monica gasped, seeming eager for this further humiliation. She
lay back and writhed on the floor in front of them, rubbing and fingering
herself until she came with a sharp cry and much spasming of her legs.

Rachel could not find it in her to put Monica through more. She had never
been able to forget what friends they had been, and somehow going through
this almost ritual humiliation of her had only cemented the bond again.

"Okay, Mon," she said in a warm tone, "you have passed the test and earned
your forgiveness."

Monica sat up eagerly. "Really?" she cried.

Rachel nodded.

"Can, can I kiss you?" Monica asked humbly.

Rachel held open her arms and Monica almost threw herself into them, suddenly
weeping. "Oh Rachel," she sobbed, "you don't know how good that makes me

They hugged, and Rachel patted Monica on the back as she had her cry out.
Presently Monica began to move her body against her. "Could we do that again
sometime?" she said quite clearly.

"You liked it all?" said Phoebe in surprise.

Monica lifted her head from Rachel's shoulder and looked at Phoebe, while
still keeping her arms round Rachel. "I didn't like the spanking so much,"
she said, "especially the paddle, though it was kind of arousing too, but
by the end I was loving being screwed up the ass, and I liked licking Rachel
too. I'd, I'd lick you too, Pheebs, if that's okay with Rachel, and you,

"Well well," said Bonnie, with a greedy look. "Looks like we have a live one
here. Get off on being a sub, do you, my pet?"

"Yes," said Monica softly, lowering her eyes.

Bonnie and Phoebe both looked excited, a touch of cruelty coming into their
expressions, but Rachel decided it was time to intervene.

"No," she said firmly. "Monica shall not be your sub, or anyone else's."

"But she gets off on it," Bonnie protested.

"If she was going to be anyone's sub, she should be mine," said Rachel, "but
she deserves better than that." She turned to Monica. "You took me in when I
ran away from Barry, and, let's face it, I did exploit your old friendship
and good will. You had some justification for what you did to me - not much,
but some. Now I want to start all over again."

"Okay, Rachel," said Monica with tears in her eyes, "but I will always want
to do things for you."

Rachel stroked her face. "That's nice."

"Do you mind, if I . like being with other women as well?" said Monica,
looking a little shamefaced. "I have found this so exciting."

"No," said Rachel, "I don't mind, because I will want to do that too."

"Would, would you guys screw me the ordinary way?" Monica asked, looking

"Wow!" said Phoebe. "You're keen. Well, I won't say no."

"I'd like to take Rachel first," said Monica, gazing at her with eyes of

So Rachel donned her strap-on again, and screwed Mon from on top, but she
found herself lacking in energy and withdrew, to lie exhausted, before she
had come again. Phoebe took over, and then Bonnie, and Rachel smiled as she
heard Monica's and their abandoned cries. Then, when they were done, Monica
came over and pushed at her legs.

"You didn't finish," she said. "I'm going to lick you again."

Rachel looked up at her in amazement. Monica's eyes were bright, her cheeks
flushed; she looked full of energy.

"Okay, Mon," she said, lying back luxuriantly. "Do your worst."

Seemingly indefatigable, Monica brought Rachel to climax and then went on
to Phoebe and Bonnie. Then, finally, she rested among them, still reaching
out to stroke or fondle them occasionally, especially to Rachel. As she lay
there, contentedly accepting this, Rachel remembered something. She sat up,
groaning a bit as her muscles twinged, and looked at Phoebe.

"Monica would like me to come back and live here," she said, "and I would
like to do that. But you are welcome to come and make love to me as often
as you want. I shall never forget what you've done for me. That goes for
you too, Bonnie."

Monica tensed and seemed to hold her breath.

For a moment Phoebe's face was expressionless. Then she smiled. "Okay, Rach,"
she said. "To be honest, I never thought it would be for ever, and I suspect
you and Mon have deeper feelings for each other than we do. I'll happily
accept that option."

"Oh, thank God, and thank you, Phoebe!" Monica cried. "You can have a piece
of me whenever you want, and you too, Bonnie." She threw her arms round
Rachel again. "Thank you, thank you, my beautiful love, for coming back to

"Are you really okay with this?" Rachel asked, returning her hug but feeling
slightly uneasy. "With me screwing Phoebe and Bonnie, and them screwing you?"

"Yes," said Monica exultantly. "I think this is what I really want, lots of
lovely sex, with you most of all."

"What shall we do about the guys?" said Phoebe.

Monica laid her head on Rachel's shoulder. "Will you think about forgiving
them? After all, Ross is my brother, and I don't want to stop seeing him."

"Well, I'm planning to go on as before," said Rachel. "I shall see them but
not look at them, or speak to them, here or in Central Perk. I want the guys
to give me some payback before we return to where we used to be."

"Ooh, do you want to screw them too?" said Monica excitedly. "Can I watch?"

Rachel laughed. "Is my Monica getting kinky?"

"Well, yes," Monica confessed. "This has all brought it out in me, I guess.
I, I keep thinking of . kinky things I want to do."

She looked at them with a suddenly troubled expression.

"Do you think I'm disgusting?"

"Well, I don't," said Bonnie heartily. "As long as you don't want to hurt
people, except if they agree to be hurt, I think anything goes, though as
I've said to Rachel and Phoebe I draw the line at children and animals."

"Oh no, that would be horrible," said Monica, wrinkling her nose. "But,
Pheebs, Rach . do you think the worse of me for wanting lots of sex, any
old way?" She looked at them imploringly. "It's like ... I feel a constant
urge, and I don't care about relationships any more." She took Rachel's
hand. "I've got the relationship I want most."

"I think you should do what you feel you need to do," said Phoebe, smiling
at her. "But I couldn't do any more just now."

"Oh no, I don't want more now," said Monica. "But, Rach, would you stay with
me tonight?" She looked at her with pleading eyes.

Rachel looked at Phoebe, who nodded. "Let's collect up your stuff and bring
it back tomorrow," she said. "What's the time?"

They discovered that it was really quite late.

"Pheebs, Bonnie, you're welcome to use the other bedroom," said Monica, back
in her role as hostess.

They agreed on that, and after phone calls to Phoebe's grandmother and
Bonnie's room mate, and cleaning themselves up a little, all retired to bed.
Rachel felt warmed right through by the looks of adoration that Monica kept
giving her. Before she turned out the light, Monica said, "If, if you ever
want to spank me again, Rachel, just tell me and we'll do it. I'll even lick
your ass, if you want."

"That's a very fine offer, Mon," said Rachel, hugging her, "and I may take
you up on it some day. But you know what? Some day you might want to spank
me, and I'll accept that, even the paddle. Perhaps I'll even lick your ass.
I don't want you to think you have to be submissive to me all the time."

Monica's eyes seemed to glow. "Oh Rachel, that's a fine offer too. But I
think we will need a long period of me being a bit submissive and clearing
up after you and stuff, before I can build up the will to spank you."

Rachel laughed and hugged her again. "Smart! Okay, let's agree on that

They kissed and went to sleep.

The following morning Rachel woke to the enticing smell of fresh coffee,
and opened her eyes to see Monica standing before her, holding a tray with
several mugs on it. She was wearing an apron - and nothing else. When
Rachel's eyes widened, she giggled.

"This is a fantasy I've had for a long time," she said. Then she looked
worried. "You are okay with it? And with me showing myself to Pheebs and
Bonnie like this?"

"Sure, Mon," said Rachel, taking her coffee and sipping it with a sigh of
pleasure. It was just the right temperature. "But I think you'd better get
dressed before the guys arrive."

Monica produced a rich chuckle that Rachel had seldom heard. She seemed
totally at ease. "I'll keep my eye on the time."

She leaned over to kiss Rachel, humming happily when Rachel fondled her
breasts, and then went next door. Rachel grinned when she heard Phoebe's
and Bonnie's exclamations. Her grin widened when she heard a squeak from
Monica, and then sounds that suggested she was being made love to some
way. She was asking for it, she thought to herself, and another morning
she might feel in the mood to oblige; but right now she was so relaxed
and content, she just didn't have the energy. Life with Monica looked
like being even more fun than it had been before.


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