Friends: Rachel After Trouble Part III (FFFFM, FFFFMMM, inc)
by Exintaris ([email protected])

By the time Ross arrived, the women were all decorously dressed and seated at
the table. Monica was looking five hundred percent better than she had done
the previous morning, he saw to his pleasure, and the reason was obvious.
Somehow, she had made it up with Rachel and Phoebe. But when he addressed a
greeting to them, Rachel simply turned away, and Phoebe grunted. Taken aback,
his eye fell on the fourth person present, an attractive blonde woman he did
not recognise.

"I'm Bonnie, a friend of Phoebe's," she said, smiling at him. "I've been ...
helping out with all the problems."

Phoebe snickered, and then Monica giggled infectiously, starting all the
women off. Their glances at each other were disturbingly intimate, Ross
thought. He knew that Phoebe and Rachel were in a relationship, but ... were
they all doing it with each other?

"Rach is moving back in," said Monica to him, beaming very lovingly at
Rachel. "And you'll see Bonnie round here quite a lot, so get used to it,

"Okay," he said, "but . don't I get a hello, Rach, Pheebs?"

Phoebe said "Hello" tonelessly, while Rachel looked at him, then shook her
head and turned away again.

Monica drew him aside. "The deal I made," she said quietly, "was just for me.
But if you were to offer Rach some payback, she might make it up with you

"What kind of payback?" Ross asked, his throat suddenly dry.

Monica gave him a glance that could only be described as wicked. "I'm not
sure what they'd want to do to you, but it would probably involve beating,
screwing you up the ass, and perhaps other humiliation."

"You did that?" he said in horror.

"Yes, and other stuff," said Monica, looking quite unabashed. "Some of it
because I was told to, but when we'd made up, I did more, absolutely
willingly." She grinned. "Ross, I hope this won't bother you too much, but
I've become a slut for women. I had the greatest time with them last night,
and I look forward to lots more. Of course, Rachel is my real lover."

Ross gaped, unable to speak for a moment; then he sat down hard on the
nearest available seat. "I, I can't believe my sister would go like that,"
he said finally, looking at her with great reproach.

"Would you have believed I could be a whip-wielding sadist?" she said a
little fiercely. "Look, Ross, we all have stuff inside us, that maybe needs
a trigger to bring out. This whole episode has brought out something in me.
I don't want to be a sadist, even though I remember enjoying it, but I do
want to do these things, very much."

"Are you their ... sub?" said Ross, drawing on his limited knowledge of the
kinkier relationships.

"Not totally," said Monica, smiling, "but there is something of that in the
set-up. We are all mixed up together, as you might guess."

Ross got out a handkerchief and wiped his sweating brow. "I ... it's hard to
take," he said.

"I understand," she said. "It'll take you a while to adjust - and you'd
better clue Chandler and Joey in, because they're not going to get much out
of Phoebe, let alone Rachel, though of course I'll talk to them still. Just
keep in mind: I am very happy with the way things are now. I do not feel I
am being exploited or humiliated in any way, and the price for having my
darling Rachel back was totally worth paying."

Ross winced at the "darling". "Are all the women I know going to go lesbian?"
he moaned.

"Well, I haven't decided that," said Monica cheerfully. "To be truthful, I
think I'd like to go on screwing men, and I suspect Phoebe would too, while
Bonnie likes it with anyone. But of course I can't speak for Rachel; she's
not likely to be interested in men at the moment."

Ross flushed with shame at the memory of what he'd done. "Okay," he said.
"Can I have some breakfast?"

"Sure," she said. "Come and get it."

As he came to the table, Rachel stood up. "I should start getting ready to go
to work," she said. "I have the morning shift today. What's your schedule,
honey?" She was looking at Monica.

"I have the lunch shift," said Monica. "I should be off by late afternoon."

"I'll see you then," said Rachel, and came round the table to give her a hug
and a kiss on the lips. She grinned when Ross winced and looked away.

She was leaving the apartment as Chandler and Joey were coming out of their
door. They stopped, gazing at her in amazement. She looked back calmly, but
said nothing and set off down the stairs. As they came in, Phoebe stood up.

"I think I've had enough," she said. "Got to get back to my grandmother's.
You want to come, Bonnie?"

"Sure," said Bonnie. They walked past Chandler and Joey without

"What the hell's going on?" said Joey, as Chandler commented, "Wow, Mon, you
look great today."

"Tell them, Ross," said Monica. "I must get ready for work too."

As they got themselves some breakfast Ross outlined what he knew to them.
A lascivious grin appeared on Joey's face. "So they're all doing lots of
lesbian stuff?" he said. "I wonder what we'd have to do to be allowed to

"You idiot," said Ross, looking at him darkly. "Don't you understand, we're
still frozen out? And to get back in, we'll have to allow ourselves to be
beaten and screwed and probably have to degrade ourselves other ways."

Joey went silent, looking thoughtful. Chandler nodded, with a morose
expression; he would have expected nothing less. He admitted to himself that
the thought of being screwed by a woman gave him a thrill; he could feel an
erection developing. But he shrank from the kind of beating that was likely
to be inflicted, if it was anything like what Rachel had suffered, and he did
not like the idea of what else they might have to do. He wondered if Rachel
would relent, as evidently she had towards Monica, who in some ways had
treated her worst.

For days the situation continued. Rachel ignored the men completely, and
Phoebe was very curt and dismissive in responses to any conversational
overtures they made. Monica and Bonnie would chat with them easily enough,
but always showed a preference for interacting with Rachel and Phoebe.
Their intimacy with each other was perfectly evident, not least because
they not only hugged, as they had used to do, but would kiss on the mouth
also, especially Monica and Rachel, to the rather scandalised surprise of
Gunther, the other waitresses, and the customers when they were in Central
Perk. The men found this added to their unhappiness, for it made it only
too clear what they were missing. This was particularly hard on Ross,
because of his feelings about Rachel, but Chandler and Joey also found it
difficult, because they realised that they had an attraction to Monica and
Phoebe respectively.

Ross was the first to crack. After about a week, he said humbly to Monica
that he was ready to take his lumps, if he could only be admitted back to

"I don't care that you're all involved in lesbian stuff," he said. "Well, I
do care, but not enough not to want to be friends with Rachel and Phoebe

"Are you sure you can handle it?" said Monica, not entirely seriously. "My
big brother being beaten up by a whole bunch of women? And I'll be there too,
you know."

"Monica, that's disgusting," he said.

"Wasn't it disgusting, when you got your prick out in front of me and Rachel
had to suck it?" she riposted. "Not that I found it disgusting then. As I
remember, it was kind of a turn-on." She grinned at him. "No, I'm one of the
gang now, and Rachel will probably want me there."

"Okay," he said resignedly. "I suppose it's just another side of your

The next Saturday afternoon he entered the apartment somewhat apprehensively,
to find them all waiting for him.

"Okay, Ross, you are to do everything I say," said Rachel curtly. "Now

Uneasily he did so, displaying a cock that even when slack promised
considerable length, as Phoebe and Bonnie commented to each other
approvingly. It was decided that he might break a chair if tied to it,
so he was told simply to kneel and present his ass as high as he could.
The beating with a hairbrush, first the flat and then the bristles, was
bad enough. But when Bonnie struck him a good blow with the paddle, he
screamed in surprise and pain.

"Keep it down," said Monica, "or we'll have to gag you, like they did me."

Ross managed to do no more than let out tortured gasps as each of the four
struck him with the paddle.

"Okay, that should be enough of that," said Rachel.

Ross relaxed in relief, but his apprehension rose again when he heard
scuffling and giggles. Then he was aware of Rachel standing behind him.

"Okay, Geller, spread 'em," she said in an amused tone.

He did so, but felt impelled to protest, "I didn't screw you."

"You did worse," said Rachel shortly. "You looked at me like I was worthless,
a thing for your pleasure."

Ross bowed his head, admitting the truth of her words. He felt her hands on
his thighs, which made his cock twitch, and then a great stab of pain as she
thrust the strap-on's cockhead hard against his anus.

"Relax, Ross," his sister called. "It's the only way."

He tried to relax, and Rachel made progress inside. He felt more pain as she
pushed further until she bumped against his extremely sore butt, making him
gasp as a pang went through him, and more pain yet as she began to thrust in
and out. But for all that, he found it curiously stimulating, and his cock
began to lengthen.

"Oh wow!" Phoebe commented. She noticed that Monica was gazing avidly at her
brother's slim but lengthening tool, and nudged her. "Wouldn't you like a
piece of that?" she said funningly.

Monica looked back at her and grinned devilishly. "Yes, I would," she
said, and as Phoebe and Bonnie watched open-mouthed she approached Rachel,
undressing as she went, and bent down to ask if she could take Ross's cock.

Rachel looked at her in considerable surprise, actually stopping her
movement. "You're serious?"

"I know it's perverted," said Monica, "but ever since I saw it ... that
night, I've had fantasies. Please?"

Rachel laughed. "Okay, go ahead. Ross, you're to put that nice cock of yours
up Monica."

Gleefully Monica scuttled round and positioned herself in front of him.

"But she's my sister!" Ros protested, though he was not as taken aback as he
might have been. He had suspected something like this.

"Ross, the deal is, you do as I say," Rachel rapped out. "If she wants you,
she gets to have you, or the deal's off. Now, you get into her and then I'll
get back into you."

For a long moment Ross hesitated. He was very reluctant to commit incest with
his sister, although his cock seemed to think it a good idea, but he also
wanted desperately to be accepted back into the fold. Finally he sighed and
moved forward, then hesitated, uncertain which hole to put it in.

"Up my cunt, Ross," said Monica with a chuckle.

"But I might get you pregnant," he objected.

Monica giggled. "Not likely. I'm due in a day or two. Get it in there!"

"Do as she says," said Rachel firmly, "and stay in there until one of you has

Ross found entering his sister relatively easy, for despite her tightness
she was wet and eager, and he had to admit that screwing her was actually
very pleasurable, and Rachel's renewed pounding of his ass made it even
better. But his innate uneasiness about the whole thing held him back until,
with great cries and writhings, Monica came. He thought that was the end of
it, but she wriggled round and gobbled his cock into her mouth. He found the
combination of her eager sucking and Rachel's pounding so stimulating that
only a little later he shot his semen out with a great cry of release. At
the same time Rachel's pounding reached a peak, and she moaned as she came.

Spent, he looked down at his sister, who grinned up at him. "We've done it
now," was all she said.

"Wow, Monica!" said Bonnie admiringly."Way to go!"

"Okay, Ross," said Rachel. "Now you come and lick me, and put your best
effort into it."

Luckily, this was something Carol had liked Ross to do, so he was able to
produce a good performance, though his head was still spinning with all the
stimulation he had received and the guilt over his screwing Monica. It took
a while, but he brought Rachel to a very fine orgasm that made her clench
her fists on his ears, which she had been holding to keep his head where she
wanted it. He yelped in pain.

"Sorry, Ross," she gasped, panting.

Encouraged that she had actually apologised, he dared to look up at her. She
was smiling at him. "You passed," she said. "Welcome to the new gang. I hope
you'll be willing to play your part fully. Pheebs, do you want a piece of him

"Sure," said Phoebe. "I'd love to try that cock."

"And I'll join in," said Bonnie.

To Ross's delight, the two of them moved in on him, rubbing themselves
against him and caressing, until his tool was steel hard again. Then Phoebe
rolled a condom onto it and rode him to a fare-thee-well, while Bonnie kissed
and caressed him passionately, and Monica and Rachel watched, embracing each
other. Then he thought he was done, but Phoebe and Bonnie went to work on his
cock and got him erect again. Bonnie announced that she wanted to take him up
the ass, to which the others happily agreed. Phoebe rested, but Rachel and
Monica had got excited and moved into a sixty-nine, which Ross found
extraordinarily arousing to watch. He pounded Bonnie's ass like there was no
tomorrow, to her loudly announced satisfaction, until they both came.

Gasping, he lay on his back among them, feeling as happy as he had ever been.
They all lay together contentedly for a while, not saying anything. Then he
felt a hand on his cock, and looked up to see that it was Monica, grinning at

"I want this up the ass," she said. "Are you game?"

Not waiting for an answer, she bent to suck him. The knowledge that it was
his sister's warm, wet mouth on his cock stimulated him wonderfully. Soon
he was erect yet again, and she was impaling herself on him. He realised
that she must often have taken it up there, for she was relatively easy to
penetrate. Then she rode him energetically. Becoming bolder, he ran his
hands over her body, especially her small firm breasts, and addressed her
affectionately as his little slut sister.

"That's right!" she cried. "I'm your slut sister. I'm a slut for everyone
here - I love it!"

She bent down to kiss him, then straightened and went back to bouncing up
and down until, almost maddened by the stimulation, he came up her ass with a
thrust that pushed his own ass right off the floor. She cried out in ecstasy
and began to jerk on his cock, evidently coming. When they had recovered a
bit she slipped off and lay down beside him, smiling at him lovingly. They
shared a long, lingering kiss.

After a while, she said, "Fair's fair, big brother. Do I get to take your
ass, now you've had mine and my cunt?"

He laughed joyfully, now completely at ease with the situation. "Okay, little

Grinning, Rachel fitted her own strap-on onto Monica, and patted Ross on the
back as he took up position. He found it much easier to be penetrated the
second time, and got an amazing amount of pleasure from the act. The feeling
of Monica's flat stomach and slim hips banging against him was a wonderful
turn-on, and to his amazement he found himself becoming erect for the fifth
time, although his whole cock ached.

Rachel appeared in front of him, grinning amiably. "I'm going to have that,"
she announced, and with Phoebe's and Bonnie's help she manoeuvred herself
onto him, so that he was now in the reverse position to the one that he had
been with the two of them before. Now at last able to screw the woman he had
had a crush on for so long, he put all his remaining energy into it, so
excited that he came before Rachel had got close. He apologised profusely,
but she told him not to worry and went off with Phoebe and Bonnie, to reach
a shouting climax from their licking while Monica was still pounding
energetically into him. Finally she too came, with a cry of triumph. Then all
collapsed in a heap again.

"Wow!" he said presently, as he lay with both Rachel and Monica stroking him
gently. "You don't do this much every night, do you?"

"Well, no," said Monica, "but we have been pretty active."

"I feel horny a lot of the time," said Rachel. "Maybe it's an effect of that
woman's drug, combined with what was done to me. Ross, thanks for phoning in
the message about her."

"It had to be done," said Ross sombrely. "She had to be stopped. Oh, how I
regret - "

Rachel rolled over and stopped his mouth with a kiss. "All forgiven now," she
said, smiling at him. "As you know, Monica's my real love, and Phoebe after
her, but I'll always be happy to welcome you into a threesome."

Ross felt a glow of happiness. This was not what he would have wanted once,
but it was undoubtedly a great deal better than anything he could have hoped
for at one time. He thought that, for a time at least, he could just enjoy
the sex and stop worrying about relationships.

"You want to go on with this, Mon?" he said to her, feeling an echo of desire
as he gazed at her fine white body. Somehow, what he had done with her now
seemed absolutely right and natural. He acknowledged to himself that, ever
since she had become so slim and beautiful, he had had a hidden lust for her.
Maybe she had felt the same about him, and that was why she had been so eager
to take his cock.

"Sure," said Monica in a throaty voice. "I'm not giving up that cock!"

The other women giggled. "Do we get privileges, Rach?" Phoebe asked.

"I think Ross can decide that," said Rachel. "I'm not his boss, or yours."

"I'll be happy to screw whoever wants me," said Ross, "and I'll be happy to
be screwed by you, too," he added, surprising himself. But he realised that
he had, indeed, got a great deal of pleasure out of being screwed up the ass
and would readily do it again.

"Can't say fairer than that," said Bonnie, reaching over and fondling Ross's
genitals. "I guess there's no more action there tonight."

Ross's cock remained inert. "I guess so," he said a little ruefully. "But if
I went on, assuming you could get me up, I'd probably be coming blood. I ache
there, you guys."

"It has had rather a lot of use," said Rachel, stroking him gently. "Okay,
why don't we clean up and go out for a meal together, to celebrate Ross's
joining us?"

"I'll pay," he volunteered. "I'm so happy that you've accepted me, all of

"Yeah, welcome back, Ross," said Phoebe, moving to give him a smacking kiss
on the cheek and a hug. "I'm happy, too."

* * *

At breakfast on Sunday morning, it did not take Chandler and Joey long to
realise that Ross had been brought back into the group again. He seemed on
very good terms with all the women, including Bonnie, in fact in a better
mood than they had seen for ages. When he got a chance, Chandler drew him

"So, did you have to do what you suspected?" he asked.

Ross grinned widely. "Yup, but it was totally worth it. I'm now a fully
paid-up member - and boy, did my member get some exercise yesterday!" He
snickered joyfully.

"You screwed them all?" Chandler asked, eager for details.

Ross frowned as if trying to remember, then nodded. "Yup, all four, and
Rachel and Monica screwed me," he said.

"What, you screwed Monica?" Chandler gasped in shock.

Ross nodded. "Don't spread it about, okay? But I feel even closer to her
now - and she is one fine piece of ass!" He snorted in delighted laughter.

Shaking his head, Chandler returned to Joey. "They've gone completely wild,"
he muttered. "Ross has screwed his own sister, and been screwed by her, and
done much the same with the others."

Joey's eyes bulged. "Man!" he breathed. "Was that all he had to do?"

"Oh no, he must have been beaten as well," said Chandler. He went back to
Ross for confirmation.

Phoebe overheard. "Oh yes, we beat the crap out of him," she said casually.
"He even got the paddle a few times." She turned away and made some joking
comment to Bonnie, at which they both laughed a lot.

Chanlder brought the news back to Joey, who pulled a face. "I'm not sure
about this, Let's see if we can tough it out, and they weaken." He was
evidently convinced that the Joey charm could not be resisted for long.

But it was. To their chagrin, he and Chandler had to witness Ross's new
intimacy with the women while being largely shut out themselves. Rachel
continued to ignore them, and Phoebe never spoke to them if she could avoid
it, while even Monica was rather offhand with them. Bonnie was friendly, but
also in an offhand way.

It was the sight of Ross's happiness that finally broke their resolve. He was
enjoying himself immensely, and it showed. Always smiling and joking now, he
constantly exchanged minor caresses with the women in Central Perk, and it
was evident that one or other of them frequently went home with him, though,
curiously, Rachel would never do so on her own. She was, however, quite happy
to accompany any of the other three. Joey was particularly jealous about it
all, for it deeply offended his sense of the natural order of things: he was
the stud, Ross was a geek, and he should not be having all this success with
women, especially their friends. To Joey it was almost like incest for Ross
to go to bed with Rachel or Phoebe, let alone his real sister, but he was
not shocked by this the way Chandler was. He had fooled around a little
intimately with some of his sisters, though never going very far, and he
still had the memory of screwing Rachel up the ass, though he now felt rather
ashamed at the pleasure thinking about it gave him.

Finally, the next Sunday morning when they were all in Central Perk, he could
stand it no longer. Ross was on the couch with Monica hugging one arm and
Rachel on the other side, leaning against him intimately, while Phoebe leaned
on the couch behind him and ruffled his hair and Bonnie sat in a nearby chair
and beamed at them all. He looked like the master of a happy harem.

"That does it," Joey said. "Chandler and I will do whatever it takes to be
friends again." Chandler looked taken aback at this, but did not openly

The women all looked at Joey. "You do realise what this means," said Phoebe
rather severely. "You do whatever Rachel says, and we're all there and take
part. It may hurt your male pride, if nothing else."

"I'm ready," Joey asserted confidently. Beside him, Chandler nodded.

Phoebe looked at Rachel and raised her eyebrows. "Now?"

Rachel thought for a moment, then nodded. "Now." She patted Ross on the knee.
"You get to be there too."

"Oh now, come on," Joey began, to freeze when Rachel turned a very effective
glare on him.

"Whatever I say, Joey," she said in a steely voice, "or no deal."

"Okay," he muttered humbly.

As they went up to the apartment, with Joey and Chandler in the rear,
Chandler noticed that Rachel seemed to be discussing something with the
others. They were showing surprise, but nodding as if they were agreeing
with an argument she was putting forward. Ross was involved too, and said
something that they all made agreeing noises to.

Once they were in the apartment, Rachel took a seat, looking like an
enthroned queen, while Joey and Chandler stood rather uneasily in front of
her and the others gathered items from the bedroom or in Phoebe's case her
enormous bag.

"Okay, strip," Rachel said curtly.

They looked at each other. Now that they were faced with it, it did not seem
so easy as they had imagined.

"Strip, I said," Rachel repeated impatiently. "Or you can walk right out
again and we'll have some fun with Ross on his own."

She looked up at him with a smile. "He knows how to please women."

Ross grinned broadly at this encomium, while Joey was cut to the quick by the
implication. He hauled off his t-shirt, then shucked his sneakers and pushed
down his pants. Since he was "going commando" this meant he was naked. His
self-confident grin faded when he saw no favourable reaction from the women,
who seemed far more interested in Chandler. He was stripping slowly and much
more selfconsciously than Joey, but the women made appreciative noises when
his nakedness was finally revealed.

"Right, kneel with your backs to us and asses in the air," Rachel ordered.

The beating began; as with Ross, hairbrushes were used first. It was every
bit as painful as Chandler had feared, and it took a lot of self-discipline
not to cry out. When the paddle was finally used, he could not keep in a
heartfelt cry of pain. Strangely, he found concentrating on images of Joey
naked enabled him to bear it much better.

"Keep it down, or we'll have to gag you," said Rachel sternly.

Luckily for Chandler's self-control, he only had to take two more strokes.
Then there was a pause.

"No looking behind you," Rachel snapped. Joey had evidently tried to. "Now,
spread your legs as much as you can."

Oh God, Chandler thought, it was really going to happen. He was going to be
screwed up the ass by a woman. He felt a soft touch on his thigh.

"Relax, Chandler," said Phoebe. "I'm not aiming to hurt you."

Joey heard these words with a sense of injustice. Whoever was behind him was
clearly aiming to hurt, jabbing at his anus with her strap-on so hard that he
was widening his legs and trying to relax his muscles just to ease the pain,
which was so bad it made him gasp.

"Hurts, huh?" said Rachel, sounding as if she was speaking through gritted
teeth. "Well, now you know how it feels." She achieved penetration with a
fierce thrust on the last word, and drove in hard, forcing a further cry out
of him.

In contrast, Chandler was having it easy. The gentle but inexorable progress
of the fake cock up his anus gave him feelings that he could only describe as
pleasurable, and the sensation was increased by the caressing movement of
Phoebe's hands over his body, which relaxed and excited him at the same time.
When she began to thrust in and out, he actually found himself welcoming it
with moans of enjoyment.

"That's my boy," said Phoebe, stroking him, "you enjoy it. Plenty more to

Despite his misgivings over what this said about his basic sexuality,
Chandler could not suppress a thrill at the thought of more cocks up his ass.
He moaned louder as Phoebe's thrusting increased in pace and force.

Meanwhile, much against his expectation, Joey was also beginning to find
Rachel's hard thrusts arousing. Partly it was the feeling of her little
hands on his flanks and her soft body banging against his ass, but it was
more than that: the feeling of being screwed was itself exciting. In fact,
his cock came fully erect and began straining at the leash, as it were.
Surreptitiously he tried to get a hand to it, but Rachel smacked him on
the side of the head.

"No helping yourself to come," she said sternly, then a moment later,
"Bonnie, do you want to take over?"

Joey felt her withdraw, then a more powerful ramming of a larger strap-on
into him, which got a groan out of him.

"Oh yeah!" said Bonnie appreciatively. "Virgin asshole - my favourite."

She pounded him even harder than Rachel had done, but even now he did not
come spontaneously. However, she did, with a yell of pleasure, and then
withdrew. He heard whipsering, and Ross's laugh. Then, before Joey knew it,
a hard, clearly male pair of hands took hold of his hips and a real cock
was entering his aching ass.

"Ross!" he cried in outrage.

"Enjoy, Joey boy," said Ross in an amused tone. "Man, you have one tight

For a moment Joey thought of throwing Ross off him, but he realised that
this would queer the whole deal, and he had come too far for that. So he
resigned himself, his sense of humiliation at being screwed by Ross deepened
by the fact that he found the feel of Ross's cock inside him, probing even
further than Bonnie's strap-on had, overwhelmingly exciting. Before he knew
it his semen burst out of him, causing him to cry out in ecstasy.

Ross laughed. "Gotcha!" he said. "But I'm going on until I come."

Joey's asshole was really sore by the time Ross had done that, with a series
of powerful jerks that made Joey come half-erect again. He noticed that
Monica had now mounted Chandler, and like Phoebe was treating him kindly.

"Okay, Joey," Rachel called. "You lay in front of Chandler and suck his

"What?" Joey cried. "Haven't I done enough?"

"No," said Rachel firmly. "We're going to have lots more fun with you."

"What's your problem?" Bonnie added. "You got to come, didn't you?"

Wearily Joey got himself into position and reluctantly opened his mouth to
take in Chandler's cockhead. Chandler, who was moaning regularly, gave a
great gasp. The feeling of Joey's mouth on him, combined with Monica's
caressing and firm pounding of his ass, was too much. With a cry he launched
his semen into Joey's mouth, thrusting forward eagerly. Unprepared, Joey
lurched backwards, getting some of Chandler's semen on his face. Rachel and
the others laughed as he frantically wiped it off. Then Monica seemed to
reach a peak of near-frenzy in her pounding, which was so exciting that it
prolonged Chandler's climax while she reached her own. Both sighed in
satisfaction as their orgasms ended.

"Right," said Rachel, also sounding satisfied - Bonnie had been licking
her - "now what? Oh yes, Chandler, now you have to suck Joey till he's erect

Chandler looked at her in surprise.

"Thought you were going to get off lightly, did you?" she said rather
severely. "I haven't forgotten how you looked as you came on my face."

Shamed by the memory, Chandler bent to his task. He found the taste of Joey's
semen not unpleasant, and the feeling of his cock quickly swelling in his
mouth was exciting. He began to enjoy playing with the cockhead, licking and
nibbling at it, and clearly Joey was enjoying it too, for he produced many
little snickers of embarrassed laughter.

"Looks like it's up," said Rachel. "Okay, Joey, now you screw Chandler."

They both stopped and looked at her.

"I think you'll enjoy it," she said encouragingly, "and this is almost the
last thing you have to do."

"Right!" cried Joey, and before Chandler knew it he had been manhandled into
position and Joey's cock was pressing against his anus. He suddenly felt
eager, and spread his legs as wide as he could. When Joey penetrated him he
cried out at the sudden rush of pleasure. So did Joey as he began to move in
Chandler; soon both were crying each other's name excitedly, and Chandler was
urging Joey to screw him with all his might. Joey reached forward, took hold
of Chandler's swelling cock, and stroked it. Faster and faster he thrust and
stroked, until both came with groans of effort at the same time. As they lay
exhausted, Joey still in Chandler, Rachel said, "There, isn't that what
you've always secretly wanted? Okay, so you like sex with women, but wasn't
that special?"

For once Chandler didn't hesitate. "Yes, it was," he said, "though I'd like
to do it as well as take it."

"You can, Chandler," said Joey, kissing his shoulder.

"Right," said Rachel, "last act. Come over here on your hands and knees." She
was seated as if enthroned again, with Phoebe and Bonnie standing at either
side like attendants, Ross and Monica further away.

Joey and Chandler disentangled themselves and shuffled forward.

"Kiss my feet and tell me you're very sorry for what you did, and grateful
that I have brought you together."

In turn, Joey and Chandler did that, both sounding sincere about both parts.
Then Ross dropped to his knees and came behind them.

"I never said it like this," he said, "though I hope I showed it. Rachel, I
am truly sorry for what I did, and I am very grateful to have been forgiven."
He bent and kissed her feet.

"Me too!" cried Monica suddenly, getting down behind him. "I am so sorry I
hurt you, and I will never ever hurt you again." She embraced Rachel's feet
when Ross had moved away, and almost seemed to be making love to them. Rachel
flushed a little and giggled.

"Okay," she said. "Everyone is forgiven, and we all start again. Isn't that

"Not half as nice as Chandler's ass," said Ross lasciviously. "I wouldn't
mind a piece of that, now I've had Joey's and found out what fun it is."

"No, me next," Monica insisted. "Let's see if this gets them up again."

Before Chandler's and Joey's fascinated eyes she and Ross began to caress
each other, finally getting into doing it doggy style, Monica urging Ross on
with maximum enthusiasm. The sight was indeed so lewd that Chandler and Joey
did both come erect again. Joey encouraged Chandler to screw him, while
Bonnie managed to manoeuvre herself onto Joey's cock, kneeling in front of
him with her body bent backwards. At the same time, once Ross had come,
Monica urged Rachel to screw her doggy style, which she did with great
pleasure, and Phoebe took over Ross, finally bringing him to the point where
he successfully completed a sixty-nine with her. By the time they had
finished, everyone else was lying around exhausted, and all agreed that they
had had enough. To celebrate the re-forming of their old relationship and the
establishing of new bonds that would be important to them all, they sent out
for a lavish Chinese meal and happily ate it together, chatting and rallying
each other almost as in the old days, before any shadow had blighted their


The friends' close relationship, now incorporating Bonnie, has endured ever
since, strengthened by the general willingness of each to engage in sex with
any of the others. But they vary in their attitude. Chandler and Joey are
mostly interested in each other, having become a gay couple; they sometimes
go cruising as a couple, and engage in homosexual activity occasionally with
Ross, whose long slim cock they greatly like. Phoebe and Bonnie are active
both within and outside the group, with men and women, but Ross keeps his
activity within the group, focussing mainly on Rachel and Monica, with whom
he performs some act of sex almost every day.

Monica loves having sex with any of the others, especially Rachel and Ross;
she finds incestuous acts with him never lose their special thrill. Her real
commitment is to Rachel, to whom she lovingly submits herself most of the
time, although she relishes the occasions when Rachel allows her to turn the
tables by mildly spanking and screwing her. But she now feels such a strong
need for sex that she ranges widely, and has taken the decision to go on the
pill, to allow her maximum freedom of action. In quite a wide circle of
friends and acquaintances she has become nicknamed "the hostess with the
mostest" for her legendary parties on Valentine's Night and New Year's Eve,
which focus especially on the dateless. She likes to serve at these wearing
an apron only, and has become so unselfconscious about this that those who
encounter it for the first time, noticing that no one else seems to be at
all surprised or shocked, generally accept it. On such occasions, she is not
slow to indicate that she is ready to offer her body to anyone who wants it,
making no distinction of sex, age, colour, or race. This generosity has made
her a great many friends. Rumours of this have reached her parents, but her
mother cannot bring herself to speak of it directly, and Monica has now
become completely confident in coping with her continual carping and
criticism, laughing it off or responding so vigorously that her mother
retreats hastily.

Rachel is in many ways the focus of the group. Made wise by her experience,
she is very careful not to abuse her position, but scrupulously ensures that
her friends get as much access to her as they want. She will now go to bed
with Ross on her own, if he really begs her to, though she much prefers to
have a threesome with him and one of the other women, especially Monica. She
makes occasional offers to Joey and Chandler, but though they would do
anything to please her for bringing them together, they have so far politely
refused. Ross, however, did once accept her offer to be spanked by him when
he was irritated over something, and greatly enjoyed it and the screwing that
followed, as did she.

Rachel considers Monica her special lover, and constantly shows how much she
appreciates all that she does for her. She never breathes a word of criticism
of her promiscuity, exceptional even by the standards of the group. Rather,
she recognises that it fulfils some deep-seated need in Monica, and will
often suggest suitable candidates for her generosity. Among the very grateful
beneficiaries of this have been Gunther, the new manager of Central Perk,
Janice, Chandler's ex-girlfriend, who is a regular at Monica's parties, Carol
and Susan, who, Rachel recognised, had been lusting after Monica for a long
time, Isaac and Chloe, who work in a Greenwich Village photocopying shop, and
a considerable number of Central Perk customers, many of whom return in the
hope of getting lucky again, to Gunther's delight. He never complains about
Monica's use of the Central Perk toilets for quick bouts of sex with a
customer or waitress, not least because he quite often finds himself in there
with her.

It never became known whether Madam Avenge had used some kind of
inhibition-lifting spray in Central Perk to affect all the customers.
Others beside Rachel's friends felt ashamed later of what they had done,
or frightened when they learned of the police involvement; certainly, no
pictures of Rachel ever appeared on the internet. Lucy never returned to
Central Perk, and Max was never found; the New York police quickly found
more important matters to worry about, and the case joined the long list
of unsolved mysteries. Madam Avenge remained in a state of clinical
depression, almost catatonia. If she knew that the group have become
corrupted, as she would see it, into promiscuous, in two cases incestuous,
bisexuals, she might take some pleasure in this. But she would surely feel
despair at Rachel's triumphant survival at the centre of a group who all
feel more content with their lives than they have ever been.


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