Friends: Rachel Gets Friendly At The North Pole Part 2
by Hamster

Rachel had spent the past three weeks making plans for the upcoming wedding
between herself and Santa Claus along with her friends and sister. Sort of.
Monica who would have normally loved to take over this sort of project was
busy moping and pining away for a Penguin. Jill and Phoebe mostly fucked
each other. Over and over, with very little or no rest. Rachel sighed as she
brushed her hair in front of a mirror. The women were locked in their room
and forbidden from interacting with the elves. So all that that poor Rachel
could do was sit around and imagine what the wedding was going to be like.

On this day it was much as it was on other days since she got to the North
Pole. Monica was laying naked on her back with one hand she was massaging one
of her breasts, with her free hand she was frenziedly fingering herself. Her
eyes were closed as she fingered herself.

"Oh shit, oh Pogo, oh fuck, yes Pogo yes." Monica moaned as she imagined that
it was the penguin fucking her instead of just her masturbating.

Meanwhile, Jill and Phoebe were in the 69-position, they were each tongue
fucking the shit out of each other. The two moaned and writhed as they
engaged in their hot lesbian sex. Each one’s tongue squirmed in the other's
pussy frantically. Rachel had been forbidden from having sex with them
unless Santa was present, so she just watched her friend and her sister
fuck. Suddenly the door opened and a lone elf walked in and locked the
door behind him.

"Hey we aren't allowed to associate with the elves!" Rachel protested.

"Sit down and shut up." He ordered.

"OK." Rachel said.

The elf rolled his eyes and sighed. "Look, Ms. Green I am here to help you."
The elf said.

"But I don't need help." She argued.

"Remember I said shut up." The elf reminded her gently.

"Oh yeah, sorry."

"No problem. Look the fact is Santa slipped you some of his eggnog. Not
enough to turn you into a brainless bimbo like your friends..."

"HEY!!!" The women protested.

"He's right you know." Rachel informed them.

The women all shrugged.

"...But it was still enough to make you obedient and sexually hungry." The
Elf finished.

"Well it sounds like a dick move on his part but hey, what are you going to
do about it?" Rachel asked.

"As it happens, I have a way to partially reverse the process removing your
subservience to Santa permanently." The elf said. "Here drink this."

He handed Rachel a can of Santa-Cola. She popped open the can and drank it
down quickly. Rachel began to feel different. Suddenly she began to realize
that Santa used and manipulated her.

"I'm pissed, still horny for him though." She said.

"Sorry, can't do anything about the sexual cravings." The Elf said. "No
worries though, you are now capable of doing what is required of you."

"What's that?"

"Leading the revolution and deposing that red-suited tyrant Nicholas." The
Elf said.

"Why would you want that?" Rachel asked.

"Why? WHY?" The Elf began to laugh. "He works us to the bone forcing us to
make toys 75 hours a week. He controls our numbers so we can't over throw
him. He has all the female elves locked away in a room where only he and a
few of his most loyal followers can have access to them. We are slaves; we
elves and we must obey a human Santa. But Nicholas need not be Santa. You
can take his place."

"How can I do that?" Rachel asked.

"Challenge him to a Duel of the Candy Cane. He must accept by the laws of the
North Pole." The Elf explained.

"I don't know..." She said.

"Listen to me woman, if you don't do it you'll be his slave forever just like
we pitiful elves." He explained just before his head imploded and burst into
bloody gore. He had been brained by a giant candy cane wielded by Santa

Phoebe and Jill paused in their lesbian frolic and Monica stopped
masturbating long enough to watch in horror.

"wha-why did you do this?" Rachel asked.

"He betrayed me and I don't tolerate traitors." Santa said. "I strongly
recommend that you forget what you heard today and go back to awaiting our

"Fuck you. There is no way we are getting married. I'm getting the hell out
of here." Rachel said.

"Is that so? Where are you going to go? We are at the North Pole. You'll
freeze to death if you try to leave here, and as long as you stay here you
must obey me." Santa said.

"NO! I challenge you to a duel of the Candy Cane." Rachel said.

"Stupid girl. Fine. After you are defeated then I shall simply select one
of these other stupid bimbos as a wife. It's a waste though." He said in

Later at the square in the North Pole Village...

Santa and Rachel stood facing each other in the middle of a circle formed by
the North Pole elves. The elves where roaring, shouting, cursing, hoping and
hollering. Santa and Rachel were each armed with giant candy canes that they
could use to bash each other's brains in.

Santa glared at Rachel maliciously. "Every elf here wants you to win. I look
forward to breaking their hearts and their spirits by caving in your skull."

"RA-CHEL!!! RA-CHEL!!!" The Elves chanted.

"Let the Duel of the Candy Canes begin!" Santa declared.

Santa tried to bring the cane down on Rachel and finish things early. But
Rachel stepped aside and slammed her cane across Santa's fat belly. Santa
dropped to one knee and shoved Rachel away toppling her to the snow. Santa
got up with some difficulty, leaning on his cane while huffing and puffing.
Even though he was strong, Santa really lacked stamina. Rachel got up and
screamed as she charged the fat man. Santa blocked her strike with his own
cane and pushed her off. Rachel slid through the snow and had to roll away
as Santa tried to impale her with the non-rounded end of his cane. Rachel
swung out with her own cane and hooked his leg, she yanked hard bringing
Santa's ass to the ground. Santa flung his cane and nailed Rachel square in
the chest sending her flying away. Santa approached her preparing to deal
what he thought would be the inevitable deathblow. Santa stood over her and
picked up the cane, he raised it over his head and prepared to bring it
down upon the helpless Rachel. But suddenly Rachel kicked up and nailed him
in the balls with the tow of her boot. Santa doubled over and dropped his
cane as he groaned with pain. Rachel got up quick and slammed her cane
across Santa's head. The crowd got excited roaring their approval. She took
a good hard swing and shattered Nick's skull. Santa fell to the ground with
a thud. Grey matter and red fluid oozed from the whole in her cranium. The
elves where on their feet chanting her name and shouting enthusiastically.

"Santa is dead." One elf cried. "Long live Santa!"

"RACHEL, RACHEL, RACHEL, RACHEL" Chanted the crowd.

Several days later...

Rachel had been declared the new Santa. She had taken over from Nick as Nick
had taken over from Chris. She had immediately implemented some new policy
that made her very popular among the elves. First of which was freeing the
Harem and putting the female elves to work in the factory. This aloud all
elves access to some elven pussy and doubled their workforce. Since Monica
was barely able to function without Pogo Rachel let them both have each
other. The pair fucked each other stupid at least 3 times a day. Phoebe was
made the factory manager and she rewarded her best employees with a little
human pussy. Naturally Rachel got to tap Phoebe and Monica whenever she

Santa Rachel decided that she needed a Mrs. Claus. Given her choices she
decided to go with Jill. Her sister had a hot bod and since drinking down
the old Santa's nog, Rachel could hardly care that it was incest. When
Rachel popped the question Jill responded with great enthusiasm and knocked
her sister over and began making out with her. Effect of her elevated

For the wedding Rachel was wearing a modified Santa outfit. It had a loose
fur-trimmed skirt instead of pants. The wedding hall was filled with elves,
reighndeer and a couple of animate snowmen as well as one horny penguin.
Monica and Phoebe were both dressed in green 'elf' outfits. They would serve
double-duty as Santa Rachel's best persons and Jill's maids of honor.

The collected elves all oohed and awed as the wedding march played and the
hot young bride walked down the aisle in a low-cut white wedding dress. The
oldest and most wizened of the elves stood on a podium and presided over the

"OK everybody, we be gathered today to witness the wedding of this fly honey
and her main ho. Hollah if you hear me." He said.

"HOLLAH!" The witnesses shouted back.

"Yo Santa Rachel, do you take this ho to be your main squeeze when shit gets
rough and when everything's cool, hollah if ya hear me?" He asked.

"Hollah. I mean I, do." Rachel said.

"Hey Jill, whadd up baby. Do you promise to get freaky with Santa, whenever
she wants and to make her cookies and hot cocoa and shit? Hollah."

"I do." Jill said.

"Really? Even though she's a chick and your sister?" The elf asked in

"Stick to the fucking script." Rachel demanded.

"Oh yeah sorry. Well if there are no objections I now pronounce you a freak
and her ho. Hollah!"


They all proceeded to the dining hall where the reception took place. There
was food and drinks and of course the party degenerated into a full-blown
orgy not long after Santa and her bride left for their wedding night.

Santa's quarters, wedding night...

Rachel lay on the bed with her back resting on the headboard. Her lovely
sister/wife was standing at the foot of the bed in her wedding dress. Rachel
watched as Jill reached back and unzipped the back of her wedding dress she
peeled it off to the waist. Rachel took a minute to admire the lovely breasts
caged in a white bra. Jill dropped her dress to the ground and stood their
nearly naked in her underwear. Jill climbed up on the bed and crawled over to
Rachel. Her boobs hanging like udders as she made her way to her wife. Their
lips parted and their tongues wrestled lustfully. Rachel reached out and
grabbed the delightfully hanging breasts. Rachel began to squeeze and fondle
them. Jill dipped her head down and began to lap gently at Rachel's freshly
shaven cunt. Rachel purred with pleasure. She ran her fingers through
her/sister-wife's hair.

"Mmm, oh yeah Jill that's it. It feels soooo gooood." Rachel moaned.

Jill's tongue probed deeper and deeper into her sister's pussy and caused the
newly christened Santa to writhe with pleasure. Jill inserted a finger in her
sister's ass and finger-fucked her butt while lovingly eating her out.

"Ohhh yess baby I'm going to CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMM!" Rachel's pussy gushed forth
sweet tasting girl cum.

Jill lapped it up savoring it's taste.
_ _ _

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