Disclaimers: The Friends characters do not belong to me, but to Bright,
Kauffman and Crane Productions and Warner Bros. Their use is not intended
for profit, only for entertainment.

The actions attributed to Drew Barrymore in the final section are purely
fictional and not intended to represent the real behaviour of that actress
in any way.

Author's Note: I drafted the first part of this some time ago as an
'antidote' when I encountered the vile story Rachel In Trouble by the
Ruthless Russian on (the t-s-s-a posting seems only to have
corrected one or two errors), and then extended it for fun. I urge anyone
who actually likes women not to read Rachel In Trouble, but some account
must be given of it to explain features of my 'antidote'.

The central character, Madam Avenge, is a scientist who has developed a
mind-control drug. Unhinged by the death of her divorced husband, with whom
she was deeply in love, but who was a notable philanderer who died in the
middle of sex, she decides to use the drug to punish women of the type that
in her view brought her husband to his death by being a standing temptation
to him. Originally these are supermodels and celebrities, but she extends
her operations to any beautiful, self-confident women, and a visit to
Central Perk leads her to pick on Rachel (this is put very early in the
Friends series, when she is a waitress there and she and Ross are not
together). Having surreptitiously got the drug into Rachel, she bursts into
Central Perk (run, not by Gunther, but by the sleazy Max) in dominatrix
gear late one night, presenting herself as Rachel's controlling mistress in
an S&M relationship and demanding to know why she's late for their meeting.

What follows is riddled with implausibilities, inconsistencies, and
omissions. Suffice it to say that none of the staff or other customers in
Central Perk is presented as having a shred of human decency, while the
Friends are presented both as ridiculously credulous, never asking the
questions that I have them ask at the beginning of this story, and (in
complete contrast to their portrayal in the series) as extraordinarily
ready to abandon Rachel and join in abusing her (though the motivation
suggested is often poor, and none is given for Phoebe, who plays very
little role at all), finally being given joint control of her as a sex

I divert the storyline at a point where Ross, in disgust at what he thinks
Rachel is involved in, has tried to leave and been forced to stay by Madam
Avenge's threat that she will hurt Rachel three times as badly if he or any
of the Friends leave, which is followed by her forcing Rachel to say by
mind-control that Madam Avenge can do anything she likes to her. This is
slightly different from a version I sent to, correcting a few
typos and changing the language a little..

I welcome any comments at [email protected], but 'flames'
or abuse will elicit an equivalent response.

Friends: Rachel Out Of Trouble Part 1 - Rachel Rescued (MF,FF,spank)
by Exintaris

Ross sat back in his chair, unable at first to say anything, but he couldn't
help feeling that there was something not right here.

"Rachel," he said more gently, "look me in the eyes and say that again."

Madam Avenge exerted her control over Rachel to make her do that, but she
had not allowed for one thing. She could not control the expression in
Rachel's eyes. Ross thought he saw terror and pleading in them.

"Why do you want us here?" he said to Madam Avenge.

"Look, just keep quiet, you, or I'll punish Rachel even worse," snarled
Madam Avenge, who was beginning to feel that she might possibly be in danger
of losing control of the situation.

Ross was now thinking hard. "Won't she want that?" he said. "I mean, if she
gets off on the punishment you inflict, won't she want more of it, not less?"

"Ross!" said Monica, sounding shocked.

"But it's logical," he said, turning to her. "Think about it. There are
things here that just don't add up. What's more, I can't see any sign that
Rachel might actually be enjoying this."

The friends all looked at Rachel, but, controlled by Madam Avenge, she could
not meet their eyes. But this made something occur to Monica, which she
voiced. "Yes, and if you're "punishing" Rachel all the time, where are the
marks? I've seen part or all of Rachel's body lots of times, and there are
no scars on her!"

"Yeah," Chandler chimed in, a frown on his face, "and here's another thing
I've noticed. Why does Rachel not speak except in answer to someone else?
Have you hypnotised her some way?"

"All of you shut up!" screamed Madam Avenge. "How could I be lying about
something like this? Can't you believe what she says with her own mouth?"

"Why won't you answer their questions?" said Phoebe indignantly. "All right,
here's a way to prove you're telling the truth. When was the last time Rachel
was with you?"

Madam Avenge realised that this was make or break. There was now doubt on the
faces of every one of Rachel's friends, and others in the coffee shop were
looking very uneasy. She would have to take a chance. She thought quickly,
and chose a time when she knew that Rachel was not working, but most of the
others certainly were.

"Last Thursday afternoon," she snapped. "Good enough for you?"

"But we went to see a movie last Thursday afternoon," said Phoebe slowly.
She jumped to her feet and pointed at Madam Avenge. "You're lying!"

"Shut up, or you'll get it too!" screamed Madam Avenge, pointing the
Electro-shocker at her.

All the others now jumped to their feet. "This is all a load of shit!" Ross
cried. "C'mon, guys, let's show this bitch that Rachel's our friend!" They
advanced on Madam Avenge, who realised too late what a mistake it had been
to try to control Rachel in the presence of her friends. She had lost any
understanding of the nature of friendship, especially between men and women,
but it clearly involved basic loyalty. Distracted by her attempts to ward
off the others, she lost her grip on Rachel's mind. With a scream, Rachel
ran forward.

"I'll teach you to say that stuff about me!" she cried, and dodged between
her friends to go straight for her. Madam Avenge brought her arm round too
late. Rachel's rush knocked her off balance and she fell, losing control of
the Electro-shocker, which Ross grabbed.

"I'm calling the cops!" yelled Max. "All of you get the hell out of here!"

"Yeah, call the cops!" said Chandler, turning to him. "I'm sure they'll be
very interested to hear how you allowed someone under your supervision to
be abused."

Max stood irresolute. By now, Rachel's friends had a good hold on Madam
Avenge, despite her increasingly desperate struggles, and the other customers
were departing quickly, while Lucy the other waitress, quick to join the
winning side, was helping to subdue Madam Avenge.

"You nearly got me doubting my dearest friend," Monica hissed, her face
livid with fury. "I ought to kick the living shit out of you. Here's a little
something, anyway," and she struck her very hard in the stomach.

Gasping for breath, Madam Avenge collapsed. Being on the receiving end of
physical force, coupled with the knowledge that her plan had been frustrated
by such ordinary people, people she had been expecting to dominate and
manipulate easily, brought the madness within her to the surface. When her
breath came back, she began to babble, seeming to be desperately trying to
explain to them that she had to get them all, all the women who had destroyed
her husband, all those beautiful arrogant bitches.

Chandler listened attentively, then called, "Hey Max! Go right ahead and call
the police! This seems to be the mystery woman who those female celebrities
have claimed has been kidnapping them and controlling their minds to make
them do awful things. The story's been in all the scandal sheets, but no one
knew whether to believe it or not. Do it, and maybe we'll forget about your
part in this."

"Oh no, we won't," said Monica fiercely. "We won't be back here, you can be
sure of that."

Meanwhile Rachel had collapsed weeping into Ross's arms. "Oh Ross, thank
you, thank you," she cried. "If you hadn't kept pushing at her, you and the
others ..."

Monica, satisfied that the cops had been called and that Madame Avenge was
now harmless, went to comfort her friend. "Oh my God, Rachel," she said,
hugging her strongly, "to think that I was taken in, even for a second ..."
She wept a little herself.

"This woman must have some weird power," said Phoebe, coming to hug them
both. "Don't you agree, Ross?"

Ross grinned, too happy to think that he had saved his secret crush to be mad
at Phoebe. In any case, she was right: there was something odd here. "I'll
concede that one, Pheebs. I don't understand how she did it, but she was
clearly controlling Rachel some way."

"My mouth was speaking words that I didn't want to say," sobbed Rachel.

"There, there, sweetie, it's all over now," said Monica, stroking her hair.

"I want to go home," sobbed Rachel. "Please take me home."

"Sweetie, we have to stay for the cops," said Monica. "Come and sit down.
Don't be afraid; we'll protect you."

Rachel nodded and followed her obediently to their favourite couch.

All the while Madam Avenge sat weeping on the floor, aware even in a state of
mental collapse that her mission in life was probably ruined for ever.

* * *

When they finally walked away from Central Perk later, having given
preliminary statements to the police and been told where and when to report
to give full statements, the gang were not very talkative. Rachel was
particularly pensive. Eventually, as they were walking up the staircase,
she said, "You know what I think? I'll bet that woman was not just after
me, she was after you too."

"How do you mean?" said Monica.

"She wanted to involve you in my humiliation," Rachel said. "That's why she
wanted you to stay. My guess is, she'd have got you doing things to me,
because you thought I was kinky and would get off on just about anything.
She may have guessed that you are made at me sometimes and that all the guys
have the hots for me." She flashed them a brief smile. "Don't bother to deny
it, guys. I don't mind. And be honest with yourselves. Haven't you ever felt
the teensiest wish that I was a slut, so you could live out your fantasies?"
She looked at them seriously but sympathetically. Joey and Chandler looked
particularly crestfallen, but she patted them on the arm. "I said, I don't
mind. Guys can't help having fantasies. How she'd have gotten Phoebe
involved, I don"t know."

"Maybe I have the hots for you too," said Phoebe, with a strange giggle. The
others smiled or snickered.

"Maybe you do," said Rachel as they entered the apartment she shared with
Monica. "Anyway, what I'm saying is, there are some issues here that need
resolving - and I'm feeling in a very, very grateful mood tonight."

They all looked at her with astonishment. "You mean ...?" said Monica.

Rachel met their gaze squarely. "Yes. I'll do anything that anyone wants, so
long as it's not nasty - but only tonight. I won't be able to sleep anyway.
This is an unrepeatable offer. You may think it slutty, and, yeah, I suppose
it is, but, oh God," she said sincerely, "you can't know how awful it felt,
to have no control over myself, and how grateful I am to you for having
rescued me from that."

There was silence for a moment. Then Monica said, "You do realise this will
change our relationship?"

"It's changed already," said Rachel, "and it's bound to go on changing. Maybe
I'm pushing it in a particular direction."

"Yeah, well, I think I see why you're doing this," said Phoebe. "You're
feeling you want to show you're, like, not dependent on us. You're taking
control of yourself."

Rachel smiled. "You put it well, Pheebs. Yes, I think that's what I'm doing."
She looked round at them. "I'll be disappointed if no one takes me up on it,
though I accept that it is entirely your decision, and it is well after

She went off into her bedroom, with a bright-eyed backward glance at them,
seeming to mix innocence and sensuality.

"I don't like it," said Ross when she'd gone. "She's off balance. It might
be that whatever that woman used is still affecting her some way."

"M'm, well, I think she'll feel hurt if no one does anything," said Phoebe.

"I know what I'd like to do," said Joey eagerly, but Ross gave him a
thunderous glance and he subsided.

"So do I," said Monica, "but it's not sex. I want to spank her for being such
a lazy, messy room-mate. That will get a lot of anger out of my system, so I
won't be mad at her any more, which I don't like being, and it might even
improve her."

Ross smiled slightly. "I guess we can't argue with that. Go right ahead,

When she had gone, Chandler spoke up. "It's obvious we can't do anything,
when we know Ross has such a crush on Rachel. You should go to her, Ross.
What happens then is your own decision."

"Can't I even see her naked?" moaned Joey. "I'd settle for that. Chandler got
to see her boobies, but I've never even seen that, though she walked in on me
in the shower."

"I don't think it would be a good idea, Joe," said Chandler. "Me, I'm giving
my option to Ross."

"Okay, so will I," said Phoebe. "So long as he makes good use of it."

Joey looked uneasy as the rest stared at him, and finally, grudgingly, said,
"Okay, so will I."

"Thanks, guys," said Ross. "I won't forget this."

It was at this point that they began to hear yells from Rachel's bedroom.

* * *

When Monica had gone in, Rachel was sitting on the bed. She looked slightly
surprised, but smiled nevertheless. "What can I do for you, Mon?" she said.

"I want to spank you across my knee," said Monica sternly. "It will do me a
lot of good, and maybe you too."

Rachel looked slightly wary. "You won't spank me too hard, will you, Mon?"

"I'll spank you as hard as I think you deserve," said Monica. "Now are you
going to do it, or are you going back on what you said?"

"No, no," said Rachel hastily. "You'd better come sit on the bed. It will
be easier for both of us."

They arranged themselves so that Rachel lay across Monica's lap. "Oh, take
your skirt off," said Monica casually. "It will pad you too much."

Looking slightly apprehensive, Rachel unfastened her skirt. The sight of her
beautifully rounded butt in very flimsy panties affected Monica strangely.
She felt for a moment that she wanted to caress it, but she hardened herself.
Her first whack was rather tentative.

"That's not so bad," said Rachel, with a giggle.

"Oh no?" said Monica. "How about this then?" and she hit her much harder,
making Rachel yelp. Satisfied that this was the right level, she went on,
saying, "Now this is for all the mess you leave in the bathroom sometimes -
and this is for all the times you have not done the washing up - and this
is for the times you didn't take out the trash - "

"Ow, Mon, you're hurting!" cried Rachel. "Ow! OW!!"

"Good," said Monica rather vindictively. "Maybe you'll take notice. Because
you know you deserve it, don't you?"

"Yes!" cried Rachel tearfully. "OW!!!"

"You've been a very naughty girl, haven't you?" Monica pursued, whacking

"Yes - OW!!!" cried Rachel. "I admit it - OW!!! - I've been lazy and - OW!!!
- thoughtless, and could you PLEASE stop if I promise to be better?" The last
bit came out in a rush.

"Yes," said Monica, withholding her hand. Rachel looked back at her
indignantly, tears in her beautiful blue eyes. "There," said Monica, and she
leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek. "I love you, really, and I don't
like being mad at you, and I feel so much better now I've got it all out."

"Is that all you want to do?" said Rachel, and she captured Monica's hand
and placed it on her breast, letting her feel that her nipple was hard. She
smiled at Monica's look of surprise.

"There must really be a bit of the submissive in me, I guess," she said.
"That was something of a turn-on, even though it was painful." She brought
her face very close to Monica's. "Do you really want to do no more than

Seeing those ripe lips so close to her was more than Monica could stand. She
leaned forward and kissed them. Rachel immediately threw her arms round her
and pulled her close.

"You are, and always have been, my best friend," she said quietly into
Monica's ear. "And I would enjoy doing anything you want, truly. If you don't
want anything now, forget what I said about only tonight. You can take a

Monica took a deep breath. "Sweetie, that's a marvellous offer," she said,
"but there are two things to think about, apart from the fact that I'm not
sure I'm into lesbian sex. One, we wondered if maybe you're not quite
yourself, but are still affected in some way by what that bitch did. Two, I
think you should see Ross before you start offering yourself around."

"R-Ross?" said Rachel uncertainly. "Why him, particularly?"

"You'll understand when he talks to you, I hope," said Monica. "Now let me
go, before the temptation becomes irresistible." She gave her a quick peck,
gently removed Rachel's arms from around her, and went out to the main room,
feeling rather shaken. Only Ross and Phoebe were there.

"We've all handed over our turns to Ross," Phoebe explained, when Monica
raised her eyebrows at Chandler's and Joey's absence, "so they went off to

"You were certainly giving it to her," said Ross, sounding disapproving.

"I know," said Monica, "but it was so good to let the anger out. I don't
think I'll have to do it again. Anyway, you can go in and console her."

* * *

When Ross went in, Rachel was still without her skirt. "Hi, Ross, my hero,"
she said, beaming at him. "Do you want to spank me too? You can if you want."

"No, Rach,' he said, "and I'd be happier if you put your skirt back on." She
looked rather disappointed, so he added, "It's not that I don't like looking
at you in your panties. I just don't feel that I should."

"Okay," she said, "though I'll bet I'll only have to take this skirt off
again for the other guys." She jumped up and put it on again with something
of a flourish, looking over her shoulder at him enticingly.

Ross gulped. "Well, actually," he stammered, "Chandler and Joey won't be
coming. They, er, they agreed to give up their time to me, and Phoebe did

"Oh ... why?" said Rachel, looking intrigued, as she sat on the bed again.

"Because," said Ross, stammering worse than ever, "because I, er, oh Jesus,
um, because they know I HAVE THIS TREMENDOUS CRUSH ON YOU!" He almost shouted
the last words in his frustration at his own inarticulateness.

Rachel's eyes went very wide. "You have a crush on me?"

"Yes," he said, feeling a lot calmer now that he had finally said it.

"Oh Ross," she said softly. "Since when?"

"Well, to be honest, since ninth grade," he said. "But it really started up
again when you came to live with Monica, just when I was breaking up with
Carol," he said.

"But ... but ..." she said, now looking alarmed, "you mean - all the time I
was with Paolo?"

"Yes," he said rather sadly.

"Oh my God!" She burst into tears.

"Rach, Rach, why are you crying?" he said, jumping up to sit beside her and
put an arm around her.

She leaned into his shoulder. "I'd never, never have gotten involved with
Paolo if I'd known. Oh my God, you were going to ask me out, weren't you,
when his cat jumped on your shoulder?" Suddenly she began to beat on his
chests with her fists. "Ross, Ross, why didn't you ask me out? I'd have
gone out with you. I said so, right when I first came here."

"I just never seemed to find the right moment," he said, catching her
wrists. "I know, that was dumb. But you're so beautiful, Rach. It made me ...
nervous. I know, I'm a loser, and I'm ashamed of myself for doubting you for
a single second, and ..."

He was forced to stop when she leaned in and kissed him on the mouth. It
was a good kiss, all that he had imagined, and for a moment he was almost
overwhelmed, but he managed to get a grip on himself and give her his best
kiss in return. Finally she drew back.

"You should have done that a long time ago, Mr. Dinosaur Man," she said,
smiling at him. "I would have had no problem about seeing you as a date.
Now, will you ask me for a date, please?"

"You shouldn't have to ask," he said. "Rachel, would you like to go out to
dinner with me tomorrow?"

"Make it lunch," she said. "Make it breakfast. In fact, why wait for a meal?"
She pulled him close to her and put her lips on his again. This realisation
of his dream aroused his passion, and he began to respond vigorously, running
his hands over her body, before feeling worried that he was going too far and

"No, go on, Ross," she said. "Do what you did in my dream."

He chuckled. "I don't know what I did in your dream."

She whispered in his ear. He looked rather startled. "You really want to go
that far?"

She looked him straight in the eyes, with a slightly wicked smile, and
nodded. "Ross, the more I'm with you, the more right this feels. I can't say
that I was hoping for this, exactly, but ..." She leaned back from him,
quickly unbuttoned her shirt and threw it off.

"Oh, Rach," he said, leaning forward and running his hands gently over her
breasts. "This is too much. I don't deserve this."

"Yes, you do," she said emphatically. "You were the first one to stand up
to that bitch. You saved me, more than anyone else. Come on, let's get rid
of some of these clothes."

She began to push his jacket off. He pulled her into another close embrace
and kiss, feeling more and more aroused. She undid some of his shirt buttons
and put a hand inside, stroking his chest, while he managed to undo his tie
and soon got rid of the shirt. Somehow, without him really noticing, her bra
had gone too, and they were suddenly chest to chest. Her breasts felt
wonderful against him.

"Oh yes," she breathed in his ear. "Keep going, Ross. I am really enjoying
this." He felt her hands at his waist, undoing his pants.

"Should we do this?" he said, as she began to push them down. "Should we
really, before we've even had a date?"

She kissed him all over his upper body, making "mm" noises. "If you don't
want to," she said, "I won't mind - but I warn you, I'll be disappointed."

"Of course I want to," he groaned, "but I can't help feeling I'm taking

"You let me worry about that," she said. "In case you hadn't noticed, my
skirt is off." She rubbed her body against him. He could not resist taking
his hands to her breasts, stroking and kneading them and playing with the
nipples, which were already quite hard and grew harder. Both were breathing
fast by now, and she was giving occasional gasps and little squeals of
pleasure. Suddenly she pushed her hand down the front of his boxers.

"Oooh," she said. "Let me see that." Before he could do anything, she had
rolled the boxers down and pulled back from him, gazing down with every sign
of delight. Then she began to stroke him.

"Oh God, Rach!" he moaned. "Go easy, or I'll come all over you."

"I"d rather you came somewhere else," she said. "Don't worry about a thing,
Ross. I fixed myself up, expecting that at least one of you would want to go
all the way with me. Do I have to beg?"

Suddenly he felt resolute. "No, you certainly don't!" he said emphatically,
and taking hold of the edge of her panties, he rolled them right off her
before getting rid of his own shorts.

"That's right," she said delightedly, and stretched herself out beside him.
"Like what you see?"

He took the time to look at her body thoroughly. The sight affected him
powerfully. "My God, Rach," he said, "every part of you is beautiful." He
kissed his way down from her breasts all the way to her pussy, where he
nuzzled her nice little bush. She put her hand on his head and pulled him
in close. He could feel her dampness and smell the scent of her arousal.
Daringly, he stuck out his tongue and licked her.

She gave a little shriek. "Oh my God, Ross, you do that so well! Do it

Realising that she did not have much experience of the more advanced
techniques of lovemaking, Ross went cautiously at first, but she welcomed
everything that he did with increasingly excited cries and moans. Before
too long he could sense that she was on the verge of an orgasm. Her cries
of excitement and writhing movements made him ache to get his cock inside
her, but still he managed to hold back. Suddenly she tensed and pushed up,
shrieking more loudly, and he felt her juices all over his tongue. After a
few seconds of shuddering climax she relaxed again, looking at him with a
dreamy, fulfilled expression.

"God, that felt so good," she said. "But, Ross, you haven't come."

He shrugged. "You seemed to be enjoying it so much, I didn't want to

She reached for and took hold of his cock. "Why don't you get this inside
me?" she said. "I want to feel you."

He could wait no longer. With her cooperation, he positioned himself, then
pushed, gently at first, but he slipped in quite easily.

"Oh Ross," she breathed, "that's right, that's what I want." She moved
against him. He gasped, keeping himself absolutely still.

"Are you very close?" she murmured.

"I can't hold on much longer," he said.

"Don't worry," she said again. "You've made me come. It's time you did." She
put her hands around him, trying to pull him further into her. "Come on,
Ross," she said laughingly. "Get moving."

Slowly he began to move in and out of her, enjoying the feeling intensely and
hoping to make it last as long as possible. She seemed to realise that if she
responded too vigorously he might come before he wanted to, and confined
herself to encouraging words and gentle strokings of his back and sides and
kissings of his chest. This allowed him to reach climax at his own pace. To
his amazement, she began coming again as he was doing so, bucking against him
and giving little cries of "Yes!" After a short but intense ejaculation, he
relaxed, trying not to let all his weight fall on her.

"Oh Ross," she said quietly, "that was great loving."

He leaned down to kiss her tenderly. "You couldn't have said anything that
would make me happier." Then he yawned. "Oh Lord, I'm tired now."

"Go to sleep, dear Ross," she said. "You can sleep here. I don't mind, and
I'm sure Monica won't either."

She got him under the sheets, putting on a nighty herself, and watched him
affectionately as he snuggled down. Then she rolled over and went to sleep
herself, happy with the ultimate outcome of the night.


The following day, she was not quite so sure. Ross's behaviour made it
abundantly clear to the others what had happened, and while she did not
regret it for an instant she found his rather proprietorial air just
slightly irksome. Moreover, she could not help noticing that not only was
Joey having a hard time concealing his jealousy, Phoebe was showing signs
of this too, and even Monica seemed to be a little snappy with Ross. Only
Chandler kept his counsel; she could not tell what he was feeling. But
there now seemed a worrying possibility that a real rift would develop
within the group. She thought hard about what she should do to avert this,
and could only see one solution. It might not be the best solution, and
could jeopardise her relationship with Ross, but by her way of thinking it
had to be done.

They finished breakfast and went to the police station in a body to give
full depositions, as they had been told. There they encountered Lucy and
Max; he looked very sullen, and turned away from them. Terry, the owner of
Central Perk, was also there. He came over, looking worried.

"I was contacted about what happened," he said. "I've sacked Max, and I'd
appreciate it if you could see your way to coming back to your job, Rachel.
Otherwise, I'll have to close the place down while I get a new manager and
a new waitress. You can have a day or two to recover, but I'd like to know
what you want to do."

Rachel thought. With a new manager, the job would be bearable. "I've got no
other work," she said. "I'd like today off, maybe tomorrow too, but I'm
ready to come back."

"That's great," said Terry. "Then we'll reopen Thursday. Can you be there
first thing?"

Rachel nodded. She felt glad to have that sorted out. Giving a deposition
proved to be a tedious process, and she was also asked to give blood and
saliva samples, so that these could be tested for foreign substances that
might have somehow been got into her, but finally she was through. When she
came to the waiting area, only Phoebe was there.

"The others have all gone to work," she said, "or in Joey's case back to his
apartment. I'm not due to do any massaging until this afternoon. Do you want
to come back to my place?"

"Sure," said Rachel, perceiving a great opportunity to start on her plan.

She had not been in Phoebe's apartment before. She found much to admire, and
said so, while Phoebe got them drinks. They continued to chat idly for a
while. Then Rachel decided to go for it.

"Pheebs," she began, "I never thanked you properly for what you did. It was
your question that really put her on the spot, and made everyone realise that
she was lying."

"I'm glad I was able to come up with it," said Phoebe in a neutral tone.
"Maybe I can more easily believe that something weird is going on than the

"Yeah, well, I'm really grateful," said Rachel. She got up and went over to
sit by Phoebe, put an arm around her shoulders and hugged her, and put her
face against Phoebe's. "Really, really grateful."

"Oh, don't!" cried Phoebe in an anguished voice, shifting away from her

Rachel looked at her. "Phoebe, tell me the truth," she said softly. "You
want me, don't you?"

Phoebe turned a face of misery towards her. "Oh God, is it that obvious?"
she said.

"No," said Rachel. "I never even suspected until you said that about maybe
having the hots for me, last night. Then I saw how you behaved towards Ross
this morning."

"Oh Rachel, I'm sorry," said Phoebe, burying her head in her hands. "It's
ages since I was with a woman, but you never forget ..." She began to sob.
"I've wanted you ever since you came into our lives."

Rachel hugged her tightly. "Don't cry, Pheebs," she murmured. "If you want
me, you can have me."

Phoebe looked up, her face streaked with tears. "But, but you said ..."

"I know what I said," Rachel replied, wiping the tears from Phoebe's cheeks
gently. "But this morning I saw that things weren't so simple - and you of
all of them, after Ross, deserve a reward. But I should say that I've offered
to Monica also, any time she wants; I hope you can understand that. But she
wasn't sure she was into sex with a woman."

"Have you ever done it?" said Phoebe, looking curious.

Rachel shook her head. "But all of a sudden I'm feeling I want to, with
someone I really like - and that means you, Phoebe, as well as Monica." She
puckered her lips. "Give us a kiss, Pheebs."

Phoebe groaned. "Oh God, those lips!" she said. "They look so kissable. Rach,
are you sure you won't regret this?"

"How can I be sure?" said Rachel. "But just now it seems the right thing to
do. Don't worry about me, anyway, think about yourself. Will you feel better
about my being with Ross, or worse? Because I don't want to have nothing more
to do with Ross."

"Well, I don't know how I'll feel, either," said Phoebe. "But I think I ought
to feel a lot better about everything, after having you." She stood up and
held out a hand. "Shall we go to the bedroom?"

Rachel took the hand, her heart suddenly beating rather noticeably and her
face flushing, but feeling eagerness increase in her all the time. "Sure."

When they had entered the bedroom, Phoebe instantly swept Rachel into her
arms and bent down for a long, passionate kiss. Rachel found this very
exciting, and said so when they broke for breath. Phoebe smiled dazzlingly.

"That's just the start," she said. "Can I undress you?"

"Go ahead," said Rachel. "Do you want me to undress you too?"

"Let's see how it goes," said Phoebe. "I generally used to be the bitch,
though with Leslie ... well, this is not the time to discuss other lovers."
Suddenly decisive, she ran her hands under Rachel's t-shirt. "You're not
wearing a bra!" she said in delight.

"I often don't," said Rachel, thrilling at the feeling of Phoebe's hands on
her breasts.

"Well, let's get this off for a start," said Phoebe, and in a second Rachel's
t-shirt was gone. Phoebe gazed in what seemed like awe.

"Oh Rachel," she said. "If you only knew how often I've dreamed about this,
or fantasised to get myself off ..."

She bent and sucked eagerly on one breast. Rachel put her hand on her head,
but found that, although this was very arousing, she was not comfortable.

"Let's lie down, Pheebs," she murmured, pulling her towards the bed.

"Oh yes!" said Phoebe, and moved with her eagerly, almost pushing Rachel onto
the bed. Before she joined her, she quickly unfastened Rachel's sneakers,
then her jeans, and removed them. Again she paused to look at her in what
seemed like awe; then she began to undress very fast. When she was down to
panties only, she dived onto the bed and pulled Rachel into her embrace. Her
hands and mouth were all over Rachel, who felt she hardly had time to
appreciate one sensation before a new one came along. But she knew all about
it when Phoebe ran a hand within her panties and fondled her mound. A great
jolt of pleasure ran through her, and she pushed up at Phoebe's hand, crying,
"Oh yes, Phoebe, go on, go on!" She now felt enormous desire, as she
remembered doing with Ross.

Quickly her panties were pushed down, and she felt a finger enter her pussy.
This increased her desire still further.

"More, more!" she said, almost crying with eagerness. Phoebe pushed in two
more fingers and began vigorously finger-fucking her. Rachel felt as if the
top of her head would blow off. She was almost out of control, tossing her
head to and fro and babbling all kinds of foolish stuff. Suddenly a gathering
wave of pleasure seemed to pour through her and she went completely taut as
she found herself coming, almost screaming with joy. The sense of
satisfaction when she was done was marvellous. She turned her head, to see
Phoebe regarding her with a happy smile.

"Wow!" said Phoebe. "If I didn't know better, I'd say you were a lesbian born
and bred. You really took to that."

"I did, didn't I?" said Rachel. "It's funny, but I wanted to do that as much
as I wanted to make love with Ross last night." A thought struck her. "Oh
Phoebe, do you think it's a side-effect of what that bitch did to me?"

"As we have no idea what that was, who can say?" said Phoebe.

"Well, I'm not going to worry about it," said Rachel. "I'm just happy to be
with you like this. Now, what would you like me to do?"

"You don't have to do anything," said Phoebe, but to Rachel her eyes told a
different story.

"Oh, but I must," said Rachel. "You didn't get to come at all. I'll do
anything you want, Pheebs, truly. I really feel hot."

"Would you ... lick me?" said Phoebe tentatively.

"Of course," said Rachel. "Mind, I've never done it before, so I can't
promise it'll be very good."

"I don't care," said Phoebe, looking at her misty-eyed. "This is, like, all
I've ever dreamed."

Rachel reached out and slowly drew down Phoebe's panties, moving them along
her lovely legs. When she had reached her ankles and thrown the panties
aside, she began to kiss her way up Phoebe's leg again, moving to the inside.
Phoebe gasped, and began to make gently urgent moans as Rachel approached
journey's end. Rachel found absolutely no reluctance in herself as, for the
first time, her face was close to another woman's pussy. Rather, she felt
fascination. She gently parted Phoebe's pussy lips with her fingers, to see
her engorged clit, and rubbed a thumb on it. Phoebe let out a great groan.
Rachel took the clit in her mouth and sucked on it. Phoebe wriggled and
groaned even more.

"Oh yes, Rach," she cried. "Do more like that."

Rachel tried all kinds of movements with her tongue, nibbled the clit gently
with her teeth, and also tried the effect of fingering Phoebe's pussy.
Phoebe's reactions became more and more excited, giving Rachel good clues to
what turned her on most, and the juices that she was producing were
surprisingly tasty.

"Mmm," said Rachel. "I never knew women tasted so good."

"Oh Rachel," Phoebe gasped. "Please, please keep going!"

Rachel thrust her tongue as deep as she could into Phoebe's pussy, causing
her to cry out, and then began to move it around. As she did so, Phoebe began
to produce a series of increasingly high-pitched grunts, accompanied by
pushing up at Rachel, who thought that a climax was near. She was not wrong.
Giving a sudden wail, Phoebe pushed herself up even higher one final time,
supported on her elbows, and writhed against Rachel's face, shouting her
name. The juices that she now produced in abundance were sweet to taste, and
Rachel knew that this was something she would enjoy doing to Monica also when
she got the chance.

Phoebe collapsed against her pillow, her eyes closed, gasping but smiling all
over her face. Rachel moved up to lie beside her, and when Phoebe opened her
eyes, she smiled at her lovingly and hugged her.

"I'm glad I was able to make you come," she said. "I really enjoyed doing

"Rachel," Phoebe said slowly, "promise me one thing."

"What, Pheebs?" said Rachel. "If I think it's what I can do, I will."

Tears appeared in Phoebe's eyes. "Promise me that won't be the only time,"
she said, with a little sob. "I don't mind sharing you, but I couldn't bear
never to have you again, after this."

"Of course you shall," said Rachel, hugging her reassuringly. "I can't make
long-term promises, but I see no reason why we shouldn't do this again."

"But ... what about Ross?" said Phoebe in a worried voice.

Yes, what about Ross? Rachel thought to herself. She realised that she had
not been thinking of him at all. She tried hard, but found she could only
think of him as a friend - a much dearer friend, now, but not someone she
was truly in love with. This perturbed her slightly. She cleared her throat
with a little cough, and tried to explain this to Phoebe, who listened

"I wonder if that woman got some kind of drug into you," she said, "and it's
making you want to make love a lot, and maybe also fix your feelings on
whoever you're with. Do you feel like you're in love with me, or, at least,
does it feel like you felt with Ross last night?"

Rachel tried to analyse her feelings. "Maybe," she said. "Oh God, and poor
Ross said he had this tremendous crush on me."

"Perhaps he'll feel a little differently, now that he's had the chance to
make love with you," said Phoebe. "And if you make love with the rest of
us, and he knows, it should change his attitude."

"I don't want to hurt him," said Rachel, "but more and more, I'm feeling
like I do want to make love with you all. It won't seem fair, if I don't."

Phoebe nodded. "I think you should do it as quickly as possible and, like,
get it out of your system. Maybe when you have, you'll be able to decide
which of us you like best."

"Good thinking," said Rachel. "Right now, it's certainly you." She moved on
top of Phoebe and began to kiss her passionately. "Let's do some more,
while I feel like that."

Phoebe laughed delightedly. "Ooh, I am lucky," she said, putting her hands
on Rachel's hips. "Okay, my turn to do this." She moved Rachel over, and
lowered her head to her belly, where she began by licking her navel. Rachel
thrilled all over as desire rose in her again.

"Yes, Pheebs," she said. "Do it all to me. I'm ready for anything."

* * *

By the time Phoebe had to leave to go to her massage job, they had made love
several times, and Rachel felt that she had learned a great deal. As she
walked back to the apartment, she felt utterly relaxed and satisfied, and
less tired than might be expected. When, finally, she stood outside the
apartment door, on an impulse she turned and knocked on the door of Chandler
and Joey's apartment.

"Who is it?" called Joey.

"It's Rachel," she replied. "Can I come in?"

"Of course," Joey cried. When she went in he was on his feet, smiling at her
but looking a little nervous.

She beamed at him. "Hey Joe," she said. "I expect we're the only ones around.
I've been with Phoebe, but she had to go to work."

"Sit down, sit down," Joey said. "How are you feeling, anyway? You want a

"I feel fine," said Rachel, "but a drink would be good." Deliberately, she
sat on the couch, and when Joey brought her a cold drink, she patted the seat
beside her. "Come sit by me, Joey, and don't be shy," she said.

He grinned, looking relieved. "I didn't know how all that weirdness would
affect you," he said, "but you're certainly looking good."

They sat side by side, she drinking and scheming how to work around to what
she had in mind, he just happy to look at her. Finally, she put the glass

"Joey, it was very good of you to give up your turn with me to Ross," she
said. Looking at him closely, she noticed that his face clouded, and went on,
"I'm guessing that was a bit of a disappointment for you."

"I don't want to talk about it," said Joey a bit sulkily.

"But I do, Joey," she said. "I know what I said last night, but ... well,
anyway, what would you have liked me to do? Be honest, now."

"Well, Rach, to be absolutely honest, I'd have wanted to make love to you,"
he said, "though I did say I'd settle for seeing you naked. But we can't do
any of that, now you're with Ross."

"Don't be so sure," Rachel said. "Guys are too ready to think of us like we
belonged exclusively to one of them. So you'd like to see me naked, eh? Well,
I can certainly manage that." With considerable speed she kicked off her
sneakers, pushed down her jeans, removed her t-shirt, and then, ignoring
Joey's rather half-hearted protests, put her hands to the waist of her
panties and began to move them down slowly, looking saucily at him. His words
dried up, and he gaped as she did a little twitch of her hips that let the
panties fall, and stepped out of them.

"There!" she said, and did a little twirl so that he could see her butt as
well. "Like what you see?" she said, glancing at him provocatively over her

"Oh my God, Rachel!" he breathed. "You're so beautiful."

"I like to think I look good," she said, turning again and striking a pose.
"So ... do you want to do something about it? And, just in case you're
worried about Ross, let me tell you that until recently I was in bed with

Joey's eyes bulged. "With Phoebe?"

Rachel nodded. "As it turns out, she's had feelings for me for a long time.
I decided this morning, it wasn't fair to let Ross monopolise me. You all
supported me and helped deal with that bitch. So, do you want to do anything
with me? You don't have to - I'm happy either way."

Joey looked flabbergasted. "I don't know what to say, Rach," he said. "I
mean, are you fixed up, even? I forgot to get some condoms."

She put a hand to her mouth. "Oh God, you're right, I'm not. Well, never
mind: do you want me to give you a blow job? Or is there something else you'd

Joey seemed uncertain. "I don't know if I should ask "

"Ooh, I know," she interrupted. "Do you want to do me up the ass? I've never
done it, but then I've done a lot of things today that I've never done

"You really mean it?" said Joey, now eager.

"Sure thing," she said. "Let's just go in your bedroom."

Joey's face looked panicked. "Just let me tidy up a bit," he said, and ran
in there. Feeling completely self-possessed, in fact almost glorying in her
nakedness, she walked over to wait outside. She heard various thumps, then
Joey called. When she went in he had his shirt and shoes off and was already
unfastening his pants.

"I'm going commando," he said, as if to warn her.

"Great," she replied, and then, as his pants went down, she repeated,
"Great!" at the sight of his equipment.

"Come here, Rach," he said. "I shouldn't just plunge in without working you
up a bit."

He pulled her into his embrace and kissed her, gently at first, but it was
clear that his lust was extreme; she could feel him trembling. It had a
powerful erotic effect on her. She put a hand on his magnificent cock and
gently rubbed the head.

"Don't!" he gasped. "I'm only human. Oh Rach ..." He embraced and kissed her
much more fiercely, and let his hands run over her. Then suddenly he picked
her up and carried her over to the bed, while she wriggled about in his arms,
laughing. When both were on the bed it was easier to give and receive
caresses. After a while she ducked under his arm and took his cock into her

"Aaaah!" he groaned. "Please, Rach ..."

She removed her mouth, to suck his balls instead.

"Rach, what's gotten into you?" he gasped, holding her away from him.

"I think it's part of what happened to me," she said. "I seem to get very
horny very fast, though I don't feel it all the time. Come on, Joe, if you're
so keen, get it into me."

"Need to lubricate you," he said gruffly. "Can you get on all fours?"

She readily put herself in position. She heard him open a drawer, then after
a moment felt him smearing something into her asshole, which was another
turn-on, she found. There was a short pause; then she felt his hands on her

"Now you have to try to relax your sphincter muscles," he said. "Otherwise
I'll never be able to get in."

She felt his cockhead at the entrance to her asshole. Her whole body flushed
with the pleasure that the feeling gave her. Then he pushed. She felt him
come up against the obstruction of her sphincter, and when he pushed again,
she felt pain, although he seemed to make just a little progress.

"Breathe out," he said hoarsely.

As she did so, he pushed once more, and she felt him suddenly move into
her. She had never felt anything so filling inside her; it really was an
extraordinary sensation. But he was still only halfway in, and it took
further pushing, which caused more pain but was intensely exciting, to
get him to where she could feel his ball sack against her butt.

"Well done, Rach," he gasped. "Okay, here we go." He began to move in and
out very slowly. This produced further painful feelings, but in her growing
excitement she felt able to ignore them. His hands came forward from her
hips to her breasts, stroking, caressing, pinching and rolling her nipples,
all of which caused little waves of pleasure to radiate from them over the
rest of her body. Then he began to grasp her more frantically and push
harder and faster, with great grunts, so that she had to brace herself to
keep from being pushed right over. She did not feel at all close to coming,
but the whole thing was extraordinarily exhilarating. Suddenly his breath
caught, he groaned and clutched her tight, and she felt him bucking against
her and his seed spurting inside her. He must have gone on for a
quarter-minute at full pace before he finally began to slacken and his body
progressively relaxed.

"Uhhhhhh," he sighed in deep satisfaction. "I'm sorry you didn't get to come,
Rach, but I couldn't hold on any longer."

"That's OK, Joey," she said, wiggling off him and turning. "I had some great
orgasms with Phoebe. What matters is, was that good for you?"

"Oh, Rach," he said, lying back on the bed and looking up at her, "it was

She cuddled up against him, her head on his shoulder, and looked into his
face. "I really like doing this with my friends," she said. "I am now
determined. I am going to do stuff with you all once, and maybe I'll keep
on like that. I certainly promised Phoebe it wouldn't be just the once. Are
you cool with that?"

He nodded, grinning. "Just the thought of getting another chance at you
almost makes me hot again."

"Is that right?" she said, and stretched a hand down to fondle him. He
giggled. But before things could go any further, they heard the apartment
door open.

"Joe!" called Chandler. Then he said, "Oh my God!" in a lower voice.

"What should we do?" hissed Joey.

Rachel got off the bed. "I'm going out," she said decisively.

"What, absolutely bareass?" Joey protested. "It'll completely freak him out."

Rachel considered for a moment. "Maybe you're right." She looked around,
picked up Joey's shirt and tied it round her waist by the arms, then walked
confidently into the main room. Chandler was sitting gloomily in one of the
chairs, looking at the TV. He sat bolt upright, his mouth open in shock, when
he saw her.

"You can get a proper look now," she said, with a wicked grin. "In fact, if
you want to feel them, go right ahead."

"Rachel, what the hell has gotten into you?" said Chandler. "Aren't you with
Ross now?"

"It's not that simple," said Rachel, "as I realised this morning. Whatever I
said last night, I want you to know that I will do anything sexual for you
that's not nasty or kinky, just as I have done for Phoebe and Joey, besides

"Omigod!" Chandler breathed. "Phoebe and Joey, I mean, Joey and Phoebe?"

Rachel nodded. "Yes, and I fully intend to seduce Monica too. It's the only
way I can be fair to you all. I really want this, Chandler. In fact, the more
I do, the more I want, it seems."

"It must be whatever that foul woman did," said Chandler, looking alarmed.
"Rach, you're not yourself."

"I don't care," said Rachel. "I like the way things are now." She went so
close to him that her breasts were almost in his face. "Do you really not
want anything at all?"

"Yeah, man, are you crazy?" said Joey, emerging from his bedroom in a
bathrobe. "Rachel's great, in fact, she's better than great. Look, I know
you're not gay, whatever jokes we've made. It worries you too much that
you're so unsuccessful with women. Here's a hot chick willing to offer you
anything, and you're refusing?"

"I'm not refusing," said Chandler rather hotly. "It's just that ... it"s
a bit embarrassing to be faced with it all of a sudden like this, and it
doesn't help having you standing there."

"Shall we go into your bedroom?" said Rachel sympathetically. "I'll even get
dressed again, if it would make you feel less embarrassed."

He gave her a shy smile. "No, don't do that. Yes, I would like to go into my

Joey beamed. "Enjoy," he said. "She's a great girl. I'll go and have a good
long shower, so you don't need to get uptight about my possibly hearing you."

When Chandler and Rachel were in his bedroom, she said, "I ought to warn you,
I'm not fixed up, so we can't go all the way, unless you have some condoms.
But you can do me up the ass, like Joey did."

Chandler shook his head. "I don't fancy it, somehow. Would you, would you
undress me and ... and blow me?"

"No problem," said Rachel. "Just sit on the bed, so I don't have to stretch
too much."

"But I would enjoy watching you stretch," he said.

She giggled. "Always with the jokes! But it shows you're a bit more relaxed.
Now sit down."

She pushed him down, and began to remove his jacket, as he edged off his
shoes. Moving so close to him that she was often rubbing against him, she
progressively took off his shirt, tie, and undervest, then bent down to
remove his socks, trying to make it all as sensuous as possible.

"Now stand, so I can get your pants off," she said.

Chandler stood, but before she could do anything he put his arms round her,
pulled her close and began to kiss her soundly. She gave a joyful little
shriek, happy that he had shown some assertiveness. Then he moved one hand
to push his pants and shorts down, and she felt his erection spring out
against her. She rubbed her breasts against him, making him gasp. While he
kept his lips on hers, both hands now went to the knotted t-shirt and undid

"I've changed my mind," he said hoarsely. "Will you let me come on your ass?"

"Sure, do it," she said, pulling at him. She knelt on the bed, and he
manoeuvred himself behind her, taking hold of her breasts. She felt the
warmth of his cock in her crack. He kissed the back of her neck, and began
to push, squeezing her breasts hard. He quickly built up to a very fast
pace and, like Joey, came, gasping and groaning, before she got anywhere
near it. When he had finished he leaned his head on her shoulder.

"Thanks, Rach," he mumbled into her neck. "I'm sorry I was fast, but that's
the first time I've done anything with a woman for oh, it must be months."

"That's OK, Chandler," she said softly. "I hope you enjoyed it."

"Oh, I did," he said, a smile in his voice.

"Well, could you help me clean up? I'll make a mess of your bed otherwise."

He fetched some tissues and gently wiped her clean. Then she lay back and
held out her arms to him. "Come here, Chandler honey," she said. "If you've
had so little loving recently, the least you can do is make the most of me
while I'm here."

He jumped onto the bed beside her. "That's fine with me," he said, beaming
at her. "In fact, I intend to investigate this splendid body of yours a bit
more." He began not only to caress but to lick her, concentrating on her
breasts. She found this very arousing, and told him so.

"Good," he said, "because I now wish to extend the tour." He moved his face
down her body and began to nose around her mound and pussy. Her heart began
to beat harder in anticipation. Deliberately she would not look, so when she
felt Chandler's tongue, it would come as a nice surprise. When it did, she
gave a little cry of glee. His fingers ran along her labia and pressed on her
clit, making her moan with a need for more. Then he thrust his tongue right
into her pussy and unerringly identified the most sensitive spots. She began
moaning continuously, feeling quite unable to control it. The pleasure rose
within her like a swelling wave, that seemed to crash when she finally came,
making her cry out uncontrollably.

"Oh Chandler!" she cried, rolling over to hug him when she had recovered a
little. "That was so great. I don't know why you can't keep a girlfriend,
if you can make love like that."

"Janice taught me," he said a little sheepishly. "But I'm glad I pleased

"Well, good for Janice!" said Rachel. "That makes me think a whole lot better
of her. Well, do you want to have a shower after Joey, while I go back and
wash and change myself?"

He brushed a hand over her breasts. "It's hard to give up the sight of these,
and the rest of you," he said, with a certain melancholy in his expression.

She giggled. "Oh, don't worry," she said. "I'm sure we'll be doing this
again, and more. But I think I've had enough sex for now."

The suggestion that there would be more made him perk up noticeably. "Oh
well, in that case, until we meet again," he said, and leaned over to give
her a light kiss.

"Oh, it's going to be such fun having all you different guys as lovers!" said
Rachel enthusiastically, as she got up and went into the main room to pull on
her clothes again.


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