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Friends: Rachel Out Of Trouble Part 2 - Further Developments (FF,FFF)
by Exintaris

With Central Perk shut, the group had nowhere else to meet but Monica's
apartment, and in the early evening they began gathering there. When Phoebe
arrived, Rachel was already there with Joey and Chandler, all seeming very
relaxed. Phoebe raised an eyebrow enquiringly at Rachel, who nodded, held
up two fingers and then formed an o with finger and thumb, smirking. Phoebe
giggled and caught Joey's and Chandler's eyes, grinning at them. First
Joey, then Chandler began to snort with laughter. Seeing them all in the
grip of hilarity started Rachel laughing too, and for some time they could
not seem to stop, one keeping on setting off the others. They were finally
winding down when Monica came in, looking very tired.

"What's so funny?" she said, in slight bewilderment. This only provoked a
fresh outburst, in which they all shook their heads helplessly as they looked
at her.

"It's a secret," Phoebe finally spluttered.

"For now," said Rachel.

"Soon, all will be revealed," said Chandler in a mystery-laden voice,
inducing a fresh paroxysm in Phoebe.

"Well, I'm glad you're all so happy," said Monica rather tartly, "because I'm
pooped, and cannot face cooking anything. Can we send out for Chinese or

Wiping his eyes, Chandler said, "Of course, and I'll pick up the tab, because
I'm feeling in a very good mood."

Shortly afterwards Ross rang in to say that he could not make it because he
had to look after Ben, some emergency having arisen with Carol and Susan.
They spent a pleasant if quiet evening, punctuated occasionally by smothered
outbursts of giggling, to Monica's growing irritation. However, she felt too
tired to call them on it, and announced that she was turning in when it was
still quite early. They bade her a fond goodnight.

When she had gone, the other three looked at Rachel.

"So, are you going to go for it?" said Phoebe. "All five of us in twenty-four

Rachel shook her head. "No, I should let her get some good sleep first. But I
definitely plan to visit tomorrow morning. Shouldn't make her wait."

"Rach, are you sure you're doing the right thing?" said Chandler in a worried
voice. "I mean, I have no complaints - God, how could I? - but ..." His voice
trailed off and he waved his hands in frustration. "It's just so unlike you,"
he burst out finally.

"Well, maybe it is me, from now on," said Rachel firmly. "Do you mind, truly?
Because I am really getting a charge out of loving you all. You've been so
good to me, spoilt little princess bitch that I was when I first came to live
here, and I have been so happy. It's like I'm giving something back."

"Aw, that's so sweet, Rach," said Joey. "Y'know ... somehow it feels
different with you than with my other girlfriends."

"For me too," said Chandler, "and in a wholly good way. You being a friend
already made it so much easier, after we got started."

"That goes for me too," said Phoebe, smiling at Rachel tenderly. "But then,
for me it was like a dream coming true."

"Talking of dreams," said Joey with an insinuating smile, "how do you feel
about living out that dream you had, which featured me and Chandler?"

"Joey!" said Chandler and Phoebe together, the former sounding shocked, the
latter angry.

But Rachel did not seem at all fazed. "You mean, including the bits where
it wasn't even me?" she said. Joey looked crestfallen as the others laughed.

"Seriously," Rachel went on, "I'm not sure about that yet. I have to sort out
my relationship with you all."

"That's sense," said Phoebe, nodding. "Well, after all the activity I'm tired
too. I'm heading home."

Joey and Chandler stood up with her. "Good luck with Monica, Rach," said
Chandler. "I look forward to a bulletin." They all laughed, and Rachel came
over and insisted on kissing them all goodnight on the lips.

* * *

It was getting on in the morning, but Monica was so deeply asleep that she
did not notice when someone lifted the quilt to get into her bed, and was
barely conscious of it when her nightie was carefully moved up her body. But
eventually she began to be aware that she was having a tremendous erotic
dream. First her breasts were fondled and sucked, which made her feel very
aroused. Then exploring hands moved gently around her thighs, approaching
her most private parts with deliciously tantalising slowness. She moaned and
spread her legs wide, not wanting this dream to stop. The hands finally began
to caress and explore her pussy. She began to push against a probing finger,
then gave a great gasp as it was replaced by a much more exciting and
flexible tongue, and realised that she was awake, and it was really
happening. She reached down a hand, to feel flowing locks.

"Rachel?" she queried.

"Mmm," went Rachel.

"What on earth are you doing?"

"That's a silly question," said Rachel affectionately. "I'm eating you, as
they call it."

"But ... but ..." Monica spluttered.

"Oh, do let me," said Rachel in a pleading voice. "I do so want to give you
pleasure. I've done something with all the others, and you're the only one
left." While she spoke, her fingers continued their work, and Monica found
it increasingly difficult to think straight, so delightful were the
sensations that they caused.

"You've had sex with all the others?" she gasped. "Even Phoebe?"

"Especially Phoebe," said Rachel in a happy voice. "She was first after Ross,
and I spent quite a while with her. I owed her for the way she finally put
that bitch on the spot. Oh Mon, I won't go on if you don't want me to, but do
you really not want this?" She emphasised her words with a lingering lick of
Monica's clit that almost brought her to the brink of coming.

"Oh God," said Monica, lying back and giving herself up to the feeling. "No,
please go on, Rachel. It feels so good."

Rachel made a noise of pleasure and really went to work with tongue and
fingers. In only a minute or two more she had Monica thrusting up against her
face and crying out as she came very forcefully. When she collapsed back,
Rachel wriggled up the bed to lie on her side against her, stroking her face
and kissing her softly.

"My dearest Mon," she said. "I'm so glad you said yes. It wouldn't have been
fair to exclude you, especially when you hit that bitch right where she

Monica put an arm round her shoulders. "Dear Rachel," she said
affectionately. "What a marvellous way to be woken up. I haven't felt so
great for, oh, I don't know, weeks at least. But have you really made love
with all the others?"

"Yup," said Rachel, and she proceeded to detail for Monica everything that
she had done, and to explain why she had felt that she had to do it and how
much she was enjoying doing it. "Maybe that bitch wanted to make me your sex
toy," she said, "but I have chosen to do this, and in a way that is loving,
and not humiliating to me or anyone else."

"You darling!" said Monica, hugging her fiercely. Rachel's account of her
activities had aroused her again, and she found it easy to begin making love
to Rachel, delighting in the smooth feel of her breasts and her rounded
thighs and butt. Rachel was very responsive, and Monica felt an overpowering
urge to make her feel what she herself had felt. She threw off the quilt and
made straight for Rachel's pussy. Rachel began to give little squeals of
rapture as Monica fiercely tongued her, and she wriggled excitedly, causing
Monica to keep losing contact until she seized hold of her thighs and
growled, "Hold still, you little slut."

Rachel giggled and allowed herself to be held, and shortly began to vocalise
her growing pleasure. "Oh yes, Monica, do me, do your little slut, make me
come," she shrieked, and then gave a full scream as she came, bouncing her
butt up and down in elation.

"Oh, Mon, that was great," she said happily when she had recovered a little.
"But I wish you had one of those strap-on thingies, so you could really screw

"You'd let me do that?" said Monica a bit incredulously.

"Oh yes, if you wanted to," said Rachel with conviction. "I want to get you
all inside me, but the boys hadn't got a condom, and I wasn't fixed up. I
think I still like it that way best of all."

"Well, it shouldn't be too hard to get hold of one," said Monica. "I'll bet
Carol and Susan have one, if not more."

"Good idea," said Rachel. "Maybe I should go round and see them."

"Rachel!" said Monica in a rather shocked tone. "You don't mean ...?"

"Well, maybe not," said Rachel; but she did not sound convinced. Monica was
quietly amazed at the change in her. She did not think it would be a good
thing for Rachel to become totally promiscuous, and she could not help
suspecting that this was an after-effect of whatever drug had been
administered to her, as she was inclined to believe had happened. But she
could not deny that being effectively seduced by her had been extremely
pleasant, and that she would very much like to go to bed with her again in
the future.

As she lay there drowsily, a thought suddenly came into her head that she
could not banish. "Rachel," she murmured, "what about Ross?"

Rachel sighed. "I'll have to tell him," she said. "I'm very very fond of him,
but I'm not in love with him. I do wonder if he's really, truly in love with
me. I certainly don't want him to think I belong to him." Suddenly she rolled
over and threw her arms round Monica, burying her face in her shoulder. "Oh
Mon, I do hope I'm not wrong," she said. From her voice she was suddenly near
crying. "I don't want to hurt Ross - but this feels so right. I don't want to
play favourites; I love you all."

"There there, sweetie," said Monica, patting her on the head. "We'll all try
to help you with him." She squinted at the clock. "Nearly getting up time.
Shall we save time and shower together?" She tweaked Rachel's butt playfully.

"Ooh yes," said Rachel, sounding cheerful again. "I"d like that."

Showering together allowed them to see each other's bodies at leisure, and
they took full advantage of this and of the opportunities for caresses
afforded by washing each other's backs. As a result, showering took as long
as if they had followed each other, but they were in a very good mood when
they came out, especially Monica.

They were barely dressed when Chandler and Joey came in. It was so
transparently obvious that they had known what Rachel planned to do, and
wanted to know if she had succeeded, that Monica decided to have a game
with them. She kept her face impassive, and indicated to Rachel by winks
and gestures that she should not divulge the secret. Rachel followed her
lead, keeping up a flow of idle chatter with her that had Joey looking
perplexed and clearly frustrated Chandler. Then Phoebe arrived. She looked
inquisitively at Rachel, then at Monica, who could not help grinning, but
put a finger to her lips. Phoebe stifled a giggle, which Chandler noticed.

"What's funny, Pheebs?" he asked, looking suspiciously between her and

"Oh - nothing," said Phoebe, but she had to turn her face away, and her
shoulders shook with the effort of keeping laughter in.

Understanding dawned on Chandler's face. "You're holding out on us," he said
triumphantly, pointing at Monica. "You and Rachel have done it, haven't you?"

"What do you mean?" said Monica, apparently utterly perplexed.

Chandler looked shaken, then set his jaw.

"You're not fooling me," he said. "You"ve made love."

"Whatever makes you think that?" said Monica, trying to sound mad. But at
this Phoebe let out another stifled giggle, which made Rachel giggle more
openly, and Monica could no longer keep it in. She bent almost double with
a howl of laughter. Rather reluctantly, Chandler and Joey grinned.

Straightening up and wiping her eyes, Monica said, "Okay, I confess. Rachel
gave me the best wakeup call I've ever had, and we've done other naughty
stuff too, and, oh, I feel so great!' She put an arm round Rachel and hugged,
while Rachel smiled demurely.

"Yeah, she has that effect, doesn't she?" said Joey fondly.

Just at that moment Ross walked in. "Who has what effect?" he said. "Hi,

Rachel got up and kissed him, then took his hand. "Come sit down, Ross," she
said. "I've got something to tell you."

Looking perplexed, he sat at the kitchen table beside her. Monica sat at
his other side, and the rest gathered, all looking at him with deliberately
friendly expressions.

"What is this?" he said, looking mystified.

"Ross, I have a confession to make," said Rachel seriously. "I have, of my
own free will, had some kind of sex with all of our friends here, in the day
and night since you and I made love. I chose to do this, because I wanted to
show that I was grateful to them, and loved them as much as I love you. But
I don't love you like a girlfriend should, and I don't want to be treated as
if I somehow belonged to you. I am quite ready to go on being your lover, but
I want to be the lover of all the others as well, because it really makes me
feel happy."

Ross said nothing. Monica took his hand. "She really means it, Ross," she
said. "She's been saying something like this to all of us."

Ross turned a masklike face to his sister. "You have made love with her?" he
said in a quiet but steely voice.

Monica, unable to read the expression in his dark eyes but fearing the worst,
gulped. "Yes," she said falteringly.

"And Phoebe has?" Ross turned to her.

"Ooh yeah," said Phoebe, not at all intimidated. "I was next after you. It
was so great."

"And Joey and Chandler?" said Ross in the same quiet voice, looking at them.

Both returned his gaze rather apprehensively. "Yes," said Chandler, "but just
so there are no misunderstandings - separately, not together."

"And we didn't get what you got," said Joey, sounding a little jealous.

"Ross, please try to understand," Rachel pleaded with desperate earnestness.
"I know this must hurt, but I truly felt that this was something I had to do,
and this truly is how I feel now."

Ross looked around them all again, his face still impassive. Their
expressions were all worried to varying extents. Suddenly he gave a long
sigh, and his face relaxed. He looked at Rachel with a slight smile. "You
are going to find this hard to believe," he said, "but you know what I'm
mostly feeling? Relief. I have come to realise that what I have been
feeling for you was not true love. It was a very strong crush, which has
been cured by getting the chance to make love to you. I still love you as
a friend - a very special friend - and I would be very happy to be one of
your lovers. But I no longer have the fixation on you that I did, and I am
glad that you are not truly in love with me, which I was afraid of."

"Oh Ross!" Rachel screeched and flung her arms round him. "That's so great!
I never dreamed you'd be like this about it. Oh, I'm so relieved, also." She
gave him a smacking kiss, which he happily returned.

"Me too," said Monica. "This is so adult of you, Ross." She hugged him from
the other side. "I do love you, big brother."

"But not like that, eh?" he said playfully, arching his eyebrows at her.

"Certainly not," she said firmly. "We'll have no kinky stuff here, just
regular doses of Rachel, taken straight."

Rachel giggled and flushed slightly. "Well, actually, I wouldn't mind stuff
that was just a little kinky, like maybe being with two of you at a time -
but nothing really gross."

"Hey," Joey protested, "you blew me off when I suggested that!"

"Well, I've been thinking," said Rachel, "and I realised that I found the
thought of a threesome rather a turn-on. But you would have to think about
whether you wanted to make love to each other too, which I always understood
was part of the point of a threesome."

"Yeah," said Ross. "This will need some thinking out, and we will have to
be careful. We don't want any surprise pregnancies. Oh, and another thing.
You seem so relaxed about this, Rachel. Do you foresee yourself taking other
lovers, as well as us?" He spoke in a tone of sober enquiry.

The others gasped and looked at him angrily.

"Ross, that's not kind," said Monica sternly.

"No, he's absolutely right to ask," said Rachel, causing them all to turn to
her again. "My first and deepest commitment will always be to you, for as
long as you want it. But I'm still finding out about the new me. I can't rule
it out, but I would never ever leave you for someone else, unless I was
totally in love with that person. And I don't want you to feel that you are
exclusively committed to me. You should have other dates, and keep on looking
for someone to be truly in love with. But I'll be here if you want me, for
now anyway."

"Like the maid in Catch-22," said Phoebe suddenly. "Heller says she's the
most virtuous person in the world, because she lays for everybody. You know,
I think this could be a very interesting experiment in a new way of living
together - kind of a group marriage, though we're not all married to each
other, but only to Rachel."

Chandler looked up. "I, um, wouldn't mind being married to all three of you,"
he said to the women, with a shy smile.

"Me neither," said Joey eagerly.

The women looked at each other. "Not sure how that would work," said Monica,
"and you have enough women as it is, Joey."

"But it'd be different with you," he protested. "You're my friends."

Monica looked over at Phoebe, who shook her head very slightly. Monica voiced
her own opinion. "I think it would get too complicated. Let's just stick to
..." She paused, unsure how to express it.

"Having loving shares in Rachel," said Ross, putting an arm around her.
Rachel leaned her head on his shoulder.

"That's how I want you to see it," she said happily. "Here, everyone give me
a kiss to seal the deal."

She stood, and they came to her one by one, smiling. She embraced all of them
with equal eagerness.

Then Chandler looked at his watch and said, "Well, those who have work to go
to had better think of going soon."

"Holy cow, and I haven't eaten anything!" Ross exclaimed. He grabbed a
packet of cereal. The rather serious emotional tone that had dominated their
discussion dissipated, and they began to make general conversation about
plans for the day. Rachel announced that since it was a free day for her she
would do some shopping for Monica, and maybe some visiting. She winked at
Monica, who could not help blushing as she picked up on Rachel's innuendo.

Phoebe was the only to notice this. She leaned over and said in an undertone,
"What kind of shopping?"

"I'm not sure precisely," replied Monica equally quietly, "but I suspect that
among other things she may be looking for a strap-on. She wants me to screw
her with one."

"Ooh, cool!" said Phoebe. "I could go for that, I think. In fact," she said
confidentially, "I wouldn't mind a threesome with you two."

Monica's mouth curved into a smile. "I think I might not mind that either.
Let's talk about it later."

"What are you girls whispering about?" said Chandler suspiciously.

"Never you mind," said Phoebe repressively. "We're entitled to some secrets."

* * *

Later in the morning, Rachel was explaining all that had happened to Carol
and Susan. She had found them both at home. It transpired that Carol had
fallen and damaged her right arm, which was in a sling. So she was off work,
and Susan was staying home to look after her and Ben. They stared at Rachel
in growing amazement as she calmly recounted what she had done with each of
her friends, and began to dart speculative glances at each other, especially
when she described her lovemaking with Monica.

"... and I would really like to have Monica screw me with a strap-on," she
said in conclusion, "so do you have one that you could spare, and if not, can
you tell me where to get one? Maybe that would be better, anyway, now that I
think about it."

"Oh, I'm sure we can spare one," said Susan rather eagerly. "So, you've got
into all-female sex, Rachel. Do you find you prefer it?"

Rachel looked thoughtful. "I'm still new to it," she said slowly, "and it
isn't all that different from what men can do, if they're willing to. After
all, it was Ross who first made me come by licking me."

"So it was," said Carol. "He used to be quite good at that," she added
reminiscently. Susan gave her a jealous glance. "But, Rachel," Carol
continued, "is this really what you want, to be a kind of sex toy for the

"Yes," said Rachel simply, "only I don't see it like that. It's like, since
that incident, I have this strong urge to share love with them. It doesn't
have to be exclusive for me, let alone them. I just," - she spread her
hands - "just want to love them. It makes me feel so good. And I'm not being
a total submissive: I took the lead with them, really, and I guess I may have
to do so again if this thing is going to work."

Carol smiled and nodded. "Okay, I accept that you're not just a sex toy.
You're your own mistress."

Rachel grinned. "You better believe it."

"Well," said Susan, "do you want to come see what we've got?"

"Sure," said Rachel. She was quite aware of Susan's sexual interest in her,
and suspected Carol's, and had already decided that she would have no
objection if something developed. The mild horniness that she already seemed
to be feeling increased markedly when she was shown the array of sex toys
that Carol and Susan had in a bedside drawer. She had not been prepared for
how lifelike strap-ons could be, and began to get very wet at the thought of
having one inside her.

Susan came close to her. "Would you ... maybe care for a demonstration?" she
said in a sexy voice, putting her arms round her just above her waist.

"Mmm," went Rachel. "I think I would, with that one." She pointed to one of
reasonable size, a strap-on.

Susan flashed a smile. "With me doing you?"

"Oh yes," said Rachel. "If it's for Monica to use on me."

"And what about me?" said Carol in a discontented tone.

Rachel turned to her. "I've been thinking about that. How about ... I eat you
while Susan's doing me from behind?"

Carol beamed. "An ideal solution." She moved close, put her free arm round
Rachel, and began to kiss her lingeringly.

Not much later, Rachel was naked on hands and knees, being enthusiastically
pounded by Susan. She was very much enjoying this, but could not express it
vocally, since her face was buried between Carol's legs, where she was
licking her clit eagerly with long steady strokes. With one arm in a sling
Carol could not do much, but she was stroking Rachel's head with the other
and murmuring encouragement and love words. Eventually Rachel felt once
again the rising tide of orgasm within her, and raised her head to cry out
joyfully, then returned to Carol's pussy, where she put such force into her
tongue movements that Carol began to writhe and moan, her juices flowing
freely. Then Susan began to grunt like a man, as Rachel's vigorous movements
against her finally stimulated her own climax. For a short while she
continued banging away at Rachel; then she subsided gasping, and wriggled up
to lie beside her.

"Rachel, you are undoubtedly a great lay," she panted. "Well, was that a
satisfactory demonstration?"

"Oh, very satisfactory," said Rachel, turning to kiss her. "I hope it will
suit Monica, as it certainly suits me."

Carol tousled her head lovingly. "Any chance of you ... dropping by again
some time?"

Rachel grinned at her. "There's every chance. But I think this should not
be made public. Ross might get freaky."

Carol sighed. "Yes, I'm afraid he might."

Rachel moved to kiss her. "I'm sorry he's so uptight about this. Maybe the
knowledge that Monica, Phoebe and I are doing wicked things together will
change his attitude."

"It's not the lesbianism so much, I think," said Carol sadly. "It's that I
fell in love with someone else."

"Yes, he does resent me," said Susan, also sounding sad, as she moved to
sit by Carol and put an arm around her. "Though he's been better, now we
have Ben."

"Well, I'll see if there's anything I can do," said Rachel. "Oh, I feel so
great, you guys. You have no idea. Not just because the sex was good, but ...
oh, I don't know, I think it's the giving."

"You are generous with your affections," said Carol appreciatively. "I don't
see how this can be an effect of what happened to you, but there must be a

"Well, I'm not sure I care to know," said Rachel. "I just like feeling this
way." She looked at them curiously. "Do you do this a lot?"

"Oh no," said Carol. "This is quite unusual, for us."

"You, um, have this air about you," said Susan. "As if you'd positively
welcome an approach."

"Gee, I'd better be careful on that," said Rachel, slightly alarmed. "Don't
want all the Central Perk customers hitting on me, or people on the subway
or in the street."

"It wasn't there when you first arrived," said Carol. "It must have developed
while you were with us."

"As if you were sending out pheromones," said Susan.

Rachel looked perplexed, and Susan explained.

"Well, I came here on a sex-related matter," said Rachel. "Maybe that's it."

They smiled at her. "Whatever, you have made our day," said Carol. "Do you
want to stay for lunch?"

"Thanks, but I must get on," said Rachel. "I have some some shopping to do."
She stood, secretly revelling in their appreciative glances at her naked
body. "Could I wash up a little?"

"Sure," said Carol. "We all need to."

* * *

Some time later, clean and dressed, Rachel bade Carol and Susan a fond
farewell and set off on her errands. True to her promise to reform, she was
doing some shopping for the apartment, and she had it in mind to drop in at
a sex aids shop, if she came across one, and see if anything took her fancy.
To her relief, no one seemed to display unusual attraction to her, although
she got the usual appreciative glances and some whistles.

Shopping completed, she approached Central Perk on the way to the apartment,
and to her surprise saw Janice gazing rather disconsolately through the
window. Feeling full of goodwill to all, she called, "Hi Janice!" in a very
cheerful voice.

Janice turned and smiled a bit uncertainly. "Hi Rachel!" she said. "Why is
Central Perk closed?"

"It's a complicated story," said Rachel, "which involves me intimately. You
wanna come up for a coffee and let me tell you?"

"Why, sure," Janice was saying, looking even more surprised, when a new voice
broke in.

"There you are, you bitch!" Rachel turned, to see Max advancing on her.
"Returning to the scene of the crime, eh? I'm going to make you pay for
getting me fired, you skanky slut!"

"I didn't get you fired!" Rachel protested. "I never even spoke to Terry
before we met at the police station."

"I don't believe you!" Max shouted, and swung a fist. Rachel ducked, but not
fast enough. It glanced off the side of her head, dazing her. She fell back
against the coffee shop window.

"Hey, what's the big idea?" yelled Janice, stepping between them. "You think
you can attack people on the street?"

"You keep out of this," Max growled, trying to step around her, but Janice
agilely blocked him.

"Take a hike, buster!" she yelled, raising her hands and setting herself in
what looked like a martial arts pose. "Just go the hell away and come down
from whatever you're on, before I call the cops!"

Max hesitated, licking his lips. His eyes certainly looked as if he was high
on something. Suddenly he roared and went for Janice, but the roar quickly
changed into a shriek of pain, and he sank to his knees, clutching his groin
and moaning. She had very neatly kicked him in the balls, with considerable

"Come on, sweetheart," she said, taking Rachel's arm. "He won't bother you
any more."

Still feeling odd, Rachel let Janice lead her away, only really coming to
herself when she had to find her keys to the apartment door. She let them in,
then dropped her bags and turned to embrace Janice.

"My hero!" she said. "You were so brave!" She gave her a very warm hug and a
kiss, first on the cheek, then, before Janice could react, on the lips. It
was a spontaneous action, done before she realised that Janice might
reasonably object. She pulled away fast.

"I, I'm sorry, Janice," she said. "I was just ... feeling so grateful."

Janice was again looking at her in surprise, but not disgust. "Don't worry
about it,' she said. "It was kinda nice. So, what came off in Central Perk?"

As she unpacked and put away her shopping and got the coffee on, Rachel told
the story to Janice. She was aware, as she did so, that she was becoming
increasingly conscious of Janice's attractiveness. Drawing a breath, she went
on to what had happened afterwards. She had not got beyond her lovemaking
with Ross when the coffee was ready.

"Sooo," said Janice, grinning as she took her cup, "Monica spanked you and
Ross made love to you. Did you do anything with the others?" She raised her
eyebrows, evidently intending this as a joke.

Rachel took a deep breath. "Well, actually, I did, later. I've made love with
all of them now, one way or another."

Janice's jaw dropped. "All?" she said sharply. "You mean ... even Monica and

Rachel nodded. "I consider them all my lovers. Ross has realised that he is
not truly in love with me, which is just as well, as it means there's no
jealousy - at least not yet." Feeling recklessly confessional, she continued,
"And that's not all. I visited Carol and Susan, to ask if they had a
strap-on, and," she began to giggle, "let's just say, things got out of
hand." She smiled at Janice. "And I don't regret any of it, not even a tiny
bit. I feel great about it all."

Janice's mouth opened and shut for a while, but nothing came out, almost as
if she'd been winded. "Well well, as my friend Lorraine would say," she
commented finally. "You certainly have been active." Suddenly, she sounded
curiously ill at ease.

"I know!" said Rachel, imitating Monica. Janice's lips twitched into a brief
smile, but she still seemed uneasy. Rachel realised that she might actually
have embarrassed her. "Gee, Janice, I'm sorry," she said. "Maybe I shouldn't
have been telling tales like this. But I feel so good. It's such an easy way
to make people happy, and you get to have fun too."

Janice avoided her eyes and fiddled with her coffee cup, looking rather
hunched over. "I suppose," she muttered.

Something occurred to Rachel. "Why were you at Central Perk, Janice? Were you
hoping to see Chandler?"

Janice's air of unease seemed to strengthen. "Well " She looked up, and
Rachel was alarmed to see tears in her eyes. "It doesn't matter now, does
it?" she burst out. "You've got him."

"Oh no no no!" Rachel cried. "It's not like that at all. I don't consider
them exclusively bound to me, any more than I am to them. I told them, they
should expect to have other dates and find people to fall truly in love

Janice seemed to straighten slightly. "So you think I might still have some

Rachel looked at her unhappily. "Janice dear," she began. "I don't like
saying this and it will be hard to hear, but I think you should give up on
Chandler. He's really not your type."

"Yeah, but what is my type?" Janice cried. "I can't keep any guy, it seems.
Oh God!" She buried her face in her hands, beginning to sob.

Rachel found immediately that she could not bear to see her cry. She had not
liked her much in the past, but now she felt for her deeply. Quickly, she
crossed over to sit beside her and tried to pull her into her embrace. At
first Janice resisted, but as Rachel murmured soothing words to her she
seemed to slump onto her shoulder, crying harder than ever. Rachel hugged
her tighter and added little kisses on the cheek. Janice stiffened at the
first of these, but then relaxed again. Rachel began to stroke her hair,
finding it beautifully springy to the touch.

Finally Janice seemed to be recovering. "Thanks, Rachel," she snuffled. "I'm
sorry you had to get all that."

"Think nothing of it," said Rachel. "After what you did for me it's the least
I could do. I wish I could do more, but I don't know any single guys to set
you up with. If you want to talk, though, I'll listen as long as you like. No
more miss bitchy girl here."

Janice smiled weakly. "I don't deserve all that just for kicking a guy in
the balls!" she protested.

"Yes, you do!" said Rachel firmly, hugging her again. "I wish I had the
nerve, and skill, to do things like that. Maybe you could teach me. Anyway,
you're in a bad place just now, and I know what that's like. You need to
talk it out." She held Janice close, looking into her eyes. Janice's face
was lifted and her mouth slightly open, and Rachel realised all at once that
she looked like women did who wanted to be kissed. Daringly, she leaned
forward and kissed her softly on the lips. Janice gave a little sob and
kissed back for a moment; then she pulled away, crying "No!"

"What's the matter?" said Rachel softly. "You looked like you wanted to be

"I ... did," said Janice haltingly. "But ... I ... oh God!" She began to cry

Rachel gave her a little shake. "What is it, Janice? Tell aunt Rachel."

"I ... I do want to kiss you," Janice said between sobs, "a-and more, but ...
but I've never done anything like that before, and and I don't want to
presume that ...y-you'd be attracted to me, just b-because you've made love
with ... with other women. Oh God, I'm so messed up!" she wailed.

Rachel kissed her on the cheek again. "Don't worry, Janice. I'm flattered.
Have you felt like this about me before, or is it just now?"

"I've always been sort of a-attracted to you," sobbed Janice, "even when
you were s-stand-offish."

"Would you like to go to bed with me?" said Rachel softly. "I'd be very happy
to do that."

"But what would you get out of it?" Janice wailed. "I don't know how to make
love to women."

"You let me worry about that," said Rachel, with a laugh in her voice. "This
may not be the best time to mention it, but you got Chandler to do things
that worked very well when he did them with me. I think we'd be fine. You're
a very attractive woman," - she stroked her hair again - "and now that I'm
beginning to look at women in a sexual way, I can say for sure that I want
to see more of you, and do more than just kiss you."

Janice looked at her with enormous eyes. "You want me?"

Rachel stroked her cheek. "Yes, I find you desirable. You may think this is
because I'm a slut who'll lay anything that moves, but it's not. It's because
I want to make you feel better. No strings, I promise." Again, she could not
help grinning. "I've got enough to handle as it is."

Janice gave a little laugh. "But suppose - suppose I wanted there to be
strings? I mean, suppose I wanted to - keep going with you?" Her gaze was
painfully intent.

"I would have no problem with that," said Rachel, "but how would you feel,
knowing I was making love with others as well?"

"I think," said Janice slowly, "that it might be just what I need. Someone
to make friendly love with, but not to be involved with in a great heavy

"Then I'm your woman," said Rachel cheerfully. She reached out, took Janice's
face in her hands, and leaned forward to kiss her gently. Janice gave a sort
of sigh and responded quite eagerly, but then drew away again.

"Rachel," she said in a low voice, looking at her pleadingly, "could we go
to my apartment? I don't feel easy here, knowing your friends could walk in
at any moment, and also I feel kinda washed out. I'd like to clean up and

"Of course we can," said Rachel. "Just let me write Monica a note and pick
up some things."

In a few minutes they were walking to the subway. Once away from the
apartment, Janice seemed much more relaxed and chattered gaily to Rachel
about her work, which seemed to be free-lance filming and photography for
commercials. But as they approached her apartment block, she seemed to
become nervous again and went silent. Finally Rachel decided she would have
to say something.

"Janice, relax!" she said. "I know this is a big decision for you. Don't
feel you have to go all the way the first time, or even very far at all. I
want you to be happy, not on edge."

Janice looked at her with a serious expression. "Oh Rachel, you're good to
me," she said. "Whatever happened to you has made you such a nice person.
Maybe it only worked that way on you. If this woman drugged celebrities too,
we've never heard of them being much nicer than before."

"I wonder," said Rachel. "All we know about celebs is what the magazines and
tabloids choose to print, and sadly, people being nice is not news as often
as scandalous behaviour."

When they entered Janice's apartment, Rachel had to exclaim at how
interestingly it was decorated. Janice looked pleased.

"Now, I'm going to take a shower," she said. "You help yourself to anything
you want, look at anything you want be my guest." She gave Rachel a
flashing smile, evidently feeling far more relaxed in her own apartment, an
attitude Rachel could well understand. She smiled back.

"Sure you don't want me to scrub your back?" she said, half in earnest.

Janice looked a little rueful. "Sorry, Rachel. I'm not quite there yet."

"That's okay," said Rachel easily. "Take your time, honey."

While Janice was showering she moved around the living room admiring this and
that, sipping some apple juice that she had discovered in the fridge. She was
conscious of feeling growing excitement, but also a sense of responsibility.
She was going to be introducing Janice to a whole new world, and she did want
it to go well. She felt that she was beginning to recognise an intensely
vulnerable woman, who needed lots of reassurance, beneath Janice's rather
brash exterior, and as a result to feel more and more sympathy and liking for

She had sunk so deep in musings that she did not notice when the bathroom
door opened, but she snapped abruptly back to the present when Janice
appeared in front of her, looking absolutely delectable with only a towel
wrapped around her.

"I thought it would be silly to put clothes on, when I'd only be taking them
off again," she said.

Rachel smiled. "Then you truly want this, Janice?"

Janice stuck her chin out and said "Yes" firmly.

"It's fun to undress people," said Rachel, "but I don't mind. You look great
in that towel."

Janice dimpled. "Let's go into the bedroom," she said, and took Rachel's
hand. For a moment all thoughts of love-making left Rachel's head as she took
in the amazing quilt, which was decorated with bold abstract patterns in
black, white and brown, while the other bed-linen was a rich brown, close to
the colour of Janice's hair.

"Oh Janice!" she said. "What great taste you have."

Janice turned and put her arms round her. "Sweetheart, you couldn't have said
anything that would make me love you more."

Suddenly she seemed confident as she put her hands on the waist of Rachel's
t-shirt. "May I?"

"Go ahead," said Rachel, happy to let Janice do anything she felt easy doing.
Janice quickly and neatly pulled the t-shirt over Rachel's head, then put her
hand on the fastener of her jeans.

"Keep going," said Rachel laughingly, leaning forward to kiss her. She felt
her pants fall as she hugged Janice to her. Janice ran her hands round to her
butt and stroked it gently.

"I've always thought you had a great butt, Rachel," she almost whispered.

"Need to get these sneakers off," said Rachel after some further kissing and
preliminary caressing.

"Let me," said Janice, and she knelt down to undo and remove the sneakers,
allowing Rachel to step out of the pants that had fallen around her ankles.
Janice looked up at her.

"What a beautiful creature you are," she said almost humbly.

Smiling, Rachel leaned down. "I think it's time to see how beautiful you
are," she said, and deftly undid Janice's towel. Janice looked startled and
instinctively moved to cover herself, then gave a sheepish smile and took her
arms away, to stand revealed. Rachel drank in the sight. Janice was stockier
and broader-waisted than Monica or Phoebe, but nicely proportioned, with
smallish but rounded breasts, and swelling hips and ass. As a bonus, she had
an abundant, almost fleecy-looking dark bush. Rachel felt an urgent desire to
handle these treasures.

"Oh Janice!" she said, quickly reaching behind her to unclip her bra and
shrugging it off. 'You don't know how much the sight of you makes me want

Janice gaped at Rachel's now revealed breasts. Her hands came forward, then

"Touch them, hold them, squeeze them!" Rachel urged, pushing herself against
Janice. "They're yours." She put an arm round Janice, then with her free
hand pushed her panties down; she wanted no barriers between her body and

As Janice began to feel her breasts and play with the nipples, Rachel urged
her gently towards the bed. It took a moment for Janice to get the idea. Then
she was very eager, and almost pulled Rachel onto the bed with her.

"What about your beautiful quilt?" said Rachel. "This can get sort of messy."

"Yeah," said Janice, "that's a good thought." She pulled it from under them
and threw it aside.

"This bed linen really does complement your colouring," said Rachel
admiringly, "though I don't suppose Chandler noticed."

Janice shook her head, then lowered it to one of Rachel's breasts. "Can I
suck you?" she said, looking up at Rachel with a pleading expression.

"Go right ahead," said Rachel encouragingly.

For a while Janice enjoyed sucking on Rachel's nipples, making them so hard
they were almost painful and arousing her considerably. Then Rachel did the
same on Janice's dark, rather stubby nipples, getting little gasps of
pleasure from her. She also began to investigate her gently below, and found
that Janice's bush felt as fleecy as it looked. Rachel found it pleasant just
to run her fingers through it. Then, wondering how it would feel, she moved
her face down to it.

Janice gave a sort of groan. "Oh Rachel, I'm getting so wet!"

"That's good," said Rachel. "Mmmm, this has to be one of the greatest bushes
in New York." She ran her tongue along Janice's pussy. Janice gave a more
urgent groan. Satisfied that she was ready for it, Rachel moved in
decisively, tonguing first Janice's notably swollen clit, then moving down to
investigate her cunt.

Janice squealed, "Oh Rachel, give me more!" and pushed up against her. Rachel
moved her left thumb to rubbing Janice's clit and pushed her tongue deeper,
probing and stroking. Janice began to move rhythmically, begging almost
incoherently for more all the time. Rachel guessed that she was close to
climax, and first speeded up her tongue movements, then thrust in as far as
she could, grabbing Janice's butt and pulling it up to get as far in as
possible. With a positive scream, Janice came, so abundantly that Rachel felt
the juices running out and down her cheeks as Janice kept pushing against her

"OH OH oh oh ohhhhhhh," went Janice in diminishing tones. She relaxed back
onto the bed, letting her arms, which had been raised in fists, fall flat.
"Oh Rachel!" she breathed. "That was awesome. I've never felt like that
before, not even with Chandler." She reached a trembling hand to Rachel's
head and stroked her hair. "You have changed my life."

Rachel looked up from where she lay between Janice's legs, to see Janice
beaming down at her, her face flushed, her whole expression one of relaxed
satisfaction. She felt satisfaction herself, to have given Janice such
pleasure, and moved up to lie beside her.

"Want to taste yourself?" she said mischievously, sticking out her tongue.

"Ooh, kinky!" said Janice, leaning forward and taking the tongue into her
mouth. Then she kissed and licked Rachel's cheeks. "Mm, that is tasty! Oh,
you are a darling! If I'm not careful, I'll fall completely in love with

"Now, Janice," said Rachel mock-sternly. "You don't really know much about
me. You're in love with the sex. I'm glad it went well. After all, I don't
have all that much experience with women."

"Have you done that with all the others?" asked Janice playfully.

"All except Susan," said Rachel, "and Phoebe and Monica have done it to me."

"Would you like me to do it to you in a while?" said Janice, her eyes seeming
to glow. "I'm a little pooped just now."

"If you'd like to," said Rachel, "though there are plenty of other things we
can do."

"Well," said Janice, looking at Rachel very affectionately, "As I see it, the
question is, what would you like me to do? Because, after giving me such
great loving, you should have your wishes considered."

Rachel hesitated, not sure whether Janice would go along with it, and Janice
suddenly rolled over and put her hands in place to tickle her. "I'll torture
it out of you if you don't tell," she threatened mock-fiercely.

"No no, not that," cried Rachel, going along with the game. "All right, what
I'd really like is for you to screw me doggy-style with a strap-on. I've got
one in my bag."

"Like Susan, you mean?" said Janice. "Well, I've never done anything like
that, obviously, but I can try. You really want that?"

Rachel nodded. "I think I'd like it best of all. If you have a problem with
it, we can always do something else. It can wait, anyway that is, if I can
stay a while."

"Rachel sweetheart," said Janice, looking at her seriously, "if it were up to
me I'd kidnap you and keep you here for ever, but I know you wouldn't like
that. You really have changed my life." Suddenly she gave a little sob and
tears appeared in her eyes again. Rachel must have looked alarmed, because
Janice smiled and waved her hands. "Don't worry, I'm crying because I'm

"Come here," said Rachel, and pulled her into an embrace.

Janice wriggled against her. "Being cuddled by a man is nice, but being
cuddled by a woman is so much nicer," she said appreciatively. "They're so
soft, and there isn't that great big thing, either reminding you that he
wants to have sex, or dribbling on you and your sheets."

Rachel giggled. "You put it well, Janice, though I'm afraid we have made a
mess of your sheet."

Janice waved a hand dismissively. "I got plenty more."

"Ooh, this is fun," said Rachel, rubbing her body gently against Janice's.
"I haven't spent much time just lying in bed with a woman, since Phoebe." She
looked at Janice's face, at present regarding her with a soulful expression.
"You know, Janice, you have a great body, which I'm privileged to have seen -
and felt." She caressed her lightly here and there to emphasise her words.

"Oh Rachel," said Janice, snuggling against her, "you really should be
careful saying things like that. It only makes me more and more ready to fall
in love with you."

Rachel kissed her lightly, acknowledging to herself that it would not be all
that hard to fall in love with Janice. She felt curiously drawn towards her.

"Chandler's been here, right?" she said. "He's seen this side of you. I can't
understand what his problem with you is."

"Now now," said Janice playfully. "You told me to forget about him, and what
you've done has sure helped me to do that. But, to consider it just for a
moment, maybe it's because I used to get impatient and yell at him. He could
be such a great guy, but he clings to his hangups like they were comfort
blankets. Do you have hangups, Rach?"

Rachel considered. "Yeah, I'm still kind of scared of my father, and I have
real problems with my sisters. But in other emotional matters I now feel
confident like never before. Isn't that strange, when many would say I've
gone completely off the rails? After all, I've had eight lovers of both sexes
in two days."

"It is a bit strange," said Janice, "but nice for us all, especially me. I
hope the others appreciate you as much as I do." She sat up, then bent down
to kiss her. "How about round two?"

"I must get the strap-on," said Rachel, "and you'll probably need to stand
up to put it on."

They both got off the bed, and Rachel dug it out of her bag. Janice took one
look and collapsed with laughter, which made Rachel giggle.

"If someone had told me this morning," Janice spluttered, "that in a few
hours I'd be putting on a fake cock to screw Rachel Green, I'd have thought
they were completely NUTS!"

"Come on," said Rachel, trying to control herself. With further outbursts of
giggling, they fitted it on.

"Ooh," said Janice, "it's got a little cock inside."

"That's so you can get off too, if you do it right," said Rachel. She waggled
the strap-on, making Janice gasp. "See?"

"So I get two for your one?" said Janice. "That doesn't seem fair."

"You deserve it," said Rachel, seriously, putting a hand on her shoulder.
"One for rescuing me from Max, and one for each other." She drew her close,
and said tenderly, "My lovely Janice."

Janice took a great breath and smiled a little shakily.

"Right!" she said decisively. "Get a hold of yourself, Janice girl. Time to
play the man."

With a certain amount of instruction from Rachel, they got into position.
Rachel was feeling hot, and did all kinds of little things to get Janice
aroused too. Finally Janice was ready to push, which she did rather

"Come on, I won't break," said Rachel encouragingly. "Get a good grip on my
ass or something, and push!"

There was silence for a moment, then a little sob. Rachel looked behind her.
Janice's expression was really down, and a single tear was trickling down
from one eye.

"I'm sorry, Rachel," she said,. "I just can't do it. I'll make love to you
any other way, with fingers or tongue, or toes, which I've heard of, or even
just rubbing on you, but this seems so unnatural - and I want to see your
lovely face when I make love to you!" she added, sounding just slightly mad.

She looked about to cry again, so Rachel hastily got up and hugged her. "It's
okay, honey," she reassured her. "It's totally okay. You don't have to do
anything you don't want to do. Here, let's get it off right now, stupid old
piece of plastic."

Janice gave a watery giggle, and in moments the strap-on was off and cast
aside. Janice gazed at Rachel intensely, then decision appeared in her face
and she firmly took hold of Rachel.

"Let's just see where we go," she said and began to kiss Rachel with
increasing passion, at the same time using a hand to caress a breast. Rachel
made appreciative noises, finding this sudden assertiveness of Janice's very
exciting. Then Janice moved a hand down and began to stroke and rub Rachel's
clit equally firmly, causing waves of pleasure to flow through her.

"Oh Janice, you're doing so well!" Rachel gasped. "Just keep on, honey!"

Janice kept a thumb on Rachel's clit but inserted one finger, then a second
into Rachel's pussy. Rachel tried to grip them with her pussy muscles, now
feeling so excited that she begged Janice for more. Janice picked up the
speed of her finger movements, looking very determined. Rachel pushed back
at her eagerly, holding her in tight embrace and kissing anything she could
reach, with lots of vocal encouragement. To her delight, she felt her
pleasure rising to the peak that she desired. Crying out, "Yes Janice, yes
yes yes, that's IT!!!" she began to come joyfully, revelling in the moment.

As soon as she was able, she kissed Janice very tenderly and said, "Well
done, honey. I am so proud of you."

Janice's smile was broad enough to split her face. "You're so great for my
confidence," she said. "So that was good for you, huh?"

"Oh yes," said Rachel emphatically. "Really good. I guess we've both got
plenty to learn still, but it's great that we can please each other." She
ran a hand along Janice's rounded hip. "You're such a nice shape, Janice -
really comfortable."

"Well," said Janice, fondling Rachel's breasts lightly, "these are great to
feel too. So you don't think I maybe need to lose some weight? I'm not as
slim as you or Monica or Phoebe."

Rachel sat up and looked down at her, taking in the full beauty of her
frankly displayed body. "Janice," she said very earnestly, "don't change a
thing. You're perfect as you are. Keep that long hair that frames your face
so well, those great hips, that lovely bush ..." She was touching each part
as she spoke, and lingered on the bush. "It's almost like stroking a nice
cat," she said, as Janice pushed up a little against her hand.

She leaned down to kiss Janice, suddenly overwhelmed with tenderness for
her new lover. Janice responded, and the kiss went on, becoming ever more
passionate. They pulled away eventually, gasping for breath, but their
faces remained very close, as they gazed into each other's eyes. Then,
without a word being said, they began to make love again, building up
slowly this time. It was Rachel who initiated rubbing pussies, but Janice
took to it at once. They found a rhythm that suited both of them and
continued it for a considerable time, beaming at each other and producing
words of encouragement and noises of pleasure, slowly speeding up until
eventually they were going at a frantic pace that brought them to virtually
simultaneous climaxes. Even as their pleasure dwindled they continued to
hold each other close and gaze into each other's eyes.

Eventually Janice spoke. "Rachel, I have to say it. I absolutely adore you."
She smiled softly. "And it's all your fault, for changing my life."

"Oh Janice honey," said Rachel, deeply moved. "Are you sure it's not just the
great sex we're having?"

"No, I'm quite clear about this," said Janice firmly. "You're a whole
different person than I thought, and oh, you're so lovable. Of course, the
sex is a marvellous bonus."

Rachel giggled, then her face sobered. "There is something here, I admit it,
and I know that I love making you so happy, but I'm not sure how different
that is from what I felt with the others. Oh honey, can you ... can you bear
to ... share me with the others? I have commitments there, particularly to
Phoebe, who has had a crush on me for the longest time, it turns out."

"I think I can stand it," said Janice. "But what I would like is be accepted
by your friends. They are so great as a group, but I know they don't like me
very much." Her voice was sad.

Rachel felt full of sympathy. "Okay," she said decisively, "I'm really going
to work on that. I'm going to remind them how little we know of you, and tell
them what a great woman you are, really, and if they make any mean comments
I'm gonna jump right down their throats!" She banged one fist into the other.
"You'd better not be there, because you won't want to hear what they might
say. Does that sound like a plan?"

"Yeah," said Janice, smiling again.

Rachel gave her another hug. "Okay, let's stop sweating this thing for now.
Where shall we eat?"

"I'd like to stay in and cook us something," said Janice. "I'm quite a good
cook, you know."

"Even better," said Rachel. "Um - do you want to change the sheet?"

Janice grinned wickedly. "I don't see the point, before bedtime proper."

Rachel grinned back. "Now you mention it, neither do I. Well, I certainly
want to clean up, and I think you should, too. But we'd better shower
separately, don't you think?"

"I suppose," said Janice. "There'll be other times, I hope."


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