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Friends: Rachel Out Of Trouble Part 3 - Rachel Rescued Again (MMF,FFF)
by Exintaris

The following morning Rachel woke with a feeling of disorientation. This
was not her own bed. Then the memories of all that she had done the previous
day came flooding back, and she just had to smile.

"I hope that smile has something to do with me," said Janice.

Rachel opened her eyes and beamed at her. "It sure does," she said. "Didn't
we have a great time?" She looked fondly at Janice, who had given her a very
tasty meal, talked interestingly of all kinds of things, sat and watched a
silly soap with her and kept her in fits of laughter with her comments, and
finally returned with her to the bed, where, after other lovemaking had got
both of them into a state of eager experimentation, she had volunteered to
try it again with the strap-on and had, after some understandable clumsiness,
managed to reach a successful conclusion. It had taken a while, which
probably accounted for the slight soreness that Rachel felt between her legs,
but she wouldn't have had it any other way.

"Fancy a little morning love?" she said to Janice.

"Just a little, perhaps," said Janice. "But remember, you told me you go back
to work this morning."

"Oh God, so I do," said Rachel, "What time is it?"

"Quarter after seven," said Janice. "Time enough for everything, I'd say. I'm
coming with you, by the way. Don't want Max trying to jump you again."

"Oh, thanks, honey," said Rachel, hugging her gratefully. "Now, what shall
we do?"

Twenty increasingly energetic and delightful minutes later they reluctantly
admitted that they could not put off getting up any longer. They showered,
dressed and breakfasted hastily, then headed for the subway. Rachel felt
apprehensive as they approached the coffee shop, but no one was in sight.
Terry was there, and pleased to see her.

"The story's broken in the Village Voice," he said. "Someone must have got
it from a cop. So we may get some sensation-seekers. You don't have to talk
to anyone you don't want to; if it's a journalist, send them to me. If
there's a lot of it, I'll pay you a publicity bonus."

"Thanks, Terry," said Rachel, thinking that he was really being nice about
it and she was going to repay him by working her ass off today. She turned
to Janice. "Look, why don't you drop in a bit after the usual lunchtime? I
should have had a chance to talk to the gang by then, and some may still be

"Okay," said Janice. "See you," and then she lowered her voice, "lover."
She gave her trademark laugh, which Rachel realised was partly done for
effect, and walked off.

Central Perk was indeed busy that morning, and Rachel and Lucy had a great
deal to do keeping up with the orders, but by the time Rachel's friends had
assembled around lunchtime things had quietened down, and Terry was happy
to allow her an extended break.

"Okay, so who were you with last night?" said Monica, grinning at her. "We're
all eager to know. Clearly it wasn't one of us."

Rachel took a breath. This wasn't going to be easy, she knew. "Now, this is
going to come as a shock, and you're going to have to hear me out," she said.
"It was Janice."

"Janice?" they chorused in tones of horrified disbelief.

"Rach, how could you?" said Ross, sounding extremely shocked.

"That voice! That laugh!" cried Monica in derision. "I don't see how you
could stand them."

"Do you know, I didn't notice the voice at all after a while," said Rachel.
"As for the laugh, I believe it's partly a nervous thing, and partly done to
wind people up - she's a great tease."

"I cannot believe you would do such a thing," said Joey sternly. "Especially
when you know how Chandler feels about her."

"That's all we know about her, isn't it?" said Rachel, seizing her chance.
"We only know about her relationship with Chandler, and only from his side.
Well, let me tell you what my experience of her was before you start coming
out with all this crap, okay? For my money she is a really fun person to be
around. Here's what happened ..."

She got their attention - after a while, even Chandler, who had been looking
at the floor with a somewhat melancholy expression, fixed his eyes on her and
began to listen - and she was deep into describing the evening she had had
with Janice, when suddenly she was grabbed and pulled out of her chair from
behind, and she felt something sharp pressing against her throat.

"Nobody move!" yelled Max, "or this bitch gets it now! I'm just gonna walk
out of here with her, and nobody, nobody, is gonna stop me, or make one least
little move, or this knife goes right into her throat! No phoning the cops,
nothing!" He began to walk her backwards, his mad eyes constantly roving to
check that he was being obeyed. Rachel felt almost paralysed with fear: her
eyes looked around, but everyone in the shop was frozen. Tears began to flow
down her cheeks and she began quite involuntarily to make moaning noises, as
she looked at her friends, who were gazing at her in horror for what could
well be the last time they would see her alive. Monica was already beginning
to cry.

Suddenly there was a yell, and Max seemed to be struggling. The pressure on
her throat was released. She tore herself from his grasp and turned, to see
Janice wrestling fiercely with Max and bending his knife-arm away. She seemed
to know what she was doing, and, as Max bent all his strength on trying to
break her grip, she did something complicated that wound up with her having
his arm in a tight lock. Her face was contorted with rage.

"You son of a bitch, you came back!" she yelled. "Now see what you get!"

She gave his arm a sudden forceful jerk, and he screamed and dropped the
knife. She let him go, and everyone could see his arm dangling uselessly as
he clutched it, moaning in pain.

"Now!" she said, pointing at him, as he swayed in front of her. "If I see
you so much as look cross-eyed at Rachel ever again, I'll give you something
you'll remember for the rest of your days! Get the hell out of here and never
come back." She stood aside to let him leave. He slouched forward, then
launched a kick at her. A flurry of moves on her part left him writhing on
the ground, gasping for breath.

"Okay, that's it," she said, dusting off her hands with a certain relish.
"Sorry, Rachel, everybody, I think we'll just have to call the cops and make
statements. Can't have him going on like this." She grinned attractively. "I
may not always be around."

The whole coffee shop burst into applause, and Rachel's friends rose as
one to check on her and, more important from Rachel's point of view, to
compliment Janice.

"That was awesome!" said Joey. "Better than TV!"

"Which martial art do you follow?" said Ross. "Was that kara-tay? You moved
so fast, I couldn't follow it."

Janice evidently liked all the attention, but she said modestly, "I was
lucky. He had no idea I was there, so I could get his knife-arm away from
Rachel without putting her in danger. Keep an eye on him, please, somebody;
he won't be out of it for ever."

"Right," said Chandler. "Come on, Joey, let's make sure he doesn't try

"Yeah," said Ross, "I'm with you too." They went to keep a close watch on

Once assured Rachel was basically okay, though probably in shock, the girls
went with her to Janice. Monica hugged her very tightly. "Rachel's my best
friend," she said, her voice rather shaky. "For a moment there ..." She broke
down in tears. Rachel drew her away, finding it helped her to have someone
else to comfort.

"Anyone who'll fight for Rachel is a friend of mine," said Phoebe, who also
had tears in her eyes. She embraced Janice warmly. "We've been mean to you,
Janice. I hope you can forgive us."

"That's okay, Phoebe," said Janice, smiling at her.

"My hero all over again!" breathed Rachel as she hugged Janice in her turn.
"I owe you more than I can ever repay - but it isn't going to stop me

Janice giggled attractively. "Let's go and sit down," she said. "You need
to recover."

"Yes," said Terry, who had come over. "Cops are on their way. Take the rest
of the day off, Rachel, you've earned it. You worked hard all morning."

It took a long time for them to be finished with statements to the police,
and then give an account to a reporter from the Village Voice, who had
followed the police car. Much telephoning went on to explain to employers
why they were not back at work, but finally they had to return. Phoebe left
first, to go to her massage place, telling Janice casually that she'd see
her that evening, as if she were now a member of the group like all the
others. Then Ross and Chandler left. Monica called her restaurant and Janice
her office, each making sure that there was no pressing need of their
services, and then, with Joey, who had no commitments that afternoon, they
took Rachel back to the apartment and kept her company while she suffered
from the inevitable reaction to shock.

Janice, evidently delighted that she was being accepted, seemed to Rachel
to put herself out to be as charming and interesting as possible. She and
Monica found common ground in talk of cookery, and she endeared herself to
Joey by promising to see if she could get him some commercial spots. By the
time the others gathered at the apartment in the evening, they were well on
the way to becoming fast friends. Indeed, Phoebe behaved as if they already
were, and Chandler was a little shy but basically friendly. But it was the
change in Ross that was the most marked. He drew Janice into a discussion
of martial arts, and was evidently thoroughly impressed by her knowledge.

While they were talking, Joey leaned over to Rachel. "You're right," he
said. "When you get to know her, and like her, you don't even notice the
voice any more. Rach, it's so great that you've made us realise what a
great woman she is." His eyelids drooped. "What's she like as a lover?" he
said in a deep, fake sexy voice.

Unfortunately for him, there was a pause in the conversation just then, so
that what he said boomed out loud and clear.

"Joey!" yelled the friends as one, making him wince, but Janice just laughed.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" she said archly. "Well, I don't think Chandler
or Rachel had any complaints."

"Um, no," said Chandler. "That was ... never a problem."

Rachel beamed. "She was great," she said, "especially considering that she
had no prior experience of being with a woman. I hope you guys can accept
that I'm going to be seeing a lot more of her."

There was enthusiastic agreement. "She's, like, one of the gang now," said
Phoebe. "Aren't you, Janice?"

She leaned over and gave her quite a sexy kiss on the lips. Janice responded,
looking a little surprised but also very pleased.

"That's right," said Monica, beaming at Janice. "You are now an equal
partner." She lifted an eyebrow. "Could I have a kiss too?"

Janice laughingly obliged. Then she looked up at Joey, who seemed
disgruntled. "Feeling left out?" she said. "Come here, sexy boy, and get a

Joey went to her eagerly. She gave him a very passionate-looking one, from
which he emerged dazed, saying "Wow!"

Then Janice turned to Ross. "How about you?"

"It will be a pleasure," said Ross, smiling, and they joined in what seemed
an even more passionate and rather prolonged kiss. This time it was Janice
who said "Wow!" when they broke.

"Your brother is some kisser, Monica," she said a bit breathlessly. Ross
looked rather pleased with himself.

"Oh Janice, you're such fun!" said Monica enthusiastically. "Chandler, how
come you never told us about the real Janice?"

Chandler looked embarrassed and mumbled something.

"Aw, leave my Bing-a-ling alone!" said Janice, going over and giving him a
kiss too. "It wasn't all his fault that we never quite clicked. I was always
a bit uneasy with him, and, like I told Rachel, I used to nag him a bit about
not trying to deal with his hangups."

"Okay, let's lay off Chandler," said Monica. "So, what are we going to do
this evening, guys?"

Happily they settled down to discussing food and activities, fully involving
Janice in every decision. Rachel, sitting back and watching them for a
moment, felt her eyes prick. Janice looked as happy as Rachel felt she
deserved to be.

* * *

Much later, they were sitting over bottles of beer, full of good food,
playing silly games. Thinking about it afterwards, Rachel could not even
remember how it had come up, but suddenly they were all competing to
produce fake ads with her name in.

"Good mornings begin with Rachel!" cried Monica, giggling gleefully.

"Rachel lasts the whole drink through!" added Chandler.

"You owe it to yourself - get a Rachel," said Phoebe.

By this time Rachel was practically helpless with giggles, but Janice beat
them all.

"Here's something else," she said, and picking up a bottle to serve as an
imitation microphone she began to sing an old rock and roll tune in a very
deep voice, "It takes a whole lot of lovin' just to keep mah Rachel happy -
It takes a whole lot of lovin', an' a whole lot of holdin' her a-hand ..."
She didn't get any further, because everyone, including Rachel, was in fits
of laughter and she could not help joining in the laughter herself.

When she had recovered, Rachel turned to Janice and gave her a very warm
kiss. "Can I start on trying to repay you for saving my life?" she said.
"You don't mind, do you, guys?" she added, looking round the others.

"Hell, no," said Joey immediately. "Janice deserves you more than any of

"Don't feel bad, you guys," said Janice, looking at them sympathetically,
"There's nothing you could have done without endangering Rachel. I was just
lucky to be well placed to do something."

"But you knew what to do, and you did it," said Ross. His voice was full of
admiration. "I hope none of us will ever forget what you have done for us,
Janice, and if there's anything we can do ..."

"Anything at all," said Monica in a cheerful voice. "If you ever feel, for
instance, that you want a change from Rachel ..." The rest of her words were
drowned out by a chorus of derision.

"You're just offering because you know Janice is a good lover," said Joey.

Monica giggled. "I meant it, though. I'd happily go to bed with you, Janice,
if you wanted."

"Oh, me too!" cried Phoebe.

The others laughed at her evident eagerness. Janice smiled at them a little

"These are great offers, you guys," she said. "But the fact of the matter is,
I can't see beyond Rachel just now." She turned to her. "It meant everything
in the world to me, to be able to save you from that scumbag, and I only
wish I could have been there to deal with that bitch who got you under her
control. I love you." Then she looked round at the others. "But I'm not going
to be selfish about this. You have been great to me, and I am happy just to
be included in the group of Rachel's lovers. However," she put an arm round
Rachel's shoulders, "I would like to take you up on tonight's offer a bit
later - or, if you're tired, maybe we should leave now."

"I thought you could stay with me tonight," said Rachel hopefully.

"Sweetheart, another time I'd love to, but I have to be off to work early
tomorrow and I need to get clean clothes," said Janice. "And I'm not sure
anything of yours or Monica's would fit me," she added, forestalling what
she suspected Rachel was about to say.

"Okay," said Rachel, smiling resignedly. "Then let's leave now, because it's
true, I do feel a bit pooped."

She got up and went to her bedroom to gather a few things, then came back
and put her arm into the crook of Janice's and smiled at her friends. As the
others said goodnight, Monica said, "Have fun," insinuatingly.

Janice turned at the door and grinned. "And you guys be good - not that
you have much choice when Rachel's away," she said in full Janice-voice,
following it with her trademark laugh. There was renewed laughter as they
left, but then silence as the others looked at each other.

"Try as I may," said Chandler, "I cannot resent this. Janice really does
deserve Rachel, and we're lucky she hasn't claimed her all to herself. My
only regret is that I did not really see Janice for what she was when I was
dating her."

Joey nodded solemnly. "If I'd known what she was really like, I'd have tried
to cut in on you."

"Ooh, you guys have a real case of hero-worship," said Phoebe, "and I'll bet
it's because she came on like a woman wrestler and all that. Well, I guess
she has her bad side, in fact we've probably seen some of it, but then so do
we all."

"Yeah, we do piss each other off occasionally," said Monica, "and we all have
our bad points. But I'm really glad she's joined us."

"No argument there," said Ross. "But if we're talking about hero-worship,
what about you two wanting to go to bed with her?"

"Oh, that's different," said Phoebe loftily. "That's because she's sexy."

"H'm," said Ross in a sceptical way. "Well, anyway, another thing I like
about Janice is that she's really protective of Rachel. It will help to have
someone else looking out for her now, when she may be affected by the drug
or whatever that bitch used."

The others all nodded and agreed that Janice was going to be a great addition
to the group.

* * *

[In the secure unit where she was kept, Madam Avenge groaned and clutched
her temples in frustration. Therapy had brought her back to some semblance
of sanity, but this had made her aware that she still had some kind of
mental link to Rachel, and it was torturing her. Somehow she was able to
feel Rachel's happiness as she expressed her love for her friends in sexual
acts, as a kind of warm glow in her own brain, and it was getting unbearable.
She could not understand why Rachel's friends did not despise her for her
promiscuity, let alone how the drug had come to have such an unusual effect,
very different from the residual effects in the celebrities to whom she had
administered it. Maybe her failure to keep control of Rachel, and Rachel's
decision to make love with her friends, which had been taken independently
of any influence from herself, had been the major difference - and she
acknowledged to herself that the drug's residual effects had been

She had found that all her efforts at trying to regain control of Rachel's
mind had failed. Any hope of revenge on these nobodies who had thwarted her
must now depend on the subliminal suggestions she had implanted in one or
two suitable celebrities that she had dealt with, as a back-up to her
original plans. She hoped this would be soon, as she did not think that she
could stand much longer the feelings that Rachel's happiness created in her
brain when she was engaged in sexual behaviour, which seemed to be
increasingly often.

Viewing her through a very unobtrusive spyhole, a police psychiatrist found
alarming aspects in her her behaviour. After having made some progress, she
seemed to be regressing, but her facial expressions suggested that she still
had some kind of plan to mentally control others. It would be worth warning
all those who claimed to have been drugged and abused by her]

* * *

The next morning, Rachel and Janice walked together to Central Perk, after
dropping in for breakfast at the apartment, which gave Rachel a chance to
change. There they encountered a whole mob of what looked like journalists,
even a film crew. The story in the Village Voice had attracted the attention
of several major newspapers and some cable companies.

"There they are!" someone cried, and the whole crowd came rushing forward,
shouting questions or instructions for how to be photographed. Rachel found
it overwhelming, and shrank away, but Janice faced them confidently. It
appeared that she knew some of them, and Rachel felt relief when the
questioning focussed on Janice's two dramatic rescues of her - for the story
about Max's first attack now came out as well. When finally Rachel began to
be asked questions, Janice constituted herself as intermediary and ensured
that Rachel was comfortable with the whole process. She was able to get good
cooperation from most of those present, and when one persisted with questions
about their relationship, refusing to accept that she was simply one of
Rachel's friends, who had luckily been in a position to help her, she
narrowed her eyes at him.

"Let's see, don't I know you?' she said. "Weren't you investigated for an
offence under the Mann Act in Poughkeepsie last year?"

There was a buzz of comment and a certain amount of laughter as the offending
journalist, crimson-faced, retired hastily.

"Is it true you broke this Max's arm?" a woman journalist called.

"Well, I don't know if anything's broken," said Janice, "but I certainly
tried." She grinned ferally amid the ensuing laughter. The journalist grinned
and leaned close.

"For my money, you're in love with Rachel," she muttered, "but I'll sit on
it, because I would be too if I had the chance, and I particularly admire
your work in stomping that sleazeball."

Janice nodded and grinned back. "Thanks. Okay, people," she said loudly.
"Rachel has to get to work. We're coming through."

Once they were out of the public eye, Rachel turned from hanging up her bag
to give Janice a very warm hug. "I don't know what I'd do without you," she
said, almost tearful. "You'll come to the apartment this evening?"

"Sure thing," said Janice. "Just remember: people who ask you questions don't
have any right to an answer, just because they're journalists. If anyone
comes in, ask them what they want to order, and say they can't sit down
unless they order something. That should get rid of the freelances, anyway."

Terry overheard this last piece of advice and agreed wholeheartedly. "If
anyone hassles you, let me know," he said. "We have the right to refuse them
service, and if we do that they have to leave; it's the law. I can't pretend
I don't like the publicity, but you shouldn't have to suffer for it. I'll
give you a publicity bonus for yesterday and today, and it would be great if
you could do a full shift over the weekend."

Rachel smiled at him and agreed. She recognised that Terry was doing all he
could to help her, and was willing to work hard to repay him. She found that
this paid dividends with Lucy, too, one main source of Lucy's dislike of her
being the feeling that she was doing most of the work. When, on impulse in
one idle moment, she made a suggestion to her about makeup, this led to an
intermittent conversation about dress, dating and related matters that left
Lucy evidently feeling much more friendly to her.

There was a growing throng of sensation-seekers that day, but the tactics
outlined by Janice dealt with most of them, and Rachel became adept at simply
ignoring any questions that she did not want to answer. It was harder to get
rid of those who stood outside and peered in, but a police car took to
driving by periodically, which eventually ended the nuisance. Still, Rachel
was very grateful to get off-shift. She had hardly had time to exchange a
word with those of her friends who had come in at the lunch break time. But
when she got off shift, Chandler and Joey showed up, saying that they were
going to ensure she was not pestered.

"Your story is getting on a lot of news programmes," said Joey. "Great
publicity for me."

"Yeah, and everyone in the office wants to know me, because I'm your friend,"
said Chandler, beaming. "In fact, I used coming to look after you as my
excuse for getting out of work early."

"Miss Green?" said a new voice, and they turned to see a middle aged,
professional-looking man.

"I'm Dr. Wechsler, with the psychiatric team observing your assailant," he
said. "We're worried that she's up to something. Have you noticed anything
that feels like an attempt to control you mentally?"

"No," said Rachel, "but I'll be on my guard, not that I'm clear what I can
do about it."

Wechsler looked unhappy. "I agree. We have no idea what she got into you,
and of course she's not telling. Her notes are encrypted, too. So we can't
counter it quickly. My own feeling is that any attempt she makes will be
weak, given that she lost control of you in the coffee shop. Anyway, your
friends should know, so that they can look out for you." He turned as if to
go, but then turned back. "Have you or your friends noticed anything unusual
in your behaviour, since then?"

"Will you tell him?" muttered Chandler to Rachel, who had flushed slightly.

She looked pensive for a moment, then squared her shoulders and looked
Wechsler in the eyes. "There has been one thing, but it's kind of

He nodded. "To do with your libido, perhaps?"

"My what?" said Rachel in puzzlement.

"Your sex drive," he explained.

Rachel nodded. "Yes." She dropped her voice. "It seems very strong, but
also I get a lot of satisfaction from ... making love."

"That's ... surprising," he said. "Others who were given the drug have
reacted adversely, showing marked aversion to sexual activity or a sudden
liking for strange and often unpleasant behaviour. Well, it's early days,
and we can't predict whether this will affect you permanently. Obviously we
are trying to identify the compound, so that we can develop some kind of
antidote. All I can suggest is that you take precautions if you're ... being
active, as I would hope you would be doing anyway, and try to avoid getting
involved with strangers. If you can ... confine yourself to people you know
and trust, that would be best."

She nodded, looking serious. "I am doing that, as it happens. Thanks for
telling me, and for the warning."

Wechsler smiled briefly. "Just doing my job. Well, good luck." He gave a
sort of wave and walked away.

"Well, I suppose that explains some things," said Rachel as they began to
walk to the apartment. "But it brings me down a bit to think that the
satisfaction I get from loving you all is the effect of a drug."

"He implied that it didn't affect others like that," said Chandler, "so
maybe it does react with something in you, strengthening a natural feeling."
He put an arm around her shoulders. "Rach, none of us will think any the
worse of you for it."

"Thanks, Chandler," she said, smiling at him a little mistily.

They walked up the stairs, all looking a little pensive. When they were on
the landing between their apartments, Joey said, "Do you want to come sit
with us, Rach? Monica wasn't home when we left."

Chandler looked at him sternly. "Joey, you're not ...", he said, and then
stopped, going red.

"Not what?" said Rachel, smiling at them. She had a fair idea what was on
their minds. They both looked embarrassed. She giggled.

"Were you going to invite me in for a little sin?" she said. "You know, I
think it would cheer me up."

Joey beamed. "Well, I had been going to say, we have plenty of condoms now."

"Joe, you're incorrigible," said Chandler sharply. "Rachel, I would feel that
I was taking advantage."

"But I want to be taken advantage of," Rachel protested, looking at them
merrily. "The more I think about it, the more right it feels. C'mon, you
guys, we're wasting valuable loving time."

"That's my girl!" said Joey eagerly, as he fitted his key into the lock.
"Chandler, if you don't want to play, why don't you go and wait for Monica
or something?"

"No," said Rachel firmly. "Chandler, you're not to run out on me. I want
you both, and if you are okay with it, I'll be happy to take you both at
the same time. But you don't have to do anything with each other."

"Certainly not!" said Joey, sounding offended. "What do you take me for?"

"I notice you didn't say us," said Chandler. "But, for the last time, I'm
not gay, not even a little bit."

"Well, I believe you," said Rachel, "but it would be nice to get some more
proof." She pressed herself against him and looked up into his eyes lovingly.
"Come on, Chandler - for a friend?"

"The woman tempted me," said Chandler, smiling back at her. "Okay, let's go
broaden our sexual horizons."

Joey opened the door, and Rachel hurried in and began removing her clothes
with great speed. "Ooh, I can hardly wait," she said. "Go get those condoms
now." Joey, who had been staring at her almost mesmerised, jerked into
action, while Chandler at first simply sat and enjoyed the view. The urgency
with which Rachel was acting got to him, however. He became erect fast, and
opened his pants to make himself more comfortable.

"Come on, come on," said Rachel, bending a mock-stern look on him. "I want
that body against mine, not your clothes." She wiggled her hips at him as
she unfastened her bra, then threw her arms wide to display her breasts. "If
you aren't undressed soon, I'll take Joey first," she threatened.

This was the incentive that Chandler needed. He had already taken off jacket
and tie; now he stood to let his pants fall, removed them along with his
shoes and socks, and was unbuttoning his shirt when Joey returned
complaining that they had been moved from where he first put them.

"Toss us one, Joe," said Chandler casually, feeling for the first time since
they had become room-mates a sense of superiority over Joey, because Rachel
wanted him first. Looking rather disgruntled, Joey did so, and Chandler
unwrapped it with unaccustomed deftness as Rachel came up, now completely
naked, and watched him roll it on, helping him to smooth it out.

"Great," she said affectionately, taking hold of his cock. "Now, which way
would you like to do this?"

Chandler put his arms round her. "How about, I'm sitting up, you're in my
lap, but facing away from me, so I can really handle your lovely breasts?"

"Sounds good to me," said Rachel laughingly. "Okay, pick your spot."

He moved her to the couch, playing with her breasts, sat down, and manoeuvred
her so that her pussy was directly above his cock. She slowly sank, as he
held the cock ready for her, and gave a little moan as she felt him enter
her. With little trouble they got him well lodged, and then she began to move
up and down on him, a broad smile on her face, while Chandler did everything
he could think of with her breasts and kissed her on the neck and shoulders.
She wriggled with pleasure, and he groaned.

"That's ... even better than going up and down," he said hoarsely. "Do it
some more."

So Rachel moved against him in an almost hula-like way, beaming as waves of
pleasure ran through her. Chandler's breath began to come in gasps. "Oh
God," he moaned.. "I can't ..."

"Don't worry, Chandler," she murmured, turning her head to kiss him. "I don't
have to come every time. I'm enjoying this."

"Oh Rach, you're such a sweetheart," he said. "Oh, I, God, yes, aaaAAAH!"
He thrust up hard into her, and she felt his cock jerking within her. She
rode it for all she was worth, until she could feel it softening. Then she
pulled off of him, turned to give him another kiss, and looked across to
Joey, who was sitting slowly stroking himself to keep hard, looking at them
with a frowning face.

"Okay, Joey, your turn," she said. "How do you want me?"

"On hands and knees," said Joey a bit sulkily. "I want to do it doggy style."

Rachel took position instantly, giving him a saucy look. He knelt behind her,
and she waited eagerly for his entry, not wanting her state of arousal to
dwindle. But first he began to stroke and finger her.

"Come on, Joey, get it in!" she cried impatiently. "I want your hard cock in
me, I really do!"

"That's my girl!" he said, suddenly sounding much more cheerful, and she felt
him enter, a little way at first and then all of him in a rush.

"Oh man, this is so great!" he cried. "Oh Rachel, how you feel!" He began to
thrust in and out vigorously, taking hold of her breasts as he had done
before. Rachel felt her arousal strengthen fast, and almost before she knew
it she was going over the edge, crying out with delight. But Joey had good
control of himself, and though he held still while she shook in her orgasm,
he picked up the pace again when she was coming down.

"Oh Joey, this is marvellous!" Rachel shrieked, as the pleasure mounted in
her again. "Oh, oh, OH, I'm gonna come again, oh pound me!"

Joey, who had been holding back a little, now went at her for all he was
worth, forcing a series of cries from her, but they were cries of joy, not
pain. He had seldom felt such an urge to come as he did now with Rachel.
Involuntarily he began to grunt rhythmically, on an increasingly high note
as his need grew, until he came with a positive roar, pulling Rachel back
on him. She shrieked almost as loud, and writhed against him as her own
orgasm overtook her. They moved against each other for a full half-minute
before finally relaxing.

"Oh ... my ... God!" said Chandler, his voice unsteady. "That was something
to see."

Rachel turned to him with a smile. He was erect again. "I see some more needs
doing here," she said, smirking at him. "Joey, can you let me go?"

"Sure, Rach," he mumbled, and dropped his arms to slump on the carpet. Rachel
shuffled over to Chandler on her knees. "Now what, big boy?" she said, with a
loving smile. "Blow you?"

"Can I ... can I fuck that lovely ass?" he said, looking at her pleadingly.

"Why, sure," she said. "Just lube me up well. I've only done that once, with

Chandler ran to get ointment, so eager that he squeezed the tube too hard and
it came out very fast when he took the cap off. Rachel, who was watching him,

"It's having its own come," she said mischievously. Both Chandler and Joey,
who was now watching, laughed, loving her lightheartedness. Chandler smeared
stuff all over himself, and then around Rachel's rosebud, with more
sensuousness. She wriggled with pleasure as his finger went inside, then
waited with intense anticipation. Shortly she felt his cockhead at her anus,
and breathed out determinedly. Chandler felt rather smaller than Joey had,
in her memory of him, and to her delight he seemed to slip in a good way
without causing her more than minor discomfort.

"Oh Rachel," he gasped. "This is almost better than your pussy. It's so
tight." He began to move in and out of her with moans of pleasure. Rachel
found this as exhilarating as the first time: the feeling of fullness was
giving her a tremendous sensation. Suddenly Joey moved into her line of
vision, on his knees, his cock erect.

"Would you suck me?" he pleaded. "I can't bear not to be in on this."

She leaned forward and took his cockhead into her mouth, something she had
rarely done to a man before. Chandler's ramming of her caused her to bob up
and down on it naturally, and she licked her tongue around it as well. As
the pleasure mounted in her, she moved her head more frantically. Joey and
Chandler both began moaning at almost the same time, while she whimpered,
the most noise she could produce with her mouth full. Finally Chandler gave
a shout and thrust a final time: she felt his seed strike, and her own
orgasm burst within her.

"UHH UHHH UUUHHHHH!" she went against Joey's cock, and felt it begin to pulse
within her mouth as Joey gave a long sigh of relief. She gagged slightly on
the seed, finding it hard to swallow, but went on sucking and licking him,
eager to prolong his pleasure. Finally, he slid out of her, and they all
collapsed in a heap on the carpet together, her head on his stomach and
Chandler cuddling her body against him.

"Oh wow!" she breathed. "Three orgasms! You've done me proud, boys."

"You," said Chandler behind her, "are the sweetest, sexiest, most loving
doll in the whole of creation, and I am pleased and proud to have given you

"Yeah," said Joey, "you said it all, Chandler."

* * *

[Madam Avenge screamed and writhed in pain; the glow from Rachel was so
bright and hot, it seemed to burn]

* * *

Rather later, feeling very relaxed, Rachel entered the apartment she shared
with Monica.

"Hi sweetie," said Monica, beaming at her. "I expected you earlier."

"Well, um, I was ... delayed," said Rachel, "and now I really need a shower."

Monica gave a wicked grin, approached her and sniffed. "Have you been with
the guys?"

Rachel smiled easily. "Guilty. We had a great time."

"I"m jealous," said Monica light-heartedly.

Rachel looked at her consideringly. "Mm," she said. "You wanna ... rub me
down? There's something in my bag that I would like to get rubbed with."

Monica's eyes glowed, and she reached across to stroke Rachel's cheek. "You
have such good instincts."

Later still, Phoebe walked into the apartment, to see clear signs that Monica
and Rachel were back, but no trace of them. Puzzled, she walked around, and
suddenly heard giggling from the bathroom. "Guys?" she called. The giggling
stopped. Then Monica called, "Come on in, Pheebs, the water's fine."

Smiling to herself, Phoebe went in, to see Rachel standing and behind her
Monica, with her arms round her and her hands on Rachel's breasts; both were
naked, except that Monica was wearing a strap-on. She was grinning as broadly
as the Cheshire Cat.

"You wanna join us?" she said seductively.

"Oh wow, do I!" said Phoebe, beginning to undress hastily.

Janice arrived shortly after Phoebe. She was able to hear sounds of
laughter from the bathroom quite distinctly, and could identify Monica's
characteristic snorts, Phoebe's rather deep tones, and Rachel's girlish
squeals. For a moment she was tempted to join them, but refrained. It would
probably make it too crowded in there, and Monica and Phoebe deserved their
turn with Rachel anyway. Shortly the laughter died away, and only by
listening hard could she make out other sounds, which rose in volume
somewhat, to end in separate cries of ecstasy. She smiled, hoping that all
her new friends had been satisfied.

After rather a long time they began to emerge, in robes and towelling their
hair. Rachel was first to spot her.

"Well heey!" she said, smiling at Janice lovingly. "Who's this lurking in
the woodpile?"

"Helloo, you guys!" said Janice insinuatingly. "Hope you enjoyed yourselves."

Monica and Phoebe exchanged slightly embarrassed looks. "Well, yeah," said
Phoebe, and Monica nodded. But Rachel showed nothing but happiness in her

"I'm doing really well today," she said. "You this morning; Chandler and Joey
earlier; and now Monica and Phoebe - and Monica screwed me properly with the
strap-on, too," she added enthusiastically. "Some day I'd really like you to
do that, Pheebs."

"Okay," said Phoebe brightly.

"So poor Ross is left out in the cold?" said Janice in deliberate
Janice-mode, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, I thought I would go home with him tonight, if he wants it," said
Rachel simply.

"Rach, aren't you afraid you'll wear yourself out?" said Monica a little
anxiously. "I mean, it's great for us, but ..."

"Don't worry, hun," said Rachel, embracing her. "I think I'll know if I'm
overdoing it. But, oh I feel good."

* * *

[Madam Avenge had begun screaming and beating her head against the wall,
apparently in the throes of a severe relapse. She was hastily sedated.]


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