*Please Note* This story is a complete work of fiction and just a pure deviant fantasy that I came up with and thought it was worth writing down and sharing with you all.

All characters involved are over the age of 18 in the story that follows. There is a little build-up until the sexual encounter happens, but that is only to make the story seem just a tad bit more plausible, even though it is fiction. In addition, all of my stories do tend to have incest themes and incestuous acts in them, so if that bothers you, then stop reading now.

Characters Involved - Monica Geller and her older brother Ross Geller, but other characters are talked about and do interact with them.

Timeline - For even the smallest amount of believability, this story takes place during the third season, between episode thirteen and episode seventeen.

Friends: Ross And Monica Incest Fiction Story (MF,inc)
by TriableCactus1 ([email protected])

Monica Geller had given everyone the impression that she was fine and had moved on from the break-up with her most recent and most serious boyfriend, Dr. Richard Burke. This however, was just a front, because on the inside she was still trying to get over him, not have any lingering feelings and not have any self-doubt about the break-up, despite the break-up happening months ago. She had adjusted to the point where she could go out in public and not break down in tears when she saw someone, or something, or read something that reminded her of Richard.

Meanwhile, her older brother Ross Geller was not doing too much better. Yes, Ross was in a steady relationship with his high school crush, Rachel Green, but because of Rachel's new job at Bloomingdale's and his growing jealousy of her new co-worker Mark, Ross was nearing his own breaking point. Ross feeling this way was caused by his own paranoia of losing Rachel to a man she didn't even have those kinds of feelings for yet. Not knowing what to do, or who to talk to about what was going on, Ross heads over to see his sister Monica to see what she might have to say on the subject.

Upon arriving at Monica and Rachel's shared apartment, Ross knocks and there is no answer, so using his key, he lets himself in the door. Ross looks around and finds that no one is there, so he decides to just wait for his sister to return. His choosing to stay is about to become the best decision that Ross could have ever made. Initially, Ross had planned to watch some television in the living room area, while he waited for his sister to get back to the apartment. However, after flipping through the countless channels and finding nothing to his liking, he got up, walked to his sister's bedroom, and decided to take a little nap on her bed.

Monica rushed back to the comfort of her apartment after her unexpected encounter with her ex-boyfriend, the much older Dr. Richard Burke. Unbeknownst to Monica, she just walked right into her bedroom and found her older brother Ross asleep in her bed.

"Ross..., Ross..., ROSS," shouted Monica.

Ross jumps and after his eyes adjust, sees his little sister staring at him lying on her bed. He says, "Monica, I'm sorry, but I was just so tired and I didn't feel like going to Rachel's room to sleep, because we got into another huge argument. I came over here looking to talk to you anyway, and figured that you wouldn't mind, if I caught a couple winks of sleep in your bed. Was I wrong?"

Monica took what her brother said in and thought and then replied, "No, it's okay. Is it safe for me to assume that the argument was worse than the one from two days ago?"

"Yes, today was much worse. I don't think she'll ever forgive me for what I said, or rather for what I yelled at her in a fit of jealousy," Ross said. He got quiet for a moment and then asked, "So, Monica how was your day?"

Monica walked over and sat down on the bed next to Ross, and an overwhelming wave of emotions flooded through her body, causing tears to come cascading down her face as she sat and sobbed into the shoulders of her older brother. A minute later, she finally calmed herself down enough to tell him, "I bumped into Richard today."

Ross just sat there stunned. He thought that Monica no longer had feelings for Richard, but he was wrong. He didn't know what to do, so he just sat there holding his little sister, letting her cry her eyes out on his shoulder. Monica finally stopped crying after a few minutes, and by this time, the salt of all her sadness had stained Ross' shirt.

"I'm sorry that you had go through that today, Monica, but in my humble opinion you're too good for Richard and you need to find someone who will cherish every day that he spends with you and wants to settle down and start a family," Ross says to his sister.

Monica, a bit taken aback, looks at her brother and says, "Don't you think if it was that easy for me, I'd have a new guy up here every night to help forget the feelings that I still have, but shouldn't have." Quiet for a moment, Monica then says, "Besides, as of right now there is only one guy that I would even want to share a bed with for a night of passion."

Ross not knowing which man his sister was talking about says, "If you don't mind my asking, what guy do you have in mind? If I know him, maybe I can help set the two of you up, or something."

Monica sits and thinks about lying to her brother, but decides that honesty is the best policy, even if the brutal truth might be what Ross doesn't want to hear. "Well, before I tell who the guy is, you have to promise me to keep an open mind," Monica says to her older brother.

"Okay, Mon, I promise I will keep an open mind," Ross says to his little sister.

Monica takes a deep breath and then says, "Ross, you know that we've both been going through some relationship problems. I thought that I was doing better, but after seeing Richard today, I now know that I'm doing as well I should be doing. You and Rachel are having problems, and I know that you don't want to hear this, but it's probably just a few days until the two of you will break-up, over something stupid. In addition, I'm feeling incredibly vulnerable and don't want some random person from a bar or the coffee shop to take advantage of me and then never want to see me again. You know I'm not like Joey. Lately, I've been thinking a lot about something that I never thought that I would," Monica pauses for a moment and then continues on, "Ross, remember you said that you keep an open mind about all of this. So, with that being said, the man that I would like to spend time with, and well quite frankly make sweet passionate love to me all night long is..., well..., um..., I don't know if I can tell you this."

Ross seeing how hard this is for his sister, takes a breath and says, "C'mon Monica, I'm your brother and if you can't tell me, who can you tell. I promise to keep an open mind and not get angry or upset if it's someone unexpected that I know well."

Hearing her brother say this, somehow assured Monica that no matter what she said, it would all work out for the best and everything would be okay. "Ross," Monica says, "the person, or rather the man that I have been thinking about and now talking with you about is actually someone that you and I both know very well. It's someone that we've been known for our entire lives." Taking another deep breath and pausing carefully to form her words, "Ross, I want you..., I crave you..., I need you..., and I love you. Ross, I want you to make love to me and provide me with the pleasure that I deserve and give me orgasm after orgasm. I know that's not what you expected to hear me say, but it's the truth. I know that it is a lot to take in, so take some and think about what I'm asking of you."

Ross completely stunned speechless by his little sister's naughty incestuous confession doesn't have the slightest clue how to respond. He gets up and walks to the door, and then turns to face Monica and says, "You've given me a lot to think about. I need time to process. I should get back to my place, because Carol is supposed to be bringing Ben over. I will see you tomorrow."

Monica thinking that she just forever ruined things between her and her older brother, starts to cry again, and manages to cry herself to sleep. While she sleeps, she dreams of what having sex with Ross would really be like, and she thoroughly enjoys herself.

Meanwhile, Ross was back at his apartment and still reeling from Monica's confession. His mind had just started to wander, when he heard a knock on his apartment door. Getting up and walking over, Ross looks through the peephole and sees Carol, Susan and his son Ben, so he opens the door.

Not expecting or wanting to see Susan, after letting them all in, he turns to Carol and says, "I thought it was just going to be you bringing Ben over here tonight. Why is she here?"

Carol answers, "She does have a name, Ross, and Susan came over with me tonight because there is something that we both would like to discuss with you. Is that okay with you?"

"Let me just put Ben to bed, and then the three of us can talk, okay," Ross says.

It took a little time, but finally Ben was down for the night. Ross comes out into the living room and said, "So, you girls wanted to talk to me about something?"

Carol and Susan look at each other and then make room for Ross on the couch. Susan motions for Ross to sit down in the space that they made for him. Ross comes over and sits.

Breaking the silence, Carol says, "Susan and I have been talking a lot about you lately. We're both worried about you. We know that you're with Rachel, but you're not as happy as you should be. With that being said, Susan and I have come up an idea of how to make you feel better."

Not sure where Carol where was going with this, Ross says, "Well, what did you have mind?"

Susan this time speaks up and says, "Carol may be new to this whole lesbian thing, but I'm not. I've been one for my whole life, so I've never even been with a man before. I don't think I'm missing much, but Carol says that I am missing a different kind of pleasure that can only come from a man. So, we thought to help you start to feel better and so that I could experience the pleasure that only a man can provide, and if you want to, then you and I could have sex with each other."

Ross couldn't believe what he just heard; the wife of his ex-wife had just offered to have sex with him, for the mutual benefit of them both. It was the second time in less than three hours that a woman had propositioned him for sex. Normally, he would have thought that today was his lucky day. As much as he despised Susan for taking Carol away from him, he did always think that she was rather attractive. The thought of seeing Susan's tall and thin body completely nude and willing to suck and fuck him, almost immediately got him rock hard.

Ross then says, "You'd really be willing to do that, Susan? And Carol, are you truly okay with this, and if Susan and I do go through with this, where would you be while I'm banging her brains out?"

Susan looks to Carol and then back at Ross and says, "Yes, Ross I am willing to do this with you. As far as Carol goes, she can either just sit off to the side and watch us, or she could join us, and I promise it would be a lot different for you this time around if she does join us."

Ross trying to push his luck then says, "Look, I want to say yes and give you want you've been missing, but," and then he stops speaking because Susan interrupted him.

"But, what Ross," Susan asks, "What's holding you back?"

"If we do this, Susan, I don't want Carol to be in the room at all. I'm not sure that I could bring you the most pleasure if Carol was in the room, because I'd probably revert back to old habits and just want to focus on her, and not you," Ross says.

Carol then says, "Well, if that's what it will take for you to be comfortable with all of this, then I don't have to be in the room with you and Susan. Hell, I don't even have to be in the apartment at all."

Ross says, "Okay, Susan if you want to get fucked by a man, then I will happily be that man for you. Thank you Carol for being okay with this and for agreeing to the condition that I put forth. In addition, thank you Susan, for offering your services and for being curious about what it's like to be with a man. One question, when is this supposed to happen?"

Susan says, "Well, as much as I wish it could happen right now or later tonight, I'm sorry it can't, because Carol and I do have those dinner reservations and I have to get up early for work tomorrow. Therefore, there is no way that I'd be able to thoroughly get my fill and enjoy myself, if we tried to make something happen tonight. I'm sorry, Ross."

Ross thinks and then says, "That's okay. You don't have to apologize. I wouldn't feel right about doing this tonight anyway, because I haven't had the time to plan a romantic evening for us. Is it okay for me to think of this a date and take you to dinner and a movie or dinner and dancing, and then bring you back here and pounding what I'm sure is a very lovely pussy?"

"Oh, how I would love that," Susan says.

Susan and Carol then have to leave for the night. They all say their goodbyes and head out the door, leaving Ross alone in the apartment with his still very much an infant of a son, Ben.

Before heading to bed himself, Ross checked on Ben and saw that he was still sound asleep. Ross striped off his clothes, walked into the bathroom and showered, brushed his teeth, and then walked back to the bedroom. He then got into his bed and tried to sleep.

The next day, after Carol arrived to pick up Ben, Ross leaves his apartment to go see his sister Monica. Ross gets to his sister's apartment building, and begins the walk up the stairs to the apartment, and he is hoping that Monica is the only one there. Arriving at Monica's door, Ross knocks and waits for someone to answer. Almost to the point of walking away, finally, the door opens and Ross and Monica see each other for the first time since Monica's confession the day prior.

Ross not letting Monica speak just walks right past her and on into the apartment. Monica then closes the door to the apartment, and turns to face her brother Ross.

"How serious were you? You know, with what you said yesterday, about wanting me to make love to you, was that just some kind of sick joke?" Ross asks his sister.

Monica answers by saying, "Firstly, no Ross it wasn't a joke. Secondly, I was and even now very serious and stand by what I confessed to you yesterday. I want you so badly."

"Well," Ross begins and then continues, "I thought about it all yesterday and last night while I slept. I even dreamed about what it might be like, and it was one of the best dreams that I've had in a long time. If in a dream us making love, or fucking as it happened in the dream was that good, then us actually fucking would be even better."

"That logic makes sense to me," Monica adds.

Ross then says, "Okay, enough talking and thinking it over. You want me, and I want you too. Monica, let's go your bedroom and make love for as long as we can, or rather for as long as I can last with that beautiful body of yours."

Ross reaches out and Monica grabs hold of his hand. Together, they walk hand-in-hand to Monica's bedroom, where a king size bed awaits the brother and sister twosome. Once inside the bedroom, Monica closes the door and makes sure that the door is locked tight, and that the window is locked tightly too, and she then draws the curtains to a close, as she doesn't want anyone to see how naughty she is about to be with her own brother.

Monica looks to Ross, "Would you prefer the lights on or off?"

Ross answers, "I would like them on, because I want to see every inch of your stunningly beautiful body, and I want to see you fully enjoy yourself as I thrust myself harder and harder inside of you."

"Okay, then lights on it is," Monica says to Ross.

In one swift motion, Ross pulled his sister Monica into his arms and placed an open mouth kiss on her. She eagerly kissed him back, and their tongues danced in each other's respective mouths, for what seemed like forever. Ross then begins to kiss her neck and lightly nibble on her ears.

"Let's get a little more comfortable, shall we?" Ross says.

Not needing any more encouragement, Monica starts to take off her clothes, specifically her t-shirt and jeans. Seeing Monica in a state of undress like this convinced Ross that he had made the right choice. Ross then takes off his shirt and pants. They boy take a minute to admire each other's bodies. Monica then begins to kiss Ross again, this time a bit more deeply and passionately. With a free hand, Ross reaches and unhooks Monica's bra and removes it from her body. He happily looks at her beautiful bare tits, and realizes that hers are actually bigger than those on his girlfriend Rachel.

"Wow," exclaims Ross, "your tits are a lot bigger than Rachel's."

Monica smiles and says, "Thanks, and yes they are almost a full cup size bigger. Do you really like my tits?"

"Absolutely," Ross says as he grins, and then adds, "Not only are they perky, but they look very soft."

"Oh they are," Monica says and then adds, "Would you like to touch them?"

Ross answers his sister by using his hands to feel up and squeeze her 34C-sized tits. He then runs his hands down her body, and lands on her ass, squeezes and smacks her bubble butt.

"Monica," Ross quietly says and then adds, "Go and lie down on the bed on your back. I know that usually you're used to having to take care of the man first, but not with me. I want to kiss, lick and taste that pussy that you're hiding in that barely there thong."

Monica then smiles and pulls the comforter and sheet down off the bed. She then lays herself down on the bed, so that she is on her back. Ross walks over and pulls Monica closer the edge of the bed. He then kneels down with his knees on the floor, and his upper body between the legs of his sister. Using his hands, he reaches up, grabs ahold of Monica's thong, and pulls them down and off her feet. Now Monica is completely naked, while her brother Ross still has his boxers on. Ross takes a beat to bask in the gloriousness that is his sister's shaved pussy.

Ross then starts to kiss and lick his way up her legs, taking time to alternate between the right and the left. He makes his way up to the prize, and begins his oral assault on her shaved pussy. Taking his tongue, he starts by licking from the bottom all the way up to her clit. He takes nice long and slow strokes, savoring every inch and lick. He also lightly sucks and bites on the outer lips of her shaved pussy. Eventually, he works his tongue inside the opening of his sister Monica's pussy, much to her delight. You see, though he didn't like to kiss and tell, Ross was actually very skilled at eating out the pussy of a woman. Every woman, that Ross has ever been with since his divorce, can thank Carol for his skills at eating out pussy. Due to Carol turning lesbian, she taught Ross what women prefer and how to go about doing it right every time.

Just at that point, Monica's whole body began to shudder with excitement and pleasure. Ross had managed to bring his sister to orgasm using only his tongue on her pussy. Monica had to put a pillow in her mouth, to keep her screams muffled, as they both didn't want anyone to see or walk in on what was happening. As her orgasm began to subside, and her body began to relax again, Monica looks at her brother, smiles and says, "That was..., that was fantastic. No one has ever eaten me out like that, not ever. Okay, brother, now it's my turn to provide oral pleasure for you."

Ross grins and then gets up, and lies down on the bed on his back. Monica, then positions herself between his legs, grabs onto his boxers, and pulls them down off his legs. To her surprise, Ross had a big dick. She didn't want to take the time to measure it, but it had to have been at least 8 inches, which would be the biggest she's ever had in her mouth or her pussy.

She starts by licking the shaft from the bottom to the head and all the way around. Next, she sucks on each of his balls, one at a time. Then, she opens her mouth and begins to take his ever-hardening dick into her mouth one inch at a time. Going slowly at first, she works her mouth as far down as she can go, and then brings her mouth and head back up. It's almost as if she's teasing him, by going slow.

"Spit on it," Ross tells his sister.

Monica raises her head all the way up, and then spits on Ross's dick. She then looks to her brother for approval and says, "You like that," and then spits on his dick again, and then says, "You like it when I spit on your dick?"

"Oh, so much Monica," Ross says and continues on with "whenever I'm with Rachel, she refuses to spit on it, and when I was married to Carol, she never did so either."

Monica stops and looks to Ross and says, "Look, if we're going to continue on with doing this, I do not want to hear you talk about Rachel or Carol. In this case, I'll let it slide, because as you said, neither of them was even willing to try that. Think of it this way, if I told you to try something on me that I love having done to me, and you weren't so good at it, and then you heard me compare what you had just done with someone, oh, I don't know like Richard, how would that make you feel?"

Ross nods his head and says, "You've got a point, Monica. No more talk about who we've been with, or what we've done with them."

"Agreed," says Monica before she puts her mouth back on Ross's hard dick, and slurps and sucks her way down and up the entire length of his member. Monica picks up her pace a little, as she uses a free hand to squeeze lightly on his ball-sack. Monica must have spent a good ten minutes, giving a blowjob to her brother, when she could feel his body start to tense up and knew he was close to having an orgasm of his own. Not knowing how long it would take for him to recover, she almost wanted to make him not have an orgasm, but decided since he gave her one, she should give him one too.

"I'm gonna cum, Monica," Ross says.

Monica ignoring what Ross just said, just kept on sucking on his hard dick. She managed to deep throat him three times, before he blew his first load into her mouth. She happily swallowed it all down and then licked his dick clean. Monica then moves up and lies beside her brother wrapped up in his arms.

"That was the best blowjob I have ever had. And to think, it was from my little sister too. Perhaps that's why it was the best, because it was so taboo," Ross says to Monica.

"Not to put any kind of pressure on you, but when do you think you'll be ready for more?" Monica politely asks her brother.

"I'll be up and ready for round two, here shortly," says Ross, and then continues by saying, "Monica, let's just lay here together, kiss, and cuddle while I recover from that massive load I just shot into your mouth."

Monica then plants a kiss on her brother, as she happily obliges his request. They passionately and deeply make out with one another for a good ten minutes. It was at that moment that Monica noticed Ross getting hard again.

"Looks like you're ready to go again, bro," Monica says to Ross.

Ross doesn't even have to look. He can feel that he is in fact ready to go again. He looks to Monica and then asks, "Condom, or no condom? I know what I want, but you can decide."

Monica thinks about her answer and says, "Well, as much I would like to feel you inside of me without a condom, I think to be safe, we should use as much protection as we can. I am taking birth control pills, but you should still wear a condom as well. I hope you understand."

"I thought that you might say that. Therefore, I brought a pack of condoms with me that will fit and are lubricated as well. If you go look in one of the pockets on my jeans, you should find them, still inside the box," Ross says.

Monica gets off the bed and looks through the pockets of Ross' jeans. Shortly after, she does find the package of condoms. She carefully opens the box, pulls one still-in-the-wrapper condom out, and then carefully opens the wrapper for the condom. She then takes the condom and rolls it down onto Ross' hard dick.

Monica positions herself, so that she is straddling her brother, bent at her knees, with each of her legs on one side of Ross' legs. She scoots up his body a little, and then grabs ahold of the base of his dick, and then gently lowers herself down onto his hard dick. In the cowgirl position, Monica lets her pussy adjust to having a dick that big inside of her, and then begins to bounce up and down.

Monica is doing all of the work at first, while Ross just lies there, watching Monica and her tits bounce up and down.

"OH MY GOD! Ross, I love how big your dick feels inside my pussy," Monica says to Ross.

"Oh God, Monica and I love how tight your pussy feels as it is griping my big dick," Ross says.

Ross then begins to match his sister's movements, so that when Monica is on an up bounce, Ross then thrusts himself up into her. Ross uses his hands to reach and grab onto Monica's natural 34C sized tits, and squeezes them. Something almost animalistic comes out of Monica at this moment, and she picks up the pace of her bounces and she starts to be more vocal about how much she loves what is happening. It is as if she no longer cares about being caught, because she is screaming aloud from the pleasure that Ross is giving to her.

After a few more minutes and thrusts in the cowgirl position, Monica manages to have her second orgasm given to her by her own brother. Monica settles down a little, gets off his dick, and gets on her hands and knees, and Ross instinctively knows what to do next. His sister wants to do it, doggy style now, and Ross happily obliges her silent request. Ross gets up onto his knees, scoots in behind his sister, and positions himself at just the right angle to enter his lover's tight pussy.

Looking back into his eyes, Monica says, "Come on, Ross; please put your dick in my pussy again. I need you to fuck me like there is no tomorrow. Fuck me as if I've never been fucked before. Make me scream aloud from the pleasure you're bound to bring me. Fuck me, big brother, come on and just fuck me already."

"Oh, you're going to get it now, little sis," Ross says to Monica. In one swift motion, Ross takes his big, hard dick and shoves it as deep as it can go inside of his little sister's tight pussy. Ross thrusts in and out of Monica's pussy as hard and fast as he possibly can. Monica's moans, Ross' inaudible grunts, the sound of the headboard hitting the wall, and the sound of Ross' ball-sack smacking the backside of Monica's ass and legs were the only sounds filling the room. After a good seven minutes of hard fucking, Monica had two intense orgasms back-to-back in a matter of mere minutes of each other. As loud as Monica was screaming from the orgasms, if one did not know better, one might believe that someone was trying to kill her. Monica, at this point was no longer worried about being caught, because of how much pleasure Ross was giving to her, and so she just kept on screaming and moaning aloud.

Ross pulled himself completely out of Monica's pussy, and instructed Monica to lie down on the bed on her back. Monica smiled, because she knew all too well, what was about to happen. On her back, Monica laid there on the bed with her legs spread about shoulder length apart. Ross positions himself over top of his little sister's spectacular body, and props himself up on his forearms. He then, inserts his still hard dick into the wet and open pussy of his little sister. His thrusts are now slow and deliberate, as if he thinks about each one before making his move. Ross begins to kiss Monica deeply and passionately on the lips, their tongues dancing with each other's tongue respectively.

Twenty-five minutes of missionary position styled slow, but still hard fucking later, Ross says, "Oh my God, Monica I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum, Monica. Where do you want it?"

"In my mouth," Monica answers to Ross.

Ross pulls out, and takes the condom off. Monica has her mouth open at this point, and Ross takes his dick and puts the head in the right position. He then shoots his load down the throat of his little sister. After there was no more load to shoot, Monica smiled and happily licked the remaining cum off his dick.

Together, they fell back onto the bed. Rather than fill the room with talking, they both lay there still, not saying a word or moving.

Monica breaks the silence and says, "That was the best sex that I have ever had. I repeat that was the best sex that I have ever had!"

Ross smiled and then said, "Me too."

Neither one of them says it, but both of them are thinking that they want to do this as often as they can or at least until something or someone better comes along.


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