Friends: Ross' Revenge Part 1 - Monica's New Tits
by Omega Phallic ([email protected])

"Yah, well fuck you too!" Monica shouted back at her husband, slapping her
arms together in a weird gesture that Ross had invented to say fuck you
without actually saying it.

Monica slammed the door to her apartment, while Chandler slammed Joey's door.
Monica tossed her purse onto the counter and tried to calm herself.

Chandler is such an ungrateful prick.

They'd gone to dinner together in the hopes of finally putting some zing back
into Chandler's cock, he hadn't been able to get it up in months, but instead
all they'd done was fight about Monica's new tits.

That jackass had bitched all night about her new tits. Most men would've been
ecstatic about their beautiful wife going from a B cup to 38FF's, Chandler
kept saying he'd loved her as she was.

Chandler was such a girl. He whined about having sex with her during an
argument. He talked her out of fucking him in a public bathroom. Monica was
seriously wondering if Chandler was gay and not for the first time. He could
stay at his friend Joey's tonight. It'd give him time to think about what a
huge wuss he was.

The whiner had even complained about the way she'd gotten the money to get
her new tits in the first place.

Monica had borrowed a large sum of money from Joey, as had Chandler, in order
to pay the bills which had been piling up since Chandler has quit his job.

Joey tried to hide that Monica had borrowed money from him by telling
Chandler that the money was for implants.

When things had been cleared up Joey seemed so disappointed that Monica
decided what the hell and agreed on the condition that the money was a gift
and not a loan.

Monica figured that since Chandler was having erection problems, this would
help. Instead he stopped getting hard completely.

He blamed this on her new tits, even though the problem had arisen before,
if not as often. He made it clear that he believed she was going to leave him
for someone who could give her the child she'd always dreamed.

Someone with proven virility, someone who'd offered to marry her in the past,
someone named Richard.

In the hopes of changing all that she'd gotten into a tight black dress the
shows off an impressive amount of cleavage and had treated her husband to an
amazing dinner at a local Italian place.

Instead he whined about her dress all fucking night and told her he wasn't in
the mood on the trip home.

Monica was looking more ravishing than she'd ever been and yet he still
couldn't or wouldn't get it up for her.

"I'm a hot piece of ass so what the hell is wrong with him" Monica declared,
pissed off and offend. "After all why else wouldn't he want me?" Monica asked
herself, suddenly feeling very self conscious.

Ross entered, interrupting Monica's thoughts. "Hey Mon, I heard about the
argument, are you all right?" Ross asked concerned. His eyes drifted briefly
to her cleavage, still not used to the new Monica, but he pulled his gaze up
right away.

Monica noticed the look and decided to get Ross' opinion on how she looked.
Monica offered to get Ross a beer as he took a seat on the couch.

Instead of just handing the beer to Ross like she normally would, Monica
bent over in front of him so that Ross got great view of his sister's ample

Ross pushed away the uncomfortable thoughts that popped into his head,
reminding himself that Monica was his sister.

Monica took a seat and started to explain what had happened, even telling him
about Chandler's problem.

"Monica, look that kind of, of, problem is really hard on a guy..." Ross
started to explain, till he realized what he'd just said.

"Am I, am I hot Ross?" Monica asked out of no where. "What?, how, would
I know, you're my sister..." Ross stuttered, uncomfortable with the question.

Seeing how uncomfortable Ross was with the question, Monica decided to
attack the issue from another angle. She'd just have to get him to look at
her differently.

"I've had really rough day Ross, you wouldn't mind giving me a massage would
you?" Monica asked sweetly.

"What, oh, yah, yah, sure no problem, you've been having a hard time lately?"
Ross replied affectionately.

Ross went behind Monica and placed his hands on her shoulders. It was then,
as he started massaging his sisters shoulders, that he looked down. What
greeted his eyes was the most perfect view of Monica's ample cleavage

Ross had a sharp intake of breath at he gazed down the front of his sister's
dress at her heavenly globes. No matter how hard he tried, Ross just couldn't
peel his eyes away from his Monica's tits.

Monica smirked proudly as she followed her brother's gaze to her huge tits.
Oh yah, I still got it.

"Here Ross, let me get these straps off my shoulders, they must be getting in
your way."
Monica observed, pushing the straps off her shoulders.

"Oh, all...all right Mon, if you want" Ross muttered, his voice cracking. It
was then that Monica decided to press Ross for an honest answer. Monica just
had to know if she was still hot.

"Ooooohhhh, Rooossss, that feels sssoooooo good" Monica moaned, the sounds
making Ross sweat uncomfortably, but he gave it no thought as he'd grown up
with Monica and was familiar with sex noises she made when she was getting a

Monica, ever so gently tugged on her dress, unseen by Ross, so that slowly,
inch by inch more and more cleavage was exposed.

"Back to what we were talking about earlier Ross, am I hot?" Monica asked.
Ross swallowed loudly, uncertain how answer such a loaded question.

Ross sat down on the nearby chair, thinking about how he could best avoid
this uncomfortably line of questioning, but coming up with shit all.

"Well...well, I ah...I...." Ross muttered, rendered speechless by the
question. "Come on Ross, pretend I'm not your sister, just some slut you
saw in a magazine" Monica suggested.

"Your...your hot" Ross admitted, the beer he had earlier freeing his tongue.
Monica sighed. "Your just saying that because you're my brother." Ross shook
his head, denying her accusation.

"Monica I don't think that this talking like this is such a good idea, you're
my sister after all" Ross explain nervously, guzzling his second beer.

"Oh, that's great, you think I'm a total dog, don't you?" Monica asked upset,
tears springing up in her eyes.

" absolutely not, oh, what the hell!" Ross muttered.

Ross had never looked at Monica from any perspective over than as her
brother, but he tried to set that aside as he drank down his third beer.

"Well you do have great legs, and...and a great ass, and those are the best
tits I've ever seen, you've got a beautiful face, with lips that would look
great wrapped around my cock...I mean a cock...I mean..." Ross stuttered,
embarrassed at his frank appraisal.

"So even you think I've got great tits, a nice pair of huge tits, so what
the hell is Chandler's problem?". Ross was too busy trying to cover up his
statement to hear Monica's question, never mind answering it, while making
sure his gaze never dropped below Monica's neckline.

"Ross, focus on my tits!" Monica demanded. Ross's eyes found themselves
dropping to Monica's luscious mounds almost against his will. "I told you I
don't want you to look at me like I'm your sister, just treat me like just
another hot slut, so don't hold back your comments".

Ross gulped and managed, barely to force words from his throat. "Ah, Monica
really don't thing this is a good idea". Ross crossed his legs to hide his
huge woody, but he still couldn't take his eyes off of Monica's tits.

The way Ross was staring at Monica's tits was getting Monica wet, but that
was nothing compared to the thrill Monica felt when she realized her brother
had a hard on for her.

"Ross, am I so hot that I've given my own brother a boner?" Monica teased,
leaning over the coffee table to give Ross a better view. Ross carefully got
up to leave, hiding his raging hard on from his sister's view.

"Chandler's right you have changed!" Ross shouted in horror at his sister's
behaviour. Monica gave Ross a look of disbelief. "Nothing has changed, I'm
still the same old Monica, I'm still a neat freak, still a kick ass cook,
and most of all I can still kick your sorry ass" Monica challenged Ross.

Something snapped in Ross. He'd had enough. He then did something Monica
would never have expected. He smacked her.

Monica fall to the floor, more because of her high heels than the strength
of the blow, he didn't even hit her hard enough to leave a red mark. Monica
rubbed her cheek, unable to believe her brother had just smacked her.

Monica looked up at Ross with pissed off eyes. "What the hell!?!"

"You asked me to look at you like your some slut off the streets, simply
another hot piece of ass, so that's what I'm doing" Ross answered as her
knelt over Monica. "I've had enough cock teasing to last a life time, but
no more!" Ross declared as he grabbed Monica's soft, tender tits through
Monica's skin tight dress.

Monica stared in amazement at Ross's hands on her magnificent tits, realizing
in hind sight that perhaps it wasn't wise to get Ross drunk, cock tease him
mercilessly to massage her own ego, tell him to look at her as just another
hot piece of ass, while wearing a stunning black dress that accentuated her
new tits.

Monica managed to push Ross off her, flipped onto her hands and knees, and
started crawling away.

Ross countered by grabbing Monica by the back of her dress and pulling hard
on it, ripping it right off her.

Monica, before her argument with her husband, had planned on screwing
Chandler so she'd gone commando.

Monica's beautiful, flawless, tits popped out, her puffy nipples getting even
harder in the cool air. Monica's firm ass was to be exposed as well, after
which Ross tossed her dress aside.

Monica rolled over so that she leaned on one arm while she used the other arm
in a futile attempt to hide her big tits.

"What the hell Ross?" Monica asked, looking frightened for the first time.
Monica could see after years of sexual frustration, cock teasing torments,
and being treated like shit by Rachael he'd finally snapped.

Ross just stared as Monica's bald cunt. Monica looked to see where the
remains of her dress where thrown, seeing that it landed half way across the

"Beg to suck my cock Monica" Ross demanded, getting off the floor. Ross
pulled his cock out and it was so huge that Monica couldn't stop her jaw
from dropping. So that was why Mona had stayed so long, despite the awkward

"Excuse me Ross? You want me to do what?" Monica asked, not believing her
own ears.

"Beg to suck my cock or I'll mess up your ribbon drawer!" Ross threatened,
making it clear he wasn't bluffing. "And make it good" Ross added.

"Nooooo! Please Ross anything, but that!" Monica cried out in despair,
visions of ribbons strewn about filling her head. Monica swore she'd get
revenge on Ross for this as tears formed in the corners of her eyes.

Ross knew he had her, he knew she couldn't stand the thought of him
misplacing things and ruining her precious organization.

Monica moved her arm out of the way, so that Ross got an unobstructed view
of her tits and cupped the gravity defying jugs in her hands.

Monica knew Ross knew that she'd do almost anything to protect her ribbons
and that messing up her apartment was the cruelest, most painful thing he
could do to her, so she had no choice but to do as he said, with her ribbon
as hostages.

Monica licked her lips sluttily and looked Ross straight in the eyes as she
started begging for cock. "Please Ross, let suck the huge tasty cock of
yours, I bet it'll be the best tasting cock I've ever had in my mouth."

Monica tried to stop her mouth from salivating at the image, but failed.
"Please Ross, the thought of having my lips wrapped around my brother's cock
making my mouth water, please let me blow you."

Monica looked down at her tits before looking up at Ross. "Maybe you'd like
to suck on my huge tits first? Or fuck them till you cover my tits in your
hot creamy sperm." This was driving Monica nuts, despite her best efforts
not to give Ross the satisfaction of making her wet.

The thought of wrapping her astounding tits around Ross's massive cock till
he blew his salty load on her enormous globes made her bald cunt drool its

Monica cursed her brother for doing this, she cursed her body for getting
turned on, and most of all she cursed her plastic surgeon for doing such
amazing job.

"Since you lost the weight, you've teased me with that body of yours,
threaten to fuck Chandler right in front of me once even, passed around a
naked picture of yourself, and rubbed that sweet ass of yours against my
cock at Dick Clark's New Years Eve Special, well now you and every other
cock teasing bitch is going to get hers" Ross lectured as he guided his
cock to his sister's warm mouth.

Monica opened her mouth wide, a thrill shivering down her spine despite her
disgust, as she took her own brother's cock in her skilled mouth.

Monica didn't know what was more unbelievable, that she was being sexually
assaulted by her brother whom she'd trusted, or that his cock felt and tasted
so good in her mouth that her eyes rolled up into her head.

Monica slurped loudly and greedily on Ross's cock, deep throating him with an
ease that came from years of practice with men.

"Alway knew you were the town bicycle Monica, but my God your good" Ross
groaned as he fed his sister his twitching cock.

Ross removed his cock from Monica's mouth with a loud plop. "I'll be back in
a sec, don't go any where or you'll find your ribbons strewn about wildly,
some even partly burnt" Ross warned his sexy sister.

Ross took only a moment, but he came back with Monica's video camera and a
handful of Ribbons.

"Hey Ross, do you really want to create evidence of you raping your own
sister, can you say jail bait?" Monica asked in her, think again you moron
voice, but Ross could tell she was bluffing.

Monica knew full well he could edit the video any way he wanted to, using
university equipment to make it look consensual.

"Just for that threat bitch, I'm going to torch one of your ribbons". Monica
screamed and almost cried as one of her beloved ribbons met its maker.

Ross turned the camera on and pointed it at Monica, asking "Now do you know
your place whore or will I have to do your drawer next?"

"No, please Ross I know my place, I'm your whore, your property, I'm nice
pair of tits!"

Monica declared fearfully. "Please master, let me suck my brother's cock,
surely you'd rather make me suck that bad boy of yours dry instead of messing
with my ribbons."

Ross just toyed with Monica's ribbons drawing out Monica's humiliation.
"Please Ross, put my ribbons down, I'll give you head of a life time, I
shallow your sperm, I love the idea of being incestuous with my brother!
..." Monica begged, humiliating herself on camera, desperate to save her
poor ribbons. Fuck, begging for it like this is driving me wild, maybe
Ross' is right about me!

Finally Ross allowed Monica to wrap her hands around his cock, so that she
could suck him off for all she was worth.

Monica slurped on his cock messily, Ross's smelly balls slapping against her
chin almost hard enough to bruise. Ross groaned as he forced his own sister
to feast on his hairy cock.

Thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, was the sound of Ross's big balls
slapping into his sister's chin.

Monica didn't know what was worse, that Ross was forcing his own sister to
suck his dick or that this was the hottest blowjob she ever given or that
her brother's cock was the best tasting, most mouth watering cock she'd ever
taken into her mouth.

Monica could feel Ross approaching orgasm, so she started messaging his
balls, and soon after her mouth was bobbing up and down on Ross's cock so
fast that her head was a blur.

Oh fuck, Monica thought to herself, I think I going to cum! Monica couldn't
believe it, she was cumming just from sucking Ross's cock, she hadn't even
touched herself.

Pussy juice started squirting from Monica's cunt and onto her beloved carpet,
while Monica's orgasmic screaming was muffled by the enormous cock violating
the deepest reaches of her throat.

Monica shoved her finger into Ross's asshole, in the hopes it'd make him blew
his load in her mouth and finally end this nightmare.

Monica sucked skilfully on Ross's cock, sucking on his huge cock like a
blackhole on light, she sucked so hard in fact that by the time he actually
came, Monica had swallowed a couple mouthfuls of Ross's pre-cum.

Ross did cum though and when he did he came so hard that Monica's mouth over
filled and his seed trickled down her chin.

Ross pulled out and a shot the rest of his creamy load on his sister's
beautiful face. He wiped his cock off on the ruined remains of Monica's
dress and than slapped her in the face with his cock a few times.

Monica looked over at the cum stain on her rug and instantly knew it'd never
come out. "See, see what you've done, I'll never get that stain out" Monica
whined, absolutely distraught with grief at what had befallen her carpet.

Ross was amazed. He'd just raped her and he she was more upset about a messy
carpet. His sister was a freak, but she was also that hottest piece of ass
he'd ever known, not to mention she gave the best head ever.

Not finished raping his sister, Ross tied Monica's tits together with one of
her own ribbons and flipped Monica over onto her stomach and tying her arms
behind her.

Ross than got behind Monica, checking out her fine ass. He smacked it loudly,
getting a yelp out of her.

"Beg to be raped, beg to be treated like the hot piece of ass that you are"
Ross ordered his sister, delighting in her humiliation and defilement.

"Please Ross, don't make me do this, I your sister and it's rape!" Monica
pleaded with her brother, hoping he'd put an end to the madness before it
was too late.

Ross lit another ribbon on fire and tossed it in front of Monica to smoulder
on th carpet. "Nooooo!" Monica screamed in utter horror as she watched it
sail through the air to land on her carpet.

Tear formed in the corner's of Monica's eyes. "Fine you bastard, you want me
to be your whore, you want your bitch, your sex toy, fine, but if I end up
having a two headed baby your raising it on your own!" Monica warned Ross.

"Please master, fuck me, fuck me good hard, pound my pussy so hard it hurts,
fuck your hot little sister to show her that she's nothing, but your dirty
little whore Master" Monica begged loudly, saying it extremely loud in the
hopes someone would hear and call the cops.

Ross than aimed his cock at his sister's pussy, plowing into her scornful of
her complaints. Ross raped his sister so hard she felt like she was getting a
sun burn on her firm tit flesh as they pushed back and forth on her carpets.

Ross's cock was so huge Monica felt like she was going to be split in two as
his cock violated her almost to her very womb.

Ross noticed Monica was starting to breath heavy, so he started pounding his
cock into her even harder and faster, like a jackhammer.

"Holy shit Ross, you bastard, I'm going to cum, your making me cum all
over my brother's cock..." Monica cried out, shocked and disgusted with her
treacherous pussy.

Ross was ramming into his sister so hard that the top of her head kept
banging to the coffee table.

Ross could feel Monica's tight cunt, the tightest he'd ever had in fact,
convulse around his cock, milking him like a farmer's daughter as she came.

Juice poured from Monica's cunt and dripped over Ross's cock to fall onto
his sweaty balls, which in turn dripped onto Monica's carpet.

"Oh shit no!" Monica cursed as she saw the stains, but this didn't stop her
from cumming again and again and again on her brother's hard cock.

Monica was proving to be the best fuck Ross's had ever had, not to mention
by far the loudest. "Oh, fuck oh God, oh shit, Oh my God, you killing me,
rape me hard...." Monica kept screaming out as she received the fucking of
a life time, whether she wanted it or not!

After what seemed like an eternity it was Ross's turn to cream. He smacked
Monica's ass hard, filling his pretty sister with jizz. So much in fact that
some dripped down her leg and onto the carpet.

"My carpet's ruined" Monica bemoaned as Ross pulled out of her with a loud
pop. He used one of Monica's pillows to wipe his cock off which earned him
an icy glare from his sister.

"Don't worry Mon, I'll have your carpet clean, if you keep doing as your
told" Ross offered. "Or you could just stop raping me wouldn't that make
more sense?" Monica told him, with her hello you're a moron on look on her

Ross angrily stormed off to grab Monica's needle nose pliers. Monica saw
them and her eyes widened in fear.

"Ross kept those fucking things away from me!" Monica warned Ross. "Either
you thrust those big tits of yours out for punishment and beg me for it or
I'll take a shit and use your good towels to wipe my ass with!" Ross

A frustrated look crossed Monica's face. By now Monica had rolled over and
was already on her knees.

Monica put her hands behind her head and thrust her huge tits out for
abuse. "Please Ross twist my nipples with my pliers, make it hurt as much
as possible Ross, show me what happens to cock teasing whores."

Ross first weighed Monica's tits in his hands, mauling and playing with them,
to draw out Monica's humiliation.

Monica's tits were most incredible pair he'd ever layed his hands on, they
were smooth and flawless, yet soft and unusually sensitive.

Finally Ross got down to business. He took her pliers and clamped it around
one of Monica's nipples.

Monica gasped in pain, it hurt far worse than she imagined, but worse yet her
pussy responded to the pain and humiliation.

Ross made certain Monica was staring him in the eyes as he twisted and tugged
on Monica's nipples with her pliers.

To Ross's surprise on a particularly hard pull, milk squirted out of Monica's
tit. Ross removed the pliers and replaced them with his own mouth, suckling
on his sister.

He moved the pliers over to Monica's free tit, tormenting it while breast
feeding on the other. It was to much sensation for Monica to handle and she
felt another orgasmic tidal wave approach. Monica had never experienced a
titgasm before and it overwhelmed her senses, sending her mind reeling.

"Oh fuck no not again!" Monica screamed, her juices pooling on the floor as
she creamed. Monica knew that the stains would remind her forever of this
night of rape and cum.

"Look how hard you cum at the hands of your brother, admit it your nothing,
but cock thirsty whore!" Ross challenge Monica.

"You hypocrite you rape you own sister repeatedly, torture her, and fill me
with so much goo I'll never be clean and yo...aaaahhhh" Monica screamed as
Ross used the pliers to twist her nipples cruelly.

"I sorry Ross, I sorry, your so right, my cumming proves you were right to
rape me and it does prove I'm nothing but a cock worshipping cunt" Monica
offered, hoping he'd stop.

Ross let her nipple go, but he was far from finished raping his incredibly
gorgeous sister.

Ross pulled Monica up by her hair, ignore her cries of pain. He made her walk
onto her the balcony, bent her over the railing and treated her to a violent
violation of her asshole as he sunk his cock into her virgin asshole, the
only hole on her that he hadn't tried yet.

Monica was a virgin when it came to anal sex, so her sphinter was totally
unprepared for the head of Ross' cock, which was forced open as Ross shoved
inch, after inch in to Monica's tiny brown chute.

The pain was unbearable, yet Ross' cock sunk deeper and deeper into her
virgin anal sheath. Still it felt as good as it hurt, so Monica's ass pushed
back against her brother, instinctively burying him yet farther inside her

Ross, unable to hold back, started butt fucking his sister with ferocity of
a wounded boar, his cock meat violating his sister to her very soul.

Monica's tits swayed as she wailed, but that just inspired Ross to rape her
tight ass harder. Monica hoped the noise would attract help, but instead it
attracted horny men and a few women who cheered Ross on, seeing that Monica
was just another cock tease that needed to learn her place was impaled on
her brother dick.

"Tell them all what kind of slut you are Mon, in detail!" Ross order his
sexy sister. "Please Ross don't make me do this Ross" Monica whimpered.

Ross smacked Monica's bum hard, inspiring his sister to new heights of

"I am such a dirty slut that I even such my brother's cock, I usually put out
on the first date, assuming it gets as far as a date, and I give the worlds
best head!" Monica admitted to the crowd to her humiliation. Still she got
awfully turned on by the applause her admission got her. Monica loved being
the centre of attention.

Ross placed the camera strategically on the railing so his hand was free to
publicly spank his sister into submission. "Tell everyone what a cum slut you
are and how much you'd loved to suck each and every one of their cocks!".

"I'm...I'm a cum slut...a royal fucking whore, a cock teasing bitch who needs
to learn that her place is on the cock of every horny man who wishes to use
me to slate his lusts...I'd..."I'd love to suck you all dry!" Monica screamed
to her fans, her eyes watering, from the pain of Ross's spanking. Most of
Monica cursed her brother doing this to her, but a part of Monica loved the
attention she was getting.

Ross pulled out of Monica and forced her on her knees, before making his
sister tit wank him, till he sprayed her big melon with his sticky goo.

One of the guys, a big African American fellow, jumped up and pulled the
emergency ladder down and started helping the shorter guys up.

Seeing an army of strange horny men climbing up the ladder, Monica nearly
pissed herself. "Ross, come on we have to get out of here" Monica pleaded
with her brother, pulling away in terror, but Ross would let go.

Then it was too late. A fat balding black man was on the balcony, he pulled
the terrified beauty from her brother, handing Ross a crisp two dollar bill,
thinking that this was just Ross' way of selling Monica's sweet ass.

"Oh my gawd, oh my gawd this can't be happening" Monica utter hysterically
as the strange man forced her to her knees.

That bastard, he's pimping me out, he's really turning me into a whore, a
cheap 2 dollar whore at that! Monica's mind cried out as she saw her brother
stuff the fiver into his wallet.

Monica started getting up to leave, but Ross whispered the most dire threat
Monica could ever imagine. "Do as your told if you ever want to see your
sauce pan again."

"You bastard!" Monica wailed, turning to her client.

Her hands shaking in mind numbing fear, Monica unzipped the strange man
casual pants, and pulled them and his boxer-briefs right off him. His thick
man spear popped free, smacking Monica in the face.

Monica hesitated for moment, but took his big dick into her soft, warm hands,
fearing the if she didn't do as she was told, he might get violent.

"Tell me how much you want it bitch" the strange commanded in a thick
gravelly voice that suggested he drank to much whisky earlier.

Monica swallowed nervously, looking up into the stranger's eyes, thinking of
what say. Hey, wait minute this isn't some stranger, it's my accountant!
Monica failed to recognize him at first thanks the ZZ Top like beard he was

"I bet shoving your dick down my throat was all you ever thought of while
you were doing my taxes Mr. Hegel, thinking how get it would be to have my
red lips wrapped around the base of your cock, while the shaft of your cock
tickled my tonsils, thinking how great it'd be to fuck that mouth bitch's
tight cunt, to make her beg for your cum like walking, talking, sperm bank,
I know it all I was thinking about" Monica lied as stroked his cock with her
expert hands.

Well, it's all I'm thinking of now Monica admitted to herself, staring at the
throbbing manhood destined for her mouth.

Precum leaked down the head of her account's cock, dripping down her hands,
to splash down onto her giant tits which were pressed against her account's
strong hairy legs.

The rough hair on his legs agitated Monica's soft skin on her supersensitive
tits, sending intense sensations shooting along her nerve endings like a
comets blazing a fiery trail through the heavens.

Monica was breathing heavily as she dipped her head low, opening her mouth
wipe to slip the ebony rod twitching in her hands between her red lips and
into her cock venerating mouth.

Monica moaned the moan of blissfully damned as the huge cock head breached
her lips and glided along her tongue to hit the back of her throat, eliciting
the eternal devotion of her taste buds along the way.

Changing the angle of her mouth and throat with the skill of a professional
sword swallower, Monica swallowed every inch of stud sausage till her nose
was buried in sweaty pubic hair with a musky scent that left Monica's cunt
weeping with joy.

Monica could feel the callouses on her client's hands as the slide down from
shoulders to the sides of her breasts. So skilful was his teasing that Monica
was almost sobbing with need, finally grabbing his hands and placing them on
her soft tits, encouraging him to them a hard squeeze.

Monica hated to admit it, but the total lost of control over her own body,
being made into a plaything for others, was exposing a submission masochistic
side to herself that she'd never dreamed of.

The sound of her clients balls slapping up against her chin was almost
musical, a sublime sound the pair well with the ambrosic taste of the cock
in her mouth.

So focussed on the cock in her mouth, to the point were all her senses seemed
turned only to it and the hands roughly groping her tits, that Monica failed
to realize that she was surrounded by men.

Hot cum spued forth from her account's cock like hot lava, coating her tongue
and flowing down her throat. Load after load exploded into her mouth till it
trickled out of the corner of her mouth, like a sperm vampire, leaving Monica
to wonder what made her wetter, the taste of cock or the taste of sperm.

It was as he pulled out that Monica realized that she was surrounded by cock,
a wall of spears that she was going to have fuck, whether she liked it or

Two cocks presented themselves to her face each one smacking her impatiently
in the cheek. Monica knew from her days as a fat girl how much she could get
in her mouth, so she licked every inch of each one, delighting in the
differing flavours, before forcing both into her mouth, an inch at a time,
till they were diving deeper and deeper down her tight, cock hugging throat.

Monica's head bobbed slowly at first, getting used to blowing two guys at
once, something she wasn't used to, but once she got the hang of it, she was
deep throating the both at a blurring pace just like the cheap whore Ross had
turned her into.

Still two big cocks was a lot to swallow so drool dripped down the cock meat
and onto two hairy nut sacks that so reeked of maleness that they made Monica
weak in the knees.

Seeing that her hands were still available, they were put to work beating a
pair of young men off. Monica's warm hands felt great on their throbbing
members in the crisp New York air, gliding along their shafts with a firm,
but pleasurable grip.

Ross was taping it all, marvelling at his sister phenomenal cock sucking
skill. It was like she was born to have her lips around a dick. Monica was
made for cock and cock was made for her.

Even Rachael who could suck the light back out of a blackhole on her off days
was nothing compared to his cock swallowing sister.

Most women would have choked on the cum being feed his sister, from two guys
at once, but Monica swallowed it thirstily, with ability that had to be
innate as much as skill.

Looking at Monica's unprotected ass, Ross handed the DVD recorder to some
guy and pounced on his sister's hot ass, letting her cunt cream drip onto
his cock before stuffing his dick brick up her tiny brown chute.

Monica's cries of pain, turned moaned of pleasure within minute and it was
obvious to everyone how heard her or looked onto her face with its look of
rapture, that to Monica that dick in her ass was a slice of heaven.

Monica tried to break her record with three cocks into her mouth and two
dicks in her hands, succeeding by the slimmest of margins.

A little person, slipped under Monica, feeding her hungry cunt lips a big
hunk of dick meat that she'd never forget, while burying his face in Monica's
pillowy mounds joy.

Monica had always thought that the Chiefs kitchen was her element, but she
was wrong.

This was her element, this were she was archiving the perfection she so
often sought, becoming the vary epitome of lust, the platonic idea of a
slut, a whore Goddess incarnate, and one seriously hot piece of ass to

The guys in her mouth, pulled out to mark Monica as the fuck slut that she
was, sperm painting her face in such away as to actually enhance her already
incredible beauty.

The guys in Monica's masterful hands joined it on the creamy fireworks,
gracing the stunning brunette a pearl necklace worthy of a Queen.

Ross was next to hose his hot sister with a salty barrage of fuck juice,
pulling out of her defile ass, to spray her beautiful bum with her brother's
creamy guy goo.

The little person was the only one not to pull out, waiting till Monica
multigasmed on his cock like a precision bombing campaign, one explosion
after another, each more heart stopping than the last. Finally he flooded
Monica's heavenly snatch with so much hot jizz that it trickled down her
leg in an obscene fashion.

It was then that next group of guys took their turn, making Monica service
them with equal intensity, never letting up on the gorgeous fuck toy no
matter how many times she came or how many times she begged for mercy.

Monica had so many orgasms that they seemed to merge into one eternal
climax, forever unending. Sperm leaked out of her yet still they came on,
her defilement caught on video for all time, her enforced addiction to
cock, especially her brother's cock, immortalized.

Monica was made to debase and humiliate herself for the crowd amusement,
force to beg for cock till she meant it.

When by some miracle there was no one left to be to rape poor Monica, she
was made to masturbate with a thick cucumber, the thick vegetable pumping
into her as Ross using his belt to whip her tits till her pussy juice
squirted of her as she climaxed. Ross left her tied to the balcony to be
gawked at by strangers, till Rachael found her and untied her. Monica told
Rachael that she tied herself up naked on the balcony as a way to tempt
Chandler, but Rachael didn't buy it, but she figured she'd get the truth
in time.


Monica called Ross a few days after the rape. "Look Ross, you were drunk and
I was a tease, and I know your sorry so lets pretend this never happened, I
miss my brother."

Ross reply left Monica stunned. "Cunt, I'm only sorry I didn't rape you
before, after all you a sweet piece of ass and all your good for is fucking,
but don't worry you'll lots more of me in the future as will Rachael, Phoebe,
and a whole slew of cock teasing cunts I have a score to settle with, that
night was just the beginning, I teach you your just a plaything to be used
and passed on yet you cum drinking bitch!"

The end till episode 2.


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