Friends: Ross' Revenge Part 2 - Milking Rachel
by Omega Phallic ([email protected])

"Where the hell is that fucking breast pump and where the hell is Ross!"
Rachel growled, rubbing her sore overfilled tits.

It was weird, her tits had grown a bit when she after she had Emma, but then
out of no where they seemed to grow huge over just month later.

Still Rachel couldn't complain, her tits were just a firm and gravity
defying as usual, like warheads, and they looked better than ever.

The problem was that she needed the breast pump a lot more or her tits would
end up in serious pain. She must have sent it with Emma to the baby sitter by

How was she supposed to go to dinner with Ross like this. She'd put on a
glittering blue dress, that was kind of humiliating now, since her tits had
gotten so big. Tit flesh pushed out of the sides, the cleavage was almost to
her nipples, and it was so tight her hard nipples were in danger of piercing
right through the dress.

A beautiful blue ribbon was around her neck, a from gift from Ross.

Even though her dress was kind of embarrassing, Rachel had always been proud
of her tits and now that they were huge a part of her wanted to show them off
a bit.

Since her tits had grown to 38FF's, she had no bras that would fit and so she
decided to go commando, no bra or panties.

She did all this and then Ross failed to pick her up and she couldn't even
find the breast pump, it was too much for her and poor Rachel was on the
verge of tears.

Rachel decided to hell with it and sat down. She than pulled the straps of
her dress down so her planetary sized tits could pop free.

Rachel massaged her aching globes, trying to relieve the growing pain. It
got so bad that tears form in the corners of her eyes.

Just than Ross barged in with a drunken Joey and Chandler, a camcorder in his
hands, aimed at her exposed tits.

Rachel gasped as Joey and Chandler's eyes stared at her enormous exposed
tits. Rachel tried to pull the dress back up over her tits, but her orbs
were too large, it'd originally taken her an hour to get into the dress in
the first place.

Rachel futilely tried to hide her mountainous tit with her hands, her
nipples sticking up between her fingers.

Rachel, ignore her humiliation at being exposed, turned her attention to
Ross. "Where have you been? And more importantly were is my breast pump?"

Ross pulled a bunch of broken parts from his pocket. "Oops!" Ross offered,
tossing them at Rachel.

Rachel tossed it back at him angrily. "You prick, how am I supposed to get
the excess milk out of me now?"

"You could ask Joey and Chandler to help, you know how much they love milk"
Ross suggested, looking meaningfully at her milk filled tits.

"You sick bastard!" Rachel fired back. "It'll be a cold day in hell" she
added. Still the pain in her jugs was growing as was her desperation.

Rachel looked at Ross with growing desperation. "Please don't make me do
this, grab a breast pump at the store quickly!"

Seeing a look of sadistic glee Ross' face convinced Rachel that the jig was

"Oh all right, you can suck my tits" Rachel offered.

"Well not if your going to ask like that" Chandler countered. "You're going
have to beg for it now, it'll teach you what happens when you're a cock
teasing bitch" he added, drunkenly.

Rachel silently cursed them. They were intent on humiliating her for some
perceived insult and Rachel had no doubt that Ross had broken her pump so
that he could used the pain in her tits to rape and humiliate her.

"Please, please guys, suck my huge tits, just image what it'd be like to
shove your face in my big soft pillowy tits, it's the lest I can do after
cock teasing you both so much" Rachel offered, hiding her anger under a
surface of sluttiness.

Rachel thrust her tits out and put her arms behind her head to make her
milk melons more enticing.

Rachel didn't know who she was more pissed off at Ross for doing this to
her, Chandler and Joey for getting so drunk that Ross could get them to do
this to her, or her own body for betraying with arousal.

"What do we get out of this?" Chandler asked, adding to Rachel's increasing

"You get to suck on the tits of a beautiful woman, milk her like an animal,
humiliating me in revenge for being a cock teasing whore" Rachel replied.
Seeing that it wasn't enough Rachel continued her degradation. "I'll, I'll
get on knees and you can ram your cocks down my throat till I choke and pass
out and then you can fuck me silly."

It still wasn't enough and so Rachel realized she had to choose which pain
was worse. "You can ram your cocks up my ass till my ass bleeds, you use me
like the sluttest of whores, but just please get this milk out of me!"
Rachel pleaded.

Ross attached a cow's bell to her blue collar adding to her humiliation. It
was only because she was into much pain, that she didn't try stop him.

Chandler and Joey all but dived upon Rachel huge tits, like moths to a
flame. Rachel gasped looking down at two of her best friends suckling on
her gravity defying tits, unable to believe her eyes.

The agony in her tits was replaced with concentrated pleasure which was a
relief at first, till it got so overpowering that to her dismay, Rachel
realize that she was about to come harder than she'd ever imaged she could.

"Oh fuck! Oh, Oh, Oh...." Rachel screamed out, her cum trickling down her
legs to pool on the floor, as her body was wracked with mind numbing orgasms.

Joey and Chandler got up from Rachel's super sized knockers and pulled out
two of the biggest dicks Rachel had ever seen. Only Ross dick was bigger and
that puppy was being pulled out as well.

Rachel's was betrayed by her mouth which started to salivate at the sight
of three enormous cocks. Rachel silently cursed her bodies treachery as her
pussy had much the same reaction on her mouth.

"Please Ross, Chandler, Joey don't do this, we've been friends for over 7
years!" Rachel pleaded, hoping that she could convince them to stop this.

Chandler smacked her hard with his cock.

"Are kidding me Rachel, you cock teased us all for 7 years, telling Chandler
and Joey about your sex dream about fucking them at the same time and then
offering nothing, and top of that after Monica got engaged you offered me sex
and went back on it!" Ross accused. "Oh and we were on a break weren't we?"
Ross added.

Even under threat of rape, Rachel would never admit to that, instead
electing to stay silent on the matter.

"Beg for it bitch!" Chandler ordered. Rachel glared up at them in a fury.
She realized their was no way she would over power three grown men so she had
no choice, but to comply.

"Oh please, master let me wrap my lips around your big cock, please rape my
throat till you reward me with your cum" Rachel groaned seductively.

Chandler nodded. Rachel grabbed Chandler's dick in her hand and started
licking it like ice cream.

Rachel was in state of shock. One of her best friends, her best friend's
husband in fact, was making her lick his salty cock like some cheap slut.

It was a long time before Chandler grew excited thanks to the booze in his
system, not to mention the drugs Ross slipped into his drink, but it once he
was hard he began to brutally ram his cock down Rachel's throat.

His balls slapped so hard against her chin, Rachel could hardly hear herself

Whenever her nose was buried in Chandler's pubic hair, Rachel got dizzy with
the over powering musk of his sweaty nut sack, a scent the sent thrill chills
shooting down her spine.

As if this wasn't degrading enough a cock was put in each of her hands and
poor Rachel was forced to jerk Ross and Joey off, while she blew Chandler.

Rachel had never fucked more then one guy at a time before never mind being
gang raped, yet here she was, being forced to service three guys at once.

Chandler pulled his cock out just enough so that as he blew his load, it
flooded Rachel's wet, warm, mouth.

"Don't swallow yet, gargle it first" Chandler ordered Rachel. Rachel
winced, but did as she was told.

Rachel tilted her head back and used her tongue tom push Chandler's sperm
around in her mouth, before she gargled it at the back of her throat like it
was mouth wash, finishing up by swallowing Chandler's hot, salty, cum.

Chandler's cock was quickly replaced by Joey's, his cock nearly choking
Rachel as it slammed its way down Rachel's violated throat.

Joey raped Rachel's face with abandon, his eyes rolled up in rapture as he
received the best head he'd ever gotten. Never mind sucking the chrome off
a bumper, Rachel gave such amazing head she could suck the bumper off the

Rachel may have been unwilling, but she was smart enough to realize that
the better the head she gave the sooner it would be over, not to mention
Rachel didn't know how to give bad head. To Rachel sucking dick came as
naturally to her as breathing.

Rachel put her best moves into sucking on Joey's dick, just as she had with
Chandler, masterfully using her tongue, till Joey to fed her a mouth full of
gooey sperm.

She gargled his cum as she had Chandler, leaving her with a growing sense of
humiliation and self-loathing as he pussy still continued to respond.

Finally that left Ross, but unlike the other two he took his time making
Rachel do all the work, savouring her feelings of humiliation and

Rachel remembered that Ross loved it when she gentle played with his balls,
so she cupped them as she did her best to suck him dry as fast as possible.

Still Ross resisted letting her off that easily and it took everything she
had to finally get him to cum in her mouth.

Ross forced Rachel to swish his cum around in her mouth until he felt that
it'd made her feel as much of a cum slut as it possible could.

Rachel was used to swallowing Ross' cum, but this time it was different,
than been loving making this had was rape and humiliation.

"Isn't that enough? Please stop!" Rachel begged, as she was bent over the
coffee table, with what was left of her dress being removed.

"Beg for my cock Rachel!" Chandler ordered smacking her ass cheeks hard
enough to make her shriek.

"Please chandler fuck me in the ass" Rachel begged as she was commanded,
knowing that he'd spank her if she didn't.

He spanked her sweet ass anyway as he speared her rectum on his massive cock.
Rachel screamed with pain as the first cock to breach the rim of her ass,
raped her in as cruel and degrading manner as Chandler could.

As if things couldn't get any worse, Rachel fought tooth and nail again an
orgasm she knew was coming.

Rachel body quaked as she creamed so hard cum dribbled into a pool on Ross'
carpet. The stain gave her some satisfaction at least, knowing that it ruined
his carpet.

Still, Rachel's cries were cut off as Joey slipped his cock into Rachel's
mouth, muffling her noises.

Chandler grabbed Rachel's big meaty tits in his hands cruel mauling them and
using them for leverage to rape Rachel even harder.

Between the cock forcing its way down her throat, the cock raping her ass so
hard she thought she might pass out from the pain, and Chandler's fondling
of her extra sensitive tits, Rachel was in an almost constant state of

Rachel felt a cooling sensation in her ass and came to the conclusion that
Chandler had just flooded her anal chasm with his tainted man sauce.

Rachel focussed on bringing Joey off in her mouth, really hovering his cock
like nobodies business, when she felt a pain like of which she'd never feltz

Chandler was brutally shoving a broom handle into her tight pretty bald cunt,
while Ross was using his free had to rammed a mop handle up her sperm filled

The way it felt to have Rachel screaming in pain around his cock was enough
to get Joey off, and he rewarded her with a mouthful of salty cum.

Rachel swallowed it quickly before she started screaming again. She was
silenced by Joey who shoved a hose down her throat.

He than put the other end into the toilet and made her start sucking the
toilet water up through the hose.

Rachel almost retched as she gulp down the befouled water, while her cunt
and ass were getting the shit raped out of them.

Rachel had never felt so used and violated in her life and her mind
compensated by making her cum.

Her pussy and rectum muscles seemed to milk the handles as she climaxed,
shuttering waves of life affirming orgasmic energy exploded through her with
the force of a supernova.

The pain was unbearable and it wasn't until she was on the edge of fainting
the they pulled it all out of her raped and abused, but still beautiful and
pristine body.

Rachel was flipped over onto her back. Chandler massaged and fondled
Rachel's huge tits, deciding that they were almost as nice as Monica's. It
really was a toss up.

Joey grabbed a bucket and returned to the group. Rachel was forced onto her
hands and knees so that her big tits were hanging over the bucket.

"Moo for the camera Rachel" Ross ordered, zooming in on her face so that he
could immortalize her look of humiliation and defeat.

"Moooooo, Moooooo..." Rachel called out repeatedly like the little whore
that she was. At the same time Chandler and Joey stared milking her huge
knockers, being so bigger then their hands they needed to use both hands
on their respective tit.

Milk spurted from her tits and into the bucket, making Rachel so humiliated
that she couldn't stop herself from cumming. Rachel's body shuddered as
fiery titgasm ripped through her body with force of a solar flare.

"See I told you Rachel was nothing, but a sperm worshipping whore!" Ross
crowed triumphantly.

Rachel cursed him, planning in her mind her revenge. As the saying goes what
goes a round comes around you prick.

When they got board of tormenting Rachel in this way, they poured Rachel a
bowl of her own milk, mixed with sperm naturally, and made her lap it up.

While she was lapping up this disgusting concoction, Chandler and Joey took
turns spanking Rachel's beautiful ass, her ass cheeks bouncing enticingly.

Rachel reminded herself the Ross had gotten them drunk and stoned and
they didn't know what they were doing, but she planned on getting back them

She blamed Ross for this, even as she was forced onto her back, he unlit end
of a candle forced into her cunt so that the hot wax dripped onto her clit
and pussy lips, making her cum from the pain.

"Your so right Ross I am a dirty whore!" Rachel cried out as she creamed,
self disgust eating at her.

Ross, Joey, and Chandler masturbated above Rachel, planning to give her a
three way creamy facial.

Sperm shot out from their cock arched up into the air to spatter all over
Rachel beautiful face.

The next game they had for Rachel was using a plunger to see if they could
suck the sperm from her ass and make her eat it.

"Please stop!" Rachel moaned delirious from her suffering. Her pleas failed
to deter them and they succeeded in getting the cum from her as and into a

The sensation was strange, but compare to some of the other sexual abuses it
was pleasant. Still the thought of being made to drink and gargle all the cum
from her ass wasn't.

They managed to hold her still and her mouth open as the befoul creamy toxin
was poured into her mouth.

It tasted worse than she imagined and it was only through a twisted miracle
that she was about to swish it around her mouth and swallow it.

"God that was gross!" Rachel complained, the price of which was a cock in
every hole. Rachel's incredibly tight cunt was being fill utterly, by
Chandler's cock. Her asshole was being raped hard by Ross, who'd never gotten
a taste of Rachel's sweet rectum while they dated, but he intended to make
up for lost time. Joey had Rachel's big boobs wrapped around his cock, they
softness and yet firmness was godlike experience. Her mouth was filled with
the handles that had been in her cunt and ass.

Rachel's eyes rolled back in her head and she started cumming so hard that
if Ross didn't know better he'd have thought that she was having convulsions.

Rachel had never felt so full in her life, two of the biggest, thickest
cocks she'd ever been fuck by, were double penetrating her while her tits
were being enjoyed by a third huge cock and her mouth was blowing the
befoul mop and broom handles.

Poor Rachel was stuck in a cock sandwich..

Sperm squirted from Joey's beautiful dick to hose Rachel's jugs down with
man goo. It seemed to keep on dumping load after load on her neck, face, and
her gravity defying tits. Some even got into Rachel's silky hair.

Ross was next, Rachel asshole was just to tight from him to stop himself.
Rachel's bowls were coated with a spunk blaster. He pulled out of Rachel
with a loud pop. Some sperm shot up out of her rectum to splash on her bum.

Chandler was taking his time now that he felt he was close to cumming,
wanting to prolong Rachel violation.

Chandler laughed at Rachel's powerlessness as he made her cum again and
again, reinforcing her humiliation and feelings of defeat.

Finally Chandler cum inside Rachel, flooding Rachel's tight pussy with
cum. It dripped out of her and Ross made sure to get a close up of Rachel's
abused cunt.

Chandler tried Rachel's arms behind her back. Joey than pulled off his belt
and handed it to Chandler. Chandler looped the belt and brought it crashing
down on Rachel's big tits. Ross giggled as Rachel screamed.

Chandler brought the belt down on Rachel soft tit flesh again and again, her
screams getting louder each time.

This got the attention of the people in the rooms next door. They knocked on
the door. Rachel thought she was free, that she was going to be rescued, but
when she saw the evil gaze of the fat slobs who were at the door she knew
that this was only the beginning.

"Come on in! Everybody gets a turning teaching this hot bitch a lesson!" Ross
announced to the new arrivals flooding the room, intent on raping Rachel.

Before Rachel knew what was happening she was on her knee with a greasy fat
guy, who she recognized as her butcher, big cock slamming down her throat.

With her free hand Rachel jerked of a drunken homeless man and with the
other jerked off a geek who couldn't been more than 18, the bag boy at her
favourite supermarket in fact, she realized recognizing him.

Rachel gave world class head to the butcher, her tongue moving with skill
and grace of a cock sucking ninja, who was shooting his spunk into her nob
gobbling mouth in a matter of minutes.

The homeless man was next to shove his disgusting, not mention large, cock
down Rachel's gullet.

A taxi driver in a wife beater shirt took his place in Rachel's free hand.
He ended up cumming before the homeless man, painting Rachel's pretty face
with cum.

Finally after wait seemed to be forever, thanks to his drunken state, the
homeless guy gave Rachel a mouthful.

Rachel swallowed the gooey concoction, but some managed to spill down the
counter of Rachel's mouth.

The geek was next. Rachel wrapped her lips around his huge, foul cock,
blowing him for all she was worth, but he pulled out of her mouth.

"Beg to suck my sweaty ball cunt and maybe I reward you by letting you blow
me" the geek said, eager to make Rachel degrade and humiliate herself.

Rachel had enough. She gave him the finger, so he shoved a plastic shopping
bag over her head.

He tied it so that his hands would be free to wrap Rachel's huge tits around
him gigantic cock.

He'd never felt anything as heavenly as Rachel's tits felt wrapped around
his cock, he in enraptured by her pillowy mounds.

Meanwhile Rachel was gasping for breath certain she would die when Ross
pulled the bag off her head.

"Did you learn you lesson bitch?" the nerd asked making it clean that he
wanted her to degrade herself for his amusement.

"Yes master, please I know I exist only as a slut and a fuck toy, so please
don't do that again, I prove to you I'm a whore!" Rachel begged scared of
being suffocated.

Rachel placed her hands over the nerds and pressed her tits around his
cock even harder. "Yes, master thank you fucking big tits, the must feel
incredible around you huge cock, I live for the moment you spew your tasty
cum all over me!" Rachel offered, hoping to placate the dangerous man.
The worst part was the Rachel realized she meant every word of it.

Rachel and the nerd starting cumming together, huge burst of sperm erupting
from his cock to hose the sexy MILF down, while Rachel begged for it as she

The nerd moved out of the way and was replaced with a biker who had Rachel
lube up his big dick with her wet and warm mouth, before he rode her heavenly
hooters as well.

Two of his buddies slipped their cocks into Rachel's expert hands, while
one had slipped under Rachel so he could dine on her tight twat. Another
guy, some skinny Goth, slipped under Rachel to snack on her clit, cunt
juice filling his mouth with a flavourful burst. Lastly the geek shoved
his face in Rachel ass, giving her one hell of a rim job.

It was like Rachel was in front of a firing squadron of cock, all the of
them going off at once, spraying their gooey sauce all over Rachel's giant

To Rachel's amazement and horror three more guys replaced the three that
just gave Rachel's tits a cum bath.

The one ramming his cock down Rachel's tight throat was Mr. Gaoler the head
of the tenants association in the building, an old black man.

The other two were the neighbours on either side of the apartment. They
seemed more than happy to make the sexy young MILF stroke their cocks.

Mr. Gaoler's balls were slapping so hard into Rachel's chin that you could
here it in the apartments next store.

The two guys enjoying the hand jobs, tired of it and so they shoved their
cocks into Rachel's mouth, along side Mr. Gaoler's.

"Shove your fingers up an ass bitch" one of the guys on the side shouted.
Rachel had no choice, but reached around them and gently shove a finger
into each of the side guys rectums.

The nerd who had been licking Rachel's ass out, replaced her tongue with
his huge cock, ramming it in so hard that not ever the cocks raping her mouth
could muffle Rachel screams as the shit was raped out of her ass.

The guy on the floor eating Rachel out was next to sink his big cock into
Rachel, his cock entering the tightest pussy he'd ever experienced. Inspire
of the abuse it had received it was so tight he could barely get it in there.
Once he did there was no stopping him, Rachel pussy got the cock thrusting
of a lifetime.

Rachel shuttered and convulsed, creaming so hard she lost consciousness.

When Rachel woke up there was a new group of guys ready to take their turns
having waited for Rachel to wake up.

Rachel was broken, little more then a crazed bitch in heat took on each cock
like an animal, draining guy after guy, always hungry for more.

When no one was left Rachel was tired up and left on the balcony, just
like Monica, but the knots were looser this time and Rachel managed to free
herself after everyone had left.


Rachel was in the bath clean herself up from her ordeal an hour after. She
thought of having Ross arrested, but Rachel wanted Emma to have a father and
besides how was she going to explain the orgasms?

It hit Rachel that the same thing had probably happened to Monica and that
the reason Mon had told no one was that she'd cum too! To Rachel self
disgust there was a tingle of arousal at the thought of her best friend being
raped by her own brother and who knows who else.

Rachel's hand slipped down and she started playing with herself at the image
of a naked Monica bent over, tears in her eyes, as Ross rammed his cock up
his dear sister's ass, or Monica on her knees forced to blow a line of men
starting with her own brother. Rachel knew it was wrong to fantasize about
her best friend bring gang raped, but after what she'd been through, with no
warning from Monica, Rachel didn't give a shit.


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