Friends: Ross' Revenge Part 3 - Phoebe's Bitches (FFF,BDSM,fist,ncon)
by Omega Phallic ([email protected])

Phoebe had foolishly agreed to massage Monica again because Monica had
promised not to make any sex noises, by gagging herself, but her muffled sex
noise were even hotter!

Phoebe was nobodies fool and so Phoebe decided that it was high time to teach
Monica what happens to cunt teasing bitches on the streets.

Phoebe's hands moved down from the acceptable massage area to slip under the
towel to squeeze Monica's sweet ass.

"What the hell do you think your doing?" Monica asked as she felt Phoebe's
hands on her ass, which were on holding her down so Monica couldn't get up.

"I teaching what happens to hot little tease like out in the streets you
fucking whore!" Phoebe explain as she started spanking Monica's ass.

Monica was shocked speechless by the unexpected turn of evens. That didn't
mean she was soundless, as she was crying out in pain every time Phoebe's
hand collided with Monica pretty bum.

That was nothing compared to the pain she felt when Phoebe shoved her entire
fist up Monica's ass.

Monica's screams resounded off the walls as she was brutally anally fisted.
Her scream would have set even Ross back, but they only made Phoebe wetter
who delighted in her best friend's pain and degradation.

It wasn't enough pain for Monica, Phoebe decided, so she shoved her other
fist in beside the first one.

The pain Monica was in was so great at this point that she couldn't ever
scream, the sound wouldn't come out. All she could do is feel tears rolling
down her cheeks and her body's defences kicked in. Monica started cumming
like she'd never creamed before.

Her multigasmic extravaganza failed to dull her excruciating pain in her ass.
It only got worse as Phoebe bit Monica in the ass.

Rachael had slipped in unnoticed as things started up and hid herself so
she could watch. Rachael knew what was going on because she'd been stalking
Monica for a couple of weeks now, hoping against hope the she'd get to see
her best friend being brutally gang raped.

Rachael knew it was wrong to want your best friend to get raped, but Rachael
wanted Monica to be raped more than anything she'd ever wanted in her life.
Rachael's pussy juices just drooled at the thought of it.

Not only did she want Monica to be raped, but she wanted it be as painful,
humiliating, and brutal as possible. She should have warned me Rachael

So it was with glee that she hid to watch her fantasy of Monica being raped
being played out thanks to Phoebe.

Phoebe pulled her hands out of Monica's ass with a loud plop, just when
Monica was about to sink into the peaceful oblivion of unconscious. Phoebe
wasn't going allow Monica the rest. Monica's elastic rectum sprang back to
normal size, tight as ever.

Phoebe flipped Monica over onto her back, straddled Monica's ample chest and
started rubbing her cunt against Monica's big tits.

Phoebe had always wanted to get her hands on Monica's tits, feeling the
Monica had the tits of a Goddess. Phoebe moved her body down Monica's so that
she could bend her head down and take one of Monica's nipples in her mouth,
while cruelly twisting the other one to get Monica to cry out in pain.

Phoebe really buried her face into Monica's soft, but firm, tit flesh.
Monica tried to stop her growing arousal, but it was to strong for, leaving
the beauty at Phoebe's mercy, something Phoebe seemed to have misplaced.

"Gawd!" Monica screamed out as Phoebe sucked and fondled Monica's tits with
a skill that sent Monica's mind reeling.

Monica crawled helplessly as orgasmic wave after orgasmic wave crashed in on
her, causing Monica to arch her back, which in turn shoved more of her giant
tits into Phoebe's face.

It was soon after that Phoebe heard Rachel's heavy breathing as the MILF
played with herself.

"Stay were you are fuck slut or I rip your tits off" Phoebe threatened as she
got up to search for Rachel. Monica had the feeling that she wasn't bluffing
so she stayed put as requested.

"Like the show cunt?" Phoebe asked as she pulled Rachel out of her hiding
spot. "Maybe you'd like to tell us why you playing with yourself?"

Rachel kept silent so Phoebe pulled back hard on one of Rachel's fingers.
Rachel cried out in pain. "All right I'll tell you, I...I was stalking Monica
in the hopes I'd get to see her being raped again, I'm soooo sorry Monica,
but it's been all I could think about for days."

"Well than, maybe you'd like to taste Monica's big tits" Phoebe said in a way
that made it very clean that it was an order not a question.

Rachel stood over Monica for moment, wracked with guilt, but unable to stop
herself from lowering her mouth to Monica tits.

Monica silently cursed both women as Rachel took her turn sucking and
squeezing her Monica's magnificent knockers. Rachel noticed that the taste
of Phoebe's salvia covering Monica's tits made it ever hotter.

"Your both going to hell for this" Monica whimpered as she raced to an
explosive climax. Monica thru her head back and came loud enough to almost
shake the very walls.

Rachel seemed to be having a ball when Phoebe pulled her off Monica. "Now
it's time to taste you" Phoebe explained ripping Rachel's blouse open,
revealing huge tits the just begged to be released from their prison.

"Phoebe, just wait a minute, I thought we were raping Monica tog..." Rachel
countered as she pulled away, before Phoebe smacked her.

"Okay cunt, let get this straight, your both my bitches, you're here to fuck
on command like the cock/pussy teasing cunts that we all know that you are."

Phoebe ripped Rachel's bra right off, grabbed Rachel by her enormous tits and
slammed her against the wall, forcing her mouth onto Rachel's and her tongue
into Rachel mouth.

Phoebe had been dying to slip Rachel the tongue for years and Phoebe was
making the most of it, soul kissing Rachel so passionately Rachel was

Rachel was forced to french Phoebe back or choked on Phoebe's tongue. The two
tongue's battled it out, in and out of each mouth.

Phoebe stopped and grabbed Monica off the bed, slammed her too against the
wall, was soon forcing Monica to make out with her.

Phoebe had always wanted to slip Monica the tongue even more than Rachel and
Monica wasn't disappointing.

Monica was afraid Phoebe would hurt her if she didn't kiss back, so Monica
was hungrily kissing Phoebe back, her tongue seeking Phoebe's.

Phoebe finally decided it was time for them to make out together as she made
some prepared herself.

Monica remembered Phoebe fisting her and was too scared to disobey, wrapping
her arms around Rachel, pressing their huge melons against each other and
Monica's mouth ravenously sought out Rachel's.

Rachel too had seen Phoebe raping Monica with her fist and was equally
fearful and so kissed Monica back, her mouth opening to accept Monica's
tongue within.

Phoebe returned with a bottle of body oil and started pouring it onto Rachel
and Monica's gravity defying hooters, so that they slipped against each other
as they soul kissed.

Phoebe grabbed Rachel, by the ass, smacking it hard. Bitch Rachel thought to
herself. "Now unless you want me to get really nasty Rachel, I suggest you
get on the bed" Phoebe said in a tone that hinted at a violent response if
Rachel failed to comply.

Phoebe pulled a long strap-on dildo that was as thick as Phoebe's fist.
It looked so real, from its hairy nut sack to its piss hole, that Monica
nervously wondered if she stolen it off some poor guy.

Phoebe opened her robe to reveal a huge pair tits and a shaved pussy. See the
others staring at Phoebe's gravity defying sized jugs, obviously implants,
Phoebe explained defensively "I didn't want to be the only one with small

Phoebe strapped her cock on and approached a trembling and terrified Rachel.
"Please Phoebe, we've been friends for 8 years don't do this" Rachel
beseeched her friend, but it just turned Phoebe on more.

Phoebe got on top of Rachel and forced her legs apart. Phoebe pressed her big
tits against Rachel's. "Beg for it bitch or I'll do that tight ass of yours
instead" Phoebe threatened.

Rachel swallowed the urge to cry, fearing an anal assault, and so she did as
she was told. "Please mistress slam your cock into me, rape my cunt till I

Phoebe enjoyed looking into Rachel's eyes, seeing her fear, humiliation, and
pain as slammed her monstrous cock into her.

Phoebe's huge tits became slippery and shiny as the Rachel's oil soaked tits
rubbed against them.

Screams caught in Rachel's throat, the pain too great to force them out, but
the worse part was how much Rachel's body responded to the brutal violation.

Phoebe could see Rachel was getting closer to an orgasm so she started
pounding her cock into Rachel harder, so hard in fact that Rachel's eyes
rolled up into her head as both her ecstasy and her agony reached untold
heights of mind warping intensity.

Rachel finally screamed out as she came, a scream that welled up from her
soul as her climax devour her utterly and totally. It was so loud, Phoebe
could have sworn her ear drums should have been bleeding.

Phoebe ever so slowly pulled out of Rachel with aloud plop. Phoebe than got
of the still shuttering slut and moved over to Monica.

"Get on you knees bitch and blow me and make it good or I'll hang you out the
window by your clit" Phoebe warned.

Monica got on her knees, yet almost fainted when she saw the cock up close,
slick with her best friends juices. Rachel's smell enveloped Monica's senses,
making Monica's juices drool in kind.

"Please Phoebe, it's too gross don't..." Monica started, but a smack across
the face forestalled further argument. It wasn't hard enough to leave a mark,
nevertheless it made its point.

"Please Mistress, let me lick and suck Rachel's cum right off your dick,
please make me degrade and debase myself for your entertainment" Monica
begged as sluttily as she could, staring Phoebe directly in the eyes as
she did.

"As long as you remember your nothing, but my whore, you may have your
reward" Phoebe declared, enjoying her power over Monica.

Monica opened her mouth wide and the cock slipped into her mouth and ever so
slowly down her tight throat, as Monica bobbed her head up and down on the

Monica deepthroated the cock till her noise was buried in Phoebe's hairless
pussy mound. As Monica continued to give Phoebe's cock a BJ that would have
made most men cry with envy, Monica slipped her fingers into Phoebe's wet
pussy, expertly fingering her.

Phoebe moaned loudly, staring at Monica as she greedily slurped on Phoebe
cock. Phoebe had always guessed the Monica was spitfire in bed and watching
Monica suck synthetic cock, showed Phoebe that her guess was an under
estimate by far.

Between the finger fucking and the sight of Monica forced onto her knees and
made to blow Phoebe's cock, caused Phoebe to exploded in a jarring orgasmic
explosion of gigantic proportion.

When Phoebe got control of her again she pulled out the cock ready to give
Monica a surprise.

Phoebe squeezed the nuts on the cock hard, causing a creamy white fluid to
shot out in ropey thick gobs all over Monica sexy face and mountainous tits.

Monica's jaw dropped and for a moment she was terrified Phoebe had stolen it
off some guy, till she smelled bananas and realized it was just banana

"Rachel get you ass over here and lick my dick clean or I'll shove a ladle up
your bum!" Phoebe commanded.

Rachel obeyed out of fear and started licking the cock clean of yogurt and
Monica salvia. Phoebe took it off and making it easier for Rachel suck clean.

Phoebe than returned her attention to Monica. "Tell me how much you want to
eat me out."

Monica gulped, but complied, fearing Phoebe's wraith. "Please Mistress, sit
on my face, please let me feast on your pussy, I know how long you've wait my
tongue in you."

Phoebe shoved Monica's face between her legs, forcing Monica to give Phoebe
head. Monica had never eaten out anyone before, but she had a long tongue and
a ton of natural skill which made it the best head Phoebe had ever gotten and
Phoebe had gotten for more than her share of guys willing to muff dive her.

When Rachel had finished polishing the cock with her tongue, Phoebe forced
her to take Monica's place at her cunt. Poor Rachel was made to guzzle at
Phoebe's tangy pussy juice, but Monica wasn't going to spared.

"Beg to lick my ass out bitch and make good!" Phoebe commanded forcefully.
Monica swallowed down rage and did as she was directed.

"Please mistress, let stick my, my, tongue your ass, I love sucking ass, it's
what I live for" Monica supplicated.

Getting the nod from Phoebe, who too engrossed in getting her muff munched to
talk. Monica took a deep breath and fearing the price of disobeying Phoebe,
shoved her face between the slutty blonds ass cheeks.

Monica stuck her tongue deeply into Phoebe's rectum, tonguing the ass before
her like it was the first time she'd tried ice cream.

The overpowering sensation of having both her cunt and ass tongued was too
explosive for Phoebe as her head rocked back as creamed, screaming out her
soul blasting orgasm out for the world to hear.

Seeing Phoebe so distracted, Monica figured it was going to be her only
opportunity for pay back. Monica pushed Phoebe forwards, just enough that
Monica could ram her fist up Phoebe's ass.

Phoebe's scream out pain equalled her screams of ecstasy, the pain in fact
making Phoebe cum all the harder.

Emboldened by Monica's actions, Rachel slammed her fist into Phoebe's cunt,
so that Phoebe was getting the double fisting of a life time.

"Life's a bitch and so are you!" Monica declared taking an incredible amount
of joy in her vengeance. It was nice to the rapist for a change instead of
the victim.

The pain was indescribable, as was Phoebe's orgasm, each feeding off each
other in an endless cycle of the damned.

Phoebe soul tormenting violation only ended when a relucent Monica and Rachel
pulled out of her, so that she could collapse in a pool at their feet, her
face in a puddle of her own cum, flavoured with just a touch of piss.

Now it was Monica's turn wear the strap-on. Forcing a dazed and confused
Phoebe onto her hands and knees, Monica grabbed onto Phoebe's huge jugs and
pulled on them hard so as spear Phoebe's ass with the strap-on even harder.

"Oh, oh, oh..." Phoebe screamed out at higher and higher pitch, the deeper.
Rachel pulled out a mirror from her purse and held it in front of Phoebe,
making her watch her ass being raped by Monica.

Phoebe actively pushed back against Monica as she came, an assgasm so over
powering that Phoebe almost tore chunks out of the carpet, clawing in her
orgasmic enrapturement.

"Suck it clean Rachel you fucking slut" Monica commanded turning on Rachel.

"But I thought it was use against Phoebe?" Rachel said, turning the charm.

"On the same side my ass, you were getting off on see me raped, some friend
you are!" Monica retorted with a sharp laugh. "Now get on your knees, where
you belong Rachel, and suck my cock clean and I'll consider us even, for

Rachel knew Monica could kick in ass in a fight, so she got on her knees and
started licking Monica's cock just like she would for a real one. Soon Rachel
was deepthroating Monica's cock with such force and passion, Monica wished it
was a real one.

Monica's balls slapped loudly against Rachel's chin as Rachel started
fingering Monica's tight cunt, going straight for Monica's G-spot, while her
thumb went for Mon's clit. Monica pulled out of Rachel, smacked her several
times with her cock, before squeezing the balls to spray a creamy load in
Rachel's face.

Having made peace with Monica, Rachel stole the strap-on and prepared to have
her turn raping Phoebe, but Monica forestalled that.

"Truce?" Monica offered, the sound of Rachel's displeasure at the idea of
mercy ignored. "A...agreed" Phoebe muttered as she ever so slowly picked
herself off the floor.

"But why, Mon, we had the bitch were we wanted her?" Rachel asked,
disappointment clear on her face.

"Don't worry, you'll get your turn with Phoebe when the time is right, but
we have bigger prey to pay back and were going to need all the help we can
get!" Monica promised, a vengeful glint in her eyes.


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