Friends: Ross' Revenge Part 4 - Ladies Night
by Omega Phallic ([email protected])

Monica had it all planned out. All of her five friends were having a beer at
her place when she got out of the shower.

Monica allowed one of the corners on her sofa to catch on her towel so that
as she continued to walk, the towel was pulled right off her, expose her huge
soaking wet tits to the hungry gaze of everyone in the room.

Rachel took the opportunity to drug the guy's drink while they stared at
Monica's giant Goddess like tits.

It wasn't long before the guys were out like a light and dragged into
Monica's guest room, which had been converted to a dungeon while Chandler
was at work.

The ladies snapped the manacles around the guys wrists so they couldn't pull
their arms down. Chained up like that they were easy prey for the ladies.

Ross was first to wake up. "Wa...what the hell is going on?" he asked

Monica smirked. "Just a bit of pay back" she replied.

Ross realized that he was chained up and unable to break free. "You bitch,
you'll pay for this you..." Ross started, but a smack from Monica shot him

Monica got on her knees and with a quick yank pulled Ross' shorts down
freeing his huge and already hard, cock to the air.

Monica than slipped a metal cock ring around her brother's cock. "This isn't
just any cock ring Ross, if you go soft while this is on your cock, it'll
electrocute your cock, see were going to play a game, were going to try and
make you cum as many times as we can, so that naturally you'll go soft,
making the cock ring zap you, and it's your job to try to stay hard without
cumming" Monica explained.

Monica took a slow long lick of her brother's cock, savouring the taste and
the look of humiliation and resistence on Ross' face. Monica couldn't help
herself, the thought giving head to her own brother made her mouth and cunt

Ever since Ross had raped her, Monica had been unable to forget the taste of
his cock, the way his cock felt inside her, or how hard she'd cum. She had
became obsessed with fucking her relatives, especially Ross.

"You were so right about me Ross, I am nothing but a cock worshipping whore,
in fact you've underestimate how true that is, but your going to find out!"

Ross saw the look in his sister's eyes, a mix of sheer cock thirst and
gleeful vengeance, that almost made Ross piss himself. He looked down at the
impending torture device around his cock and couldn't repress a shudder.

Monica opened her mouth wide and ever so slowly, teasingly, she slipped
her brother cock between her red lips. A look of absolute rapture crossed
Monica's face as greedily sucked on her brother's cock, like his dick was
made from the purest ambrosia.

Ross whimpered knowing that he wouldn't last long at this rate, Monica was
too good and cock hungry to resist. There was the look of an addict in
Monica's eyes and Ross knew beyond a doubt it his cock that was his sister's
drug of choice.

Monica's head was a blur as she blew her brother, with the intensity of a
religious fanatic, slurping his dick like her mouth was quicksand.

"Baseball, think about baseball" Ross muttered, trying to resist his sister's
hot mouth on his cock, his sister was proving to be too hot a piece of ass to

"Bitch!" Ross shouted was he felt the cum in his balls rising. Just as he was
about cum, Monica pull her mouth from his cock.

"Hey Rach, you want taste?" Monica offered.

Rachel eyed Ross' meat like it was Prime Rib, before answering. "Hmmm, I
don't mind if I do."

Rachel, who was in jeans and a tight tee-shirt that emphasised her huge jugs,
knelt on the floor beside Monica and took the huge cock in her hand.

"I have to admit that it's your big dick I miss the most about dating you"
Rachel said, before gorging herself on his man meat.

Rachel took a long lick of Ross' cock, before she too shoved his cock down
her throat. Rachel was just as hungry for Ross' cock as Monica, to Ross'
horror. My dicks going to be fried for sure! Ross despaired.

"Please, don't do this, my dick's no good to you if it explodes like a
firecracker!" Ross wailed, fighting back the urge to cum in Rachel's mouth.

Monica wasn't finished with Ross. Monica slip Ross' giant, sweaty, balls into
her mouth, enjoying the musky flavour, as well as the taboo thrill of having
her brother balls in her mouth.

Phoebe, who had tried of Ross' bitching opened her rain coat, showing that
she wore nothing underneath, and shoved one of her massive tits into Ross'

"That right bitch, suck my tits!" Phoebe ordered Ross, forcing even more of
her perfect tit flesh into his mouth.

It was too much for Ross, he came and he came hard. Rachel could barely
handle it as load after load of think sperm filled mouth, but that didn't
stop her from drinking it down like it was the nectar of the gods.

Rachel slipped it out of her mouth and into Monica's so she could have a
taste of her brother cum too, which was still spurting out like a geyser.
Monica drank it all down, and suck on his cock for more, determined swallow
every last drop she could.

Monica had to be pulled off of Ross' cock, just before the cock ring went
off. Ross' screams shook the room as his cock got zapped, his eyes almost
popping out of his head from the pain.

It final stopped. Phoebe passed Monica a bottle of body oil, while Rachel
went over to Chandler to walk him up.

"Hey, champ, you don't want to miss the show do you?" Rachel asked, gently
smacking Chandler awake.

"Wha...What the hell?" Chandler asked, seeing that he was chained to the
wall, and that his wife was naked on her knees before her brother with a
bottle of body oil in her hands.

"Let me catch you up, see Monica's going to rape and fuck her brother and
your other best friend because your so unless with a cock and so ungrateful"
Rachel explained.

"You fucking bitch!" bitch Chandler shouted, appalled at the strange turn
of events. "Oh, I'm not a fucking bitch, yet, but I will be soon" Rachel
replied, squeezing Chandler's cock, through his pants.

"Don't worry about being a loser in the sack, because I'm on the case now
and by the time I'm through with you, Monica will be begging me to let her
fuck you."

Chandler just stared at Rachel in shock. "Why, why are you doing this to me,
I thought we were friends?"

"Oh, we are, were about get a lot closer, because I've been so hungry for
taste of your cock, ever since I've met you, that I'm just drooling to get a
taste of you, not that I have has one before, when you were raping me, but
there was too many guys to give your cock that attention it deserves, and you
were stoned out of your mind, I want to look in your sober eyes as I drain
your cock dry" Rachel explained, until a confused look crossed Chandler's

"I see you don't remember, well just as well, that way you won't be prepared
for the mind blowing head I'm going to give you" Rachel said, squeezing
Chandler's cock again.

"Rachel, this is insane, lets stop this now before you do something you'll
regret" Chandler advised her.

Rachel was turned on even more by Chandler's protests. She unhooked her
suspenders and pulled them off.

Rachel wasn't wearing any panties so her bald cunt was in full view, leaving
her wearing only a tee-shirt that cupped her huge hooters and left her tight
belly bare, a pair of white high heels, and her earrings.

Rachel decided it was safe to free on of his hands, so she did. She than took
his hand and placed it between her legs, making him rub her till he was as
hard as a rock.

"Feel that Chandler, feel how wet you making me, that's how feel all the time
when I over hear you fucking Monica, when ever your around in fact" Rachel
explained, before chaining his wrist again. Lucky for her he was still weaken
from the drugs she put in his drink.

Rachel pulled her top off, freeing her enormous tits to that cool air, making
her nipples even harder.

Rachel than pointed over at Monica. "Look at your wife, she pouring that oil
all over her big tits, and looked how turned on she is, look at hot fucking
Ross with her huge tits is making her."

Chandler jaws clenched in fury, he'd pay them all back some day.

Rachel got on her knees for Chandler and pulled his pants and boxing shorts
down with a yank, freeing massive cock that was almost as big as Ross'.

"Hmmm, look at what we got here, makes my mouth water just looking at it"
Rachel declared as she stroked Chandler cock to hardness.

Rachel gave Chandler cock a good lick, delighting in the taste of the
powerless man's hard-on.

Ignore his complaints, Rachel shoved one of the electrified cock rings on
him. "What the is that?" Chandler asked nervously eyeing the metallic cock

"If, or I should say when, I make you cum, and I'm plan making you cum a lot,
this will go off for about 20 seconds when you naturally soften, zapping you,
causing pain that will make the pain I felt seem kind in comparison" Rachel

Rachel took a whiff of Chandler's cock, getting even more turned on by the
masculine smell, before licking his cock like it was her favourite lolly pop.

"You taste even better than I remember and considering I have a photogenic
memory when it comes to cock that's saying something" Rachel muttered, just
before she took his entire cock to the back of her throat in an fell swoop.

"Rachel this is nuts I'm married!" Chandler reminded her. "Doesn't look like
that's bothering Monica much" Phoebe said as she joined Rachel in tormenting

Chandler looked over at his beloved wife, who had her mammoth tits around her
brother's cock, tit wanking him with whorish abandon.

"Oh, fuck gawd Ross', feels so fucking good, fuck my tits, cum for me Ross,
cum all over my face and tits, you know you want to, come Ross mark your
territory all over me with your cum, show me how good my huge tits around
your cock feels!" Monica begged cruelly, as an titgasm sucked her down into
its depths.

Ross fought every inch of the way, but it just felt way too good, and an
orgasm of Olympic proportions racked his body, shooting out his jizz like
tidal wave.

Thick, creamy, ropes of sperm, crashed again Monica's face, tits, and neck,
and the more Ross came on his sister's face, the more cum she wanted.

Once again Ross went briefly soft and once again his cock was fried like a
death row inmate.

"Please, Monica, you've made your point!" Ross pleaded, the pain was far more
than he could stand.

"I thought learning my place as nothing, but a cock loving whore was what
you wanted, to remake your big titted sister into the perfect slut?" Monica

"Not like this! I never planned on having my dick lit up like a fucking
Christmas tree or you making me your bitch, it was supposed to be the other
way around!" Ross rejoined, his bitterness splashed naked on his face.

"Don't worry, your body will adopt to the pain and you'll start cumming from
it too, I did" Monica offered, before ending the conversation by wiping the
cum off her face with the towel she'd dropped earlier to exposed her huge
tits and to distract the guys, before tossing it onto Ross' face, cum side

Ross was terrified that his cock would get soft again, but ever so slowly,
teasing Ross like the master cock tease she was, Monica impaled herself on
his cock, with sigh of pleasure.

Meanwhile Rachel was still slurping Chandler's cock like a pro, unwilling to
let him cum because that meant she have to remove his delicious cock from her
mouth, something she was unwilling it do.

Besides, the humiliation clear on his face and the agony of his hot and
sexy wife bouncing up and down on her brother's cock like he was a Harley
Davidson, her immense tits smashed into his face to make her cum all the
faster, was a torment that not even the cock ring could beat.

Rachel then slipped one of her fingers into Chandler's ass, making him cum,
spewing his hot creamy load into her mouth, were she swished it side to side,
delighting in its tangy flavour before swallow.

As Chandler fried, Rachel stood up and waited for the shock to subside.
Rachel then took his cock in her hand and started stroking it to hardness,
enjoying how it in felt her hand.

"I have admit, seeing you hard cock standing at attention like that is making
my mouth water."

Phoebe, meanwhile had Joey's pants down around his ankles and was sucking on
his cock, like it was her last meal.

Joey woke up, thanks to the first class bow job Phoebe was giving him. Phoebe
had blind folded Joey so he didn't know who was blowing him.

"Who's doing that?" he asked curiously.

Phoebe, in a fit of mischief, replied "It's Chandler, he's blowing you."

"Hey, man what the hell do you think your doing, I'm not gay!" Joey wailed,
to the amusement of Phoebe. "Not that I'm not flattered, mind you..." he

As Joey came, Phoebe sucked on cock even harder, surprised that was even
possible, and swallowed his cum, to the last drop, like a sponge to water.

"Girls, I think it's time to go to stage two" Rachel suggested. Monica
reluctantly pulled herself off of her brother's cock, to his relief.

To the guys surprise the girls unlocked them. Naturally, Chandler made a
break for it. "Ohio" Rachel shouted and his cock ring went off, dropping him
like a pile of bird shit.

Rachel jumped onto the bed and called Chandler over. "Chandler, I want you
to fuck me so hard that the walls in the apartment below us shake!"

"This is crazy, Monica help me here!" Chandler begged, staring at his wife in

"Sorry Chandler, but I want to see you fuck the bitch, fuck my best friend
Chandler, fuck her hard!" Monica ordered, her arms folded just beneath the
level of her huge tits.

Seeing he had no choice he walked over to Rachel, grabbed two meaty handfuls
of Rachel's big tits and slammed his cock home, so hard she hit her head on
the head board.

Rachel didn't notice as Chandler pounded into her cunt as if her was avenging
himself with it.

Furious, Chandler gave in. "You want me fuck you? Well how about this then!"
Chandler shouted flipping Rachel over onto her hands and knees before
grabbing the big breasted slut by her huge tits and slamming his big cock up
Rachel's tiny and tight asshole.

The pain was incredible and Rachel loved it. "That right Chandler fuck me in
the ass, fuck me good and hard, rape me in the ass till I bleed."

Monica, turned on by the sight of her husband fucking her best friend in the
ass, decided to reward him by shoving her face into his ass and licking the
shit out of his asshole.

"Fuck your sister in the ass Ross, rape your sister's ass so hard you put
that ass pounding Chandler's giving Rachel to shame" Phoebe ordered, soaking
wet at the thought of the incestuous fucking.

Ross, hard as a rock, stepped up behind his sister and smacked her sweet ass
as hard as he could, ordering Monica to beg for it like the bitch that she

"Please, there's nothing I like more than the feel of my brother's cock
ripping into my ass, please Ross I want to feel your cum spurting inside ass,
I love my brother's cock and sperm!" Monica begged lust thick in her throaty

Monica moaned around Chandler's asshole as she her brother's cock stab into
her, slamming all the way to the hilt without any lubricate on the first

The pain was excruciating and pleasurable in equal measure and it left Monica
begging for more, truly proving that she was nothing more than a bitch in

Phoebe joined in by licking the shit out of Ross' ass, her huge tits pressed
up against Ross' legs.

Phoebe paused for second to give orders to Joey. "Joey, get over here and
brutalize my tight ass with that beautifully huge cock of yours."

Joey did as he was told although he was still in shock at the sight before
him, like he'd crashed into the twilight zone and had no way to get the fuck

Phoebe was enraptured by the sensations that crashed through her body as she
was anally invaded by one of her best friend, while she was giving a world
class rim job to another.

Joey was an ass man unlike Ross, who was tit man, and he had to admit that
this was the tightest ass he'd ever fucked and he was about to cum.

The circle was completed as Rachel spread Joey's ass cheeks wide and dived
in, tongue first.

The guys came like dominos, first Chandler blew his load in Rachel's
unbearably tight asshole, Rachel cumming in returning, both lost in a
sinkhole of orgasmic pleasure.

Never in his wildest imagination did he ever think that he'd be filling
Rachel's rectum to the point of overflowing with his hot wet sperm, or that
she be thanking him for it.

Than Ross blew his load in Monica's even tighter asshole, but Monica wasn't
finished with him yet.

She used the muscles in her rectum to cut off the blood flow out of his cock
and then had Ross continued pounding savagely into her brown chute till he
flooded her asshole not once, not twice, but three more times with his hot
cum, before she released him, her own awe inspiring climaxes seemingly to
fuse together under their over powering deluge to forge themselves into a
megagasm of religious proportions.

Finally Joey blew his load in Phoebe's incredibly tight asshole. Joey
stimulated both Phoebe's clit and her g-spot with his fingers as her anal
passages were given an overdose of hot Joey jizz.

Phoebe was at a loss for words as she creamed on Joey's fingers, both a
G-spot orgasm and a clitoral orgasm competing for attention.

As they softened, the guys fell to there knees as pain racked their dicks.
As the pain receded, the girls changed the flow.

Monica took Joey's cock into her mouth, getting off on Chandler watching her
jealously as she gave Joey the best head this side of the universe.

Monica pulled Chandler over by his dick, still feasting adoringly on Joey's
manhood, while beating her husband off with one hand.

Monica pulled her mouth off of Joey's meat to tease Chandler some more.
"Chandler, shame on you, you never told me Joey had such a luscious cock,
I'd have given your best friends a blowjob longer ago."

Chandler just gave Monica a sad puppy dog look with his eyes, but the
pulsating cock in her hand told another story.

"Don't worry Chandler, I'm not going to leave you for Joey or Ross, you just
need to be punished for gang raping my best friend, not that the little slut
didn't deserve it, or get off on it, but still she is my best friend."

Monica was greedy for another taste of sweaty cock, but she couldn't decide
who's cock to stuff in between her red lips, so she slipped both into her
wet mouth, her cunt slobbering embarrassingly at having to huge dicks in her
mouth for the first time.

Monica could see the grossed out looks in the eyes above her, could tell
Joey and Chandler felt it was a little bit gay, but Monica didn't give a
shit. They'd made her and Rachel make out, so this was the least they

When they came, because Monica couldn't shut her mouth properly, all there
combined sperm drooled out of her mouth, down her chin, onto her huge tits,
and even some found their way between them, to coat her firm stomach. Monica
let go of both cocks, as the guys were fried. It was starting smell a little
bit like bacon.

Meanwhile Phoebe and Rachel were kissing each other around Ross' cock. Their
mouths moved up and down his shaft, their tongue quickly and constantly
darting out for a tasty of his beef.

Ross pushed gently on their backs so their massive tits collided like four
icebergs made of tit flesh.

"I think he likes our huge tits Phoebe" Rachel suggested, pulling away so she
could bury her face in her friends amazing globes.

Phoebe picked up the slack on Ross' cock, enveloping his big twitching dick
into her cock hungry mouth.

Ross grabbed Phoebe by her hair and raped her face like a savage animal, her
head a blur as she scarfed down cock meat.

Just as Ross was about cum, Phoebe removed her mouth from his cock, which was
soon enveloped by four massive tit pillows, that huge his cock like a divine
caress. Pumping between Rachel's and Phoebe's mountainous pillow peaks, like
a fuck fiend, Ross' eyes rolled back into his.

It actually felt too good to cum, the sensations sending his dick on overload
as it race across soft skin, but eventually biology caught up, and he added
creamy snow top peaks to the mountainous imagery invoked by the busty sluts
tit fucking his cock, his hot sperm, firing out of his cock like a 20 gallon
gun salute to their sluttiness.

Ross cock was zapped yet again, this time leaving pubic hair smoldering. Ross
didn't know how much his cock could take.

"Bukkake time, Ross, Joey, Chandler, get over here and jerk off on my face"
Monica commanded, deciding this was the time to full a long time fantasy of

The guys stroked their cocks reluctantly, fearing BBQed dick. Phoebe and
Rachel pulled whips off the walls, whipped the guys until they put an effort
into beating off in order to give Monica the facial she so desperately

Sperm arched through the air to splash Monica in the face, huge load after
huge load joining it in decorating the beautiful woman's face.

It was than that the batteries in the devices on their dicks ran out.

The girls noticed this, before the guys did and fled while guys were still
recovering, fearing a reprisal.


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