Introduction: This is a counterblast to Omega Phallic's Ross's Revenge
sequence. Unlike Dr. Blasphemy, I 'am' a fan of Friends, which includes
liking both to read and write Friends stories, sexual and otherwise. But
the sexual ones I like to read are those in which the author shows some
affection for the characters and tries to make them behave something like
the characters on the show (e.g. MGR's Friends and Lovers); at the very
least I want them to be shown consenting to the sometimes improbable acts
of sex they are engaged in. Essentially, I think of them as real people,
and I don't like to think of nasty things happening to them. So I'm just
naturally not going to like O.P.'s stuff.

Even leaving aside the appalling attitudes to women displayed, the
cruelties the characters are made to inflict on each other, and the dreadful
presentation (so many words mistyped or missing), I could make a 'long' list
of the deficiencies of O.P.'s sequence, but this would be tedious. I will
allow myself one reference to a startling continuity error (the whole
sequence begins because Chandler is turned off by Monica's new breasts, but
in ch. 2 he is made to think Rachel's breasts feel "almost as good as
Monica's") and a rant on what makes them particularly bad stories, in my
view. Basically, this is that the characters simply do not behave like real
people in a real setting, after the beginning of ch. 1 (of which more below).
Rather, O.P. treats them like fleshy puppets, that are taken out of their
boxes to act out his fantasies, then put back, so that each episode is
self-contained and has minimal links to the next. Now, it is okay to write
a story about a series of events that cover a few hours and leave it to the
readers to imagine what might have happened afterwards; wisely, many writers
of sexual stories do just that. But if you write a series of stories in
chronological sequence, you should accept that actions in the first story
will have consequences that affect everything that happens later, and build
this into the storyline. This is what in my view O.P. has conspicuously
failed to do.

Honour where honour is due: ch.1 begins with an interesting idea, and at
first Ross and Monica are shown behaving more or less in character. It
derives from the storyline in 9,16: here, Monica 'does' get breast implants
(paid for by Joey; O.P. makes them ridiculously big, but he evidently has a
fetish about massive breasts). She becomes estranged from Chandler over this,
and in trying to boost her self-esteem by getting Ross to praise her sexual
charms she eventually goads him into a very strong reaction. So far so good,
but doubt soon sets in: Monica's motivation for submitting to Ross is totally
insufficient. Nevertheless, the scenes between them have some erotic charge,
and lead on to the quite memorable image of Monica stark naked on the
balcony, enthusiastically servicing a whole bunch of men in a kind of sexual
frenzy (but notable flaws are that the apartment's balcony is not railed, but
walled, as can be seen in many episodes, and at night, which it must be, Ross
and Monica would hardly be visible up there). Still, I can accept Monica
throwing herself into a gangbang as a defensible development of her very
competitive character. But O.P. does not follow it to the logical conclusion
and present her as undergoing a fundamental change in her attitude to sex,
which might, e.g., lead her to run off and become a highly successful porn
star. Instead, he produces a very unconvincing ending, because he wants her
back as "ordinary Monica" (so he can set her up what happens in later
chapters). Crucially, and totally implausibly, she does not tell anyone,
even her best friends, of Ross's appalling behaviour.

Flawed though it is, ch. 1 is a damn sight better than the other chapters,
which are largely exercises in gratuitous cruelty and humiliation (as a
correspondent of mine wrote, you have to wonder about someone who finds this
sort of thing erotic), and I shan't waste any space on them. But ch. 1 got
me to thinking, as I have done with other "bad" Friends stories: what if
something like this 'had' happened? What would follow, in a world where
actions do have consequences, that could affect all the central characters
and their circle? So here, without wishing it to be seen as in any way
condoning rape or the degradation of women, I offer my own version of how
things might develop, which assumes a lot of O.P.'s basic plotline but
incorporates my own ideas on motivation and changes some details. Other
potential spin-off plotlines have occurred to me, and I have developed one.

A minor point of information: Mrs. Katrakos, mentioned below, appears in
4,15 as living in the apartment below Monica and Rachel, after the death
of Mr. Heckles.

Disclaimer: The Friends characters do not belong to me, but to Bright,
Kauffman and Crane Productions and Warner Bros. Their use is not intended
for profit, only for entertainment.

Friends: Ross's Lesson - Actions Have Consequences Part 1
Ross's Career As A Rapist Is Interrupted (M+F,nc,anal,oral,inc references)
by Exintaris ([email protected])

Chandler was over in Joey and Rachel's apartment, and along with Phoebe they
were trying to get him out of his depression at the state of his marriage. He
had unburdened himself of a lot that had been unknown to them, and finished
by saying, "Sometimes I feel she isn't the woman I married any longer."

No one could think of any immediate response to this. Finally Phoebe said,
"Well, let's hope Ross can talk some sense into her." After a pause, she
said, "Hasn't he been over there a hell of a long time?"

"Yeah," said Rachel reflectively. "Maybe I'll go over and see what gives."

"You think you ought to go walking around like that?" said Joey. Rachel had
been feeding Emma and had prepared for bed after she had gone to sleep. As
a result, she was wearing very little beneath her night robe, just a nighty
and panties.

"What, you think someone's gonna jump me in the hallway?" said Rachel
mirthfully. "How could they get into the block?"

She was rather abstracted as she approached the door of Chandler and Monica's
apartment, thinking what she might say to them both, and so did not really
notice the level of noise in there. But when she entered, she realised at
once that something was badly wrong. A whole bunch of rough-looking men were
gathered, mostly in a group that was cheering and shouting "Come on, baby!"
"One more time!" and similar things to whoever was in the middle of them.
Some had their pants down and were masturbating. In alarm, she hastily turned
back to the door, but her wrist was grabbed by someone who had seen her.

"Hey, what we got here?" cried the man cheerfully. "Boys, here's another one,
as good a looker as the first!"

Before Rachel could free herself several men had converged on her and her
robe was being stripped off. Thereafter everything happened so fast she
barely had time to think how to react. Before she was really aware of it,
she had been forced down on her knees, her nighty had been pulled off, and
someone had hold of her panties.

"No, no," she cried and began to struggle desperately, trying to hit out. She
opened her mouth to scream as loudly as she could, but a hand covered it, as
her panties were literally torn off. One pair of hands grabbed her arms and
held them behind her back, while others groped her breasts and began pushing
her legs apart. Tears sprang to her eyes, but she was not going to give up so
easily, and went on struggling. A fierce stab of pain indicated that someone
was trying to get his cock up her ass. The pain gave her added strength, and,
finally beginning to think of things she might do, she tightened her ass
muscles to resist and bit as hard as she could at the hand over her mouth.
The man whose hand she bit swore and jumped away, but the scream on her lips
died still-born as he jostled aside another man standing behind him, and
revealed what had been hidden from her before. There in the centre of the
group was Monica, totally naked, on her knees and energetically thrusting a
cucumber in and out of her cunt. She looked rather tired - her mouth hung
open and her hair was wet with sweat, plastered around her neck and
shoulders - but her expression was rapt, and it looked as if she could be
really enjoying what she was doing. Her face and body were spotted with shiny
patches of what looked like come. But the shock that Rachel got from this
sight was nothing to what she felt when she saw Ross to one side, apparently
wearing only a shirt and socks. He was filming Monica with a video camera,
his expression avid. In stunned horror at what she saw she relaxed her
muscles and gave the man behind her his chance. Before she knew it he was
penetrating her. This forced a loud enough noise out of her, despite there
being a hand over her mouth again, that everyone noticed and turned to them.

"Hey, hey, hey!" said a big man, coming forward. "What's going on? Who's

"She just came in," said the man muffling her.

"She was dressed for bed," said another, "so likely she's the slut's roomie,
and just like her."

"So you just grabbed her?" said the big man, sounding annoyed. "For God's
sake, lay off of her, Ray. We know nothing about her - she mighta come from
another apartment, even. You wanna end up in jail for rape?"

The man screwing Rachel obediently stopped and pulled out, and the hands that
had been holding her arms behind her back let go.

"What about her, Ross?" said the big man. "She a slut too?"

"The biggest, even worse than my sister," said Ross. He began to rant
drunkenly about the way Rachel had treated him. Some of the men looked
vaguely embarrassed, and the big man seemed rather impatient. Before very
long he interrupted firmly, "Okay, that's enough. Her giving you a hard
time don't say nothing about being a slut. What we want to know is, is she
ready to do anything, like your sister?"

Ross seemed slightly nonplussed for a moment. Then his brow cleared. "Yeah,
she is," he said, "but... Bert, will you let me try something, being as she
was my girl once?"

The big man, evidently Bert, inclined his head.

Ross leered at Rachel. "I'll give you a choice, Rachel," he said. "You can
go on entertaining these guys, or you can suck my cock right now, and then
maybe I'll forgive you and take you back, and ask these guys to lay off.
How's that sound?"

Rachel gaped at him for a moment. What had happened to the Ross she had
known? Clearly, he was drunk, but that did not explain this extraordinary
change of behaviour. She guessed that somehow he was behind this, that he
had manoeuvred if not forced Monica into it. With difficulty she kept
herself from displaying her surge of anger at thoughts of what Monica might
have had to endure. The anger gave her strength: she made a decision, to
get back at Ross some way, no matter what happened after that.

"Oh, I'd LIKE that, Ross," she said, trying to sound eager.

"Okay," he said, smiling cruelly. "Well, I'll just let Ray there finish
what he had begun, and," he looked round, making gestures towards her in a
hospitable way, "anyone else can help themselves while he's doing that, but
after that she's mine."

Rachel moaned in fury at this betrayal, then gasped as her legs were forced
apart, she was penetrated again, and Ray began pounding her ass. Another
man grabbed her right hand and put it on a large, completely erect cock.

"Get going, baby," he hissed. "I'm close already." She began clumsily to
jerk him off, not having done this for a long while. "Both hands," he
growled, and she obeyed, desperately trying to work on him and think what
she was going to do at the same time, while shutting out as far as possible
the pain in her ass and the fact that Ross was filming every moment of her
humiliation. Hardly had she begun when another, smaller, cock was presented
at her face.

"Suck on this, bitch," a hoarse voice said. With resignation, and relief
that at least having two men in front of her would prevent anyone getting
at her pussy, she began to suck and lick the cock. She tried to suppress as
much as she could any response to being screwed in the ass, and held in her
gasps of pain, although she could not prevent a few tears trickling down.
At least she seemed to be doing the rest right, because the men she was
working on moaned and closed their eyes in apparent ecstasy. Shortly the
one she was jerking off came, his first shot striking her on the breast,
later ones on her arms and hands; then the cock she was sucking shuddered
in her mouth and produced a limited amount - she imagined that he had come
at least once already - and finally Ray came up her ass with a loud and
triumphant grunt. Relieved that it was over, she spat the come out of her
mouth and tried to wipe it off her body. Various hands tried to grope her,
but she stopped that by smearing come on the first she could reach.

"It really don't look like she's enjoying this," said Bert in a voice of
doubt. "You on the level about her being a slut?"

"Believe me, she is," said Ross firmly. "But she's gone without for a while,
till her condition cleared up, you know," he winked confidentially, "and she
doesn't know you at all, so that could be why she doesn't seem keen. She's
clean now, by the way."

"She sure has great boobs," Bert said appreciatively. "Okay, guys, let's
watch her with Ross."

Rachel gasped again as she was finally let go. She shuffled forward on her
knees and looked up at Ross. Everyone turned their attention to them. Monica
had stopped what she was doing and was looking at Rachel in a rather dazed

"Please let me see that great cock again, Ross," Rachel said, trying to
look humble and appealing. "I can't wait to suck it, the way I used to do."

Ross smiled triumphantly, evidently pleased at her self-abasement, and pulled
his shirt aside. He was already half erect. She moved closer, put a hand on
his cock and stroked it gently, smiling up into the camera he held on her.

Suddenly his face showed apprehension. "Don't you dare bite me," he

"Oh no, Ross, I wouldn't do anything like that," she said, reaching out to
fondle his balls gently. He relaxed, smirking.

"But I will do 'this'!" she yelled, grabbing his balls in both hands and
squeezing with all her might. "This is for Monica and me both!"

Ross's scream as he collapsed, dropping the video camera, must have been
heard throughout the building. Almost immediately, feet were heard in the
apartment above.

Throwing herself between the momentarily stunned men, Rachel knelt down
beside Monica, who was now gazing at her open-mouthed, and hugged her tight,
careless of getting more come on herself.

"Mon honey, my poor darling, what have they done to you?" she cried. "What
has Ross done?" Without waiting for an answer, she turned and yelled at the
men, still frozen in position, "Did he tell you she's not just his sister,
she's 'married', and this is 'her' apartment? I bet he didn't, any more than
he told you that I'm the mother of his 'baby', through no one's fault but
his own!" She spat out the last words.

Most of the men were now looking uneasy, and some even seemed abashed before
her rage. All began pulling pants up and otherwise adjusting their clothes.

Bert shook his head; even he looked unsettled. "He never said she was
'married'." He stepped across to Ross and kicked him hard in the ribs, making
him fold up with a cry. "You cocksucker!" he said viciously, and bent down to
hit him full in the face, getting another choked cry out of Ross, then picked
up the camera.

"Incriminating evidence," he said to Rachel, with a twisted grin. "I'm real
sorry about this, miss. Come on, guys, let's screw out of here."

Just then the door was flung open and Phoebe, Joey and Chandler burst in,
each with a weapon: Joey had a baseball bat, Chandler a golf club, Phoebe a
rolling pin and big kitchen knife. There seemed to be others behind them in
the hallway, and the sounds of voices and running feet could be heard.

"Just what the hell is going on?" yelled Phoebe.

"We're leaving," said Bert, moving forward confidently. "Don't try to stop
us. We was invited in, though we wasn't given the whole story, seems like."

Chandler quailed as Bert pulled out a knife, but Phoebe and Joey stood their
ground. Phoebe's glance flicked around, and lighted on Rachel and Monica. Her
face set in a mask of controlled rage.

"You fucking rapists will have to come through us!" she spat. "Invited in,
yeah, like I'll believe 'that'!"

"Hold on, Phoebe," said Chandler quietly. "How did you get in, anyway?"

Bert said, "We was walking down the street, aiming to hunt up some fun, when
this Ross came running, really excited, and he asked us if we wanted the best
blowjob inna world, absolutely free. Said his sister was a real slut, would
do anything. So, well, we was up for it."

"And did she give you the best blowjob in the world?" said Chandler calmly,
ignoring the shocked gasps of his friends at this.

"Oh yeah!" Bert said enthusiastically. "We was kinda surprised at first, to
find her all tied up and gagged, but he said that was part of the deal, she
liked that. And when he untied her, he said something to her I didn't catch,
and after that she was keen. Wasn't no rape."

Rachel felt Monica seem to cringe and shudder. "Yeah, and me?" she cried.
"The man you called Ray raped 'me' up the ass, and others have abused me."

Bert seemed to wince. "Yeah, like I said, I'm real sorry about that. Here,
guys, some compensation for the little lady." He reached into his pocket and
threw some notes on the floor, then looked across threateningly. Rather
grudgingly, the three men who had used her did the same.

"It's not like you're gonna get pregnant or anything," he said to Rachel in
a placatory tone, "and none of us got any diseases, that I know of."

"Why not some for Monica too?" said Rachel boldly. "After all, she's given
you a good time, hasn't she, and Ross was lying - she's no more a slut than
I am."

Bert looked at her in a rather hostile way, but she was feeling mad enough
to stare him down. Reluctantly he smiled. "Well, she sure behaved like one
tonight, but maybe you have a point. Okay, guys, we should pay something
for our fun." He threw down some more notes, and so did all the others.
Then he turned back to Phoebe and those with her. "Now, are you gonna step
out of our way, miss, or are we gonna have to get rough? People could get

"You think you can 'buy' your way out of this?" Phoebe yelled, but then
Monica called in a rather hoarse voice, "Pheebs, let them pass. It's ... all
my fault."

"I can't believe that," said Phoebe stoutly. "And what has Ross done? Why
were you tied up?"

Monica sighed and rubbed her forehead, as if trying to think. "I ...
brought it on myself ... Please, just ... let them go ... so there's no
worse trouble."

Rachel hugged her again, her mind in a whirl. How could Monica possibly have
driven Ross to this? Chandler looked bleak, Joey baffled but determined,
Phoebe obstinate. Just then Treeger arrived, holding a large wrench, and
pushed through the crowd that had assembled by the doorway.

"What's going on here?" he said gruffly. "Mrs. Katrakos has been hearing
noises, and a scream that was so bad she had me call the cops, but they're
still on their way."

Chandler stepped forward and confronted Bert. "Give me the camera," he said
quietly, "and you can go."

Bert looked uncertain, and Chandler said more insistently, "I'm her husband,
damn it, and that's our camera. I have a right to know what my bitch of a
wife has done, don't you think?"

"Sorry, man," Bert said gruffly. He seemed almost contrite. "We wouldn'ta
done it if we'da known, she was someone's wife. But you should know, in my
book she 'is' a slut, and that brother of hers is a degenerate." He hefted
the camera, looking uneasy. "You, um, you will keep this to yourself? No
court case? Because that could turn out badly for you. We know where you
live, now." His voice was briefly menacing.

"No court case, I swear," said Chandler, looking at him intently.

Bert nodded and handed him the camera. "I'm trusting you, man."

"Okay, Treeger, please let them pass, and tell the police it's all been
settled," Chandler said. "I believe this man when he says they were invited

Treeger shook his head at him. "I don't like it, but it's your decision, I
guess. Okay, people, let these men through." He looked back at Chandler.
"The scream?"

"That was Ross, the bastard," cried Rachel fiercely. "He won't take any
lasting harm."

Treeger glanced at her, and then quickly away.

"Rachel, please let's keep the details to ourselves," said Chandler urgently.
"We can sort this out privately, can't we?"

He looked at her almost pleadingly, and she nodded. Treeger grunted "Okay,"
turned and followed the departing men.

Then Phoebe rushed forward and knelt down in front of Rachel and Monica.
"Guys, are you okay?" she said in anguished tones.

"I am, more or less," said Rachel. "Only one guy actually did me, and that
was up the ass. But God only knows what's been done to Monica."

She stood up, wincing slightly at a sharp twinge in her ass. Something that
might be blood or come trickled down. "Look after Mon, please, Pheebs," she
said, "while I get tissues and a robe for her."

Totally ignoring the fact that she was naked, which just did not seem
important any more, she walked around looking for her robe and nighty and put
them on, while Chandler and Joey tried not to look at her. While searching,
she noticed a torn dress that she recognised as Monica's, some ribbons, and
various stains, including traces of burning. Then she went into Monica's
bedroom and returned with a robe and a box of tissues. Phoebe was hugging
Monica, who still seemed rather dazed, and whispering comfortingly to her,
and Chandler and Joey were talking to people who had come from the other
apartments and had not dispersed.

Rachel knelt down by Monica and began wiping the come off as well as she
could. Monica now focussed on Rachel's face, smiled, and reached out a hand
to grip her wrist strongly.

"Thanks," she said simply. "Thanks for what you did to Ross."

"Why, what did you do?" said Phoebe to Rachel, looking curious.

"I gave him a balls squeeze," said Rachel ferociously. "The damn fool thought
I was ready to blow him, in front of them all, after all the lies he'd told
about me 'and' giving a man permission to take my ass."

Phoebe's eyes widened. "Smart thinking, Rach!"

Rachel snickered. "I guess he must have had some kind of premonition, because
at the last moment he was afraid I was gonna bite him. And I would have done,
if I'd gotten a chance!" she added in a vicious tone. "I'll bet you would
have too, Pheebs, if you'd been in my position, though of course you don't
have any history with him."

"I'd have bitten it in half, if I'd known he'd done anything to Monica!" said
Phoebe, eyes flashing.

Monica cleared her throat and spat on the carpet, to Rachel's surprise. What
came out looked like more come. "Could I have a drink?" she said hoarsely. "I
really need one."

Phoebe ran to the fridge and got a juice. Monica took a long pull, and sighed
in satisfaction.

"Thanks, guys," she said a little hesitantly. "But I meant what I said just
now. Ross is not entirely to blame. I've been ... a very bad girl."

"Whatever you did shouldn't have given Ross the idea that he could bring in
a bunch to gangbang you," said Phoebe vehemently. "At least, I assume that's
what happened."

Monica nodded. "Mostly I had to blow them or jerk them off, though some
screwed me ..." Suddenly her eyes looked haunted. "But, oh Pheebs, I got into
it 'so much'! I was taking them on two, three, four at a time! I felt like I
could go on all night, and I 'wanted' to!"

"You looked pretty tired when I first saw you," said Rachel in a neutral

"I was tired, yes," said Monica, "but I had this, this 'urge' to keep going."
She hung her head and rubbed a hand across her eyes. "It showed me, I'm a
real slut at heart." She gave a little sob.

Gently Phoebe put a hand on her shoulder. "Don't feel too badly, Mon. You had
been feeling very frustrated and horny, I guess, because of these problems
with Chandler, and ... well, I can sympathise, because I've been there, once.
It's, like, liberating just to let go and let it happen. You can get an
incredible high." She lowered her voice. "To tell the truth, I've never had
such a powerful sexual experience since."

Monica nodded. "I came and came! Between them, Ross, and me, the carpet's
an absolute 'mess'!"

Rachel and Phoebe caught each other's eye and could not help smiling. How
like Monica to worry about the state of the carpet!

"What did Ross do?" Rachel asked rather hesitantly, as she draped the robe
around Monica, having cleaned her up as best she could.

Monica frowned. "What didn't he do? The worst is, he didn't use a condom,
so he could have made me pregnant." The other two gasped and looked over
at Ross, who was still lying on the floor, curled into an almost foetal
position, moaning occasionally. "At least the others used condoms when they
screwed me," she went on, "though that was because they were told to, for
their own protection, by that big man Bert."

They heard the door shut, and Chandler and Joey came over, looking grim.

"Okay," said Chandler in a harsh voice. "I'm not gonna ask you what happened,
Monica, as I'm sure you'll lie. We'll see what this video shows."

Monica gave a little gasp, looking stricken, and the other two looked at
Chandler very reproachfully.

"Not even gonna give her a chance to explain anything?" Phoebe asked a bit

"You heard what that man Bert said about how they got in," said Rachel hotly.
"From that and what Monica's said to us, Ross has got a 'lot' to answer for!"

Chandler's face twisted. "You stick together, don't you? Well, I want to get
to the bottom of this, if I can, to see who is most to blame."

"Doesn't look like you'll get much out of Ross for a while," said Joey,
glancing over at him. "What happened to him, anyway?"

"Rachel gave him a balls squeeze," said Phoebe with relish.

Joey blanched. "Why would you do that?" he said to Rachel in horrorstruck

"To pay him out for what he'd done to Monica and me, of course," Rachel
snapped, "and for what he said about me, and was gonna make me do."

Joey looked taken aback. "What the hell happened in here? Just what did Ross

"Have you still not realised what went on in here?" Rachel almost screamed.
"Weren't you listening? Can't you see that Ross is half naked? He's raped
Monica, more than once is my guess, and he brought those men here and let
them do more, probably encouraged them to, like he did with me ... and the
utter shitbag filmed it all as well." She hugged Monica and glared at Joey.

"Oh," said Joey rather blankly.

Chandler sighed very deeply. "Okay, we'd better hear what Monica has to say."

"You're darned right you should," said Phoebe severely. "But I think we could
all do with a drink first."

She went to the fridge, commenting that all the beer had gone and most of the
soft drinks. Indeed, there were empty bottles all over the kitchen table and
in various other places.

"Yeah, Ross offered drinks around," said Monica bitterly. "It was a real male
bonding session."

Rachel helped Monica to her feet and led her over to the couch, Chandler took
a chair, and Joey did likewise, after collecting up the money on the floor
and putting it on the table. Thinking she could share it with Monica later,
Rachel put it in her robe pocket.

"Okay, Monica, tell us how this all started, but please be honest with me,"
said Chandler in a milder voice, as Phoebe sat down on the other side of her
from Rachel.

Monica drew a breath, and in a low, sometimes hesitant voice told how she had
effectively come on to Ross, wanting him to praise her breasts and say how
hot she was. When she described how he had knocked her down and torn off her
dress, Phoebe gasped and hugged her tightly. Then Monica's voice really began
to falter, as she told how Ross had cowed her into submission by threatening
her beloved ribbon drawer.

Chandler frowned heavily. "But surely you wouldn't do whatever he wanted just
to save some ribbons, would you?" he said, his voice harsh again. "You're a
grown woman, not nine years old. There was something else, wasn't there?"

"Yes," Monica whispered.

"What was it?" he pressed.

There was a silence. Monica tried to speak, then burst into tears. Phoebe and
Rachel looked angrily at Chandler, but he glared right back.

"I think she wanted to do it," he said bluntly. "Maybe she's always had a
hankering for her brother's cock."

"No!" Monica cried sharply. "No," she repeated more quietly, "not always.
That was the first time I'd ever seen his adult cock, in fact. But, oh God,
when I did ... I was 'so' tempted. Bear me out, Rach: Ross has one very
fine cock."

"Yeah," said Rachel soberly, "she's right. If you're into cock, Ross's has
to be one of the best in New York, and he knows what to do with it, I'll give
him that."

"I had gotten so horny," Monica continued through her sobs, "and I, I just
couldn't control my urges ... And Ross was so, so ..." She seemed in search
of a word.

"Dominating?" Chandler offered.

Monica nodded. "Yeah. I'd never have thought I'd enjoy that, but," suddenly
her face twisted, "but I found myself 'really' liking it!" She broke down and
hid her face in her hands, then looked up again, trying to control herself.
"So, so ... I w-went along, pretending to be frightened of him. That's when
the tape starts, with me begging to blow him like he told me to."

Chandler nodded. "And you enjoyed doing that?" His voice showed no emotion.

"Oh God, yes, I did," Monica wailed. "But that wasn't enough for him. He tied
my arms behind my back, and, and he r-raped me from behind." Her voice began
to rise. "One part of me hated what he was doing, but ... I couldn't help my
body responding, Chandler! I'm sorry, but I couldn't help coming! I'd gone
without for so long!"

"And then?" Chandler said, his face impassive.

"I was trying to get him to stop videoing it all, but he only got even more
m-mad," Monica went on, sobbing occasionally and stammering a little. "He, he
pulled me onto the balcony and threw me against the wall and screwed me up
the ass." Her voice shook more. "I was yelling - you know I've never taken it
up the ass - but he didn't care. I think he wanted people outside to know
about it, but of course it was dark, and I doubt anybody could see or even
hear what was going on." She sighed again. "Then, when he'd done that, he
brought me back in here, tied my legs and gagged me, and went out. In a
while, he came back with those men."

Chandler's face was now very drawn, but his voice did not change. "And you
willingly prostituted yourself to them?"

"I didn't have much choice," said Monica unhappily. "Ross had told them I
was a slut who would do anything. He threatened me with doing damage in the
apartment also, but really I gave in because I thought I would be forced
anyway. But ..." she sighed heavily, "I have to admit ... I quickly became
very excited. I got such a tremendous charge from being the centre of
attention, and able to please all those men, and, well, I can't deny it, I
got a lot of pleasure too." She looked up at Chandler, pain and desperation
in her face. "I guess it was my instinct to be best coming out a different
way. I'm so 'sorry', Chandler, really really sorry, but I'm trying to be
honest, like you want. You can see all that on the tape."

Chandler turned to Rachel. "What was going on when you walked in?"

"I couldn't see at first - they were all round her," Rachel said. "Later, I
caught sight of her. She was ..." She stopped and looked at Monica. "I won't
tell, if you don't want me to."

"Go ahead," said Monica quietly. "Chandler deserves to know it all."

"She was screwing herself with a cucumber," said Rachel. "They were all
cheering her on, and I guess some were aiming to come on her. She had a lot
of come on her already."

"And what happened to you?" said Chandler, his face looking even more

"Basically, I was grabbed, stripped, and screwed up the ass," said Rachel
curtly. "Not all at once, though, for that big guy Bert made them stop,
wanting to know who I was. Ross said I was a bigger slut than Monica, and
he encouraged this guy Ray, who already had hold of me, to fuck my ass, and
he also offered me to anyone for one round - I had to jerk off one guy and
blow another. That was after he'd offered me this deal, that if I blew him,
he might forgive me and take me back. So I pretended I wanted that, to get
close enough to fix him."

"Lying bitch," said Ross in a weak voice.

They all turned to look at him. "'I'm' the liar?" Rachel flared. "You said
Monica was a complete slut who'd do anything, and that I was too! And you hid
the truth: you never told them she was married, or that I was Emma's mother."

"Monica 'is' a slut, like all you prick-teasing whores," Ross sneered. "She
asked for it, shoving her new tits in my face, wanting me to tell her she was
hot ..." His voice was hoarse. He coughed, and groaned. "And don't think she
didn't like it! She got off on it 'big time'! She came just from sucking my
cock, didn't you, 'sister'!"

"You shut up," Phoebe yelled. "You're in enough trouble as it is."

"How did Monica look to you?" said Chandler to Rachel.

She was saddened by the pain in his eyes, but after what Monica had said
there seemed little point in covering up. "Like she was really into it ...
sort of wild."

"Yeah," said Phoebe, "I can relate to that."

Chandler and Joey looked at her. "How d'you mean, Pheebs?" Joey asked.

Phoebe's face was serious. "I've already told Monica and Rachel, something
like this once happened to me. I went sorta wild, too. It's not so
surprising, if you like sex a lot. A man couldn't go on like that, you see,
because once he's come, he calms down, that's generally it for a while. But
a woman can build up her state of excitement and keep on climaxing."

"What did I say? You're all whores," said Ross with a sort of triumph in
his voice.

Phoebe got up, stepped across to him with a stony expression, and slapped
him very hard across the face. "Was I a whore when I tried to comfort you,
right after you'd found out Carol was lesbian?" she yelled. "Were we whores
when we hugged you, when you realised it was all over with Emily? We've
given you 'years' of love and support and, yeah, up until now you three men
have returned it. I just don't understand why you did this, why you've
turned into this 'monster'! Maybe some evil spirit has possessed you."

Ross had turned his face away. In a moment he said in a muffled voice, "I
wouldn't have hurt 'you', Phoebe."

Phoebe snorted disbelievingly, returned to her place by Monica, and put her
arms round her. She looked defiantly at Chandler and Joey. "Try to forgive
her, won't you? It's not like she's ever done anything like this before."

"Yeah, but would she do it again?" said Chandler in a bleak voice.

Monica started sobbing once more. Rachel and Phoebe tried to comfort her,
looking incredulously at Chandler.

"I'm completely serious," he insisted. "Monica has been honest about how
exciting she found it, and okay, I respect her for her honesty. But you can
see why I feel bound to ask if she'd do it again, without being forced."

"Dude ..." said Joey very uneasily.

"I'm her husband," Chandler snapped. "I have a right to know the answer."

"Yeah, but to ask in front of us all ..." said Joey in a low voice, looking
very pained.

"I just don't know the answer," Monica wailed. "I, I know I must try to
forget what I felt, though it was ... Oh damn you, Ross," she cried from the
heart, "you may have ruined me for a normal relationship! But don't think
that means I'll ever let you near me again!"

"Sure?" said Ross, sneering. "When I took your ass the second time, in front
of all those guys, you were in heaven."

"Get out!" Chandler yelled, suddenly losing his almost unnatural control.
"Get dressed and get out, you complete and utter 'bastard'! Does our
friendship mean 'nothing' to you, that you could not just do this to my
wife, but boast of it, when I'm right here?"

Ross looked completely taken aback. His mouth opened and shut for a while,
then he said in a much more subdued voice, "Sorry, Chandler. I, um, well,
you know, this was all between me and Monica. I, er, I guess ... I wasn't
thinking of you."

"Obviously," said Chandler with maximum sarcasm. "Anyway, you heard what I
said. Get out of my sight - and never come back!" He yelled the last words.

Now Ross looked stricken. "What, 'never'?" he stammered.

"You think you can be forgiven for something like this?" Joey yelled. "Get
the hell out of here before I kick your ass seven ways from Sunday, for what
you've done to Chandler! I never want to see you again either."

"And don't expect me to let you have access to Emma any more," said Rachel
sharply. "I'll go to court to get a restraining order, if necessary."

Ross looked stunned. "But, but ... she's my daughter," he protested, his
voice now weak.

"You think that means I'm just gonna 'overlook' the fact that you encouraged
those men to use me, and had so little respect for me you even suggested I'd
had treatment for an STD?" she said coldly. "I think any court would agree,
that would make you a most unsuitable father, especially for a girl. I'll
tell it all if I have to, Ross, don't think I won't."

"And what about Ben?" Monica wailed. "What am I gonna tell Carol, and how
can I explain to mom and dad that I can't bear to see you any more? Oh Ross,
Ross!" She broke down in tears again.

Ross's expression indicated that he was finally beginning to appreciate the
consequences of his actions. "Why didn't you say all this before?" he croaked
to Monica. "I ... I would have stopped."

Phoebe laughed jeeringly. "Like hell you would! You were on a power trip,
weren't you? And anyway, why put it on her? Why didn't you think of it
'yourself', Mister Smart-Ass Professor Guy?"

"I ... I was drunk," Ross stammered.

"Not too drunk to know what you were doing," said Rachel icily. "That might
work for one grab at her, but you went on and on."

"I did try to, to warn you," Monica sobbed, "but you just got mad." She
looked at Chandler rather desperately. "I swear I didn't encourage him, once
I realised he was gonna really rape me."

Chandler nodded. "Okay, I'll accept that," he said coolly. "Right, Ross,
on your way. If Monica becomes pregnant because of you, I'll," his voice
faltered, "I'll have to think about that."

Ross looked at the faces of the people who had been his friends, and found
them implacable. He got to his feet, wincing and groaning, found his boxers,
pants, coat and shoes and put them on, while they watched in silence. Then,
head down and rather hunched over, as if still in pain, he shuffled out.

"Hadn't you better check on Emma?" said Phoebe to Rachel suddenly.

"Oh my God!" said Rachel, jumping up. "She should be okay, but ... I'll be
right back."

"I'll come with you," said Joey. "No telling what Ross might do."

Rachel looked at him gratefully. "Thanks, Joey," she said. She hugged his
arm. "You may love 'em and leave 'em, but you don't abuse them, do you, Joey?
You don't think of us all as prick-teasers?"

"Hell no!" said Joey vehemently. "I can't stand men who spout that kind of
crap, and I can't understand how Ross could have gone like this."

When they stepped into the corridor, at once they encountered Ross, sitting
on the step, head in his hands, weeping.

"Oh God," said Rachel softly.

"Leave him," said Joey harshly. "He's had his fun. Now he's got to pay the

But Rachel could not do that. Seeing Ross breaking down like this reminded
her of all the time they had been close friends. She decided to ask about
something that had been bothering her more and more.

"Why did you do it, Ross?" she said. "It wasn't just that she was shoving
her boobs under your nose and you finally flipped, was it?"

Ross turned a tear-besmeared face towards her, mouth open in apparent
surprise. But he turned away again without answering.

"What do you mean, Rach?" said Joey, sounding interested.

"The way he went on and on at Monica, it's like something really strong was
driving him," said Rachel. Suddenly illumination dawned. "I know," she cried
excitedly, "you were punishing her! Because you wanted her, maybe you've
always wanted her on some level, ever since she got so slim and beautiful.
'That's' why you were so mad when you found out about her and Chandler - you
were 'jealous'!"

Ross still made no response, but a detectable hunching of his shoulders as
she spelled it out suggested that she had hit the mark.

"Say, that sorta makes sense," said Joey slowly. "But ... is that Emma I

"Oh my God," cried Rachel, and rushed into the apartment, to find it totally
quiet. She still ran to Emma's cot to reassure herself, and once there gazed
lovingly at her baby, whose presence in her life made everything so much
better. The sting of humiliation left by the rape, which she had partly
dissipated by taking revenge on Ross, now seemed further soothed. She turned
as Joey came into the room.

"Why did you do that?" she asked, a little irritated.

"You were starting to sympathise with him," he said. "He doesn't deserve it."

"No, I guess not," said Rachel, but she did not sound totally convinced. She
had known for a long time that Ross had his demons, that drove him sometimes
into strange behaviour. Now she felt that she had identified the worst one,
which Monica's unwise actions had brought to the surface. She suspected that
its effect had been strengthened by his underlying resentment of Rachel
herself for everything that, in his view, she had put him through. This might
explain his references to prick-teasing whores and the like.

"Will you stay here, Joe?" she said. "I'm gonna go back to Monica; she may
need me. Get me at once if Emma starts crying."

"Sure," he said, willingly enough, but his face was clouded. "So, you're
gonna take her side?"

"There's no sides in this, Joe," she said. "This has been traumatic for her
as well as for Chandler. Surely you could see, Monica's full of remorse now?"

Joey grunted but did not look persuaded.

When Rachel returned, it was to find Chandler watching the tape, while
Monica was held in Phoebe's embrace, her face turned into Phoebe's shoulder.
Monica's voice as she begged to blow Ross was coming through loud and clear.

For some reason this made Rachel really mad. "For God's sake turn that off,
Chandler!" she cried. "What are you trying to do, drive her into a nervous
breakdown? She's confessed everything. Anyway, I have something to say that
is very relevant to all of this."

Chandler looked at her in a rather hostile fashion, but he did turn off
the video. Rachel then put forward her theory, to which they paid close

Monica did not seem wholly convinced. "He never seemed jealous of my
boyfriends before Chandler, though he disapproved of many of them. But
perhaps, because Chandler was his best friend ..." She left the sentence

"It could make sense," said Chandler heavily. "But I'm not sure how relevant
it is to me and Monica." He got to his feet. "I'm bushed. Rach, can I sleep
in your room tonight, and you stay over here?"

Rachel looked at him in surprise. "You can't look after Emma, and I'm not
moving her at this time of night. Why don't you use your spare room?"

Chandler looked unhappy but obstinate. "I don't want to be in the same
apartment with her at the moment."

Monica sobbed and put a hand over her eyes.

"Okay," said Rachel, trying to show Chandler understanding, though Phoebe
was glaring at him. "Mon, why don't you come over and share my bed - there's
room enough for two. I think we should all get some sleep now, and talk more
in the morning."

"Thanks, Rach," said Monica softly. "I think that's the best solution. Could
I use your shower too?"

"Of course," said Rachel. "I need to clean up myself. Come along." She held
out her hand to Monica, who got up and followed her out of the apartment
obediently. At the door Rachel said, "Night, Chandler - night, Phoebe."

Phoebe replied cheerfully enough; Chandler did not.


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