Friends: Ross's Lesson - Actions Have Consequences Part 3: Ross's Redemption
(FM, MM, anal, nc; FFF, MFF; FFM, anal, MFF)
by Exintaris ([email protected])

It was not until the early evening that the others returned, shepherding a
rather pale and unwell-looking Ross with them. Rachel could not help feeling
a pang of sympathy for him as he turned a face of misery towards her. By
this time Emma had had her afternoon nap and was crawling around the floor
investigating things.

"I'm sorry, Rachel," Ross croaked, "really sorry."

He certainly looked it, Rachel thought. "I think you are," she said, "but
you're gonna have to show it, Ross."

"I know," he said lugubriously. His glance fell on Emma, and his face
lightened. "I do love her, you know," he said.

"I never doubted it, Ross," she replied quite gently.

"But not only don't you love her mother - which it would not be fair to
expect - but you have treated her very badly," said Phoebe severely.

Ross seemed to cringe. "I was drunk," he mumbled.

Phoebe stepped forward and slapped him across the face, which made everyone
gasp. Ross looked at her with an absolutely stricken expression.

"Take responsibility for your actions, Ross," she yelled. "Don't hide behind
excuses like being drunk. Confront the real motivations you had for doing
what you did to Monica and Rachel."

Ross looked around as if for help.

"Sit," said Chandler firmly, pointing to a chair. Hastily Ross sat. Chandler,
Joey and Phoebe took position opposite him, with Phoebe in the middle, while
Monica moved to stand with Rachel. She was looking distressed.

"What is it, honey?" Rachel asked sympathetically.

"Oh God, Rach," Monica muttered. "I can't be near him. My whole body seems
to remember."

"I know what you mean," said Rachel, putting an arm round her waist. She
leaned close and whispered, "It is a very fine cock."

Monica flushed. "I'm such a slut," she said unhappily.

"Hush, don't say that," said Rachel consolingly. "It looks like you can't
really help it, and we all love you, more than before if anything." She

Looking heartened, Monica smiled at her. "Can I play with Emma, to take my
mind off Ross?"

"Go ahead," said Rachel, "because I think I ought to pay attention to this."

Monica took Emma into the kitchen area with a bunch of toys, and Rachel
turned to the others, to find that Ross was being given a quiet but
mercilessly frank analysis by Chandler and Phoebe of his behaviour and all
the episodes where he could be considered at fault. His protests simply
produced more analysis. They forced him to confess to a deep underlying
resentment of his treatment by Rachel, and demonstrated how unreasonable
this was overall, even if Rachel had sometimes been partly to blame.

"And now we come to it," said Chandler. "Mon, could you join us, please?"

Looking a little apprehensive, Monica did so, handing Emma over to Rachel,
who walked around with her and played various little games while trying to
take in what was going on.

"You've heard Rachel's theory," said Chandler, "so tell the truth, please.
Were you so brutal to Monica because you've been wanting her on some level
for a long time? Were you punishing her for tempting you, when you couldn't
have sex with her? Have you always been jealous of me?"

Ross seemed to shrink in his seat. "Not ... always. But," he swallowed,
"yeah, sometimes ... I have felt ... a bit like that."

"You have been wanting her?" Chandler pursued, fixing a very intent gaze on

"Yes," Ross muttered, looking down.

"And, Monica, have you told the entire truth about why you tempted Ross? It
may help him if he knows," Chandler continued.

Monica hung her head. "Okay, the entire truth is, I have sometimes felt ...
attracted to him. And when I ... came on to him, not only was I horny ... oh
God, Chandler, I was mad at you, I partly did it to pay you out! I could
have resisted, but ... it seemed so exciting, to do something really wicked.
I surrendered to temptation." She clasped her hands in her lap, head
hanging, looking very ashamed.

Chandler did not look mad; he smiled. "Good girl," he said approvingly.

She looked up, her face lightening. "You're not mad?"

"Only a little," said Chandler. "You see, I guessed that was part of your

"Do you want to spank me?" she said, sounding as if she wanted him to.

Chandler laughed. "Later, perhaps. So you see, Ross, Monica let you think
you had scared her into submission, but really she was using you to satisfy
her urges and get back at me. But then ..."

"I didn't have much choice, once I had made that mistake," said Monica in a
rather bleak tone.

"Right," said Chandler, "which brings us to the second part of the evening.
You have done very wrong, Ross. You have multiply abused your own sister,
and encouraged the abuse of her and Rachel by other men. It's no thanks to
you if they have not caught any diseases; Monica might even have become
pregnant. You would be executed for this in many societies. So it's only
fair that you accept punishment. Take down your pants."

"Huh?" went Ross, looking stunned.

"Take down your pants," Chandler repeated patiently.

Ross still hesitated. "Why?"

"Ross, if you don't do as I say, then all chances of a deal are off,"
Chandler snapped.

With a defeated look, Ross took down his pants. Monica gave a little gasp
and turned her head away abruptly.

"I can't see this," she said to Chandler. "I, I ..." She flushed.

"Is seeing him ... affecting you?" said Chandler quietly.

Monica nodded, looking miserable. "It's like wanting a drug."

"Come here, darling," he said gently. When she did he put an arm round her.

"Don't let it upset you," he said. "It's less than twenty four hours ago,
so it's not surprising that there should be some after-effects. I'm not mad;
in fact, I'm pleased you've admitted it. So, you don't want to help punish

"I'll do it if you want me to," she said, "but I'd rather not."

"Well, Emma certainly shouldn't be around for this," said Chandler. "Why
don't you and Rach take her into the bedroom?"

So Monica and Rachel heard but did not see Ross's punishment. The sounds
indicated that he was being beaten with something, though they could not
make out what. It must have been painful, for he produced loud though
muffled noises; evidently he had been gagged. Rachel could see that Monica
was feeling very unhappy about this, and when it was time for Emma to have
a final feed, she removed her dress and wordlessly offered Monica her other
breast. It seemed to comfort her a good deal. When Emma could finally be
put down to sleep, Rachel took Monica into her arms. At first she just
hugged her comfortingly, but eventually Monica kissed her cheek, and she
kissed back. They had hardly begun to make out, however, when Joey knocked
on the door.

"Chandler thinks it would help drive the lesson home, if you saw this," he

Rachel put her dress back on and they went out, to see Ross tied over a
chair, naked, his butt covered with red marks, some of which even looked a
little bloody. A tennis racket to one side solved the mystery of what he
had been beaten with. Phoebe had taken off her skirt and panties and was
fitting on a long but thin strap-on. She smiled at them.

"I'm gonna give him a screwing he won't forget," she said with relish.

Ross moaned, seemingly in protest, but was ignored. Rachel felt pity rather
than satisfaction at the sight of him, but she acknowledged that he certainly
could be thought to deserve this. When she was ready, Phoebe approached him
and fondled his butt. He shuddered and made high-pitched noises that sounded
like impassioned pleading. Chandler certainly chose to interpret them that

"Monica pleaded with you, but that didn't stop you," he remarked. "Okay,
Phoebe, take it away."

Phoebe felt around for a bit, then placed the cockhead and pushed. Ross
drew in a breath sharply. She pushed harder, and he moaned. Then she took
hold of his hips and drove in with considerable force, and he produced a
choked scream.

"How does it feel, Ross, huh?" said Phoebe savagely. "How does it feel to
be on the receiving end for a change?" She began a strong screwing motion,
getting sharp grunts of pain out of him at each stroke. "Not such a master
of the universe now, are you?" she said derisively, "getting screwed by a

Ross moaned again. Phoebe turned to Monica and Rachel, never pausing in her
movement. "You should absolutely try this!" she cried gleefully. "It's a
weird feeling, but definitely good!"

Rachel certainly found that seeing Phoebe dominate Ross in this way had a
strangely exciting effect on her. Now she noticed something. "Oh my God,
Ross is getting an erection!" she cried.

Phoebe giggled and continued to thrust in hard. "Wow, I must be good."

"We can't have him liking it," said Chandler. "Sorry, Pheebs, I think you
should stop."

Phoebe shook her head. "You're gonna have to haul me off if you want that,
because I want to finish. Mon, maybe you should put a towel down, to catch
the fallout."

"Oh yeah!" said Monica, and hurried off to get an old towel. She laid it
under Ross and went back to stand by Rachel.

"How're you feeling?" said Chandler to her. "You were pretty close to him

Monica looked surprised. "So I was, and I didn't feel anything special. Oh
Chandler, maybe watching this is curing me!" She flung her arms round him
and beamed as he held her to his chest.

Phoebe's face was now flushed and she was beginning to breathe heavily and
moan a little herself, but her thrusts came just as hard. Ross's grunts now
suggested arousal rather than pain, and he seemed to be pushing forward with
his hips. Finally she seemed to launch herself into him even harder than
before, with a scream, and then ground against him. Ross's cock twitched and
he began to shed his seed.

Monica, who had turned to watch again, now with Chandler's arm around her,
drew in a breath. "Um, Chandler, do you think I could do that?" she asked.

"Do you want to?" he asked in some surprise.

"I do now," she said. "Warching this has really changed my attitude."

"Okay," said Chandler. "Would you strip to do it?"

"Sure," said Monica eagerly.

"Why don't you use a bigger strap-on, even?" Phoebe suggested, as she pulled
away from Ross and wiped her forehead, looking quite composed again. "He
might like that even more." She pinched Ross's butt in a rather affectionate

All was arranged, and with Phoebe's help Monica mounted Ross and was
soon screwing away, at a slower pace than Phoebe had used but with a very
determined look. Ross groaned as she entered him, but his noises thereafter
increasingly suggested that he was getting pleasure from it. Monica certainly
was, panting and groaning with evident enjoyment, her mouth open in a broad
grin. She turned to Chandler and Rachel.

"This is doing me so much good," she cried. "I really feel like I'm getting

Quite quickly she was breathing very heavily, as she began to drive in
harder and harder. Finally she came with a sharp cry, throwing her body on
Ross's, which seemed to stimulate him, for he ejaculated again with a

"Okay, you've got your pleasure from him," said Chandler in a tone of
satisfaction. "Now, Joey, what say we screw Ross?"

Joey looked surprised for a moment, then snickered. "You first."

Chandler took off his pants, showing an impressive erection, and stepped up
confidently. "Let's see how you like this, Ross," he said a little viciously.
"And, just for the record, I'm not doing this because I'm gay, but to pay you

Rachel was so fascinated that she hardly noticed Monica sit down again beside
her, but she turned when Monica put a hand on her knee.

"I so got off on that," Monica confided, her eyes bright. "I got rid of an
awful lot of resentment and anger. You should try it."

"Looks like Ross is gonna be pretty busy," Rachel remarked. Monica giggled
and hugged her. Phoebe came over to sit by them, casually removing the rest
of her clothing.

"So you liked that, Mon, huh?" she said.

"I did," said Monica enthusiastically. "Give us a kiss, Pheebs."

Smiling, Phoebe drew her into an embrace. Rachel by now was feeling highly
excited She jumped up and began to strip off her clothes.

"I'm feeling wild!" she said when they looked at her. "I think I want some
action too."

Chandler had now entered Ross, despite his loud though muffled protests.
Joey, noticing that Rachel was stripping, began to remove his clothes too.

When Rachel was naked, Monica and Phoebe reached out for her, and she moved
happily into their embrace. After they had kissed and fondled each other for
a while, Monica murmured to Rachel, "I want to give myself to you. I want you
to screw me with a strap-on."

"What about me?" said Phoebe plaintively.

"You haven't had enough?" said Monica in amusement. "Okay, you can do me up
the ass at the same time. And can we do it where Chandler can see it? He
does love to see me doing sex stuff."

"What the hell, let's go for it!" cried Rachel wildly. "It'll give Ross a
real thrill."

They hurriedly fitted strap-ons and scurried to kneel in front of Ross, whose
eyes bulged.

"That's the way, girls!" Chandler called, beaming.

They decided it would be easiest if Phoebe entered first. Monica made hardly
any noise, just a little grunt, as Phoebe penetrated her, then she sighed and
smiled ecstatically.

"Now you, Rach," she said, spreading her legs wide.

Rachel felt around and with Monica's help got in fairly easily. Monica held
her to her.

"Fuck me, sweetie," she hissed, her expression one of great anticipation.
"Fuck me raw."

It took a while to develop a rhythm, but Rachel had used a strap-on before
with Phoebe, so she was not an entire novice. In a while they had an
established rhythm going, and Monica was producing great sexy groans and
moans, clearly enjoying it extremely. She rubbed her body against them,
stroking and pressing and pinching with her hands, kissing Rachel
frantically, then trying to bring Phoebe's head round to kiss her. All
began crying out as their pleasure increased until they reached a delirious
climax, as Monica's abandoned movements in orgasm set off the other two.
Slowly they came down, kissing and caressing each other gently.

"Oh wow!" said Chandler. "That got me off in fine style, and I think Ross
has come again, as well."

Ross made a rather resigned-sounding grunt of assent.

"Better than any porn," said Joey, also looking satisfied. He had evidently
jerked off. "Can't do Ross just now," he said to Chandler apologetically.
"That took every drop out of me, it was so hot."

"And I'm exhausted," said Rachel. "But oh boy, Monica, that was the

"How do you think I feel?" said Monica. "That was the best today - no offence
to you, hon, but there were two of them."

Chandler just grinned. "If you're agreeable, I'd like to see that again some
time, maybe when I'm not doing anything myself, so I can really take it in."

They all giggled and made mock swipes at him. Rachel was feeling in an
extraordinarily good mood, and she suspected the others were too.

Ross began to make a series of noises continually, as if he was trying to
ask something. Eventually Chandler removed his gag.

"You have something to say?" he asked ironically.

"Are you all screwing each other?" Ross asked incredulously.

"Well, no," said Phoebe before Chandler could reply. "None of us girls has
screwed Chandler or Joey, nor are we likely to. But we've had a lot of fun
with each other as well as with them. In fact, Rach and I have been friendly
that way for quite a while."

"Were you proposing to disapprove?" said Chandler in a slightly menacing
tone. "Like you had any right to get moral with us?"

"No, no," said Ross hastily. To Rachel he looked quite cowed by Chandler,
who, she had to admit, was coming across as a more and more confidently
dominating figure.

"Well, Rachel, that was a fine screwing you gave Monica," said Chandler
casually. "Do you want to do Ross now?"

Rachel looked at Ross, who seemed really defeated and sad, and felt even
stronger pity than before. "No way have I got the energy," she said. "Can't
we let him loose now? He's been put through a lot."

Chandler pulled a dubious face. "No, I think he should suffer a little
longer," he said, slapping Ross hard enough on the butt to make him screw
up his face in pain. "Now, what I need is a a drink."

"Hot or cold?" said Monica, eager to serve him.

"How about a nice refreshing cup of tea?" said Chandler in an attempt at an
English accent, smiling at her.

Happily Monica bustled off to make it. Rachel went to assist her by getting
out cups and plates and cookies, which made Monica smile and pat her on the

"You don't have to help," she said. "I can handle it all."

"But I want to help," said Rachel. "You shouldn't have to behave like
you're our servant."

"But I like it," said Monica, smiling more broadly. "This is how I want to
be, Rach. But I won't say no to help now and then."

Soon they were seated on the couch and chairs, still naked, drinking tea
and nibbling cookies, and totally ignoring Ross, who had been threatened
with gagging again if he spoke out of turn.

Suddenly Monica turned to Rachel and said, "Stay with us tonight."

"You've decided, you wanna share me with Chandler?" said Rachel.

"I want us to be together," said Monica. "And you said you were ready to
have him."

"So I did," said Rachel. She smiled at Monica. "Okay."

"Great," said Monica. "In fact ..." She paused, then said, "Chandler?"

Chandler turned from a discussion with Joey. "Yes, my love?"

"Rachel's willing to join us tonight, but ... what would you say to her
moving back in?"

He looked thoughtful, then grinned. "I'd say ... not until Emma's sleeping
through the night."

"Oh, I hadn't thought of that," said Monica ruefully.

"Joey might not be happy if I moved out," Rachel pointed out.

"No, I love little Emma," Joey protested.

"It's her momma you love more, I suspect," said Phoebe slyly. "Now you can
hope to screw her like you've always wanted to."

"Well ..." Joey looked at Rachel. "It would be great to go to bed with you,
but only if you want."

"I think a time will come soon, Joey," said Rachel, smiling at him. "But
tonight I'm staying here."

"I'll keep you company if you're lonesome, Joey," Phoebe offered genially.
"But right now ..." She got up, went to lie under Ross, and reached up to
take his cock in her mouth.

"Phoebe, what are you doing?" said Chandler angrily. "We're not supposed to
be giving him pleasure."

Phoebe removed the cock to speak. "Nuh-uh, this is pleasing me. I love
blowing guys and drinking their stuff, and I wanna try this famous cock. If
he gets pleasure, that's like, incidental."

Chandler sat back, resigned. "Go ahead."

Ross winced and groaned as Phoebe began to suck him hard. "God, that
actually hurts!" he complained. "I don't think you'll get much out of me."

"What's the matter, Science Boy, can't take it?" Phoebe said jeeringly.
"You stuck it to poor Monica often enough yesterday."

Ross choked and suddenly began to weep. Instantly Phoebe came away from him
and stood up. "What's the matter, Ross?" she said in a quite different
voice, stroking him gently on the head.

"You said ... Science Boy," he sobbed. "It brought back ... memories. Oh God,
how I wish ... how I wish I hadn't ... let myself be tempted ..." He was
shaking his head to and fro, hardly able to speak. "I've done awful ... awful
things, and ... I can never put it right."

"Please let him go, Chandler," said Monica softly. "You can see, he's truly

"Yes," said Chandler, his voice slightly thick, apparently with emotion.
"He really does seem to have repented. Okay, untie him, Pheebs."

Phoebe did so, and Ross promptly collapsed to the floor, rubbing his wrists
and sobbing still. Looking contrite, Phoebe began patting him on the
shoulder. Rachel poured him a cup of tea and took it over.

He looked up at her, trying to smile. "Thanks, Rach," he stammered. His hands
were shaking so much when he drank that he spilled a lot. "Oh God, now I've
got it all over Monica's carpet!" he moaned, and began to weep again.

Monica looked pleadingly at Chandler, who nodded. She went over to Ross and
put her hand on his shoulder. He gasped when he looked up.

"It's okay, Ross," she said. "I'm ... not so bothered about mess any more. I
want to say, I'm very sorry that what I did pushed you over the edge. We
can't forget what happened - but I have forgiven you."

"Th-thank you, Mon," he said, "but ... oh God, could all of you please stand
further away? You're sort of exciting me."

Phoebe looked down and grinned. "Yes, there it is," she said with a giggle.
"Trouble is, Ross, we're getting so used to walking around naked. Okay, come
on, girls. We don't want to torment the guy too unbearably."

They watched as Ross began to recover. When he seemed reasonably composed,
Rachel said, "Do you want to come see Emma?"

Ross nodded. "That's one of the reasons I went through this."

When he looked down at his sleeping daughter, he produced a peculiar
half-choke, half-sob. Rachel looked at him, to see there were tears in his
eyes again.

"How could I have been so dumb as to risk losing this?" he muttered. "Rachel,
please forgive me. I was half out of my mind with rage and resentment and
sexual excitement. One thing ..." - he swallowed loudly - "one thing to come
out of it is ... it's not nice to say but it's true ... I got rid of all my
resentment of Mon, of you, of other women, in what I did to her."

"Which is what she said she did by screwing you," Rachel observed in a fairly
friendly tone.

"Do you want to do that?" said Ross. "Because you can, you know. I'll take
it - I owe you."

Rachel turned, to see that he was looking quite sincere. "That's a fine
offer," she said, grinning, "but I think I already got you back with the
balls squeeze."

He winced at the memory. "Yeah, you did," he said. "Well, I have to admit,
I deserved it. That was fast thinking, Rach. I admire you. If only Mon had
thought to do that to me ..." He shook his head. "I mustn't think that way.
I must accept responsibility, like Phoebe said. I guess things can never be
the same, after what I did, but I promise I will never do anything like
that again."

"That's good," said Rachel. "I want you back the way you were; we all do."
Suddenly she took his hand and squeezed it. "What you did can never be
forgotten, but in my book you have paid for it." Something occurred to her.
"Hey, here we are naked together, and it doesn't seem to be affecting you."

"Rach, I've come three times in less than a couple of hours, and when
Pheebs was sucking me, it actually hurt to start coming erect again, as I
said. Okay, I was excited just then, but now I'm kinda getting used to your
nakedness." Suddenly he flashed one of his old grins at her. "I must say,
it's nice to be able to take simple pleasure in such a fine sight."

"Why, thank you, Ross," said Rachel, smiling at him and feeling at ease.

Then Emma shifted and made waking up noises.

"There she goes," said Rachel. "Do you want to take her for a while?"

"Love to," said Ross gratefully. "Thanks for being ... so accepting, Rachel."

"Well, like I say, I think you've paid off, as far as I'm concerned," said
Rachel. "I can't speak for the others, especially Mon. I hope you're going
to be okay with the fact that Mon and I are going to be pretty wild with
each other and Chandler and sometimes Joey and Phoebe too. There may be
quite a lot going on, especially at weekends, and I can't believe you'll be
allowed to join in."

"I'll have to be okay with it," said Ross, sighing. "That's all there is to

When they returned to the living room, everyone smiled to see them.

"Okay, Ross," said Chandler. "You're all paid up. We'll try to keep this
secret. I asked our neighbours not to talk about it, though I'm afraid
something may get out, but at least we can say it's all settled. But just
remember: you're on probation. One wrong move ..."

"I understand," said Ross humbly. "I swear, what drove me to it is gone."

"I hope so," said Chandler. "So, Mon, do you have a dinner planned, or shall
we go out?"

"There's stuff I can heat up," she said. "I'd rather stay in, like this."

They all agreed, and in not too long were eating and drinking together
happily, all except for Ross, who was very subdued still, and almost
pathetically grateful when anyone paid him any attention. He left before
Emma had finally gone to sleep, after making arrangements with Rachel for
her care tomorrow, just as if the events of the last night and day had not
happened. Everyone seemed relieved when he went.

"Phew!" said Joey. "Well, I don't know about anyone else, and it's kinda
strange to admit it, but I'm really feeling pretty beat. I just wanna go
and sack out, though," he winked at Phoebe, "I wouldn't mind some company."

"Okay, Joe," she said. "Just let me say goodnight to the others." She
slipped on her dress, picked up her other clothes and the enormous bag she
often carried, then went round and kissed the other three on the lips one
by one. "I'm very glad this has come out of it," she said. "Love to love
you all." Then she and Joey left.

Much later that night, after Chandler had gone to sleep a happy man, having
screwed both Rachel and Monica and watched them make love to each other,
they lay in loose embrace, talking quietly.

"I hope you are okay with this setup," Monica said in a slightly anxious
way. "Because I do love you, sweetie, and I value what we now have together,
but I love Chandler more, and he is my husband."

"I am perfectly okay with it," said Rachel. "I am very happy with the love
and affection that I have been given by all of you, especially you. You
know, I don't think I'll even want to date outside the group."

"Bet you Joey will," said Monica.

Rachel chuckled. "No bet, it's a certainty." Suddenly she decided to get
serious. "Mon, I want you to know this: I'll do anything in reason, with
you or with Chandler, to ensure that he's happy, and you're happy. Don't be
afraid to ask me." She smiled at a sudden idea. "With you, anything will be
fun. We could even have a race to see who came first with a cucumber."

Monica giggled. "Oh sweetie, how I love you. Well, let's see."

* * *

Although the group felt that they had reached a satisfactory settlement
with Ross, this did not extend to acting towards him quite as they had
done in the past. Monica could not help but be uneasy in his presence and
generally took considerable care to keep her distance, Chandler was reserved
and stiff, and Joey and Phoebe were often slightly hostile. Rachel was the
only one who acted confidently and naturally around him, for which he was
grateful. He also had to weather looks of contempt and disgust from other
occupants of the apartment block; Mrs. Katrakos spat if she ever saw him.
Not unnaturally, his self-confidence was down to nothing and his demeanour
was very subdued and withdrawn.

His friends were not the only ones who noticed this. His university
colleagues noticed a change in him, and so did Carol when he came to see Ben.
When his melancholy air did not change in several visits she was sufficiently
perturbed to call Monica and ask what had happened to Ross. Monica found it
difficult to answer her questions satisfactorily, and got the sense that
Carol knew something was being kept from her. She passed this on to the
others, but after discussion they agreed that there was nothing very much
that they could do. Ross was obviously still coming to terms with what he
had done, and must be allowed to do that without interference.

But if Ross was not very happy, the others were all in their different ways
very satisfied with the new situation. Chandler, Monica and Rachel all felt
they had been changed by the experience, but in a way that had increased
their self-confidence and diminished inhibitions and hangups. Chandler had
had his self-confidence boosted by his ability to handle the crisis fairly
well, and he was helped further by Monica's very obvious willingness to
defer to him. He had discovered from watching the video tape that seeing
her engaged in sex acts with others was a tremendous turn-on for him, so he
positively encouraged her to develop her relationship with Rachel and to
continue being active with Phoebe and Joey, with whom it gave Chandler
great satisfaction to share her. There were further benefits for him: he
got to make love with Rachel regularly and Phoebe quite often, and along
with Joey they helped to keep Monica's almost constant urge for sex

For her part, Monica was so grateful to him for not rejecting her that she
felt perfectly happy to spend the rest of her life expressing her gratitude
by obeying and indulging him in everything. She did not object to his keeping
the video and making her watch it with him from time to time; she always
felt a great urge to be screwed up the ass, a form of sex which she now liked
very much, when the video showed Ross doing this to her, and she welcomed
Chandler's wish to make love to her that way while both continued to watch.
She also welcomed his spanking her if he felt she had not shown sufficient
respect or had done something wrong, because it excited her. She revelled in
the freedom that Chandler gave her to make love to her best friends,
particularly Rachel, to whom she was growing more and more attached. In fact,
Monica had become a totally uninhibited and joyful slut, but everyone said
that she was much the better for it, being much more relaxed and easy-going,
and Chandler had no complaints.

Both Joey and Phoebe felt a new respect for Chandler, and rarely made fun
of him, and for slightly different reasons both were very happy. Joey felt
he was in heaven, having access to all three of his female friends, and
Phoebe liked the new atmosphere in the group, in which she could express
her love for all the others in the fullest possible way. Rachel's feelings
were similar, and she was particularly happy to be allowed to express her
developing love for Monica. She also found herself enjoying the loss of
inhibitions that Monica was bringing about.

For the one area in which they were all willing to let Monica take the lead
and organise was in arranging sexual activities for the group when they
were in the mood, which was often. She proved to be an inexhaustible fund
of ideas and was very concerned to ensure that everyone should have a good
time. She took into account that Rachel could only be present some of the
time, because of her commitment to Emma, that Joey and Chandler would not
accept anything that could be remotely considered "gay", and that on the
whole Phoebe preferred to use a strap-on rather than take one, though she
would make an exception for Rachel. As well as being ready to take on any
of them, Monica set up triples with Rachel and Phoebe, chains in which she
liked to be the one in the middle who was both screwing and being screwed,
come races which pitted men or women against each other or a man against a
woman, alone or with a partner. She and Rachel also had a come race with
cucumbers once, which Phoebe joined, and Monica herself won. She also
initiated more complex groupings with herself at the centre. She was happy
to blow one man and take the other in one of her holes, while Phoebe or
Rachel used a strap-on in the other, and she liked to display her skill at
coordinated sexual activity by taking on all four at once, lying on her
back and simultaneously jerking off both Chandler and Joey while being
screwed with a strap-on by Phoebe or Rachel, the other of whom squatted
over her face to be licked.

When Chandler and Joey found the pace too demanding and wanted to take a
break for a while, she would try to persuade Rachel to put on a show with
her, and Phoebe would often join in. Following Monica's lead, Rachel was
becoming increasingly wanton, and soon she thought nothing of sixty-nining
with Monica while the others watched, while on one memorable occasion they
used a very long cucumber as a double dildo. Phoebe commented that they
were becoming a private porn show for Chandler and Joey, but Monica simply
laughed and said that she liked it, she wanted it, and Phoebe didn't have
to be part of it if she didn't want to. Since she did want to, Phoebe made
no more comments.

Often when she returned from work she would go into her bedroom, strip off
and lay on the bed, proclaiming herself ready for anyone and anything, her
excuse being that having all those men around in the restaurant made her
horny. The first time she did this Rachel was reminded of an incident in
the early days of Monica's relationship with Chandler, when she had walked
in on Monica naked on her bed, waiting for him. They laughed over this,
because they were now acknowledging a real love for each other, which on
Monica's side was becoming second only to her love for Chandler and in many
ways complemented it. She could not imagine her life without Rachel in it,
and any night that Chandler wanted simply to go to bed she was eager that
Rachel should join them, though if Chandler wanted it to be just the two of
them, or to share her with Joey, she never objected. She felt herself to be
having the time of her life, channelling her competitive nature into
devising ever better ways to give pleasure to her husband and friends, and
no longer feeling obsessive about cleaning or anything else. Of course,
Ross never participated in this happy promiscuity, and often showed that he
was rather shocked by it, but he never commented openly.

After three weeks of extremely varied and fulfilling sex, Monica realised
that the time for her period had passed, and with high hopes she made an
appointment with her doctor. She was confirmed to be pregnant, and arrived
in the apartment in a state of near ecstasy to announce this. All the
others were there, and rejoiced for her. But the news sent Ross back into a
state of deep gloom, on which assurances that he had been forgiven and
suggestions that it need not even be his had no effect. His state of
depression led his friends to initiate discussions over how they could
relieve this, since it was depressing them all.

One evening about a week later, they were engaged in such a discussion, and
Phoebe had just said that he was so sad these days that she did not feel
she could honestly recommend him to any of her friends for a date, when the
door burst open. In strode Ross in his old style, beaming all over his

"Hi guys!" he said ebulliently. "Have I got news for you!"

Chandler narrowed his eyes. "Ross, have you been drinking?"

"I did have some drinks, earlier on," said Ross, grinning, "but that's not
why I'm feeling so great. Actually, this is kind of serious, which is why
I've come to tell you straight away." He sat down and leaned forward
eagerly. "First off, I have to confess, Carol and Susan had me round for
dinner, and they got the whole story out of me. You might say, they got me
drunk." He giggled happily.

"The whole story?" said Chandler incredulously.

Ross nodded. "I, uh, didn't boast of it, you guys, in fact I was ashamed to
tell what I'd done. But they know now."

"Did they start asking questions because they were worried about you?"
Monica said. "Carol called me a while ago to ask what was wrong."

Ross nodded again. "Yes, that was it. Of course, they were very shocked
when they heard it all, but somehow they didn't get really mad, the way you
guys were - and had every right to be," he added hastily. "They seemed to
understand ..." Vivid memories appeared in his head.

* * *

When he had finished telling Carol and Susan, Ross kept his head down, as
he done throughout the telling, not daring to look at them. His cheeks felt
hot, partly from the wine he had drunk, but also from the humiliation at
having to admit how badly he had behaved. But he knew that he deserved to
feel this way. It was a relief to know that Ben wasn't even there, being on
a visit to Carol's parents, whom he rarely saw.

Finally Carol cleared her throat. "But you're back with them now?"

Ross nodded. "They ... when I got home, I started drinking, then fell asleep.
But when I woke up, I started drinking again, trying to, to hide the memory
of what I'd done. I called and begged them to forgive me, over the phone
and then, well, I passed out. They could see from the apartment what a state
I was in, and they came and sobered me up and took me to the apartment. We
made a deal: I would be punished, and they would take me back. Chandler and
Phoebe showed me how bad I was, always putting the blame on others for my
screw-ups, and got me to admit why I had done it, and then they punished me."

"Why did you do it?" Susan asked quietly.

"I had built up a lot of resentment against women," said Ross, "and I sort
of ... always had this yen for Monica, though I kept it suppressed, but I
still got jealous over her, and, and ... " He could not go on and broke down.

Shortly he felt a hand on his shoulder. "Don't beat yourself up too much,
Ross," said Carol gently. "You guys are all so close, the relationships
between you are just about incestuous anyway; I guess that may have blurred
the boundaries. So, they punished you, you say. What did they do?"

"It was Chandler and Joey and Phoebe who did most of it," said Ross, his
cheeks beginning to get really hot again. "They tied me over a chair and
beat me on the bare ass with Chandler's tennis racket for quite a while,
and, and then" - his voice sank - "Phoebe screwed me - "

"She screwed you?" Susan interrupted in an amazed voice. "How?"

"Up the ass, with a strap-on," said Ross. "She, um, has several. She's bi,
as I often suspected, and in fact she and Rachel have been having a kind of
affair since Rachel's second trimester. Now she's done Monica with it as
well - in fact they're all screwing each other," he added rather bitterly.

"Wow!" said Carol. "You really seem to have started something. So, that was

"No," said Ross, "Monica screwed me next, and then ... Chandler," he almost

"My God!" said Susan, sounding shocked.

"Then, then ... after a while they let me go," Ross said. "Rachel was nice to
me, and took me to see Emma, which is ... one reason why I went through with
it, to be able to go on seeing her."

"Mmm," went Carol. She went back to sit next to Susan, and Ross heard them
muttering to each other. He kept his head down, feeling very low, but
relieved that he had told them.

"Ross, look at us," said Carol a little sharply.

He looked up, to see that they were gazing at him with rather severe
expressions, but not the horror and disgust that he had feared.

"The relationships between your group are such, something like this could
have been predicted, maybe," said Carol. "That doesn't alter the fact that
you did something that was not just very wrong, but stupid." She sounded
rather mad, suddenly. "You could have saddled Ben with a jailbird father,
or at least a scandal that might follow him all his life."

"I know!" Ross cried in anguish. "God, don't you think I've been over and
over that in my mind? Luckily, the story doesn't seem to have gotten out.
I, I ... just thinking about it makes me want to curl up and die."

"No need to go that far," said Susan. "But wouldn't you agree, you deserve
to have us punish you as well?"

"I'd welcome it," said Ross frankly. "Now you know ..."

"Well," said Carol, "what we think is, you should let us screw you, too."

Ross rocked back in his seat. "You? But you're - "

"Lesbians?" said Susan with an amused expression, raising her eyebrows.
"Well, we've used strap-ons, so we would know what we're doing." She smirked.
"Maybe you'd even get off on it."

"I certainly did with them," said Ross unguardedly, and then clutched his
head. "I've had too much to drink."

"Oh, so they made you come, did they?" said Carol. "Which did you come

"Um, er, maybe I oughtn't to say," Ross mumbled.

"Ross!" she said insistently. "Come on, tell. It can be part of your

Her and Susan's eyes were notably bright, Ross noticed, as if they were
finding this rather exciting.

"Okay," he said, sighing. "Well, I came for both of the girls, and then,
well, they put on this show for Chandler. Rachel and Phoebe did Monica,
front and back, right where I could see, and that got me going again. It
was the hottest thing I've ever seen," he added in a low voice.

"So, Chandler's getting his own private porn shows?" said Susan a little

"Yeah, Monica's gone totally slutty, but it's like he wants her to do it,"
said Ross, "and she and Rachel are in a kind of relationship too. Rachel's
over there a lot, but as far as I can tell she's still doing stuff with
Phoebe, and now Joey as well. And Joey's certainly doing Monica, though
only together with Chandler, I think, and sometimes most or all of them ...
get together." He shook his head. "They're just about totally promiscuous,
but they do seem happy on it."

"But they're not letting you in on any, not even Rachel?" Susan asked.

"What do you think?" said Ross bitterly. "They're still rather
stand-offish, except for Rachel, but I can't blame them."

"Okay, we've heard enough," said Carol decisively. "What we're gonna do now
is, you're gonna strip and take the position in here, while we go and get

"Okay," said Ross. He began to take his shoes off. With a surprisingly warm
smile at him, Susan followed Carol into their bedroom. Suddenly Ross began
to feel rather excited. This wasn't going to be much of a punishment at
all, he felt. He stripped eagerly and knelt down with his back to the
bedroom doorway.

Presently he heard giggles as they approached.

"Well, Ross," said Susan, "we've agreed that I should go first, and Carol's
gonna lubricate you a bit."

He felt fingers smearing gel around and into his anus. His body flushed,
and his cock began to lengthen.

"H'm, think we'll need a towel," said Carol, giggling again. "If you come,
try not to throw it too far, okay, Ross?"

"Right, Ross, here I come," said Susan with unconcealed elation.

He spread his legs and tried to relax. The pressure was painful, but not as
much as he had felt with Phoebe. Susan gasped a little, and he felt the
strap-on move up him.

"Oh wow, this is so cool," said Susan. "Getting to screw a man! They'll be
so envious at the club."

She began to push in and out slowly. She had been right to say that they
knew what to do, Ross thought: she was doing it very smoothly, enough to
make him feel aroused. Suddenly her hands gripped his sides, making his
arousal surge, and she began to thrust much harder. In spite of himself he
gave a little cry. He could hear her breath getting faster and heavier.

"Oh, this is so great!" she cried. "You getting anything out of it, Ross?"
She sounded as if she actually cared.

"It's, um, fine," he replied quite cheerily.

"I can do better than fine," Susan panted, and stepped up the pace further,
really hammering into him. This brought him to the point of ejaculation
very quickly, and he groaned involuntarily as the seed spurted out of him.

"Strike one," said Carol in a peculiar tone of voice. "You made him come,

"Now I want to make me come," Susan gasped. "Oh, I'm so close!" She stopped
pounding and began to rub against him. Feeling he wanted to help, Ross
tried to rub his butt against her.

"Oh, that's it," she gasped. "Yeah, that's it, Ross, just a little more, a
little more, and ... AAAAAHHH!!!" She threw herself against his back,

After a short while she pulled out. "Your turn, Carol," she said in a shaky
voice. "Man, that's really something."

Having taken Susan, Ross found that having Carol get into him was not a

"Well, Ross, here we are again," said Carol in a laughing voice. "Naked
together, after all these years, even if the circumstances are a bit
different." She began to drive into him with long steady strokes, her hands
on his ribs from the start. Despite having just come, he found it arousing,
and he felt a strong emotion at having Carol's once loved hands on him. In
a while, his cock began to extend again.

"Oh my God!" said Susan, who had removed her strap-on and was lying on her
side, watching them with interest.

"What?" said Carol, slowing.

"Well, you told me he was big, but ... my God!" Susan repeated. "That has to
be one of the biggest cocks in New York."

"You've seen others?" said Ross, interested.

"Oh, like many lesbians I did some fooling around with guys, before I knew
where my real interests lay," said Susan, grinning at him.

"Yeah, you can see why he had an attraction for me, and also why Monica was
tempted, I guess," said Carol.

"I certainly can," said Susan in a yearning sort of voice.

"Do you want it?" Carol asked, slowing further. "It might be the best way
of getting a baby started for you."

"Oh yes!" cried Susan. "You don't mind?"

"Go ahead," said Carol, with a short laugh. She stroked Ross's sides.
"Would you do that for us, Ross? Would you be willing to give Susan a baby?
It would be so great for Ben to share the same father with his sibling."

Pleased to be asked, and also rather attracted by the idea now that he had
seen Susan's shapely hips and rather low-slung but quite full breasts, Ross
chuckled and said, "Okay, glad to."

Carol paused while, with Ross's help, Susan manoeuvred herself onto his

"Oh, this feels so much better than a strap-on," she cried. "I'm not
surprised you found it hard to give him up, Carol. Oh Ross!"

Slowly Carol began to thrust again, and Ross picked up the rhythm and went
forward into Susan. He found her exquisitely tight, and revelled in the
sensations. She too seemed to be enjoying herself a good deal, gasping and
moaning and wriggling around on him, apparently in sheer joy at what she
was feeling, and he could feel that she was getting increasingly wet.
Despite this, he did not find any immediate need to come in himself. Soon
he was bold enough to take hold of her hips and help her ram back against

"Oh Ross!" she cried in glee. "Oh, this is so good!"

She began to move faster, as did Carol, and he finally felt a climax
approaching, and began to slow down, to keep it at bay.

"No, don't hold back," she gasped, "I want it soon, please!"

Ross did as she asked, trying to push into her as hard as he could, holding
her hips tight, and in only a few more seconds, as their bodies slammed
together, his orgasm burst. She screamed and ground against him as his cock
jerked within her, and he could feel her cunt muscles contracting hard on
him. Then Carol too screamed and writhed against his butt.

When all had finished, for a while they knelt there, panting. Then they
collapsed in a heap.

"Well done, Ross," Susan said, stroking him. "You got me off in fine style.
Maybe I'm one of those women who come when they feel the seed. Ooh, if I'd
known you when I was younger I might never have gone lesbian."

"You understand now, do you?" said Carol, her voice slightly hard.

"Oh yes!," Susan breathed. "That was ... wonderful."

"Well, move over and let me have some time with the man who was my
husband," said Carol a little snappishly. "Why should you have all the

She removed her strap-on as Susan shifted to one side, then pressed against
Ross, smiling at him. "I've missed this," she said. "Men feel so different
from women."

Susan moved round to embrace Carol from behind. She beamed at Ross over
Carol's shoulder. "Of course, we may not ring the bell first time, " she
said, "but, Ross, I would have no objection to doing that again."

"Neither would I," said Ross, smiling at her. "I never thought I'd say
this, but that was really fun."

"Mm, would you like some more fun?" said Carol, rubbing herself against
him. "Because I know I would."

"Well, I," Ross began, feeling a strange mixture of emotions. "I'm not sure
I could manage it again."

"You getting old?" said Carol funningly. "What happened to the man who
starred in the Night of Five Times?"

Suddenly she went down on him. Susan peered over her shoulder to see what
she was doing. "That looks like fun, too," she said. "Want some help?"

* * *

"And so, between them, they got me up again, and I screwed Carol as well,"
said Ross, beaming at his stunned friends. For a moment he collapsed in
happy laughter. Then, wiping his eyes, he said quietly,. "It was so great
to be with Carol again. I felt like I was coming home, you know? And now
they're keen to have me move in with them, and we're gonna look for a place
that will be big enough for us all."

For a moment his friends sat in silence, as if in awe of him. Monica was
first to speak.

"Er, Ross, did you use protection with Carol?" she asked.

"Well, now you mention it, no, I didn't," said Ross. "We were much too
excited. But we agreed that the chance of her getting pregnant was fairly

"It's still a possibility," said Chandler. "If she does, you'll absolutely
have to go live with them and look after them."

"Just what I want to do," said Ross, beaming.

"But, Ross," Monica protested, "won't you find yourself competing with
Susan for Carol's love? Are you gonna marry Carol again?"

"Oh no," said Ross, looking shocked. "She's married to Susan. No, we talked
about this later, and we agreed that we'll make some kind of arrangement to
make sure it's fair shares for all. Susan's as keen as Carol - now she's
experienced my cock, she's wild for more!" he said with considerable

"Ross, that's coarse!" said Monica reprovingly.

He was unabashed. "You guys are so free and easy with each other now, I
thought I could say things like that. And part of the deal is, they get to
screw me too, when they want."

"Well, I hope it works out," said Rachel, smiling at Ross.

"Me too," said Phoebe emphatically. "I think it's the best thing that could
have happened to you. There's a case for saying, you never really recovered
from Carol leaving you."

"Just one thing," said Chandler. "Have your revelations gone as far as ...
our current situation?"

Ross looked guilty. "Sorry, guys, but I did let a lot out. They were so
inquisitive, and I, well, I was in the mood to tell them things."

"It doesn't worry me. I doubt they'll go telling tales to mom and dad,"
said Monica easily. "But you are gonna have a bit of explaining to do
there, Ross."

Ross's face took on a determined look. "Mom will just have to accept it.
This is my best chance of happiness since, since ... well, never mind." He
glanced at Rachel just a little ruefully. "I know I can't have the position
with Carol that I once did, but I'm okay with that. I really like Susan
now, and I think we'll get along fine. Anyway, I thought I ought to tell
you guys, because I'm going back there after I've picked up some stuff, and
I'll be there a lot more than I will be here, from now on."

"I'm really glad for you, Ross," said Monica, going to hug him without

"Yeah," cried Phoebe, jumping to her feet and doing the same. Rachel was
not far behind, and then Joey went to bang him on the back, and finally
Chandler joined in, unable to resist the general atmosphere of
congratulation. Shortly after that Ross left.

"Well, I certainly didn't expect that," said Monica.

"It's the best possible outcome," said Phoebe emphatically. "You didn't
want him back, did you, Rach?"

Rachel shook her head. "No," she said easily. "I'm happy to be friends with
him again, and he'll always be Emma's father, but my needs are being very
well met by the rest of you -especially Monica."

Monica blew her a kiss. "You're staying tonight?"

"You got it," said Rachel, smiling at her very affectionately.

"I think you're trying to cut me out with my own wife," said Chandler

"You get yours, don't you?" said Rachel, grinning, but Monica looked
distressed and said, "Darling, you don't really believe - "

"It was a joke," he said hastily. "Come sit on my lap."

Looking happy again, Monica did so.

"I trust you," said Chandler, caressing her gently, "and that's why I feel
we can fool around the way we do."

"Oh Chandler!" Monica sighed, melting into his arms. "You are so good to
me. You wanna do anything special tonight?"

"Um, yeah, about that," said Rachel. "Mon, I think you should be a little
less, er, active for a while. You don't want to miscarry."

"Oh no!" said Monica in alarm. "Could that happen?"

"One just needs to be careful, so I was told," Rachel said. "Of course, in
my case the problem didn't arise, because I was throwing up all the time
and didn't have a partner anyway." She grinned broadly.

"I just don't feel that bad," said Monica. "A little queasy at times, is

"It can happen," said Phoebe. "Not everyone gets morning sickness - or
evening," she added reminiscently.

"So we should go easy for a while?" said Chandler, looking slightly
relieved, if anything.

"Just ... nothing too energetic," said Rachel. "But we must ensure that
Monica's needs are fully satisfied." She winked.

* * *

As he had predicted, his friends saw much less of Ross as his new
relationship with Carol and Susan developed. To their pleasure, all the
indications were that it was indeed working out well. He did report a few
weeks later that they were both a bit mad, because Carol had conceived and
Susan hadn't, but it was clear that this was not really a serious problem.
He added with more than a touch of complacency that Susan was after him all
the time, and it was no surprise when next month she proved to be pregnant
also. They managed to find a large apartment and moved in together, which
weakened Ross's link with his old friends further. Ben adapted to the new
situation with surprising ease, and was obviously very happy that his
father was now around all the time.

All the pregnancies proceeded without problems, and all three women gave
birth to girls, in three successive months. Nobody could tell at once who
was the father of Monica's baby, and when she got older and had a look of
Ross about her no one was impolite enough to draw attention to this. Once
Susan had given birth, she and Carol announced themselves happy with the
family size that they now had, but Monica was eager for more children, and
a year after Susan she gave birth to a second child, a son whose father was
certainly Chandler. Judy Geller was so pleased with all these grandchildren
that she continued to keep her views on Ross's menage trois to herself;
an early attempt at criticism had been seen off very firmly by Ross. She
never discovered the truth behind Ross's reconciliation with Carol, nor
what Monica's relationship with her friends really was.

Once she had reached an advanced stage of her pregnancy, and then with
first one, later a second baby to care for, Monica finally had to cut back
on her sexual activities, but Chandler and the others showed understanding
and supported her in this. When she had settled into the new routines of a
family, she found some time to fit in fun and games, but she was never as
adventurous or promiscuous again. She remained very close to Rachel, who
went on living across the hall, happy to be bringing up Emma in a situation
where there were other children for her to play with. She felt perfectly
satisfied with her loving relationship with Monica and her less close but
still very affectionate link with Chandler, Phoebe and Joey. All of them
were very pleased to have children around to lavish affection on, and were
equally pleased to have Carol and Susan bring their daughters to visit. In
time to come, Chandler and Monica's apartment became more of a playroom for
children than for adults.

So everyone was happy, and the events of the fateful night, rarely again
referred to, more and more became like a dimly remembered bad dream.


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