This story is not to be viewed by anyone less than 18 years of age do to its
martial. The story contains strong descriptions of sex and so should only be
viewed by adults who aren't offended by this material.

This is a fictional story (of course), which is related to a real "Friends"
episode. It was the episode that aired somewhere in season 4, where Monica
shows Chandler the good way to have sex with a woman

Chandler was asking Monica and Rachel an advice on how to please a woman,
since his performance with his girlfriend was kind of...lame. Happily the two
female friends agreed to help the poor guy. And so, Monica wrote on a piece
of paper the 7 major parts that arouses a woman. Rachel took a glance at
Monica's list, finding she agreeing with it.

The list:
1-mouth (lips)
3-breasts (nipples)
6-upper pussy (clit)

To continue. Chandler went away happy as duck (or something) when into the
room entered the third and blond "friend" lady- miss phoebe Bophe.

Friends: The One With All The Lesbian Sex (FFF,veg,fist)
by Spicey ([email protected])

While Monica and Rachel sat aimlessly on the couch after greeting her, Phoebe
found the little anatomy note that was on the table.

"One- mouth!!. What the heck is this??" enquired

"Ho that's a little cheat sheet we made Chandler so he will know how to
please a women," said Monica smiling.

"The poor kid will never learn," mumbled Phoebe to herself. "So... What is
your naughty path of climax," asked Phoebe.

"Well...mmm... a one, a 1-2, a 2-3, three, three, 3-4, 4-6-7, 3-6, 3-6-7, 7,
seven, SEVEN!" said Monica, which was quite worked up.

"How but you Rach'?" asked Phoebe.

"Hoo... I agree with Monica, what about you Pheebs?"

"Mmm... well I think Monica called it really nice, the only difference is I
would end it out with- 5, five! FIVE, FIVE!!!" screamed Phoebe.

Monica and Rachel were surprised.

"Are you Serious? You know. I just put the anus part because ...I don't know,
but you actually love being fucked in the ass?" said the shocked Monica.

"I love it!" said Phoebe. "What, you two never tried?"

"NO (NO)!" said the two roommates together.

"Well, you should. It'll be the best fuck in your life, I'll guaranty you,"
said Phoebe in her regular over enthusiastic voice.

"NAA. I don't think so," said Monica in her degrading voice. "I guess that's
the difference between you and us, you're a little...weird" continued Monica.

Phoebe just sat there, kind of embarrassed. "Well suit yourself," she

She got up and went towards the kitchen to make herself a drink.

As she poured some O.J in a tall glass she saw Rachel, who was busy reading
some fashion mag, and Monica who sat next to her watching the T.V.

She began to plot in her mind. (I KNOW!) Phoebe thought.

She took the carton of juice, and without the notice of her friends she spill
some juice on Monica's shiny kitchen floor.

"OPPS!" yelped Phoebe.

"What's wrong?"

"I spilled some juice on the floor."

"That's o.k," said Monica, "all it needs is a good scrub."

So Monica went to the kitchen and Rachel...well she couldn't care less.
Monica took a rag from near the sink, got down on the floor and began to
efficiently clean the floor. Phoebe was standing right near Monica. She
could see her devious plan was going as she expected. Monica was wearing
a really short mini-skirt that day, and so with her current position her
ass was basically open to attack (and attack she will).

Phoebe began to bend her knees so she will get lower. She slowly moved her
hand near Monica's ass and asshole.

Then, with one quick motion, Phoebe sent her index finger up Monica's skirt,
moving aside her panties and into her tight virgin anus. "FIVE!! FIVE!!"
screamed Phoebe. Monica gasped in surprise, as she was anal finger fucked by
her friend.

Rachel, who turned to look what was all the fuss, opened her mouth widely and
could not utter a word.

"YOU LIKE IT HAA?" said Phoebe in a demented voice. Monica quizzed hard on
the rag she held. Her eyes were shut and as Phoebe began to twirl her finger
in she began to smile. Phoebe began to enter a second finger in while she was
picking up the pace.

"MHAAAAAAAAAA" Monica now began to moan.

As Phoebe heard the moan she slowed down her rapid pace of fingering.
" you want me to stop?" asked Phoebe.

Monica took a deep breath till she mumbled heavily, "ho god no!"

...then, with a swift of a motion Phoebe drove four of her fingers up
Monica's tight little a-hole.

"WHOSE THE FUCKING WEIRD BITCH NOW?" said the as fucking Phoebe.

"I... I am..." said Monica, who began to realize the realms of pleasure who
was hiding an inch from her regular pleasure zone.

Meanwhile the speechless Rachel was watching the phenomena, and without
noticing her hand was rubbing her pussy (actually it was her upper-pussy
which makes it number 6). Rachel became horny as hell and she needed to
calm down somehow.

She looked at the bowl of fruits and vegetables as she rubbed herself, and
one item sure looked like it can do the job.

It was a big cucumber, longer and thicker then regular ones. She grabbed
the cock like Vegetable and put it by her side, then she lifted her black
mini-skirt and quickly pulled down her panties to her ankles so she would
be naked underneath her mini skirt. The moans, the screams and Phoebe's
maniacal voice drove Rachel to the high point of hornyness. Quickly she
grabbed the cucumber and positioned it in front of her pussy. She then
began to slowly insert herself with the green vegetable, that is of course
till Monica's screams became louder, then she shoved the entire thing up
her tight pussy.

"Ooo...OO GOD that's gooood," moaned Rachel.

And the cucumber was no joke, it was a really thick one that was almost 11
inches in length. Rachel was hammering her pussy good and hard as Phoebe
hammering Monica's not so innocent ass.

The motions where quick and rapid, Rachel was so intense she was clenching
her teeth.

game continued.

Rachel could not hold on any longer, and with a great force that started in
her belly she spurt her female ejaculated vagina juice in a way she never
knew was possible. Rachel pulled out the vegetable from her body and it was
all covered with her juices.

Rachel got up and went towards Phoebe and Monica.

"Hey Pheebs why don't we stuck this thing up her butt?" said the very
devilish Rachel Green.

Phoebe liked the idea and so she removed her hand from Monica (who made a
little sad noise like a puppy).

"Don't worry I already lubed it up" said Rachel.

Phoebe held the cucumber in her hand, "Yes I see...with your pussy juice."

Rachel cleared her voice felling kind of embarrassed.

"That's O.k. we all gush our cum," said Phoebe, "just not like horses."

And into the fucking we continue- as Phoebe began to brutally insert the
vegetable up Monica's ass, making Monica scream to the top off her tonsils.

Once in, the fucking began as Phoebe started to take the vegetable in and
out of Monica's anus in thunder like motions.

"HOOOO...YES YES YES ...FU...AAAK ME GOOOOOD!!!" Monica was enjoying the
pleasures of anal penetration.

Rachel was surprised by her best friend's behavior {Monica}, she was always
an old fashioned girl who never got much sex in life and. wait a minute-never
got much sex in life! No surprise she is so fucking horny that she is letting
her friend violently rape her ass. Now Rachel was thinking what does it fells
like to get in the ass, she couldn't let the almost-virgin Monica to out do
her sex wise.

"MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Rachel thoughts
were interrupted by an ear-blasting scream from Monica.

"O geez what an orgasm. She came all over my shirt," said Phoebe.

Rachel saw how Monica got off by an ass fuck and consequently splattered
Phoebe's shirt with her fem cum.

"Sorry Phoebe. I just never climaxed like that," said Monica trying to catch
her breath.

Phoebe then gave her attention to Rachel who surprisingly got completely

Horny Rachel knelt in front of Phoebe, looking deeply in her eyes.

"Give ME the cucumber," said Rachel.

"Sure," said Phoebe. "NUMBER 1!!" yelled Phoebe as she grabbed Rachel's head
and drove the cucumber into Rachel's mouth.

Rachel couldn't resist as Phoebe was to strong for her and so she sucked down
the vegetable till it grind her tonsils.

Monica was now rubbing her pussy enjoying the sight of naked Rachel being
mouth raped by Phoebe.

"What you are tasting now is the delicious taste of a cucumber added with the
even more delicious taste of your own Vagina juice, plus the best of all-
MONICA'S ASS!" Phoebe giving Rachel the rundown of the ingredients.

Rachel wasn't fighting, she sucked that cucumber like a pro. At one point
Phoebe let her go, just to see that Rachel was still blowing the crap out of
the vegetable.

"Here you take it," Phoebe told Monica, who was now holding the cock-cumber
instead of Phoebe who was getting undressed.

Meanwhile, Rachel found out that Monica is a much more brutal bitch then
Phoebe. Monica shoved that vegetable like there's no tomorrow, making
Rachel's throat be as red as her pussy. Rachel disconnected herself from
the cucumber to catch her breath.

"What's wrong with you?" said the breathing Rachel.

"Thought you can handle the heat...soorry," said Monica.

"Ho I can handle the heat. BUT LETS SEE IF YOU CAN!!"

And with that Rachel jumped on Monica, flattened her back to the floor and
sat on her face!

"CHOCK ON THAT MON!!!" yelled Rachel who was now starting to ride Monica's

Monica couldn't breath cause Rachel's Delicious thick pussy was now sited on
her mouth.

The aroma was intoxicating (especially because Rachel came not to long her
go which meant she was wet as whore), Monica knew what she had to and what
she wanted to- its time to make her roommate CUM!

And so Monica arched her tongue to split Rachel's pussy lips and began to
tongue fuck the living shit out of her pink pussy.

Phoebe sat naked on a chair just inches from the two, she thought: mmm...
combining number 1 from the list with number 6 and 7- that's always a good
one. Now she wanted in on the action.

"Rachel dear, why don't you put your lovely mouth in use and lick my snatch,"
asked Phoebe from the obviously near climax Rachel. Rachel who was sitting
(on Monica) just inches from Phoebe jumped on the idea, and her head was at
about same level as Phoebe's pussy (who was sitting on chair).

So 2 women were getting their pussy licked, 2 women were licking pussy, 3
women on the verge of an orgasm (considering that Monica was obviously
fingering her own pussy).

"HO GOD! LICK THAT CUNT!!!!"{Phoebe}


"~MMMM~" {Monica}



The pussymania was running wild in the room, as both Rachel's and Monica's
tongues were throbbing in pain from the fast pussy licking. Phoebe found that
she also needed to occupy her mouth, so she grabbed the pussy creamed-anal
fucking-blow jobbed cucumber, and after a couple of good sucks and as Rachel
continued to play her clit like a fiddle she began to eat the cucumber!

It was hard to keep your senses in the room anyway, the aroma of pussy was
everywhere, the touch of naked smooth flesh against the other, the moans, the
yells, the cum and of course knowing you are violating a women that is almost
a sister to you-

It all drove them into a sexual frenzy.

Suddenly, all three friends came at the same time! Like it was meant to be.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!" Phoebe released her shower of cum into Rachel's
mouth. Phoebe even forced Rachel's face to her pussy so she won't get away
(she wasn't planning).

"NAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" then Rachel EXPLODED into Monica's mouth.
Rachel was sucked the longest plus she had very huge orgasms, so there is no
surprise why she came the hardest, the longest and the biggest.

The only thing was, she was sitting on Monica's mouth. And so when she came
Monica was FORCED to drink every drop of the liquid that was ejaculated (more
like blasted) of Rachel's body, a thing she never tasted before! And even
though she took a lot A LOT of cum in her throat it was all too much so her
mouth just flooded. Rachel then stood up (still squirting streams of cum in
the air) which helped Monica a lot. Monica (which also gushed cum from her
pussy rubbing) went on all fours and began to cough, choke and gag. She
didn't get any air because Rachel's fat pussy was on her face and then she
was over flooded with the juice.

Monica looked viciously at Rachel while she was breathing heavily.

"'re a tough guy about you get your ass rammed?" said
Monica to Rachel.

Rachel paused for a second, then she went on all fours like a doggy, with her
ass up in the air facing Phoebe and Monica.

Rachel then turned her head, looked at Monica and Phoebe and said, "Gimme
your best shot champion."

Monica looked at that perfect ass of Rachel and that tight ass hole, she
thought of a way to really give her some anal delight.

Monica whispered something in Phoebe's ear that made her open her jaw in
surprise, and then she grinned.

Monica opened a kitchen cabinet and took out a rolling pin!!

Rachel got a glance at what Monica took out and drown a line, "What are you
fucking crazy?? There's no way I'm getting fucked in my pussy with that thing
little own my ass!! No way...get something else."

You couldn't blame Rachel, that rolling pin was about the size of her arm,
and except from the narrow edges it was also very thick. It was the dildo for
the extremist: it is big, long, stiff, it cant bent.

Phoebe then walked towards Rachel, who was still on her hands and knees.

She got near Rachel's face till her pubic hair touched Rachel's nose. "Smell
it!" said Phoebe, "Smell that fucking cunt!"

"Sniff all the aroma, take my pussy odor to your lounges," Phoebe got Rachel
real worked up, Rachel forgot about Monica and the ass fucking and just
whiffed that intoxicating smell out of Phoebe's just-blow-a-load-of-cum cunt.

It was then when Monica decided to attack. She took the rolling pin and began
to insert it to the amazing ass of Rachel Green.

The entire edge (where you put your hands) was in Rachel's ass, breaking her
anal virginity and she didn't even noticed. The real fun began when Monica
began to shove the thick part of the rolling pin in Rachel's anus.

"...aHH!!!" Rachel gave a sudden grunt as she now began to feel her ass being

"Shhhh don't worry about hat smell my little smelly cat," said Phoebe to
Rachel trying to make her forget there's a monster entering her pussy. Monica
already stuck in 4 inches of the thick part of the rolling pin plus the 4
inches from the narrow part.

The huge plastic coking device was a dangerous thing to shove up an ass, you
can only shove probably half of the thing to someone who is known to ass
fucks and has relaxed muscles there, but anymore could make some serious

Rachel now completely forgot about the moist pussy in front of her, she was
being ass fucked for the first time and it was a doozy. Her arms gave away
as she collapsed her head to on the floor, she began to throttle as the pain
kicked in.

"You wanted number 5 on the gonna get it," said Monica, and she
shoved more of the rolling pin in the now-wide ass of Rachel. As half of the
thing was shoved in Rachel's body it was time to give her a fuck!!

And so Monica began to take that big summbitch in and out, in and out, in and
out till Rachel began a to scream her lungs out.


The girls thought that it was noisy when Monica screamed but it was a whisper
compare to Rachel's screams of torture.

Monica wasn't playing nice either, she was fucking her with all her might and
power, each stroke taking the rolling pin a bit further up the ass. "Hey Mon
chill," said Phoebe while screams and cries of pain were in the background.

"She never cleans her mess, she always have dates, always get fucked while I
play with my old dildo again and again.well, its my time now to give HER a
FUCK!" said Monica and drove the huge thing a few inches deeper.


"MONICA!!!!!!!" yelled Phoebe.

STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" suddenly screamed the crying Rachel.

"Pleas continue," said Phoebe in a much nicer voice.

As the ass fuck continued Rachel didn't passed out, instead she blow a hug
load of cum up in the air.

Both Phoebe and Rachel dined on that jizz that just kept on coming.

In the end Rachel's ass was finely freed and a huge hole in her ass was left
as memorabilia.

The girls rested, recalling the wonderful night they had in their head.

Suddenly Rachel was hit by a thought, "Hey, how come both me and Monica got
fucked tonight, in our asses may I remind you, and you Phoebes didn't?"

"Yeh! We thought you were the hardcore queen of sex," said Monica.

"You know what," said Rachel, and whispered in Monica's hear.

They both nicely laid the worried Phoebe on her back and smiled.

"Hey, I won't find myself with a frying pen up my ass right?" said Phoebe.

"Relax," answered Monica.

Rachel began to travel her hand on Phoebe's lovely pussy lips, then slightly
beginning to enter a finger.

"YEH! Fucking seven," said Phoebe, referring to the list.

Monica stuck her own finger up the ass of Phoebe.

As time began to pass more fingers were in the ass and pussy of Phoebe, she
was in a real pleasure now.

Then, Monica and Rachel looked at each other and smiled.

"Now!" said Rachel to Monica as they both shared a sensuous kiss.

They both shoved an entire fist up Phoebe's ass and cunt and that was not
the end. They thrust their hands deeper and deeper in. suddenly Phoebe found
herself with a forearm shoved up her ass and pussy.

"Just like stuffing a turkey" said Monica, as she began to ram that arm in
and out, in and out. The same goes with Rachel who fucked Phoebe's pussy with
the biggest cock in the world- her arm.

"Ho YHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, FUCK ME!!!!!! HOAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" Phoebe enjoyed every
minute of it as she was being fucked to oblivion.

"Hey Rachel," said Monica, "how about while you fuck her number 7 and I her
number 5 we both taste her number 3."

Rachel paused for a moment. "Ho hell Rachel, HER BREATS!" explained Monica
to Rachel who kind of forgot to stupid list.

Monica began to suckle on Phoebe's left tit as Rachel nursed her right tit.
The two friends were amazed on how big and puffy her nipples became each time
they sucked on it. Phoebe was in heaven; she was fucked in both ass and cunt
with an arm! And she was getting her breasts sucked by her hungry and horny
friends. Then Rachel Began to feel it, Phoebe defiantly began to feel it and
Monica kind of felt it- it was time for Phoebe to have her orgasm.

as she released her exploding orgasm. Rachel barely took her arm out, but
when she did both her and Monica shoved their faces up Phoebe's pussy to gulp
down every drop of her female fluids.

Monica kept some cum in her mouth, and then she went to Phoebe and kissed her
in the mouth as they both rolled tongues together and tasted Phoebe's juice.

* * *

It was getting late now and they knew it was time for the to call it quits.
They never known the pleasures of lesbian sex, Rachel and Monica discovered
the pleasures in anal sex and all three discovered what a real orgasm means.

"Well I had a wonderful night," said Phoebe.

"We all had," answered Monica with a smile.

"And hey! Don't you sleep tonight in the same bed, you wait for Phoebe for
some pussy eating sex," told them Phoebe.

"We won't," said Rachel who obviously was not going to obey Phoebe, and
just could not wait for all the night and days that she and Monica will
have outrages and raging lesbian sex.

Phoebe said her goodbyes and left the apartment only to find chandler with a
dazed look in his face.

"What's wrong Chandler?"

He looked at Phoebe for a moment, then said, "Well...its kind of
embarrassing, but...the girls made me this list of the major 7 parts that
are arousing to women and I kind of forgot."

"Ho I can tell you that dear," said Phoebe.

"You know them?"

"Hell, I know them by heart now," said Phoebe with a devilish smile.

The End

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