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Friends: The One With Joey's New Acting Job Part 1 (MF)
by Stan The Man


Joey walk into Estelle's office. "This better be important Estelle, I'm
waiting to hear back from the film company," said Joey

"What am I chop liver?" said Estelle, "I'm your friend, your agent. Don't you
think they'd come to me?"

"You see that's what I ... Waitaminute! Does this mean I got the part?" Joey
asked excitedly

"Well the casting director said you were just what they were looking for so
I should hope so," answered Estelle. "This time next you'll begin filming
Striptease 2: Bring on the Chippendales."

"Now I've had other parts put me on the map, but this one'll definitely put
me ON THE MAP!" exclaimed Joey.

"Ok so you start training tomorrow," said Estelle as she read over the
schedule on her computer screen. "Howard will pick you up around 9 from your

"Estelle you're the best," said Joey as he kissed her on the cheek, "I better
go get ready."

With that he ran out of her office.

"He's a cute kid but none too bright," she thought to herself.

Cut to Friday, 4pm

"... Well that about does it for today, Mr. Tribiani," said Katherine, Joey's

"Thanks Katherine this has been great, but call me Joey."

"Only if you start calling me Kat."

"Works for me."

"Ok, so we'll get back to this bright and early on Monday," Kat said, "Any
other questions?"

"Well, just one. How can I monitor my progress?"

"Well, we have here a digital media recorder. It tapes when the light's on
and can be played back later."

"Like a VCR?"

"Yes, but with no tape. You have to bring the machine home to watch it. Well,
I'm off."

"Bye Kat," said Joey as she left.

Joey figured he'd work out a bit more. After about 5 minutes he realized he
was supposed to meet the gang at central perk across town in one hour. He
rushed out, locked up behind him and hailed a cab as fast as he could

* * *

Arriving around 5:30 the gang's all there less Joey, Monica and Rachel are
intently watching Phoebe as she performs on the little stage. Ross and
Chandler are a bit farther back but still watching Phoebe.

"So why's Joey always so late?" asked Ross.

"I think it's some kind of medical condition," responded Chandler.

"Huh?" responded Ross taking a sip of his coffee.

"So How are things going with you and Rachel?"

"Well, you know, taking things slow. It's kinda hard doing this for the third

"See with Monica it's great. She's really beginning to open up to me."

"Good to hear man."

Joey enters in a huff.

".... And the late man finally shows!" sings Phoebe As she strums the last
cord on her guitar.

Joey signals that he gets it as the patrons start to clap.

Phoebe gets up and sits down with the gang as Joey pulls up a chair.

"Sorry I'm so late Phoebes," started Joey.

"What happened?" asked Phoebe.

"Well, the training went long," said Joey gesturing towards the guys. "My
trainer is so hot"

"So you blow me off for some floozy?" said Phoebe crossing her arms and
looking quite angry.

"No, no, it's not that the training WAS really hard," responded Joey.

"Well, then I guess that's ok," said Phoebe.

"So where are you doing this Joey?" inquired Monica.

"Well, it's at this old warehouse on the other side of town. They fixed it
up really well and set up the stage we'll really be using. Plus, they gave
me keys so I can practice whenever I want. It's one sweet deal."

"Are there going to be any real Chippendales dancers?" asked Rachel.

"Rachel!" said Ross a little jealous.

"I'm asking from a purely professional standpoint. They might need Ralph
Lauren suits," responded Joey.

"No need to worry Ross, the only person training is me and Kat," said Joey.

"Well, I'm starved let's go eat," said Monica.

"Sounds good to me," said Joey.

With that they all got up and went to an uneventful dinner.

* * *

All returned To Monica's around 9. They stayed till about 11 when they
figured it was about time leave. Good-byes were said and the gang left.

Chandler turned in leaving Monica to clean up the small controlled mess that
was left. But it also gave Monica time to think. When she was finished she
climbed into bed with one grandiose plan.

"Chandler, you know how you always want to know about my fantasies?" asked
Monica as the two of them laid in bed.

Chandler's eyes lit up.

"Yeah, I do remember saying something like that."

"Well, ever since we went to that strip club with Rachel and Phoebe I've
always wondered what it would be like to strip like that."

Chandler did a double take. "Come Again?" he said.

"You know dance around that pole, strip off all my clothes then fuck you real

"That sounds great but we don't have a stripper pole."

"Yes, but now we do have access to one."

"What, Joey? You Know that if we did that he would insist on watching."

"Well, you don't have to tell him. You still have your apartment key right?"

"Monica that's crazy!"

"Crazy enough to work?" she said as she rubbed his cock through his boxers.

"That's what I meant!"

"Ok, you go get the key and I'll change meet in the hall in 5 minutes."

"Roger," said Chandler as he pulled on a pair of sweats and garbed his spare

"This thing sure comes in handy," he thought to himself while crossing the
living room. He tiptoed through the hall and slowly opened the door to his
former apartment. Quietly he opened the cupboard where they kept their keys
and grabbed the one marked stage. Careful not to wake anyone he snuck back
out of the apartment. He turned to lock the door when someone tapped on his
shoulder. "Ahh!" He exclaimed

He turned to see Monica in a large Grey overcoat.

"Don't do that!" he Exclaimed more silent this time.

"You were such an easy target," responded Monica with a playful look on her

"I guess I was," he said, "Can I see what's underneath?"

"You'll have to wait for later for that."

The went downstairs and hailed a cab.

* * *

They arrived at the stage around 1 am. Chandler unlocked the door and the
went inside.

Monica turned on the light.

"Wow!" they both exclaimed.

"Now that's what I call set design," said Chandler.

The set in fact was more like a fashion show catwalk than a stripper stage.
The catwalk extended to a circle shaped platform that had the pole in the
center. All around tables and chairs faced the stage Mirrored walls also
insured that no matter where you looked you got a good view of the action.

"Well, I'm off to get ready," Monica said as she jumped on to the catwalk.

"Make your self comfortable."

"You can be sure of that," said Chandler quickly taking a front row seat.

"Are you ready?" yelled Monica from the back.

"And willing," yelled Chandler.

"Ok, here I come," shouted Monica.

She flicked a switch and the dimmer on the lights went into effect. She had
1 minute to get to her spot on the catwalk. Chandler was almost plunged into
darkness as he sat awaiting the show. He was about to see.

After the minute was up, the lights came back on and there stood Monica in
the grey overcoat. This time though it was coupled with a hat. Almost as
suddenly as the lights came on, music also started playing in the background.
It was "I Touch Myself" by the Divinyls. Chandler thought about doing just
that but figured there would be plenty of time for that later.

Monica began making her way down the runway stopping every couple of feet
to dance a little. Chandler could feel his cock hardening with every step she
took. About halfway down the catwalk, Monica pulled the hat off letting her
hair fall out. She then through the hat to the other side of the rook. Monica
took another few steps forward than began to unbutton the overcoat.

"Take it off!" yelled Chandler really getting into the mood.

"Are you man enough for me big boy?" she asked.

"I should hope so," said Chandler gesturing to his hard on that mad the
sweats look like a three man tent.

Monica continued unbuttoning the overcoat to the point that when she leaned
over Chandler got a great view of her cleavage but could still not see
anything more. Monica bent forward and Chandler really getting into his role
started cheering.

"You like that?" said Monica.

"I sure do," responded Chandler.

"Wanna see more?"


Seeing Chandler's eagerness, Monica had an idea. She walked back towards the
middle of the catwalk and with her back turned towards Chandler, tore off the
overcoat. Chandler's eyes almost popped out of there sockets. There was his
wife in a black bra wearing a tiny black thong standing not but ten feet away
from him.

"Oulala" said Chandler gazing at the beautiful sight before him.

"If you liked that, your gonna love this," said Monica.

At that moment she spread her legs and bent over so that Chandler got a great
view of her ass as well as her face.

"Impressed, honey?" asked Monica.

"Looks like someone's been doing their stretching," responded Chandler.

"How about this for stretching," said Monica as she stood up, turned around
and did the splits.

"Daddy likes," said Chandler getting his first good view of her breasts
through her see through bra.

She reached back and unhooked her bra then leaned forward letting it fall to
the floor.

By this point Chandler had removed his pants and his boxers had a small but
thick pre-cum stain on them.

Monica flipped around and went from the splits to lying chest first on the
catwalk. She slither along the stage to where Chandler was like a snake. Each
time she lifted up Chandler got an amazing view of her chest as well as her
erect nipples. As She approached Monica could see Chandler's raging hard on
through his boxers which made the front part of her thong very damp. Monica
reached the end of the stage and held herself up by her arms.

"I wanna see those boxers on the floor right now!" Monica demanded.

"Yes Mam!" Chandler responded. With one swift movement he peeled off his
boxers and set his raging hard on free.

"Look at the little guy, he's so excited," said Monica "I have an idea."
She lowered herself to the floor of the catwalk and leaned over the edge and
grabbed Chandler's 8 inch rod. She gazed at it for a moment. "This will not
do," she said pointing out the pre-cum. "We need a clean dick to fuck me
with. Do you want me to clean it?"

"More than anything in the world right now," said Chandler

"Let's try the gentle cycle," Monica proposed.

With that she began to meticulously lick the tip of his penis making sure to
get rid of the pre-cum, but there was always more.

"Chandler, you're not being very helpful" hinted Monica.

"I think you need to use a more powerful cycle is all," answered Chandler.

"So that's how it's gonna be. Well, fine then." said Monica playfully. In one
quick gulp she engulfed half his cock and slowly began working it in and out
of her mouth.

"Oh baby, that's the stuff," moaned Chandler.

Monica swallowed Chandler's cock as far down her throat as she could and
began to suck like a vacuum cleaner. Chandler was having the time of his life
and Monica kept sucking harder and harder.

"Mon, I love Ya, I .... Ahh ... Loooove ...... Ahhhh ... Youuuu!" exclaimed
Chandler as he came in Monica's mouth.

Monica eased Chandler's dick out of her mouth trying to swallow every drop of
cum that was in there. For the most part she succeeded but some did spill out
of her mouth only to slowly dribble to the floor.

"See, that's what I love about you, you can make anything sexy," Monica

"The show's not over yet handsome," said Monica as she got up. "There's
plenty more to go."

Chandler was very happy about that. This had already been the most erotic
night of his life and there as more to come.

Monica turned around And grabbed the pole showing her ass In Chandler's
direction. "Grab my ass and make me feel like a woman, Chandler."

With out saying a word, Chandler obeyed her command and started groping her
ass. He squeezed the cheeks separately and together. She clenched them
together and gave him an amazing view. Chandler knew it was time to make
Monica feel as he did. He climbed up on to the stage and passed through
Monica's legs.

"Ok Mon, lower yourself down, but keep a firm grip. You're gonna need it,"
Chandler instructed.

"Your wish is my command, Master," Monica said in a very I Dream Of Jeanie
kind of way.

She lowered her self down and brought her crotch right to Chandler's face.
Chandler pulled the panties to one side and was treated to one hell of a view
Monica's pussy was bare! Normally it was neatly trimmed but now there was no
hair at all.

"Like It? I shaved it this afternoon while you were at work when I began
picturing this little scenario."

Chandler knew that no words would do that moment justice so he stuck his
tongue out and began to lick Monica's clit.

"Oh God, That feels so good honey don't stop," said Monica between breaths.
With one hand she held on to the pole with the other she pushed Chandler's
face deeper into her cunt.

Chandler began tongue fucking Monica.

"Oh yess, don't stoppp," she moaned as he pleasured her.

Monica began to convulse.

"OHHHH YESSSSS HONEY FUCK My CUNT... AHHHH!" she yelled as she came all over
Chandler's face and chest.

Monica was a gusher that you so rarely find in real life. By the end of her
orgasm, Chandler was soaked with her juices. Barely able to walk straight,
Monica got up dropped her soaked panties and went to the back to grab two
towels so they could clean up.

Once they were clean, Monica grabbed the pole and swung around. She was so
glad that she could do these things since she lost all of that weight all
those years ago.

"We forgot one thing," said Chandler.

"What?" asked Monica.

"I never got to really fuck you."

Chandler grabbed her by the hips and placed her on a table near the one he
was sitting at.

"Am I clean enough to fuck you?"

"Oh yes Chandler, but I want you to make me dirty."

This turned Chandler on because of Monica's germophobia, which had stood in
the way of their sexual exploits before was now seemingly erased Chandler,
not wasting an instant reached out and began kneading Monicas's breasts.

"Ou, that's it baby keep it up," Monica let out between moans.

Chandler began to lick her nipples with the gusto of a man who had not been
fed in ages.

"Oh, Chandler, I want you in side of me!"

"Yes indeedeo!" exclaimed Chandler.

He parted her pussy lips and slowly slid inside. Monica's eyes lit up as she
felt Chandler's hand open up her womanhood. They almost bulged out as he
penetrated her. Chandler began to speed up his thrusting.

"Fuck meee!" shouted Monica savoring this moment.

"I loovvve youuuuu!" shouted Chandler as he came inside her.

"Me tooooo!" Monica shouted as she came as well.

Chandler practically collapsed on top of Monica as a mixture of cum oozed
out of Monica's box.

About a half an hour later they had cleaned up and were ready to leave.

"Chandler, this has been the greatest night of our relationship and I can
even say my life."

"Me To, Mon. Now lets go home."

They left never noticing that the light on the camera was red the whole time.

To Be continued....

Next Time: Will someone find the tape? If so What will they do with it?
These answers and more in the next chapter.


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