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Date written: Sun 16 Sep 2001

Rating: NC-17

Codes: Joey/Phoebe, MF, mc, cons, reluc

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Summary: After a horrible accident, 12-year-old Phoebe Bouffay promises
herself to never again use her secret power. But one day, everything changes.

Friends: The One With Phoebe's Power
by Starway Man and Dreamreaper2k

Phoebe Bouffay was not in a good mood, as she felt that her life was kinda
boring right now. So she sighed, and basically tried to distract herself from
the world around her.

The young woman was 5' 8, with long blonde hair, slim waist, firm breasts, a
great ass and a winning smile. And given that description, you would think
men would be lining up to ask her out.

The problem was, she'd become a veggie flake - as a result of a traumatic
childhood incident. Phoebe could easily remember even now when she'd first
learned, that she had psychic powers.

Including the power to make people do her will. And the pain she could cause
by using it.

The power had manifested itself one night, when she and her twin sister
Ursula were watching a horror movie on TV. They should not have been watching
it, as the girls were just 12 years old; but their grandmother had fallen
asleep, and kids always do things that they know they're not supposed to do
without adult supervision.

As they'd watched, Ursula had hidden behind a pillow on the couch, peeking
out every now and then to see what was going on.

In one scene, a werewolf had just chased a young girl into a cemetery at
night. The creature had then looked into her eyes, as they stood still. "COME
HERE," he'd said, with an accented deep voice.

The girl's face had then gone blank. She'd walked over to where the wolf was
standing. And then he'd growled, and bit her on the neck.

Ursula had then disappeared behind her pillow again, and Phoebe had decided
to have some fun with her twin sister. She'd jumped off the couch, pulled
away Ursula's pillow and stared into her eyes.

"COME HERE," Phoebe had said, moving back slightly.

Ursula's eyes had gone blank. She'd then gotten up, and walked to Phoebe.

Phoebe had smiled, thinking her sister was playing along. "You will do as I
command," she'd said, still smiling.

"Yes, master," replied Ursula.

Phoebe had then thought for a moment, before spotting a figurine on the
shelf. "You are Supergirl. So fly," she'd said smiling, still thinking it was
a game.

Ursula had then turned around and, before Phoebe could stop her, jumped out
the open window.

Phoebe had subsequently screamed and looked on in horror, as her sister fell
one story to the alley below. Next she'd run downstairs, and out to where
her sister lay. Ursula's eyes were still blank, as she'd lain there.

"Ursula! Wake up!!" Phoebe had yelled in fear.

With that the girl had awoken, remembering nothing. Then she'd started
crying, as she had a broken leg.

Interestingly, Ursula was the never the same to her sister after that. Maybe
subconsciously, she'd gotten an inkling of what had happened; and it may not
have been deliberate, but two twins who had shared everything soon became
distant and cold with each other.

Two years later, their mother Lily killed herself and Phoebe ended up on the
streets. But despite that in the years that followed, she had repressed that
power and now it was little more than a bad memory.

Indeed, in the past 20 years, Phoebe had almost forgotten the whole thing had
ever happened.

Phoebe Bouffay's life had become much better, after her days on the streets
were behind her. Living with her grandmother till she'd passed away, the
young blonde girl now had a circle of close friends to share her days and
nights with.

Monica Geller and Rachel Green, two women who were her ex-roommates; plus
Monica's brother Ross and his college buddy, Chandler Bing.

And of course, the legendary Joey Tribbianni. An aspiring actor, and a very
close friend. A guy who loved having sex, and would go after almost anything
female, good-looking and with a pulse.

He was also a man Ursula had once slept with, and then dumped. Phoebe had
been there for him afterwards though, and now the two of them were real

The funny thing was, that Joey and Phoebe had also kissed more than once; and
the actor often referred to the blonde woman as his 'number one girl'. And
their friends sometimes wondered, why it was they had never hooked up.

Of course, Monica and Rachel knew nothing of Phoebe's curse; and Chandler and
Ross figured Joey didn't want to screw up their friendship, as he almost
certainly couldn't have stayed faithful to her.

This morning she and Rachel had gone jogging, so Phoebe decided to take a
shower after they had arrived back at the apartment Rachel shared with Joey.
And as the water flowed over her naked body, the girl felt more at peace with
the world.

"Phoebs, I gotta go to work now - will you be okay here?" Rachel shouted from
the main room.

"Yeah!" Phoebe yelled back.

"Okay, bye!"

Later, Phoebe heard a door open after Rachel had left. Then the door to the
bathroom opened, and Joey stared at her naked in the shower.

"Nice..." the Italian man grinned.

Phoebe got mad, spinning around. "Joseph Francis Tribbianni, stop!" she
shouted, switching off the water and grabbing a towel.

She swept aside the shower curtain, ready to chew his ass out for this. But
Joey just stood there, frozen. A blank look on his face.

Phoebe was shocked to see his expression. She suddenly realized that he
looked just like Ursula had back on that night, so long ago.

"Joey?" Phoebe asked. `Oh, God, no...not this, not now! It's been 20 years,
but I can't deal with this again...'

"Yes, master," Joey replied in a monotone.

Phoebe was nervous and stuttering, "Can, can you understand me?"

"Yes, master."

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, master."

"Joey..." Phoebe paused. He seemed all right, so she calmed down. Once more
relaxed, the woman decided to have some fun to make up for letting him see
her naked. "Will you do anything I ask?" she said mischievously, looking into
his eyes.

"Yes, master," he said yet again, like a robot.

Phoebe smiled again. "Alright Joey, I want ya to strip right now."

The man did as he was told, and before she could tell him to stop Joey stood
there stark naked right in front of her.

Phoebe had not expected to feel anything, but she had been wrong. Seeing her
Joey-shaped friend standing there completely nude, and knowing she could make
him do her bidding, was actually starting to make her hot.

The young woman stepped back, and looked at the clock on the wall. It was
only 8 a.m., and her masseuse job didn't start till at least 1 p.m. Maybe she

Then Phoebe could feel her eyes going wide, as she saw Joey's body becoming

The Italian guy's mind may have been under her power, but his body betrayed
how Joey was feeling about her right now - seeing the gorgeous blonde with
only a loose towel covering her anatomy.

Phoebe found herself walking towards her friend. Staring at the Little
General - Joey's pet nickname for his sexual equipment - her hand reached out
slowly, to touch it.

A shiver ran through her body, as her fingers almost came into contact...

Phoebe shook her head, clearing her thoughts. "Follow me to Rachel's
bedroom," she sighed. And again, Joey did as he was told.

A wide grin then appeared on her face, once they were there. Before she put
on her clothes, Phoebe had a crazy idea. `Why not show him what he was
missing? He won't remember...' she thought, opening the towel, and letting
it drop to the floor.

"Do you like what you see here, Joseph Francis?" she asked jokingly, twirling

He nodded, but Phoebe had not needed the answer - the Little General was
practically standing up and saluting her. She started to laugh.

"You're happy to see me, huh?" the girl giggled. But Phoebe soon realized
that with each twitch of Joey's Little General, she was starting to get more
and more turned on.

Much to her amazement, Phoebe found her nipples hard and tingly to the touch.
Then she realized just how wet she was downstairs...

`My God,' she suddenly thought, `what are you DOING? This is wrong,' the
blonde woman then told herself firmly.

Phoebe shook herself again and decided that she would send Joey away after
blanking his memory, but not quite yet.

Curiosity was a hell of a thing, and there was something she had always
wanted to know...

And now was the perfect time, when she could do whatever she wanted with her
one and only Joseph Francis.

She turned around, and with her back to him, Phoebe moved and pushed back
against Joey. Feeling his balls against her ass, and the Little General at
her back.

"So," Phoebe said dazedly mostly to herself, feeling the man's body right up
against hers and getting ready to move away. "I hope I've made ya happy,
Joey. I mean, after all this, what more could you possibly want?"

"To have sex with you," was his reply.

Phoebe laughed. "Have sex with me?" she said without thinking.

`NO!' Even as she said it, Phoebe knew it was a mistake. He would take it
as an order, not a question.

But before she could do anything, Joey's hand was on her back, pushing her
face down towards the bed.

She tried to command him to stop, but her words were lost as her face fell
onto the pillow. Phoebe then felt the Little General find her opening, and
spreading the moist lips of her nether realm wide open.

`Oh my God!' the young woman thought as she felt him trying to enter her,
her face still buried on the pillow's surface. `Joey's gonna do it right
here in Rachel's bedroom, and it's all my fault!!'

She had to stop this now. But even as she tried, raising her head Phoebe's
words were lost as she gasped, feeling Joey thrust himself forward. Filling
her with his length.

`Oh, Lord, he's huge!' Ms. Bouffay thought breathlessly, unable to
concentrate on anything else.

There was a pause for less than a moment, as Joey seemed to come up against
some sort of barrier; then there was a tearing sensation, as he fully
penetrated her.

`Ahhhhh!' Phoebe screamed silently. She could not find the breath to tell
him not to do this, as the Little General started to drive her traitorous
body absolutely wild.

Phoebe had to stop it. But with each of his thrusts, ancient instincts took
over and she started to realize just how much she wanted to feel Joey inside

The young woman knew it was wrong under these circumstances, but it felt so
good; and it was already too late to stop. Besides, hell, deep down she
didn't want it to stop.

Phoebe found herself pushing back to meet his every thrust, arching her body
along with Joey's movements. Seconds felt like hours, as she and Joey finally
became one flesh. Phoebe eventually lost all control, and gave in to her
repressed feelings.

"Ohhhhhh God, Joey, yes! Get on the bed, right now!" she screamed.

Joey immediately followed her orders. They dove onto Rachel's bed, and then
the young couple quite literally had the best morning of their lives.

Time seemed to stand still, just for them. Initially Phoebe was on her hands
and knees, while Joey pounded into her without pause. So often, that she lost
count how many times he'd done it.

She then sank onto her stomach on the bed. "More! More!" the girl yelled, as
her limbs started feeling like putty.

Joey wordlessly complied, lying on top of her, his chest on her back as the
entire length of the Little General plunged into Phoebe's hormone-filled
body. Again and yet again. Joey grunted as he then lifted her up and held her
close, his hands around her breasts.

Making love to his best female friend, like a tireless machine.

They didn't call it the 'Joey love' for nothing.

Soon the couple tried another position, with her on top. Joey mindlessly but
willingly had great sex with Phoebe, laying on his back. The blonde woman
bounced up and down, as the young man happily sent his Little General into
combat duty.

Eventually Phoebe leaned away from Joey and lay down on the bed on her back,
as he momentarily moved away from her.

"Joey, you quit now and I'll kill you! So keep going!" Phoebe hollered.

Joey then quickly inserted the Little General back into her, coming down on
her body mercilessly.

Phoebe then started moaning in unbridled pleasure, as he spread her legs and
they adopted the classic missionary position. "Uhhhh...yeah...harder!" she

The man's chest was pressing against her breasts and stomach as he lay on top
of her, and then his mouth found hers as their tongues started battling with
incredible strength.

His hands were moving all over her, reminding Phoebe of places she'd almost
forgotten existed. Then, the dark-haired young man tried to reach the back of
her neck from the front with his tongue, as she started doing the same.

All the time, the Little General was constantly giving her a pleasure Phoebe
had never known existed.

Eventually, her nails dug into his back and drew blood, as she pulled Joey
down even closer and wrapped her legs around him. And Phoebe couldn't stop
moaning, as he continued thrusting deeper and deeper into her body, and
faster than ever before.

As they kissed without stopping, their arms wrapped around one other, both
Phoebe and Joey's bodies seemed to start heaving up and down with sexual

`Oh God, oh God, oh God...!' she thought incoherently, as the Little
General started earning its Congressional Medal of Honor.

Then something seemed to explode inside her belly, as the blonde woman had
her first orgasm and let out a scream loud enough to wake the dead.

Joey noticed, but as he had not received any commands to stop, he just kept
on screwing her brains out.

The orgasm was the first of many, as the younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Bouffay came again and again and again, her body really feverish from this
mind-blowing, earth-shattering act of sex with her old crush.

As the minutes flew by, Phoebe lost count of how many times she had orgasmed.
Before she finally felt Joey ready to shoot his fellas into her, making her
come one last time, bucking wildly.

Saving the best for last.

Phoebe screamed and groaned in ultimate ecstasy, as her old friend held her
tightly; and then Joey began pumping his seed into her willing body.

The dark-haired young man groaned in pleasure and pain as he finally
exploded, the white liquid quickly gushing out of the Little General. Filling
his trembling blonde partner up, with the rich thick fluid.

But even Joey's strength had its limits; and so he just stopped, unable to
carry out her orders any longer.

A few minutes later, she said vaguely, "Joey, ahhh, God, that was...wait,
move over onto your side, will you?" Instantly he did so, the blank look on
his face returning. Phoebe then pulled herself together, and then turned and
looked closely at her lover.

`My God,' the young woman thought to herself, `we just did THAT? Now what?'

She had enough sense left to know, that they couldn't stay here. "Take me to
your room," she told him.

Phoebe knew she couldn't even walk now, she was that tired. Oh well, if it
were discovered, she'd make up some excuse about the mess to Rachel later.

Joey did as he was told, getting up and carrying her there effortlessly.
Their naked bodies glistening with sweat, as a result of their lovemaking.

As he walked out, Phoebe placed her arms around his neck; her chest was
crushed against his, so she wrapped her legs around his waist.

It was almost getting her excited enough to start him up, right then and
there, all over again.

In Joey's room, Phoebe looked at him closely. "Put us down on the bed,
gently," she said simply.

Joey did so and they lay there together on the covers, as naked as the day
they were born. The only son of Mr. and Mrs. Tribbianni looked at Phoebe
blankly. Pulling a blanket over them, the woman then wrapped herself around
him again.

She kissed him on the cheek and then whispered happily into his ear, "Sleep."

Joey did so at once, his features relaxing into his trademark satisfied

Taking stock of her situation now, the blonde woman giggled as she snuggled
closer to him. Because even though Phoebe ached all over from what Joey had
done to her, she felt really good. Better than she'd ever felt, in her whole

`Like, why didn't I do this years ago?' Phoebe wondered.

As Phoebe fell asleep in Joey's arms, she dreamed about having sex with him
again, and again and again. And she knew that from now on, her visits to this
apartment were going to be filled with occasions like today's.

The future surely looked grand.



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