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Friends: The Contest Part 2 (m/f)
by Scarlet Pimp(ernel)

Later that next night, while Monica was sleeping, Rachel crept across the
hallway to the guys' apartment, finding the door unlocked as usual, and snuck
stealthily into Chandler's bedroom, shutting the door behind her.

The quiet click of the lock disturbed him, and he bolted upright, half
expecting it to be Eddy, his crazy former roommate who'd been known to watch
Chandler while he was sleeping.

"What the?"

"Shh! Shh! It's me, Chandler, Rachel. Calm down."

"Wha? Rachel? What're you doing here?" he asked.

"I came to make sure that the voting goes my way on Saturday. Do you want a
preview?" she asked, as she tugged gently on the straps to her silky chemise.
She turned on the light.

Oh my God! thought Chandler, the blood rushing to his flaccid penis.

Rachel pulled the knots loose and let the flimsy undergarment fall to the
floor, exposing her tanned melons. She wiggled her chest, her breasts
bouncing in the opposite direction to her body.

"See anything you like?"

"Oh, I see a couple of things," he gulped.

"And I see something that I like," she said, pointing at the covers tenting
at his crotch. "How about this?"

She turned her back to him, and wiggled out of the chemise, letting it slip
seductively to the floor. Chandler could see the slight bulge of her
beautiful boobs as she stood with her back three quarters towarded him.

Suddenly, she bent double, her head down near her ankles.

The she snaked one of her hands up along her legs from her ankle, to her
marvelous pear-shaped asscheeks, thrust up in the air, the lips of her softly
downed pussy exposed slightly between her legs. She put a finger into
herself, watching Chandler's eyes go wide.

Chandler got out of the bed and sat on the edge. "You know, I'm not sure who
I'm going to vote for," he laughed.

She smiled at him, then winked, standing straight.

"Really?" she turned to him, letting him see for the first time her pink
nether lips. "Maybe I'll have to be a little more... persuasive."

He raised and eyebrow and smiled.

Rachel knelt before him and put her hands on the side of his hips, resting
her head on his legs.

"What can I do to ensure your support?" she asked in mock confusion, then
raised her head and said, "Oh, I know!" With that, she pulled at the
waistband of his shorts, his cock popping free of its confinement. Chandler
lifted his hips as Rachel pulled his shorts past his ass and down to his
knees. She then lowerred her lips over his hard penis and took its full
length in her mouth, gagging a bit.

She pulled back, then remarked, "it's a big fella, ain't it?"

"Rach, are you sure about this?" He asked, suddenly aware of the situation.
"I mean, is this okay?"

"Come on, Chandler, I've not had sex since Ross and I broke up, and I know
you haven't since... well, whenever. Besides, I know you want some of this,"
she said, swallowing his member once more. She licked it like a lollipop,
then said, "Don't worry. It's just sex. Red hot, steamy, animal sex, and
that's all. No consequences, our little secret."

That was all he needed. He lay back on the bed, as she went to work on him,
sucking and licking his sex starved cock. Rachel's cheeks hollowed out as
she created a tight vacuum around him, his dick popping out of her mouth

She pulled on it with her hands, making him lie on the bed. When he was
fully on it, she too climbed on and turned around, placing her pussy over his
head, sixty-nining them.

He immediately got to it, grabbing her ass with both hands, pulling her hips
down to his mouth. She moaned quietly around his cock as he slipped his
fingers between the crack of her ass, and ran his tongue up her slit.

"Mmm, you taste good, Rachel."

Rachel removed her lips from his tool and spoke, "enjoy it, baby, just
remember who you're voting for, huh?"

Chandler grunted and resumed his exploration of her cunt, adding a finger to
her and licking her clit. She gasped at the sudden violation, then began to
rock back and forth on his finger, giving herself a good fucking.

He smiled, letting the feel of her silky lips around his cock push him closer
to release. He slapped her ass, and she moaned sensuously.

"Put it in me, Chandler," she said in a husky voice, through hooded eyelids.
"Fuck me."

"Your wish is my command," he said, and reached for the nightstand.

"What're you doing?" she asked.


"Never mind that, we're both clean, and I'm on the pill, don't you worry
about a thing. I don't want anything getting between us," Rachel said. "Now
get over here, and give me something to remember."

Chandler grabbed her legs and put them over his shoulders, looking down as
Rachel lay on her back, her breasts flattened out from gravity. He gently
pried apart her pussy lips and guided himself into her to the hilt.

She closed her eyes and parted her lips slightly exhaling. Slowly, Chandler
began to thrust in and out of her, leaning on her thighs for leverage.
Inside, she felt his cock sliding up and down in her, eliciting groans of
pleasure. He let one leg fall, and reached out and started to play with her
big, pink nipples.

Rachel looked at her friend's face. His concentration was evident, his brow
furrowed in exertion as he pistoned in and out of her. Suddenly, he let her
other leg fall, both legs now spread wide as he rested on his arms and worked
his stiff cock into her. She looked down at their union, watching his member
parting her womanly place.

He stopped. She began to ask what was wrong, but realized that he was just
changing position, and let his wonderful instrument pull from her. She wanted
it inside again soon.

Chandler sat on the bed cross legged, then motioned for her to sit with her
legs on either side of him, her crotch resting against his.

"I've never done it this way, Chandler."

"Trust me."

She reached down and aimed his cock into her once more. They sat for a
minute, just enjoying the feel of being joined, then she began to grind her
hips as he thrust against her. The circular motion of her hips and the
vertical motion of his caused him to corkscrew into her, creating a sensation
she'd never felt before.

His hands found her breasts and he lifted one to his lips, taking the nipple
into his mouth, while kneading the other, squeezing the soft flesh between
his fingers. She kissed his neck, savouring the attention of his lips on her
bosom, and reached her hand down to massage her clit.

He let her other breast fall, reaching around to grab her firm butt cheeks.
She closed her eyes until she felt his mouth leave her boob. Rachel looked
into his eyes and kissed him on the lips, grinding her hips furiously onto
his weapon. She then lifted her own breast and licked her nipple, her
pleasure building.

"God, you're beautiful," he said, watching her suckling on her own lovely
tits, lust in her eyes.

Chandler ran his hand across hers, moving her hand away from her clit, so
that he could rub it himself. This was more than she could take, and her
pussy flooded as she came, releasing her nipple from her mouth.

Presently, Chandler felt the tell-tale tickling in his balls that signalled
his orgasm, and fought against it, trying to make the moment last. Again,
Rachel came, whispering his name in his ear, as she kissed it. He grabbed
both tits in his hands, and pushed her onto her back, adjusting his position.

She flipped onto all fours, and presented her ass to him. He quickly
re-inserted his cock into her pussy and grabbed her ass for leverage. He
began to rut her, his balls slapping her thighs with each stroke.

Placing his hands on her shoulders, he leaned into her, growling into her
ear. He reached under and grabbed handfuls of her tits and squeezed them
hard. She cried out loud, and was sure that Joey could hear her next door,
but she was too far gone to care, as wave after wave of orgasm rippled
through her.

"Uhnnh! My god!" she cried out, feeling Chandler still within her, plumbing
her depths.

"Ahh, I'm gonna cum!" he told her, his semen rising.

He let go of her boobs and once more grabbed her ass, thrusting furiously
into her, until he finally came, his seed shooting deep into her, and then
spilling out of her snatch and down her leg.

Breathing heavily, they lay on the bed together, until Rachel got up and
kissed him on the cheek.

"That was wonderful, Chandler. You were so good."

She picked up her chemise and, not bothering to dress, went to the door.

Chandler stared at her ass as she wiped up his cum on her inner thigh with
her finger and then tasted it.

She smiled at him then said, "See you tomorrow, baby. Maybe I'll let you see
my bikini before the contest, hmm?"

"I'll be looking forward to it."

Rachel opened the door and looked out, making sure the coast was clear, then
tiptoed out the door and back to her apartment.

In his bed, Chandler turned onto his back and went to sleep smiling.

Monica heard Rachel's bedroom door open. She'd been expecting this. She
watched as Rachel crept into the living room and then out the front door.
From her vantage point in the bathroom, she had a good look at the chemise
that Rachel was wearing, and she had to admit that she looked good.

Damn! thought Monica, who's room is she going to? Who is she going to first?

She followed Rachel a few minutes later, creeping into the apartment.
Silently, she went to Joey's door and listened. Inside she heard snoring, so
she went to Chandler's door. A small strip of light shone from under the

Ah! So she's gonna work on Chandler, she thought. Then I'll work on Mr.

Monica quietly turned the handle and opened Joey's door. He was dead asleep,
lying on his back. She watched him for a minute, then closed the door behind

In his dream, Joey was walking down the street. He had forgotten his
clothes. As he walked, people stopped and stared and pointed. He looked
down, his penis was fully erect and ready for action.

Monica pulled back the covers, exposing the fully nude Joey, and his stiff
cock. She marvelled at it for a minute, then ran her fingers up and down its

Joey met a beautiful girl on the street who greeted him by taking hold of his
penis and stroking it softly. Suddenly, he woke up. "Who?"

"It's Monica, Joey. This is a dream; you're dreaming."

In his dream, the girl turned into Monica.

"Monica, what are you doing here?"

"I'm here to remind you how sexy I looked yesterday, just standing there,
nude and wet, my breasts heaving with each breath, and you're gonna vote for
me during the contest on Saturday."

"Yeah, you're so sexy. I had to beat off after that. Chandler, too."

"You beat Chandler off?" Monica was shocked.

"No! He beat himself off. We're not like that. Not that there's anything
wrong with that."

"Oh," Monica was a little disappointed. In his half-sleeping state of mind,
she could've gotten every intimate detail from him.

As people passed him on the dream street, Joey reached out and grabbed one
of Monica's ample breasts. She was surprised, but did nothing to stop him.
Joey opened her buttoned-up shirt and reached inside, stimulating her

"Man, you've got great tits, Monica," Joey said.

He continued kneading them, them threw her onto the ground. Monica felt his
hands go down between her legs and part her pussy lips roughly. Monica
realised that Joey was acting out a fantasy in his half-sleep, and imagining
who knows what in his dream.

"I'm gonna fuck your brains out, Mon."

"Joey! Stop it!"

He didn't listen, he grabbed his erect cock and shoved it straight into her
dry twat and began thrusting madly. Monica pushed at him, but she was no
match for his maddened strength. In his dream fantasy, Joey started
thrusting in and out of Monica on the street, her hips resting on the curb.

Monica stopped fighting and started talking dirty, whispering in Joey's ear.

"Ooh Joey, fuck me baby. You're sooo big! Mmm, give it to me!"

Monica couldn't believe she was enjoying this near-rape. Joey had slowed
down and started sucking Monica's big tits. She felt her pussy getting
wetter and wetter.

I've never had sex this rough, she thought.

She realised that she was liking it. The feeling of being totally out of
control went against her normally anal personality. And besides, she knew
that Joey wouldn't actually hurt her, so she could really get into it.

"Oh, you slut! You loved having Chandler and I staring at you, didn't you?"

She had to admit to herself that this was true. She felt that same
electricity right now, remembering that moment. Joey pistoned in her, adding
to her sexual charge. She soon found herself cumming with amazing intensity,
over and over again.

Meanwhile, Joey was driving himself closer and closer to his own orgasm.
Monica reached down and touched her clit and immediately came once again and
again and again, until she felt she might pass out from the pleasure. Little
did he know it, but Joey was giving her the fucking of a lifetime.

"I'm gonna cum inside you, baby. I'm gonna paint your insides white with
sperm," Joey growled in Monica's ear. "You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"Yes! Yes! I want your seed inside me. I want it dripping from inside of
me. I want to taste it! Give it to me!"

Joey's buttocks clenched as he thrust into her, his orgasm approaching. His
load began to shoot inside of her, but he then pulled out and shot the rest
of it over her face and tits and stomach. She squealed in pleasure as she
came yet again, excited by the loss of control. Joey grabbed her hair and
pulled her face to his cock, wiping it on her cheeks and lips. Monica slurped
up as much cum as she could, tasting its warm saltiness.

"You like that, don't you, slut?"

"Yes, Joey. I love it," Monica answered truthfully, exhausted.

She was glad that it was over, and began to get up, ready to go back to her
apartment, but Joey had other plans. He grabbed her, and threw her onto the
bed (a newspaper box in his dream) and started rubbing her snatch from

Monica gasped at the violence of his actions, but felt her pussy responding
to his rough movements. She felt so dirty, and she really loved it.

Joey put his finger into Monica's anus. He worked it around, then removed
it, replacing it with his penis.

Monica was in shock. No one had ever fucked her ass before in her life.
Sure, she'd had fingers in there, but they were much smaller than Joey's
cock. She could feel the rod way inside her, lubricated by only his juices.

He thrust in and out, each push giving Monica a bit of pain, but a load of
pleasure. She moaned, trying to push her ass further back onto Joey's penis,
wanting it deeper and deeper.

She came suddenly, followed seconds later by Joey, who spurted his load
inside her bowels. He pulled out, and lay on the floor, spent.

Monica slowly got to her feet, her ass still sore from the fucking she'd just
received. She felt warm all over, drained from her many orgasms over the
last twenty minutes. She sat down on the bed and put a finger in her pussy,
absent-mindedly masturbating while she thought of what just happened, Joey's
cum drying on her skin.

She heard Rachel scream next door, followed by a "My god!", and realised that
Rachel and Chandler would be done soon, so she picked up her torn shirt and
quietly left Joey's room and went back to her apartment.

Continued in part 3...


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