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Friends: The Contest Part 3 (m/f)
by Scarlet Pimp(ernel)

For the next two days nothing more happened. Monica, Rachel and Phoebe went
shopping, each bringing home at least two new bikinis and a tiny suit for the
men, while the guys went about their lives normally.

On Friday, down at Central Perk, Joey and Rachel sat on the couch. Chandler
walked in the door, carrying his briefcase.

"You will not believe the day I've had!" he said then plopped down on the
couch next to Rachel.

"Why, what happened?" asked Joey.

"Um, well... okay, fine. Nothing. Are you happy now? You've found me out!
Nothing particularly strange happened today."

Chandler got up and went to get himself a cup of coffee. As he left, Joey
got up as well.

"I'm going to the bathroom," he told everyone and no one in particular.

Some people looked at him, then went about their business. Joey left.
Sensing an opportunity, Rachel, too, got up and went to the bathroom. She
waited outside the door until Joey emerged.

"Joey, did you wash your hands?"

"Huh? Uhm, no."

He hung his head and turned to go back into the room. Rachel looked around
and saw no one looking, and pushed him into the tiny bathroom.

"Rachel, what are you doing?"

"I'm gonna show you something about personal hygiene!"

"Okay, I'm sorry, I forgot! Jeez, you're worse than my mom."

She turned on the tap and he put his hands under the water, washing them.
When he was done, he shook them dry and turned to go.

"There, done. Happy?"

"No, aren't you forgetting something?"

"What now?"

"Didn't you just pee?"


"Did you wash off your big cock?"


Joey jumped back from Rachel, confused by this question.

"It's all right, I'll show you," she said, and reached for his zipper.

Shocked, Joey just stood there while she pulled his dick out of his pants,
splashing it with warm water and rubbing it. His mouth hung wide open.

"There, much better, no? Oh, look, now it's all wet. I'll dry it off. I'll
bet your mom never did this!"

She took it in her mouth and started blowing him. Joey moaned.

"What're you doing, Rachel?"

"I'm just ensuring that I have your support on Saturday, if you know what I

Sadly, he didn't.

"What?" he stammered.

"Vote. For. Me," she said, punctuating each word with a tug on Joey's
hardening cock. "I want to win, and I want it bad."

Okay, thought Joey.

"I can do that."

"That's good, now sit back and enjoy."

With that, she returned to her business, sliding her lips up and down Joey's
shaft, her red lips a perfect 'o'. She reached into Joey's pants and pulled
out his balls, massaging them with her hands, while her mouth teased his

Rachel released his cock from her vacuum mouth and took a minute to suck on
each of his testicles, while she jerked him with her hand. There wasn't much
room in the small bathroom, so he had to stand while she knelt before him and
sucked his hard cock.

Her free hand found its way down her panties and she began to wank herself
while she pleasured Joey. He saw her fondling her twat and placed his hands
on her head, bringing her mouth back to his rod. He controlled her motion
with his hands, fucking her mouth while she felt herself up and tweaked her
own nipple.

He smiled down at Rachel, kneeling in front of him. Her lips and tongue
worked on the head of his penis, summoning his orgasm. Joey let go of her
head and forced her off of his cock. She pouted at him, then stood.

"What's wrong, Joey?"

"This isn't fair," he said, "you're not getting enough."

She smiled at him and hiked up her skirt.

"Okay, you want some of this?"

He pulled her sopping wet underwear aside and stuck a finger into her.
Rachel closed her eyes, and grabbed his cock once more.

Joey grabbed her by the ass and lifted her onto the sink. He wedged himself
between her legs and she guided his cock into her steaming cunt. Slowly, but
with increasing speed, he began to pump her, her legs locked behind his back.

He lifted her from the sink and continued to thrust in and out of her. She
slid her hand down and toyed with her clit, while he reached up under her
blouse and tore it open. Her lacy bra soon fell to the floor, torn and
unwearable ever again.

Rachel put her arms around Joey's shoulders, while he bent to her breasts,
kissing both on the nipple, then sucking on them. He put both hands on her
ass and held her aloft, rutting into her. She began to pant, her orgasm

He turned and started pumping her against the wall. He bit down on her
nipple and she nearly screamed in pleasure, but held it back. She had no
desire to let everyone know what was going on in the bathroom.

She began to writhe in his grip as the throes of her orgasm crashed through
her. After a minute, the waves subsided and she calmed down, her breath
once more coming in even gasps. She smiled seductively at Joey.

He pulled out of her, and she once more got to her knees, returning his cock
to her hungry lips. Rachel could taste her own womanly juices on his prick
as she took it onto her tongue, using her tastebuds to scrape roughly across
oey's sensitive cockhead.

"Oh. That's it," he moaned, then began to unload into her mouth.

Rachel immediately removed his cock and directed his sperm into the sink,
spitting what little she had already taken in her mouth. Joey was a little
disappointed that she didn't swallow, but didn't really mind. This was an
unexpected BJ, so how could he complain?

"Now, who are you going to vote for?"

"You, Rachel."

She carefully washed Joey's cock clean once more, then returned it to his
pants and zipped him up. She then picked up her bra and stuffed it into her
inside pocket and buttoned her blouse.

"Remeber, Joey, this is our little secret, right? Don't tell anyone."

"I promise."

Rachel peeked out the bathroom door, then snuck into the woman's toilet.
Joey went and sat down on the couch.

"What the hell were you doing in there?" Chandler asked.

"You know, guy stuff."

"Oh, okay," Chandler said sarcastically, but left it alone.

Minutes later, Rachel emerged from the woman's bathroom, looking as
immaculately clean as she had before, bearing no trace of the last few
minutes' actions. (Unless one was observent enough to notice that she no
longer wore a bra under her blouse.

At work, Phoebe was busy giving Ross a massage. He'd started coming to the
parlour a few weeks ago, trying to relieve some of the tension that had been
building up while he and Rachel fought and then after they'd broken up. Now
he'd started getting used to it, and looked forward to his weekly session.

"Uh, Ross! You are sooo tense! You've got to relax!"

Phoebe kneaded the muscles in the back of Ross' neck, pounding on the little
knots of flesh that she found there.

"I can't help it, Phoebs. Ever since I lost Rachel, every little thing that
goes wrong at work has just been driving me over the edge. It's like the
world has it in for me."

"You see? It's negative remarks like that that make bad stuff happen to you!
You've got to be positive! I can't take your bad vibes! Here, try this
herbal tea," she said, holding a box out to him. Ross reached for it, and
she pulled it away from him, saying, "Hey! I was just showing you, get your
own! Now lie back down, and RELAX!"

Ross put his head back onto the table and closed his eyes, thinking of Rachel
naked in his bed. He pretended that Phoebe's hands were hers, massaging his
troubles away.

"There, much better. Now you're really relaxing," Phoebe said, pleased with
her progress. "Keep breathing, in and out. Slowly."

He ignored her, fantasizing about Rachel. Rachel knelt in front of Ross, her
admriable, tanned boobs squeezed together between her arms in the classic
Playboy 'fuck me' pose, her lips pouty and full, whispering "I love you" to
him. He reached out and took her left breast in his mouth, sucking on her
nipple delicately. She cooed in pleasure, putting her hands on his huge cock
(it was a fantasy) and pulling on it gently.

Ross felt his real penis swelling under his towel, to its full length (which,
although not huge, was not small). Rachel pushed him onto his back and
slurped up the drop of pre-cum on his tool, then deepthroated the monster,
gagging on its magnificent girth and length.

Phoebe worked her way down Ross' back, then stopped.

"Okay, Ross, turn over."

He snapped back to reality and began to turn over, not thinking of his
excited state. As he shifted position, his towel fell, exposing his erect
manhood to his friend. He quickly retrieved the towel and held it in front
of his, blushing.

"Sorry about that."

"Don't worry, Ross, this happens to a lot of my customers. It's nothing to
be ashamed of. In fact, I take it as compliment to my skills. Now lie down
and relax."

Ross lay down on his back and placed the towel over his crotch, although it
still tented embarrassingly on his still-hard cock. Phoebe went to her shelf
and retrieved some massage oils, and poured them onto his chest, continuing
the massage. He was more tense than before.

"Ug, Ross, you're worse than before! Well, I can see that you're not gonna
relax as long as you're like this, so I guess I'll have to do something to
help you. Now close your eyes and concentrate on relaxing."

Phoebe put her hand over his eyes and he shut them, trying once more to
relax. She continued the massage, and he continued his fantasy.

She grabbed his cock in her hand and continued to work on the rest of him
with the other hand. She expertly began to jerk him off, using her fingers
for full effect on his shaft and head.

Ross opened his eyes in surprise, but shut them again when she told him to
relax. He pictured Rachel again, her mouth once more around his throbbing
cock. She gobbled his tool up hungrily, sucking and licking him as only she
knew how.

Phoebe switched hands on Ross' cock and began to fondle his balls with her
other hand. Efficiently, she began to massage Ross' cockhead, using the
massage oil as a lubricant. She felt him stiffen and grabbed some kleenex,
anticipating his load.

Rachel slid her tongue up Ross' sack, taking his balls one at a time into her
sweet lips, while stroking his member in her hands. He moaned. She returned
her lips to his penis, licking its eye before she swallowed him. With his
cock buried in her throat, he began to cum, spraying his load into her

He came, and Phoebe held the kleenex over his cockhead, collecting the warm
fluid, then wiped his cock clean when he was done. She tossed the ball of
paper into the trash, then resumed her massage of his body. Ross was
smiling, his eyes closed.

"Now you're really relaxed," she said.

Later that night, Monica crept into the guys' apartment. She opened the door
to Chandler's bedroom and began stripping out of her clothes. She hid them
in his closet, then got into his bed, pulling the covers up to her chin.

A little while later, Chandler walked into his room, tossing his coat on the
bed and dropping his briefcase on the floor. He opened the closet and
started to remove his tie, looking in the mirror hanging on the inside of the
closet door.

He stopped, his mind assessing what he'd seen as he walked in the door.
Monica was in his bed? Chandler spun and looked at her.

"Oh, hi, Mon. What're you doing here?" he asked, confused.

In answer, she threw back his sheets and covers, her naked body exposed to

"I saw how you were looking at me the other day, Bing. I know that you came
back here and beat off in this bed, thinking about me," she said. She cupped
her boobs, squeezing the nipples. "Thinking about my big, firm tits, and how
you'd like to touch them, to fondle them, to make my nipples hard with
pleasure. Wouldn't you?"

"If you're kidding me, Monica, I'm not gonna be able to be your friend
anymore. 'cos that's just cruel."

"Shut up and get over here, Bing."

"Okay, you asked for it," he laughed, jumping into the bed.

Monica ripped his shirt open, sending buttons flying everywhere. He just
shrugged out of it and took her breasts in his hands, squeezing them, his
thumbs rubbing against her erect nipples.

"Ooh, you're good at this," she cooed, her head back and eyes closed in

Chandler responded by enveloping her nipple with his lips and sucking on it
hard. Monica gasped at the force of the suction. He removed his lips from
her nipples and licked it. She felt the saliva evapourate from her nipple as
Chandler blew across it.

"I guess you want me to vote for you, too," he said. "Right, Monica?"

"Forget about that silly contest, boy, just keep doing what you're doing. We
can discuss that all later."

Obliging her, Chandler returned his concentration to her truly gorgeous
globes, licking and sucking Monica to her first orgasm, her pussy juicing

He then lowered his focus, kissing his way down her tight stomach, all the
way down to her wet hole. She smiled at him, then pushed his head into her
snatch, licking her lips in anticipation.

Running his tongue along her lips, Chandler massaged Monica's clit
delicately, teasing the sensitive flesh. She moaned her appreciation, and
put her hands on his head, forcing him closer. Not one to argue, he inserted
his tongue into her honey pot, tasting her sweetness.

"Keep going, honey," she sighed, close to orgasm.

"Your wish..." he trailed off, licking her clit, before once more sticking
his tongue into her. She gasped with pleasure, grinding her hips against his
wonderful tongue, wanting it deeper.

He slowly inserted a finger, then another, testing her readiness. Slowly, he
worked in a third finger, twisting them in unison.

"Oh god, I'm... yeeee!" she screamed, cumming.

When her orgasm had subsided, she ran her hands down Chandler's body,
signalling him to stop by grabbing at his belt. He gratefully removed his
pants, standing before her, his underwear straining to hold his cock inside.

She stood with him, running her hands over his body, down to his ass, where
she squeezed his buttocks, surprising him. He jumped a bit, thrusting his
pelvis into hers, his cotton chained cock pressing against her. Wanting to
get a look at his tool, she reached down and tugged at the waistband, peering
down his underpants.

Chandler's cock was at full hardness, held in place only by the cloth,
pointing straight up at her. She gladly knelt before him, pulling his
underpants down as she went, freeing his member, which she immediately took
in her mouth.

"Mmm, I see you've done this before," he joked, her expert lips and tongue
caressing his cockhead.

"Once or twice," she laughed, then suddenly deepthroated his entire length,
easily supressing her gag reflex, allowing his tool to enter her throat.

She kept it there a while, using her mouth and tongue while sucking him like
a pro. Chandler grunted, enjoying the experience.

Soon, Monica pulled him out, then began giving him a tremedous blow, sliding
her lips and fingers tightly, up and down the length of his shaft. Chandler
forced himself not to cum, feeling the familiar urge as it built up in his

But Monica was not to be denied. She wanted to taste his seed, and doubled
her efforts, massaging his balls and butt, bringing him to the brink.
Chandler cried out, then shot his load into Monica's hungry mouth. She
swallowed most of it, letting some escape, once more displaying her skill.
The excess she licked from her lips, winking at Chandler.

"Not bad, big boy."

"I try."

He got onto his knees, bringing himself to her level, and took her face in
his hands, kissing her deeply, probing her mouth with his tongue. His hands
began to stray, one tracing a line down to her pussy, where it immediately
found a home, the other cupping her left breast, lifting it, as though
testing its weight.

Monica scraped her nails across his back as he touched her clit, inciting
another orgasm. He brought his tongue down to her bosom, and wrapped his
lips tightly around her nipple, suckling. With her eyes shut in ecstasy, she
kissed his ear, whispering dirty words to him.

"Ooh, yeah. You're hand feels so good in my pussy. Why haven't we done this
before? You wanna tit fuck me, baby? Come on, cum on me. Shoot your load
all over my face. I want to see it."

Her suggestion sounded good to him, so Chandler let her lie down on the
floor. She mashed her bountiful globes together, and blew an air kiss at
him. He stroked his rod, then positioned himself over her chest his cock
once more rock hard.

"Come on, Bing. I'm waiting," she whispered in a husky voice, meant for
maximum sexiness.

Complying, Chandler rubbed his pre-cum between her boobs, lubricating them.
He then began to thrust between her tits, closing his eyes, enjoying the

When he opened them, he watched Monica as she watched him thrusting between
her breasts, jiggling with each stroke. He, too, watched his penis thrusting
his friends' firm titflesh.

Quickly, he built to an orgasm, shooting his load on her chest and neck, then
aiming a few drops onto her face as she squealed her delight. When his load
was spent, he kissed her once, then she grabbed at his cock and licked him
clean, remarking how good he tasted.

Soon as she was done, she went to the closet and grabbed her clothes. Putting
on her jeans and t-shirt (no panties), she turned back to Chandler and kissed
him. She hugged him, then grabbed his limp cock and kissed it, too.

"Thank you," she said. "Now, about your vote..."

Continued in part 4...


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