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Friends: The Contest Part 3 (m/f)
by Scarlet Pimp(ernel)

Saturday. The day of the contest. At about five o'clock, the gang all
gathered at Monica and Rachel's apartment, the women wearing their bikinis
under their clothes.

Rachel collected the "entrance fee" from everyone, and left the bills in two
piles on the kitchen table.

"Okay, let's get started!" Joey exclaimed.

"Not just yet, buddy boy," Monica said, going into her bedroom.

A few seconds later she emerged, carrying a small plastic tube.

"Here's your suit, Joey," she laughed, tossing him the container.

Joey opened it, pulling out a tiny leopard-print bikini brief, the kind of
underwear that old, fat Italian men often use as swimming trunks on a crowded

"Hey, my uncle has a pair just like this!" Joey said, examining the garment.

"And here's yours Chandler," Rachel said, tossing a bag at him. She turned
to Phoebe and whispered, "Wait'll you see this."

Inside the bag was a black thong, with a yellow happy face printed on the
crotch. Chandler groaned.

"Good luck, buddy," laughed Ross, who immediately stopped when he saw what
Phoebe had selected for him to wear. He was almost sure that it was a
woman's bikini bottom, but said only, "Oh my god, where's the rest of it?"

The girls all spent a minute laughing, then told the guys to go next door and
change into their suits. Grudingly, the three boys trudged over to Chandler
and Joey's apartment. When they were gone, the girls began to strip off
their street clothes, revealing the suits underneath.

Rachel was the first fully unclothed. Her suit was a white two-piece bikini
that tied behind the neck, giving her hanging breasts extra bounce. The
straps of the bottom rested on her hips, while the centre of it plunged
downwards, exposing about three inches below her belly button.

Not to be outdone, Monica was wearing a sexy black string bikini. The top was
tiny, the triangles of cloth barely covering her areolae, leaving practically
nothing to the imagination. (Not that the guys hadn't already seen
everything when she fell out of the shower.) The bottom was much the same,
just a strip of cloth that hung from the bikini strings and rested between
her legs.

Phoebe disrobed slowly, exposing her one-piece suit. It was roughly
diamond-shaped, and the top hugged her slim figure, tying behind her neck and
leaving her entire back exposed. The suit's bottom seemed standard from the
front, but when she turned around, the rear of the suit exposed her tight
asscheeks fully, with only a thin thong running between them. Best of all,
the front of the suit had an oval hole in it that extended from just a few
centimetres above her pubic hair all the way up, exposing the curvature of
the underside of her breasts.

Monica handed out robes for the girls to wear until it was time for the

Presently, the guys returned, all holding towels around their waists.

"What the hell is this?" shouted Monica. "Towels?"

"Hey! You expect us to walk through the hall dressed like this?" countered
Chandler. "Some one might see us!"

"Isn't that the point?" laughed Rachel.

"You know what I mean!"

"Okay, now this is how it works, we're gonna judge you guys first, and then,
it'll be your turn. The judges will write the name of the winner on a piece
of paper, and someone will read it out," said Rachel. "Hey, who wants to be
the announcer?"

"Ooh! Me! Me!" called Phoebe, jumping excitedly. "I've always wanted to be
an emmcee!"

"Alright, that's settled," said Monica. "So you three go into Rachel's room
and decide who's going to come out first. The other two will stay in there
until he returns, then send the next one out. Got it? Good. Get in there."

They went into Rachel's room and the girls sat down on the couch and waited.

"Okay, who wants to go first?" asked Chandler.

"Joey does," said Ross.

"Fine, chickens. I'll go out first, see ya later," he laughed.

Joey strutted from the bedroom, still in the towel and stood before the
girls. He dropped the towel, then started hamming it up, striking poses and
flexing his muscles.

The girls whooped and whistled.

"Excellent work, Mr. Tribbiani!" shouted Monica.

"9 butt points!" Phoebe catcalled.

Rachel merely said, "Ow-ah!", James Brown style.

After a few minutes the excitement died down, and the girls sent Joey back
into the bedroom. A few seconds later, Chandler emerged, crabwalking his way
across the room so as not to allow them to see his exposed buttocks.

"Thanks, Rachel. Love the suit," he said.

"Boo! Turn around!" called Rachel.

Blushing, he did so, making the full rotation in little under a second. The
girls booed some more shouting for him to turn more slowly. Chandler slowly
turned, the girls whistling and cheering him on.

"Oh baby! Look at that tush!" Monica laughed, whistling.

"That's put a smile on my face," Phoebe smiled, pointing at the little happy
face on his crotch.

"Make it talk!" shouted Rachel.

The girls ended Chandler's session by howling like wolves in unison. He
bolted back into the bedroom.

"Well, hello," said Ross as he came out of the bedroom.

He walked toward them, trying to act non-chalantly, and failing quite
miserably. He nearly knocked over a lamp, then bent to steady it. This
ellicited several catcalls and whoops from the girls as he stuck his butt
out. Realising this, he straightened.

"Relax, Ross," said Monica, "it's not like your ass is showing!"

"Oh wait, it is!" called all three girls at once, giggling.

"Ha ha. Very funny," said Ross, assuming a superhero pose.

"Shake it baby!" Phoebe said.

"Okay, I think we've got enough to judge by," said Monica. "Get back in
there, Ross."

Ross happily complied, shutting the door behind him.

The girls whispered amongst themselves, passing comments. Shortly, they had
reached their decision, and called for the guys.

Inside Rachel's room, Joey returned Rachel's panties to her drawer while Ross
and Chandler sat on the bed. Ross heard the girls call, and told the guys
it was time.

Chandler stood and walked to the door.

"Nice ass, buddy," laughed Ross, seeing Chandler was not wearing his towel.

"Fuck you, and anyone that looks like you!" he replied and picked up his
towel, wrapping it around himself.

They all left the room and went into the living room, where the girls were
waiting for them, thier minds made up.

"Welcome back, boys," said Rachel, writing the lucky winner's name on a small
slip of paper, "we've reached our final decision, but we're going to be
keeping that a secret until everyone has been judged. After that, we'll hand
out the money. We're going into my room now, and one of us will be out

"Don't get too excited," winked Monica.

The three girls sashayed into Rachel's room. The boys sat on the couch
waiting. The door opened. Monica walked out.

"You've all seen me naked, so I guess I'll go first."

Silently, the guys examined Monica as she pranced about the living room,
doing turns and striking glamour poses. Joey and Chandler whispered to each
other, making comments about the curve of her back, the way her plump boobs
jiggled as she walked in the skimpy outfit.

The trio smiled and ahhed at her.

After a few minutes, Ross motioned for her to return to Rachel's room and
send out the next contestant. Frowning at their lack of response to her
excellent figure and near-nudeness, she went quietly into Rachel's room.

"Hello, boys," cooed Rachel.

She swayed into the room, her titties bouncing merrily. She turned her back
on them, staring sexily over her shoulder at them through her hair. Rachel
swung her hips a little, doing a dance for them before running her fingers
across her stomach, displaying its flatness.

The guys offered a few 'oohs' and 'aahs' and 'mmm-hmms'.

"Ah, yes. Hmm, very good," said Chandler in an uninterested manner, echoing
the group's sentiments. "Okay, send out Phoebe, please."

Surprised, Rachel hurried into her room, confused.

A few seconds later, Phoebe emerged from the room to the catcalls of the
three men. Almost embarrassed, she wiggled her way into the room. None of
the guys could believe his eyes.

All eyes fell upon her flat tummy, slowly working their way down her body,
taking the length of her lovely legs. Chandler felt his shorts tighten as
his eyes traced the curve of the underside of her breasts. Joey and Ross
nodded their aproval when he mentioned it to them.

Blushing, Phoebe peeked at the guys demurely.

The other two girls emerged from the room, barely hiding their displeasure at
the cheers they'd heard through the bedroom door.

"Okay, now it's time for us to present the winners," said Rachel, staring
alternately at Chandler and Joey, as if trying to impose her will upon them.
"Have the judges reached a decision?"

Chandler looked from Ross to Joey.

"Uh, I think so," he said.

Ross stepped forward.

"Yes, we have a winner."

There was a moment of silence as Ross wrote the name on another slip of
paper. They handed the paper to Phoebe to announce.

"Okay," she said in her best announcer's voice. "Uh, the winner this year for
the first annual apartment swimsuit and talent competition, in the male
category, is... Chandler Bing! We just thought you looked so cute, standing
there embarrassed, with that little smiley face on your shorts, we had to
choose you, now come on over here and get your prize!"

Chandler nearly fainted, then exclaimed, "Oh, my, GOD!" and then fainted. He
recoverd a few seconds later, collected his money, then slumped onto the
couch, dazed.

"And now, it's time to find out who has won the female portion of our
competition... and it's, oh my god! It's ME!" Phoebe screamed, jumping up
and down.

Monica and Rachel threw cut-eyed looks to the men in the room.

The group decided that it was time for everyone to get dressed and go down to
the coffee shop. Chandler, Joey, and Ross went to the guys' apartment to
change back into their normal clothes.

Meanwhile, the girls simply slipped their clothes back on over their suits.
They waited a few minutes, and when the guys hadn't returned, they began to
grow impatient.

"Why are they taking so long?" asked Rachel.

"I don't know," said Monica, bitterly. "Why don't you go and see what's
keeping them?"

"Uh, okay."

She walked next door and looked around the living room. No one was there.
She opened knocked on the bathroom door. No answer. She went to Joey's
room. No one was inside. She went to Chandler's room and peeked her head
in. No one there.

Phoebe turned to leave when she heard a faint thump from inside the closet.
She knocked on the closet door. A second later, Chandler poked his head out
from inside.

"Oh, hi Phoebs. What's up?"

"Chandler, why are you in the closet? And where are the guys?"

"Well, my good friends, Ross and Joey thought that it would be fun to take
all the winner's clothes and run away with them," Chandler laughed

"What? How'd they do that?" she asked.

"I tell you, I'm a little confused about that myself. I went into the
toilet, and when I came out they were both waiting for me," Chandler
explained. "Joey grabbed me, and Ross cut the straps on the little suit I
was wearing. Then, they both laughed and ran out the front door."

"Wait! So, you mean that you're completely naked in there?"

Phoebe threw back the closet door suddenly. Chandler stood in shock for a
moment, then immediately covered himself.

"Hey! Take advatage of guy while he's down, why don't you!"

"I fully intend to," Phoebe purred.

She rapidly shed her long, flower-print summer dress and stood before him in
her swimsuit. That didn't last long, as she untied the knots holding the
top in place, exposing her athletic boobs to him.

Phoebe was a little embarrassed, allowing Chandler to see her admittedly
small breasts after he'd seen Monica's gallon jugs (and, unbeknownst to
Phoebe, Rachel's, too).

Chandler lowered his gaze from her eyes and placed a hand upon one of her
breasts, squeezing it affectionately.

"You know what they say," Chandler smiled to her, "anything more than handful
is a waste."

Phoebe laughed, put at ease by this, and kissed him on the lips. He
reciprocated, and they shared a passionate embrace, exploring each other's

Chandler kissed her neck, tracing a line down past her clavicle with his
tongue. Phoebe gasped slightly as his saliva cooled the flesh of her neck.
Reaching down, Chandler slid his hand into Phoebe's bikini, slipping his hand
around underneath the suit to grab her ass.

Phoebe wiggled her hips and pulled the suit down past the bottom of her
shapely butt, giving Chandler a view of her soft, downy nether hair and
pouting pussy lips. He pulled her close and their hands explored each
other's body.

Slowly, they found each other's private places and began to pleasure each
other. Chandler gently caressed Phoebe, rubbing her clit. She moaned in
happiness, while she stroked his throbbing member to full erectness.

"Are we really gonna do this?" he asked.

"Don't you want to?" she asked back and he nodded.

Carefully, she guided him into her, his tool parting her pink cuntlips and
entering her most intimate place. She gasped and closed her eyes, locking
her legs behind his back as he lifted her.

Chandler thrust into Phoebe, his hands holding her aloft by her firm ass.
They both savoured the moment, as both had imagined it for such a long time,
but done nothing about it. He slid in and out of her moist tightness as she
made little feminine sounds of sexual bliss.

He nuzzled her chest, taking her breast in his mouth and running his tongue
around the erect nipple. Walking over to the bed, he lay her down on it, and
continued his oral examination of her body.

Phoebe frowned as his penis left her, but soon found that she didn't mind
when he inserted a finger into her cunt, teasing her insides. He slowly
worked it around, while he sucked on her clit.

When he raked his teeth across that sensitive place, she screamed out loud,
creaming herself as she came. He simply smiled and went back to work,
lapping up her sweetness. She placed a hand on his head, running her fingers
through his hair and then along his face until she felt her own wet pussy.
She inserted a finger of her own, their digits touching while inside her.

"Mmm... that feels so good," she cooed at him, as she removed the finger and
licked her own juices from it. "Come here."

She leaned forward as he stood and kissed him on the lips. At her request,
he lay on the bed, his hard cock standing straight up. She brought her lips
down around it, sucking him as she positioned her pussy above his face.

He resumed his exploration of her, while she blew on his cockhead,
evapourating her saliva. Once again, she took his length into her,
deepthroating his tool. Chandler groaned his appreciation, but did not stop
licking her pussy lips, running his tongue up one, then the other, then
driving it as deep into her as he could.

Phoebe parted Chandler's legs and began to caress his balls and to rub
underneath them, sending sparks of pleasure through is body, his orgasm

Not wanting to cum just yet, he pulled away from her, and rolled on top of
her. He took her face in his hands and kissed her lips, then slid his body
down along hers, to her breasts.

He pinched her nipples hard. She squealed, then laughed at him.

Phoebe pulled her legs up and rolled onto all fours, asking him to enter her
from behind. He glady accepted her offer, and drove his cock into her tight
pussy lips and grabbed her hips.

He started thrusting into her, while she bounced against him in opposite
motion, heightening their pleasure. He rolled her onto her side and lay
behind her, spooning into Phoebe at a fierce rate.

Chandler reached around her back and took hold of her tits. They fit his
hands perfectly. She turned her head to him and they kissed, his cock
pistoning in her hole all the while. He sped up, then slowed down when he
felt himself close to cumming.

Suddenly, she felt his hand on her clit, rubbing it, and she could take no
more. She came, crying out his name. Her woman juices spilled from inside
her. And yet he continued, pumping her, bringing her close to another orgasm.

That's it, she thought as her third orgasm rushed through her.

Phoebe rolled Chandler onto his back, his rod still buried in her, and she
began to bounce on him. She was in control now, and though it caused her to
cum again, his hand still on her clit, she sped up the pace.

He grabbed her hips, trying to slow her, and in response, she bounced faster,
squeezing her pussy muscles around his cock, trying to milk him.

"Phoebe," he moaned, "I'm gonna cum!"

"That's the idea," she replied and redoubled her efforts, sensing he was
close to release.

Seconds later, he came inside her, spurting his warm seed into her. Phoebe
quickly dismounted him, and wrapped her lips around his cock, sucking on it,
tasting her juices and his mingled on his delicious tool.

She returned his favour, and ran her teeth across his cockhead, causing him
to wince in a strange combination of pain and pleasure.

Phoebe lay beside him and they kissed once more, darting their tongues into
each other's mouth. Chandler absent-mindedly fondled her boobs, while she lay
in his arms, her back to him.

In Monica's apartment, Joey, Ross, Rachel and Monica sat in the living room
among Chandler's clothes watching TV.

"They've been in there a while," said Monica.

"Do you think they've finally done it?" Ross queried, holding the TV remote.

"They must have, or we would've seen one of them by now, right?" Rachel

"Who are we talking about?" asked Joey, dumbfounded.



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