Friends: The Game Show (MFFF,inc,anal,exhib)
by Insomniac

Ross was dating Rachel, the two however were becoming rather dull in their relationship. They rarely had time to see each other, and when they did they rarely had sex, and when they did that it was mundane and short. They were looking for anything to spice up the relationship in anyway possible. It didn't have to involve sex, simply a night out would be enough. Ross was walking around town when he saw a flyer for a local game show coming to town. "Hey, maybe me and Rach can be on a game show, would be fun, maybe win some money. Why not," he thought to himself.

Later at the coffee shop he saw Rachel and showed her the flyer, she thought to herself for a second and said, "Sure, why not, could be fun I suppose. I've never heard of the game though... how do we play?"

Ross: I don't know, I have to look it up online. I'll let you know when I find out.

* * *

Meanwhile Monica and Pheobe were walking down the street together when they noticed the same flyer, they both thought this would be a good idea and decided to call in and apply.

Monica: Hey, my name is Monica. My friend and I were looking to be on your game show.

The man on the other end responded. "Are you both female?" he asked.

Monica responded, "Yes."

"Ok," he said. "You guys are in, but I legally have to be upfront with you on what the show is. Its not on TV, its on the internet. You and your friend will be in a booth like cases, no one can see your face. Your breasts, vagina, and butt will be on display, and a male contestant will have to have sex with you. Your friend, and another woman will have to figure out which is his girlfriend. Obviously, you two are not the couple, so he will either have sex with you or his partner."

Monica was taken back at this for its not at all what she expected, but she relayed the message to Pheobe. She responded with a smile on her face. "Why not, no one will see our face and I know neither of us has sex in a while. Plus I doubt we'll get any. He'll know what his girlfriend looks like naked. What do we get for it?"

Monica relayed the question to the man on the phone.

"$100,000 dollars each," he answered.

Monica without hesitation accepted. The girls were psyched.

* * *

Back at Ross's apartment he looked up the show online. What he found surprised him. Ross saw a man with his face blurred out picking between three women, one of which his girlfriend, the other two strangers. He had to choose which his girl was, and have sex with her. Just then Rachel walked in.

"Ross, quit watching porn, perv!"

"No, Rach, its the game show we're gonna be on," he responded.

"ummmm, what?" she hissed. "You want to get naked and fuck on TV? Are you stupid?"

"No, babe, its the internet," he argued. "Look you never see the girls, the guys faced is blurred and I obviously know what you look like naked. Its not like I'd fuck the other girls. C'mon!" he pleaded, almost begging.

Rachel thought for a moment. "God, what the fuck why not."

Ross jumped for joy, he then called the number on the flyer and applied.

The man replied, "Sorry, only taking couples, not just the male."

Ross responded, "But its me and my girlfriend."

"Okay," the man said, "be here by the time on the flyer."

* * *

The night for the show finally came. Ross and Rachel went down to the venue to get ready, unknowing that Monica and Pheobe had already been down there are gotten into their booths.

The host met Ross and Rachel. "Hey you guys are late. The other girls are already in the booths. Rachel, I need you naked and in your booth."

Rachel stripped and hopped in. She couldn't see anything. She was standing there in the nude with a slot for her vagina and breast too be seen.

"Now, Ross, I need you to get naked while I explain the rules to the girls. Then I'll explain the point of the show to you."

Ross started getting naked. He wasn't much to look at. He had an unshaven bush over his 6 inch cock. It wasnt thick or anything special at all, even he wondered how on earth he got Rachel to date him, much less pretend to enjoy sex.

The host made his way to each of the women's cubicles. "Now listen, Rachel, Ross will make his way to each girl and decide who is his girlfriend, he doesn't know which pod you are in, so he makes the decision on what your breasts, ass and vagina look like. Obviously, he's familiar with your body, so we asked all the contestants to shave. I have seen that you have done so, you have a beautiful pussy," he added.

Rachel blushed. "uhhh, thanks."

He also added, "There is a flap on this booth that opens up. When I reach in and slap your leg, you need to turn around. I will open the flap and you'll bend over. He will fuck, finger, and eat you out. Now obviously the booth isn't big enough for you to move around or move your hands down to stop anything. You have to go with the flow."

Rachel nodded in half worried half excited notion.

He made his way to Monica and Pheobe and explained the rules to them as well. He then made his way back to Ross, Ross was standing there naked taking a look at the nude girls in front of him.

Then host then started the show. "OK folks, here we are at another episode of Guess The Girl! We have our new nameless contestant, ready to fuck his girl. As usual he doesn't know which pod holds his girl. Now Mr Contestant, here's how it works. You do exactly that, try to figure out your girlfriend. Now as you can see all your lovely ladies are shaven to harden the game. Now you have permission to do whatever you need to figure out which is which. They can't hear you, the booth is sound proof. If someone, who isn't your girl moans... your girl will never know," he laughed. "But also you won't recognize if its your girl's moan or not. All our contestants are on the pill, you must come inside the one you think is your girl... or the one you want to finish in. HA-HAH!
Should you choose your girlfriend you win, and you and your girlfriend receive a vacation to Hawaii and spending money of $500,000 dollars!!!!! ARE. YOU. READY?"

Ross nodded excitedly.

"Then go get her!" the host exclaimed.

He went to the first pod and look at her close. Little did he know this was Pheobe. He looked closely at her tits, 'A little smaller than Rachel's,' he tought, 'the nipples are also a little bigger. these tits kind of point away from each other.' He moved down, 'hmmm, an outtie pussy,' he thought. 'Not bad though, but definitely not Rachel.' He started to move on when the host stopped him.

"Nooo, you can't tell by looking, go ahead and feel!"

Ross decided, sure. He reached out and touched her breasts. Pheobe flinched at this strange man touching her boobs, though it felt nice. Ross fondled her breasts for a few minutes before making his way down to her pussy, he stuck his fingers in and moved them in and out. Pheobe was getting turned on easily and she was rather freaky. "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK ME, STRANGER MAN, SHIIT!"

Ross couldn't hear a word. He then took his fingers out and moved down the line.

Pheobe says, "Hey, you fucking tease, get back here and stick a cock in me!"

Ross, still oblivious, moved down.

He came to the middle row, which was actually Rachel. He gazed on the tits he looked at every now and then. Large C cups with a small pink nipple. Ross reached out and pinched her nipple. Rachel smiled "Of course, he's chose me. He knows what I look like."

He then moved down to her pussy, a nice tight innie pussy, smelled great and tasted better. Ross knowing it was his girlfriend took a large lap of her cunt. Rachel gasped, it going unheard. He then decided to make things more interesting. He looked at the host.

Ross asked, "Can you have her turn around?"

The host went to the booth and tapped on Rachel legs. Rachel knew this meant to turn around and bend over as much as she could. "Ahhh, he's gonna get in this pussy now. Hawaii here were come!"

Ross looked upon her ass. "Oh, Rach, you're gonna hate me, but I will win us a trip and half a million sooo.... here goes nothing." Ross started finger his girlfriend, then quickly he shoved his fingers in her ass.

Rachel responded, "OWWW, you fucker! You better get them out of my ass. He fucking knows I can't do anything about it."

Ross then removed them, and shoved his dick in her ass.

Rachel started screaming in pain, but her cries went to deaf ears. Ross was bucking back and fourth, nothing greater than entering a place he had never been allowed to before. The host knew he was in his girlfriend and wanted to make sure he got a little of the other contestant. He went to Ross and edged him to move on. Ross was satisfied he knew he was with Rachel, he knew he had the money, he was in her ass, and he was in heaven.

The host said "Ehh, what harm could it do, you have a little fun and return to whom you think is your girlfriend, ok? We give the viewers a little more to see."

Ross said, "Sure, might as well get a little more pussy tonight."

He moved on to the third girl, which he had no idea was his sister Monica. As soon as he got to her body he was awestruck. 'What an amazing body,' he thought. Her tits were even bigger than Rachel's with perfect nipples. He gazed on her pussy. An innie also. He could almost feel the heat coming off it. He went to stick a finger in, he could barely get one in there. 'MY GOD, she's tight!' he thought.

Monica winced, she knew how tight she was, she was dry and this man's fingers weren't going in easy. He started playing with her clit. She got wet easy. Monica was getting into now, her pussy clasped around his fingers. 'God, this pussy is so tight. I've got to get in there.'

Meanwhile Rachel was wondering why Ross stopped. 'Did he cum in my ass? Did we win? Are they announcing it now?'

Ross decided to enter in this third pussy. Monica moaned happily. little did she know it was her brother. The man wasn't that large, but with her tight twat it felt nice. Ross grasped her ass cheeks in both his hands and squeezed hard. They both were loving this. Ross was bucking back and fourth and Monica pushing back into him. Ross got so carried away fucking the best pussy he ever had he didn't realize he was close to coming.

"OHHH, SHITTT! This pussy is so good!"

Monica equally excited yelling at the top of her lungs. "Fuck this pussy guy! This is yours SHIT!"

Ross collected his thoughts, he pulled out and ran over to who he knew was Rachel.

Rachel felt the cock being shoved back inside her and for about ten seconds then her being filled up. 'Well, damn now he came, now we won!'

The host saw Ross dump his load.

"Well, it looks like the game is over. Let's see who you came into."

He made his way to the back of the booth and opened the door, Rachel walked out and looked half mad and half excited. Ross smiled knowing he made the right choice. Rachel walked over and smacked him. "You put your cock in my ass you fucker!"

"Rach, I won us half a million and Hawaii."

Rachel wasnt that mad. "Never again!" she scolded.

The host confirmed the winnings and said lets bring out the other two contestants. He let Monica and Pheobe out of their pods. They looked at each other's naked bodies and smiled.

"Did you get any?" Pheobe asked disappointed, "He finger me a bit, but nothing much."

"Yeah," Monica replied, "he fucked me and fingered me, it as pretty nice."

As they were talking they walked around the pods and saw Ross and Rachel standing there naked. The four of them looked stunned when they saw each other.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THERE?" Rachel asked amazed.

"What are you doing here," they responded in unison.

Ross looked over his friends nude bodies, he then saw his sister standing there realizing that she was the one he was fucking so nice.

"OH MY GOD!!!" they all said.

Monica gagged. "Oh my god you fucked me, Ross!"



They all talked about how and why they got there. They decided to never ever speak of this again and not tell Chandler or Joey.

Ross and Rachel went on the trip, not having sex, and not really having a good time at all.

When they returned Ross and Monica laid eyes on each other for the first time.

"Hey, Mon, I... I'm sorry," Ross pleaded.

"Listen, nothing happened," Monica said, "That's what we're sticking to."

Ross paused, "You were the best sex I've ever had. You are much tighter than Rachel and you have a better body."

Monica was shocked again. "Ross! Enough! Go home and we'll see each other tomorrow."

Ross nodded and went home.

However they both masturbated to each other fucking one another... maybe it wasn't the worst thing to happen.



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