Friends: The Girls Of Friends (M/F,F/F,ncon)
by Dark Paladin

Steve pulled his hat low over his green-blue eyes, trying in vain to keep the
rain out of his coat. In the back of his head, an idea for a low level force
field was pressing for attention, but he ignored it. It would take him just
a few minutes to build, test, and put into action, but he already knew it
would cause more problems then he was ready to deal with. As blind as people
in New York seemed to be to most odd things and crime, they would surely
notice a man standing high and dry in the middle of the rain. And that would
be more attention then he wanted.

Not that he had anything to worry about. He had been a little worried about
the whole affair out in California, with those girls in the cabin and all.
One day he had been in the middle of the 22nd century, rotting in a jail
cell, the next, he had invented a time machine to go back almost 200 years.
He remembered the affair with fondness, loving the feel of those young,
nubile bodies and remembering how he had gotten each of them pregnant. His
cock began to stiffen slightly inside his pants. He sighed. Seemed like a
long time ago, rather than a few short weeks. Right after that time, he used
his advance electronics to raid several ATM machines and set up false bank
accounts. Lucky for him, his fingerprints changed from week to week, making
the robberies seem like the work of more than one person. He had taken the
money and left here for New York, where he was again using his electronic and
computer skills from the next century to make enough for himself to live

He noticed a coffee shop just across the street. Coffee had been banned in
the year 2060, almost 60 years after the great Cigarette Destruction. While
Steve wasn't stupid enough to smoke, he still found the simple stimulus of
coffee to be more than adequate.

Steve passed into the coffee shop, finding a table off to the side. He
removed his hat, his golden brown hair damp along the sides. He picked up
the menu and started scanning it.

"Hi, I'm Rachel, and I'll be your waitress. Anything I can get for you?"

Steve looked up at the more perfect pair of breasts he had ever seen. He
forced his eyes upwards to the girls lovely blue eyes framed by light, brown
hair. He smiled at her, his even, white teeth appearing almost wolfish.
"You know," he said, feeling his cock begin to rise within his pants, "I
think I know exactly what I want now."

* * *

Steve looked at his watch, checking the progress of the little blips on the
tiny screen. The system was actually a three dimensional tracer he had
recently invented, and now was the perfect time to try it out. When Rachel
had turned her back to her for a second, giving him a lovely vision of her
legs and ass under her short skirt, he had thrown a tiny transmitter, seeing
it catch on her tight T-shirt. He had left some time later, and was now
tracking her back to her apartment.

He found the building with ease, memorizing the spot where she was located.
The transmitter also worked as a tiny audio transceiver as well, so he could
hear everything that was going on where she was.

Steve tapped the watch lightly, turning up the small speaker in his ear. It
seemed that Rachel was now talking to herself.

"Guys! I'm home!" Rachel called out. She put her bags down on the couch,
removing her slick rain jacket. She could feel the cold water drip onto her
white T-shirt, the fabric turning translucent. Her nipples hardened lightly
in response to the cold water touching her skin.

"Guys?" She looked around, noticing a note on the refrigerator.

Called Joey and the guys, their all going to that rock concert out of
town. Phoebe is down doing a demo recording, and I'll be working late
tonight. Just to let you know!

Love, Monica.

Rachel crumpled up the letter, throwing it in the trash. "Well, that's just
great, guys. Another night, alone by myself." She moved into the bathroom
to take a good, hot shower.

From below on the street, Steve tapped his watch again, turning down the
sound. He smiled to himself. From the sounds of it, he would have some time
alone with this brown hair girl. He reached into his pocket and took out a
few items. His mind was already readying the devices for the proper

He entered the building, using one of his inventions to get past all of the
locks. Once inside the apartment, he paused, listening closely to the sound
of running water, making sure she was still inside.

He used his force field idea, expanding it into a multitasking unit that
could keep large objects in or out, but would allow air to move, while acting
as a perfect sound buffer. Someone could scream all they want, and not be

The next thing he did was activate the Stimulator. The Stimulator was a
device he had developed shortly after the 90210 experience. It used special
wavelengths to activate hormone levels within the female body. Within a few
minutes, vaginal lubrication would start, and a few minutes after that, the
woman's ovaries would prepare her for fertility. He had made different
modifications until it could work even through the Pill and other forms of
birth control - at least for impregnation.

Once he had the devices set up, he began removing his clothing, waiting for
his treat to arrive.

Rachel emerged from her shower, rubbing her head vigorously on her towel.
The rest of her body was naked, drying in the air. Her brown nipples were
still slightly hard, hard firm, ripe breasts hanging hardly in the air. Her
pussy was lightly trimmed, the fewest light brown hairs, now dark with
moisture, forming a little curl right over her lips.

"I must say," a voice called out in front of her, "What a fine view."

Rachel dropped the towel over her perfect breasts, crying out in alarm. In
front of her was a totally naked man. He stood calmly in front of her, his
firm, hard muscles lining his body. Rachel's eyes were drawn from his
dignified handsome face down to the giant penis that was pointing at her.
It had to be at least a foot long, hanging down slightly from its weight.
Rachel hardly even noticed how her cunt had been lubing itself since she
walked in the door.

"What the hell are you doing here?" she exploded, backing away from him.
"Get out of here before I call the cops."

Steve almost hit himself in the head. He had forgotten all about the phone
systems. He reached down, pulling up his coat. Rachel was already running
for the phone. He pulled out a small device, pressing the button.

Rachel picked up the phone, pushing buttons. No good. Steve's device had
rendered all of the phones inoperative.

Rachel slammed the phone down. "Problems making a call, my dear?" Steve had
raced over to her side, his genetically altered body clearing the distance in
less than a second. "I think we'd rather be alone right now, don't you

He stood right behind her, grabbing her in his arms. Her arms became pinned
to her side as his hands started exploring the expanse of breasts in front of
him. His giant cock pressed out from between her legs, rubbing against her
sex every time she moved. He moved his hands down to trap her arms at her
waist, pulling her up and down. The think lips of her juicy cunt parted
around his cock, coating it with her secretions. Steve ran the entire length
of his long penis up and down her slit, loving the feel of her caressing her.

Rachel could feel herself being propped on this penis, sliding down
underneath her. She kept struggling, trying to find some way out of this
guy's iron grip. She started pulling her legs together to keep herself from
being raped. Steve sensed this movement.

Steve pushed her against the kitchen counter. Rachel made a "Oomph" noise
over her cries. Steve reached forward, turning on the cold water on full
blast. He grabbed the sprayer, pointing it straight at her body and pulling
the trigger.

Rachel cried out at the sudden shock of cold water hitting her body. She
pushed against the counter with her legs in a desperate attempt to get away
from the icy spray. Her nipples hardened from the sudden cold. The chill
water ran down between her plump breasts, down her stomach and right through
her wet snatch. Rachel's breath vanished in the sudden onrush of cold.

Steve felt the cold water cascade over his penis down to his balls. Luckily,
this girls cunt was so hot and wet that he didn't lose any hardness. Rachel,
however, was going insane trying to avoid the cold water. She pushed against
the counter with her knees- just enough to widen her legs a little. Steve
pulled back a little, then drove his cock right into her.

Rachel stiffened in shock at the sudden intrusion. Steve's penis went in
almost six inches on the first push. Her vagina spread apart from the thick
pole, the juices sliding all around it. She put her hands on the counter to
steady herself, combination of the cold water and the incredible sensation
from her cunt causing her mind to go blank. As soon as her hands his the
counter, Steve arched into her, slamming the rest of his cock right through
her. The head parted her cervix, lodging itself right into her womb.

Rachel cried out in a combination of pain and pleasure. Her body had already
started reacting, moving away from the large penis. She used the counter to
support her weight and she tried to remove the invader from her stretched

Steve pulled down on her waist, impaling her again. Rachel moaned in the
sudden pleasure, losing control over herself. She tried to pull herself up
again, part of her mind wanting to slam herself back down on this intrusion,
the other half trying to get away. The more primitive part of her mind won
out, and she found herself pushing back down onto the penis.

Steve grabbed her waist with one hand and started fucking her in earnest.
Rachel was holding herself up while his other hand continued to spray her
with cold water, every once in awhile squeezing her plump breasts. The cold
water ran down her body, freezing his balls and chilling her clit, keeping
her just away from the orgasm that both of them wanted. Steve kept it up,
feeling his balls boil with cum, trying to rise but unable to. Rachel's hips
were becoming frantic, slapping up and down on the pole inside of her. She
hardly even remembered when she lost control of herself. Of course, she
didn't know that the Stimulator helped with that by "assisting" the female
mating need. Rachel would have been fucking her landlord if he had arrived
right then in her condition.

Steve could deny the sensation in his balls no longer. He pulled down on her
as hard as he could, jamming his entire length into her. The cum exploded
from his balls, moving right up the entire length of his penis. It squirted
into her, filling her entire womb with his hot cum. It slid around the sides
of his cock, squirting out around him. The hot fluid touched her clit,
setting her off. Rachel's back arched as he grabbed her by her breasts,
holding her up. Her entire body started shaking into a massive orgasm.

Steve's cock remained hard, enhanced by a genetic change that had occurred
200 years in the future. He kept sliding it in and out of Rachel's tight
pussy, feeling her squeeze and squeal around his long, hard cock. He carried
her across the room until he found an empty bedroom- luckily, it was
Rachel's. He left her impaled on his cock as she kept trembling in time to
her orgasm. He suddenly twisted her around, rotating her body on his penis
as if she was a pig on a spit. This action alone set off another round of
orgasms inside of her, making her legs lock around him. Steve put his whole
weight onto her, feeling her hard nipples pushing into his chest as he fucked

Rachel's clit was buzzing, orgasming every time Steve pulled almost all the
way out, then slid himself back in right up past her cervix and into her.
His cum squirted out of her with every movement, and in the back of her mind
she knew that she was becoming pregnant from the gallons of cum inside of
her. She couldn't help but cry out in pure pleasure when he reached down and
sucked on her tits while he rode her. Another round of orgasms exploded
inside of her, drawing every drop of Steve's cum into her.

Steve could feel another orgasm coming. He was certain that this girl was
pregnant by now, so he decided to have some fun. He pulled her off his cock,
flipping her onto her stomach. His long penis was already coated in their
juices, slick and ready.

"What's- wait-" Rachel cried in confusion. Her cunt gaped open from the
sudden removal of his hard tool. Her mind suddenly realized with terror that
he was spreading apart her ass cheeks, her winking sphincter aligned with his
cock. "No, please- AHHHH!"

Rachel cried out in sudden pain as Steve pierced her anus with his slick
pole, burying the head. He pulled on her thin waist, burying another three
inches into her. She was screaming in pain, her asshole feeling like it was
on fire. It was like losing her virginity all over again.

Steve pressed further into her, sliding his cock back and forth. Her ass
loosened, far tighter than her pussy had been. The slickness from his cum
helped, and Rachel could begin to feel the beginnings of pleasure. Steve had
already reached around and started squeezing one hand on her tits, the other
massaging her clit in time with his ass fucking. Rachel moaned involuntarily
as the hard pole kept moving in and out of her, feeling the immense
sensations race along her body. She pushed back into him, feeling another
several inches sink into her.

Steve was totally fucking her ass now, pulling in and out of the tight hole.
Rachel was pushing back into him, her blue eyes wide in pleasure. His
fingers kept up their work, her breasts inflamed in sensation, her clit ready
to explode. Steve kept feeding his cock into her, her ass making his cock
feel like it was on fire. He felt her body trembling beneath him, ready to
explode in climax.

Steve finally let another round of cum explode from his balls, filling her
ass with his jism. Rachel cried out as her own orgasm began, squeezing
around his cock as she did so. After several long minutes, her trembling
subsided. She collapsed on the bed, exhausted beyond measure.

Steve pulled out of her tight ass slowly, then triggered another device.
This one would make the lovely girl sleep for a long time - well after he had
left. By that time, her belly would already have his seed planted inside of
her, and would start to grow.


Steve looked down at the now sleeping Rachel. Her pussy was still raw and
open from his recent removal from her lovely, nude body. He almost thought
about waking her up again when he heard the front door slam.

Being the person he was, Steve had of course designed his special force
fields so that anything larger than regular air molecules would be able to
enter the shielded space, though they wouldn't be able to leave it. He pried
the door open slightly, feeling the cool air from the living room waft in and
tickle his erect penis.

A blonde woman came inside the room, muttering to herself. "Damn that
producer," she said. Steve's ears, as well as his foot long cock and
incredible strength, had also been enhanced by genetic changes, allowing him
to pick up every word. "I can't believe him." She straightened, her voice
taking on an imitating attitude. "'Come on, Phoebe, why don't you and I check
out the sound equipment before your recording tomorrow.' Seemed like he was
more interested in my breasts." She crossed the room to the sink, drawing
herself a glass of water.

Phoebe had not had a good day. No one seemed to like her singing at that
bar today. How was she to know not to sing "Have you ever really loved a
woman," in a gay bar? The guys had all given her blank stares throughout
her song. Then, her producer asked her to the recording studio and had tried
to make out with her. Oddly, remembering the experience, she felt the
slightest twinge around her cunt. Perhaps he wasn't so bad looking after
all, she thought. How was the innocent girl to know that Steve's Stimulator
was already working its magic on her.

She noticed that Rachel's door was open. "Rachel," she called out. "Are you
in there?" She pushed the door, looking inside.

Rachel was laying on the bed, completely naked. Phoebe could see the brown
haired girl's nipples from her position every time Rachel took a breath.
There was a small dribbling of cum coming from her open slit. "Gee," she
thought, "I guess Rachel got lucky." She started to close the door, her eyes
couldn't remove themselves from the white jism.

Unknown to most of her friends, Phoebe loved the taste of sperm. When she
was just a teenager, she remembered the first time her boyfriend introduced
her to the "magic juice." Ever since, she had loved the taste in her mouth,
loved it's feeling as it went down her throat.

To make things worse, Phoebe had been wanting her friend for a long time now.
Ross wasn't the only one with a crush on Rachel. Phoebe had been wanting to
such on her friends firm breasts for some time now. Her own lesbian desires
surprised her, since she was normally into guys. But, for some reason,
whenever Rachel entered the room, she could feel her cunt start to get warm,
and her juices start to flow. At the moment, between the pearls of seed,
Rachel's open cunt, and the Stimulator, Phoebe had no chance at all.

Phoebe approached the sleeping girl slowly, making sure that she wasn't going
to wake up. What she didn't know was that right behind her, hiding inside
the closet, was Steve, watching the blonde girl's every move. His cock was
extended to full length, ready and able to connect when the time was right.

Phoebe ran a hand along Rachel's thigh, feeling the smooth, soft skin under
her fingers. She shivered slightly as Rachel squirmed, a little more cum
sliding out of her cunt. Phoebe didn't know that Rachel hadn't put her
diaphragm on, that the white seed was sliding out of her now pregnant friend.
All she knew was that she needed it more than anything she had ever wanted.

Phoebe bent down, coming close to Rachel's slit. She could smell the
combined smell of sperm and pussy juice, making her salivate. Her breath
made the little hairs on Rachel's pussy move slightly, the lovely girl
squirming in her sleep.

Phoebe's tongue came out, tasting the sweet juices as they fell on her
tongue. The musky, salty, sweet flavor made her cunt throb as she held the
fluids inside her mouth, then swallowed. She started licking harder, trying
to draw every drop of Rachel and the mysterious man's fluids as she could.
Her hands snaked down to her dress, pulling down her skirt to expose her hot,
blonde cunt to the air. Her fingers started rubbing her own snatch as she
kept licking at Rachel's pussy, squeezing her clit as she sucked on her
friend's. Rachel moaned in her sleep, but by now Phoebe was too far into
her sucking to notice. She unbuttoned her blouse, shrugging it off onto the
floor, though she wasn't wearing any panties. With a wiggle of her hips,
her skirt and panties followed.

Steve couldn't believe his good luck. Not only was this sexy girl eating her
friend out, she was getting naked for him as well. He figured the Stimulator
had enough time to work on her hormones and get her ready for sex. It was
time for him to make his move.

Phoebe's hands were jammed deep in her cunt. She had really gotten into it,
thrashing her hips back and forth. 'All I need right now is a good, hard
cock,' she thought to herself. She looked up, seeing Rachel's eyes flutter

"Phoebe, no," she moaned as the sensations flooded through her snatch. She
wasn't warning her to stop. She was warning her against the rapist that
stood right behind her, his penis hard and jutting from his groin. She was
still fighting the haziness from the Inhibitor, and could hardly stop him

Phoebe dragged herself up Rachel's body, sucking all the way. "Don't worry,"
she told her friend, not even noticing the man behind her. She started
rubbing her pussy against Rachel's. "I've wanted to do this for a long
time." She pressed her mouth against the brunet's, their tongues mingling.
Rachel moaned, a mixture of pleasure and in warning of the man. Her eyes
widened as he stood right in front of her and behind Phoebe, looking down at
their joined hips. She cried out in warning, but Phoebe took it as a cry of

Steve waited until the blonde girl's ass was high in the air, her pussy in
perfect alignment. He suddenly grabbed her waist, slamming his dick into

Phoebe cried out in shock, feeling the thick pole spear into her. She was so
tight Steve could only get a few inches into her, but it was enough. Phoebe
tried crawling away from the massive intruder. Steve pulled back a little,
then pushed another several inches into her. The action caused her cunt to
press down on Rachel's, grinding their clits together. The two girls gasped
in pleasure. Steven slammed another several inches into the blonde's pussy,
amazed at how tight it was.

"No, please don't," Phoebe begged, even as she ground her hips towards him.
"I- I don't have any protection." She could feel him withdraw, the walls of
her vagina tightening around him.

"Don't worry about that, baby," Steven told her. Her cunt was grabbing him
like a vice. "I've taken care of everything."

Phoebe relaxed, thinking that the man had a vasectomy, or something like
that. His thick, large hands came up and gripped her breasts, massaging
her swollen nipples. She rocked back and forth into him, pressing into
him on the outstroke, grinding her cunt against Rachel's sweet pussy on
the downstroke. Her breasts kept pushing into Rachel's, her hard red
nubs pressing against Rachel's small, brown ones. Rachel was fighting
against the sensations all over her body, feeling her friends soft body
pressing into her own while the rapist's dick slid in and out of Phoebe's
wet cunt, sliding through her channel.

Steve suddenly pulled out of the wet tunnel before him. The cool air slid
across his cock, making his ball sack stiffen slightly. He shoved it into
the pussy underneath, filling Rachel's cunt in one quick movement. Phoebe
cried out in frustration, while Rachel screamed in the sudden pleasure.
Steven pumped her several times, loving the feel of her openness and warmth
around his cock. Then he took it out and slammed it back inside of Phoebe's
sweet pussy. He had to work it in and out several times before he could get
it all the way inside of her, feeling the head of his cock push against her
cervix. Once he was fully inside, he would pull out of her and work it
inside of Rachel. His hands roamed over the lovely girl's bodies, squeezing
the firm breasts, pulling back down to feel their thin waists, loving the
difference in their skin and bodies.

When he was sliding his prick in and out of Rachel's body he could feel the
beginning of his orgasm. He pulled out of her and pressed his cock back into
Phoebe's tightness, sliding the entire length in and out of her tightness.
Phoebe started voices her oncoming orgasm. "Oh, yes, oh, Rachel, I love you,
and that guy behind me too, oh, yes" Her body kept sliding against Rachel's,
and the big penis was pressing further and further into her. She could feel
it enter her womb, the head sliding inside with every downstroke. The
underside of his dick slid along Rachel's pussy, making her press her body
harder into Phoebe's, kissing her sweet lips with total abandonment.

Steven's cock started swelling, pressing further inside of Phoebe's gates.
The sensations started to explode inside of her, her body suddenly rigid,
then trembling in orgasm. This set of Rachel's orgasm as well, making her
shake against her friend, howling in response. Steven snarled, feeling his
balls rise. The cum shot out when the head of his cock was wedged inside
of Phoebe's womb, spraying her insides. Her pussy walls massaged his
swollen tool, sucking the sperm right into her fertile womb. Phoebe could
feel the hot liquid spraying against her insides, filling her with his manly
juices. She cried out again, whole body from her nipples to her belly to
her gasping cunt felt like it was on fire as he sprayed again and again
inside of her. She slammed harder against his cock, trying to fit his whole
body inside of her. Steve came again, filling her entire insides with his
seed. Her spasming pussy took every drop, bringing it right into her baby

Steve waited a moment after his orgasm subsided, then slowly pulled out of
her. Phoebe moaned as he left her, her slit feeling empty without him. She
looked down with tired blue eyes into Rachel's hazel ones, smiling softly.
She kissed her friend gently, feeling too tired to move.

"Wow," she whispered, "He really good. What his name?"

Rachel had just enough time to answer before Steven used the Inhibitor on
both of them. "I don't know," she said. "He raped me before you came, and
now he got you pregnant too."

"Oh," Phoebe said, the thought barely registering. "Oh," she said again,
feeling his cum swimming inside of her. "I guess that why you didn't know
his name." With that, Steven pressed the switch, and both girls left to


"Hey, Rachel, I'm home!" Monica called out as she entered the house. She
looked around, seeing nothing around her but a little bit of water on the
floor. She sighed, grabbing some paper towels and cleaning the mess up.
"Come on, guys, when you make a mess, clean it-" She rose to her feet,
looking towards the door of Rachel room. "-up," she finished with a breath.

Standing at her door was a totally naked man, with firm, well defined muscles
and a long penis that stuck out at least a foot. His hair was a light brown,
with bright, green eyes that looked right at her.

"I'm so sorry," he said. "Rachel and I had gotten a little carried away with
our activities, and we hadn the time to clean up." His voice was deep, and
incredibly friendly. Monica felt a small twinge appear, helped by Steve

"Oh, that ok," she said, fidgeting slightly in her arousal. "It just been
a long cock- I mean day." She turned around to the sink, hiding her
embarrassment from her faux pass.

Steve took in this ladies good looks, from her short cropped black her to her
bright blue eyes. She was wearing a short pleated skirt with a button blouse
that did little to hid her well shaped breasts. He started walking towards
her, his long cock acting like a diving rod.

Monica turned around, finding the handsome- and naked!- stranger standing
right in front of her. His penis was just a few inches from her pussy, while
he stood another 10 inches away.

"If you'll excuse me," he said, reaching behind her. He reached behind her,
pulling a glass off the shelf. His cock tilted down, slipping underneath her
short skirt. He stepped forward, turning on the sink and filling his glass.
His cock lifted up her dress, rubbing against her silk panties.

Steve brought the cup to his lips, watching as the girl eyes got wide as his
cock pressed right into her sweet snatch. Her eyes glazed over just a
moment, and he could feel her press into him.

Monica suddenly came to her senses. This was some guy that Rachel had
brought home, and his large cock was pressing right into her cunt! She slid
to one side, smiling politely.

"Well, I think I'm going to freshen up a little, if you don mind," she said,
trying to keep her eyes off of his large cock.

"Feeling a little tense," he asked, walking towards her again. He took her
hand, pulling her towards him. Monica twisted her wrist, cutting off the

"Really, I don think this is a good idea," she told him, feeling her anger

"You're probably right," he said, that smile still on his face. "But, I just
can help myself." Steve took one giant step forward, grabbing her shirt
with both hands. He pulled it apart, the buttons exploding everywhere. She
wasn't wearing a bra, her small but well shaped breasts holding up fine on
their own. He pulled her too him, pressing those soft mounds into his chest.

"What the hell- let me go!" Monica snapped as she tried to pull away. Steve
kept both hands on her blouse as she twisted, her nipples feeling wonderful
against his naked chest. His hard-on kept connecting with her skirt and
panties as she moved.

He let go of his right hand, reaching down at her panties, tearing them off.
Monica turned around to run, slipping out of her blouse as she did so. Her
heels impeded her progress, tripping her onto the couch.

Steve wasted no time. He slid up behind her, pulling up her skirt. Monica
tried pulling herself away, but Steve hands were already on her smooth
thighs, pulling them apart and towards him. The head of his penis connected
with her snatch, slightly wet from the Stimulator, but it would have to do.

Monica kept crying out, hoping that someone, anyone, would hear her and
come to her rescue. Surely that grumpy old man downstairs could hear her!
Unfortunately for her, Steven force field system prevented the movement of
sound beyond the apartments radius, effectively silencing her to the outside

Steven started forcing his stiff cock into Monica tight pussy. Her cunt
hairs scraped against his penis as his head parted her pussy lips and started
moving inside. There was just enough moisture for his penetration for his
tool to move in and out. She was incredibly tight, and Steven almost
wondered if he was going to even get inside. Then he smiled to himself; of
course he'd get inside. He grabbed her breasts and pulled her onto him.

Monica held a death grip onto the couch, trying too pull herself away. She
remembered her first fuck, when Ross had entered her room all those years ago
and shoved his 5 inch cock into her. She had thought that tiny pecker was
enormous at the time. Now, she knew true size as the monster started working
its way inside of her. The head suddenly popped into the tight ring of her
cunt, the sensation threatening to tear her apart.

"No- don do this- we'll get the couch dirty" she squealed as the long cock
pushed further up inside of her. Steven couldn fuck her like he wanted, her
incredible tightness feeling wonderful, but restricting. He fed her another
inch, working it into her as she struggled. His hands kept kneading her
apple sized tits. She would raise her hips every few moments to get away,
her smooth thighs rubbing against his legs. Then he'd pull her back down,
impaling another half an inch of her onto his cock.

"Damn, seems like I'm stuck in second gear," he said as he tried to pick up
the pace. It was going easier now, as her juices started to make her hole
slicker every time he pressed further inside. He was now able to work
several inches into a steady back and forth movement, pressing further and
further inside of her. He started moving faster, feeling her body react
against her will. "Feel that, cunt?" he asked her as she started pushing
onto him. She would cry out every time he worked himself further inside of
her, the pain/pleasure jolting threw her.

"Oh, god, don do- I'm ovulating, please," she cried out as her pussy kept
pushing back onto his prick, eating more of it with every stroke. She knew
that right now was the most dangerous time for her, that her egg was sitting
inside her womb, just waiting for a man sperm to fertilize it, but she
couldn't make herself stop fucking this man. He had worked all but the last
few inches inside of her, the enormous head pressing against her cervix. A
part of her kept crying out to stop this, to prevent herself from getting
pregnant, but she was too far gone too notice. All she could feel was the
violation, not knowing that the same man who was about to knock her up had
just taken care of her best friends.

Steven felt his cock begin to lengthen, signaling his upcoming orgasm. He
pushed even harder into her, snorting air out of his nostrils from his
exertion. Monica had stopped struggling and started pressing back into him.
She couldn see their joined parts with her skirt in the way, but she could
feel the large knob begin to work itself right into her unprotected womb.
"Don- not inside of me- not- in- side! AHHH!" Monica cried out as the first
hot spurt erupted inside of her, coating her inner walls. Her body started
shaking in tremendous orgasm, her cunt muscles milking and pulling on his

Steven kept fucking her, his orgasm burning into his mind. His eyes rolled
back into their sockets as he gave himself up to the sensations, squirting
thick streams of his sperm into her, feeling her belly swell slightly from
the enormous amounts of cum flooding her body. He fell onto her, feeling the
last few drops dribble into her as she came down from her orgasm.

The two of them lay there for a few minutes, exhausted from their ordeal.
Steven recovered first. He used the Inhibitor on her, putting her into a
deep sleep. He then collected his clothing, put on his hat, and stepped out
into the night, collapsing the force field on his way out. He went back to
his hotel and started packing to leave town.


Life changed for the three girls of FRIENDS, their bellies starting to swell
through the season. This, of course, opened up a whole new line of pregnancy
jokes, especially the episode when all three went into labor at the same
time. All three girls never told what had really happened, leading Chandler,
Joey, and Ross to think there were different men and all three girls were
just unlucky.

Monica kept her child and started up a new line of baby food, using her
picture on the cover. While not an overnight success, her picture got her
several modeling jobs, including a Penthouse spread that helped her launch
her cookbook, "Cooking Naked," which 'was' an overnight success, thanks to
the plentiful pictures for instructions. Her son grew up to become a world
famous chef.

Phoebe never did make it as a singer, but married a physicist who returned
from Russia for her after discovering the first proof of gravitational
particles, a theorem which lead to Steven own time machine a few centuries
later. They had a beautiful baby girl and several children after that.

Rachel, unsure of what to do, slept with Ross a few days later. After her
doctor appointment which confirmed her pregnancy, she told him that he was
the father. The two of them argued about marriage, Rachel unsure, and Ross
not wanting to turn another woman lesbian. In the end, they married, the
stress causing Rachel to go into labor. Since both Steven and Rachel were
light haired with greenish to hazel eyes, the baby boy looked right enough
to make Ross think that he was the father. The only clue he had that maybe
it wasn him was the fact that the child sported a 4 inch penis at birth,
and grew to 15 inches by puberty. He never really knew, though, and was a
wonderful father and husband.

And Steven? Well, we can forget our hero. He left New York just to make
sure he wasn caught, his body changing his fingerprints and other
characteristics to make him impossible to trace. He moved into a little
apartment building in California.

On the corner of Melrose Place...


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