by Arcane

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"It sucks." Rachel complained loudly to no one in particular.

The only person in the flat who could hear her was Monica and she nodded in
silent agreement. Phoebe was at some vegetarians meeting, Ross was at the
museum and Chandler and Joey had gotten tickets to a game. Monica and Rachel
had nothing to do but sit in their spacious apartment and watch television,
which offered nothing particularly interesting. Monica had offered to cook
something but both decided their diets wouldn't let them eat anything worth
bingeing on.

In short there was nothing to do.

"There has to be something." Rachel moaned again.

"Why?" Monica retorted, more out of boredom than interest.

"Because," Rachel thought about it, "There has to."

"Brilliant logic."

"Look, we're here by ourselves. We have no one to tell us what to do, no one
to drag us down. What do we do? We vegetate and watch TV." Rachel groaned
again and collapsed roughly into her chair.

The channel cut to static.

"Oh great, Rachel. Now the TV's gone to."

"It wasn't me."

Monica flicked to another channel. Static. Another. The same. Every channel
was down. Rachel stood up and went over to hit the TV. When she did the
lights went out.

"I blame you for this." Monica pointed out in the darkness.

"Well how could I... What the heck is that?"

Monica wondered for an instant but then noticed the green luminescence that
was lighting the darkness. There was a flash. Rachel blinked as she made out
a dark figure in the middle of the room. It looked almost human, but shorter
and larger headed. While both women were wondering what was going on, it
moved. One arm reached out, pointing a black device towards Monica. A
multi-colored stream of light erupted from it, striking her on the forehead.
Her eyes flickered, nerves twitching and she fell back onto her chair. Rachel
started to move but failed. She saw she was surrounded in the green light. A
pillar of it encased her tightly, immobilizing her. She tried to cry out but
was unable to. The green intensified, filling her vision until it was
piercing. Then blackness came.


**mission protocol one complete. Rachel woman obtained. Monica woman witness
mission. advise action**

**erase Monica woman's recollection.**



Monica stirred. The lights were back on. Something was very odd. She was
sitting. Why? What had been...SNAP. She felt a band tighten around her head.
What? No! There was something. LIGHT! Monica slumped back in the chair, eyes
wide open but seeing nothing but the haze that was draining her memory.


Rachel stirred. It was dark. She opened her eyes but there was little more
illumination. A dark room, slightly green glowed from somewhere. She tried to success. How had she gotten here? Come to think of it, what was
here? She tried to think. She remembered the static, the darkness, the green.
There was a figure.

"He shot Monica!" she said out aloud, surprised at the sound of her own

Nothing answered her exclamation.

"Hello?" she called into the darkness, but there was nothing.

She waited. Gradually she became more aware of her situation, eyes adjusting,
nerves regaining feeling. What she found did not bode well.

She was naked. The eerie green glow shone on her nude skin, every curve and
feature bared to the darkness. There was no indication of how she had been
stripped or where her clothes were. She felt vulnerable...naked quite
literally. Even being stripped to her bra and underpants would have been
better. She was sitting on a large chair, a very large chair, more like a
throne. Her forearms rested on the armrests and although there was no visible
restraint she was unable to move them. The same went for her thighs and
shins, her upper arms and waist. She was pinned to the throne by some
unbreakable force. All she could do was wait.


**Rachel woman has regained consciousness. commencing first beta wave


Rachel saw a green glow in front of her. It seemed about fifteen feet away
but it was hard to tell. It also seemed to be getting stronger. It might have
been her eyes adjusting. No. It was definitely getting stronger. It was
brighter, lighting up the room more. All she could see were walls. Green
light danced over her helpless body. The point of light got brighter and


The light flared out, bathing Rachel in its green haze. She felt her body
clench tightly, shaking against the invisible restraints as the energy
buffeted her with intangible sensation. She shook her head as if knocked by
a shock wave. The green light subsided leaving after images dancing over her
eyes. Rachel's head drooped slightly. Her skin tingled, feeling alive but she
herself felt exhausted. Totally exhausted.


**Rachel woman has accepted first beta wave pulse. allowing for result to
present themselves. subject currently showing signs of fatigue and confusion.
condition of Monica woman?**

**Monica woman resisting erasure. request permission to use class two.**



Monica moaned. She felt like her head was swathed in cotton wool. She
blinked, trying to see something, to make out a reality. She looked down at
her bright red blouse. There were hands, unbuttoning, opening. She wanted to
stop them but couldn't. She saw her own bosom being exposed, pale white flesh
rising to twin points of pink. Two odd half spheres engulfing them.

"Gaaah!" she yelled, her body clenching tight as the light engulfed her once
more. Somewhere in front of her she felt and heard a soft rhythmic sucking.


Rachel was panting though she had no idea why. Her skin was starting to ooze
sweat. She could feel it running down from her armpits, slipping down her
back, beads sliding through her cleavage. That was wrong too. Her nipples
were stiff. Breasts flushed with excitement. She could feel the sexual
arousal flowing through her body. She was in no state for sex though. She was
still totally beat. Her sweat soaked hair matted her face, eyes only half
watching the darkness.

She saw a light in front of her, glowing in the dark.


**Rachel woman sexually excited. increased respiration, pulse and severe
sweating. subject even more confused and tired. inducing second beta wave



Rachel's body shook again, droplets of sweat spitting off into the air. The
green pricked her skin again, this time more sensitive. She threw her head
back, moisture flying back as she shook on the throne. It subsided again,
leaving her skin tingling even more. Her wet hair covered her exhausted face
as she slumped as much as she could, ragged gasps setting her naked bosom


Something was sucking at her tits. Monica knew it. But there was nothing she
could do to stop it. She could barely think let alone move. The spheres
pumped up and down, sucking her nipples into erectness. She felt the pulsing
on her temples, something trying to get into her mind. She fought it off,
over and over again. She knew she was weakening but she had to keep fighting.
She had to.


Time passed. Or perhaps it didn't. What seemed like hours might have been
second. What seemed like seconds might have been days. She didn't know. She

Rachel felt the sweat dripping over her lips. She blinked to clear the sheen
from her eyelids. Her body was more soaked than ever and more flushed too.
Breasts and nipples were swollen to sexual heights, genitals wet with
anticipation. Her body craved release, craved sexual attentions. But her mind
wanted none of it. Her mind was dazed, stunned. Her mind wanted to go to
sleep but wouldn't. It wandered instead, refusing to focus on her situation,
retreating into other fantasies, away from the torture she was facing. But
then she would slip into erotic fantasies, dreams of lovers and sexual
encounters. Then she would snap herself back to the dark reality, unwilling
to succumb to her body's bizarre desires.


**Rachel woman on edge of conscious thought. body reaction indicates
readiness for full sexual action. inducing beta pulse.**


She saw the green light building again, knowing that the waves were going to
strike her once again. Rachel shivered in fear and anticipation, eyes fixed
on the glow, chest heaving up and down.


She buckled and shuddered on her throne, torturous green light burning
through her nerves, washing away her strength yet again. She felt her tender
erogenous zones flare up as the energy ripped through her. She shook her hair
from her face, trying to calm herself as the green faded away. Then she saw
it. Again the green light was building.

"No," she rasped in terror as the light grew stronger. "Not again! Not


She buckled again, body giving way under the second wave of energy. It bathed
her sweat soaked skin, lighting up every nerve of her naked body. Sweat flew,
hair flicked and breasts bounced. Rachel gasped in shock and sensation as she
was flooded with feeling.

Through sweat glazed vision she looked up.

The light was building again.

"No," she moaned weakly. "So soon... too much... Not again."


She would have screamed but she had nothing left.


**Rachel woman reacting to beta pulse. consciousness stripping commencing.
beta pulse intensifying**


Monica watched in fear as more gadgets were attached. Hoses suckled onto the
mechanical globes, which in turn suckled her own globes. More and more weight
pressed on her head, stronger forces ripping at her mind. Suddenly she felt a
surge of power. It was her tits. They were being blasted. She was going to
come. She knew it.

Monica screamed. It was a scream that would have echoed through the building,
awaking so many others. It would have had it not been stopped by the field in
front of Monica's wide-open mouth.

Monica kept screaming.

Monica kept coming.

Monica felt her memory being peeled away.



Again, faster now they hit her tired body. Rachel moaned and shivered but
could do little else. It was faster and faster, like a sexual thrusting now.
Relentlessly it drove through her, as if her whole body was a clitoris,
tingling with rapture. Her mind was a mess, scrambled by her nerves impulses
and the strobing green lights in front of her. Sweat pooled between her legs,
under her butt. It streamed over every inch of her nude, glistening flesh.


Again she shivered, exhausted but unable to stop her body from reacting.
Nipples still swollen, breasts still engorged, her pendulous globes bounced
from side to side, up and down, jiggling and jostling with each pulse.


She was thrusting her pelvis too, unintentional, undesirable but unavoidable.
Her body was opening itself, she was opening herself. Allowing the
penetration of the light.


Rachel drooped her head, lips hung open in a silent moan, throat too rasped
to scream, voice too tired to beg.


Over and over.




So nice.



Monica lay on the couch, gazing up at the roof, mouth hanging open in a
smile, breasts exposed, machines sucking her mind away.


Rachel sat on a throne bathed in green light, mouth hanging open in a smile,
body totally naked, glistening with sweat. She shivered as the endless climax
burned into her soul. Her nipples rose to greet the light, hips in spasm as
they bucked back and forth. She wanted the sex, needed it, more than anything
in the world. She was so tired but she needed more. More green light, more
orgasm. More sweat and spasms and pulses and pleasure. More.


**Rachel woman has succumbed to beta addiction. beta bath underway.
ingraining command protocols now.**


Anything. Rachel would do anything for more sex. Yes. She would do that. And
that and that. Anything. Anything for more.


**Monica woman memory erased. Currently unconscious. Rachel woman may be
safely returned when protocols are entrenched.**


The hoses were removed, bra and blouse placed back over Monica's chest.
Helmet slipped off, mind clear of any memory.


Monica blinked.

Rachel blinked.

"Did we...?" Monica wondered, scratching her head.

"We fell asleep?" Rachel asked.

Monica looked at her watch. "I guess things were that boring."

"Well I'm going to bed if I'm that tired."

"Fair enough."

Monica watched Rachel as she slipped into her room. She wondered why they'd
fallen asleep. And what possible position she'd been lying in for her breasts
to feel so tender.


Rachel stripped off her clothes, almost putting pajamas on but deciding to
sleep nude. She slipped her naked body between the sheets, falling asleep
almost instantly.

She dreamt of green. Pulsing green.

She sweated and sweated and came and came and came.

Anything for her masters.



There weren't many dark country roads around New York. But somehow, in her
own unique fashion, Phoebe had not only found one, but gotten lost on it.
Rachel, trying to focus her flashlight on the crumpled map in front of her,
was regretting ever coming along to this alleged meeting of 'Friends of the
Planet' or whatever it was. Phoebe had asked her to come for moral support
and for some reason she'd gone along with it. Now she was lost in the middle
of nowhere in her friend's ex-taxi.

"Well there can't be much further to go." Phoebe mused as she kept driving.

"Till where, Denver?" Rachel gave up on the map and piled it back into the
already packed glove box. "Phoebe you have no idea where we are."

"That's not true."

"Why not?"

"Well... we have a taxi."

"The taxi is lost too, Phoebe. There are no signs or indications of where we
are. I don’t think this road has appeared on any map since the Boston Tea

"I had an Aunt who went to that... Oh no wait… That was something else."

"Phoebe, there isn't even a light we can see."

"Well that's not true. See." Phoebe pointed out the window to a hill.

"What do you.... Hey. That wasn't there a minute ago."

"Maybe you just missed it."

"No I swear. I was looking for lights… It… It's flashing."

"Oh yeah… cool."

"Phoebe. Do you see it moving?"

"Yeah. Sort of… Hey wow it's flying."


"Yeah. It's like totally hovering this way. It's a UFO."

"Phoebe, it's not a UFO."

"Well I don't see you identifying it. You see. It's coming this way."

The light in the sky moved silently through the sky, becoming larger and
larger as it closed.

"You know, Phoebe. You might just be right." Rachel stared in amazement at
the shape. "We could be the first people on Earth to make contact. This could
be a defining moment for mankind... Or they could just stick probes up us."

"Probes. Oh wow... No wait... Ewwww!"

Rachel rolled her eyes at the speed of Phoebes thought process, but mostly
kept them focused on the shape. It was clearly a disk, covered in bright
white flashing lights. It moved closer and closer till at last it was
directly overhead.

Both women looked out the windshield at the shape.

"Phoebe, I think you should drive."

"The car won't start."

Suddenly green light began to flow down from the ship, basking the car in an
erie glow.

"Quick!" Phoebe warned, "Jump out of the car."

"I... I can't move!" Rachel said panicking.

"I... hey neither."

The light seemed to get more and more intense, the vision of the girls
becoming white then black.

Finally the light faded away, darkness returning to the night.

Where a taxi and two women had been moments ago, there was now nothing.


Rachel screamed.


She beat against the invisible wall with her fists. It was dark, totally
dark, and she could see nothing. She could still feel, however. She could
feel the smooth walls, the strange soft floor. She could feel that her
clothes were no longer on her body.

She remembered.

The abduction, the chair, the green flashing lights, the way she was
tormented and tortured by her alien captors. She remembered it all and it
terrified her.

It was happening again. She didn't want it to happen again. She didn't want
her will to be sucked from her, beaten out of her through sexual bombardment.

"Not again." She slid to the floor of the cubicle. She could feel the sweat
running of her skin, reminding her of how she'd felt last time. How each
green flash had teased her skin and dazed her mind. How she had succumbed to
the pleasure, pleasure so great that she could barely imagine it.

"Not again," she whispered, curling into a ball on the floor.


Many would say that Phoebe was naturally dizzy. Under the present
circumstances it was quite forgivable. She was stretched out in the middle of
a frame, wrists and ankles strapped to beams and bars, all of which formed a
massive gyroscope which spun seemingly at random. Phoebe felt herself being
tugged one way then twirled the next then jerked back again, never able to
concentrate on her surroundings.

Even as dazzled as she was, there were a few things she was able to realize.

Firstly, she was naked. All her clothes had been removed and the pale
flashing lights danced over her sweat soaked flesh.

Two and three, she was in a dark room with few lights and very high humidity.

She felt drops of sweat drip off her hair and skin as she spun endlessly
around and around.

It was hard to think about anything in particular, the spinning being so
distracting. In fact Phoebe almost felt as if her mind was slipping away
every second...


Gaining some measure of self-control, Rachel rose to her feet and felt the
walls for any sign of an exit. Initially it seemed as though there was none.

She sat back down again, hugging her legs to her chest though the air in the
room was far from cold. In fact it was uncomfortably hot. Her skin was slick
with sweat even as she simply sat motionless.

Rachel felt a sudden jolt. Then she felt her arms starting to lift up, out of
her control.

She was starting to drift off the floor. Rachel's mind spun, looking for
answers then finding one: Gravity had been removed somehow. She was free to
float within the chamber. Initially she was disorientated and fearful that it
might be the beginning of some experiment, but when nothing happened she
started to think. Gradually she moved up the wall, her wet body barely able
to provide grip to push up from. Slowly and steadily, Rachel moved upwards.


Definitely harder to think. It was so dizzy, so much spinning around and
around. Couldn't think straight, too much spin, too much spin. Round and
round, dizzy so dizzy...


Rachel pushed off the wall and squeezed her way into a small tunnel. It
seemed like an air vent but the air flowing through it was hot and humid. She
felt her flesh slide over the warm metal, making her wince in memory of her
last time in this environment. The latent green glow of the walls was enough
to terrify her but she kept herself moving through the tight tunnel
regardless. There had to be some way out.


At first, Phoebe recognized nothing, still far too confused to rationalize.
Then she felt stabbing, slim needles piercing flesh on her arms and back.
Soon after a wonderfully warm sensation flowed through her. She felt so
happy, happier and more content than ever in her life. Her limbs relaxed as
the warmth flowed through her blood, dropping by her sides. For a time she
was lost in a haze yet again but in time she regained her awareness, though
she was still so happy.

She was happy that she was being strapped down to an examination table. It
was obviously for that purpose, numerous camera-looking devices scanned her
naked body. It made her happy to see them. It made her happy when numerous
electrical spheres were pushed onto her flesh, sending shocks through her
body. It made her happy that small tubes had been lowered and had sucked onto
her nipples. It all made her so happy.

Phoebe felt no doubt in her mind, only contentment at her situation. She was
happy about the large probe that pushed in between her spread legs, she was
happy about the tube that forced itself down her throat. She was happy about
gang war, global pollution and starving children.

As more and more probes reached out for her body, Phoebe's eyes rolled back
in ignorant bliss.


The further she moved, the hotter it seemed to get. It was a sweltering
temperature in the tubes, like a tropical rain forest. Rachel found it hard
to keep her hands from slipping, her whole body bathed in sweat. It dripped
off her messed up fringe, dripping into her eyes. It slid down her chest,
over her dangling breasts and off her nipples to the metal below. She tried
to ignore such thoughts, she had to. All that mattered was that she find some
way out. Up ahead there seemed to be an exit though it was hard to tell. As
she got closer she saw an opening, into darkness. Holding her breath she slid
around and jumped off, falling all of two feet and finding herself in a
cubicle of some sort. She ran her wet hands over the smooth walls, pushing at
them and to her surprise, finding an exit.

Rachel walked out cautiously into the darkness of the room. It was dimly lit,
her eyes still adjusting to the eerie green light. Then she managed to see
what was at the center of the room.

There, on a large throne, sat Phoebe. She was nude, drenched in sweat with
her head dropped down, hair obscuring her breasts. Rachel shivered at the
memory of her time in that very chair. She moved quickly over to her friend.


The blonde shook her head dully then turned to Rachel.

"Rachel!" Phoebe's voice suddenly gained life. "What's going on here? I can't
move. Where are we?"

"I don't really know. Phoebes we have to get out of here."

"I can't move my arms."

"Maybe I can... There!" Rachel effortlessly pulled Phoebe's arm off the
armrest. Obviously the occupant of the chair was immobilized but anyone else
could move them.

"Oh good. Quick Rach, get my leg... Hey what's that?"

Rachel froze and turned to the green light which was starting to build on the
far wall.

"Oh my god!" Rachel's voice was chilled with terror. "Phoebe hurry!" She
pulled the last of her friend's limbs free and they started to move towards
the cupboard.


Rachel let out a moan and fell to the floor, her body shivering in shock. It
knew what it was feeling, her body had been conditioned last time she had
been on the ship. It felt so good to be back, almost perfection.

Rachel shook her wet fringe. She had to focus. She looked to her side where
Phoebe was lying on the ground.

"R..Rach… What was that?" she shivered, her body reacting to the green rays.

"Get up Phoebe." Rachel got to her feet slowly. "We have to get out now!"

Unsure, Phoebe got to her feet and grabbed Rachel's waist, slipping due to
sweat but keeping her feet. They moved to the door, ignoring their bodies'
wishes to sit down and enjoy it. They didn’t even notice the beam of light
until they cut it.

Instantly the room went dark, then blue. Bright blue lights shone on the
walls, illuminating everything. Rachel tugged at the closet door but it
refused to give. Rachel trembled again in fear, listening to the whine which
sounded like a siren.

They came from out of nowhere, two large metal beach balls, hovering in
mid-air. They both seemed to have a red eye in the center but otherwise
looked smooth. Rachel, instinct getting the better of her, jumped and rolled
over the soft floor. One sphere broke off and followed her. It whipped out
some sort of tentacle but she skipped to one side to dodge it. Casting a
glance over her shoulder she saw how Phoebe was faring.

Phoebe stood, perfectly upright, eyes gazing expressionless into a stream
of red light coming from the ball hovering in front of her head. She watched
Phoebe calmly take two cups from out of the ball and suck them on to her
breasts, then shake as the cups seemed to undulate.

"Phoebe!" Rachel screamed in frustration and tried to take a step. She felt a
claw closing around her tightly, trapping her arms by her sides. She kicked
and struggled but her feet were lifted off the ground. In dismay she watched
as Phoebe walked out of the room, led like a dog on a leach by the sphere.
The door closed seamlessly behind her and the room went dark.

Rachel kept struggling but to no avail, the sphere moving across the room,
despite her movement.

Then it stopped moving. Rachel stopped struggling for a second, wondering
what was happening.

Then the light began to grow brighter. It was right in front of her, less
than a foot away from her chest.

Rachel screamed, kicked and thrashed but the ball held her perfectly.


Rachel twitched and howled as the green pulse robbed her body of strength.
She kept kicking but she was weaker this time, much weaker.


It was happening quicker, they weren't waiting to wear her down. They knew
she was weak. They knew.


As her nipples began to rise quickly, Rachel stopped struggling and simply
began to scream.


Phoebe sat down on the chair and watched as various devices extended from
around her. It all seemed so alien, yet at the same time familiar.

She watched a massive helmet encase her head, visor blocking her vision. She
felt her breasts being cupped again, probes pressing into her body yet again.
They started to massage her, to masturbate her. It felt so amazingly good.
Then suddenly, inexplicably, Phoebe understood.

"Do it!" she said plainly.

And they did.



Rachel had given up screaming now, she was too weak. Her mouth hung open in
a shocked, exhausted...

FLASH! How she'd missed this, the wonderful lights, the raw sex that
bombarded her, searing into her sweat soaked skin.


She didn't know why she'd run away from it.


She loved it more than anything. The sphere had been so kind, spreading her
legs and arms out in a cross.


It felt so much better this way.


So much better.



Rachel remembered very little after that. Until she awoke in another room, on
another chair. She could feel her head, encased in some complex helmet. She
could feel her breasts cupped by a rubbery substance and she could feel the
slimy warmth of a probe, delving into her sex.

None of it really caught her attention more than what she saw in front of

There, working at a console, apparently unaware of her nudity, was Phoebe.

The blonde looked up at her stunned friend and noticed she was awake.

"Speechless, Rachel. Never mind. Soon this will all be a bad dream that you
won't remember."

"What...? I don't..."

"No. You don't. You can't and you never will. We won't let you."

"We…? What are you talking about?"

"See you back in the car, Rachel."


Rachel screamed and bucked against invisible bonds as she felt herself
being drained. Her sexual organs were buffeted with energy, breasts pumped
relentlessly and all the time she felt her brain slipping and slipping.

Phoebe smiled and turned up the dial in front of her...


Rachel blinked. What had been happening? She couldn't remember.


She turned to Phoebe, who was looking at her map.

"Do you think we should go this way to get home?"

"Home? Oh yeah."

Now she remembered, she and Phoebe had gone to the meeting, which had been
so amazingly dull that she'd fallen asleep for most of it. Then they'd got
lost on the way home.

"Great. Hey you should get some sleep."

"Yeah." Rachel agreed. She was tired, though she had no idea why. She rested
her head on the back of her seat and in no time she was fast asleep.

Phoebe watched the sleeping woman carefully. Her booster treatment had been
effective. If the time came for another one, Phoebe would be ready. She
wouldn't lapse into an assumed identity again. She wouldn't have to be

If Rachel ever broke out again, Phoebe would be ready to reign her back in.

In a way, it was something the undercover alien woman was looking forward to.



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