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Author's Note: It is not usual to cut in on another writer's story (in this
case Dark Paladin's The Girls of Friends) and divert it to a different
conclusion; I may even be the first to do it. So here I offer some
explanation and comment on my general approach to Friends erotica. I come
to this from writing Friends fanfiction, much of which is concerned with
relationships and is "sexy" in varying degrees, so more explicitly erotic
writing was a natural way for me to develop, which suited my own love of
the Friends characters and particularly my crush on Jennifer Aniston. Te
me the characters are in a sense real, and I try to write about them as
three-dimensional persons, not as puppets who act out sex games, often
without much regard for any sort of reality.

Friends has its sad and serious moments, but it is basically a fun show,
so I feel that erotic stories should reflect that and be essentially
light-hearted, as many of those that I have read are. But as I like women
(unlike, it seems, many of the writers on and
and loathe the very idea of rape, I am completely opposed to stories that
involve the infliction of rape, degradation and humiliation on the
characters (always the women, from my reading so far), as I am to such
stories whoever is involved (including the unfortunate real celebrities
in These, when I have encountered them, have made me so
angry that I have been driven to write "antidotes", to rescue the Friends
characters, and this is one of them.

Writing antidotes is sometimes easy, because the writers so often overlook
or ignore really weak points in their story, but regrettably it is not
always possible. There's nothing I can do about abduction/takeover by aliens
stories, except to say they couldn't happen - there are no aliens, and if
there were I doubt if they'd be interested in Earth women! - and I cannot
see a way to divert Friends Join The Navy, as nasty a piece of work as any
I have looked at, except to point out that the whole situation is incredible
(Monica and Rachel become officers in six months? Naval ratings join in their
rape and abuse and then let them go, thus exposing themselves to charges that
would certainly put them in jail for a very long time?? Monica and Rachel
don't ask each other what the hell has happened to them, but set each other
up???). But if anyone wants an "antidote" to Rachel In Trouble, in many ways
the nastiest of all, or the Club series (a rescue containing no erotic
element), both encountered on, I will happily supply them by
email, and if anyone wants to discuss my stories or any of this, they are
welcome to write to [email protected] Abuse and flames will
be ignored.

The Girls of Friends is the mildest of the nasty stories, since at least
the writer makes them get pleasure from the experience, if under artificial
stimulation, and have reasonably happy later lives (but spot the internal
consistencies etc. in Aftermath!). But it is a rape and forced impregnation
story, and as such deserves to be interfered with. I enter it at the point
where, having already impregnated Rachel and Phoebe and put them to sleep
with one of his many gadgets, Steven, an inventor from the future, is
attacking Monica. Okay, he caught Rachel at her most vulnerable and Phoebe
at a disadvantage, so it is hard to tinker with that; but Monica is not
really taken by surprise, and she is tough, not the kind to try simply to
escape - she will fight.

Friends: The One Where Steven Gets His Comeuppance (M/F,FFF)
by Exintaris

Monica realised that she only had a short time in which to act. But she had
often thought over what she would do if someone tried to rape her, and she
now put one of her plans into action. First, she thrust two fingers hard up
his nostrils, causing Steven to jerk back involuntarily from the sharp pain,
his eyes watering. Then she stamped one heel down on his naked foot. It was
only a glancing blow, but it caused further pain, disconcerting him and
forcing him on the defensive. As he was about to discover conclusively,
although the human body had been enhanced in various ways in the future, it
had unfortunately not proved possible to reduce the sensitivity of some areas
to pain. Monica, able to move more freely, reached forward with both hands,
grabbed his balls, and squeezed as hard as she could. The pain was
incredible; he screamed and fell to the floor, beginning to vomit. To make
matters even worse, Monica relieved her anger by kicking him in the side very
hard. Steven curled into a fetal position, trapped in a private world of
agony in which it was barely possible to think, let alone act.

Having trussed up the rapist with belts from her clothes, Monica went in
search of her friends. She found them both in Rachel's bedroom, totally naked
and apparently asleep, both looking exhausted and leaking cum. Phoebe had a
broad smile on her face, Rachel a more troubled expression. Gentle shaking
did not awaken them, and getting so close to them affected Monica strangely.
She found herself longing to touch their bodies. For a moment she even cupped
one of Rachel's breasts. It felt so good, and even when she let go she seemed
to feel the delightful shape still in her hand.

"What is the matter with me?" she thought. She went to the bathroom to get a
wet sponge, but even applying this did not awaken them, though they twitched
a little. She left it on Phoebe"s forehead, and went back to the rapist.

"What have you done to them, besides rape them?" she said, nudging him with
her foot. He looked up at her with hatred in his eyes, but said nothing. She
bent down. "Want me to squeeze your balls again?"

"No!" he screamed in sudden terror. "It"s the Inhibitor: it puts them to
sleep. They should be coming out of it soon."

"Next question: Why am I feeling so damned horny?"

His lips pressed together. She moved her hand towards his genitals. "I'll
tell you, I'll tell you!" he babbled. "It's the Stimulator: it makes you want
to mate and ... it makes you fertile."

"So you've impregnated them both, as well as raped them?" she said, her voice
rising in fury.

"They enjoyed it," he protested. "They really did - and don't women want to
have children?"

"Sure, but at a time of their own choosing," she snarled, slapping him across
the face, "and by a man they want to have children with!" She slapped him
again. "Surely you know that's the way it's supposed to be, wherever you're
from." Her furious eyes drilled into him. He lowered his gaze, suddenly
unable to face them.

"Where are you from, anyway?" she asked.

"The future," he muttered. "Two hundred years in your future."

"That explains the gadgets," she commented.

"No, I invented those," he said proudly.

"You ... invented something that can affect the menstrual cycle?" she said
incredulously. "And those other things? But you have this fixation on raping
people to get them pregnant? What is the matter with you? It's not as if
you're ugly," she added, somewhat to her own surprise. She realised she was
getting ideas about him, and tried to snap herself out of it, reaching for
the beltful of gadgets she had found. "Which of these is the Stimulator and
how do I turn it off?"

Resignedly, he told her, and she turned it off. She then cross-questioned him
on the use of the other gadgets, but did not turn off the force field, for
something had occurred to her.

"I guess, in the future, you're genetically improved?" she said. "Does that
explain the good looks, the muscles, the massive cock?"

Thinking she was becoming attracted to him, he said eagerly, "Yes, and I have
improved hearing, I can stay erect even after coming, and I produce lots more

"Seems to me, whoever devised those improvements was focussing on male
fantasies," she commented tartly.

"Oh, the women are improved too," he said, his tone sounding rather bitter.
Monica grinned.

"So you struck out in the twenty-second century, and came back here to try
your luck?"

He did not reply. She took hold of his balls. Tears sprang to his eyes, and
he could not repress a whimper of anticipatory fear. "I want an answer!" she
snapped. "How and why did you come back here?"

"I invented a time machine to escape from jail," he said hurriedly.

"Ah, so you were a rapist even then, but the 'improved' woman beat you off,
maybe even overcame you and turned you in," she said. He did not reply, but
his silence was eloquent.

"How about immunity to genetic disorders, that kind of thing?" she went on.

"All done," he said. "We have improved resistance to diseases, too, though we
still haven't licked the common cold."

"Fine," she said, standing up as she made a decision. "Well, I haven't
decided what we'll do with you in the end, but I know one thing I'm going
to do." She began to unbutton her shirt. "It"s your lucky day,

"Steven," he said. "What are you doing?"

Monica undid her skirt. "Well, Steven," she said, "I want to be pregnant, but
the men around here have not cooperated by wanting to marry me. Leaving aside
your totally sick attitude to women, you seem to offer superior genetic
material." She unhooked her bra. Despite the feeling of near-terror that
this woman inspired in him, he could not help finding the sight of her
breasts stimulating, and his cock began to grow erect.

"That"s right," she said in a satisfied tone. "You keep on like that." She
took off her shoes and pushed down her panties, stepping out of them and
approaching him with an air of total self-possession. She knelt down and
began to stroke his cock, increasing its already massive length.

"Won't ... won't you untie me?" he gasped, straining at his bonds. "I swear
I won't do you any harm."

She laughed. "I don't trust you worth a damn. No, my friend, it's time you
felt what it's like to be raped." She rubbed his cockhead around her pussy
lips. "Mm, this is going to be good, I can tell." She lifted her body up and
eased herself some way onto him with a little gasp, which he echoed. After
waggling to and fro a bit to find a good fit and get him well inserted, she
began to slide up and down, going further down each time.

"Oh, this is great!" she said enthusiastically. "I am totally in control, and
you may be a worthless bastard, but you have a very fine cock!" He cried out
in pain as her movement took her to the very base of his cock and dealt
agonising jolts to his still very painful balls. "Hurts, does it?" she said.
"Well, too bad. I expect you hurt them at first, too. But this is certainly
not hurting me! Wheee!!!" She began to go a lot faster, her sighs of pleasure
increasing to moans.

"Monica, what are you doing?" came Phoebe"s voice from the doorway. Slowing
down again, Monica turned. There stood Phoebe, with her arm around Rachel.
Both were still naked and looked tired, especially Rachel.

"What does it look like?" said Monica merrily, continuing to move on him
slowly as she turned around to them. "I am screwing the life out of this
bastard, who, by the way, is as trussed up as a Thanksgiving turkey and
cannot harm us, because he hasn't got any of his gadgets. For all his
faults," - she slapped him back and forth across the face, hard enough to
make him cry out - "he is superior genetically." Between gasps of pleasure,
she continued, "He"s from the future, you see, which is why he has the
gadgets, one of which would have guaranteed that I would be ovulating, if
I weren't already. So, I can get a superior baby from him. Also, he's a
great ride, as I expect you may remember - at least, he claimed you enjoyed

"Well, yeah - " said Phoebe uncertainly, but Rachel broke in.

"Never mind that," she said in a fierce but trembling little voice. "Does
this mean we're pregnant, too? I have this feeling ..."

"I'm afraid so," said Monica. "Just - aaah! - let me finish this, and we'll

Rachel broke down and began to sob, but Monica felt she could not pay
attention to her just then, and anyway Phoebe seemed to be comforting her
well enough. She speeded up again, causing Steven to cry out continuously
in pain as she slammed up and down on him. Then he began to groan and push
up at her in a way that suggested imminent ejaculation. Suddenly he gave a
half-yell of release, half-scream of pain, and thrust up more than before,
while her body suddenly convulsed and she cried out in ecstasy as her orgasm
hit. He kept thrusting up against her for a long time before he collapsed,
finally limp, and she leaned forward, panting, supporting herself on her

After a moment, she said, "Well, if that doesn't do the trick, nothing will,"
and levered herself off him. She turned to her friends, grinning, but the
grin turned to a look of dismay as semen began running down her leg. "Oh my
God, tissues!" she cried, and ran for the box. Grabbing a handful, she held
it to her and held out the box to the others. "You need any?"

"Um, no," said Phoebe. "Mon, are you sure that was a good idea?"

"Not a hundred percent sure," said Monica. "But it was a risk worth taking
for a superior baby. He says they have immunity to all kinds of stuff and
better this and better that. You can see what a fine body he has. Well, you
know I want a baby badly, and this seems a better way than the sperm bank,
even. But I can see you might feel differently."

"It's not just that," said Rachel tearfully. "It's that I enjoyed it so. I
started wanting it long before he'd finished. And I enjoyed and responded to
what you did to me, Phoebe. I must be some kind of slut, but I don't want to
be." She broke into renewed sobs, turning her head into Phoebe's shoulder.

Monica looked sternly at Phoebe, who hung her head in apparent shame. "I
can't explain it," she said. "But when I saw her lying there, I just had to
lick the jism. I have a taste for it, you see. And I also have had this crush
on Rachel for the longest time, and ... well, I'm sorry, Rach, but I just
couldn't resist. And then, in the middle of what I was doing, the bastard got
me from behind. But Rachel's right: I wanted it."

"It's not your fault, Rachel, or entirely Phoebe's," said Monica earnestly,
going over to join in hugging Rachel. "This Stimulator thing of his doesn't
just make you ovulate, it makes you want to have sex as well."

Rachel looked up at her with a tear-stained face. "Truly?"

"That's what he says, and I certainly felt it," said Monica.

"Is it still on?" said Phoebe. "Because the sight of you is kinda turning me
on, Mon."

"No, it's off," said Monica, "but I'm not surprised that you're turned on,
with all the sexual activity that we"ve been having. The sight of you two
lying there turned me on, I have to say, though the Stimulator was working
then. I managed to restrain myself - just." She smiled at them, and stepped
back a little, since the feel of their naked bodies against hers was
beginning to arouse her. "You are two beautiful women."

"You look pretty good yourself, Mon," said Rachel, smiling back. "How on
earth did you manage to tie him up?"

"Something to remember, if it ever happens again," said Monica. "Jab fingers
up nose, which will cause a lot of pain, so that they jerk away from you, and
stamp on foot if you're wearing strong shoes. Then either knee him in the
balls or squeeze them as hard as you can." She leaned down and took hold of
Steven, as if to demonstrate.

He screamed, "No! Please, not again!" and began to weep.

"See, it absolutely incapacitates a man. There's no worse pain for them, I
think," said Monica with considerable satisfaction. "If you want to do it to
him, I'm not standing in your way," she added viciously. Steven tried to roll
away, begging incoherently, then cried out as he rolled onto his genitals.
Rachel looked at him with an unreadable expression. "I think you've done
enough to him for all of us," she said finally. "But what are we going to do
with him?"

"Well, I know what I'm going to do," said Phoebe, "if you two don't mind. I'm
going to see if he's got enough left to give me a real mouthful." She went
over to Steven, who groaned as she rolled him back towards her.

"That's right," said Monica. "Use him as a sex object, the way he treated
you. It will do him good. Here, Rach, let's go and get cleaned up and dressed
while we think what we should do."

"I'll join you later," said Phoebe, lifting her mouth from Steven's cock, "or
maybe I'll have another go on the end of long-pole here, if I can get it up.
If I'm pregnant already, it can't do me any more harm."

Steven groaned, "No, please," but Phoebe just laughed.

Rachel gave a little shudder. "I couldn't take any more," she said to Monica
confidingly as they walked to Monica"s bedroom with their arms around each
other's shoulders. "He did me front and back, and then again when he caught
Phoebe on top of me - he did us both at the same time." She sighed. "But I
really liked what Phoebe did to me. Do you think that was wrong of me?"

"Not at all, sweetie," said Monica. "But you need to think: do you want to
continue it?"

Rachel frowned. "I just don"t know. Everything"s so screwed up, and now I'm
pregnant!" Tears began to flow again. "What will the guys think, and my

Monica took her by the shoulders and gave her a little shake. "Rachel, you
must remember this: it was NOT YOUR FAULT. Keep thinking that, and don't let
anyone tell you different." She pulled her into a hug again, eager to comfort
her best friend.

"Oh Mon," said Rachel, laying her head on her shoulders. "You're so good to
me, and so brave. I do admire you." She looked up into Monica's eyes, her
expression now one of trusting love. "Say - would you like to make love to me
too? If you would, just say. I really would like you to, if you want to."

Monica drew in a breath. "That's a ... very handsome offer, Rach," she said.
"But right now you"re vulnerable. I shouldn't take advantage. Remember, this
may be a hangover of that Stimulator effect of his."

Rachel looked disappointed. "We may never have another chance," she said. "I
may never feel like this again. Please, Mon." Her expression turned a little
sly. "You are aroused, I can tell."

"Now you're begging me?" said Monica, with a chuckle in her voice. "Okay,
sweetie, I won't resist the temptation, which is terrible, any longer. I had
a good ride on that bastard, but this is something else. Lead on."

"Let's use my bedroom," said Rachel. "It's a bit of a mess already, so it
won't matter if it gets a bit more messed up."

"I know why I like having you around, why I love you, in fact," said Monica,
hugging her close and kissing her cheek. "For all that you're often lazy, you
can also be very sweet and thoughtful. But we"ll use my room, because I'll
feel more comfortable there. Don't worry about mess."

When they got into her bedroom, Rachel turned at once, put her arms round
Monica, and drew her close to kiss. The feeling of Rachel's body against
hers made Monica feel very excited. She began to rub herself against Rachel,
especially enjoying the feeling of breast against breast. Rachel's breath
began to come fast, and she in turn pushed her abdomen forward. Both gasped
as their clits rubbed against each other, sending little shocks of feeling
through their bodies. Monica began to move Rachel gently towards the bed, at
much the same time as Rachel began to pull her. They lay down together with
a sigh. Monica found it amazingly satisfying to run her hands all over the
bountiful curves that Rachel made her free of, and to give her pleasure by
licking her beautiful breasts and sucking on her hard nipples. For her part,
Rachel would never have believed that she could find caressing and being
caressed by a woman so pleasing or arousing. But when, finally, Monica's
hand began to explore her pussy, she winced involuntarily and gave a little
cry of pain.

"What is it, sweetie?" said Monica, looking concerned. "Did I hurt you?"

"It's just ... I'm sore there, after all he did," said Rachel miserably. "Oh
Mon, I'm sorry. I did want to do it with you." Tears began to well up again
in her eyes.

"Never mind," said Monica bracingly. "I have an idea. How about this?"
Shifting herself, she lowered her mouth to Rachel's slit and began to run
her tongue very gently around the labia.

"Oh ... oh Mon!" Rachel gasped. "That's ... that"s fantastic." Emboldened,
Monica probed into her, still gently. "Oh yes, I can take that!" cried Rachel
ecstatically. "More, please!"

Relishing the tangy taste of Rachel's juices, Monice tried all kinds of
tongue movements within her, to be rewarded quite soon by Rachel's joyful
and extremely vocal climax.

"Oh Mon!" gasped Rachel, looking down at Monica, who was grinning up at her.
"That was so great. It was so much ... gentler than with a man, but even more
exciting. I must show you." Suddenly energetic, she sat up and made Monica
lie back and spread her legs, then without any hesitation began to use her
tongue on her, exclaiming appreciatively at the interesting flavours. Monica
revelled in these new sensations, quite different, as Rachel had said, from
those produced by an erect cock. She would not have believed a tongue could
give such pleasure. She abandoned herself to the feeling, groaning as her
need to come mounted with the pleasure, and finally yelling as climax brought
her relief. She clutched at Rachel and held her tight through the moments of
ecstasy, then, when she finally relaxed, tugged gently at her to bring her
into an embrace.

"Dear Rachel," she said. "That went pretty well, for a first time."

"I'll say," Phoebe said from the doorway. She stood there grinning at them,
still naked.

"You've done with him?" said Monica.

"Oh yes," said Phoebe casually. "After I sucked him off it was clear I
wouldn't get him up again without, like, a whole lot of effort, and what was
going on here sounded much more interesting. I've cleaned up where he hurled,
and checked his bindings. He'd loosened some, but I tightened them again and
threatened him with another balls-squeeze if we found he was trying to
escape. But we shouldn't leave him too long."

"I guess we still have a little time. Come here, Pheebs," said Monica
lovingly. Eagerly Phoebe came over and they made room for her on the bed.

"Do you know how amazing it feels, having your pussy licked?" said Rachel
enthusiastically. "Monica did it to me, and then I did it to her, and it was
great for both of us."

"Actually, I do know," said Phoebe. "I encountered it in prison. Are you
gonna do that to me?"

"If you want," said Monica.

"Oh, I want," said Phoebe. "I want both of you." She lay back and gave
herself up to their lovemaking. First they stretched out on either side of
her, stroking and kissing. Monica got to her lips first, so Rachel
concentrated on her breasts. Phoebe moaned with pleasure and held them to
her, stroking their heads and shoulders. Then Rachel moved downwards slowly,
finally approaching, teasingly moving around, then fastening on her clit.
Phoebe gave a great gasp. Feeling competitive, Monica broke away from kissing
and moved between Phoebe"s long legs, applying her fingers and tongue to her
cunt. As Phoebe"s signs of excitement mounted, Monica threw a leg over
Phoebe's thigh and began to rub her clit against it. Phoebe tried to reach
for Rachel's pussy, but Rachel pushed her hand away gently, saying, "It's
okay, Pheebs, I really don"t need any more. I'm rather sore down there." So
Phoebe contented herself with stroking Rachel's butt, which she began to
knead and clutch ever more tightly as her climax approached, signalled with
increasingly high-pitched grunts and abandoned head tossing. Finally she went
taut and thrust her body up with a great groan as the orgasm hit. While she
was still in the middle of it, Monica's breathing, which had turned into
panting, suddenly caught and then came out in a long moan that turned into a
sigh of satisfaction. Rachel kissed and hugged both of them fervently,
expressing her happiness at how they had enjoyed themselves.

When it was over they lay in an intertwined heap, smiling gently at each
other. "Whatever we do," said Monica after a while, "we must continue this.
I've never felt so good."

"Me too," said Rachel. "It's so nice to feel the shapes of a woman's body."
She fondled Phoebe's breasts playfully.

"Fine with me," said Phoebe, hugging them to her. "You are my dearest friends
as well as the most beautiful girls I know. But now shouldn't we finally
decide what we're going to do with our rapist impregnator?"

"Right," said Monica forcefully, sitting up. "First, we should clean
ourselves up and dress."

They went to wash and put on clothes. Rachel was now much more like her usual
self, constantly catching Monica's or Phoebe's eye and smiling or giggling at
the memory of what they had done. But now and then her face clouded, when she
was evidently thinking about her unwanted pregnancy. As they dressed, Monica
said, "What about these pregnancies, then? I want mine, but no reason why you
should have yours."

"Abortions cost money," said Phoebe practically. "But so do children. I don't
know about you, Rach, but I'm getting rid of mine."

Rachel shuddered. "Oh God, I do admire you, Phoebe," she wailed, "but I don't
think I could face it."

"How about", said Phoebe, "you help me pay for the abortion and I'll, like,
help you through the pregnancies and with the kids and all?"

They looked at her. "You'd do that?" said Rachel. "Oh Pheebs!"

"I owe you both," said Phoebe, "especially you, Rachel. You're being very
nice about it, but in a way I raped you too."

"I don't think so," said Rachel, putting an arm round her lovingly. "I don't
feel about it like that at all. I like men, but ... I'm glad you turned me on
to this."

Phoebe giggled. "Okay," she said; then she looked serious. "Maybe I should
move in with you guys when you start getting big and can't look after
yourselves so easily."

Monica took a breath. "Maybe you should move in with us as soon as you can."

"Wow!" said Phoebe, grinning at her. "It"s great to be wanted. But we'll have
to keep this real secret. It would freak Ross and probably Chandler too,
while Joey would get, like, even more disgusting than usual. Okay, I'll do
it, as long as I can use my old apartment now and then, and you promise
you'll try to relax a bit about mess. You"re gonna find pregnancy a
mess-maker in various ways, Monica, and having a bed for me in the main room,
which is what you'll have to do, won't help."

"I know," said Monica, then, looking her straight in the eye, "But I really
want to have you here, Pheebs."

Phoebe looked pleased. "Of course," she said, throwing out her arms to
embrace them both. "You guys know I would do anything for you - well, almost

"As for worrying about things being clean," said Monica, "I promise I'll try.
I think, when I know I'm carrying the baby I have always wanted, I won't be
so inclined to obsess about other things. Now, the rapist: we can't leave off
handing him over to the police any longer, if that's what we"re going to do."

"I don't really see what else we can do," said Rachel. "We can"t just let him

"No," said Monica. "Apparently he made those gadgets, and if we keep them he
could likely make more."

"Well ..." said Phoebe musingly. "You know, there must be people who would
pay quite a lot to have someone like him available."

They looked at her. "Like who?" said Monica.

"Oh, people in the sex industry, I guess," said Phoebe airily. "Or some kind
of rich gay guy. Think how they'd value someone with a cock as big as his!"

Monica grinned. "It would be the perfect punishment. But how could we get in
touch with them?"

Phoebe frowned. "It ought to be possible. Let's ask the guys. They might know
of clubs where one could, like, make contacts."

"I don"t think we want to deal with people like that, even supposing the guys
could meet up with one," said Rachel, sounding firm for once.

"I rather agree," said Monica. "So, it's the cops. Okay, let"s sort out the
story we tell before we call them ..."

* * *

The reports of the capture in New York of a genuine "Man From The Future",
who was a genius inventor but also a rapist, caused a nine days wonder
throughout the world. Monica's story of how, after being raped, she had
managed to incapacitate Steven made her the heroine of the hour, and his
own version of events was universally discredited as a transparent attempt
to besmirch the reputation of his captor, even though some investigators
thought privately that it might contain a modicum of truth.

But even the National Enquirer and similar magazines had no wish to publish
his version of events; their editors had no more sympathy with him than
anyone else and were unwilling to alienate their readers. He was quickly
taken into the custody of National Security, and the knowledge that he
possessed was extracted from him by various means, including the supply of
women willing to service him and either become pregnant with "super-babies"
or have abortions. This, together with therapy, turned him into a much more
normal human being, whose services as an inventor proved increasingly
valuable to the United States. At first he was kept under a well devised
system of surveillance that gave absolutely no opportunity to escape, but
eventually it became clear, even to him, that he had no need to, and the
conditions of his confinement were relaxed, though never dropped entirely.

It had been quickly realised that he must be the same man who had raped and
impregnated a group of teenagers in a Californian cabin, despite the changes
to his appearance, but he was never brought to trial for their rape or that
of the three friends. Instead, all were offered generous compensation and
therapeutic abortions, but only Phoebe took advantage of the offer, although
some of the Californian girls had already had abortions paid for by their
families, for which they were reimbursed.

It was thought unsurprising that the three New York women should move in
together to give each other emotional support after their ordeal. Monica's
and Rachel's decisions to keep their babies did nothing to deter a rush of
suitors, but they found themselves most attracted to their friends, who
stood by them unwaveringly, and eventually married Chandler and Ross. These
were perfectly happy to raise the babies, who were indeed outstandingly
healthy and attractive, as their own, and treated them exactly the same as
the children that Monica and Rachel bore to them. Phoebe also married her
one true love, the scientist David, who came back from Minsk as soon as he
learned what had happened to her. Joey remained a favourite "uncle" to all
the families, but although he became more successful as an actor and was
able to contemplate marriage, neither his first nor his later marriages
lasted. His friends shook their heads, but in their heart of hearts they
did not want him to grow up. Even after marriage Monica, Rachel and Phoebe
would escape from their husbands and families every now and then for a
discreet get-together. These episodes became rather less frequent as they
got older, but never stopped entirely. If their husbands ever suspected
anything, they never mentioned it.


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