The One With The Orgy

by Weed Whacker

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s. No infringement of applicable laws or rights is intended, nor should any be in
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on't come out until you've thought long and hard about what you've done. By the w
ay, this one's kind of dated. Sorry.


Rachel Green slammed the door to hers & her best friend, Monica Geller's ap
artment. She had had one shitty day. She was so sick of working at Central Perk.
She was sick of pouring coffee. She was sick of getting crappy tips from cheap as
sholes who ordered half-caf, double latte, mocchachino, with extra foam & hold th
e water. Jesus Christ, what did they think she was, someone who actually knew HOW
to make coffee?
As she removed her coat, her left hand brushed against her breast, grazing h
er nipple, through the thin material of her midrift (Why the hell had she worn a
midrift? It was 8 fucking degrees outside!), causing her nipple to harden. Subcon
sciously, she lifted her hand to caress & stimulate her rock-hard nips.
"Mon?" she called out. No answer. Mon must still be at work, she thought. As
she continued to subconsciously stimulate her nipples, she walked over to the an
swering machine, & pressed the button. There was only one new message. She presse
d another button. It was from Ross. She smiled, partly without realizing it. As s
he listened to her boyfriend's voice, she continued to rub her nipples. Ross expl
ained that he would be late, since he was going to go bowling with Joey tonight.
Hmm, she thought. I didn't know the two of them went bowling. She didn't even kno
w that the two of them knew HOW to bowl. Oh well, she thought. I guess I'll just
have to entertain myself.
Since she was the only one home, she sat on the couch and spread her legs.
She kicked off her shoes, closed her eyes, & licked her long, slender fingers. In
stead of wearing stockings & a miniskirt, as she usually did, she was wearing blu
e jeans & plain white athletic socks. Her hands crept down her abdomen to her fly
, which she quickly unbuttoned, then unzipped. She lifted her hips, gripped the w
aistband of her jeans, & slowly, gently pushed them down her tanned, shapely thig
hs, past her knees, & then wriggled them off her ankles with her feet. Her hands
returned to her abdomen, swirling her fingers around her bellybutton a few times.
I should really get my bellybutton pierced, she thought. She felt a few new bead
s of moisture form between her legs at the thought. Her hands crept up to the hem
of her midrift, gripped it, & pulled it over her head, freeing her moderately si
zed breasts, as she never wore a bra. Rachel brought her hands to her bare nipple
s & squeezed them, causing them to grow even harder than they had been, if that w
as possible. The only articles of clothing she was still wearing were her socks &
her plain white, cotton panties. Her hand crept from her breasts to between her
legs, to diddle her clit through the extra layer of friction added by her panties
. She moaned softly as her masturbatory actions sent waves of pleasure through he
r body. The crotch of her panties was soaked, clinging to her skin with her juice
Rachel slowly worked her fingers under her panties, which were now soaked
& sticky with her sex juice. She ran her wet, sticky fingers along her slit, graz
ing her clit, further increasing the amount of pleasure she was sending through
her body.
She was so involved in her own masurbatory ecstasy that she didn't notice
the door open, & Monica walk in. She was still wearing her work uniform, a retro
`60s sweater, skirt, blonde wig, & fake tits about six cup sizes too big for her.
Monica was so pissed off in her own little world & didn't even notice that Rache
l was practically naked & playing with herself. Monica was usually the first one
home, & thus engaged in her usual ritual of disrobing on her way to her bedroom.
She removed her wig & flung it into her room. She stripped off her sweater, & onc
e it hit the ground, she reached into her bra & removed her fake tits. As she did
so, her hands brushed against her nipples, causing them to stiffen. Just as this
occurred, she turned her head, & finally noticed something that not so much shoc
ked her, but just caught her off guard. She'd been in the apartment almost thirty
seconds & she hadn't even come close to noticing her roommate/best friend on the
ir couch, almost completely naked, her hands between her legs, totally oblivious
to everything around her. To her surprise, Monica felt a trickle of her own sex j
uices running down her leg as she was unable to turn away from her friend's mastu
rbatory actions.
Rachel was completely oblivious to anything & everything occurring around
her. Monica could not turn her eyes away. She surprised herself as she realized t
hat her hand was slowly finding its way to her own sex, to relieve the new visual
aid. Slowly, Monica began to shed the rest of her work uniform, until the only t
hing she had on were her socks.
Against her better judgment, but already too far turned on (& curious) to do anyt
hing else short of running to her nightstand, rummaging through it, & fucking her
self with the vibrator she kept, but rarely used (until recently), she approached
her friend, who's eyes were still closed, still totally oblivious to anything ar
ound her, knelt between her knees, took a deep breath, & ran her tongue up the le
ngth of Rachel's slit, just slightly grazing her clit. She awaited her friend's r
Monica did not have to wait long. The new sensation rocking her cunt surpr
ised Rachel, as she had not expected it at all, caused her to snap open her eyes,
& she was surprised (to say the least) to see Monica between her legs, licking h
er cunt. Any shock or other surprise that she could've, or perhaps should've, fel
t at this sight, this experience, were thrown out the window before even being no
ticed. She was horny as hell, Ross wasn't there, & she had played with herself fo
r long enough. It was time to get down & dirty. Dirty being the operative word.
As Rachel snapped out of her own little world, Monica began to grow anxio
us. What would she do? Would she be disgusted? Would she be infuriated & kill the
ir friendship? Her anxieties were put to rest as she saw Rachel scoot her butt up
on the couch, lean over & down, until her face was even with hers, look her dead
straight in the eyes, put her hand under her chin, & deeply french-kiss her as h
er answer. She was relieved, excited, & alarmed all at the same time. She was rel
ieved that Rachel was not upset, but that she was just as horny as herself. She w
as excited because she'd never been with another girl before, & this was indescri
bably exhilarating. But she was also alarmed because of the feeling of the kiss.
It felt, well, odd. It was almost like Rachel knew exactly what she was doing. Al
most like she'd done this before. Had she done some slit-licking before? did it r
eally matter? Not really, she decided. She was too far gone to stop. (Which seeme
d really weird, since it'd only been about thirty seconds since she'd knelt betwe
en her friend's legs.)
The two friends french-kissed again, &, without breaking the connection o
f their lips, Monica climbed up onto the couch, until she was straddling Rachel's
hips as though she would have straddled Richard. They were clit-to-clit, the cun
t juice of both women mixing to make a single lubricant, causing their pelvises t
o slide around & across the other's. As they swapped cunt juice, they continued t
o swap spit as well in a rigorous round of tonsil hockey, a dance which Rachel se
emed to be leading.
Rachel broke their kiss, & began kissing, licking, & sucking on & around M
onica's neck, throat, & earlobes. Monica's only response were several low, passio
n-filled moans. as she did this, Rachel's crept down Monica's back, & found the b
eginning of the crack in her ass, slid her fingers between her cheeks until she f
ound the puckered opening of her anus. When she did, her lips were just below Mon
ica's earlobes, & a light bulb went off in her head. As she fingered around Monic
a's asshole, she began to lick around her earlobes, preparing her friend for what
her horny mind had in store.
Monica felt Rachel circling the perimeter of her asshole with her finger
, which was a new sensation for her. Simultaneously, her earlobe was being sucked
, one of her preferred sexual activities. But it felt like she was being prepped
something, but if she was, she didn't really care, as she was far too horny to st
op, or let her friend be stopped.
As Monica began to moan in slutty-sounding lust, Rachel decided to go fo
rward with her plan. Slowly, she began to lessen the length of her perimeter runs
of her explorations of her friend's anus, & at the same time, she began to inch
her tongue away from Monica's earlobe, & began to wedge it into the pit of her ea
r. Then, to give her a thrill she would not soon forget, Rachel thrust her finger
up Monica's ass & her tongue into her ear at the same time. The combined stimula
tion of the, albeit unusual, double penetration & constant lubed friction of her
s & Rachel's clits rubbing against the other's was too much for her to handle. On
ly seconds after the penetration of her asshole & her ear, her body began to rock
in orgasmic shockwaves. Rachel, her finger still firmly stuck in Monica's ass, &
her tongue filling her ear, smiled (as well as she could with her tongue in Moni
ca's ear, at least) at her handiwork.
As the two friends stayed locked in their lesbian activities, they did not
even hear the phone ring. After the fourth ring, the machine picked up, & they c
ould hear, though they were not paying attention, Chandler's voice, "Hey, I know
you're there! I heard you across the hall close the door! I'm coming over." Thirt
y seconds later, the door to their apartment opened (they still didn't notice), &
in walked Chandler. "You know, when you guys are here, you shouuuuulllllllllllll
His voice trailed off when he saw the two women locked in a lesbian embra
ce. His anxiety was replaced by a major swelling between his legs. Instinctively,
his hand shot to his zipper, found the tab, pulled it down, fumbled with his und
erwear, dropped the whole load around his ankles, & started jerking his schlong.
Monica, still trembling from her monster orgasm, opened her eyes first, & therefo
re saw him first. "Oh, GOD!" were the words that escaped her lips. This brought R
achel back to the real world, but her reaction was quite different. She was still
horny, & she needed a dick in her at that moment. She beckoned to Chandler, who
came to her obediently. She wrapped her fingers around his dick, & began to slide
them up & down the length of his meat.
When Monica had seen Chandler, she had been so shocked that she had jump
ed from Rachel's lap, & in the process, causing the removal of Rachel's tongue &
finger. She looked at Rachel, who in turn looked at her, & nodded her over to Cha
ndler's dick. When Monica joined them, Rachel said, while still jerking him off,
"Damn, Chandler, I don't understand how your relationships are so short when you'
ve got something this big." It indeed was. Chandler's schlong had to've been at l
east seven inches long & about an inch and a quarter wide.
Chandler tried to say something intelligent, but with his mind being clo
uded by his gorgeous red-headed friend whacking his dick, something before now he
'd only dreamed of. All he could think of to say was: "Well, uh, oh fuck, you're
good at this. Ross is a lucky man."
Rachel smiled. Ross was indeed a very lucky man. She didn't have gigantic
tits like some women, but she was one very hot fuck. With Chandler's comment fue
ling her, she decided she'd pay him a compliment. Without warning, she slipped hi
s dick into her mouth, drawing a moan from him. Monica, once again horny, joined
her friends. While Rachel sucked his cock, she began to lick his balls. Chandler
began to moan as a result of the double stimulation. Rachel's tongue was running
wild on the tip of his dick, while her lips moved up & down on the shaft. Monica'
s was circling around his balls, making them drip with her saliva. He didn't thin
k that he could take the stimulation much longer. And he didn't want to cum befor
e he had a chance to fuck one of them. So, as much as it pained him, he got them
to stop.
He circled around the sofa to their side and knelt in front of Monica. H
e grabbed her ass & pulled her over to the edge of the sofa until her cunt was in
easy access for him. He grabbed his cock and began to spank Monica's clit with t
he head. With each hit his cockhead slid, as her genital region was so moist with
her sex juices. Monica was moaning in anticipation and finally she couldn't wait
any longer. "Fuck me, Chandler! It's been so long since I've had a cock up my cu
nt, and I can't wait any longer!!!"
Chandler needed no further inspiration. Hearing her slutty words, he sla
mmed his prick home, burying it up to the balls in Monica's sweet pussy. Her cunt
walls gripped and squeezed his dick as he thrust it in and out of her. Monica moa
ned as he fucked her.
Rachel, not wanting to be left out, bent over and began sucking on her r
oommate's nipples and massaging her breasts, causing her nipples to enlarge and b
ecome even stiffer and more rigid. Slowly, she began to move up from Monica's bre
asts, kissing her shoulders, her neck, her cheeks, finally reaching her lips, and
when she got there, Rachel shoved her tongue past Monica's lips, invading her mo
On the other end, Chandler's thrusts had sped up, his grunts had gotten
louder. Both Rachel and Monica were oblivious to what was going on, as his thrust
s became irregular, his breathing heavier.
As Rachel swapped spit with Monica, she was unaware of anything else aro
und her. She brought her left hand up to Monica's breast, grabbed it, took her ni
pple between her thumb and index finger, rolling it, pinching it, and kneading it
. She released her grasp and slid her hand down Monica's abdomen, pausing for a s
econd to stick her middle finger in her bellybutton before she moved further down
and began diddling Monica's clit, occasionally she copped a feel of Chandler's s
chlong thrusting in and out of her best friend's cunt; she was in her own pervert
ed little fantasy world, she was oblivious to everything around her. She gasped a
s she was snapped back to reality as she felt something snake up her cunt. She lo
oked down, and what she saw shocked her.
It was Phoebe, and she was eating her cunt. (And she was pretty good at
it, really.) Rachel pulled away from Monica, who was too involved in her own litt
le world to notice (or care, for that matter), and she looked at Phoebe. After a
moment, Phoebe opened her eyes and was surprised to see that Rachel was looking d
own at her and (perhaps) awaiting an explanation. "Your door was open, so I came
in and, well, I got a little turned on watching you three and, well, I just had t
o join in."
Rachel smiled and leaned down, placed her finger under Phoebe's chin and
kissed her forehead, "Shut up and keep eating my pussy, you dyke." Rachel smiled
again and Phoebe returned it, before returning to Rachel's slit. Rachel closed h
er eyes, threw her head back, and moaned as she ran her fingers through Phoebe's
blonde hair.
Chandler continued to ram into Monica's hole, her sex juices sloshing with
each thrust. Monica bit her lip, her eyes closed tight, moaning softly as her or
gasm built up deep within her belly. Chandler grunted with each thrust. This was
something he'd been wanting since he'd met Monica, but he'd never had the guts to
do it.
Rachel opened her eyes and looked down at Phoebe again. No one had ever ea
ten her pussy like she was doing now. Had Phoebe done some muff-diving of her own
? Right now, she really didn't give a flying fuck as she was teetering on the edg
e an impending orgasm. Phoebe's nose brushed against her trimmed pubes as her ton
gue flicked over her clit and slipped in and out of her cunt. Rachel ran her fing
ers through Phoebe's hair again and she looked over at Monica, and she grinned as
her best friend's breathing grew heavier as Chandler slammed home repeatedly. Mo
nica's eyes were closed tight, she breathed heavily, her arms around Chandler's s
houlders, her legs around his waist. Rachel could she was about to go over the ed
ge, and she was getting close, too, and an idea struck her.
She leaned over, placed her hand under Monica's chin, turned her head ove
r to face her, and, as she saw Monica's body rocked by a massive orgasm, she shov
ed her tongue into her friend's mouth and played a little tonsil hockey just as h
er own climax hit. The two women screamed into each other's mouths in an unusual
"mutual" orgasm.
As the two women screamed with slutty passion into each other's mouths th
e power of their climaxes, Chandler's thrusts had become irregular, and breathing
heavier. As Monica and Rachel kissed each other and exchanged the effects of the
ir orgasms, Chandler pulled out of Monica's hole until his cockhead was only just
buried in her pussy, and, with one final grunt, thrust forward hard and from his
dick erupted a monster load of jism into Monica's cunt, splashing within her vag
inal cavern. He groaned in pleasure as her pussy gripped and squeezed his cock as
it milked his prick for all he had. Chandler moaned as Monica's pussy pulled the
jizz out of his cock.
Rachel and Monica broke their kiss and Rachel leaned over and grabbed Pho
ebe's ear and pulled her up and her tongue out of and away from her pussy. Phoebe
was still fully dressed, so, once she stood up straight, Rachel knelt down, her
lips on the level with Phoebe's pelvis, she began to unbutton Phoebe's blouse, un
tucked it, and fondled her at the same time. She removed Phoebe's blouse and let
it fall to the floor. She moved down to her skirt, which Rachel also unbuttoned a
nd unzipped, before letting it fall, and once it hit the ground, Phoebe stepped o
ut of it. She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra as Rachel kissed and l
icked her bellybutton. She let her bra fall to the floor amid her other clothes,
and she reached down to pull off her panties, but Rachel was ahead of her as she
was already slipping her soaked panties down her exquisite legs. Phoebe then step
ped out of them, and Rachel bent down even further and nuzzled her nose in Phoebe
's blonde pubes, then licked up the length of her slit. She then licked up her pu
bic area as she ran her tongue in circles around her friend's bellybutton before
shoving her tongue into it, causing Phoebe to shudder.
Phoebe then dropped to her knees and the two women embraced and engaged i
n a rigorous round of tonsil hockey, caressing each other's breasts and cunts as
they did so. Phoebe finally broke their embrace as she whispered something in Rac
hel's ear and turned around to face Monica and Chandler, who'd continued to fuck
in and out of Monica's pussy even though he'd blown his wad, which resulted in hi
s jizz being whipped into a white foam seeping out of Monica's fuckhole. Phoebe g
ot down on her knees, leaned over, and licked against Chandler's strokes and Moni
ca's clit. As he felt Phoebe's tongue, Chandler stopped fucking Monica and pulled
out, and as he pulled his dick out of Monica's pussy, a long string of his jizz
clinged to his cockhead as it stretched from the wad that he had just shot deep w
ithin her cunt. Rachel followed Phoebe and took Chandler's messy dick in her hand
, and flicked her tongue over the head, lapping up the combined taste of Monica's
pussy and Chandler's cum before she slipped her lips over it and began sucking a
As Rachel started to suck Chandler's dick clean, Phoebe had knelt between
Monica's legs and slowly licked up and down Monica's messy cunt, just slightly gr
azing her clit, lapping up a lot of the mess of the foamy mixture of Chandler's s
emen and Monica's sex juice that had slopped up her pussy. Slowly, she snaked her
tongue up Monica's hole, catching more of the sloppy mixture as she proceeded. M
onica was still delirious in the aftermath of her orgasm, and she was only starti
ng to come down when she saw Phoebe between her legs, which she just took as anot
her crazy new experience in this exploration of sex that she'd started with Rache
Phoebe was still cleaning out Monica's pussy when, suddenly, she felt as
though something huge was being shoved up her own pussy. Startled, she turned awa
y momentarily from Monica's cunt and turned around to see Joey (When the hell did
he come in?) shoving his schlong up her hole. While she was a little surprised,
she welcomed the unwarranted intrusion of her pussy by her friend, as she had bee
n needing a good porking for awhile, and now it seemed that she was getting it fr
om Joey's nine-inch tool.
Meanwhile, as Rachel continued to suck off Chandler, she felt the famili
ar feeling of a few fingers invading her pussy. Was Phoebe done with Monica alrea
dy? She stopped blowing Chandler for a second and turned around to see who it was
, and she almost jumped out of her skin when she saw that it was Ross who was fin
ger-fucking her. She felt a worried feeling strike her suddenly, but she settled
down as he noticed that she'd turned around, his head was positioned at her ear,
occasionally licking her earlobe. All he did when she looked at him was grin.
Joey was plowing away at Phoebe's cunt and he was intently watching her
eat out Monica's pussy. He was surprised how Phoebe's cunt sucked his tool up in
side her, gripping it and almost milking it, trying to pull his balls up through
his dick. He tilted his head back and groaned from the feeling. He would've expec
ted a feeling like this from, say, Rachel's cunt, but he'd never really imagined
Phoebe as having the experienced cunt of a true slut. But then, did it really mat
Monica was delirious in her ecstasy. She had no idea as to what was goi
ng on around her, all he knew was that her pussy was being eaten like it had neve
r been eaten before. She ran her fingers through her hair as she groaned from ple
asure. She'd never cum twice before, but he was seriously teetering on that ledge
at the moment.
Phoebe's cunt was filled to the max as Joey continued to ram his nine-inc
her in and out of her. Her pussy had a pretty small capacity, and when she first
felt Joey ram his dick up her snatch a few minutes ago, she felt a slight discomf
ort, but she quickly adjusted to his size, as she always did, and she took him in
more easily, but he was still pushing her to her limits. But the fervor of his f
ucking was so fast that she could hear her juices sloshing around his cock as he
thrust in and out of her. She was so horny, it didn't matter what was up her cunt
, it could've been a bowling pin for all she cared, she would still hump it back
with sex-crazed enthusiasm.
Rachel sank her lips back on Chandler's tool, wondering about what Ross
had in mind. As she continued to slobber all over Chandler's dick, she could stil
l feel Ross's fingers pumping in and out of her cunt. Slowly, he pulled them out,
and she heard his zipper go down. She felt his hands on her asscheeks and then h
e slowly worked his eight-incher up her slippery wet pussy. The slowness of his m
ovements had to be deliberate as they teased her unmercifully, she could hear her
self in the back of her mind actually begging him to slam it in her and fuck away
like a piston, but with her mouth full of Chandler's dick, she couldn't say anyt
hing, and Ross continued to tease her horny body.
Chandler closed his eyes as Rachel sucked his prick. He was amazed; he'd
just blown his load not five minutes ago, and his dick had remained hard as rock
this whole time, and with Rachel's vacuum of a mouth, he doubted that he'd lose
any stiffness for awhile. I fact, if she kept this up, it was possible that he co
uld cum twice. (Had he ever done that before?)
As Joey continued to saw his dick in and out of Phoebe's fuckhole, she c
ould feel the beginnings of an orgasm build within her as his steady fucking bega
n to push her closer and closer to the edge. As she was getting it from behind, s
he continued to clean up Monica's cunt, a job that was pretty much done as she ha
d lapped up just about any trace of Chandler's jizz that she'd missed, but whethe
r or not the taste of it graced the tip of her tongue, she didn't plan to stop. N
ot until Monica's body was rocked by another orgasm.
And she didn't intend for it to be a run-of-the-mill type, either.
The feel of Phoebe's vaginal walls gripping and squeezing Joey's cock as
he thrust in and out of it was indescribable. Joey had had more than his share o
f pussy in his day (with lots more to come, hopefully), but he'd never had a girl
as tight as Phoebe. He wasn't sure how long he could last, but he was going to t
ry to go the distance and give her a fucking that she wouldn't soon forget; nor t
hat he would, for that matter.
Rachel let out a deep breath around Chandler's dick as Ross finally, aft
er teasing her horny body unmercifully by slowly easing his dick in at the pace o
f a snail, buried his cock in her pussy to the hilt. But just as soon as he subme
rged his cock in her pussy, he pulled it back out until only his cockhead was sti
ll inside her, leaving her fuckpit almost completely empty. She wanted to beg and
plead him to fuck her like the bitch in heat that she was, but with her mouth fu
ll of Chandler's schlong, it was near impossible to do so. So, Ross continued to
tease her in this manner, slowly --almost lazily-- snaking his prick up her pussy
until he was buried to the root, then almos immediately pulling out --lightning
fast-- leaving only his cockhead still inside her. It drove her crazy, as she wan
ted him to just fuck her like a piston, but Ross had other ideas.
Monica was slowly coming out of her delirious stupor, just in time to be
hit by a massive orgasm as a result of Phoebe's oral "attentions." She screamed w
hen it hit her, surprising Phoebe, but everybody else ignored her. When she came
down, she looked at Phoebe, and ran her fingers through her blonde hair.
Joey was fighting back his own climax, but he just wasn't that strong. Wi
th a grunt and a final thrust, he blew his wad deep within Phoebe's cunt, coating
her vaginal walls thick with his jism. Seconds later, Phoebe grunted and her pus
sy gripped his cock tight, milking the last few drops of cum from his balls. He c
ontinued to hump her, his jism began to leak out of her hole, oozing out around t
he base of his cock, slopping up his pubes. Soon, her juices and his cum were whi
pped into a froth from being agitated by his continued humping. As he continued t
o hump her, his dick being slimed up by his own cum mixed with Phoebe's, he got a
n idea and smiled as he pulled his dick out of Phoebe's hole.
Phoebe was just coming down from her orgasm, her tongue still lodge in Mo
nica's cunt, when she felt Joey's cock slip out of her pussy. She almost whimpere
d in distress, but almost instantly, she felt his cockhead again, and her eyes op
ened as wide as dinner plates in response.
Ross continued to fuck Rachel at about two strokes a minute, when he look
ed down and took a close look at her lips wrapped tight around Chandler's prick.
Then he got an idea. He looked at Chandler, reached out and flicked his third nip
ple. Chandler snapped out of the daze he was in and Ross motioned for him to lie
down. Chandler complied and got beneath Ross's girlfriend, his schlong positioned
at the entrance of her snatch. Ross withdrew his prick from her pussy and allowe
d Chandler entrance to her pussy. Rachel was surprised when Chandler pulled his d
ick from her mouth, and was perplexed when he slid under her and slipped his pric
k up her pussy as Ross pulled his out. She squealed when she felt Ross's cock aga
in, though it wasn't exactly what she was expecting (why she wasn't, she didn't k
Joey grinned as he pressed his sloppy cockhead against Phoebe's anus. He s
lid it around a bit, greasing it up with the mixture of his own cum mixed with he
r juices that covered his dick. He leaned over Phoebe's back until his lips were
right at her ears, while keeping his dick positioned right at her asshole. He whi
spered into her ears for her consent. Her response was a nearly shouted "FUCK ME!
", although it seemed to be muffled by Monica's pussy. Joey took the cue, grabbed
the base of his cock, and prepared to backdoor one of his best friends.
Monica pulled Phoebe's head out of her crotch and whispered into her ear.
Phoebe grinned and lifted her arm as Monica slid off the couch and positioned her
self into a 69 position with Phoebe. As she got settled, she saw two sights she d
idn't expect. One was Phoebe's cunt leaking a sloppy mixture of jism and pussy-ju
ice. The other was Joey's cock about the penetrate Phoebe's ass. Normally, anythi
ng this lewd and perverted would've revolted her, but she was so unbelievably hor
ny at the moment that she would've welcomed anything, regardless of how perverted
and dirty it might've been. As she sat in her front row seat to watch Phoebe's a
ss being penetrated, she began to lap greedily at the nasty combination of bodily
fluids slowly oozing out of Phoebe's pussy; definitely something she wouldn't no
rmally do. But the foul, chlorine smell of the lewd mixture emerging from Phoebe'
s cunt beckoned to her, and she could not ignore it.
Phoebe had never been in such a situation as Joey prepared to analy deflow
er her, and Monica was licking up the nasty mixture of hers and Joey's cum like a
cum-hungry slut, but she was giving in to her perversions and she was in ecstasy
; she had never experienced such an abundance of sexual satisfaction and enjoymen
t. As she prepped herself to lose her anal virginity, she looked up from Monica's
pussy and looked in Rachel's direction, her jaw hit the floor in disbelief, but
what she saw did nothing more than increase her arousal and want Joey's cock in h
er ass even more.
Rachel turned her head behind her to see what was going on as Chandler ha
d just pulled his dick from her mouth, slipped under her and shoved it up her cun
t just as Ross pulled out. She could see Ross on his knees looking down at his cr
otch, then she felt his cockhead again --just then, Ross looked up and told her t
o turn back around. She obediently turned her head and as she felt Chandler's dic
k being rammed in and out of her cunt from underneath, she felt Ross press his di
ck up to her asshole, she squealed in anticipation. She had been fucked up the as
s only once before, and the perverseness of what the three of them were about the
do caused her ass and her cunt to tighten, eliciting a moan from Chandler and a
grunt from Ross as his impending entrance into her asshole was impeded slightly.
She took a deep breath and loosened her rectal muscles and closed her eyes as Ros
s began to penetrate her anus.
Phoebe's anus slowly (and slightly reluctantly) opened up and stretched t
o take Joey's cock into her ass. She completely ignored Monica's pussy as Monica
cleaned up her own pussy and Joey deflowered her ass. She moaned in perverted ple
asure as her asshole stretched to allow Joey to penetrate her ass. His slow entra
nce into her seemed to last forever, and she savored every perverted second of it
, wishing it would never end. His thickness seemed to split her in half, but it w
asn't quite painful, and if there was any pain at all, it was an enjoyable pain,
one that she welcomed. After what seemed like an eternity, Joey stopped pushing,
and when he did, she turned around and saw that he was buried completely inside h
er ass, up to the root. She sighed, shut her eyes and moaned in pleasure before t
urning back to watch Rachel getting double-teamed.
Monica, while licking up every trace of the combined cum she could find,
was watching Joey entering Phoebe's ass intently, all the while diddling her own
clit, her fingers slippery with her own cum. Her face was smeared and messy with
Joey's and Phoebe's combined cum and she only wanted more.
Joey exhaled as he was finally buried all the way within Phoebe's ass. H
er rectal muscles were clenched down tight, squeezing his schlong, drawing pre-cu
m from the tip of it. He didn't want to hurt her, so he pulled out slowly, only a
bout half-way, and slowly pushed into her again, trying to accustom her asshole t
o the motions of his fucking, trying to ease her into it as much as possible. But
she surprise him with how eager she was, how much she wanted him to speed up and
saw away, but he wasn't sure she was ready for him to do that yet, so he continu
ed to slowly pump her. But soon; soon, she'd get what she was begging for.
Rachel squealed with delight as Ross plunged his cock into her ass and beg
an to saw away at her butt. Chandler continued to fuck her from beneath, and soon
, the two of them settled into a rhythm in which when one pulled out, the other p
lunged in. She was overcome by perverted pleasure as she was fucked in both holes
by her boyfriend and one of her best friends. She continually squealed and moane
d in pleasure and was completely impervious to the fact that Phoebe was being eat
en out by and fucked up the ass not five feet away and was watching intently as s
he was being stuffed to the max with cock. Seconds later, she was hit from nowher
e with a gigantic orgasm and she clawed the carpet and screamed into Chandler's c
hest. Her pussy and rectal muscles clenched once again, gripping both of their co
cks, this time, both her studs moaned.
Joey slowly began to speed up his thrusts, never trying to rush Phoebe in
to it, but she did nothing but egg him on, and he didn't seem to be able to keep
up to the pace she wanted. She continued to beg him to fuck her faster and harder
, and he was more than willing to comply.
Phoebe's face collapsed into Monica's pussy as a result of Joey's schlong
pounding her ass. She continually moaned and egged him on, but she just couldn't
handle it all as the tip of Monica's tongue just grazed her clit, causing her to
erupt into an enormous orgasm, her ass clamped down on Joey's dick, causing him
to grunt in response. She buried her face in Monica's snatch, smearing her juices
all over her own face, but she didn't care. She buried her face in Monca's snatc
h then smeared her face around her crotch, slathering her face with Monica's juic
es. She turned her head to look at Rachel again.
Rachel continued to moan and squeal as Ross and Chandler continued to fu
ck her. She felt wonderfully perverted and nasty, participating in such a dirty a
ct, as her ass and pussy were fucked simultaneously. She wished it would never en
d, one eternal three- some, her pussy and her ass stuffed forever; she smiled at
the thought. Almost instantan- eously, her mind was back to her two studs fucking
her stupid. She squealed as Ross plunged his cock into her again and again. She
thought of the two of them blowing their wads in her snatch and her ass at the sa
me time, and she contracted her ass and her pussy at the thought.
Ross was continually fighting off his own orgasm, and when Rachel was hi
t with hers, it didn't help. He'd never gotten Rachel up the ass (she had done it
once with Paulo), but he was enjoying the hell out of it, and he had to have her
ass again. And the next time, he would blow his wad up her ass, but there was an
opportunity staring him in the face at the moment that he could not pass up.
Joey hand been easing Phoebe's bunghole into a steady rhythm for awhile,
and he was sure that she could accommodate a faster pace, so he did. He began to
pound his dick in and out of her ass furiously, and he was met with squeals of p
leasure from Phoebe and then he heard the words "fuck her" emerge from her pussy,
and he looked down and there was Monica, cleaning the mess from Phoebe's pussy.
Not what he'd expected, but he wasn't about to say anything about it.
Phoebe moaned as Joey continued to fuck away at her bunghole, finally ho
w she wanted him to: FAST and HARD. She was getting a serious buttfuck, and that
was what she wanted. She wanted him to cum in her ass, like he had cum in her pus
sy, then for Monica to eat it out of her bunghole like she had done her pussy, sh
e moaned at the thought.
Ross continued to hump Rachel's ass for a few more minutes and then, witho
ut warning, he pulled out, drawing a gasp from Rachel. She looked at him as thoug
h to ask what he thought he was doing, but he put his index finger to his lips an
d she turned her head back, as though she were going to pout. He nudged Chandler
with his foot, and his friend looked up at him from the floor, and Ross motioned
for him to get up. Reluctantly, Chandler pulled out and got to his feet. Ross whi
spered his idea to him and Chandler grinned. Ross told Rachel to kneel on the flo
or and jerk them off. She looked at him funny, but she did so as her two lovers s
tood there, watching her, whacking away. Once she was on her knees, the two men s
tood on either side of her and allowed her to grab their cocks and jerk them off,
occasionally sucking their cockheads.
Joey's thrusts continued to speed up and his own orgasm was getting closer
and more difficult to fight off. But he was holding out until Phoebe had hers, b
ut that wouldn't be too long coming.
Phoebe's face was still buried in Monica's snatch, but she could feel anot
her orgasm coming on, and as it crept up on her, she ignored Monica's pussy more
and more. She buried her face as deep in Monica's pussy as possible when she felt
her body being racked by the latest orgasm to hit her (she'd lost count as to ho
w many she'd had up to this point). Her bunghole clenched up around Joey's dick a
nd her pussy gripped Monica's tongue, and she screamed into Monica's hole.
As Phoebe's body was hit with another orgasm, her asshole clamped down and
squeezed Joey's dick, pushing him over the edge. He couldn't hold out any longer
. He grunted as he let go, and his dick erupted as he unloaded his wad up Phoebe'
s ass. It seemed that he may have even came more than before. His load sloshed ar
ound his dick and began to ooze back out of her anus, dribbling down to Monica's
mouth, and she licked at it with a fervor.
Phoebe moaned as she felt Joey bust a nut in her butt, and she squealed wi
th delight as she felt his cum sloshing around in her intestines. When it began t
o dribble out of her anus, she turned her head around and chuckled with her goofy
laugh. Joey slowed his humping and leaned over and their lips met, which allowed
their tongues to invade each others' mouth. They broke their kiss, and Phoebe's
eyes drifted over to Ross, Rachel, and Chandler. She whispered to Joey, and he tu
rned to watch the threesome. Phoebe leaned over and tapped Monica, who stopped ea
ting Phoebe's snatch and watched her friends with her friends. The three of them
smiled as they watched.
Rachel jerked off Ross and Chandler with both of her hands, and when she o
sionally sucked their cockheads, they jerked back and spurred her on. At one poin
t, Ross told her to "do it like the slut you are." When she heard that, it brough
t a gush of moisture to her cunt. Out of nowhere, Chandler threw his head back an
d grunted as he blew his wad. His jism flew from his cockhead in her general dire
ction. She jerked his schlong furiously as globs of cum splattered her face, her
breasts, and even into her hair. When he finally stopped spurting, she was a mess
. Her cheeks, lips, and chin were coated thick with his slimy semen. What had lan
ded on her breasts, was now oozing down and encircling her nipples. The streaks o
f jism that could be found in her hair just kind of hung there, soaking into her
scalp. Chandler had never seen anything sexier. He would've kissed he, but tastin
g his own cum didn't really appeal to him; and besides, just because Ross had let
him fuck her, didn't mean he wanted him to kiss his girlfriend. Ross put out his
hand, gently grabbed her chin and turned her head around to his cock. Practicall
y the instant she was looking straight at Ross's dick again, he erupted. Again, s
he was splattered all over the face, breasts, and hair with his cum, and this tim
e, some even made it into her mouth. The difference was, Ross was cumming a lot m
ore than Chandler. It was almost like he was pissing cum. After what must've been
at least a minute, Ross finally stopped cumming and he looked down at his girlfr
iend, who greatly resembled a glazed donut at that moment. Her hair was streaked
with so much cum soaking into her scalp, it almost looked like she had just stepp
ed out of the shower and not dried her hair well. Her breasts were heavily coated
with thick semen and almost every part of her face was covered with a mixture of
his and Chandler's jism. Ross grinned, leaned over, and kissed his little slut o
n the forehead (in a spot that somehow had been missed during the shooting sessio
n). She looked up at him, still stroking is dick, with her cum-splattered face an
d her sexy eyes as if to say, "Thanks."
Out of nowhere, Rachel heard Phoebe's voice, "Quite a show!" She turned a
round and saw Phoebe, bent over on all fours, with cum leaking out of her asshole
at the base of Joey's dick, which was still firmly entrenched into her butt. Joe
y was behind her, grinning, his arms wrapped around Phoebe's waist, and Monica's
head poking out from it's position at Phoebe's pussy, her face smeared with a sli
my coating of what looked like cum and cunt juices.
The six naked, exhausted, totally spent friends looked at each other and
laughed; for it truly was a sight to see.



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