This story takes place when Monica is dating Richard and Ross and Rachel are
still together.

Friends: The Other Room (MF,MF-mast,inc,cons,nc-cons)
by Ben Grimm ([email protected])

Ross woke up to the sound of loud moaning. At first he thought he was still
dreaming, but then he realized it was coming from his sister's room. Ross had
made peace with the fact that his sister was a bit of a slut, but it was
reminders like this that really got him mad. He get's up to take a shower,
he's still coated in Rachel's love juices from last night. As he walks by
Monica's room he can hear her moaning loudly now. "Oohhhh Richard that's it,
that's the spot. OOOOO fuck me right there. Yes, now harder, harder, harder
ahhh ahhha hhhaah ohhhhh god YESSSSSSSSSSSS."

Ross was still a little uncomftorable about his sister's relationship with
their father's best friend, there was something taboo and creepy about it.
Something that made him twist up on the inside. He tried not to think about
it as he took off his boxers and stepped into the shower. As he started to
lather himself up he noticed his morning wood hadn't subsided. He couldn't
help but think back to last night. Ever since Rachel had talked about the
animal sex she had with Palo their sex life had been unbeliebale. Rachel
was an unsatiable woman and he loved to dominate her with his sexuality.

Last night she had gotten out of work really worked up. The second they
closed the door to her room she was on her knees licking and sucking on his
balls while she looked deep into his eyes, it was a look that said I need
to be fucked, and I need to be fucked now. She was wearing one of her sexy
little black mini skirts and Ross could see three of her fingers working
vigerously underneath her panties. Rachel started licking her way up his
shaft as Ross grew to his full 8 inches. When she got to the tip she started
to twirl her tongue around his head, making sure to flick his hole every
couple times around.

This was all Ross could take as he grabbed the back of Rachel's head and
violently shoved his rock hard cock down her throat. Ross never thought of
himself as a dominating guy but nothing turned him on more then making Rachel
gag on his cock as she looked into his eyes. "Ohh yeah that's it, that's my
little girl, take it Rachel, take all of it. You love having my big cock
shoved down your throat. Choke on it, suck it all the way."

Ross knew he wouldn't last long so he pulled out and threw Rachel onto the
bed. They stripped off their remaining clothes and by the time Ross had
finished taking off his pants Rachel was already lying face down with that
beuatifull ass and godly thighs pointed high in the air and straight at
Ross. Ross started to work himself in slowly at first but he couldn't take
much more and was thrusting wildly in and out of her in no time. He reached
around and started working Rachel's clit as the two were launched into
orgasmic oblivion. Collasping in each others sweat covered arms.

Without realizing it Ross had started stroking his cock in the shower.
The thought of Rachel turned him on now as much as it did when he was
just another nerdy high school kid jerking off to the thought of fucking
homecoming queen RAchel Green, He started to moan himself. "Oooh yeah
Rachel, that's it, that's the way I like my cock sucked, who fucks you
like an animal in heat, say my name Rachel say my name."

Ross was working himself up to his first orgasm of the day when he heard a
loud knocking on the bathroom door, It was Monica. Having taken care of her
own needs she had gotton up to clean off only to be greeted by the sounds of
her older borther stroking his cock.

"You better not be doing what I think your doing in there Ross." Monica
said as she continued to bang on the door. "Because I know you wouldn't
do something like that in my bathroom." Monica was a lot more sexually
liberated then Ross. She wasn't uncomfortable about her older brother
fucking her best friend, and she didn't even mind hearing some of the
juicy details from Rachel when they'd had to much wine to drink. She was
mad because she was such a neat freak that she couldn't stand the idea of
any part of her bathroom being unsantized and she knew of Ross busted
she'd have to spend the whole morning cleaning the tub. "Come on Geller
get your butt out of there, this isn't some peep show booth in Times

Ross was a little pissed at his sister but he quickly finished rinsing off
the soap, rapped a towl around himself, and stepped out of the shower. Monica
kept banging on the door until Ross opened it saying "Alright, alright! I'm
out, I'm out. Geez Mon you don't have to be such a bitch."

Monica was just wearing a pink bathrobe, no bra, and a pair of red santin
panties. All the banging she had done on the door had loosened her robe
showing off a good deal of her clevage. She was still standing in the
doorway. "Exscuse me! What did you just call me."

Ross brushes her aside and says "Look, I'm just saying you don't need to be
so anal about cleaning all the time. Jesus your worse then mom."

Nothing got Monica more pissed off then the thought of her vindictive mother,
so as Ross brushed past her she smacked him on the back of the head. Ross
swung around. Ross turned back around and headed for Rachel's room but Monica
was too worked up, this was her house after all, he was just a guest. She
jumped on his back and put him in a choke hold. "Take it back NOW." She said
as she started to apply pressure to his neck.

"No!" said Ross he spun around in a circle trying to throw Monica off but
ended up tripping on his towel sending him and his sister to the floor,
leaving him lying naked on top of his sister. Ross was still hard from his
little jerk off session and he had landed right between Monica's legs. The
only thing seperating his hard cock from her pussy was a thin layer of
fabric. Her boobs had spilled out completely and Monica was panting a little
both from the wrestling and the unexpected position she found herself in.

Ross couldn't believe how beautiful his sister's tits were. They were so
perky and just the right size, with sexy dark nipples that pointed straight
up in satisfaction. For a few moments the two of them just lay there like
that, they were both too uncomfortable and suprised to even react to the
situation. The Ross did something that he will never understand for the rest
of his life. Maybe it was becasue he was still worked up from his unfinished
session in the bathroom, or maybe he was still annoyed at Monica for waking
him up with her loud moaning, or being such a bossy bitch, or maybe this was
something that been building inside him since his sister stopped being a fat
joke and became a sexy young woman.

Whatever the reason Ross started to grind his shaft against Monica's pussy.
Monica just looked at him wide eyed she couldn't believe it was real. Ross
reached down and slid her panties to the side, he kept slowly rubbing his
cock up and down her slit. Then while staring into his sister's eyes he
reached up and cupped one of her mily white titties. Monica couldn't help
but let a slow moan escape her body. She knew this was wrong, but she was
in a state of shock unable to react, unsure of how she should react.

Then Ross lined up his cock and started to work it into her pussy. It felt
so good to have a young cock inside her but Monica knew this was wrong. She
tried to talk but couldn't find her voice. Ross starting palming her tit,
working the nipples with his fingers.

"Ooh Ross." Monica said. "Please you have to stop. This is wrong. This is
oooooooooo. I mean your my brother we can't."

Ross wasn't listening he was lost in the vlevet grip of his sister's cunt.
He couldn't believe how tight she was. He kept slowly working his way inside
till he was buried at the hilt. then he started long slow storkes, almost
pulling out completely beore plunging back in again.

Monica could feel herself growing wetter and wetter but she tried one more
time "OOOOO OOOOO Ross please. Please stop. Don't do this. What would people
think. This just isn't right."

Ross pressed his body tighter against her and whispered. "They won't think
anything becasue you are never going to tell anyone." then he grabbed her by
her wrists and pinned her arms down. "Understand."

Ross had picked up the pace and was really giving Monica's pussy the
treatment. Monica started to moan louder. She kept saying no over and over
again but it was mixed in with her moaning so it was said in a sexy breathy
way that only encouraged Ross more. Monica's pussy was dripping at this point
and she started to give into her base deisres. She wrapped her legs around
Ross and started to pull him down harder and harder and harder till she was
in a pre orgasmic state of bliss.

Encouraged by his sister's actions Ross brought her nipple to his mouth and
started to suck on it hard, biting down gently every now and then. Monica was
one of those women that had really sensitive nibbles and this was too much
for her. It was a good thing Ross had her wrists pinned because she began to
flail wildily as she was racked by the most intense orgasm of her life.

After her first wave had subsided and she had gone limp. Ross grabbed her by
the waist and rolled over so Monica was in top in a cowgirl position. She
opened her eyes and they met with her brother. The look in his eyes was of
untamed erotica and she started to slowly grind herself agaisnt Ross's rock
hard cock. She ran her hands up his chest as she braced herself against his
8 inch dick. It felt so good inside her she began to move her hips in a slow
circle and she used one hand to reach behind her to massage Ross's balls.

The two starred deep into each other's eyes as Monica kept up this
tortirously slow pace. It was the most erotic moment of either of their
lives. They had completely given into their natural lust and had discoverd
a feeling of intimate raw animal attraction that neither of them had thought
possible. But Ross could feel his balls begin to fill up and knew this taboo
moment couldn't last much longer.

Monica had moved her hand from gnetly massaging Ross's balls to circling her
own clit. She couldn't beleive it but she could feel another orgasm coming.
She started to pick up her pace, she still moved her hips in a circel but she
kept going faster and faster till she was just riding up and down. Slamming
her ass down against her brother's cock as she moeved closer and closer to
what she could feel was gonna be a massive explosoin. Ross could tell his
sister was on the edge. She had closed her eyes and was biting her lip to
keep from yelling his name. Up and down she was boincing like a pogo stick
and that's when he reached up and start massaging both of her tits.
Carrassing the nipples and then every now and then pinching and pulling on
them. This was too much for Monica she couldn't hold it back any longer.
"Oohhhhh God yes yesssss yessssssswss ooooo yesssss that's it that's it fuck
me there Ross yessss please please dont dont dont dont....stop."

Monica collapsed on the floor a glazed look in her eyes. Ross got up. He
lifted her by the back of her head so she was up on her knees. Monica opened
her eyes. She was eye level with Ross swollen purple cockhead. She looked up
at Ross and opened her mouth but didn't move any closer. Ross had never seen
anything so erotic. And at first he just slowly slid his cock in and out of
her mouth tracing her lips with his head every time he pulled out. But then
his lust and need to cum overpowered him.

He grabbed Monica by the back of her head and shoved his cock down her
throat. Much to his suprise though Moncia had no trouble deep throating him.
She was even able to tickle his balls with her tongue everytime she went down
to the base. This was too much for Ross as he erupted into his sister's mouth
while they starred into each other's eyes. "Oohhh yeah Mon, suck me, suck the
cum out of me, oh yess I'm cumming for you, I'm cumming!" He screamed as
Monica continued to swallow his seed. He kept cumming for what seemed like
forever until his dick finally grew soft and slid out of his sister's mouth.

Monica stood up and the two continued to stare at each other. The moment had
passed and they were unsure how the other would react. Then with one last
moment of passion Monica leaned in and started to share a deep intimate kiss
with Ross. Their tongues coming toegether like two dancers in the dark before
she pulled back, picked up her robe and went back into her room. Ross stood
there dumbfounded for a few minutes before he went back to rAchel's room, got
dressed and left.

That night Richard and Monica and RAchel and Ross were both going at it.
Neither one of the Geller's were focused on their lover though. They kept
finding their attention on the other room. Straining to hear each other
moaning in lustful pleasure, and goind wild each time they did. Richard
thought it was something he was doing. And RAchel was just happy to be
recieving the hardest fucking Ross had ever given her, not even Palo had
taken her with this kind of savage animal love making. Neither one of them
suspected the truth. That from now on their lover wasn't getting off on
them but from the sound coming from the other room.

The End


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