Friends: The Ross Chronicles Part 1 (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

It was an ordinary night in New York city. A group of friends were spending
some time together in an apartment. They had known each other for years.
Joey, tall and hunky struggling actor. Chandler, corporate executive with a
lot of insecurities. Monica, former chubby kid turned sexy gal who snagged
Chandler. Rachel, sexy girl with a dead-end job as a waitress in Central
Perk. Ross, handsome college professor with no luck with women who is
terminally crushed on Rachel. Phoebe, pretty gal who is a little koo-koo in
the head.

These six friends were all hanging out and for some fun, popped a movie in
the VCR. It was actually a porno. What were the odds of that? They watched it
and laughed about it. Although most of them wouldn't admit it, they were all
a little turned on by it. Someone had the bright idea of serving alcohol.
Before long, you had six horny and drunk people in a house together. Hormones
were going crazy, people were horny and urges had to be satisfied. Would you
believe that somehow, this little meeting got turned into a fuck party? One
minute they were drinking and watching the porno, the next everyone was
disappearing and making passionate noises in the rooms.

Rachel had been watching the movie along with the others. It was a decent
porno flick. A guy entered a room, found a girl there and they started to
fuck. In spite of herself, Rachel had been turned on. She sat next to Ross.
Ross, the handsome college professor who had a thing for her ever since...
forever. She drank her wine and watched the movie. She also snuck a few
peeks at him. He was kinda cute. She could tell that the porno flick
affected him as well. Oh, well. She decided that she could help him out
with that. She left the living room. No one noticed. No one except Ross.
She stood at the entrance of one of the bedrooms and gestured at him to
come to her. Like a good little boy, Ross got up and went to her. Rachel
smiled, ushered him in and closed the door behind them.

Rachel stood in the middle of the room, looking at Ross. She told him to sit
down on the bed and watch her. She undressed before him, showing him her sexy
body. Ross watched, amazed. Rachel was the girl of his dreams. The one he had
wanted for so long. Now, she was interested in him. Rachel looked at Ross.
She knew how much she meant to him. Well, he meant a lot to her too. She had
liked him for a long time but always let time and other things get in the
way. Now, she was gonna get a piece of him. He was a fine man in his own
right. She stood naked before him, smiled confidently and gestured him to
come to her. Ross got up and came to her. He smiled. Rachel grinned. Ross had
a sexy, confident smile that she wished she would see more often. He pulled
her to him, drawing her into his strong arms. "I've wanted to do this for so
long." Ross drunkenly confessed.

Rachel grinned and drew him down into the bed. "Me too." she said.

Ross and Rachel looked at each other, and grinned. "I can't believe it." said
Ross. "I'm in bed with you."

Rachel took his hand. "Believe it, tiger." she said. She kissed him. Slowly,
they undressed each other. They marveled at the sight of each other's naked
forms. Ross spent a long time staring at Rachel. "Do you want me?" she asked.

"Without question." Ross replied.

She pressed her sexy nude body against his. "Then take me." she said.

Ross kissed her on the lips, then caressed her neck and shoulders ever so
gently. He kissed a path down to her chest and licked her breasts, caressing
them while holding them gently in his hands. He kissed a path down her body,
watching her shudder with pleasure as he continued. He finally found himself
between her legs. Rachel hesitated. Ross told her to relax and let him take
care of her. He started to lick her pussy. He fingered her, and teased her
clit with his tongue. Rachel went wild. Ross continued to lick, suck and
tease her most sensitive spot until she cried out in pleasure. He watched
her, a beautiful woman whose sexual energies were unleashed as she came.
Ross watched her. He was amazed. He held her until the sensations passed...
Rachel had never felt so good in her life. She looked at Ross. She saw in
him the man that she loved. Also, the lover who brought her such great

She had to reciprocate. She looked at Ross. She gently kissed his lips, then
his neck. Her hands caressed his chest hairs. She kissed a path down to his
groin, then held his hard cock in her hand. She looked at Ross. His breath
came out slowly. The anticipation was killing him. She wouldn't keep him
waiting for long. He stared at her as she went down on him. She took him into
her mouth. She licked his cock and balls. Ross grunted. She sucked him until
he came, then she drank his seed, tasting his essence for the first time.
Ross screamed in pleasure. She stopped what she was doing and looked at him.
He pulled her up and placed her on top of him. Rachel felt Ross hard cock
underneath her. She positioned herself so that her hands rested on his
shoulders while she impaled herself on him. Down she went. His cock went into
her, penetrating her pussy. He put his hands on her hips and thrust into her.
They made love like this, thrusting and gasping. Screaming and groaning...
until they reached climax at the same time. Rachel practically collapsed in
Ross' s arms. They lay like this, resting peacefully.


Rachel looked at Ross. There was so much that she wanted to say.
Unfortunately, she couldn't find the words. Ross calmed her down. "You
don't have to say anything." he said. Rachel looked at him, smiled and
said nothing. She buried her face in the pillow. Ross simply held her.
It wasn't long until she fell sleep. Ross spent a long time watching her.
So lovely. No wonder he had fallen in love with her. She was amazing!
There wasn't anything to say. He loved Rachel. He always would. Maybe she
would be his. Maybe not...He didn't want to keep his hopes up. The last
thing he needed was a heart-shattering experience. Still, a guy could
dream. Can't he?

To be continued...


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