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Episode 623a: The one with all the sex
(This story takes place right after the episode where Rachel dumps Paul but
there is no talk about Chandler's proposition to Monica.)

Friends: Part 1 - Phoebe's Story (F-solo)
by Jean St-Croix

Saturday. 4:00 p.m.

Ross, Monica, Rachel and Phoebe are sitting in Central Park.

Monica and Phoebe are sitting on the couch and Ross and Rachel are sitting
in separate chairs. Rachel has shopping bags around her feet.

Chandler enters.

"Hey guys, hey Mon!" said Chandler.

"Hi Chandler, what have you been up to Today?" asked Monica.

He sits down between Monica and Phoebe and puts his arm around Monica.

"Not too much catching up on some work" he replied "How you holding up Rach?"

"I'm O.K., I just really wished it had worked out but after all that whining,
I just couldn't take it anymore" she replied.

"We've been keeping her busy, it should heal faster if she doesn't think
about it." stated Monica

"I can always use new clothes, the shopping spree was a great idea Mon,
thanks," said Rachel.

"No problem, nothing's too good for my friend," said Monica.

"Has anyone seen Joey?" interjected Phoebe.

"I don't know, he might be at acting class," answered Ross "Any reason why

"He was supposed to meet me here half an hour ago. It's strange," remarked

"Strange that the man who has trouble with soap opera lines is late?" said

"No, strange cause he told me he wrote it down" Said phoebe. "Oh well."

Chandler and Monica get up.

"Well, it's time for us to get going we're going to see an early show at the
theater" said Chandler. "Bye, everyone."

"Bye," said Rachel, Phoebe and Ross one after the other.

With that they get up and walk out.

Carol enters with Ben.

"Hi guys, look who I brought" said Carol.

"BEN!" interjected Ross.

"Daddy!" shouts Ben as he runs towards Ross.

They hug.

"What's the occasion?" asked Ross looking up.

"It's the second Saturday of the month, you've got him till Monday, or had
you forgotten?" said Carol a little angry.

"No, no, I didn't forget," said Ross trying to cover his ass, "It just seems
to come so soon."

"Well, just have him home on time this time," said Carol, "Bye, Ben."

"Bye, Mommy," said Ben as he runs to hugs his mother.

Carol turns to walk away but then abruptly turns back around.

"Phoebe, are you still really into yoga?" Carol asked.

"Yeah, I'm really good at it, too," replied Phoebe.

"Well, me and Susan went to this retreat a few weeks ago and the instructor
taught us a new form. If you want we can teach it too you. It's really great
and relaxing too," said Carol.

"Neat, are you busy tonight?" asked Phoebe.

"We were just going to spend the night in but we could come over if you
like," replied Carol.

"Great, how's seven?" asked Phoebe.

"Seven sounds fine, we'll be there," said Carol. "Bye."

"Bye," said everyone.

"Well, I should go too, looks like Joey's not showing up," said Phoebe.

"Me too, comm'on Ben, Lets go do something fun," said Ross.

He looked over and saw Rachel looking sad.

"Wanna come with Rach?" he inquired.

"Sure," she responded.

With that Phoebe, Ross Rachel and Ben left.

As they passed the restaurant, Phoebe was going the other way parted company
with the others.

"Bye guys, see you round," she said.

"Bye, Phobes," said Ross and Rachel.

"Bye, Auntie Phoebe," said Ben.

With that, Phoebe parted company with the others. Phoebe started walking to
her apartment.

Now that the others were gone she could display her true emotions. They were
certainly not happy. Much like Chandler and Monica, Phoebe and Joey had
hooked up and the others still knew nothing. Phoebe and Joey wanted to keep
it that way so that if the relationship failed at least they would not have
to hear about it every week like what happened with Ross and Rachel. She was
supposed to meet up with him today to fool around. Phoebe was horny and
needed to get some relief.

"Where was he?" she thought, "With work and keeping this a secret I don't
have time for him screwing up like this, plus I really need some relief."

She reached her building and entered.

She pushed the elevator button and waited.

At least I'll get to see Carol and Susan tonight. Maybe the yoga will help
release all this tension.

The elevator dinged and the doors opened. Phoebe got in and pushed the button
for her floor.

"He had better have at least called or I don't know what I'll do," she

The elevator dinged again and she got out and entered her apartment. She
walked over to the answering machine but there were no messages.

"I'm gonna kill him," she thought to herself, "Well, if I'm gonna do some
yoga then I had better move this furniture out of the way."

Slowly but steadily the living room was transformed from a relitivly
encumbered area to a very spacious carpet. All that was left was her couch.
She tried to push the couch out of the way but was met with much resistance.

"I never thought this thing was so heavy," she thought.

Finally it gave way and she pushed it out of the way. The table and chairs
had been a lot easier but she had still built up quite the sweat.

"Wow, I really stink," she thought as she smelt the air around her. "What I
need now is a nice long shower."

She walked to the bathroom and turned the shower on. She pulled the thick
flannel sweater over her head revealing her breasts constrained by her silky
white bra. She shucked her jeans to reveal long shaven legs and her small
cotton panties. She needn't even looked at them to know their color for all
the underwear she owned was white. One must wonder if in a sense that
showcased her naivete. She unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor.
Her breasts bounced a little as this happened. They were not the biggest of
all her friends but she was indeed happy with them. Gently, she slid her
panties down to reveal her neatly trimmed pubic hair and her closed vaginal
lips. She looked over into the mirror.

"How you doing?" she said in a very Joey like voice. Even though she was mad,
she still wished he was here. "You are loooking goood!"

She laughed a little then sighed as she stepped into the shower.

Phoebe jumped back as she entered for the water was much to hot. She found
herself cornered against the wall opposite to the shower head. There was but
one thing to do. She made a daring leap through the almost scolding water
and pressed herself up against the side of the shower. The wall was so cold
against her naked skin that it caused her nipples to harden just a touch.
Carefully she reached down to the knob and turned it towards the cold
direction. After about a minute, she reached back and discovered the water
to be a satisfactory temperature. She then took a step back and the water
covered her. She almost moaned as the water hit her body, it felt so nice
and warm. She pulled the bottle of shampoo out of the rack attached to the
showerhead sprayed some of it in her hands and began to build up a lather.
She began gently rubbing the shampoo in giving her scalp a massage. Then she
sat down in the tub and let the water rinse the shampoo out of her hair.

Suddenly she had an idea. She turned up the heat a bit and lay back. The
water got a little hotter and was now beating against her breasts as well
as her pussy gently massaging them. Slowly her thoughts drifted. She was
not sure if it was the hot water or all the steam but She was slowly getting
aroused. Her thoughts drifter further and she began thinking about Joey.
They had never had a chance to get too intimate but on one occasion she did
get to touch his dick. True it was through his underwear but she could tell
he was very, very hard. Thinking back to that now, it must have been at least
nine inches in length. She almost felt like she was dreaming. She pictured
him ripping off his shirt and slowly stripping down to his underpants. She
rubbed her now semi erect nipples in anticipation. Quickly they became fully
erect and she felt her juices start to flow from inside of her.

She moaned and exclaimed, "Take it all off."

He complied by teasing her, he turned his back to her and slowly pulled his
underwear down to his feet. Then he stood back up.

"Wanna see what I'm bringing to the party?" he said turning his head towards

"Yessssss!!!!!!" she exclaimed.

By this point she was rubbing her clit rather furiously but needed something
else. She grabbed the soap and started easing it in and out of her
well-lubricated vagina.

"Tada!!!" Joey yelled as he turned around by jumping.

He was even bigger than she had imagined.

"It's so, It's so, ahhhhhhh!" she screamed as she climaxed. "It's sooooo
big," she thought as she struggled to regain her breath.

She was breathing hard after such an intense orgasm.

"It's a good thing I sound proofed the walls," she thought as she struggled
to her feet.

She got out of the shower and dried her hair. She walked to her bedroom.
Suddenly she heard a knock on the front door.

"Phoebe, it's Carrol and Susan," said Carol through the door.

"Omigod!" thought Phoebe as she looked at the clock, "I completely forgot."

To be continued...


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