FRIENDS Part 1: The special episode
By Wonder Mike

Monica and Chandler, were planning another night together, they were tired of
sneaking around behind their friends back, but they thought it was for the
best. They knew their relationship wouldn't last, and there was no point in
losing all their friends. Joey was the only one who knew about them.

Joey had left for the night and they had the apartment to themselves. Monica
came into the apartment with nothing on but a towel. Chandler was in his
Scooby Doo boxers. Chandler sat up the video camera.

Monica told him that is not a good mood setter, Chandler told him they were
his lucky underwear, Monica couldn't believe he even had lucky underwear but
he told her with these on they couldn't help but have the best sex ever.

Phoebe returned home and sat down. She had a bad day and just wanted to
relax, unfortunately Joey came in to raid the refrigerator. Phoebe ran him
home immediately, she was in no mood for Joey hi jinx's tonight.

Joey told her his date stood him up and he was bummed. Phoebe told him she
was sorry and told him to get out. Joey explained that his television was out
and he had to stay here. He said that Chandler was out so Phoebe could stay
at his place for some peace and quiet.

Phoebe walked into the guys apartment, she walked right in on Monica,
standing in her birthday suit.

She asked Monica if she was still having sex with Joey. Monica told her she
knew Joey didn't want her but she was going to surprise him. After all she's
Monica and can't help herself.

Chandler was hidden in the bedroom listening, he was embarrassed that
everybody thought Monica slept with Joey but it was better than them knowing
the truth. Phoebe went back to her apartment and told Joey he had to do
something about Monica, she was becoming a slut.

Monica came back to her apartment to confront Phoebe and Joey. Phoebe told
Joey that he should just have sex with Monica one last time. She told him
that was the only way she would accept that it was over. Joey wanted to argue
her point but he couldn't. He told Monica it was the only way to get him out
of her system. Phoebe sent them back to the boys apartment and told them not
to come back until it was over.

Monica and Joey went back to the apartment. Chandler was there waiting. Joey
told him what happened. Monica was not very happy. Everybody thought she was
a slut and she was only doing Chandler.

Joey told them he was tired of the hiding and he was going to tell everybody
the truth about Chandler and Monica. She told him all right. I will have sex
with you once if you will keep quiet. Everybody thinks I did anyway.

Chandler told her wait a minute, he did not like the sound of that. Monica
told him he could stay and watch. He walked over and gave Joey a high five.

Monica took off her bathrobe and exposed herself to Joey. He thought it was
some kind of trick and was scared. Chandler ran across the hallway and
grabbed some popcorn.

Monica bent over and exposed her tight ass to Joey. He realized that it
wasn't a trick now. He pulled off his jeans. Monica turned around and started
to rub her breast.

Joey grabbed the video camera and zoomed in on a close up of Monica. She
licked her breast for him. Then she crawled over to Joey and pulled down his
underwear with her teeth. His cock sprang to life and poked her in the eye.

It hit Phoebe all of a sudden, Chandler ran in and out with popcorn. He was
supposed to be gone and Joey and Monica were supposed to be doing it. She
went across the hall to see what was going on over there.

Phoebe walked in right as Monica wrapped her lips around Joey's cock. She was
pleasantly surprised. It was bigger than Chandler's, at least 10 inches. She
tried to swallow it all but she couldn't.

Phoebe just stood there with her mouth hanging open. She thought they were
over here doing it, but she couldn't believe that they let Chandler watch,
and video tape. Chandler pulled up a chair for her and told her to grab a
seat. Phoebe said "OK."

Joey was on his back, Monica was sitting on his face still trying to deep
throat him. Joey reached up and slid three fingers into her bush. That gave
her the motivation to swallow the whole thing. Joey grabbed her by the hair
and pulled her lips down against his chest.

Chandler looked at phoebe, she was holding one of her breast. She didn't even
know she was doing it. Chandler couldn't help himself, he reached over and
grabbed her other one. She didn't notice that either.

Monica slid around and sat on Joey's cock. She took a deep breathe as she
squatted down on it. Joey grabbed her around the waist and pulled her down.
He bent up and began to suck her breast. He was amazed that such a skinny
girl could have such big breast.

Phoebe finally noticed Chandler feeling her up. She yelled "What are you

Chandler told her he felt left out, why should they have all the fun, he said
he felt like a supporting cast member in some bad television show. He told
Phoebe that they should be the star of this video. Phoebe said O. K.

Chandler but the camera back on the tripod Phoebe pulled her dress up over
her head and stood in front of the camera. Joey laid her down and buried his
tongue into her bush. Phoebe began quick short grunts.

Monica had began to bounce faster and faster on Joey's cock. Than she spun
around without pulling it out so she was facing the camera. Joey began to
thrust up into her bush.

Joey plunged up into her like a jackhammer. Monica's short hair was flying
all over and she was screaming. Chandler was impressed. He had never made her
scream before.

Chandler rolled over and pulled down his pants. His cock sprang straight up
and Phoebe rolled right over on top of him and placed the whole thing in her
mouth. She then said she doesn't like to do that and squatted over him. They
were chest to chest and she began to grind her pussy down on Chandler's cock.

Joey rolled Monica over so her head was right next to Chandler's cock. She
was on her hands and knees. Joey began to ram his cock into her from behind.
The force of his thrust knocked her flat to the ground. He but his arms under
her and pulled her up by the waist while he rammed his cock into her without

Monica was screaming at the top of her lungs, "Please don't stop." Joey
couldn't take much more of this though. He was going to cum. Chandler yelled,
she likes it in the face. Joey pulled out of her pussy and rolled her over.
Monica was gasping for breath, as he deposited his load right on her tongue.

Phoebe had slammed her ass against Chandler and was sliding it back and
forth. The site of Monica swallowing Joey's load had pushed him over the
edge. He yelled he was cumming and pushed Phoebe off of him. He told her to
open wide. Phoebe said I don't do that.

Chandler turned and saw Monica still laying on the ground gasping for breath.
He pointed his cock at her and shot his load all over her face. Monica just
looked up, smiled and said wow. She knew they had a great video.

That episode got the highest ratings of any television show ever. NBC could
live off of that for at least a year. Who needed football or Seinfeld.



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