FRIENDS 2: The second episode.
by Wonder Mike

NBC was pleased, the special episode of friends but them back on top. It was
the highest rated television show of all time. In fact it doubled the ratings
of every other show. It was time for another special episode.

Rachel was home alone. Chandler, Phoebe, Monica and Joey had disappeared
somewhere. Ross was willing to hang out with her, but she was feeling guilty.
She was the cause of the break up of his marriage, and she didn't think she
should see him yet. She could wait.

Rachel also decided she shouldn't date anyone either. She figured it was fate
bringing her and Ross together and she wanted to be free when he was ready.

Monica and Phoebe were arguing about the sex. Phoebe was laughing about how
loud Joey made her scream. She said nobody could be having that much fun. She
hardly made any noise at all when she was doing it with Chandler.

Chandler took offense to this. He said he had made plenty of women scream
in his day, in fact he had made Monica scream. Phoebe said that just proves
my point, Monica screams every time she has sex, I need something special, I
don't think Joey could do it.

Rachel decided it was a good time to watch some video's. She found one
without a label. She popped it in the VCR.

You can imagine her surprise, when she saw her friends going at it like
rabbits. She also couldn't believe how big Joey was, and the way he made
Monica scream. Now she was getting mad that she wasn't included what was she
an outsider? She was going to watch the rape a couple of times, then go over
there and give them a piece of her mind.

Joey told Phoebe, "Of course I could make you scream It's what I am good at
Everybody has their niche in life and this is mine."

Phoebe told him no way, Of course Chandler told them there was only one way
to find out. He grabbed the video camera for proof, in case there was some
dispute over the outcome.

Joey and Phoebe couldn't think of any other way to settle it. Monica took the
camera from Chandler. He started the popcorn.

Joey and Phoebe stripped, Monica made sure she got a good close up. Joey's
cock was hanging limp. Phoebe started to stroke it. It slowly started to
grow. Joey told her it would go a lot faster if she put it in her mouth.
Phoebe said OK.

She wrapped her lips around his cock and it grew to it's full 10 inches.
Phoebe tried to deep throat him, she wasn't able to though. she had never
actually had to be good at sex so she was not that experienced. She was good
enough to get Joey breathing heavily though.

Rachel watched the video for the second time, she was really horny now. She
hadn't gotten it in over three months, she had been waiting for Ross, she
decided she would jump him as soon as he came over. She couldn't wait any

Joey laid Phoebe on her back. he shoved his tongue into her hot box. She gave
a quiet squeak, she wouldn't give in. Joey was good though. He was licking
her from the inside out. Phoebe was panting like a dog in heat. Joey knew
this was a bet he would easily win.

He got on his hands and knees and stuck his cock inside of her. Phoebe gave
out another quiet squeak, she had never had anybody so big before and it
suprised her.

Joey grabbed her leg and pushed the up against her chest. Then he started to
really fuck her. Phoebe just started to pant faster and faster, it sounded
like she was doing her Lamaze breathing. Monica and Joey were cheering Joey

Rachel was looking for something sexy to wear to surprise Ross when it hit
her, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe and Monica all when out giggling together. They
were probably doing it right now. She was going across the hall, how dare

Joey Rolled Phoebe over and put her on her hand and knees, he kissed her ass
then shoved his cock into her pussy, she was now getting the full force of

He was ramming his cock into her like a jackhammer. Phoebe gritted her teeth
for the first couple of minutes, but she couldn't hold out, she let out a
scream at the top of her lung.

Joey pulled out triumphantly. He had won. Rachel came bursting into the room
at that time. She saw Monica with the camera, Chandler shoving down popcorn,
and Phoebe on all fours with a huge smile on her face. She also got poked in
the stomach by Joey.

She said how could you guys, what am I? not good enough for you guys. Monica
told her they just didn't think she would understand Rachel told her of
course I understand. She then grabbed Joey by the dick and started to stroke
it. She said I am tired of always being left out. She called Chandler over
to join them.

Rachel dropped to her knees and started to suck Joey's cock. Chandler took of
his pants and stood next to her. She slid his cock into her mouth next to

Monica was impressed. She told Rachel she wanted to try that. She handed the
camera to Phoebe and joined Rachel on her knees. She started on Chandler's
cock, and deep throated him, then she grabbed Joey and added his cock also.

Rachel told her she could top that. She told Joey to lay down. She slammed
her pussy down on his cock, she took it easily, and the juices were flowing
down her leg.

Joey started to thrust up into her. Rachel screamed immediately. She had seen
it on film, but she had no idea how good it felt. She couldn't help but let
out a howl. This just made Joey fuck her even harder. He was a machine. He
fucked her so hard, it lifted her off her feet. She finally told him to stop.
She had more in mind.

Joey slowed down and Rachel caught her breath. She told Chandler to join
them. Chandler climbed on her back and started to slip his cock into her ass.
Rachel told him no, she wanted his cock in her pussy also.

Phoebe told Chandler to lift his leg so she could get a close up. Chandler
was standing on one leg and he slipped his cock into her pussy along side of
his best friend Joey. They gave each other a high five and Chandler rammed
his cock in.

Rachel let out another loud scream. Joey started to thrust up into her again.
Rachel wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his chest. She was
holding on for dear life.

Chandler started to thrust down on her. Rachel looked like she was screaming
but there was no sound coming out. Joey and Chandler just fucked her harder
and harder until she told them she couldn't take anymore. They fucked her for
another ten minute. They wanted to see if they could make her pass out.

Rachel managed to outlast them though. They were booth going to lose their
loads. Monica was mad that she didn't get fucked. She grabbed both of their
cocks and shoved them both in her mouth. They shot their loads at the same
time directly into her mouth.

Monica kept her mouth close and walked over to Phoebe, she kissed her full on
the lips and let the two loads drain into her mouth. She told her that she
needed to get a good taste of it.

Rachel rolled over and laid underneath the two kissing girls. Phoebe let
the cum drip from her mouth down into Rachel's open mouth, of course she
swallowed a lot of it, but their was plenty for Rachel.

Phoebe decided she liked the taste of it. Rachel was just glad to be
included. She wondered what Ross would think if he found out. They decided it
was best if he never did.

NBC knew this episode would even beat the first one. They could live on
these ratings for the next five years, as long as A B C didn't do the same

Of course people were going to complain and protest, but with ratings like
these, they didn't care. after all they gave the people what they wanted,
after all it was only sex.



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