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Date: 09/12/2008

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Strong language, graphic violence, voyurism, mind control, male
solo sex, female solo sex, male/female sex, beastrial sex, female/female sex

Categories: Het, slash

Pairing: Jerry/f, f/f

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Summary: A teacher from an Indiana high school tells his story of what had
happened to one of his colleagues who had suddenly encountered a certain
vampire known as Jerry Dandridge.

Other Notes: This story is based on a picture entitled 'Laidback II' by an
artist named Giovanna Casotto and takes place after the movie starring Roddy

Dedications: None so far.

Fright Night: A Teacher's Tale
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

Yes, it happens to be true that a teenage horror movie fan who goes to
Christopher L. Cushing High School and whose name happens to be Charley
Brewster had seen some new neighbors moving into the house next door on one
night and they were carrying something that had appeared to be a coffin
inside and he was unable to notice -- at first -- that his new neighbor, a
handsome dark-haired guy whose name happens to be Jerry Dandridge was
actually a vampire.

But then, as soon as he had suddenly spotted some further evidence that had
supported the fact that Dandridge was indeed a creature of the blood-sucking
variety and started telling everyone around him about it, his own mother Judy
was among those who were unable to believe poor Charley along with his friend
'Evil' Ed Thompson and his girlfriend Amy Peterson, who had hired the one
veteran vampire movie star and local late-night horror showcase host known as
Peter Vincent to perform a little trick with Dandridge's help and prove to
Charley that 'there are no such things as vampires'.

But even though that little ruse of theirs had nearly became successful,
Peter had opened up his cigarette case and the look on his face had changed
into that of total fear for he had suddenly noticed that Dandridge has no
reflection in the case's mirror which had caused the poor guy to get himself
and those three kids out of the house just in time for Peter to inform
Charley that he was right about Dandridge all along, get himself into his car
and zoomed himself away from that scene.

And then, in spite of that, both Ed and Amy had decided to take Charley on a
little nightly walk around the town in order to clear all of the so-called
'vampire nonsense' out of his head, only to have that little idea result in
Dandridge feasting his blood-sucking fangs on Ed and turning that poor kid
into one of his undead servents and chasing both Charley and Amy into a
crowded nightclub which was where that plasma-drinking son-of-a-bitch had
slashed and butchered the living shit out of the club's bouncers and
successfully abducted poor Amy away from Charley during the fright-filled

But of course, after Dandridge had informed poor Amy that she was the
possible reincarnation of his deceased lover, sank his fangs deep into that
innocent girl and drank her dry, Charley had finally gotten Peter to regain
his courage in order for them to destroy Dandridge's undead minions including
'Evil' Ed and use the power of the rising sun to finally burn that
blood-sucker's ass straight to fucking hell and free Amy from his influence.

But to tell all of you die-hard horror film fans the whole honest truth, the
people of Charley Brewster's hometown were actually not the first modern-day
victims of a certain blood-sucking monster known as Jerry Dandridge and I
ought to know this to be the truth because I was there when he had moved
himself into our little town of McGowan, Indiana and began his own blood
feast on some of the folks there.

Oh, before I keep forgetting to introduce myself, my name is Peter Vaughn and
I had been just happy living in the town and being a teacher of Darkthone
Senior High School without so much as someone tossing a cosmic monkey wrench
into it to muck up the works but that was before one of the students had gone
around the entire school and told everyone else that a new neighbor has just
moved himself into the house right next door along with something that had
resembled an actual coffin, only to have the rest of the student body laugh
at the poor kid and call him a total nut.

But that was before the school's principal Daniel Bergman had told those kids
to knock it off and get themselves to class just before that very same kid
had walked himself over to a fellow teacher of mine who happens to be a
beautiful raven-haired maiden named Veronica Karloff and told her what he had
already told the other students, only to have her place her gentle hand on
that kid's shoulder and told him that Dandridge might had been a horror film
buff and the coffin might had been just a part of his personal collection.

And to tell you the truth, I was -- at first -- able to allow myself to agree
with that little slice of logic but that was before the following evening
which was when a handsome dark-haired stranger has placed himself on the
backyard of Veronica's house, looked around to make sure that no one else was
heading towards him and levitated himself off the ground and straight up to
the open bathroom window just in time for him to catch a glimpse of an
unsuspecting Veronica washing each and every part of her bare-ass naked body
in the shower.

And then, after she had stepped out of the shower and dried herself off with
a towel, Veronica had put on her bathrobe, stepped out of the bathroom,
walked down the stairs and sat herself down on the living-room sofa just in
time for her to pick up the TV Guide and try to figure out what she was going
to watch, only to have the TV Guide quickly taken out of her hands and cause
a suddenly-startled Veronica to discover that Danridge was standing bare-ass
naked right in front of her.

Then, just as she was about to pick up the phone and call the local police,
Dandridge had looked at Veronica deeply into her eyes and used his power of
the mind to change her mind and put the phone right back before he had began
stroking his stiff cock and forced Veronica to open her robe and start
pumping two of her fingers in and out of her hot, wet pussy and carressing
her own tits with the other hand.

And after he had kissed her ever so deep and passionately on the lips and
began licking all over her nude body -- all the way down to her hot and
steamy cunt and carressing her firm breasts, Veronica had placed her hands
on Dandridge's bare shoulders and asked him to keep on sucking his hot,
moist snatch dry before he had turned himself around and allowed her to
start sucking on his stone hard dick.

That was before he had placed his stiff cock inside her asshole and used each
of his hands to carress both her tits and pussy and she had placed one of her
hands on his bare shoulder and the other hand on his bare arm and tell him to
fuck the living shit out of her and make her wanna cum which had suddenly
caused Dandridge to sink his blood-sucking fangs deep into Veronica's neck
and drank her dry before they had both came and collapsed due to exhaustion.

Just then, on the very next day, both Daniel and I had looked around the
entire school and noticed that Veronica was nowhere to be found and that had
caused the both of us realize that she might be sick or worse and that had
allowed both me and the school's nurse Joanna Barrington to go over to
Veronica's house and see if she was okay or not.

And then, on that very night, both Joanna and I had just arrived at
Veronica's house and rang the doorbell, only to have a sudden noise cause me
to seperate myself from Joanna and slowly go see what was going on but that
was before I had suddenly taken a small peek through the living-room window
and noticed that a small-smiling Veronica was standing bare-ass naked in
front of Joanna, who had a blank stare in her eyes.

And as soon as she had stripped off all of her clothes and started pumping
two of her fingers in and out of her hot, wet pussy and carressing her own
tits with the other hand, Veronica had moved herself closer to Joanna and
placed both hands on the school nurse's bare back just in time for me to
shockingly discover that a pair of razor-sharp fangs were growing out of
Veronica's mouth and she was about to sink them straight into Joanna's neck
in order to take a drink of her blood.

But just as she was about to do that, I had picked up the biggest piece of
wood that I was able to get my hands on and used it to smash my way through
the window and shove Veronica away from Joanna, only to have it result in
having Veronica look at me with blood red eyes and claws growing out of her
fingers and let out a loud inhuman growl before she had charged herself
towards me and I had no choice but to lift that one piece of wood up and
impale it straight through her heart.

And after she had dropped herself down to the floor and died right in front
of me, a finally-freed Joanna had wrapped her arms around me and began to cry
just before a sudden howling of inhuman rage had caused me to turn my head
towards the big living room window and discover that Dandridge was standing
right where he was and witnessing the whole thing before I had broken a piece
off of that wooden stake and moved myself towards that blood-sucking asshole,
only to have that son-of-a-bitch transform himself into a vaporous mist in
order to get his ass out of there.

Then, on the very next day, after the entire town had finally buried the
deceased body of the one Darkthorne High School teacher whose name happens to
be Veronica Karloff, I had heard from a friend that Jerry Dandridge had
suddenly moved himself out of the town of McGowan, Indiana and the one place
that I had -- at first -- not known of... the hometown of Dandridge's future
destroyer, Charley Brewster.



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