The Fringe: The Woman Behind The Mirror (oral, MFF)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Any of the students who happened to wander into the basement laboratory would have not been far from wrong if they thought they had entered a mad scientist's laboratory.

Modern equipment and computers sat alongside 25 year old machines. A cadaver lay half dissected on a metal table whilst the notes of Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor came out of an old vinyl record player. To add to the weirdness, a live cow was at the back of the lab chewing on some hay. The lab's owner, Dr Walter Bishop, stood behind a cabinet his eyes twitching as he hummed along with the music. Walter was a brilliant scientist, eccentric and certifiably insane. He had spent the last 17 years in a mental asylum and had only been released to help the FBI's Fringe Division with a case.

The door opened and a striking young woman walked in. She wore a business suit though she kept the top 3 buttons of her blouse undone. Her hair was tied in a pony tail andit swung to and fro as she looked around the lab.


No reply.

"Oh there you are." She spotted him at the far end of the lab. "Is everything ok Walter?"

"Mmmhmm" he sighed loudly "yes of course it is my dear."

"Good" she smiled widely and held up a big white cup, "I've got you some of your favorite strawberry icecream.

"Oh that's so kind of you Olivia. Would you mind putting it on some ice so it doesn't melt?"

"Sure, Walter." Olivia put the icecream in the fridge right alongside some highly toxic substances. Walter was obviously high again on his home made drug cocktails but since they weren't on a case at the moment she didn't mind.

"I'll leave you to .." Olivia suddenly wondered why Walter hadn't moved out from behind the cabinet, ".. whatever you are doing. If you see Peter tell him I'm looking for him."

"Yes, yes, of course I will. Enjoy yourself my dear, as I am" Walter said and then grunted loudly his eyes rolling back into his head until only the whites showed.

Olivia flashed a smile as she made her way to the door. Walter could be such a cute old man. After the door clicked shut and Olivia's footsteps receded down the hallway, a woman stood up from behind the cabinet next to Walter.

"Astrome that was so nice of you" Walter was grinning widely. His pants and underwear were around his ankles and his erection was slowly going soft. The dark skinned woman was dabbing at her lips with a tissue.

"It's Astrid, Walter" she sighed shaking her head at how the scientist got her name wrong every single time. She looked into a mirror to make sure she had removed all traces of the old man's cum from her face. "You know Agent Dunham almost caught us just now? Can you imagine what she would have thought?"

Astrid Farmsworth was a junior agent at the FBI Fringe Division and her temporary duty as personal assistant to Dr Bishop had become full time and also very personal.

"Nothing to worry about my dear Asteroid, we would have thought of something to explain it, now where is that icecream? Partaking of carnal pleasures always makes me hungry?" He shuffled off in search of Olivia's icecream still naked from the waist down having forgotten to pull his pants up.

- * - * -

Brighton, MA

Olivia tossed her keys and holstered gun on the coffee table and sat down on the sofa, stretching her arms above her head. She had been driving all day, following up leads on several cold cases, talking to witnesses that barely could remember what they had for lunch let alone something that had happened years ago. A cold shower would really help she thought but she was too tired. Maybe a short nap first. Her phone rang.

"Hey Peter, I was looking for you earlier."

The person on the other end of the phone was Peter Bishop, Walter's son, and employed by the the Department of Homeland Security as a consultant. His main job was to make sure his father actually functioned during an investigation.

"I was out of town, I might have found something that you need to look at."

"What is it?"

"Not over the phone Olivia, I'll be there in a couple of hours."

"Ok, see you soon."

The phone call ended but Olivia kept looking at the image of Peter on the phone's screen. She really liked him but everytime she had tried to get close to him something always managed to interrupt them. Or maybe it was just her keeping her distance because she still felt attached to her fiance and fellow agent who had died last year. Still looking at Peter's picture she lifted both her legs up on the sofa and put a pillow under her head. She began to fantasise about his hands touching her, caressing her body. With a blissful smile on
her face, her eyelids began to get heavy. She groaned softly as she felt a wet spot form between her legs but she was so tired that the thought of getting up and retrieving her favorite dildo from the bedroom was just too much work. It didn't really matter because in moments she was asleep, dreaming about Peter's muscular body laying down over her.

- * - * -

Brighton, MA (alternate universe)

"Frank" Olivia groaned as the naked man straddled her and rubbed her nipples through her t-shirt.

"You like that don't ya baby?"

"Yeah I like that so much" the redhead moaned as she wriggled out from under him, "but I really need to go now or Charlie will start calling." Charlie Francis was her partner at Fringe Division a special subsidiary of the Department of Defense.

Frank pulled the metallic comm loop off Olivia Dunham's ear lobe and put it down on the coffee table next to her gun. For a moment he grimaced. Frank Stanton was a virologist with the CDC and his job was to cure people not shoot at them. His girlfriend did that however and was quite good at it having won several sharpshooter competitions.

"Now you can say you didn't have it on and ignore his calls. Fringe Division can do without you for a few more minutes."

"Just a few minutes?" Olivia grinned "I thought you could last longer than that."

That earned her a resounding smack on her tight butt and she giggled. She didn't really struggle when he pulled down her cargo pants and put a hand between her thighs. As he caressed her closer and closer to the hem of her panties she forgot about Fringe Division, Charlie Francis and saving the world.

- * - * -

Brighton, MA

Olivia stirred in her sleep. Her dreams were unusually erotic and Peter's face kept blurring into another man's image whom she didn't recognise. Her hands slid over her blouse grasping at her breasts. As if they had a will of their own they moved down her stomach, then found their way between her thighs, groping and caressing at her pubic mound through her clothes. Her eyelids fluttered wildly and a strange reddish glow began to take shape over the sofa reflecting on her
blonde hair.

- * - * -

Brighton, MA (alternate universe)

"Oh yeah baby" Frank held the back of Olivia's head, his fingers running through her long, red hair, forcing her mouth onto his cock, "suck it deeper, fuck yeah that's so good."

Olivia gurgled unable to form words as the man's thick erection deep throated her.

- * - * -

Outside the apartment, a man in a black suit stood watching through the window where the curtains hadn't been fully drawn together. His fedora hid his bald head but the lack of eyebrows was quite noticeable. He wrote quickly into a notebook : the letters if they were such, were quite unlike any known alphabet. He stopped writing for a moment and pulled out a communications device from his inner jacket pocket.

"It's starting" he said into it.

- * - * -

Brighton, MA

Olivia was gasping for air even though her mouth was wide open. Saliva trickled from the corner of her mouth and down her chin. The red glow was now a pulsating spider web of plasma that encompassed the entire sofa. Olivia opened her eyes wide, the sensation of choking on a hot stream of fluid forcing her awake. Panic. Fear. Cortexiphan in her brain reached critical levels.
Neurons and synapses fired in a specific pattern. The glow disappeared and so did Olivia Dunham.

- * - * -

Fringe Divison HQ, NY (alternate universe)

Agent Farmsworth looked down at her console as raw data from a myriad of sources streamed across it. Almost casually she pressed the alert icon and spoke as klaxons began to wail urgently.

"98.7 per cent probability that a class 3 breach has occurred somewhere in .." maps flashed across her console, ".. Massachusetts."

Agent Francis walked up to the looker's console.

"What have we got?"

"Very intense activity, satellite sensors are recalibrating now, we should have an exact location in a few seconds ... Brighton .." A red diamond shaped cursor began flashing on a neighbourhood size map. "1124 Strathmore Boulevard" Agent Farmsworth looked up at Agent Francis and both said at the same time, "That's Olivia's home!"

- * - * -

Brighton, MA (alternate universe)

Olivia Dunham swallowed the stream of hot cum as her lover unloaded his balls in her mouth. She loved the taste of fresh semen and downed every drop eagerly, swirling her tongue around the head of Frank's pulsating cock till it stopped squirting.

She grinned up at him as he stood over her on the sofa, "now how about making me cum, big boy?"

But Frank was not looking at her anymore and his eyes were wide open in what looked like shock.

"Frank, you ok?"

"Oli .." he cleared his throat, "Olivia .. I .. you .. "

Olivia followed Frank's gaze and gasped. There was a woman on the floor next to the sofa. But that was not the surprising part. She looked exactly like her, except that she had blonde hair tied up in a ponytail. And she was looking straight at her while gasping for breath. Their green eyes met. The woman struggled to her feet and sat down on the couch right next to the red haired

It was like a dream .. or a nightmare. Or maybe a fantasy.

Two Olivia Dunhams sitting next to each other.

The blonde Olivia spoke.

"This is quite a surprise."

"Just who or what the hell are you?" the redhead Olivia blurted her eyes darting around for her gun.

"I'm Olivia Dunham, I am you, but from another universe."

"And how did you get here?"

"I'm not sure. I was taking a nap on this sofa .. my sofa .. in the other universe and then I was here. It's not the first time I've travelled between universes but not in this way."

She looked around the apartment, her trained eye taking in all the subtle differences and also the similarities to her own home. She also noted her doppelganger's state of undress as well as the man who had appeared in her dreams just moments ago replacing Peter's visage.

"I think I know what happened ..." blonde Olivia said softly.

"What was it?" A part of redhead Olivia was wondering how she could be talking so calmly to her mirror image.

Blonde Olivia reached out and touched redhead Olivia's lips. Her fingers came away trailing a string of cum.

"I was sleeping and then suddenly I was choking on something." She sniffed her fingers and then licked the strand of cum off them. She grinned as she couldn't help but noticing the man's reaction to that as his formerly flaccid member rose to attention.

"I was choking on this. I have no idea how it happened but we must have somehow been connected to each other while one of us slept and the other one of us ..." she paused as if embarrassed, "... was highly aroused."

"That sounds reasonable, almost, except I don't believe you. This can't be real." She had found her gun on the coffee table and with one smooth move picked it up and pointed it straight at Olivia's head.

"Ladies" Frank said and the blonde and the redhead both turned to look at him, "can we deal with one thing at a time? We'll find out how she got here soon enough since I'm pretty sure a Fringe Division rapid response team is on its way here right now. But before that happens something needs to be dealt with first."

"And what would that be?" both Olivia's said together.

"Isn't it obvious" and he pointed with both hands downards, "one of you is enough to get me all hard, seeing two of you like this together is totally off the scale."

Olivia and Olivia looked at each other then laughed. Redhead Olivia slowly lowered the gun. After all, she was still horny from Frank's foreplay just a few minutes ago and from the state of the other Olivia's nipples, her "twin" seemed just as aroused. Also, Frank was right. A Fringe Division team was definitely on its way if the universe's fabric had been breached. She knew exactly the protocol and response times since she was usually on one of those teams.
So whatever was going to happen here it would have to happen quickly.

She turned to blonde Olivia and ripped open her blouse. Hesitating for a moment, she leaned close to Olivia's face and their full lips brushed together. They kissed and it was as if electricity arced through them. Their tongues darted into each others mouths as the passion of the moment grabbed hold of them.

- * - * -

Frank looked at the two women with lust in his eyes as they kissed each other and their hands roved over each other's bodies. He stroked his hardness in eager anticipation as he watched his redheaded girlfriend undress her blonde lookalike. When both women were completely naked he knelt down between them and pushed them both down on the sofa. He spread one pair of legs and then the other. Grinning like a kid in a candy store, he ran a finger through her trimmed blonde pubes and then into her slit. With his other hand he did the same to his girlfriend Olivia whose hair down their was a light auburn color that always aroused him.

Both women were moaning as he fingered them intensely though they kept on kissing each other passionately. Frank could feel their wetness streaming past his fingers and down their thighs as they ground their hips against his hands.

"I'm coming Frank" redhead Olivia said as she grasped his wrist and forced his fingers into herself at a faster rythm. He knew what she usually wanted when she did that. He lowered his face between her thighs and began to lick the pink flesh around her clitoris.

"Yes, yes, YES" Olivia screamed as she came, her body convulsing in the afterthroes of an orgasm.

The blonde Olivia grabbed Frank's hair and pulled his head away from the redhead, shoving it between her own thighs.

"What you just did to her, I want too."

Frank obeyed. His tongue deftly found her clit and licked the sensitive flesh around it and over it till the Olivia from another universe came just as loudly and even more wetly than his girlfriend normally did.

They were far from satisfied though. Redhead Olivia pushed blonde Olivia down onto the sofa and then crawled on top of her in the 69 position. The Olivia on top spread the other's wet pussy lips far apart and began to stroke her tongue in and out of the dripping wet flesh. The Olivia on the bottom reciprocated and also began to tease her anus with her middle finger.

Frank knelt on the sofa and inserted his stiff cock into blonde Olivia's welcoming vagina. As he pushed it into her he felt his girlfriend's tongue slide across it and it was such a heavenly feeling that he knew he wouldn't last much longer.

- * - * -

Outside Oliva Dunham's home, Brighton, MA (alternate universe)

The black van with the gold Fringe Division logo came to a stop with screeching tires.

Armed men poured out of the back and began setting up a perimeter with lightweight barriers to stop the increasing number of onlookers from coming any closer.

Agent Charlie Francis and Captain Lincoln Lee made their way to the house. Lee stood to one side and studied the readings from a cylindrical instrument.

"Definite breakdown of neutrino patterns. Phase-synch matchup is going off the scale" he looked up at Agent Francis "I'm afraid we're going to have to quarantine this neighbourhood."

"How much time do we have?"

"3 minutes tops. Anything past that and the amber won't be enough."

Charlie nodded grimly. The amber Lee was talking about was a highly advanced aerogel that was spread in gaseous form and which then solidified to seal off a space-time anomaly or a wormhole that was breaching their universe. If left unchecked such an anomaly would keep on growing till it shattered the very fabric of the universe, as in end of the world scenario. The problem was that anyone trapped in the amber was pretty much dead and Charlie didn't want to see that happen to his friend and partner Olivia Dunham.

He walked up to the door and knocked loudly, "Olivia are you there? It's Charlie."

Without waiting for a reply he kicked in the door and ran in followed closely by Captain Lee, both with weapons drawn.

- * - * -

Olivia had never felt so aroused in her entire life. A thick, hard cock ramming deep inside her pussy and a girl's tongue licking her hyper sensitive clitoris. All she could do was let out muffled moans as her mouth was covered by the other Olivia's pussy, its fleshy lips dripping sweet nectar. On the next inward stroke of the guy's cock and possibly due to a particulary nimble insertion of redhead Olivia's tongue into the same hole simultaneously, blonde Olivia

"Olivia are you there? It's Charlie."

Mid-orgasm, Olivia's eyes opened wide. "Charlie?" In her universe Agent Francis was dead, killed by a shapeshifter who had replaced him and pretended to be her dead partner. For a moment she panicked and that was enough to set the cortexiphan racing through her brain.

- * - * -

Charlie slammed into the living room, pistol aimed directly at Frank's center of mass.

"Frank .. Olivia ..?" Charlie said then lowered his gun and turned away embarrassed.

Frank was kneeling on the sofa. Olivia was on all fours. Both were naked and covered in a sheen of sweat and other bodily fluids. Frank was also spraying a load of jizz over Olivia's red hair, the white droplets readily visible against the auburn background. A moment ago that cock had been deep in the other Olivia's pussy but she was gone now, vanished just as mysteriously as she had appeared.

"Charlie what the fuck do you think you're doing" Olivia sputtered as she sat up crossed her legs and covered her breasts with one arm.

"Im sorry but we had a level 3 breach right here, we had to respond quickly. When I knocked and you didn't answer I let myself in."

He looked back at Captain Lee hoping that he'd help his buddy out but Lee was busy ignoring him and fiddling with his instruments.

"Level 3 breach my ass, you just couldn't wait another 10 minutes till me and Frank were done. Come on Charlie you should know better."

"Im really sorry Olivia, but protocol is protocol you know that .." he glared at Lee, "seems the machines do get it wrong sometimes."

Olivia didn't bother to reply as she fumed off into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Charlie couldn't help but notice that her naked tight ass was just as adorable as when it was clothed.

Lee finally spoke, "Whatever was happening here, it's over now. Readings are normal again."

They both turned to Frank who was struggling with his trousers and he gave them a "don't look at me" look while shrugging his shoulders. He knew his girlfriend experienced many strange things because of her work in Fringe Division but this was so over the top as to be unbelievable even to FD agents, he rationalized, so he might as well not tell them about it.

- * - * -

Outside Oliva Dunham's home, Brighton, MA

Peter Bishop rang the doorbell. A couple of minutes passed and the door opened.

"Sorry for making you wait .. I was taking a shower."

Olivia's hair was wet and she was holding a small towel around her hoping that it covered everything.

"Hey that's no problem, I just caught you at a bad time."

"Come in and give me a few minutes to get dressed. You can go make some coffee if you want, you know where the kitchen is."

"Sure will do."

Olivia shut the bedroom door behind her and sat on the bed wondering if she should tell Peter about her recent adventure in the other universe. Maybe some things are best kept a secret, she thought, especially when it involved a wild sex romp with her mirror image and her boyfriend.

Maybe it hadn't really happened, maybe it was just a dream. She smiled, yeah that's probably it, a dream.

- * - * -

In the living room Peter picked up Olivia's blouse and put it on the back of a chair. He had a thoughtful look on his face as he picked it up again and examined it closely noting that the buttons had been ripped off. He looked at the floor but none of the buttons were there. Strange....

The end.

Hope you enjoyed my first story in The Fringe universe just as much as I enjoy watching Fringe episodes.

Erostrek ([email protected])


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