Fringe: Two Olivias (FF,anal)
by Insomniac

Every since Walter had told the Fringe team about the other universe, a universe with people similar to themselves, just based on different actions existed, they had many missions dealing with these versions of themselves. At first they had to cross over because Walternate was attempting to destroy their universe assuming that Walter was doing the same to theirs, when this wasn't the case.
Now they had crossed over through a bridge created by Peter to keep both universes intact. They were working together to fight David Robert Jones in making a third universe of his creations.

Olivia, Peter, Walter, and Lincoln all crossed over the bridge and were to meet up with their alternate versions. Peter would accompany the Walter's. They went to the Department of Defense where Walternate worked so that they could start a global search to see if Jones was in that universe, the Lee's started around the city to round up the Cortexaphan children that had been the cause of the recent earthquake's that would collapse both universes. The Olivia's went back to her place so they could obtain a device the alternate Dunham left behind. They soon arrived at her apartment.

Fauxlivia: Hey come in I'm not sure how long it will take me to find my Show-Me and gun, you can grab a drink or something. Fauxlivia was basically the same in every way except one to Olivia, she was much more outgoing. She had grown up
With her mother and succeeded in whatever task she had competed in. Olivia had lost her mother when she was a child and was always more cautious. She couldn't help but be a little jealous of Fauxlivia living the life she could have had.

Olivia: oh no thanks, I'm all set.

Olivia merely wandered around the apartment trying to get a deeper look in the life of her alternate. She noticed pictures with agent Lee and her boyfriend having a great time.

Fauxlivia: you like those? That's when Lincoln and I went to Grimm Land.

Olivia: Grimm land? What is that?

Fauxlivia: you know, the theme park about the guy who wrote all those fairytales.

Olivia: yeah but he never got a park, only guy I can think of like that is Disney.

Fauxlivia: I've never heard of a Disney, I guess our universes are different in a lot of little ways.

She said laughing, thinking back to what a wonderful time that was. So much was easier back then. No fringe cases, just the standard Police work.

Olivia couldn't stop staring at the picture, they looked so happy. She had longed to be that happy with someone Peter was amazing but every time they got close, it seemed like the world did not want them together, She had been kidnapped, her memory erased, and he had been convinced that she was not "his Olivia."

Fauxlivia: you seem awfully into my picture haha.

Olivia getting red in the face, "Oh no, its just you look so happy and I've never really met someone whose available to be there for me like you seem to have"

Fauxlivia: Well hey theres perks to being single right. You can go out on the clubs and mingle with all the sexy guys.

Olivia: Yeah that's not really my scene, I'm too caught up in work and id rather just meet a nice guy and settle down in the near future.

Fauxlivia: Wow we are so different. Well listen Lincoln has probably got that stuff under control, I want to show you something.

Olivia was confused at what Fauxlivia was saying but she got a very quick notion that made her see her direction. Fauxlivia had swiftly moved forward and planted a kiss right on her lips, and taken both hands and squeezed her very toned ass.

Olivia broke the kiss and jumped back in shock. WHAT WAS THAT she expelled being out of breath from being Caught totally off guard.

Fauxlivia just laughed. "I'm guessing you've never been with a woman right" Of course not Olivia protested.

Well there's a first time for everything, you need to see how much fun it is to let loose and have a good sexual experience. And who better than with me? I know what you look like naked, I look exactly the same. Everything you've got I've got. She did make a point, whom better than to do something with than practically... herself.

Fauxlivia saw the expression ease up on Olivia's face and took that as a cue to continue on with her notion. She moved forward once more and removed Olivia's suit jacket and lifted her shirt over her head. She was now standing in her tight suit pants and a black sports bra.

Fauxlivia: God you're so boring. She stepped backed and removed her Uniform. Unbuttoned her jacket and dropped it to the floor, she then unbuttoned her dress shirt revealing to Olivia her bright pink lace see-though bra that barely fit her.
See how good this looks on me? That means it would look good on you she said giving a wink along with the fashion tip to her mirror image.
She then unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down, when she stood up she showed her matching pink g-string.
She turned around showing her ass cheeks and smacked them.
"That's that Dunham ass baby"
Olivia laughed

Fauxlivia: Whaaat is that a smile I'm seeing. And you thought you wouldn't enjoy yourself.

Olivia: Well I've always thought I did have a pretty good ass, it's like looking into a mirror.

Prove it! Fauxlivia exclaimed.

Olivia figured... what the hell, she had already kissed her and seen her in her underwear.

She unbuttoned her pants and slid them down. She was wearing black boy shorts that stopped halfway down her ass. She then grabbed the bottom of her bra and pulled it over her head showing off her gorgeous tits. She had milky white skin, her breasts were easily a C maybe even a D cup. They hung down a little without the usual support of the bra that made them appear perky. She had a dark nipple a littler larger than a penny. The nipple was erect, though Olivia wasn't sure about all this, it did turn her on.

Fauxlivia smiled, "Yeah I coulda guessed our boobs looked the same, but I'm more interested in the downstairs.

Olivia smiled and continued in her striping. She grabbed the inside of her panties and pulled them down revealing her blonde patch of pubic hair. She had a nicely trimmed bush the color of her hair.

Fauxlivia: oh no shaving? I guess we are different in a way she said winking. Oh and for me, the carpet doesn't match the drapes. See I dyed my hair after the seventh grade, I was of course born a blonde. But I shave it Brazilian baby!

Fauxlivia removed her panties showing off her cleanly shaven pussy, it was an innie and it was tight. Perfectly smooth and clit erect. She then removed her bra to stand completely naked, and of course her tits matched Olivia's

Olivia now standing naked in front of a woman for the first time wondered what was next to come.

... So what now she asked timidly.

Fauxlivia answered by pushing her on the couch. "Now you just sit back and relax."

Olivia: Oh I don't know about... she was cut off with a huge gasp after Fauxlivia had swiped her tongue across her pussy.

You don't know about what Fauxlivia questioned?

Olivia: oh shut up and get back down there Olivia laughed. She had been too long without any kind of action she decided man or woman, she'd take it while the offer was on the table. Especially it was an exact copy of herself, it was kind of like masturbating right?

Fauxlivia stuck her head back down and took a few more laps of her pussy, sticking her tongue in and out of her slit. She then moved up to her clit, flicking it with her tongue and sucking it. Making humming vibrations with her mouth.


Fauxlivia loved the enthusiasm and obliged. She first stuck one finger in, her cunt was even tighter than her own. Of course she got less action, so much so she didn't bother to shave. Once she got wet enough Fauxlivia then slipped two fingers into her hot steamy cunt. Picking up speed and still licking her clit.

Olivia began bucking up against Fauxlivia's face moaning loud enough anyone in the near by rooms could hear.


Fauxlivia then took initiative and took her ring finger, she then gently shoved it up her ass.

Woah Olivia protested, I don't know about anything in the ass there baby.

You didn't know about getting naked in front of me or me eating your pussy either Fauxlivia retorted. Trust me, ive had anal. It feels good and it helps you get off faster. Might as well start this now that a girls munching on your crotch right?

Ok Olivia accepted.

Fauxlivia stopped and rolled Olivia over. She was now bent over the arm of the couch. She spread her ass and fingered her hole for a few more seconds before bending down and taking a lick of that hole too.

OH MYY GOD! Olivia couldn't believe this, not only for the first time ever was she being eaten out by a girl, but her ass had been fingered and then licked. She had never had a guy do either of these things much less a woman.

You like that? Fauxlivia asked already sure of the answer by the "oh my god" that was just said.

Uhhhh yeah I do, its different but I could get use to it Olivia giggled.

Fauxlivia: Ok well now its your turn to taste my pussy, today's about you letting loose and getting pleasure so I won't make you eat me out but I want you to have a taste.

She got up and stood in front of Olivia and lifted her left leg to the back of the couch, spreading her pussy so Olivia could get a nice lick.

Olivia: I guess but I'm NOT licking your asshole!

Fauxlivia laughed, fine fine fair enough. Now get to work.

Olivia nodded and bent her head forward, she felt the heat from her twat radiate on her face. She stuck her tongue out and took one big lick that sent chills down Fauxlivia's spine.

It doesn't taste that bad she thought, wondering why some guys were so against going down on women.

She had never tasted female cum but it tasted close to a males. A little sourer she thought to herself.

Well? Fauxlivia waited for her thoughts

Not bad! Olivia smiled

Yeah, I imagine its better without the hair. Its like tonguing a tasty rug hahaha

Olivia blushed, I'm sorry I didn't expect anyone to be down there today ya know?

Fauxlivia: its fine

Now ive got one more treat for you that will finish you off, so stay put and ill be right back.

Oh boy I wonder what else she has for me Olivia thought. She ate me out fingered me, my asshole, and licked my asshole. What possibly could she be doing now?

Fauxlivia answered that question by returning with a big black strap-on dildo.

OH BABY Olivia said in shock.

Fauxlivia: that's right, 10 inches of plastic heaven all for you sweetie.
Now get on your back and spread em!

Olivia did as she was told. Fauxlivia hooked the straps and proceeded to penetrate the dildo between Olivia's legs.

OHH FUCCCCKKK MEE!!! Was all that could be said by the overwhelmed blonde.

Fauxlivia then took her index finger rapidly rubbing her clit. Keeping a well timed thrusting motion along with the stroking of the clit of the hot blonde version of herself.

She leaned forward and presented her breasts to be put into her mouth. Olivia understood the motion and opened her lips and lightly bit the red head's nipple. Letting go and then licking it, sticking as much of her tit in her mouth as she could possibly fit.

FUCCCKING SHITTTT, that thing is sooooo fucking biggg!!!!

Olivia still sucking on her breasts, reached around and grabbed both her ass cheeks. Squeezing, as well as helping Fauxlivia drive into her. She was now taking about 8 inches of the dildo into her cunt.


Olivia screamed as she released the red head's breast from her mouth and letting go of her ass, throwing her hands behind her head.

Fauxlivia bent down and passionately kissed the blonde. She continued with the last few thrusts and Olivia started moaning in her mouth. She then tensed up and finally she came. She stopped arching her back and released from the kiss. Staring in her eyes with a huge smile on her face Olivia said "Thank You.

Fauxlivia looked down at the blonde's dripping wet pussy, and proceeded to say your welcome with a small tender kiss.

Fauxlivia: well we should probably get dressed and see if the guys found anything. After all we do have a multi-universal crisis on our hands.

Olivia agreed.

They got dressed in the respective suits, got their guns and Fauxlivia's Show Me. The original reason for returning to her apartment and left the room.

As they were leaving Fauxlivia smacked the blondes ass.

Fauxlivia: mmm that Dunham ass!

Olivia: yeah, and now I know it tastes good.



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