Full House: Becky Tutors Her Nieces (FFf,inc,herm,oral,anal,bukkake,cream pie,first)
by Dr. Demented 666

Stephanie hit her 15th birthday and her Aunt Becky couldn't wait to give her her birthday gift and went up to Stephanie's bedroom and opened the door to find Stephanie standing there with a full blown erection and trying to cover it as her Aunt entered the room. Becky's jaw dropped as she seen her niece's hermaphroditic features for the fist time as she stood in a plaid skirt that barely covered her ass cheeks and a tight black sweater with black knee high stockings that showed off her smooth and luscious legs...

"Holy crap, Steph! I didn't know you were...A...A...Boy? Girl? Both! Ohhhhh my God! I can't believe it...Look, it's sooooo hard!" Becky exclaimed as Stephanie's face grew beet red as this was her first boner and didn't know how to control it.

Becky approached her niece and reached down and began to caress it, shocking Stephanie with her caressing nature and the tingling feeling it sent through her body...

"Don't Aunt Becky..." Stephanie whined.

"Why, doesn't it feel good?" Becky replied.

"Yeah, but I've been trying to get it to not be hard..." Stephanie stated.

"I can help with that..." Becky replied as she sunk to her knees and ran her tongue up the cock's tender underside and flicked it over the cocks tip and watching Stephanie's jolting reaction to her wet tongue playing with the cock...

"Oh my God! Stephanie!? Aunt Becky!?" The shocked voice of Stephanie's older 18 year old sister, DJ, came from the doorway.

DJ couldn't believe her eyes as she stood at the bedroom doorway in her tight jeans and flannel top, watching her sister get a blow job from their Aunt. Stephanie looked worried but Becky smiled and pulled Stephanie out of her mouth long enough to ask DJ: "Wanna try this?"

DJ was shocked at what her Aunt was asking of her: "I don't know...She's my sister..."

"C'mon, Deej...It feels so good." Stephanie begged of her sister.

DJ smiled coyly and walked to her sister and Aunt slowly and hesitantly where Becky took DJ by the hand and pulled her down to her knees and placed her hand over her sister's hard cock, making her pleasure Stephanie for the first time...

"Put it in your mouth like it was in mine and suck it." Becky told DJ.

DJ looked up at her sister and just before putting her thing in her mouth she said: "I can't believe I'm doing this."

DJ slowly sucked on her sister's erection, struggling with the 6" length at times since it was her first ever oral sex with anyone. Stephanie began to feel faint and a dizzy-like tingle overcame her as she became flush and weak at the knees while her body jolted and she squealed with a tight squint of her eyes. A huge load of cum filled DJ's mouth and made her choke, forcing her to pull Stephanie out of her mouth where their Aunt Becky took control of the pulsating cock; aiming it at their faces and jerking it off on to them.

Stephanie opened her eyes and looked down at the cum shooting from her cock onto her sister and Aunt, coating their faces with white strands as Becky playfully licked it of DJ's face and pushed it into her mouth with her tongue. DJ was surprised by the cum swap her Aunt initiated but enjoyed the taste of her sister's cum and the mint gum flavor in her Aunt's mouth...

"Bet that felt good, didn't it Stephanie?" Her Aunt asked of her...

"Wow! Did it! But it's still hard!" Stephanie exclaimed.

"Well, lets try something else. Why don't we all get naked...Here, DJ, you get under me on the bed in a 69 and we'll lick each others pussies while your sister fucks me." Becky suggested.

The sisters couldn't believe their ears but after experiencing what just happened, they were all too willing to try some more and did as they were instructed. Stephanie seen her sister's high school body naked for the first time and her full tits quite larger than Steph's; her amazing brown pubic mound with her thick athletic legs leading up to it. Becky also admired the young girls and Steph's toned Freshman body and pert little breasts with pointy nipples and her luscious legs that teased every boy in school.

The sister's also took in their Aunts perfectly toned body, her medium breasts with hard nipples and shapely hips; her brunette muff perfectly manicured and shiny waxed legs...A true thing of beauty!

Becky got atop DJ in a 69 and the two began to eat each other out, tasting their vaginal flavors and enjoying the prodding of each others tongues into their holes and against their clits. The girls were squealing as Stephanie got behind her Aunt doggy style and pushed her erection into her Aunt's tight pussy...

"It's soooo tight, Aunt Becky! It's really wet, too! Soooo warm inside you, Aunt Becky...I think I'm...God! I think it's happening already!" Stephanie exclaimed.

"Wait! Pull out, Steph! Hurry! I didn't use any protection!" Her Aunt exclaimed as she shot her hips forward and popped Stephanie out of her on her own...

"I was ready to cum, Aunt Becky! And...I'm still hard!" Stephanie whimpered.

"It's ok, put it in my ass and finish there..." Her Aunt cooed as she reached back and spread her ass cheeks...

"Really? Up your butt, Aunt Becky? Won't it hurt?" Stephanie replied.

"Just go slow, honey... It'll be alright..." Becky stated.

Becky felt Stephanie pushing her cock head firmly against her anal entrance and finally popping its head into her. Becky winced and moaned as Stephanie slowly sunk her length into her rump. Each time Stephanie pulled backward Becky's anal walls pulled back with her cock. Stephanie's shaft was well lubed from Becky's wet pussy and she began to fuck her faster as they licked each others pussies.

"Here it cums, Aunt Becky! I'm cumming!" Stephanie screamed.

Becky felt the hot cum blowing into her like a steamy enema and the throbs from Stephanie's cock, this made her orgasm herself and squirt all over DJ's face and soaking her hair like she was in a shower. Stephanie's humping slowed and she slowly withdrew from her Aunt's ass and watched as the cum poured out of it and into her sister's open mouth. DJ lapped it up like a puppy as Becky flung her tongue into DJ's pussy and rapidly worked a finger into her virgin pussy back and forth.

DJ screamed form her orgasm as her body quaked under her Aunt and squirts spurted from her pussy and onto Becky's face. All the girls were soaked in cum and orgasmic fluid as they let each other up and Stephanie's cock went limp after being spent...

"That felt sooooooo good...Can we do it again sometime?" Stephanie asked.

"Sure....In fact, next time will be your sister's turn to get laid. Come to my room DJ and I'll give you some birth control pills to use, I haven't been using them but it'll let you feel what it's like to have an orgasm inside you," Becky said.

DJ followed her Aunt to her room after they got dressed and Becky handed her the pills...

"Now remember, we'll wait a good month to do this again so you and your sister no fooling around or playing with yourselves. It'll be all that much more exciting to have all that built up orgasmic energy when it finally comes time to do it." Becky stated to the girls and they both agreed.

At least a month and a half went by and Stephanie knew what day it was since her, DJ and their Aunt Becky set it up for that day to have sex since no one else would be home. Stephanie had a full blown erection and needed to head off to school so she begged her sister to suck it so it would go away till the end of the school day. DJ agreed with a devilish smile and noticed her sister was dressed nearly identical to her for the day, they looked like the sisters in 'She's out of control' wearing all white with ruffled thigh high skirts and white tops; white just above the knee nylons-it really turned her on.

DJ sunk to her knees and dropped her sister's panties to her ankles and tugged on her shaft, pulling it into her mouth and slowly sucking it in a teasing fashion...

"That's it, Deej...Just like that...Yes! YES! This is gonna be quick!" Stephanie squealed.

DJ pulled Steph's cock out of her mouth and stood, giving it a quick slap and started to walk away with a grin...

"Wait! You didn't finish! Don't leave me like this! Damn you, DJ!" Stephanie stated.

Stephanie had no alternative but to tuck her erection between her legs the best she could and head off to school. The end of the day arrived and luckily no one noticed her boner for the day. Stephanie got home along with DJ, who by now was also super horny and willing to let her sister have her, so the two headed up to their rooms where their Aunt Becky was waiting totally naked and with wrist restraints...

"Take your clothes off and get on the bed, DJ." Her Aunt demanded.

DJ and her sister removed all their clothes and DJ got on the bed on her back where her Aunt Becky applied the wrist restraints and tied them to the bed posts. DJ's arms were out stretched to either side of the bed as Stephanie pushed open her sister's legs and got between them, slowly sliding her shaft through DJ's pubes and teasing her pussy into emitting wet droplets from its crevice.

"You want it?" Stephanie asked of her sister...

"I do, I really DOOOOO! (Stephanie inserts her cock and makes her sister scream that last word)"

DJ felt her virginity slip away as her younger sister took her for the first time, make her eyes water and her tender pussy become sore from the hard shaft wandering back and forth in her. DJ twisted her body and moaned with a combination of pain and pleasure. But the true pleasure was when Stephanie let loose her cock and exploded her cum into her sister's pussy, lubing it with hot cum and easing the soreness of her first fuck.

Stephanie withdrew from her sister and went down on her as their Aunt Becky Frenched DJ. DJ felt her sister's slippery tongue plunge into her waiting and freshly fucked, cum-filled pussy and slurp the goo out of her. With a mouthful of cum, Stephanie slid up her sister's body and when face to face she spit it into DJ's mouth. Their Aunt Becky and the two sister's lapped it up as DJ said: "Your turn, Aunt Becky."

"Not today, Deej...I had my turn already and will again in the future, but today is you and your sister's day to fuck..." Their Aunt Becky said.

DJ felt her Aunt Becky glide her hand down her toned stomach and take hold of Stephanie's cock between her legs, lining it up with her asshole and commanding: "Shove it! Do it hard! Make her pay for not getting you off before school!"

A look of horror came over DJ's face at what her Aunt was suggesting and felt the sharp pain of a sister scorned...A quick shove into DJ with a loud groan and a smile as it seated fully into her. DJ's face expressed pain and discomfort as her sister began to ram her ass with such force and revenge that it rocked the whole bed and felt like her ass was being ripped apart...

"This is (Hard thrust into DJ's ass)...For (Hard thrust again)...Fucking me (2 quick hard thrusts)...Over this morning (Thrust hard)...You (thrust)...Fucking (thrust)...Bitch (super fast fucking of DJ's ass)!!!!!!" Stephanie screamed as she took her sister's ass like a maniac.

DJ cried endlessly as her sister took her but her sobs quickly turned to ecstasy as her Aunt Becky reached down and inserted two fingers into her pussy and began to fuck her pussy rapidly with them. DJ went into orgasm mode as her ass filled with cum and she squirted all over Stephanie's lower stomach. Stephanie pulled from her sister and let her cum pool onto the sheets and stared at the pulsing gape she left behind.

DJ gathered her breath as Stephanie collapsed on top of her and the two began to kiss as their Aunt Becky went down on them both and licked their asses with her tongue. The sisters cooed in delight and DJ wrapped her legs around Stephanie and orgasmed one last time, feeling her asshole still gaping and pulsing while oozing cum from it.

The three now knew, the best sex is between relatives when the house isn't full....





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