Full House: Full House Girls In Trouble (MMMMfff,mf,oral,anal,ncon)
by Ynyn ([email protected])

It was going to be a chilly night. Very cold, even for April, in the bay
area. DJ, Stephanie, Kimmie Gibbler, and DJ's boyfriend Steve were by
themselves in the house. Jesse took Becky and the boys to visit family down
in Los Angeles. Joey had an audition in Hollywood, and Danny took Michelle
to a baseball game, like he had promised for her birthday.

The three girls and Steve were planning to sit and watch movies, with
13-year-old Stephanie very excited that she got to hang out with the older
teens. Steve and DJ had been together for 2 years, and of course, Kimmie was
DJ's best friend since grade school.

Tonight, Kimmie came over with DJ and Steve after they picked up Steph from
Junior High. Wild Kimmie Gibbler was an odd girl, very offbeat with a loony
sense of humor. As usual, she dressed to match her personality. She wore
designer jean shorts, with a bright striped shirt and purple tights. She was
the antithesis of her pal DJ, who already looked like a young hot coed, even
though she was a junior in high school. DJ's body had really developed well,
especially in the chest. She was wearing a plaid skirt, tan blouse, and black
striped knee high socks. Her boyfriend Steve was not very excited to be stuck
with Kimmie and Stephanie, but he was so sprung on DJ that he would do
whatever the cute brunette asked of him.

Stephanie, as has been explained, was very happy to get to be with the older
kids. The 8th grader was dressed nicely, as always, wearing a black dress
with white trim, and black nylons. The pretty blonde's hair had berets in
either side, with ribbons attached. She always felt like a big shot when she
was with her big sister. Stephanie didn't care much for Kimmie, though; she
thought that she was very annoying.

The four teens ordered pizza and settled in to watch the movies. Within 30
minutes, the doorbell rang.

"Oh boy! Pizza's here!" Stephanie said, excitedly, as she ran to answer the

"Hey Steph! You need the money, hold on." Her older sister said as DJ came
over beside her.

The two girls opened the door and were stunned to be staring into the barrel
of a gun, and 4 guys dressed in black.

"Get the fuck inside, NOW!" Said the guy with the gun. The girls backed up as
the men entered the house. Steve jumped up, and one of the men came over and
hit him in the head with the butt of his gun, knocking him to the floor.

"Steve!!" Cried DJ, as the intruders handcuffed her boyfriend.

"Ok, hero, no more stupid moves, ya got it?" The man growled at Steve as he
sat in the chair.

Kimmie was still on the couch, with one of the guys holding a gun to her

"The only money in the house is in my dad's strong box in his room, just take
it!" DJ told the group as the men held her and her little sister.

The men laughed at DJ's comment. The leader walked over to her and stroked
her hair.

"Oh honey, we don't want any money. What we want is..." With that he lifted
her skirt, exposing her firm, toned thighs. DJ screamed in fear.


"Bitch, noone can hear you, now let's get upstairs and have some fun! And
bring the hero," he said, "So he can watch some REAL men fuck his girl!"

The group started taking DJ, Stephanie, Kimmie and Steve up the stairs. The
men were pawing at DJ and Stephanie as they were walking.

"Stop It!!" Little Steph exclaimed as a man fondled her ass under her dress.
The man said okay and proceeded to fondle her breasts instead.

The four were led into the bedroom shared by Stephanie and Michelle. DJ was
set on one bed, and the young 13 year old on the other. Kimmie was stood
against the dresser, while Steve was cuffed to the chair facing the beds.

One of the men rubbed his crotch while looking over DJ's body.

"Damn, this chick is hot!" he said. "Are you sure she's only 17?" He began
to slide his hand up her leg starting at her knee and moving upward along her
smooth skin.

DJ shook her head and tried to get up to flee or fight, but was abruptly
shoved back onto the bed.

"Get your sexy ass down! And don't do that again, or we blow little sis's
brains out!" The man pointed a gun at Steph's head as he spoke.

One of the men approached Steve as he sat in the chair.

"Okay hero, who do you suggest we nail first? You gotta pick one, or I'll
shoot you in the nuts!" Steve shook his head, he was being made to choose who
would be raped in front of him, his girlfriend or his girlfriends little

"Answer me or else!" The gun was aimed at Steve's groin.

"I-I don't know...don't rape anyone! Please!!" he stammered.

The gun was cocked. "You got one more chance, bro or you lose the family
jewels! Now WHO gets it?"

Steve was scared, as tears welled in his eyes, paralysed by the choices.

Suddenly, Kimmie spoke up. "Hey, Mike! You don't need to shoot him, just do
what you want."

DJ turned, astonished, toward her friend, who walked over to the leader and
kissed him deeply.

"Kimmie! What the hell are you doing?" DJ asked incredulously.

Kimmie looked over to DJ with a shocking glimmer of hatred in her eye.

"Maybe you'll learn a lesson about ditching me and interfering with my
relationships with guys. I think it will be very fun for Steve to watch these
guys fuck your brains out, Donna Jo!" Kimmie said to DJ, using her real name.
"At least it will be fun for me!" Then she looks over to young Stephanie.
"And squirt, you always wanted to be just like the big kids, well you get to
have some of what your big sis gets, too!"

The leader smiled as the plans were exposed to the victims.

"Okay, let's get it started, I want some of this hot bitch. Rick, you can
help me out! You two go ahead and teach the young one a few things!"

Two men approached DJ and the others neared Steph as both girls cried in
fear, the men pounced.

DJ was pinned to the bed, while her cloths were pulled off of her body. Her
shirt was lifted over her head, her skirt was pulled off and her panties
yanked roughly from her young firm waist. DJ's bra, which covered her
well-rounded tits, was taken off and thrown in the face of Steve as he
watched in horror.

On the next bed, the young 8th grade girl was pinned down as the tow men
fondled her body. Her one-piece dress was simply lifted over her head,
leaving the young girl clad in only her black nylons and a small bra. The
bra was quickly removed as one man reached under the waistband of her
nylons and tore the panties off of the young teen.

Then the simultaneous rapes began!

The two men began their assault on DJ, with one grabbing her tits and
climbing between her legs and mounting the sexy 17 year old.

"Noooooo! Ughhhh!!! Stoppp! Please!!!" DJ pleaded unsuccessfully with her
attackers as her body was ravaged.

"Shut this slut up!" Growled the man who was fucking her.

The other intruder unzipped her pants, turned DJ's head and forced his cock
into her mouth, passed her red lipstick-covered lips.

"No-MMMMMPPPHH!" The only sounds that emitted from DJs mouth.

The man on to of her pumped his member into her tight pussy ferociously.

Stephanie was crying and in shock as she saw the rape of her older sister on
the bed next to her. Then she had her own assault to worry about as a man
climbed on to the bed, parted her legs and forced his hard as steel shaft
through her nylons and slowly into her virginal hole.

"Noooo!! Don'ttt!! I'm a virgin!!!!!" Steph cried in terror.

"Not for long, honey!" The man said as he thrust into her roughly, tearing
her innocence and drawing tears from the teen.

"OWWWWWWWW!! IT HURTS!!!!!!" Her blonde hair flew all over as she shook her
head from side to side.

Steve sat in his chair crying as he viewed the rapes of his girlfriend and
her little sister.

Stephanie's legs, covered by the black nylons, flailed about as the man
pumped into her tight snatch. "OWWWWWWWW!!! NOOOOOO!"

"Let me put the open mouth to some use." Said the fourth man as he shoved his
dick into the 13 year old's awaiting mouth.

Now two men were fucking both sisters at once, orally and vaginally. The
sounds of grunts, moans and muffled cries filled the room.

Meanwhile, Kimmie watched, enthralled by the orgy of sexual violence in front
of her.

"Ohhhhhh!" The man raping DJ came inside her, and the man face fucking her
followed, then the two men swapped places.

A similar scene on the next bed as the man pumped a huge load inside of
former virgin Stephanie's womb. The man fucking her mouth came as well and
wiped his cock off on her golden locks. The two rapists then switched places.

The man who had fucked her mouth slammed his member into little Stephanie's
tight pussy, and she shrieked in pain.


Then the other intruder shoved his dick into her open mouth and started so
fuck her face. This muted her screams considerably.

"MMMPHHHH!" The muffled cries continue from the girls' bedroom as two men
were doing the two teens at once.

Kimmie looked over to Steve, as he was helplessly watching his girlfriend
getting gang raped along with her little sister. 17 year old Kimmie was
excited and began to fondle Steve's crotch and rub her body against his.

Mike, the leader was pounding DJ's mouth with his engorged cock, he spurted
his load into her and slid out over her red lips.

DJ lay on the bed; her brown hair messed all around her head. The 17 year
old's large round tits were exposed and cum dripped from her well-used pussy
down her bare legs.

Her young sister was still being fucked on the bed beside DJ. Stephanie was
on her back, her golden hair all askew and messed up with some dried cum
wiped into it. The 13 year old's young budding tits were exposed to her
attackers and her lower body was clad only in tattered black nylons as the
men continued to fuck this junior high beauty.

DJ started bawling as she saw the continuing degradation of her sister.
Little Stephanie's body was rocking violently as she was fucked.

In front of the bed's Kimmie was still groping Steve, turned on by her
friend's rape that she had set up. Mike, her boyfriend and the lead rapist,
had noticed.

"Kimmie! What the fuck?!" He said, incredulous that his girl would be all
over this guy in front of her.

"You fucking whore! You need to learn a lesson, too!" He exclaimed and he
grabbed her away from Steve, and then pushed her toward his partner in DJs

"Looks like you get to have some more fun, boys!" Mike yelled as he pinned
Kimmie down and pulled her shirt over her head.

"Mike!! No! Stop!! What are you doing?" Miss Gibbler cried out. "You're
right, what the fuck? Rick, You come here and bang this bitch, I'm getting
some of miss DJ's hot ass! "Mike told his partner and moved to DJ and
flipped her face down on the bed as she cried.

"NOOO! Don't! Not That!!!"

"Oh yeah! THAT!" He growled as he forced his cock into her very tight
asshole, grabbed her long hair and pulled as he thrusted into her violently.

Meanwhile, little Steph was being mercilessly violated over and over as her
horny attackers could not get enough of her tight, formerly virgin, pussy.

And Kimmie was crying for help as her shorts were yanked off and her tights
pulled down and Rick raped her. "OHMYGOD!!! NOOOOO!"

The scene was a madhouse as DJ was raped anally, Kimmie vaginally, and poor
Stephanie was taken in her mouth AND her pussy at the same time!

As the men eventually finished with the young girls, Mike grabbed Kimmie by
her hair and dragged the girl over to Steve. The pretty brunette, wearing
only her tights, which were pulled down to above her knees, was ordered to
suck Steve's cock.

"Ok, Kimmie! You want this prick so much, SUCK HIM OFF NOW!" Mike said as he
smacked her.

Young Kimmie did as told, wrapping her large, full lips around Steve's member
and began moving her head back and forth as her mouth was raped.

Finally, the rapes ceased and the men tied the girls to their beds and
knocked out Steve and the girls with chloroform rags.

Mike put his gun to Kimmie's head and told her to stick with the plan and
call the cops and say the Steve raped them all. Crying, she agreed.

With that, the masked men left the house, having had more than their share of
fun with the Tanner clan.

When Danny came home with Michelle later on, the police at the house and
tales of Steve gone wild greeted him. Young Kimmie Gibbler watched the police
take Steve away in cuffs with a sly grin as DJ insisted that he didn't do

The End


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