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Full Whore House


"I just hope you'll be able to handle everything," Danny Tanner
tried to sound serious as he said good-bye to his roommates Joey and
Jesse. He would be gone for an entire week, with "Wake Up San
Fran-cisco" filming in Tahiti. It was all part of a contest Becky,
his co-host
and Jesse's wife, had dreamed up. Two lucky viewers won a week's
vacation in Tahiti and a chance to be co-hosts every morning with
when "Wake Up San Francisco" broadcast live from the island paradise.
Of course, this effectively gave Becky the week off because Jesse and
Joey could not be expected to take care of Danny's daughters *and* the
twins. This left Danny the chore of traveling to Tahiti, setting up a
week's worth of shows without his partner, and worrying about his
children getting into trouble thousands of miles away. He was not in
good mood.
"C'mon, man," Jesse replied. "You've left us in charge of the
girls before, and no one lost any limbs."
"They were younger then," Danny answered. "Their capability
for getting into trouble was limited to scraped knees and maybe a
bruised ego. DJ's able to drive now, Stephanie's going out on dates,
and Michelle... well, we all know what kind of problems she can get
"Listen, they have curfew, homework, and six nights of Joey's
cooking to contend with. They won't have the time, energy or stomach
get into trouble," Jesse quipped. "Come to think of it, neither will
"Somehow I doubt that," Becky playfully chucked her husband in
the ribs.
"What's wrong with my chili?" Joey asked.
"Maybe we should run down the emergency phone numbers again,
Danny ignored Joey. "Now Doctor Simpson is ..."
"Not going to hear anything from us all week," Becky pushed
Danny out the door. "And neither are the Poison Control Center,
Suicide Prevention, the Environmental Protection Agency, or the
National Security Agency ..."
"The NSA? Cool?" Joey snatched at the paper in Becky's hands.
"Now Go!" Becky moved away from Joey and slammed the door in a
startled Danny's face.
"I thought he'd never leave," Jesse commented as he walked back
the living room.
"How did Danny get the number for the NSA?" Joey followed
Becky. "Those guys are top secret. Let me see," he snatched at the
paper again. "I've got some stuff I want to tell them about that guy
the pretzel cart downtown. He just looks plain shifty ..." He
to grab the paper, and looked down. "Hey, there's no number for the
NSA here."
"It was a joke, Joey," Becky chided him. "You know -- joke?
you supposedly make your living ..?"
"He does have the EPA on here, though," Joey mused. "Wonder if
they'd care about that pretzel guy."
"Why don't you call 'em, Joe?" Jesse asked.
"You know, maybe I will. Maybe I'll just do that ..." Joey
out of the living room indignantly.
"Do you ever get the idea Joey is like ... NUTS!?" Becky laughed.
"No ... really ..?"

Joey had only been joking around about the EPA and the pretzel
vendor, but he did need to make a phone call. His agent was trying to
book him as an opening act for Mel Torme while the singer appeared
in San Francisco next month. Joey had sent Mel's people a demo
tape and had been waiting to hear back for two weeks. He picked up
phone, placed the receiver to his ear, put his fingers on the
buttons, but
suddenly stopped.
" ... How big ..." there was giggling on the other end, and it
like DJ. Joey started to hang up, but his curiosity got the best of
He pressed the receiver to his ear and continued listening . *Only for
second,* he told himself. *Just to make sure the girls aren't getting
themselves in any trouble.*
"Let me have it!" Kimmy Gibbler's voice cut through the line.
Obviously DJ was talking to her best friend. Joey started to hang up
the phone. "Hey, are you there?" Kimmy asked.
"Yes," a man's voice answered. "I'm still here, baby." The
voice sounded .. black .. very BLACK. "Now what did you girls want
to know?"
"How big is your dick?" Kimmy asked bluntly, and Joey heard
giggling in the background.
*A prank phone call?* Joey asked himself. Suddenly, he
was interested. He tried to tell himself it was parental concern, but
he couldn't ignore the hardness that was starting to creep through
his cock as he listened.
"About eleven inches," the man answered. "You ever seen an
eleven inch black cock before, baby? It's all long and hard. just
for you and your little friends. Take off your top, baby, show your
little friends your tits. Your little pink nipples are all hard,
"Are you playing with yourself?" Kimmy asked.
"What do you think, baby?" he almost whispered. "I'm pumping
my big, hard, eleven-inch black dick. You'd like to see that,
you ..? You and your little white schoolgirl friends. You like black
dick, don't ya'. Come on, baby. You can tell Rufus. We're all cool
"I wanna hear you pump that black dick!" Kimmy hissed, and the
girls cracked up. "Come on, boy, pump that big black cock for us
little white girls. Stephanie here is only 13, and she's never even
a dick before. Here, talk to her .."
"Cut it out, Kimmy," Stephanie protested as the phone clunked
"You there, baby?" the man asked.
"Y .. yes," Stephanie stammered as the girls giggled.
"I like 'em young, just like you," the man whispered. "It makes
my big black dick hard talking to a young piece of white schoolgirl
like you. How old you again? What did your friend say? Thirteen?"
"Y ..yes," Stephanie stammered.
"You got hair on that little pink pussy of yours yet?" the man
"Um hm .." Stephanie answered.
"Can you hear this?" the man asked, and there was suddenly a
squeaking noise. Joey recognized it immediately. It was the sound
of a hard cock being jacked off with a lot of lube. It squished and
squeaked. "Do you know what that is, baby?"
"No," Stephanie answered.
"That's me jacking off my hard black cock for you. Hear that?"
squishing squeaking resumed.
"Um hmm," Stephanie replied.
"You'd like to see me do this, wouldn't you, schoolgirl ..?"
"Mmm hmm .." Stephanie muttered.
"You all wet, ain't ya?"
"Mmm hmm .."
"Wanna play with that little pink pussy of yours, don't ya?"
"Y..yes," she stuttered.
"Go on, then, baby. Pull down that little skirt your wearing.
You are wearing a skirt, aren't you ..? A little schoolgirl skirt?"
"Yes ..."
"Slide it down your waist, baby, and play with your pussy
while I talk to you. I wanna hear you jack off that school pussy of
okay ..?"
"I can't," Stephanie whispered. "My sister and her friend are
"Okay," he laughed. "I see we have a problem here. I got my
dick out and I'm playing with myself, but you girls are all uptight,
huh? Okay, then, you put on your sister. I want to talk to her."
"Okay," Stephanie said. The phone shuffled for a moment,
DJ came back on the line.
"Hello, baby," the man answered. "You her older sister, right?"
man asked.
"You're like the ring leader over there, right ..?"
"I guess so."
"Everybody's all hung up and shit, and it's your job to chill
out, got that ..?"
"Sure," DJ giggled. "What do you want me to do?"
"Take off your top, baby," he said, "and your bra, too. You got
nice tits, don't you ..?"
"I guess so," DJ giggled.
"They all big and shit, aren't they?"
"They're pretty big."
"I know a lot of you young white chicks got some big tits. You
old again? Eighteen?"
"Seventeen," DJ corrected him.
"Still in high school, huh ..?" he asked.
"Yes," she replied.
"Well, my little high school honey, you gonna take off your top
and your bra for Rufus, ain't ya ..?"
"I don't know ..."
"You ain't like some stuck-up bitch, are ya ..?"
"No!" DJ snapped back.
"Good, then you don't got no hang-ups about taking your
top off and showing your little schoolgirl friends your big tits,
do ya ..?"
"I don't know .."
"You too good for that?"
"No," DJ answered, and Joey could hear her moving about
while the girls howled in laughter. "There!" she spoke again
after half a minute. "My top and my bra are off. Are you happy
"Yeah," he laughed. "We cool. You all right for a little white
schoolgirl. Now put your little sister back on the phone."
"Okay," the phone shuffled again.
"Hi," Stephanie giggled.
"What kind of top is your sister wearing?" the man asked.
"Nothing now," Stephanie laughed. "Her boobs are bare
and everything. What did you say to her?"
"I just asked her to get comfortable, just like I asked you.
You ready to pull down your skirt now and rub your little
old white schoolgirl pussy for me, baby."
"Wait a minute ..."
"Maybe you not old to play this game," he interrupted her. "Put
that other bitch .. I mean girl on .. what's her name .. Kimmy. I bet
she's old enough to play."
"I'm old enough!" Stephanie challenged.
"How big are your sister's tits?" he asked.
"They're big .." Stephanie laughed.
"Are her teenage nipples hard?"
"Mmm hmm," she answered.
"Reach over and touch 'em for me, okay, baby ..? Reach over
and rub your big sisters big white teenage tits for me."
"No way!" Stephanie protested.
"Get Kimmy on the line. I bet she's cool enough to do that."
"I'll do it," Stephanie snapped back, and Joey heard commo-
tion on the other end now as the girls squealed in laughter.
Absently, Joey stroked his dick to a wet climax that filled his
shorts. *My God, what are those girls doing?* he suddenly
snapped out of his reverie. *They're on the line with one of
those phone sex things. This could be costing us hundreds of
dollars.* He wanted to put down the receiver and stop them,
but he couldn't. Even after firing one load, his cock was still
hot, hard and raring to go for another round.
"What's going on in here?" Michelle's voice suddenly cut
through the giggles. "Ohhhh, DJ?" she exclaimed. "Why is your
shirt off and why is Stephanie ... ohhhhh ... I'm telling. I'm
telling ..."
The phone went click! and Joey placed the receiver down. What
could he do now? If he ignored this, they would be hit with a phone
bill for God knows what. If he admitted to knowing about it, then
he would have to tell Danny the whole story, that he had heard every-
thing, and didn't stop it. Danny would know, then, what Joey must
been doing while he listened. He would know that Joey had jacked
off listening to his two nieces talk dirty to a black man over the
Joey Gladstone was in trouble with a capital "T."

"You had better not tell," DJ cornered her little sister Michelle

against the closed door. Kimmy and Stephanie were right behind DJ,
all glaring at little Michelle with a mixture of terror and anger in
faces. Michelle stared at DJ and didn't know what to say, especially
since her big sister hadn't put on even her bra yet, and her bare
flopped back and forth as she threatened Michelle. Michelle still
know what she had seen going on, but she knew did know two things.
It had to be something her sisters weren't supposed to be doing, AND
they hadn't included her. She scowled at Stephanie. Ever since
Stephanie had turned 13, DJ and Kimmy had been including her in a lot
more *teenage girl* stuff, and Michelle felt left out .. left out
that she would tell on all of them and spoil things for DJ and
Maybe next time they'd think twice about not including her in their
"I am gonna tell!" Michelle announced. "I'm gonna tell uncle
right now, and Becky, too."
"We weren't doing anything," Stephanie protested.
"DJ has her shirt off and her boobs showing, and you were
her boobs. That's wrong," Michelle answered. "You know what Becky
told us. We're not supposed to touch ourselves or each other down
"You are such a little baby, Michelle," DJ said with disgust.
was talking to you. We're all old enough to do that stuff, and
we weren't doing anything."
"Who were you talking to on the phone, then?" Michelle asked.
"You see why I'm lucky?" Kimmy cut in. "No little sisters."
"Shut up, Kimmy," Stephanie snapped. "This was all your stupid
idea anyway. Now look what's happening. I told you we shouldn't
"You shut up, Stephanie," Kimmy retorted. "See, Deej, I told you
your sister was too much of a twerp to go along with this."
"Am not!" Stephanie got in Kimmy's face. The two girls had
never gotten along, and there was always friction when DJ included
both in anything.
"Stop it!" DJ scolded both of them. Sometimes she swore she
had three little sisters instead of two. "Michelle, you have to
promise me you won't say anything to dad, Jesse, Becky, Joey
or anyone."
"Why should I?" Michelle demanded.
"Because if you do we'll pull your eyelashes out," Kimmy
"Kimmy!" DJ warned her friend. "Listen, Michelle, what do
you want from me? I'll do anything you want. Just don't tell."
"What is all the racket in here?" Jesse pushed through the door
almost knocked Michelle over. He was followed by Becky.
"DJ?!" Becky exclaimed as she spied the teen's bare breasts.
"Put your top on!" She was startled not only by the girl's nakedness,
but the perfect proportions of her budding breasts. She remembered
DJ when she was just a chubby little girl. She had blossomed into
a captivating teen since then, and Becky could see she was already
blessed with the kind of body men .. and women, too .. would die
Becky tried to suppress the tingling wetness that seeped through
her pussy and keep her interest purely parental. This was Danny's
daughter she was staring at, not some porno starlet on the tapes she
and Jesse sometimes watched to spice up their lovemaking. Still,
the effect of DJ's naked body was having the same effect on her,
and she indulged her mind for a brief split-second fantasy where
she leaned over and sucked the girl's tits right in front of her
husband. She smiled to herself when she caught Jesse's eyes
linger over his niece's firm teenage tits. She glanced at her hus-
band's crotch and saw the familiar quiver of his hard dick as it
snapped to attention. *Poor Jesse,* she laughed to herself. *He
has no idea what he should do. This will get him charged up, though.
I bet he bangs my pussy good and hard tonight.* She felt her crotch
grow even wetter as she anticipated Jesse slamming away in her pussy
while his mind fixated on the image of his young niece's firm, teenage
tits. *Too bad I can't tell him that'll be on my mind, too ..*
"Now what is going on here?" Jesse repeated as DJ covered her
chest with the nearest tee-shirt.
"We were trying on clothes, Uncle Jesse," DJ began.
"Were not!" Michelle exploded. "They were on the phone talking
about sex, and DJ had her shirt off, and Stephanie was touching her
... her ..."
"Breasts?" Jesse finally said, his face turning three shades of
"Yep," Michelle glared at DJ and stuck out her tongue. "Then she
tried to make me promise not to tell."
"DJ?" Becky interrupted. "Maybe you'd better tell me what was
going on in here." She turned to Jesse, imploring him to leave.
"Listen, Danny put me in charge here, not you," he said angrily.
"I'm an adult. I can handle this sex stuff just well as you, even if
am a man."
"But, honey, you don't understand ..."
"No, you don't understand," he cut her off. "When the twins grow
up, are you going to want me to leave you out of everything just
it has to do with sex. I'm a mature adult, and I've been around the
block a few times. I doubt I'm going to hear anything that'll shock
He turned to Stephanie now, figuring she was the weakest link in the
chain. "Now if DJ doesn't want to tell us what's going on, then it's
up to you *young lady.* Now talk."
"It was all Kimmy's idea," Stephanie burst out.
*Why am I not surprised ...* Jesse mused.
"She had this phone sex number," Stephanie continued, "and we
called it, and the guy on the other end told DJ to take off her shirt,
and she did."
"You're leaving out the part where he told you to touch my boobs
and you did!" DJ fired back, not caring what she said now that the
had come out. "And you were playing with yourself, too."
"Woah!" Jesse backed towards the door. "I am outta here. Becky,
you were right. This is all yours."
"You'd better stay put, Mr. Mature Adult!" Becky snapped back.
"This is a little more serious than I bargained for. You know how
those phone sex numbers cost," Becky spoke before thinking. "I mean
we've read about stuff like that, and .."
"Never mind," Jesse shook his head. "How could you girls do
something like this. What the hell were you thinking?"
"We didn't think ..." Stephanie began.
"That's right, you didn't think. I'm going to call the phone
right now and tell them what happened, and see how much they charged
"Ah .. you'd better call dad's credit card company, too," DJ
"The call was long distance, and the phone sex people took dad's
card number, too."
"What!" Jesse exploded. "How could you girls be so stupid?"
"It was all Kimmy's idea," Stephanie reiterated.
"I don't want to hear it," Jesse stormed off.
"We really need to talk about all this," Becky glared at the
then turned to Michelle. "Michelle, can you excuse us?"
"But I want to talk about it, too?" Michelle whined.
"When your older, Michelle. Now, please, would you excuse us?"
Becky asked even more sternly.
"No fair!" Michelle pouted as she stormed out.
"Now what exactly went on in here?" Becky asked. "And tell me
"It's just like Stephanie said," DJ explained. "Kimmy came over
with this number for phone sex, and we called it."
"And how did you get your father's credit card number?"
"I had it on an old receipt for shoes," DJ answered. "I thought
for sure they wouldn't let us talk. We're only kids. But they
put us right through."
"And what did the man say to you?" Despite herself, Becky was
getting hot. The thought of some strange man talking dirty to these
young teenage girls, especially Stephanie, made her even wetter than
seeing DJ's firm, teenage tits.
"He was ..." DJ started to giggle nervously. "Kimmy said we
talk to a black guy 'cause they're supposed to be so .. you know ..."
"Hung?" Becky threw out the word, and the girls giggled some
"So you asked to speak to a black man, and ..."
"He told us he was playing with himself, and he had a .. you know
Stephanie paused.
"Hard-on?" Becky answered, enjoying the way her little niece
all crimson whenever dirty words were said. "And then what did he
"He told us to strip and play with ourselves and each other, and
took off her top and I touched her .. boobs .. and then Michelle came
and that was it, I swear," Stephanie proclaimed.
"DJ?" Becky asked.
"She's telling the truth," DJ said adamantly. "That's all that
"How long were you on the phone with him?"
"Just a few minutes."
"And have you ever done this before?"
"No," DJ shook her head slowly.
"DJ?" Becky prodded.
"We .. Kimmy and I did it a couple times before, after school,
when no one was here."
"Just this past week."
"How many times?"
"A .. a few .."
"Ah ... fourteen or fifteen."
"Do you have any idea how much all this costs?" Becky asked in
disbelief. "Did you ever look how much these places charged by the
"We .. tried not to stay on very long, but ..."
"What other kinds of calls did you have?" Becky demanded.
"We talked to women who wanted to .. you know .."
"Have lesbian sex with you?" Becky asked.
"Yes, and there was this one guy who told us about .. you know ..
doing horses and dogs and stuff. It was pretty sick. And this woman
told us we were her slaves; she was funny ..."
"None of this very funny," Becky observed. "Is it ..?"
"No," DJ shook her head.
"You're all very curious about sex, aren't you ..?" Becky's voice
softened as she put herself in their place. The girls nodded, and
smiled at them. "You all masturbate, don't you?" Becky asked, trying
to break the ice a little more. They all nodded again, even
although she waited to see how her older sister reacted. "You think
about women sometimes, don't you?" Becky asked. "It's all right you
know. Everybody does, even me."
"You!?" Stephanie just about exploded. "No way! You're so ..
you know .. gorgeous. You could have any guy you wanted."
"Being attractive has nothing to do with sexual desire."
"Have you ever .. like .. done it with a girl?" Kimmy finally
broke her silence.
"Yes, I have," Becky answered honestly. "Quite a few times
"What was it like?" DJ asked in awe.
"It was very nice. I like women, they are so much more ..
thorough than men," Becky was trying to find the right word.
"What do you mean by that?" Kimmy pressed.
"They take their time making love to you, and they do it
all over. They know what feels good to a woman, and they
do it all to you. Men usually only think with their .. dicks,"
she watched Stephanie shiver as she said the last word. Her
thirteen-year-old niece was so vulnerable, so adorable.
"What about black guys?" Kimmy asked. "Have you ever
done a black guy?"
"Yes," Becky answered after a moment's hesitation. The
conversation had developed to the point where she knew she
couldn't pull any punches. Besides, she liked to see the teenage
age girls squirm anxiously when she told them about the *forbidden*
sex acts she'd performed. Especially Stephanie, whose eyes just grew
bigger and bigger as Becky spoke.
"Are their .. you know .. their ..." Stephanie stammered.
"Their cocks," Becky finished the young teen's thoughts with a
reassuring smile.
"Yeah," Stephanie seemed relieved she didn't have to say
the words. "Are they really .. like .. bigger and stuff than white
"I've done six black guys in my life," Becky explained. "Three
of them were huge. One's dick was almost a foot. The other two
were about nine or ten inches. The other three guys were average,
about five or six inches. I've had white cock just as big as the
black ones, except the guy with the foot-long," she indicated the
length with her two hands, and the girls giggled nervously. "He
me so hard I couldn't sit or pee straight for a week. He was a
player with the 49ers."
"I've heard kids say 'once you've had black, you'll never go
DJ commented.
"That's just a saying, although after the football player fucked
me I
was obsessed with him for a while. I let him do anything to me, just
so he'd fuck me with that magnificent black cock. Not only was it so
big, but it was so dirty, too. Just thinking about fucking that big
cock, and what all my white friends would say -- my parents, too -- if
they could just see me riding that huge thing. He knew I was addicted
to his cock, too, because he treated me badly. He'd call me a whore
while he fucked me, and not return my calls for days. He was doing
about fifty other ladies, too, and I was so jealous. Finally, I woke
and smelled the coffee, and I just broke it off. It was really hard,
giving up that monstrous cock. So I guess what I'm saying is there's
some truth to that saying, but it should be 'Once you've gone black,
*hard* to go back."
"But you did," Stephanie observed. "That's why you're with Uncle
Jesse now."
"I always wondered," Kimmy asked. "How big is his dick. I mean
he's so good looking and everything. Is he .. like .. hung, too?"
"Kimmy?!" DJ burst out in disbelief.
Becky smiled and looked at Stephanie's flushed face. "Jesse's
eight-and-a-half inches," Becky said. "He's got a nice sized cock."
"But it's not as big as the black guy's was," Kimmy observed.
"Size doesn't matter as much to me as how the guy uses it," Becky
answered. "As long as it's not four inches or something, and he's
packing something, that's cool; and believe me Jesse packs a wallop.
He can really fuck me hard, and because his cock isn't so huge he can
do me up the ass."
"You take it up the ass?" DJ seemed mortified. "How gross!"
"I love it up the ass," Becky answered with a smile. "Don't
it til you try it, DJ."
"Did you ever do two guys at once?" Kimmy asked.
"Two, three, four .. um .. and six," Becky went over the multiple
partner experiences she'd had in her mind.
"Six?!" Stephanie's eyes almost popped out of her sockets.
"That's called a gangbang," Becky felt like she was teacher
definitions to a class of eager students. "I've done that once, at a
when I was in college. It was a fraternity party. The other times
with boyfriends and their friends. The football player with the huge
would invite his teammates over sometimes, and they'd all fuck me
I crawled around on the floor and played slave for them."
"What's that called ..?" Stephanie asked. "When you do that?
slave and stuff. I read it in one of DJ's dirty books she keeps in
locked drawer."
"Stephanie .." DJ growled, knowing her sister's propensity for
snooping into her private affairs.
"Sorry," Stephanie shrugged her shoulders.
"If you just play master and slave, that's called Dominance,"
answered. "If you tie people up and spank them, it's called Bondage
Discipline, or B&D for short. When you give people pleasure by giving
them pain, that's called Sado-Masochism. Sadism is when you enjoy
giving pain, and Masochism is when you enjoy receiving it."
"How do you know all this?" DJ asked.
"Well, I've pretty much done it all, and liked most of it," Becky
answered thoughtfully.
"This is so cool," Kimmy laughed. "If I ever have a sex
I'm coming to you with it."
"Me, too," DJ said. Stephanie just smiled and tried not to look
embarrassed or too turned-on. Becky decided her niece would need
a special question-and-answer session later, when they could be by
themselves and she get the thirteen-year-old to really open up.
"Bad news!" Jesse burst back into the bedroom with Joey right
behind him. I called the phone company. You had sixteen calls over
the last week," he glared at DJ. "They were all placed to
"Mozambique?!" DJ exclaimed. "But the area code was here in the
United States?"
"No," Jesse replied. "It only looks like a US area code. It's
the code
for Mozambique, and your total charges are $3,479.56 just for long
distance." The girls gulped in unison. "But that's not the worst of
Danny's credit card has been maxed out. You racked up $7,000 this
"But we never talked that long," DJ protested. "They said it was
$5.95 a minute. There's no way ..."
"I checked out the ad," Jesse pulled out a porno magazine with an
ad exactly like the one Kimmy had been using. "$5.95 is the base
for a recorded message. Person-to-person starts at $10.95, and you
higher up in the menu; bondage is $12.95; black men are $14.95; and
bestiality is $16.95. You guys went nuts with this stuff," he said as
waved the magazine.
"So, we just won't pay it," Becky exclaimed. "We'll tell the
card company and the phone company it was just teenagers, and then
we'll report these phone sex people for talking to kids. We won't
to pay a dime."
"It's not that simple, hon," Jesse replied. "You see, this
Danny's credit card, it was his debit card .. from his bank account.
He doesn't use his credit cards any more, only in emergencies. He
doesn't even carry them anymore he's so paranoid. The $7,000 was
all he had in his checking account, too, and now the money is gone.
The bank won't give it back to him either, especially since the girls
somehow got his pin number, too .." he glared at DJ and Stephanie.
"When they punched that in the phone, it approved the transaction."
"I saw him use it at the bank once," DJ muttered. "It's Comet,
just like our dog. I didn't think it would ..."
"So Danny's in Tahiti with his debit card, only he doesn't have
any money in his account ..?" Joey spoke for the first time. "Oh,
this is bad," he broke into a cartoonish voice, "very, very bad."
"We need to get that money back into his account before his plane
lands and he finds out what happened," DJ said. "We need to get
$7,000 dollars in his account by ..."
"He'll be at the airport here for a about two hours," Becky
calculating. "Then they fly out, and there's a stopover in LA,
then another in Hawaii, then Tahiti. He should be landing about
7AM tomorrow morning our time."
"Meaning we have sixteen hours to get $7,000," Stephanie was
doing the math in her head. It was like the story problems they
were doing in school."
"And how the hell are we going to do that?" Jesse threw up his
"We don't know any one with that kind of money, do we?"
"We could take out a loan," DJ offered.
"The banks are all closed; it's Saturday night," Becky explained.
"Besides, loans can take weeks, and I hardly think this situation
qualify for a bank loan."
"Jesse could put on a concert!" Stephanie said hopefully. "And
Joey could do comedy, and .."
"I hate to burst your bubble, Steph," Jesse frowned. "But Uncle
is lucky if he makes $100 for a show, and Uncle Joey gets even less.
isn't the Brady Bunch here. This is the real world, and we have a
"How does anybody else make a lot of money in a short time?" DJ
asked. "There must be some way."
"We could rob a bank," Stephanie chipped in, "then work and give
them the money back later."
"That's stupid," Kimmy berated Stephanie.
"I don't see you coming up with any ideas, Kimmy," Stephanie
back. "And you should, because this is all your fault. You and your
stupid phone sex. Now look what you did. You cleaned out my dad's
bank account, and now we're poor." Stephanie was almost crying.
"Don't cry, baby," Kimmy teased her. "Besides, I know how to get
you all the money you need. I'll even help."
"And how do you propose we do that?" Jesse asked DJ's friend,
the skepticism dripping from his voice.
"It's simple," Kimmy smiled. "We bring men over here and charge
them to have sex with us. We're teenage virgins. We could charge
hundreds of dollars a guy. Between Deej, me and the brat, we could
make $7,000 in sixteen hours easy. If Becky would help us, it would
be even easier."
"You want to turn this into a whore house?" Joey exclaimed.
"Out of the question," Jesse shook his head. "That is possibly
the stupidest idea I have ever heard."
"But it would work," the wheels in Becky's brain were turning.
"If we charged, let's say $200 an hour for DJ and Kimmy, and $300
an hour for Stephanie; I'm good looking, so I could probably get away
with $150 ..."
"You are not serious," Jesse laughed. "You're my wife. These
my nieces, and I'm supposed to be taking care of you all. I'm not
about to *turn you out* so we can make $7,000 in sixteen hours.
This is absurd ..."
"It may be absurd, but it will work. Listen, if we can even get
one customer for each girl for ten hours, that will be $2,000 for
DJ and Kimmy and $3,000 for Stephanie. That's $7,000 right
there. If I throw in, we can do it even quicker, and probably pay
off the phone bill, too, while we're at it. If we can get some guys
to do doubles, we can charge them even more .. $500 an hour for
DJ and Kimmy, $400 for me and DJ or Kimmy, $600 for Stephanie
and DJ or Kimmy, $500 for me and Stephanie. Then if we could do
triples ..."
"What are you talking about?" Jesse was in hysterics by now.
"You can't possibly be serious."
"We don't have any other choice," Becky asserted herself. "If
we do, let's hear it now. If not, we have less than sixteen hours
now to get that money back in Danny's checking account." She
stared at Jesse and waited for an answer.
"This is crazy," he finally said.
"It's so crazy, it just might work," Joey added. "I'm in. I'll
be your pimp. We don't have time to advertise, so I'll start hitting
the hotel bars now while it's early. There's bound to be some lonely
salesman on the road who'll be willing to part with some cold hard
for some teenage gash."
"That's a good place to start, but we need to get even more
people. We need a place where dirty old men congregate to watch
teenage girls ..." Becky's voice dropped off in thought.
"The MALL!" all three teens suddenly burst out in laughter.
"On a Saturday night, it'll be crawling with old perverts," Kimmy
explained. "They sit in the food court and watch us all night."
"Great plan," Becky nodded approvingly. "You girls and
Jesse hit the mall. Jesse, you have to be a pimp, okay ..?" Becky
explained to her bewildered husband. "That means you check
out the johns before you send the girls over to talk. Check out
their clothes and their shoes to see if they look like they have
money. When it gets time to make an offer, make them expose
their dicks to you first, and always make them tell you what they
want and for how much. If they're cops, they can't do this because
it's entrapment."
"Can't we just ask 'em if they're cops?" Kimmy inquired.
"They'll lie."
"Isn't that illegal?"
"Nope, cops can lie during an investigation to protect their
they just can't propose a criminal action," Becky answered.
"How the hell do you know all this?" Jesse seemed miffed.
"We did a feature on San Francisco's hookers last year, don't
you remember ..?" Becky smiled. "I interviewed about twenty girls
and the police, too. I almost won a local Emmy for it."
"I remember," DJ said. "That was a great story. Who would have
thought we'd need to know all that stuff now."
"What about Michelle?" Jesse asked. "What's she supposed to do
while all this is going on and her sisters start turning tricks in the
She's bound to know something's up. And what about the twins?"
"Take them to the mall with you, but keep them out of earshot,"
Becky answered. "They'll be the perfect cover. No cop would ever
suspect a guy and his family would be hustling for tricks in the Mall
food court. When we get back here, take them down in the basement,
and tell them you're camping out down there for the night. Put in
some Disney videos, turn up the volume, and they won't hear a thing.
We'll just make sure none of the john goes in the basement, that's
"You make this all sound so simple," Jesse mused. "Like you've
done this kind of thing before or something."
"Listen," Becky shot back. "Someone has to take charge of this
thing and get that money back. I'm just trying to this as quickly and
efficiently as possible, and I don't need you questioning me on every-
thing, okay."
"So what are you going to do while we go try and hustle up some
johns," Jesse said, a trace of sarcasm still in his voice.
"I'm going to hit some of the strip clubs and porno bookstores.
A lot of guys into young girls hang out there."
"This is insane," Stephanie observed as they all broke up and
towards their specific assignments.
"Yeah, but it's gonna be fun, twerp," Kimmy added, smacking her
best friend's thirteen-year-old sister on the ass. "I just hope
old enough to handle it."
"You just worry about yourself, Kimmy!" Stephanie challenged.


Joey scanned the bar as he walked in. This was the fifth hotel
been to downtown, and he hadn't seen anyone who even remotely looked
like they had the money or desire to screw his nieces and their
friend. He had been out almost an hour, that left only fifteen hours.
Maybe this wasn't going to be as easy as Becky thought. His eyes fell
on two older looking gentlemen at the bar drinking what appeared to be
scotch. The bottle located directly behind the bar was Chivas Regal,
which meant these guys had money. they looked impeccable, too,
in double-breasted, Armani suits with Italian, designer shoes. Now,
if only they were perverts, too, he'd be in business.
He walked up to the bar and sat down. The bartender looked at
curiously and asked him what he wanted. "A beer, whatever's on tap,"
Joey replied. The bartender filled a frosted mug and Joey paid him.
The bartender moved away back to the television where the basketball
pre-game was on. Joey turned to the men and smiled.
"You guys on the road?" he asked, trying to sound casual.
"Yes, we are," the older of the two gentlemen spoke. He was in
sixties with gray hair. The other man appeared to be about ten years
younger, and he had on dark toupee that looked rather real from a
"You guys looking for some action?" Joey figured bluntness was
best approach with the clock ticking. Either they'd tell him to buzz
or they'd show their interest immediately.
"Pardon me?" the older man asked, although Joey knew he'd heard
the question.
Joey moved closer and spoke in a whisper. "You guys look like
you could use a little adventure, and you look like you can afford it,
That's why I'm even talking to you."
"What kind of adventure are you talking about?" the younger man
spoke for the first time.
"Girls .. young girls," Joey lowered his voice even further.
kind you can only dream about."
"What are we talking here?" the older man had obviously picked
up on the conversation. "Eighteen, nineteen, twenty .."
Joey laughed. "Try sixteen and thirteen," he whispered and nudged
the man.
"What is this, some kind of con?" the younger man seemed highly
"Nope," Joey shook his head. "Just a simple business
If you're not interested, I'll find someone who is."
"We didn't say we're not interested," the older man spoke evenly.
"We're just a little suspicious, you know. Men don't just come up to
you in a bar and offer to sell you time with underage girls."
"I know," Joey answered. "But this is special, and it's only
for a limited time. Tonight. Tomorrow these girls go back where
they came from."
"What are they, Asians or something, or Latinas, Black?" the
second man guessed.
"Whitebread, all-American, mom and apple pie," Joey answered.
"This is bullshit!" the second man proclaimed. "Fuck off!"
Joey got out his wallet and handed the older man a photo of
DJ, Stephanie and Michelle. "The two older girls are available
tonight," he ignored the second man. "$200 and hour for the older
girl, $300 for the younger one?"
"What about the little one?" the older man asked, his finger
tracing the outline of Michelle's face.
"I don't know .." Joey started.
"I'll give you a thousand an hour for both of us with her," the
older man handed him back the picture. "We have an option to
go as long as we want. If you can't make that happen, then leave
now before I tell the bartender to call the cops."
"I don't know ..."
"Oh, bartender ...?" the man waved at the bartender.
"I'll see what I can do," Joey offered nervously.
"Not good enough," the man hissed under his breath as the
walked over. "Now give me a promise, or you will spend the night
in jail."
"O .. okay," Joey stammered. "I'll .. you'll ..."
"You will take us to her immediately," the older man stood up
and the younger one followed suit. "Any attempt on your part to
back out now means we go right to the police. Do I make myself
clear, young man ..?"
"Quite clear," Joey sighed as he followed them out of the bar.

Jesse had been scoping out the food court for twenty minutes
with the girls. "How bout him?" Kimmy pointed to an old
man pretending to read a newspaper, his eyes glancing above
the top every time a group of young teenage girls sashe'd by.
"He looks like a real perv."
Jesse studied him closely. He was dressed well enough,
probably in his forties, and he looked to be in very good shape
which meant he at least had enough money to afford a decent gym.
He was also reading the Wall Street Journal, a good sign. Jesse
nodded. "Who wants to go over?"
"Deej and I will," Kimmy stood up and pulled DJ by the hand.
Jesse watched them walk over, then he turned to Stephanie. "You
don't have to do this, you know," he felt the pangs of guilt stab
at his heart. The thought of his pretty, young thirteen-year-old
selling her virgin pussy made him very aroused, and that arousal made
him feel extremely guilty. What would Danny say if he ever found
out about this? Jesse shuddered at the thought.
"I'm partly responsible for this mess," Stephanie said, "and I'm
old enough to try and make things right."
"What are you guys talking about?" Michelle asked as she sipped
her soda. "Why are DJ and Kimmy talking to that man?"
"It's nothing for you to worry about," Jesse chucked Michelle's
"Just keep an eye on the twins like you promised, okay ..?"
"What if I got more than one guy at once?" Stephanie suddenly
blurted out. "I could charge them all $300 a piece, couldn't I?"
"I guess so," Jesse answered. "Why? What are you driving at?"
"Them?" Stephanie pointed to a group of high school boys wearing
varsity football jackets.
"No way, they're way too young?" Jesse answered. "They don't
that kind of money."
"I know those guys. They're in DJ's class. They're all rich.
families give them all kinds of money. They drive cool cars and wear
expensive clothes, and they get all the girls. I bet they all have
a piece, and I know they like gangbangs because Kimmy told DJ they
gangbanged this freshman girl who was drunk at a party. They call
it pulling a train. She was 15, and I'm even younger."
"Come on, Stephanie, this'll never work ..." Jesse started, but
was too late. The determined thirteen-year-old stood up and walked
over to the boys.
"Hi, guys?" Stephanie beamed at them, locking eyes with Buzz
Talbot, the quarterback and captain of the team. "What's up?"
"What's up with you, kid?" Buzz answered.
"Hey, you're DJ Tanner's little sister, aren't you ..?" one of
the guys said.
"Yep," Stephanie replied, already feeling her pussy getting wet.
you guys in the mood to party tonight?"
"What, are you inviting us to a Disney movie?" Buzz joked.
"I..I'm inviting you to a gangbang," Stephanie stammered, making
herself say the words.
"What the hell?"
"That's right. I want you guys to gangbang me," Stephanie found
it was easier to say the words the second time.
"Is this some kind of joke?" one of the guys asked.
"Nope," Stephanie shook her head. "It'll be $300 each," she
blurted. "I'm still a virgin, so the guy who pops my cherry pays
$400. If you want to screw my asshole, the first guy pays $400,
and the rest $350. That's the deal."
Buzz looked at his six friends, and they nodded. "You'd better
not be bullshitting us, kid, or we'll take it out on you for free."

"Hi, Mister," DJ flashed her best smile at the man reading
the newspaper. "We couldn't help notice that you were staring
at us, and we decided to come over and talk to you."
"Really?" the man coughed nervously.
"We like hot older guys like you," Kimmy cooed as she sat
down next to him and put her hand on his thigh. "We like to cruise
the mall here on a Saturday night and pick up an older guy, and
take him back home, and fuck his brains out."
"Is this some kind of joke?" the man was perspiring now. "Be-
cause it's not funny."
"Does this feel like a joke?" Kimmy's hand snaked up his thigh
and squeezed the boner straining against the crotch of his Dockers.
'We're offering you the fantasy of a lifetime, either of us for only
$200 an hour. That's fucking, sucking, and everything."
"What about both of you together?" the man choked out the
"How much would that be?"
"That depends," Kimmy looked at DJ.
"What does it depend on?"
"What you want us to do," DJ answered him. "If you just want
to fuck us both, that'll be $250 a piece." She almost laughed at her
pun. "If you want us to .. you know .. interact with each other,
that'll be
$300 each." DJ was surprised how quickly her mind had adjusted to the
hustling game. Becky would be proud of her. She felt Kimmy give her
dirty look, but DJ ignored her. The offer was on the table now, and
needed as much money as they could get .. as quickly as possible.
"Okay, where's the hidden camera?" the man asked. "This is
Geraldo or something, isn't it ..? Or Eyewitness News?"
"C'mon, Deej," Kimmy started getting up. "This guy's a waste
of time. He probably doesn't even have the money."
DJ got up, but the man grabbed her arm. "Hold on," he said.
"If this isn't some kind of bullshit set-up, I'm in. But if it is,
sue your asses for defamation of character."
"What do you want then?" Kimmy drove right to the point. "One
of us, or both ..?"
"Both of you .. interacting," he added quickly. "You do interact
and stuff, don't you ..?"
"You pay us the money and we will," DJ assured him. "Now let's
see the money, and it's cash only."
"I'll have to go to the bank machine," he explained.
"You meet us by the doors over there in ten minutes, and you show
us the cash. That's $700 bucks for the two of us for an hour."
"What if I have more?" he asked. "Can I go longer. I was
two hours for $1200."
"That would be $1400," Kimmy responded.
"I can only do $1200," he answered. "Now do you want it, or
"That'd still work out to $300 an hour," DJ whispered to Kimmy.
Kimmy nodded slowly, and DJ looked up to the man. "We'll do it.
Meet us at the doors in ten minutes with $1200, and you have to
show us the money."
The man nodded and moved quickly away, falling in line behind a
group of seven high school football players also heading to the money
machine. DJ and Kimmy joined Jesse at the table. "We're taking my
car back to the house," DJ announced. "We got him for two hours
with both of us for $1200," DJ beamed proudly.
"Yeah," Kimmy added. "And what did you get, twerp?"
"I got seven guys on the varsity football team!" Stephanie
"Two of them are giving me $300 a piece, three are giving me $350 to
fuck my ass, too, and the other two are paying me $400 to bust my
in both my pussy and my ass. That's $2450. That's double what you
guys are hauling in."
"Those guys'll rip your little pussy apart," Kimmy shot back.
won't be able to take it, and we won't get any money."
"You just see!" Stephanie retorted.
"Cut it out, both of you," Jesse interrupted.
"What are you all talking about?" Michelle whined.
"It's nothing to be concerned about, Michelle," Jesse snapped.
"Now go back to your ice-cream."
"If we pull this off, we'll have $3650," DJ calculated. "That's
halfway there, and it's still early."
"But we have to pull it off," Jesse commented. "That means no
screw ups, for any of us. Now how are we all getting back to the
"Deej and I are taking her car and the john is following us, I
Kimmy said.
"I told the team I'd ride back with them," Stephanie explained.
"Good, I'll take Michelle and the twins back now and shove
them down in the basement. Give me a few minutes head start, okay ..?"
he said as he scooped up the twins and dragged Michelle towards
the door.
"Well," Stephanie sighed. "Here goes nothing."

Becky browsed through the stacks of porno tapes, took a quick
look around, and then scooted into the adult video arcade in the
back of the store. She knew she would be visible on the close circuit
TV that monitored the premises, but the clerk seemed distracted with
a crossword puzzle, and she didn't have time to be cautious. She
the sound of porno tapes groaning throughout the darkness. As her
eyes adjusted to the dimness she saw a succession of booths that ran
like a maze throughout the back of the store. She followed one
soundtrack that featured the squeals of a porno starlet who was
catering to a youth fetish. "Fuck me, mister," the voice squeaked
a teenager. "Fuck my teenage asshole, mister. Stove pipe me, mister.
That's it. Fuck my teenage asshole."
Becky found the booth and ducked inside. An old man in his
seventies sat there with his hard dick in his hand, pumping it
The screen was already stained, and Becky estimated he was on his
second, maybe even third cum. He looked up at her with mild interest
and pointed to his cock. She shook her head, but he put 4 fingers up,
obviously indicating he would give her forty dollars to blow his
gnarled, six-inch dick. Becky began to shake her head again when
she realized this was forty dollars she could put towards the cause.
Besides, it would establish credibility with the man, and make him
more prone to go for her offer. She flashed 5 fingers and nodded
to his prick, opening her mouth, stabbing her tongue against the
inside of her cheek, and simulating the look of his cock head brushing
her teeth.
He smiled, reached under his ass, drew out his wallet, and took
a fifty. She noticed a wad of bills stuffed in the wallet, and
he was carrying around several hundred more. The porno store was
obviously a warm up to his night's festivities. She knew a lot of
john's did this, jacked off three sometimes four times before paying
a whore to top them off. Cumming so much meant they would last
longer with a real women and get their money's worth. Then they could
feel like a real stud as they made the whore beg them to cum. Becky
decided to only give him one cum and make it quick. The clerk was
bound to get wise to her presence in the back, and she didn't need to
be run in for prostitution ... not her, not Rebecca Donaldson, the
of Wake Up San Francisco. For the first time that evening she
became aware what being caught in this little enterprise would entail.
Not only would she be put in jail, but her career and Danny's career
would be ruined, too. Then again, this was their only solution. They
needed the $7,000, or else the consequences would be just as severe.
She took the money from the man and lowered her head to his
exposed cockhead. She swirled her tongue around the salty-tasting
helmet and felt the man grip her by the back of her head, running
his hands through her hair, and forcing her face to bob up and down
on his pole. 'That's it, you little whore," he hissed. "Give me my
money's worth, you fucking slut." He jammed his crusty cock deep
into her mouth and slammed against her tonsils. She gagged slightly,
but held on, jacking his dick stalk with one hand and cupping his
with the other. When he bottomed out in the back of her throat, she
hummed ... a little trick she'd picked up in college ... and he tensed
up, firing his scummy load into her throat as she sucked it all up.
"There's more where that came from," she smiled up at him as she
licked his cock-head clean and blew bubbles with his frothy spunk.
"Even better. Young, hot teenage ass. Jailbate pussy. One girl's
thirteen even, if you have the cash to afford it."
"I'd like that," he said as he rubbed his dick over her face.
real pretty. You look like you should be on TV or something."
"Not me," Becky answered. "I'm just a whore."
"So you have some young friends you're hustling, huh ..?' he
"Yes," she answered. "Real fresh. The freshest pussy you'll
find in
San Francisco."
"How much?"
"The sixteen-year-olds go for $200 a piece for one hour. The
year-old is $300 and hour. She's also the sister of one of the
year olds."
"And what if I want to watch them eat each other out, then you
them both, both sisters, then maybe join in?" he asked.
Becky did some quick calculating, trying to gauge how much he'd
pay to see two sisters get it on with each other before getting fucked
by their aunt. "$1000 an hour," she stated.
"A grand?" he seemed put off.
"They're sisters," Becky explained, "and I'm their aunt. That's
got to
be worth a thousand dollars an hour."
"Do you have a strap-on dildo? I'll pay that if I get to watch
you fuck them with a strap-on while they eat each other one out. Then
I fuck you
in the ass while you're fucking them, and then I shoot off in all of
your faces. That's what I want."
"That can be arranged," Becky said. "Let me go out there and buy
strap-on first, and I'll meet you out in the lot."


This was going to be a surprise, and Steve Hale knew that DJ
surprises. "Surprises are sooooo romantic," she once gushed when her
Uncle Jesse had sent his wife Becky a dozen roses one day just for
hell of it. Now Steve Hale knelt in DJ's closet with a box of candy
and the brand new Oasis CD, which was one of DJ's favorite groups.
Why? *Just for the hell of it,* he thought silently to himself.
had been a little stale in their relationship the last several weeks,
with graduation coming up they hadn't been giving enough time nor
attention to each other. But Steve was going to change that tonight.
DJ would love the gifts and love the fact he had gone out of his way
to give them to her.
Steve did feel a little uncomfortable in the closet, however, and
even more uncomfortable with the fact he'd sneaked into the Tanner
house. He thought when he didn't see DJ's car in the drive that some-
one would be home -- one of the kids, one of her uncles, Becky, even
DJ's dad. But the house was dark and locked up. Steve had considered
turning around and coming back later when he remembered he still had
a copy of the Tanner's key from when he'd fed their dog while they
on vacation the previous year. DJ had never asked for it back, and
forgotten all about it until that night. *This will really be a
he'd told himself excitedly as be sneaked into the house and hid in
closet. *She'll never be expecting this!*
The sound of car doors slamming and voices drifted up from the
way. DJ's Uncle Jesse was telling Michelle and the twins to go down
in the basement and take their sleeping bags. Steve listened for DJ's
voice among them, but heard nothing. Jesse sounded impatient as he
herded the kids downstairs. Steve thought about saying something to
Jesse, but as he started to rise, he heard another car pull up into
the drive-
way. After the doors slammed, more voices drifted up from downstairs,
and this time it was definitely DJ ... and Kimmy. Steve's heart
a little. DJ wouldn't be alone when he surprised her. He was
a big kiss and maybe some make-out time, but with Kimmy around the
options were limited. *Still,* he thought to himself, *she'll be
happy because Kimmy will see me surprise her and that will make Kimmy
a little jealous, and DJ loves to make Kimmy jealous.* He crouched
lower in the closet as he heard them come up the steps.
"I do have to say," a strange man's voice became discernible as
door to DJ's room opened and footsteps shuffled inside. "This is the
oddest looking whore house I've ever been to. It looks just a
house, from the pictures on the wall to this room. You'd think this
really was a normal teenage girl's house, and she lived here with her
"Does that make you hot?" Kimmy's voice now became audible.
"Does that make your dick all hard to think about screwing some teen-
age girl in her daddy's house while her family downstairs."
"It sure does!" the man exclaimed.
*What is going on here?!* Steve's mind erupted as he finally
what the man and Kimmy were talking about. *Is this some kind of
joke? Where's DJ?*
"Can we have the money first?" DJ's voice cut through Steve's
scious like a stiletto. "$1200, just like you promised."
"And that gets me the works, right ..?" the man asked as Steve
him shuffle around. "You girls get it on with each other, I get to
in, and both of you fuck me and suck me for one hour .."
"You bet," DJ gushed, "let me just count this, and we can get
"Believe me," the man said, "it's all there. For a chance to
fuck two
teenage cunts like you, it's worth $1200 bucks."
"What did you just call us?" DJ asked.
"I called you cunts," the man answered matter-of-factly. "I just
you $1200 bucks, whore. I'll call you cunt, whore, bitch, fuck-toy,
whatever else the fuck I want to. You have a problem with that, give
me back the money."
"Listen, I don't think ..." DJ began.
"I don't mind being called a cunt, and neither does she," Kimmy
laughed. "In fact, dirty talk turns us on. Doesn't it, Deej?"
DJ was silent for a moment. "Sure, you can call us whatever you
want ..." she murmured.
"Good, then, cunt," the man sneered. "So why don't you take off
your fucking top and show me your titties. You, too, whore. I want
to see you both with bare tits playing with each other, sucking each
other's tits and kissing ... lots of tongue, too."
"Can we get on the bed?" DJ asked.
"No, right there," he answered. "I'm going to lie down on the
bed and
get comfortable. You two stand there and perform for me. And you
cunts had better be good because I just shelled out $1200, and that's
not chicken feed."
"Oh, we'll be good," Kimmy promised, and Steve heard the
of feet. Dumbstruck at what he was listening to, Steve cracked open
closet door, positive he would find this was all part of some joke DJ
playing on him. *That's it,* he told himself. *She knows I'm here.
saw my car parked at the end of the street. This is some kind of
He peered out into the room from the darkness and gazed on DJ sliding
her bra down her chest and tummy and letting it slide to the floor.
Kimmy was topless, too, and the girls just stared at each other for a
moment before Kimmy smiled, moved in and nuzzled her lips against
DJ's cheek.
*This is no joke!* Steve wanted to burst out and get to the
bottom of
what was happening, but his curiosity and his stiffening cock kept him
at bay. As he watched with a mixture of fascination and horror, he
reached down and stroked his cock through his jeans. *I can't believe
this. I can't fucking believe this. This isn't happening!*
But it was happening. Kimmy and DJ were kissing, pressing their
bare tits into one another and wriggling around as their hands began
to wander around each others' naked, sweaty flesh. They kept kissing
and their bodies shivered against each other. The kisses were long,
wet and passionate, and Steve watched in awe as their tongues danced
and darted between their lips. They swapped spit for nearly two
getting acclimated to the sensations elicited by the intimate embrace
of another girl, a friend ... and embrace they had apparently been
subconsciously desiring for quite some time. This was no play-acting.
As Steve watched DJ worship Kimmy's mouth with her own, he wit-
nessed greater passion in her eyes than she had ever shared with him.
Both his cock and his heart now ached with longing, and he freed
its stubborn length from his jeans and stroked it in the open air, a
jutting down his cheek as he pumped.
"Enough of the lovey dovey stuff," the man announced from the
"You'd think this was your first time together. Now you," he pointed
to DJ, "what's your name again? BJ?"
"DJ," she answered.
"Okay, *BJ*," he stressed the incorrect name, " suck her tits a
for me now. That's it, bend down and take a mouthful in that slutty
little mouth." He snickered as DJ bent over and found Kimmy's pert
tit with her hot mouth. She sucked Kimmy's nipple and teased it into
an even more irritated state, making her friend gasp, shudder, wrap
legs around DJ's thigh and press her crotch into DJ's hip.
"God that makes me hot," Kimmy gasped as DJ mashed both her
tits together and licked at her cleavage. "Let me do you now, okay,"
Kimmy panted. "I want to suck your tits so bad." She pulled away
from DJ, and DJ arched her back slightly, presenting Kimmy the full
magnificence of her ripe, teenage titties. Kimmy flicked her tongue
against her friend's nipples one at a time, teasing them, then licking
the soft, sweaty flesh all around DJ's aureoles before diving tongue
first into her hard, pointy nipples.
"Oh, yeah, Kimmy." Tears of joy streamed down DJ's face as
she threw her head back in rapture. Her whole body undulated,
and she instinctively ran her fingers through her friend's hair,
Kimmy's face deeper into her ripe chest as the other girl slurped and
suckled like a kitten feeding at the breasts of its mother.
"You can lose the pants now," the man suggested strongly from
the bed. "I want to see some bare cunt and some pussy licking.
You can just get in a 69 right there on the floor."
"What's a 69?" DJ asked innocently as they begin slinking off
their jeans and panties.
"You're kidding me, right, cunt ..?" he laughed. "Okay, then,
if that's the game, little miss naive, I'll play along. You get on
your back and spread your legs. And you," he pointed to Kimmy,
"you sit on BJ's face and bury your face in her pussy. With
your heads at each others' pussies, you look like the number 69,
get it ..?" he laughed.
DJ and Kimmy giggled nervously as they assumed the man's
position. Steve could see the apprehension on their faces. Judging
from their tit-sucking exhibition, they had been desiring such
a coupling for a long time, but now that they were finally confronted
with the reality of eating their first cunt they were a little gun
"Just stick your face in there, cunt," the man snapped. "Jesus,
you would think you whores really were teenagers doing this for
the first time," he laughed. "That's it," he coached from the
and Steve noticed now that he had withdrawn his dick from his pants.
It was only about five inches long, but it was as thick as the largest
sausage, a good three inches in diameter, and it was uncircumcised.
Never had Steve seen a cock like the man's, and he wondered how
any woman could fit such a thick tree trunk-like tool in her pussy.
The cock-head flared out like the top of giant light bulb, and as
the man stroked his dick it seemed to engorge itself to even more
inhuman dimensions.
Steve turned to where his girlfriend was now lapping up her
best friend's pussy with carefree abandon. Being girls, they in-
stinctively knew what felt good on each others' pussies, and Steve
could see them both squirm around in ecstasy as they respectively
discovered their partners' sweet spots. Steve burned with lust
and jealousy. DJ had never let him get to even second base,
and now she was shamelessly going lesbo with her best friend
in front of a total stranger, a stranger who had give the girls
$1200. *DJ's a whore!* the revelation finally washed over
Steve. *My girl friend's a whore!*
"Well, it took you girls a bit to get warmed up, but look at
you now," the man commented as he rose from the bed and
strolled over to where the girls hungrily devoured each others'
pussies. "Guess that's all part of the tease, isn't it. You act
like you're all innocent and everything, like you're two little
typical teenage cunts who have never done this before. That
does make me hot. The room here, the stuffed animals, the
pictures of you and your family. Just like a normal, all-American
teenage girl instead of a whore. Yes, this might just be worth
the $1200, especially if you can suck cock as good as you
eat pussy." He lifted Kimmy's face from DJ's sopping snatch
and introduced her to his mutant, tree-trunk of a dick.
"Shit!" was all Kimmy could say as she finally took in the
fullness of his grotesque dimensions before he pressed his bulbous
dick-helmet against her moist, pussy-juice slickened lips.
"Now suck that, whore," he hissed as he guided his impos-
sible girth into her gasping mouth, barely able to wedge even
a half-inch past her stretched out jaws. "Come on, cunt, wider,"
he snarled as he pried open her jaws even further. "Get out from
under there and help your cunt friend out," he ordered DJ as the
sweat poured down from his brow. "I want to feel both your
mouths on my cock at the same time." He grabbed DJ by the hair
as she emerged at Kimmy's side, and put her face on the opposite
side of his dick. Now it rested between their slavering mouths
like the a giant bratwurst between the halves of a bun. "Now purse
your lips," he instructed, s he rubbed his cock back and forth between
their pouting lips. He held their heads in place as he slid in and
out, suddenly withdrawing his dick and pressing their faces together
that their lips met and they kissed.
The girls giggled at this, and swapped tongues and spit, before
he separated them again, and reinserted his mutant member between
their lips and began thrusting again. "You can use your tongues, too,
cunts," he grunted as he pulled their hair. Both girls responded by
flicking their tongues along the obscene thickness of his prick, occa-
sionally meeting one another and sharing another french kiss. "Let's
try your mouth now and see if you're any better than your friend," he
pulled DJ's head away from the side of his cock, and repositioned her
mouth so that it was directly in the line of fire. "Open wide, cunt,"
he growled as he forced his cock-head between her straining lips,
"wider ... wider ... come on ... Jesus, haven't you cunts ever sucked
a cock before ..."
"Not one this big," DJ whined.
"What?" the man asked. "Your little high school boyfriend's
dick is smaller than this?"
"Yes," DJ pouted as she tried to open her jaws even wider. "He
has a real pencil dick," she giggled. "It's like four inches, and
all skinny."
When Steve heard his girlfriend say this, he shriveled up inside.
*She said that didn't matter,* he screamed to himself as he recalled
the night in his car when she finally relented and let him take out
cock so she could jack him off. When she'd seen his dick, she'd
and called it cute. He had been mortified, but she had assured him it
all right, and she loved it. Now she was belittling him and his puny
pecker in front of some guy who was paying her fuck him. *She's a
whore!* he sobbed to himself. *She's a fucking whore!*
"Well, this is a real man's cock, cunt," the man continued
talking as
he rammed his tree-trunk cock between her aching jaws. "How do you
like that, whore? How do you like this big, thick, juicy, cock?"
"Yummy," DJ gasped as he finally managed to work his entire cock-
head into her slobbering mouth and plow downward. Her eyes bugged
out at the utter agony of his invasion, and he grabbed her more
by the hair and pressed harder, deeper into her mouth, choking her
with his thick, mutant tool.
"Now you lick my asshole while I choke fuck your little friend
the man yanked Kimmy's hair with his other hand and guided her head
down between his legs. Kimmy obeyed without hesitation, and Steve
watched in awe as DJ's best friend snaked her tongue up the stranger's
asshole and began rooting around. meanwhile, he had managed to jam
even more of his impossibly thick prick into DJ's mouth, and her
muffled squeals were beginning to sound desperate.
*She can't breathe,* Steve laughed to himself. *The fucking whore
choking to death on his big dick. Bet she wishes it was mine now she
was sucking. That's it, man, choke the cunt, choke the whore!*
"You know what," the man said, "for a cunt named BJ, you sure
suck at giving head. Come on, bitch. Suck it! You can take more
that. I'm paying you $1200. You'd better be able to suck better
than that. Stupid teenage whore. Wider. Jesus, can't you open your
mouth any wider? BJ, my fucking ass," he made a few more brutal
stabs into DJ's suffocating mouth before he pulled out with a
"plop!" "Fuck this!" he exclaimed, yanking DJ's hair so that she
squealed. "Stand up," he ordered her, pulling her into a standing
position like she was a limp ragdoll. "Now bend over and grab
your ankles. I'm going to fuck your pussy, and you're going to stand
just like that and take it. If you fall over. I'm going to jam my
cock right back in your stupid mouth again, okay ..? Do you
think you can handle it, whore?" he asked as he spun her around and
pushed her head down. "Sure you can handle it. For $1200 fucking
dollars, you'd better be able to handle it." He kicked her legs apart
like a policeman frisking a collar. "For $1200 bucks, you'd better
be able to handle anything I can dish out. Now grab those ankles,
DJ couldn't help but do as he said, crying out in shock and pain
as he pressed his huge cock-head against her tender pussy lips,
parted them like he was quartering a juicy orange, and then slamming
the entire girth of his cock into her virgin slit with impunity. She
her knees grow weak and her body begin to topple over in a swoon,
but he tugged on her hair sharply and reminded her of the consequences
of buckling under his assault. She wobbled as she steadied herself,
and gasped as he pounded even more of his grotesque dimensions into
her virgin cunt.
"Shit, is that a fucking hymen in there?" he laughed. "How the
do you do that, whore? That feels just like a hymen. That feels just
like I'm popping your teenage cherry. How the hell do you do that,
whore? What s that, some kind of plastic device? Feels just like
I'm busting the real thing," he hissed as he bulldozed against her
pathetic membrane and tore it to shreds. "Fuck," he exclaimed
as his cock slid back on the downstroke. "That even looks like
fucking blood. Man, you girls really have the special effects
down on this. Feels just like I'm fucking a teenage virgin cunt."
He pounded into her now with boundless fury, and it took all her
to keep from pitching headfirst into the floor. "Lick my balls and
hole while I slam her cunt, whore," he turned his attention back
to Kimmy. "I didn't say you could take a break now, did I ..?
There are no breaks when I'm paying $1200. No breaks for whores."
Kimmy went back under his legs and Steve watched her bat the
stranger's huge balls back and forth with her tongue before taking
one in her mouth and sucking enthusiastically. He seemed to enjoy
this tremendously because he punched his cock into DJ even more
brutally, finally sending her spilling to the floor in a sobbing fit.
"I don't have time for this," he lifted DJ's head by her hair and spit
her face. Then he whirled around and took Kimmy by the hair,
dragging her to the bed. he then flopped down on his back and pointed
to his dick. "You're going to climb on and ride this now," he
"And let's hope you can manage better than your cunt friend over
Look at her crying," he laughed as Kimmy mounted his dick and slowly
lowered her tender labia around the gargantuan prick-helmet. "Oh,
is hilarious," the man jeered. "Look at you," he chided Kimmy, "all
tentative and shit, like you're a virgin, too. Sit down on my fucking
whore." He reached up, grasped her about the shoulders and pushed
down as he stabbed his thick, tree-trunk dick into her tender, virgin
"Fuck!" she howled in abject pain as he impaled her on the entire
length and girth of his mutant member. "God damn fucking hell!" she
wailed as he tore her cherry to shreds in one long tortuous stroke.
Kimmy howled as she felt him plow deeper into her guts, his diameter
stretching out her virgin cunt like a battering ram. "Please," she
uncontrollably, "please stop. You're killing me," she begged.
"Yeah, right," the man laughed. "$1200 whore, and your begging
to stop," he chortled. "I'll show you 'stop,' cunt. I'll fucking
show you."
As he stabbed even deeper into her tender womb, blood began to dribble
out her pussy lips and down her legs. Combined with her own natural
pussy juices, the added lubrication provided the man with an even
deeper, slicker ride. Kimmy bobbed up and down on top of him like
a toy, a fuck toy, and the mattress squeaked with the sheer brutality
his explosive thrusts. "Get back over here," he ordered DJ as he
sent Kimmy's eyes rolling back into her forehead like glazed marbles.
DJ crawled over to the bed and looked at the man with a totally
beaten, subjugated expression. "Lick my balls and her asshole while
I fuck her. Then when I'm ready to shoot, I want both of you down
on the floor, kneeling, with your tongues hanging out, drooling and
panting, and begging me to fire my load across your whorish teenage
cunt faces. Do you understand?" he stabbed particularly hard into
Kimmy and she yelped. "I said, 'Do you understand?'"
"Yes," DJ mewled s she lowered her mouth to the juncture between
the man's gargantuan prick and her friend's blasted cunt. With her
tongue she dutifully licked the blood that smeared his balls and her
torn labia. She flicked her tongue in the crevice between Kimmy's
and asshole, and she could feel her best friend's entire body writhe
and quake. Kimmy was cumming with the stranger's thick prick
stuffed up her virgin cunt, and DJ lapped up the pussy juices that
now seeped out the walls of Kimmy's cunt and drenched the stranger's
"Fuck!" the man grunted and threw Kimmy's cumming body off of
him. "Kneel!" he barked. "Get on the floor and kneel before me," he
grabbed Kimmy by the hair and kicked her until she knelt next to DJ.
"Look up into my eyes," he snarled. "Pant, goddamn it. Weren't
you fucking paying attention to what I was saying? Pant and drool,"
he reiterated with a yank to DJ's hair.
DJ complied with her best pant, letting her spit slobber down her
mouth as she stuck out her tongue and licked at his ominous cock.
Kimmy was following suit, still in a fuck-haze from the throttling
just received, but her mouth opening wide and drooling.
"Beg me!" he ordered. "Come on, cunts. For $1200 bucks, you
whores are going to beg me for my cum!"
"Please, mister," DJ was the first to break the silence. "Cum in
our faces. We want it so bad."
"What are you?" he asked as he jacked off his cock in DJ's open
mouth. "Tell me what you are!"
"We're whores," DJ minced. "Cock-sucking teenage whores."
"We're your fuck toys," Kimmy added. "Your teenage cunt fuck-
toys. Please cum in our faces. I want to feel your cum all over my
"Are you going to lick it off her face," he asked Kimmy. "Are
going to lick it off your friend's face and blow bubbled with it?"
"Mmmm hmmm ..." both girls replied. "Please shoot your cum
on us, mister," DJ whined. "Pretty please with sugar on top."
"Fucking teenage cunt whores!" he exploded, as his hot cum
out of his piss hole and bathed the girls in volley after volley of
gooey spunk. Just like they promised, they let the cum wash over
their faces without flinching, then they proceeded to lick it off each
others' faces, spitting it into each others' mouths and blowing
with it just like little teenage whores. Without even being told to,
obediently cleaned off his cock, too, like little kittens, lapping at
his cum
and sweat and kissing each other as they worked.
Steve shot his load in his hand and rubbed it across DJ's prom
dress which hung in her closet waiting for the night that was supposed
to be
*their* special night. *Fucking whore!* he cursed her to hell.
slut cunt whore!*


"Okay," Buzz Talbot counted out the $2850 and handed it to
Stephanie. "It's all here."
"Tyrone's, too?" she asked as she riffled through the thick wad
money the football team had just had handed her. The Tyrone she
referred to was Tyrone Walker, the high school's star halfback who was
also one of the suburban school district's only black students. The
had swung by his house to pick him up because Buzz wanted to see if
a thirteen-year-old cunt could take the savagery of Tyrone's footlong,
black cock. All the other guys had envied it in the shower room, and
a few of the school's white girls had already experienced Tyrone's
kong dong, much to the amusement of their classmates when they
staggered down the halls barely able to sit of stand for almost a week
afterward. In her greed for $400 more, Stephanie had agreed to take
big-dicked. black stud on, and even though she had now secured his
money, she felt a tinge of apprehension mixed with the teenage
that sloshed in her virgin cunt. soaked her white cotton panties and
trickled down the goose-pimply skin of her thighs.
"Mine's there, bitch," the black half-back sneered. "You best be
worrying about yourself. Little thirteen-year-old cunt like you ain't
made to take my kind of meat. You remember our deal, too ... you
ride me till I cum, and I get my money back .. full refund. I ain't
these white boys here. I don't fuck no whores. With my cock, I don't
got to pay for it. But I'm willing to break that rule just to see a
thirteen-year-old schoolgirl whore like you get fucked up good. You
ain't as fine as your sister, cunt," he rambled on, enjoying the sound
of his own voice. "That DJ is one fly bitch. You're all skinny and
though." He reached out and groped her small tits through her
sweater. "Not much tit, neither. Don't worry, though, I'll be
fucking some tits on
that skinny little white body tonight, cunt. That happens when you
lily-white cunts get my cock crammed up your pink pussies, and then I
cum all over your face -- in your mouth, on your tits. I fuck you so
and give you so much cum, it like kicks your growth hormones on or
some shit, and you start getting tits and nice butts and all that."
"Is this your house?" Buzz asked as he pulled the van to the
Stephanie looked and saw that DJ's car was there, along with Jesse's
and another strange car was parked out on the street. *DJ's john,*
Stephanie told herself. *I wonder if her and Kimmy are having fun.*
"Yeah, this is my house. Pull over in the street." As Buzz parked
van, Stephanie felt her heart begin to pound and fear settle into her
stomach. She was about to get gangbanged by 8 high school guys, and
one of them was a black guy with a 12-inch cock. She squeezed the wad
of bills in her hands and took a deep breath. She had to do this ...
dad. *Well, here goes nothing!* she told herself as Buzz shut off the
and the guys started piling out. "There's just one thing," Buzz
turned to
her. "It's kind of a tradition when we gangbang a slut like you."
"What is it?" she asked.
He reached under the seat and withdrew a dog collar attached to a
leash. "You have to be our mascot, you know, like our pet dog. You
put the collar and leash on, and you have to crawl around on all fours
and bark whenever we tell you to."
Stephanie hesitated. This wasn't part of the deal, yet they had
handed her $2850. She slowly reached out for the collar, but Buzz
his head.
"Dogs don't put on their own collars," he told her. "Get out of
van, get on all fours, and I'll put it on. Then we'll walk you to the
Stephanie nodded and climbed out of the van, sinking to her knees
and padding the asphalt with her hands. Buzz slid out of the drivers'
side and the guys formed a circle around her as he produced the collar
and leash. The guys began to bark and high-five each other as Buzz
grabbed Stephanie by the hair and lowered her head so that she was
staring at the ground. She closed her eyes as she felt the constraint
of the collar twine around her neck, then tighten as Buzz yanked at
"Sit, bitch!" he snapped as he gave the leash another tug.
Stephanie raised her head and looked at the mob of grinning jocks
who even now were stroking their dicks through their jeans in
anticipation of gangbanging her thirteen-year-old, virgin cunt. She
hesitated another moment ...
"I said, 'Speak!'" he jerked the leash again, and this time it
into her throat, cutting off her air supply and snapping her neck
"Rwoooof," she growled, imitating her dog, Comet, as best she
The jocks cheered and one kicked her in the ass. "Come on,
another called. "Let's run up to the house, girl." Another boot
her narrow ass. "Come on!" The leash jerked painfully once more, and
Stephanie had no choice but to start clomping up to the house on all
fours while the jocks petted her hair, slapped her ass and groped her
small, dangling tits. When they finally reached the door, she was
inside her own house and the guys started flopping down on the living
room sofa and chairs. Buzz dragged her into the center of the room,
pointed to the furniture.
"Let's circle the wagons," he ordered waving his hand around to
indi-cate that he wanted the chairs and sofa moved into a ring
formation that
surrounded Stephanie. As the jocks managed this, Buzz knelt down and
looked Stephanie straight in the eye. "Okay, bitch, when we're all
here, it's up to you. You crawl up to the first guy you want and
against his leg, you know whimpering like a puppy does when it wants
to eat. You choose him, too, cause if you don't I'll do the choosing
you and this'll go a lot rougher, okay ..?"
"O .." she started to answer, but he yanked her leash and flashed
a disapproving look. "Rwoofff," she barked as she nodded her head.
"That's my good bitch," he patted her on the head and let go of
leash. "Looks like we're just about ready here. So go on. Who's it
going to be? Who do you want to take that mouth cherry of yours,
bitch?" He smiled diabolically as he dropped into an open easy
Stephanie looked at the assembled jocks -- all eight of them --
tried to gauge who might be the easiest on her to start. They all
positively menacing, sitting in their seats, stroking their hard dicks
through their jeans, smiling ... leering at her. "Come here, girl,"
one of
them started calling, and seconds later they were all making clicking
sounds, patting their thighs and beckoning her over. She was suddenly
overcome with a wave of terror as she finally realized what was in
for her, what she had brought upon herself. *Stupid Kimmy and her
stupid phone calls!* Stephanie felt a wave of tears choke through her
tummy and up to her eyes, but she fought them off. She had made a
promise to these boys, and if there was one thing her father had
her it was that a Tanner always kept her promise. She scanned the
once more and finally chose a large redheaded boy who was laughing at
her along with the rest.
She crawled over to him and began nuzzling and fawning against
his leg, just as she had seen comet do hundreds of time when the
dog wanted attention. "What's wrong, girl?" the redhead talked to her
like she was Lassie. "You want something, girl? You need some-
thing?" Stephanie began to pant and nod her head up and down like
an excited puppy who wants to jump in the car and take a ride. "What
is it, girl? What do you want?" he jeered. She reached out and
his cock through his jeans and began struggling with the snaps. "Bad
girl," he smacked her hands away, and the guys laughed. "Did I give
you the command?" he grabbed her by the hair and twisted a hunk of
her bangs into a painful knot. "You know you have to beg for it,
Now beg!" Stephanie bent her hands over, imitating the way a puppy
begs. "Whimper for me, girl!" he ordered. "Show me how much you
want my cock. Beg for it!" he repeated as Stephanie simpered and
groveled at his feet. "Lick my shoes, and maybe I'll let you kiss my
cock," he twisted her hair again and forced her head down to his
The thirteen-year-old girl had no choice but drool over the
huge tennis shoes. As she traced her tongue up and down his enormous
shoe size, she remembered a saying she'd once heard DJ and Kimmy
giggle about -- *The bigger the feet, the bigger the meat!* she mused
to herself, as she cleaned the dirt off the jock's heels.
"Okay, girl, that's enough," he chided, dragging her back up to
his crotch by her hair and mashing her mouth against his zipper.
"Now pull it down with your teeth," he commanded. She struggled
to clench the metal tab in her jaws and pull down. His bulge was
so huge it made his crotch so tight that she couldn't get the zipper
down past a quarter of an inch. She tried to reach up and use her
hands, but he batted them away and slapped her. "Bad girl!" he
mocked as she resumed her struggle, finally getting the zipper
down . His cock now swelled out the fly of his jeans, pressing
the white cotton of his shorts. He pressed her mouth into the moist
fabric and instructed her to "suck my shorts, girl," as the mob of
howled in amusement.
As she obeyed him, his large cock-head peeked out over the
waist band of his shorts. He rubbed her face in and up and down
over the cottony crotch of his shorts, and she instinctively flicked
at the
red, plum-sized helmet of his prick. By her estimates, it appeared to
over nine inches, maybe even ten. She gasped in anticipation as he
his ass off the chair and invited her to work down his shorts.
the elastic in her mouth she unfurled the length of his swollen
flinching as it bumped her nose and deposited a tiny pearl of pre-cum
right on her upper lip.
"Taste it," he growled, tugging her hair for emphasis. She
sucked up
the tiny droplet of his sperm and tried not to gag at the salty taste.
knew she would be ingesting a lot of the thick liquid protein, and she
needed to get used to it quickly if she wanted to earn her money.
girl, let's see what you can do with a cock in your mouth," he jeered,
he raised her by the hair and tugged at the corners of her mouth with
fingers, prying her lips apart and then stabbing his
shaft in the moist, inviting space yawning between her jaws.
When she felt the bulbous head of his prick press down on her
buds, her tummy retched instinctively, and she tried to fight off the
nausea building up inside her guts. As she quaked in a dry heave, the
jocks erupted in another round of laughter. "Shit, if she's gonna
with that guys dick in her mouth, how's she ever gonna handle my 12-
inch black cock?" Tyrone mocked her. "Looks like I'll be getting my
money back for sure."
Stephanie burned with embarrassment at this comment, closed her
eyes and concentrated on accepting more of the jock's thick, gristly
prick down her mouth without heaving again. She felt the sweat
pour down her face, as she struggled to control both his raging cock
and her urge to spew vomit through her nose. He grunted another inch
her passive mouth, and she could feel his prick helmet slide down into
the back reaches of her mouth and lower into the rim of her throat.
She fought off another wave of nausea, and brushed the tears from her
straining cheeks. She would show these jocks; she would show Kimmy
and DJ and everyone she was old enough to do what the big girls do.
She opened her mouth even wider and let the redheaded jock pound
his prick-helmet against her tonsils.
"Shit, guys, the little thirteen-year-old whore is taking it,"
redheaded jock exclaimed with a mixture of awe and arousal. "She's
taking all of it."
"That's a good bitch," Buzz complimented her and patted her head
like she was a puppy. "Suck that cock. Suck it!"
She closed her yes, concentrated harder, and allowed even more of
the jock's cock into her throat. He was now fucking it in and out
an increased rhythm while she fought for air. As she felt herself go
faint from lack of oxygen, her head was suddenly pulled off the red-
head's prick and slapped over another hard cock. She looked up and
stared into the rabid eyes of another jock, a slick, dark-haired teen
with a hard, six-inch prick that he now stabbed into her yawning
As he pumped in and out of her mouth, she heard a chorus of zippers
hiss down, and in her peripheral vision she caught a glimpse of a
tude of hard cocks waiting their turn at her now mastered mouth.
"Tag!" one of the boys imitated a professional wrestler and
struck the
dark-haired boy's outstretched hand. As they slapped palms, the next
boy yanked her mouth from the dark-haired boy's prick and slammed
it down over his own eight-inch tool. The other boy's had now crowded
around her in a circle of mocking laughter, and just as she adjusted
mouth to one cock, another "tag!" resounded, and she was tugged off
dick and made to service another. At this furious round-robin pace,
boy's dick got close enough to firing its load, because once any
even started a "tag" was instituted, schlongs were switched, and the
excited member was given time to cool down.
Stephanie quickly became exhausted as her mouth was passed from
one hard teenage cock to the next like an obscene version of the
children's game "hot potato." She was so tired now, that she didn't
think about retching as cock after cock pistoned into her trashed
Finally, one of the boys held her head in place by twisting the hair
around her ears into handles, brutally battering into her windpipe
until she could feel his balls twitch as they tickled her chin. He
in as deep as he could, and started firing his load hard into her
before pulling out and strafing her sobbing face with his hot spunk.
As she recoiled in disgust, her head was jerked back at a 180 degree
angle and another hard cock was inserted into her mouth as her
head dangled upside down. This cock ravaged her throat for two
minutes before it, too, peppered her face with a load of cumshot.
her head was torn upright again and forced to take on two cocks at
once. They smashed into her mouth, and she stretched her mouth to
accept both swollen heads as they fired simultaneous geysers of
*Four down, four to go,* she told herself as she caught her
momentarily before the next prick assaulted her gasping mouth. This
was Buzz, and he gripped her head like a football and pounded into her
throat while she choked and gurgled in agony for three minutes before
accepting his volley of chode in thick, ropy strings across her
face. *Five,* she counted to herself, before the next boy took her
held his cock against her lips and jacked off to completion up her
and into her eyes. *Six,* she whispered to herself as she peered
the cum-blurred haze to find number seven. This jock grabbed her head
and proceeded to wrap his cock in her hair and jack himself off in her
When he finished, he pushed her down to the floor, and she groveled
at the team's feet. *All that's left is number eight,* she reassured
until she remembered who number eight was. *Shit, Tyrone ...* she
gasped to herself.
She looked up and there, sitting across the room from her
out in her dad's favorite easy chair was the naked, ebony god,
absent-mindedly stroking his twelve-inch black pole. In person, it
was even
longer and thicker than her imagination had conceived. "Strip for me,
bitch," he hissed. "Stand up, and do a little dance for your big
stud." She awkwardly rose to her feet, and her knees wobbled from
her previous ordeal as she attempted to do a bump and grind as she
slinked out of her top. The other guys provided boom-box noises for
their teammate's enjoyment, and Stephanie tried her hardest to match
the raucous, spitting rhythm.
As she lifted her sweater top over her budding chest, she felt
her nipples twitch and strain against her white, lacy AA cups. As she
danced, she fixated her eyes on the magnificence of Tyrone's cock,
trying to comprehend how that gargantuan engine would ever fit in her
thirteen-year-old pussy which barely allowed her to slip in her pinkie
finger it was so tight. Next came her bra, and as she unsnapped it
the back, she felt her tiny, firm titties jostle and jiggle free in
the cool
"Dance, bitch!" Buzz slapped her ass and pushed her towards
Stephanie wriggled her body as seductively as she could manage
while she undid her jeans. She flinched as countless sets of hands
groped and mauled her delicate, tender tit flesh, pinching her tiny,
pointed nipples and puffy aureolas. More hands molested her the
moment she showed any discomfort, and she whimpered in pain
as she scuffed off her shoes and awkwardly slid her jeans down her
legs to reveal her soaking-wet white panties. This elicited another
round of raucous applause, and some hands shot in to her crotch.
"Hands off that white pussy!" Tyrone barked from his throne. "You
know the deal. I get that thirteen-year-old white cunt unspoiled.
That means no fingers, no nothing up there. You can torture those
wimpy little titties of hers all you wants, but that cunt is all
The jocks deferred to their star half-back's wishes, and pushed
Stephanie forward until she was standing above Tyrone. "Now kneel
before your black master, cunt," Tyrone sneered as the gang forced
Stephanie face first to her knees.
As she bowed before the black god's ebony totem pole, he took
her by the hair and guided her lips to the baseball-sized cock-head.
Knowing what he wanted, she worshipfully kissed its magnificent
surface area with wet, sloppy, drooling smooches that glazed his
prick-helmet in thirteen-year-old spit. She locked her eyes onto his,
and as the gang watched in awe she stretched her jaws wide enough to
accept his massive bulk. Grasping her by her front bangs, he didn't
tate to slam his pole deep into her gurgling throat with utter
She coughed and gagged as his huge tool obliterated her tonsils and
lodge itself snugly in her windpipe. She glared wildly about when
she realized she could not breath and her mouth was impaled entirely
on his grotesque dimensions.
"Look at her fucking eyes," Tyrone laughed as he bucked his hips
back and forth and jarred her head like she was a broken doll. "She
don't know when she's ever gonna get her next breath again. She
to herself, 'Shit, I could die with this nigger's 12-inch cock shoved
down my fucking throat.'" The jocks all laughed and high-fived each
other, celebrating the thirteen-year-old's travail, as she turned blue
around Tyrone's inhuman black prick. "You're lucky I still gotta fuck
you, bitch," he jeered as he suddenly released her from his grip and
her jerk her head back with a desperate snap.
As she coughed and wheezed and struggled to catch her breath, she
saw Tyrone motion to the jocks. The next thing she knew, she was
being lifted into the air and set astride his monstrous manhood, it's
entire length being driven into her tender virgin crack like a wooden
stake. They ignored her kicks and screams and the rush of blood that
gushed from her blasted cunt and down her thighs as Tyrone made
short, merciless work of her pathetic cherry. His black cock seemed
to thrust up into her soul, inhabiting her entire being and sending
thirteen-year-old body into spastic convulsions that only increased
the pleasure and hardness throbbing over every ruthless inch of the
black god's raging ramrod.
Helpless to resist, she allowed the jocks to bounce her up and
on Tyrone's cock like a rag doll while he pinched her tiny nipples
and bit into them with his shiny white teeth. "Fuck, bitch, you're
so fucking tight. Tightest white pussy I've ever had. That's it.
ridin' it, bitch. You ridin' my twelve inch black cock like a real
He bucked his hips up now and skewered her with every last inch of his
cock and ounce of his fury. Her eyes rolled around in her head like
marbles and drool caked along the corners of her mouth, and she
a deep, guttural, fuck-frenzied wail that resounded through out the
Tanner household and told anyone within a mile radius that she was
a thirteen-year-old cunt who had just gotten her first taste of a
black cock and she didn't care who knew it. "Oh, yes!" she howled at
the moon like a banshee in heat. "Fuck me with that black cock! Fuck
my thirteen-year-old white pussy."


"That's one of them," Becky pointed to her thirteen-year-old
as she hopped up and down on the black boy's impossibly huge
cock to a riveting cum-quake. "Look at her pussy," she pointed
to the dirty old man at her side. "That's blood mixed in there with
teenage girl juice. That big black stud just busted her cherry, tore
right open, and she fucking loves it. These little slut sisters are
built for pain," Becky motioned the man to follow her in closer.
The jocks suddenly noticed Becky's presence with the man, but
no one seemed to care. One boy reached out and grabbed Becky by
the tit and squeezed, while another forced her to her knees.
"Hey," Becky protested, but it was no use. The jocks descended
on her a moment, and hr clothes began flying in all directions. The
old man took out his cock and stabbed it between her lips as the
boys hooted.
"Look at the old fart go!" Buzz exclaimed. "Do it, gramps. Do
bitch's mouth."
Becky struggled to gain control of the old man's prick, but it
everywhere, blindly slamming into her face and mouth as he yanked
her by the hair. "This is just a warm-up, cunt," he hissed as his
urges overtook him. "When we're done here, we're going to drag this
cunt's sister downstairs and then we're going to party."
"Wow!" Kimmy's voice cut into the noise. "A gangbang! Cool!"
she exclaimed as she dove into the crowd of jocks. They took her
naked body and buried her in teenage cock. Someone then grabbed
DJ from the stairs and pulled her into the circle. Her john shrugged
his shoulders and entered the fray as well, zeroing in on Stephanie.
Taking her by the hair, he lifted her up on the black teen's dick
her ass was sticking straight up in the air. With one decisive stroke
he slammed up against her tight virgin asshole with his huge,
cock and battered into her, trying to gain a breach.
"Here we are!" Joey announced to the two men as they entered the
front door, his jaw dropping to the floor when he witnessed the
depravity being unleashed in the Tanner family living room. Never in
his wildest dreams had he ever conceived of anything so utterly
and perverted. There was DJ being double penetrated by two big-dicked
high school boys while another boy jacked off his cock between
her lips. Kimmy, her best friend, found herself in similar straits
with a boy in her ass, one in her pussy, and two in her mouth. Becky,
beautiful wife, was on all fours servicing an old man while a teen
his fingers, worked them into her asshole and prepped her for an anal
invasion. Then there was Stephanie, sweet cute Stephanie, sandwiched
between the two largest, most monstrous cocks Joey had ever seen.
"Where's the little one?" the older man asked, barely regarding
120 Days of Sodom playing unfolding before his eyes.
Joey shrugged his shoulders and led the men to the basement door.

"Uncle Joey!" Michelle shouted when she saw her uncle and two
strange men walk downstairs. Jesse looked up from the magazine he
was reading, trying to ignore the hooting and hollering pounding the
basement walls from above. "There's a grown-up party going on,"
Michelle explained to the twins, who didn't seem to care about
but the Disney video blaring from the TV.
"Who are these guys?" Jesse asked, rising from the sofa. "No
supposed to be down here. The .. party's .. upstairs, remember?"
"We'd rather have our session down here," the older stranger
as he scanned the room. "I'm not into that shit," he commented,
to the twins. "Dave?" he asked his partner.
The younger man nodded. "No, just the little cunt over there>"
"Hey!" Jesse burst out angrily. He was just about to grab the
man and throw him out of the house when the younger stranger produced
a very large 357 Magnum from under his suit. "What the hell is going
on here?" Jesse immediately backed off.
"I'm Sam and he's Dave," the older man replied. "We ... let me
how shall I put this ... we *manage* all the local *talent* that works
this side of town, from the street-whores to the call girls.
Basically, every-
one gives us a cut of their action, and we don't cut them." The old
produced a very sharp-looking razor from out of nowhere. "You gentle-
men are running an unauthorized operation. Judging by the prices
stooge quoted us and the amount of business you have upstairs, I'd say
your take is several thousand dollars tonight. We would like our
customary 50%, a crack at the talent here, and then we'll leave you
alone when you've finished signing an exclusive contract with us."
"Listen" Jesse started, "you don't understand. This isn't what
looks like. We just needed to raise some quick cash to ..."
"Your business is your business," Sam dismissed Jesse and moved
towards where Michelle sat, watching everything in a stupefied
She didn't know what the men and her two uncles were talking about,
but she saw a gun and a knife, and Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey looked
scared. And now the old man was coming at her with the knife. She
wanted to bolt up the stairs and into the party, but she was too
to move, and to make matters worse she realized she was peeing in her
pants just like she used to do when she was a baby. Only she wasn't
baby anymore, she was just scared ... scared of the men with their
and knives.
"Don't touch her!" Jesse tried to make a move, but Dave was too
quick. In a split second, he kicked at the back of Jesse's legs and
stomped down, shredding the pretty-boy's Achilles tendon and hobbling
him to his knees. He yanked up Jesse by the hair and shoved the
of the 357 between his sobbing lips.
"That's it, pretty boy, suck on it," Dave jeered at Jesse as he
the barrel in and out of his mouth.
"I guess the little boys will have to watch," Sam sneered.
"We'll get
some of the other guys over to break them in," he told no one in
ular. "Now let's see what you've got to offer, cunt," he waved the
in Michelle's eyes. She looked up at him with her big, wide eyes, but
didn't move. "Come on, cunt, move," he slapped her as her two uncles
watched helplessly. "Get your fucking clothes off and let's see that
prepubescent body of yours." She still didn't move, so he grabbed her
by the shoulder, pulled her to her feet and sliced off her T-shirt top
his knife. "Yeah," he whistled approvingly, "we've got some pedos
that'd part with their right nuts for a chance at this prime cunt."
tore off her top and rubbed his hands across Michelle's flat,
chest. She squirmed and tried to break free of his grip. "You don't
that, do you, cunt ..?" he mocked, grasping her face by the cheeks and
squeezing her mouth into an obscene pucker. "I thought she was
some kind of little fuck-toy whore, buddy ..?" he whirled around and
faced Joey. "You told me this cunt was good to go. Now I find out
all uptight and shit. This isn't good, buddy. This means we're going
have to break her in. We can't be having pedos come in here paying
money for this shit. The innocent act as cool, and they like it when
little cunts play all hard to get and put up a fight, but this little
of yours has got a serious attitude problem. What's wrong, cunt?" he
turned back to Michelle and spit in her face. "This old man ain't
enough for you. You'd rather have some young stud like this pretty
boy fuck you .."
"Please," Joey sobbed, "she doesn't know what's going on here.
She's not one of .. the whores ..." Joey spat the words out quickly.
"We've got a thirteen-year-old upstairs; she's young, and she'll fuck
you good ..."
"She's also getting her cunt stretched by a moolie," Sam cut him
off. "She's never going to be tight again after that black cock gets
done blasting her open. We've got gentlemen who prefer fresher
veal, if you get my drift, like this cunt here. All she needs is a
conditioning, and she'll be a regular little money-maker, won't you,
cunt ..?" He forced her to nod her head up and down. "See? She
wants to learn how to be a good little, pre-teen whore. But first
we've got to help her get over all her little-innocent girlie
He turned to Joey. "Half the trick of breaking in these young cunts
is to get into their minds, you know. You've got to break them down
mentally as well as physically. You've got to make them see the world
as it really is .. no childhood, no innocence, no little games -- just
bodies servicing our needs. You want to make them dead inside, so
when you look in their eyes you just see that hollow, hopeless stare."
He turned to Jesse. "First thing we're going to do is show her she
can't trust or love anyone. I take it you're her uncle or some shit,"
he pulled Jesse away from Dave and dragged him over to where Michelle
stood shivering. "You're supposed to be protecting this little cunt,
aren't you ..?" he asked as he stepped around behind Michelle and
put the knife at her throat. "Aren't you?" he asked again as she
in his grip.
"Yes," Jesse answered, trying to fight back the tears.
"Okay, then, you're going to pull down her pants and eat her
and make her cum, or I'm going to hurt her," Sam instructed. "Do
you understand?"
"Uncle Jesse!" Michelle cried out, breaking her silence at last.
didn't know exactly what the man meant by 'eating her out,' but she
knew it had to be bad. Everything they were doing was bad. *Why
don't you stop them, Uncle Jesse!* she bawled to herself as she
her uncle unbutton her pants, unzip them and lower them down her
shaking legs. "Uncle Jesse, please ..." she wailed, but it was no
her pants were now down at her ankles and everyone in the room was
staring at her pee-stained underpants. "I'm sorry I peed my pants,"
she whispered pathetically to her uncle. "I'm so sorry ..."
"It's all right," Jesse tried to reassure her in a soothing tone.
"Suck the pee out of her little panties," Sam ordered. "Do it!"
Jesse bent over and placed his mouth on the crotch of his niece's
underpants and slurped at the wet cotton. The strange sensation of
her uncle's mouth pressed against her tiny pussy sent Michelle
Jesse closed his eyes and sucked as much of the pee out of her
under-wear as he could, all to aware that the vibration of his mouth
was stimu-
lating the prepubescent pussy of his terrified niece.
"That's good, pretty boy," Sam congratulated him. "Now pull them
down and get to work." He flashed the knife above Michelle's crying
eyes to give Jesse some incentive. Jesse nodded and peeled the damp
underwear past Michelle's thin, narrow hips and down her goose-pimply
thighs. "Lick her thighs," Sam ordered, enjoying the sensation of the
girl's writhing body completely under his dominant hand. "Now slowly
glide up to her bald cunt. Slowly ... slowly ... that's it, tease her
... How
does that feel, cunt?" he asked. "Having your uncle lick your little
pussy? How does it feel?" he repeated, dangling the knife before her
bleary eyes again. "Answer me!" he snapped.
"Please stop," she whined as the two strangers laughed. "Uncle
Jesse, please stop. Please make it stop!" she blubbered as she felt
her uncle's tongue snake up between her little pussy lips and flick
at the tiny bump that always itched so much when she went to sleep
at night.
"He's not going to stop, cunt," Sam told her. "And do you know
why? Because he's a guy and you're a fuck toy, and guys don't give
a shit about cunts like you. It don't matter if he's your father, or
or brother. He'll sell his soul for a chance to taste a young piece
veal like you. That's all you are, kid ... you're cunt meat, fresh
meat. No one loves you. No one gives a shit about you. They only
care about tasting that fresh cunt of yours. And when you're all
up and stretched out like your sister upstairs, you won't be any use
all. Just a useless fuck-toy. But you still have a little while
before that
happens, so the best thing is to just enjoy what you can. Feel his
up your little bald cunt. It feels good, doesn't it ..? The way he
that little bump there. That bump is called your clit, cunt. Can you
say that ... clit? Come on, say it. Say: 'Lick my clit, Uncle Jesse.
my clit and make me cum.' Say it!" He yanked her hair and showed her
the razor again. "I said: 'Say it!'"
"L..l..lick my clit, Uncle Jesse," she sobbed. "Lick it and make
"Beautiful," Sam sighed as Jesse buried his face in his niece's
pussy and sucked her clit while she squealed in horrified delight.
it, Uncle Jesse," he mocked. "You're showing her what it's going to
like from now on. You're making her cum. Feel her little body
Do you feel that? You're making your little niece cum."
Michelle felt her tummy do somersaults inside her and her insides
get all twisted in a knot. Her legs turned to jelly, and she sank to
floor as her uncle still licked her pussy.
"Hey, Sam," Dave spoke now for the first time in minutes. "I got
an idea. I saw a strap-on upstairs lying on the floor."
"Yeah?" Sam turned to his partner . "So?"
"Look over there," Dave pointed to giant-sized Elmo doll in the
corner of the basement. "That looks like a giant Tickle-Me Elmo
He turned to Joey and pointed the gun at him. "Does that thing
and stuff, or is it just some kind of giant-sized replica?"
" vibrates .." Joey stammered. "It was a promotional toy
Danny ..
Michelle's father got from the company because he did a feature on
the toy on his TV show. They only made ten of them. Do you want it?
You can have it. It's probably worth a lot of money."
"I don't care how much it's worth, I just want to know if it
like the real toy," Dave answered.
"It does," Joey repeated. "Yes, it does."
"So, Sam," Dave snickered. "Why don't we put the strap-on
dildo on the giant doll, and set it vibrating, and fuck the little
that way."
"Beautiful, Dave," Sam laughed. "Fucking brilliant! How'd you
like that, cunt? How'd you like to get fucked by your giant Tickle-Me
Michelle's response was a constant sob as Uncle Jesse kept
her pussy. She didn't know what the men were talking about and what
they were going to do with her Elmo doll, but she knew it was going to
bad, and she just tried to curl up in a ball and disappear.
Dave bolted upstairs, and Sam pulled Jesse's mouth away from his
niece's bald, wet cunt. "That's enough, Uncle Jesse," he jeered.
did good. You made your little cunt niece cum, and got her all little
puss all wet and prepped to be busted open. This is gonna be fucking
excellent, watching this little cunt get raped by her favorite toy."
Dave re-emerged a moment later with a grin on his face and his
hard dick hanging out of his fly. In his hands he carried the dildo.
He walked over to the giant, five-foot Elmo, lifted it up and brought
over to where Michelle lay balled up on the floor. He snickered as he
fitted the giant toy with the attachable cock. Meanwhile, Sam forced
Michelle onto her back and spread her thin, skittish legs. She kicked
like a jack-rabbit, but he was too strong, and too determined. In a
seconds, he had her legs spread as far apart as they would go,
her wet, bald pussy to the cool, basement air.
Michelle shivered with cold terror as she saw the younger
lower the Elmo doll, guiding its hard, erect cock into the entranceway
of her slick, hairless cunt. She tried to kick free once more when
felt the cold plastic bulb of the fake cock press up against her tiny
lower lips. The man swirled the fake dick-head in her oozing pussy
juices, and it grew slicker and slimier as he pressed it once more
into the tiny crevice between her thin legs. "Man, this is going to
be a tight fit," he grunted as he managed to get the first half-inch
the eight-inch black dildo past her perimeter.
"Ohhhhhh ..." she howled in agony as he slid the long black poker
in and out of her tight hole, working another quarter-inch, and then
another, back and forth, back and forth, into her pee-hole as the
streamed down her burning face. "Please ... stop ...." she bawled.
"Please ..." but the men ignored her, one holding her down and
her legs even further apart as the other drove another inch, and then
another into her quivering quim.
"I don't know if we can get all of it in here," Dave snarled as
bumped up against the prepubescent girl's hymen. She's got the
tightest pussy I've ever seen, and her cherry is tougher than steel up
"Let's get it vibrating," Sam instructed. "Come on, cunt," he
her into a sitting position now and wrapped her arms around her
Elmo. "Hug your little buddy. Squeeze him around his tummy and give
him a good tickle. Come on," he showed her the knife, and she
did what he said, hugging the Elmo with all her might and pinching its
tummy on the side.
Immediately, the doll began to vibrate the way it always did,
this time it wasn't fun, it was horrifying. As the doll shook, it
its toy cock deeper and deeper into Michelle's aching pussy, tearing
apart until she felt blood and pain pour down her cunt walls and her
go limp. Sam produced some rope from somewhere, and lashed her
wrists together, forcing her to embrace the vibrating doll even
tighter as it slowly carved the rest of her cunt with its artificial
"Would you look at that?" Sam whistled in awe as the dildo
impaled itself completely within her prepubescent pussy. "A fuck-toy
fucking a fuck-toy. That was stroke of brilliance, Dave. A fucking
of brilliance."
Michelle could do nothing now but try to ride out the brutal
wave unleashed by the merciless toy. As she continued hugging it, it
continued to pummel her pre-teen pussy to smithereens. She felt one
of the men grab her head and twist it to the side, and when she opened
her eyes she found herself staring straight into the pisshole of a
angry penis. It was the first hard cock she'd ever come face-to-face
and she couldn't believe how different it was from the small peters
would spy on the twins whenever she saw Becky or DJ change their
diapers. She had no idea what she was supposed to do with the giant
fleshy thing stuck in her face, so she tried to back away. The hand
her in place, though, and pushed the angry prick up against her face,
butting into her nose and tightly clenched jaw.
"Open up, cunt," Dave snarled, grabbing Jesse by his hair and
her uncle over the floor so that he was right next to Michelle. He
the 357 at Jesse's temple and danced his finger over the trigger. "Or
you want to see your uncle's brains splattered all over the floor."
With the artificial prick slamming away inside her, Michelle felt
all her resistance just fade away in a split second. She looked at
Jesse's face and a bratty petulance overcame her. *This is your
she thought to herself. *You and Uncle Joey. You were supposed to
me like Daddy would. These men are right. No one loves me. Not even
Daddy, because if he did he would be here right now protecting me.*
Angrily, she opened her mouth and let the man stick his hard angry
thing between her lips. "Now suck it real lightly first," he coached
her, "right on the head. Yeah, like that. Smooch it, now lick it
in the hole, then around the helmet, yeah, just like that. Man,
picking this up real fast for such a little cunt. You're just a
little cunt, aren't you ..?" he sighed as he fed her even more of his
solid seven-inches. "You're going to be just fine, cunt. All the
old pedos we send over here are going to love you. You're going to
be a great little cocksucker. That's what you want, isn't it ..? To
the best little cocksucker in the world ..?"
Michelle looked up at him and nodded as her entire body shook
with another pre-teen orgasm, this one brought on by the relentless
pronging of Fuckle-Me Elmo's toy cock. "I'm gonna be a great little
cocksucker," Michelle said sincerely between slobbering mouthfuls.
"I'm gonna be better than anyone ..." she promised before Dave got
tired f her squeaky voice and slammed his prick back into her greedy
"What the hell is going on here!?" the basement door suddenly
flew open and footsteps pounded down the stairs.
Michelle looked up to see her father in a fit of utter confusion
and rage. "Joey, Jesse, what the fuck are you doing to my family?"
"Calm down, buddy," Dave lifted the gun from Jesse's temple
and pointed it at Danny Tanner. "I don't remember anyone inviting
you to this party."
"This isn't a party!" Danny roared. "This is my house. These
my children all you animals are raping. Now stop that and let her
"Do you want to stop sucking my cock, cunt?" Dave asked. "Do
"No, sir," Michelle replied obediently. "I'm having fun sucking
thing and getting fucked by Elmo," she let loose a soulless giggle as
doll vibrated inside her tight cunny, sending delicious waves of pain
pleasure through her tiny body.
"Michelle!?" he father made a move to grab her, but Sam was too
quick. The razor sliced Danny's face and sent him recoiling back in
"Let's drag all this shit upstairs," Sam wiped the blood from his
blade on a handkerchief. "We got some dues to collect, and I want to
check out these other whores a little more closely before we check
You two losers drag the little and the doll upstairs," he pointed to
Jesse and Joey who quickly followed his orders while Danny looked
on in utter loathing. At that moment, he didn't know who he despised
more, the rapists assaulting his daughters or his so-called best
Jesse, Joey, and Becky.
Dave grabbed Danny by the hair, pressed the gun to his temple and

pushed him up the stairs behind Jesse, Joey, Michelle and Elmo.
Sam looked at the two twins who were still watching their Disney
movie, oblivious to their surroundings. He sighed, let them be, and
followed Dave upstairs.


The living room was a shambles. The furniture had broken into
pieces, and the coffee table was in splinters. Danny's favorite chair
had been reduced to a wreck of cushions and what remained of the
frame, and at the moment a big, black stud was using it as a backrest
while Stephanie, Danny's thirteen-year-old daughter bobbed her head
up and down over his foot-long shaft like a twenty-dollar whore
for her next hit of crack. A line of boys had formed at his
rear, stroking their cocks to extreme agitation while they awaited
turn in line at her asshole. When Danny had been in college, they had
this a "train," and the girls who pulled such trains were nothing more
than cheap sluts and whores. Now his own thirteen-year-old daughter
was engaged in such an activity, and it made him cry in shame.
Next to her on the floor, his eldest daughter DJ was getting
penetrated by an old man and another young high school stud. At the
same time, she had her face buried in the pussy of his *former*
and friend, Becky. Becky looked up at him as she mashed DJ's face
deeper into her sopping bush and shrugged her shoulders as if to say:
'What do you expect me to do? Your daughter's a fucking hot cut.'
Even the sight DJ's best friend Kimmy getting savaged by four
teens and a man with the thickest cock Danny had ever seen made
him want to cry. The man with the tree-trunk dick was buried in
Kimmy's asshole while she rode astride a redheaded high schooler's
big dick and alternated sucking and jacking off the cocks of two
other boys standing over her face.
Then there was the worst image of all, his little darling
tied up to the giant Tickle-Me Elmo he'd given her, a Tickle-Me
Elmo equipped with a strap-on dildo that was vibro-raping his little
daughter's tender twat. "So you're the boss of this house?" the man
called Sam hissed in Danny's ear. "You're the prick who tried to
set up this little mom and pop whore house right under our noses."
"No," Danny pleaded. "These are my daughters. I don't know
going on. They're not whores. They're schoolgirls. Their mother
died and that left me to raise them with my two ... these two
he corrected himself, "and this sick cunt." He pointed at Becky. "I
was supposed to go out of town on business, but when I went to
the store to pick up a few items for my trip, I found out my debit
card had been maxed out. So I came back home here to find out what
was going on, and there's this ...!" he sobbed. "Can someone please
me what's going on!?"
"Well," Sam replied. "Someone here is running a whore house, and
your daughters here are the featured attraction. We ere hustled in
by that loser," he pointed to Joey, "and he and that pretty boy gave
a crack at the little cunt over there strapped to the Elmo doll. As
these other cunts, they just seem to be doing what whores do, which is
fuck any cock with a wad of cash to back it up. And that's why we're
here, because we provide protection for all the whore houses in town,
and your fucking place hasn't cut us anything. So we're here to
our monthly cut, and then we'll be on our way and your slut daughters
can go on fucking their little brains out ... as long as we get our
Got that?"
"No, I don't 'got that'!" Danny hissed. "I don't get any of it.
daughters aren't whores. They don't have sex for money."
"Then what's this?" Dave asked as he picked up a wad of what
appeared to be several thousand dollars off an end-table. "A charity
donation?" He handed the money to Sam, who counted it and whistled.
"Even minus our 50% fee and the 25% late penalty, that still leaves
with a nice hunk of change, scumbag." San tossed him what was left of
the wad after he skimmed off a large portion of it. Without thinking,
Danny counted the take and saw it was over a thousand dollars. He was
dumbfounded. *What the hell is going on here!?* he screamed in his
As his eyes blurred over with tears, he saw Sam and Dave kick
their way through the tangle of depraved flesh and head towards the
"We'd love to stick around all night and sample your other whores,
but we got other places to hit. We'll be back in a week or so to
things out and collect our fee."
"You will do no such thing!" Danny protested, not knowing what
else to say. "This is not a whore house!"
"It is now, asshole," Sam retorted. "You just cleaned up 7 grand
in a few hours of work. Not even our best house turns in numbers like
that. I don't care what the fuck you want or what the fuck you think
you're going to do. This place is a whore house now and you're the
and if we don't start seeing profits like this every week we visit,
expose you and your family and ruin your fucking lives so that you'll
spend the next forty years of your life in jail sucking off niggers
Leroy while they fuck your cherry white ass to hell. Your daughters
be branded as the whores they are, too, and they'll spend their lives
turning twenty dollar tricks out of parked cars in the tenderloin.
you have to ask yourself, asshole ... is that what you fucking want
yourself and your kids? Is it? Just feel that money in your hands,
asshole. Cold hard cash, more than you've ever seen in your whole
pathetic lifetime, and all you've gotta do is sit back and let your
girls do the fucking. Now, you tell me, what's better -- a pile of
hard cash, or 25-40 years at San Quentin?"
Danny was stunned into silence, a feeling of complete and utter
helplessness washing over him. He clutched the money, started to
throw it in their faces, and suddenly stopped. He looked at his
being degraded in every way imaginable, and he realized things could
never go back to the way they once had been. His daughters had been
turned out; they were whores now, and the least he could do was make a
little profit from it fro his heartbreak. Besides, this new
opened up a whole new vista of possibilities for Danny Tanner, possi-
bilities he'd not even dared consider before.
He slid the money in his pocket with one hand and began unzipping
his fly with the other. Despite his feeble protestations, his cock
had been
hard the moment he'd walked in the house and seen his daughters being
gangbanged into oblivion by the mob of thick, hard cocks that violated
them. As Sam and Dave watched, Danny Tanner, devoted father and icon
of decency, cast off his nice-guy image forever and strolled up to his
youngest daughter. She looked up from where she was strapped to the
Fuckle-me Elmo doll and gazed at him with soulless hollow eyes. "Lick
your lips for daddy," Danny Tanner commanded his daughter, Michelle.
"Show daddy how much you learned today," he coaxed her as she opened
her mouth wide and passively let him slam his meat between her lips.
"That's my girl, suck it good, just like the whore you are, and the
you always will be ..." he laughed out loud as he watched the flesh
spin around him. "Come on guys!" he shouted in glee. "Just a hundred
dollars more, and you get an extra hour with these little cunts."
The mob let loose a cheer that echoed throughout the corridors of
the Tanner household and filled it to the rafters with depraved
*Which one next?* Danny Tanner mused as he brutally disciplined
Michelle's mouth. *They have so much to learn about being whores,
so much I can teach them ...*



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