Full House: Gibler's Revenge
by Anonymous

Stephanie Tanner was lying on her bed, skimming a magazine. The rest
of the family had gone out. She had some work, which she had just finished
and now it was time to relax. It was quiet and she was enjoying it.
Then there was the sound of a door opening and she heard that voice,
"Hey Deej", 'oh great, Gibler', she thought. She wondered why her family
couldn't figure out that they should lock the door to keep out that stupid
pest out. Stephanie couldn't stand her, everything about Kimmy bugged Stef,
she wondered why her sister hung around with her, and if she didn't like her,
why did she have to feel sorry for that skinny freak.

Footsteps sounded on the stairwell, Stephanie braced herself for that
voice "Hey, Deej, you home??" and then the door opened. There stood Kimmy
Gibler, wearing some fashion monstrosity, colours, styles and patterns all of
which produced a feeling of nausea. "OH, hey there blondie, where's your
sister". Stephanie didn't even look up, "She's out", hoping her voice would
convey the proper sense of annoyance. "Oh yeah?, when's she coming back?"
'Shit', Stef thought, I gotta play 20 questions. "I don't know, maybe an
hour and yes, I do know where she went but I'm not telling you, so don't ask".
"Well, someone's not in a good mood, what's buggin' you kid". Stephanie
looked up and hoped she had the proper sour look, "Kimmy, she's not here, I'm
just reading my magazine and I want to be alone, so why don't you just go
back to the hole you crawled out of and get lost". Kimmy stared at Stephanie
with her usual blank look." "So, you want me to leave, how come." With a
sigh, Stephanie closed her magazine and got off her bed. She walked over
to the taller girl. " You want to know why, because I don't like you, I
don't like listening to you, and I don't like what you wear or the way you
smell, is that clear enough?" "Huh, hey you insulted me". Stephanie felt
a smerk grow on her face, " yeah, I insulted you, I'm suprised you figured
it out so quick, why don't you go and give that brain cell of yours a rest
it must be tired." "No, take that back". Stephanie walked closer to her;
" Before I do that, you may kiss my ass." "Wha??" Stephanie stood right
beside the taller girl and began to poke her in the chest with each word she
said, "YOU(poke). MAY(poke). KISS(poke). MY(poke). ASS.(poke)." With that
Kimmy pushed Stephanie away. Stephanie got back to Kimmy and pushed her,
they both began to push each other and soon they were in a fight. There was
a lot of shoving and hair pulling. At one point Kimmy stumbled back and
fell into a toy box near the closet. Stephanie just looked and laughed.
This got Kimmy angry and she struggled to get out, she reached to the side
and picked up some skipping ropes she threw them at Stephanie. After a few
moments, Kimmy got up and ran up to Stephanie, the fight got worse,
although skinny, Kimmy did weigh more then Stephanie and after some more
struggling and carrying on, Stephanie was on the bed with Kimmy pinning her
arms to the bed. She then pushed her knees into Steph's stomach. "I give,
get up and leave me alone" yelled Stephaine, the bony knees were hurting her.
As Kimmy looked at the struggling foe, a smile came to her face. "So, you
want me to kiss your ass" "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, please get off me".
Kimmy let go of one arm and grabbed a hold of Stephanie's hair and pulled her
up, she dragged her to where the skipping ropes were. She grabbed a couple
with her spare hand and pushed Stephanie back on the bed, Steph fell on her
stomach. Kimmy jumped on her and grabbed her arms. With the skipping rope
she tied her hands and arms together. "Ouch", yelled Stephanie, "that hurts
leave me alone, please.." Kimmy got up and looked at her tied up tormentor.
"No, blondie, not until I give you what you asked". She then went to the
young girls waist and grabbed ahold of the bicycle shorts Stephanie wore, she
began to yank them down, Stephanie tried to struggle but it was no use, she
couldn't move her arms and besides the rope was hurting. A few more tugs and
they were off, Stephanie felt the cool air against her bare ass, she
was sweaty and so she got goose bumps. Kimmy stood up with the shorts and
looked at them, "Hey blondie, what's the matter, no panties, didn't your
clean freak of a father do you laundry this week??" She laughed at her
joke and then spread Stephanie's legs. She knelt behind her and pushed her
ass cheeks apart.

Kimmy knelt there for a few moments and looked at the rosebud that was
Stephanie's asshole. She bent forward and began to lick. With her tongue
she rimmed the bud and then she licked the ass crack. Stephanie was shocked
the feeling of the tongue on this sensitive part and it sent a shudder
through her body. She felt awful at first but then she began to enjoy it,
the wetness of Kimmy's tongue began to make her feel good and she tried to
slide her body closer to Kimmy's mouth. Kimmy noticed how her tongue was
beginning to make Stephanie squirm. She moved away. "Don't stop" gasped
Stephanie. "Don't worry blondie, this is only the beginning." She took her
finger and stuck it in her mouth, she got it nice and wet and then pushed
the finger on the asspucker. It took a few moments but she got it up
Steph's ass, a gasp escaped from Stephanie. Kimmy began to push the
finger in and out of Stephanie. She pulled it out and got
up, "Where's your beads?" she demanded. ","Steph stuttered,
"They're in that jewelry box". Kimmy went to the small box and rooted
through it, she pulled out this necklace of round, medium sized white beads.
She went back to the prone body of Stephanie and began to push in each
bead, nice and slow. The sensation was one of both pain and pleasure
to Stephanie, it hurt at first as her ass was stretched to receive each bead
but after the 6th one it felt good, very good she thought.

After the last one disappeared in Stephanie's ass, Kimmy got up
and moved to the middle of the bed, grabbing the ends of the rope, she turned
Stephanie over. Stephanie looked up at her tormentor and asked "Please...
take the beads out....please untie me....I'll". "Shut up, I'm not finished
yet". She went back between her legs and knelt down. She looked at the
young girls smooth pussy. Stephanie hadn't reached puberty yet and so there
was no sign of hair. Kimmy took her thumbs and spread the lips apart to
expose the small clitoris. She moved forward and began to kiss the clit.
A shudder went through Steph's body. It was an incredible feeling
she could feel herself gettting wet and she thought she had peed herself.
Kimmy continued to kiss and lick her clit. A moan escaped from Steph's lips
and this got Kimmy licking and sucking faster. Kimmy looked up, "Blondie,
you're wet and tasty, I guess that's why you wanted me to kiss your ass, you
really like this sort of thing..." Stephanie was getting excited, she wished
Kimmy would shut up and get back to licking her, she loved the feel of her
tongue, she was so sensitive down there, she wanted to pull Kimmy closer to
her. Kimmy went back to work, she took her middle finger and pushed it up
Stephanie's pussy. As she pushed it up her, Steph tried to slide up and down
it. Kimmy took hold of the string from the necklace with her other hand,
slowly she pulled and slowly the beads began to come out. As each one popped
Stephanie could feel her excitement growing, she didn't know what was
happening, but she knew something wonderful was going to occur to her. She
felt a warmth growing out of her groin. It was good and she wanted more.
Just as the last one slowly popped out, Stephanie exploded, her
whole body went into a spasm, the warmth shot through all parts of her, she
couldn't even think, the feeling went through her. She shook again and again.
Her back arched she wanted to kick, she wanted to scream, she wanted to
force Kimmy's face deeper up her. One more spasm went through her and she
fell back on the bed. Kimmy got up and looked at the exhausted young girl.
She went back to where she had thrown the shorts and began to put them back
on Stephanie. After that, she turned her over and untied her.

Stephanie felt so good she didn't even try to stop Kimmy. She felt
so tired, but she wanted it all to happen again. As she opened an eye, she
saw Kimmy go to the door. "You gotta go?" Kimmy turned around and smiled
at Stephanie, "Yeah, tell Deej I was here, just don't tell her what we did".
"Can we do it again?" Stephanie pleaded. "I'll think about it", and with
that, Kimmy left the room.


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