Full House: Girls Take A Full Load (mm/ff)
by MiniMan

Stephanie Tanner and her best friend Gia walked in the back door of the
Tanner residence early Friday night with their two boyfriends, Tom and

The rest of the family was out at a movie, and wouldn't be home for hours.
The two couples had gone to an earlier movie, but decided to come home early
instead of going to dinner.

"Steph, what time is your family gonna be home?" Gia looked at her.

"Uh, I don't know..not for a few hours, at least," she replied.

"Good." Gia smiled. Stephanie didn't like where this was going. "Let's go
upstairs then. Come on boys!"

They both smiled at each other, knowing what was coming.

"Uh, ok," said Stephanie. All four walked up the stairs to her room. The room
was large, and held two twin-size beds, one for Stephanie and one for her
little sister, Michelle. Gia went to go sit on Michelle's bed, and Chris

"Why don't we go sit down?" asked Stephanie, a bit uncomfortable. She hadn't
been in this position many times. Her few boyfriends would want blowjobs once
in a while, and to keep them happy, she obliged. She wouldn't admit it, but
the taste of cum on her tongue made her really horny. She had only been
fucked once, with her previous boyfriend. It was an experience she wouldn't
soon forget. Stephanie and Tom followed Gia's movements, and went to go sit
on Stephanie's bed.

Stephanie turned to look at Gia, and was amazed..Chris had already gotten her
shirt off..Gia's breasts were huge! Her bra was looking like it was ready to
burst, so Chris helped relieve some of the pressure. He bent down so that his
face was level with her chest, and he began to remove the bra with his teeth.
Gia smiled at Stephanie..Stephanie knew it was her turn.

Tom looked to his partner for the night, and moved closer. He began to kiss
her slowly, not using his tongue yet. Stephanie looked down to his pants;
there was a large bulge moving down there. She reached down, and grabbed it
firmly. Tom looked suprised, yet happy. She unzipped his zipper, and then
unbuckled his pants. It was obvious she wasn't getting out of this one, so
she might as well make the most of it. Tom moved his hands to her waist, and
lifted her shirt up to her neck. Her average size breasts stood there firmly,
awaiting male contact. He removed the rest of her shirt, and then took off
her bra, although not with his teeth as his friend had.

By this time, Gia and Chris were both fully unclothed, and laying on
Michelle's bed. They were rubbing each other and kissing each other's bodies.
Gia, on top, slid down his body and started licking his dick. As if she was
a shark, she spontaneously threw the entire thing into her mouth and began
sucking as hard as she could, moving the dick around with her mouth. It
wouldn't be long before he was giving her a present.

Stephanie and Tom were naked now too. Tom took the lead, and started to suck
and bite on Stephanies tits, on at a time, alternating frequently..Stephanie
just layed there, rubbing his dick with her hands. They began kissing, and
Tom started to get into position. He manuevered his dick into her still-tight
pussy, but didn't move, they just kept kissing. He started slowly, then
picked up speed, until Stephanie felt like a jackhammer was inside of her...
she loved it!

Chris had released all over Gia's face and mouth..she started to wipe it off
with her hand, then licked it and swallowed it all in one gulp. Both then
moved over to Stephanie's bed.

Tom let his load into Stephanie, and all four were relaxed for a while, until
they had built up more steam. Gia spoke up first.

"Steph, I want to show you how to have real pleasure. Roll over onto your

"Nuh-uh, Gia..I've heard that that can be really painful." She grimaced, and
thought of the pain.

"It's all rumors. And after the first time, it barely hurts at all!"

"Uh, if you say so.." Tom was glad to hear this, he wasted no time. He
straddled her and started to place his dick over her asshole. He slid it in
gently, watching Stephanie feel the pain. This time he didn't start slowly
though, he began at full speed..before Stephanie could say anything, he was
moving. She decided it wasn't so bad, so she played along..she tried her
best to arch her back for more support, and started to groan and scream in

"See? Isn't that fun? But that's not all of it.." Gia said.


Tom slowed down, he knew what Gia meant. He started to roll to the side;
since him and Stephanie were connected, she rolled too. Eventually, he was
on the bottom. Chris moved closer, and straddled the two-body high heap.

"What are you doing?" Stephanie asked.

"Just watch.." he replied, as he forced his dick into her pussy, feeling
the cum from Tom's earlier release. He wasn't gentle like Tom; Gia probably
liked it hard, and he was used to that. She was now the meat of the sandwich,
and she was in pain and pleasure at the same time..she had two large cocks
pushing into her from both directions at the same time. Gia moved to start
rubbing Stephanie's tits, just for added measure. She had already gotton
pleasures like this before, so she decided to give Stephanie the fun tonight.

After several minutes, both boys had unloaded again into her, and they pulled
out. Her asshole hurt like never before, and all three holes were oozing out
cum. She lie on her bed, recounting what just happened. This was the best
night of my life, she thought.

An hour had passed since the quartet went upstairs, and now it was all over.
The other three had left, so she just lie on her bed, wiping some of the cum
off of her. She would have to shower before the family came home.


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