From: yenoc ([email protected])
Subject: mc t.v. full house 1
Date: 1998/08/11


Trent was in San Fransisco for the show Full House. He located the
home and went inside. There were only two people in the house, Stephanie
Tanner and her friend Gia. Both girls were 13 years old. They were in
Stephanie's bedroom doing their homework at the table. Trent crept up the
stairs and walked into the room.

Neither girl noticed him enter the room. He had sent them a mental
to ignore his presence. Stephanie was tall and lanky. She had blonde hair
that was tied up in a ponytail. She wore a botton down dress. Steph was
innocent girl next door type, she was naive and trusted everyone. She was
inexperienced in sexual matters. She only knew the mechanics of sex. She
small breasts and was only now getting her girlish curves. Steph was also a

Gia was the exact opposite of her friend. She was shorter than Steph and
she had brown shoulder length hair. She had round wide hips and an
figure. She had the tough girl trampy image, she also had a big mouth. Gia
was more sexually experienced than Steph but she too was a virgin. She had
tight denim shorts and a t-shirt. She also had a nice pair of tits.

Both girls were oblivious to him. Trent stood beside Steph and prodded
adolescent mind. He did some retooling of her brain and implanted his own
thoughts into her head. Trent took out his large cock and neither girl

Without her knowing it, Stephanie's right arm came up from under the
and she wrapped her small hand around his throbbing organ. His penis was so
big that the girl couldn't get her fist all the way around it. She had no
idea that she was stroking a man's cock.

Stephanie pumped her hand up and down the shaft in a quick steady motion.
Trent moaned as the young girl fisted his cock and gave her first handjob.
groaned and his prick exploded, spewing white jism all over the table and
Stephanie's dress. She had cum on her and she didn't even know it.

Stephanie released his meat and cupped her hand under the twitching cock
head. Her hand filled with cum until he was spent. Staring at her book,
Steph brought her hand to her mouth and she started licking up his seed and
swallowing the stuff. She got her first taste of sperm. She licked her
clean and then sucked her fingers.

Trent had Gia stand up and bend over the table. The little slut greedily
licked all the cum off the table until it was clean. He was erect again in
seconds. Trent reached out and nabbed Gia's feeble mind. The girl stood up
and her eyes glazed over as her face went blank. He easily suppressed her
personality and will. She was a blank slate for him to mold.

Stephanie's hand went under the hem of her dress and into her cotton
panties. Absently, she began rubbing her teenage cunt without her mind
registering the act. Trent wanted her lubricated when he fucked her.

Gia rigidly walked over to the bed and stood along side it. She took off
her t-shirt and he saw that she had on a red and white striped bra that was
too small for her large chest. Gia had big tits and they were still
Her nipples were hard and visible through the bra. Trent walked over to her
and squeezed the 13 year old girl's tits. This caused Gia to moan in with

Gia unhooked her bra and shrugged it off her shoulders. Her teen globes
were now naked and they were marvelous. Her boobs were round and firm. She
had brown nipples that were erect. Her mounds were soft and pliant as he
handled them expertly. Trent sucked her nipples and kneaded her tit flesh.
She purred as he sucked and licked her heaving bosom.

Then he commanded her to get on the bed and Gia had to obey. She got
on her knees on the floor and leaned over the bed. Her upper torso and arms
rested on the mattress. Trent took off her shorts and panites. Gia lifted
her ass upward to assist him. She spread her legs apart so he could access
her private parts.

Trent knelt also and came in behind her. He took hold of his prick and
lined it up with the entrance of her cunt. Gia winced as she felt her
lips being pried apart. Her pussy was wet but she was tight. Gia groaned
he worked his cock into her hole. She cried out as he found her hymen and
pressed against the barrier. He drew back and prepared to take her

Trent grabbed her by the waist and shoved forward. His cock tore through
her maidenhead and Gia screamed out in agony as she was deflowered. She did
not try to get away as he took her cherry, since she was forbidden to do so.
It felt like a tree had been rammed into her cunt. Her blood mixed with his
cock fluid as he pumped in and out of her channel. Her vaginal muscles
clamped his rod like a vise.

He had half his cock in the squriming girl. Gia quieted down and
his pummeling cock inside of her body. Her tits rubbed against the mattress
as she slid across the bed as he fucked her. Trent held her securely and
drove the rest of his penis into her gaping pit. Gia gasped as she was
stuffed with cock meat.

Gia knew now that the reason she lived was to be fucked and used by men.
She existed to please and serve any man who wanted her. Trent fucked the
without mercy. Her pussy was belching out love juice so she was well lubed
for him. She would be sore and walking oddly for the next couple of days.

She moaned as she enjoyed her first fuck. Gia loved the feeling of his
cock as it slid back and forth inside her cunt. She hummed in delight as
twisted and gyrated her pelvis on his stabbing rod. She didn't want the
coupling to end. Her engorged clit rubbed along the edge of the bed as she
moved with him in unison.

Gia worked herself into a frenzy. "Yes! Fuck me!" the girl yelped.
sooo good! OOH! I need your cock in me! Fuck mee!" Gia shrieked loudly as
she went over the edge and plunged into an intense orgasmic firestorm. She
came hard as she climaxed over and over.

Trent shook slightly and then his cock erupted into her seething tunnel.
Thick wads of cream shot into her hungry pussy, causing Gia to orgasm anew.
"Yess! Fuck me! Cumm in mee!" she pleaded. "I can feel your sperm in me and
love it! Gimme More please! It's fantastic!"

Trent withdrew suddenly and turned the girl over on her back. He
Gia's chest and closed her swollen tits around his cock. Gia held her
together and slid them along his cock. She loved being tit-fucked. Her
was sweaty as she worked her twin mounds up and down his prick. She licked
his cock head each time it appeared between her melons.

He poured seed all over her face and tits. She gratefully massaged his
jism into her chest and her face was a mask of cum. Gia climaxed several
additional times as she recieved his precious gift. Afterward, he had Gia
take a shower and clean herself. He then had her lie on the other bed and
made her sleep.

Trent turned his attention to Stephanie. She had been studying and
her cunt as he fucked Gia. She was very wet and aroused by now. He claimed
her mind and she zoned out. He was going to let her be conscious as he used
and molested her body. She would be helpless to do anything but watch in
horror as her body betrayed her.

She stiffly walked to the bed and stood beside him. He fondled her
developing body and fingered her virgin slit. She was soaked betwen the
He massaged her clit and she moaned wantonly. Stephanie shook her head in
confusion and stared at Trent. She didn't know what was happening.

She saw Gia sleeping naked on the bed and she quickly figured things out.
She screamed and Trent slapped her face. "That's right," he said, "I
your body and mind. I just fucked your friend over there and you're next
little girl. Deal with it"

Stephanie had no control over her body. She was terrified. She saw his
huge cock and her eyes bugged out. She had never seen a man's penis before.
She then took his cock in her trembling hand and stroked the pulsing tool.
Stephanie was aghast. She had a guy's cock in her hand and she was stroking
the organ against her will.

"Why are you doing this to me?" she sobbed. "Because I can." was his
response. Steph kneeled down and lowered her head into his crotch. Tears
down her face as she realized what was going to happen next. He was going
make her suck his cock. She opened her sweet mouth and took the cock head
between her ruby lips. Her eyes pleaded with him but Trent was unmoved.

She wanted to retch as his cock entered her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed
she blew him. Her head bobbed up and down in his lap as she sucked his
She gagged as she took more of him into her mouth. She licked and sucked
rod tenderly. Her tongue swirled around the head and she licked the staff
and down. She was good but he had other things to do.

Stephanie stood and unbuttoned her dress. It fell to the floor. She was
clad in only her bra and panties. She was ashamed and embarassed to be
exposed to this man. Trent eyed her nubile body. The first thing he did
implant an order in mer mind. She would have to obey him without question.
Stephanie would never again wear panties so she could be a true slut.

She unlcasped her bra and dropped it. She had small breasts and pink
nipples. She slipped off her panites and was then naked before him. Her
hung limply at her sides as she weeped openly. Trent squeezed her breasts
tweaked the delicate nipples. Steph shuddered as he caressed her body. He
then mouthed her tits and sucked her hard nipples. She groaned in ecstasy
she got hot and bothered. She had never been so excited. She secretly
anticipated his next move.

His hand travelled down her flexing belly and slid between her wobbly
She almost fainted as he fondled her sensitive clit. She was surprised when
her legs opened for him. She had a bush of light blonde pubic hair that
looked like peach fuzz.

Steph laid on the bed and shivered. She was on her back with her legs
spread wide, giving him the full view of her glistening slit. Her legs
dangled over the mattress edge. He stepped between her thighs and Steph
pulled apart her cunt lips for him.

Trent manipulated her young pussy and she was soon a mass of groaning,
writhering flesh. Her entire body was like an exposed nerve. She breathed
heavily as she looked at him lustily. She humped her hips up and down as
hand petted her cunt. She rubbed her enfalmed tits and pinched her nipples
until they hurt.

Stephanie found herself wanting him to stick his cock into her pussy. He
rubbed the head along her slit and this drove the girl wild with abandon.
couldn't take the games any longer. She needed to be fucked badly. Through
parched lips she croaked, "Please do it." "Do what?" he chided. "Please
me," she begged. "I need it. Put your big cock in my little girl cunt and
fuck me! Please make me a woman. I need your cock!" She twisted her groin
around as she tried to get his meat into her burning pit.

Trent pushed into her cunt. She moaned as she was penetrated by his
invading cock. Stephanie was very tight and had a small vagina. He got the
tip inside and had to push roughly to advance further. He soon had two
in the twitcing girl. She cried out as she was split wide. She had never
known such pain before.

Trent shoved inward and connected with her hymen. The thin membrane
offered him little resistance. Her cunt was stretched to the breaking
She tried to escape but it was a futile attempt doomed to fail. She yelled
pain as she was brutally raped. She begged him to take his cock out but
would not be denied.

He had had enough. He took away her voice and she was silent. It was
to rock. He drew back and rammed into her pussy with brute force. He
away her hymen and took Stephanie Tanner's virgintiy. She screeched in mute
horror as she was visciously raped. Her cunt was torn asunder and she felt
his cock plunge deep into her cunt.

Then her pain vanished and she was in awe of the sensations she felt.
Steph stared at him in wide eyed wonder as she got fucked by his big cock.
She was shocked as she felt pleasure. Her cunt relaxed and she now accepted
his pistoning member. Steph's hips started thrusting up and down to meet
sawing movement. She knew that she'd never be satisfied without a cock in

All she could think about was being fucked. Steph pumped her pelvis to
match his thrusts. She cooed as she locked her legs around his waist and
undulated her lower body. "Ungh, Unngh, AAH! I'm yours! Fuck me!" she told
him. "Don't stop ever. Fuck me! I'm your whore, use me! AARGH! AAAH!" She
was his body and soul. Steph lifted her head and kissed Trent passionately.
Her orgasm hit from nowhere. She fucked him madly. Her body was wracked
by intense oragasms. She convulsed as her back arched and she threw back her
head. She screamed in joy, "OOH! GOD! YESS! IT's soo good! FUck me! I'll do
anything for you! Just Please fuck me! I'm cumming!!"

Stephanie clung to him for dear life as she rode him like a bitch in
Trent pounded her battered cunt and she loved it. She shouted as she came
over and over. Trent grunted and then came. He fired wad after wad of cum
into her pussy and this made Steph orgasm all over again. The climaxed were
driving her insane. She begged him to cum in her sopping cunt.

Trent sent his seed deep into her womb and she wanted every drop he gave.
The jism overflowed her cunt and dripped out. He pulled out and Steph
his cock, shoving it in her mouth. She eagerly ingested his cum and it
great. She looked at him dreamily and thanked him for fucking her.

Two hours later, Stephanie and Gia were on her bed locked in a 69 postion
as they ate each other's cunts. They were now bisexual and found both men
women attractive. Trent watched their lesbian act and smiled. He was
at how quickly they turned into sluts. He heard a noise downstairs and knew
that D.J. Tanner was home. It was time for the second round he thought to

End part one. Next D.J. gets hers.


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