Full House: Michelle's First Time (MF,inc)
by Spyder ([email protected])

It is a pleasant afternnon at the Tanner home. The family is out doing what
the daily routine entails. Michelle is the first to return or so she thinks.
She goes to her bedroom and atempts to relax to no avail. Thinking as she
heads to the door to close it slightly, she slowly removes her clothes down
to her panties. You see the youngest of the Tanner women never wears a bra,
so she shows her full sized breasts through any type of shirt she wears.
Lying on the bed she reaches under the covers to retrieve a magazine which
is opened to a picture of her favorite star Brad Pitt. Removing her panties,
she slowly plunges two fingers into her pussy. Back and forth she goes in
rhythm to the music as she orgasms many times. Her moans echo through what
she believes is and empty house.

Meanwhile down in the basement, Joey Gladstone is awakened by the sounds
he hears. He leaves the suite to investigate the noise he is listening to.
Arriving on the upstair landing, Joey watches threw the door as Michelle
continues to masturbate. He sees the lightly haired pussy of the youngest
child and wonders if she has been fucked yet. While thinking this, he feels
his cock get hard and at that moment Michelle waves the man into the room
where Stephanie and D.J. were first banged by their Uncle Jesse.

"Just what are you doing outside my door, Joey?" asks Michelle.

Joey enters the room and proceeds to undress, then he says, "I heard
some noises of delight when I woke up in my suite and thought I would

Michelle smiles, licks the cuz from her fingers and asks, "Would you like
to claim my cherry?"

Joey nods and lies beside the sexy young woman. The two kiss for the longest
of time and as this is happening, Joey has moved his fingers into her hot
pussy. He smiles at her as he feels the honey hair tickle his fingers on the
way in and out. She has wrapped her fingers around his hardened cock and gets
up to enjoy her second blowjob. Michelle remembers the first male organ she
took in her mouth. It was three years earlier at school, her science teacher
called her for detention. He said the only way to get out of it was to learn
to suck his dick. She was a fast learner and every detention with him after
that was a blowjob to leave early. Suddenly her mind returns to what is
happening right now, Joeys six and a half inch cock exploding in her mouth.
Michelle lies flat back and spreads her legs, Joey takes this as a sign and
lowers his face to her open cunt. He eats the pussy of the only Tanner woman
not to be fucked by Jesse. A smile crosses the face of the man who is about
to enjoy this lady.

Michelle looks up and loudly states, "Please Joey, fuck my gaping cunt, I am
ready for it all."

Joey nods and slowly enters Michelle's virgin pussy. Two inches at first,
then he backs up and letís her have it full bore. The moans eminating from
Michelle's body are louder than she let out when she was masturbating. Joey
continues until he pulls out, turns her over and rams it into her ass. He
is surprised at how easily her hole gives way to his cock. She letís slip
with the fact that Jesse fucked her ass once before. Not to shocked by this
admission, Joey relaxes at the thought that he is the only man to actually
fuck the lady. He moans in delight as his cum is ready to explode, pulling
out he again turns Michelle over and unloads on her face and exquisite
breast. They lie for a few minutes, Joey leaves and Michelle is shocked to
find Kimberly Gibbler in the closet fingering her clit. Michelle waves the
gorgeous neighbor over and asks her to lick the cum from her tits. While
this goes on, Michelle plunges her fingers into Miss Gibbler's pussy. It
doesn't take long for the two women to cum.

"Was this the first time with a man, Michelle?" asks Kimberly.

"Oh my yes it was, but not the first time with a woman," answers the very
hot Michelle.

"Do you also realize that you are the only one in this family not to be
fucked by Jesse." states Kimberly.

Michelle answers the question and the two young women return to resting
after an afternoon of hot passion. Michelle rests as Kimberly leaves the
house. She is pleased at the afternnons happenings and sleeps until dinner.


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