This story is based on the characters from
the TV show, FULL HOUSE. This is not meant
as an infringement on their copyright of
the series, but fulfills the fantasy of
mature audiences only.

(This story contains scenes of sex,
gang-bang, teens, lesbian and bestiality.)

If these topics disturb you in any way, do
not read on. If on the other hand, you
enjoy such situations, enjoy.

Motherly Advice
by David Oberman
[email protected]

The cast of characters are:

Joey Gladstone - David Coulier
Rebecca Donaldson - Lori Laughlin
DJ Tanner - Candace Cameron
Stephanie Tanner - Jodi Sweetum

Chapter One

Rebecca Donaldson, the perky co-host
of the morning show Good Morning San
Francisco, was happy with her life. From
the first day of her joining her hosting
partner, Danny Tanner, she was welcomed
into his family circle. Though she was
actually 27-years-old, she could easily
pass for a young girl of seventeen.

She was introduced to his three
daughters, Debby Jo (better known as DJ by
all), Stephanie and Michelle. Danny had to
raise them alone since his wife passed away
a few years before. She also met with the
two men that shared in bringing up the
girls, his best friend Joey Gladstone, and
his brother-in-law Jesse Katsopoulos. All
of the members of Danny's household greeted
her as a member of the family from the

As soon as she saw Jesse she fell
madly in love with him. They started
dating almost that same day. This
whirlwind romance lead to their eventual
marriage less than a year later.

But even before they got married and
she was officially a family member, Danny's
girls would come to her for girl advice.
They would be talking about boys,
schoolwork or just plain girl talk. Being
the only adult woman that the girls could
confide in, this seemed only natural.

At first, they tried moving into her
apartment, but she soon realized that Jesse
missed the girls, and even Joey. And she
even had to admit to herself that she
missed being part of a large family again.
So she compromised and the couple moved
back into Danny's house and lived in the
refurbished attic.

This week she would have the
opportunity to host their morning
television show, solo. Danny had to go
into the hospital for a minor operation and
he would have to stay there for the whole
recuperation period.

She also was very supportive to her
husband's musical ambitions. For years,
Jesse had been trying to land a recording
contract with only mild success. Then, one
day, he came bursting into their room with
fantastic news. His new band had just been
signed to tour with a major talent, but
that also meant that he'd be gone for the
next eight to nine months while on the

Being the supportive wife that she
was, she bid him a fond bon voyage and sent
him on his way. Little could she suspect
how much she would miss his company in the
long nights to come. She truly hadn't
planned on how lonely those nights would be
without Jesse around to give her a good
fuck. But she had the answer to that
problem. Having been raised on a ranch in
Montana she had solved her lustful needs
easily with what was available there.

In this case, she's just have to call
on the service's of the Tanner's pet dog,
Comet. He was a large Golden Retriever,
with soft thick fur covering him. She had
noticed him the first night Danny
introduced her to the family. At the time,
it had only brought back memories of her
life on the ranch and the animals there.
It was back at her family's ranch were she
had lost her virginity to a husky
Rottweiler named Grant. She had no thought
of making use of him then.

But now that she lived under the same
roof, things were different. Though her
sex-life with Jesse was great, she always
kept fantasizing about getting Comet
involved with her and Jesse sometime. But
she could never find any appropriate way to
broach the subject with him in any tactful

Now the opportunity presented itself
where, not only she could fulfill that
fantasy of mating with Comet, but it would
even seem to be necessary now that Jesse
was away for so long. She just couldn't
imagine herself holding off on sex for such
a long time. But she would still have to
be cautious on how to proceed.

After all she did live in a household
with five other people, three of them being
her nieces by marriage.

Having joined Danny's family milieu
also added a new responsibility on her
shoulders. Being the only adult woman in
the house, the girls automatically came to
her for advice. Especially advice on boys.
And DJ, being a beautiful fifteen-year-old,
would probably be coming to her any time
with questions about sex. Obviously, the
budding teen couldn't go to her father with
such questions.

But her present concern was her own
needs at the moment. The girls would have
to wait their turn.

That night, after she made sure that
everybody was asleep, Becky snuck down to
the kitchen in her teddy and made her way
to the counter table for some snacks that
she would use to train Comet properly. For
tonight's purposes, she had forgone wearing
the panties to her teddy. Then she looked
around for the family pet. She found him
snoozing under the kitchen table.

"Psst! Comet," she whispered. "Here
boy. Come on Comet, look what Becky has
for you," she said, waving a biscuit to

Comet lifted his head at her voice,
and sniffed the air at the sight of the
yummy snack. Becky made her way back
upstairs, guiding Comet along behind her.

The large dog was so concentrated on
the snack being waved before his face, that
he hadn't yet detected the scent of her
moistening pussy.

Once Comet stepped past the doorway
leading up to the attic, Becky stopped to
close and lock it behind them. This placed
her groin right over Comet's snout where he
got an intense whiff of her cunt. Driven
by instinct, his cock started poking out of
its furry sheath as Becky made her way up
the stairs with him following close behind.

Becky was gratified to see that Comet
was beginning to get in line with her
plans. Every few steps up, she could feel
his nose poking under her sheer teddy
nightwear. His tongue taking a swipe at
her moistening pussylips. She could feel
her nipples stiffening in anticipation of
what was to come.

"Good boy Comet," she whispered back
to him. "I knew you'd want to help me."

They finally made it back into the
attic-room, and she turned to close that
door as well. Making sure that she latched
that door shut as well. No use taking
chances of someone coming upstairs
unannounced, which wasn't all that unusual
in this house.

Once she and Comet were safely in the
attic-room, she didn't ever wait to reach
her bed before stripping off her teddy.
She pulled it over her head, her soft hair
cascading back down to her shoulders, and
just tossed it aside to the floor.

Comet went straight to the discarded
garment and sniffed it intently. Stopping
at the crotch where she had stained the
sheer fabric with her moist pussy.

Becky just stepped back and watched,
smiling, as the dog licked at her teddy's
crotch. She made her way to the sofa and
just sat down, spreading her legs wide.
She then reached down with her hand and
started playing with her clit while Comet
kept licking her second-hand offering. With
her other hand she rubbed her beautiful
breasts. Pinching one nipple, then the
other in turn.

Comet finally came to the conclusion
that the teddy wasn't the true source of
the fragrance that had triggered his penis.
Raising his head, he began sniffing the air
to locate the real source. He followed the
scent back to Becky, and without
consciously realizing it, lowered his snout
into her spread open legs.

"Mmmmmmmm! Yes Comet," she hummed.
"I knew you'd be good at this. I didn't
even have to train you."

Comet didn't care anything about what
she was saying, he began lapping at her
pussy. Drinking in her juices as she came
for the first of many times on this night.

Becky peered over to the side and was
pleased to see his cock growing steadily.
Already it had reached an impressive length
of six inches, and it was still growing.
She couldn't wait to feel that tool making
its way into her horny pussy. Becky
couldn't wait any longer. Pushing Comet
aside she knelt to the floor and got her
head under his furry belly. His stiffening
cock was right in front of her nose and she
took a deep whiff of his scent.

"Mmmmm," she moaned. "You smell good
Comet. Would you like Aunt Becky to make
you feel good boy."

"Gggruff!" Was his response, which
made her laugh.

"I guess you do," she said.

And with that, she moved her face
forward slightly and stuck her tongue out
and lapped over his slick penis. She loved
the taste of dog pre-cum. She couldn't get
enough of it. And she missed it so much
from her younger years.

Comet, his paws moving about
nervously, was unsure as to what was going
on with this human under his belly. But he
did enjoy what she was doing to him. His
tongue was just hanging out of his jaw, as
he began panting excitedly. He only acted
this way around a bitch in heat, so he
couldn't understand why he would be doing
the same for the woman licking his cock.

"Mmmmmm!" Becky moaned again. "You
don't know how much I missed this Comet.
You know, I used to do the same thing to my
dogs, back at the ranch. They all loved it
when they saw me coming."

"Gggrufff!" He sounded off.

She could feel her nipples poking at
the tip of her perky tits. They felt like
they just wanted to launch themselves off
of her boobs. She checked his cock again
and gasped when she saw what a stud he was.
His canine cock had grown to the impressive
length of at least ten inches, with a knot
that must be about the size of a large

"You ready for the next step Comet?"
She asked.

And she moved to the middle of the
room, aiming her ass back at him.

Comet just tilted his head sideways
in confusion. What was this human expecting
him to do, fuck her?

Becky could see his hesitance about
mounting her. But she knew how to get his

She reached between her legs and
started playing with her pussy, fucking her
middle finger in and out of it enticingly
in front of the Golden Retriever's gaze.
She would then pull out her finger and
spread her juices all over her groin area.

Comet immediately detected the scent
of her sex and approached her cautiously.
Sniffing the air above her ass, he then
lowered his snout and began licking all
around Becky's willing pussylips. Once he
finished cleaning her on the outside, his
tongue instinctly explored her innards.

"Oh! Yessss, Comet," she groaned.
"I knew I could count on you."

Once he found that she tasted almost
like a regular dog bitch, he intensified
his licking. Trying to get deeper inside
of her pulsing vagina.

Becky could feel his long canine
tongue reach deep in the depth of her
pussy. In excitement, she started humping
her ass to get his attention to what she
really wanted.

The young woman's movement didn't go
unnoticed to the family pet. He pulled
back momentarily and jumped onto her back,
mounting this bitch.

Becky felt his furry forelegs
wrapping themselves around her slim waist,
in preparation to his fucking her. She
smiled inwardly as she waited for his hot
cock to find its mark. She could her his
paws shuffling as they tried to find the
best way to bury his penis into her.

Once, twice, three times she felt his
hard cock poke her ass. Twice more it
would rub through her ass crack. She
realized that she would have to help Comet
find her pussy hole if she hoped to get him
to fuck her.

So, reaching back between her legs,
she grasped his hard, slick cock and
lowered him until she felt his cockhead at
her pussylips. She ran the warm shaft up
and down along her pussy a few times before
pushing it past her sucking pussylips.

Once he felt the warmth of those
vaginal lips caress his cock, Comet shoved
forward in one savage thrust. Burying his
whole ten inches in her in one swift move.
Once inside of her, Comet began humping
brutally into her, as only an animal could.

"Holy fucking shit!" She exclaimed.

She hadn't expected to take all of
his huge cock so suddenly. Comet didn't
give her any time to get used to his
fucking, she would have to do that while he
kept humping her.

Not that she minded being brutally
fucked by a dog. It's just that it had been
so long since she had had a cock of this
size fill her pussy like this.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" She exclaimed with
each of his thrust.

She could feel his saliva dripping on
her back as the large dog continued
exerting himself in her. Her forelegs
gripped her more tightly around the waist,
almost squeezing her breath away.

Then she felt the bumping of his knot
against her cunt. She recalled how
impressive it looked to her earlier. She
couldn't wait to get him inside of her so
that they could get tied.

Bump! Bump! Bump!

His knot kept striking her pussy
without gaining entry. Comet was getting
frustrated. His instincts told him that he
needed to be tied to a bitch for
impregnation. But with this one, he just
couldn't get his knot into her.

Becky was just as frustrated at his
failure to knot. She preferred to have to
dog manage on his own, but she conceded
that she would have to assist Comet in this
as well.

Reaching back once more, she grasped
his shaft by the knot and tried pulling it
into her pussy that way. That didn't seem
to work though. She then changed tactics
and tried prying her pussylips apart.

With Comet humping, that did the
trick. Two thrust later, she felt his knot
push past her fingers and pussylips, tying
them together.

Becky wouldn't stop there though.
She reached back and started feeling up his
swollen balls. She was impressed with
their size and expected a big load of cum
from the Golden Retriever.

"Mmmmm! That feels so nice Comet,"
she moaned. "I'm glad I decided to get you
up here tonight."

She felt her stomach, and could
literally feel his hard shaft from the
outside. He had filled her completely.
She began to wonder if there would be room
to receive his cum when he came.

But for now, she was more selfishly
involved in pleasuring herself. Reaching
back to her pussy, she began rubbing
fiercely on her stiff clit. She
desperately wanted to cum as many times as
possible before Comet began filling her
pussy with his seed.

Chapter Two

Rebecca Donaldson had snuck the
Tanner's pet, a Golden Retriever by the
name of Comet, upstairs into her attic
bedroom that she shared with her husband
Jesse. She was missing her husband
greatly, but especially his cock. So this
night she decided to make use of Comet's
cock instead.

They had managed to get tied and she
loved it.

"Oh fuck yes Comet," she exclaimed as
she came.

She continued rubbing her blood
engorged clit despite cumming once already.
Comet fucked harder, despite being tied to
her, when he felt her warm cummy juices
coating his balls. He gripped her waist
tighter with his forelegs and tried to bury
more of his cock into the depths of her

Becky loved his violent reaction to
her juices. The powerful animal kept
lunging forward, pushing her across the
floor. She couldn't stop him, nor did she
have any inclination to do so.

Again she came, splashing his balls
with more of her warm juices.

"Hooooowl!" Comet sounded off.

For the briefest of moments she was
concerned that others in the house might
have heard him howl at the night. But that
past just as quickly when she received
another hump from the horny dog.

She turned her head around and sucked
in his salivating tongue, giving him his
first experience in frenchkissing. She let
that long tongue delve deeply down her
throat, almost causing her to gag on it.
But she controlled herself and allowed him
to continue.

"Mmmmmm!" She gurgled past his

Comet continued humping into her
pussy, despite the fact that his knot
prevented much movement on his part. He
could feel his sperm churning in his balls,
ready to burst.

Rebecca could feel a change in the
dog's temperament. She too expected him
about ready to burst, and braced herself
for it.

"MMMMMMH!" She moaned past his
tongue as she came again.

This third orgasmic shower on his
balls was all that he could take. His
sperm came shooting out of his piss- hole
like a firehose.

"HOOOWWWLLLL!" Comet sounded off
even louder than before.

Becky couldn't believe the pent-up
pressure that the dog was releasing in her.
It felt like someone had turned on a hose
in her clenching pussy, and opened the tap
to full.

"Comet," she heard the muffled sound
of Joey's 'Roadrunner' cartoon voice
through the floor. "Will you shut the
beep, beep up."

"Shhhh! Comet," she tried to hush
him. "You have to stay quiet, you hear."

But the dog was lost in lust. He
could feel his balls emptying, something
that he hadn't been able to do in months.

Becky relished in the warm sensation
of his cum filling her belly. She touched
her stomach, and she could have sworn that
she could actually feel it bloat with his
jism. Reaching further back to her
pussylips, she felt around for any sign of

She was amazed to discover that Comet
was plugging her cunt perfectly. There was
no sign of his cum leaking out of her as
long as his knot remained plugged in her.

"Oh god! Comet," she groaned. "It's
like we were made for each other."

She began humping back against his
groin, trying to entice him to resume
fucking her. But as most dogs do, he just
stopped and stood there, motionless, while
he emptied his balls in his bitch.

'Damn,' she thought to herself.
'I'll have to break him of that habit.'

So, resigning herself to this
situation, she relaxed and let the feel of
his warm jism fill her cunt. Occasionally,
she would play with her tits. Either
pinching her stiff nipples, or pulling one
nipple up to her mouth so she could suckle
on herself like a baby.

A few moments past before she felt
the last of Comet's cum leave his ballsack.
She knew from experience that the dog will
likely remain tied with her for a while
still. So, she settled on her elbows
awaiting for that moment. She
reached over to the tabletop and grabbed a
hold of the bowl she had brought upstairs
for just this purpose. She wanted to catch
his cum as it came splashing out of her
pussy when they disconnected later. She
had no intention of letting any of that
delicious, creamy fluid go to waste on the


It took close to thirty minutes
before she felt his knot begin to shrink.
She moved the bowl in position between her
legs and waited patiently.

"I knew you'd be a good lover Comet,"
she told him. "I just knew it."

She felt the first droplets of cum
come streaming down her inner-calves.
Next, she felt the dog start pulling
himself back off of her. With much
resistance, his knot began pulling against
her clenching pussylips. It caused her
some pain, but it was a pleasurable kind of
pain for her.

Then with a loud pop, his cock burst
out of her cunt. Followed immediately by a
shower of his cum splashing into the
waiting bowl.

She breathed out a loud sigh of
relief that things went as well as she had
hoped. Nobody came upstairs to check on
the noise, though Joey's outburst earlier
had her worried for a while. And the bowl
was catching most of Comet's yummy cum for

Comet, being a dog, did what was
expected of him. He started lapping at her
pussy to clean his bitch properly after
their copulation.

Becky had another orgasm against his
rough tongue, which he lapped up eagerly.

"Oh fuck Comet," she told him. "I
know we'll be the best of friends from now
on. I just hope it'll be as easy each
time, to sneak you up here."

He trotted up to her face and licked
her in his friendly manner. Becky got to
taste herself on his tongue.

She reached down to her pussy and
swirled her fingers inside of herself to
gather some of the remaining doggy cum.
Then she brought her fingers to her lips
and sucked on them like she would a cock.

"Mmmmh!" She moaned, eyes gleaming
at Comet. "Your cum taste so good, Comet.
Did you know that?"

He just returned to licking her face
and mouth.

When she was satisfied that all of
his cum had left her womb, she sat down
leaning against the sofa. When she looked
down into the bowl, she was shocked. It
was almost filled to the rim. She had only
expected maybe half as much.

She got up and disappeared into the
bathroom. Returning only moments later with
the glass from the basin.

Comet just looked at her, head
tilted, puzzled at what the human planned
to do next.

Becky dipped the glass in the bowl
and filled it with his still steaming cum,
then brought it up to her lips and
swallowed it completely.

"Mmmmmh!" She said. "That hits the

Filling the glass with another
portion of his jism, she drank that one
down as well. A little clinging around her

Seeing that cum on the female's lips,
Comet came forward and lapped it clean.
Then drove his tongue deep down her throat
for more. Becky kept her mouth agape to
give him free access.

'Oh yes,' she thought. 'Comet will
do just fine.'

She had to push the dog aside to get
another glassful of doggy jism. It took
her six glassful of cum to empty the bowl.

"Damn Comet," she said sarcastically.
"You need to go out more. But then, you
wouldn't have anything left for me."

The dog just lapped her face in his
own friendly way. Now that the fucking was
out of the way, he didn't much care for

But Rebecca had no intention of
letting this dog lie down for a rest.

She pushed him on his side and
started rubbing his belly. Her hands
moving ever closer to his groin. This time
she wanted to drink right out of the

Comet just thought that she wanted to
rub his tummy. So he rolled on his back,
his legs falling apart wide. Just as he
had done hundreds of times with the younger
girls in the house through the years.

By the time he felt her hands on his
sheath, he didn't care anymore. His tongue
hung out of his jaw, drooping towards the

When Becky felt the heat of his loins
in her hands, she began breathing harder.
This always got her super- excited. The
forbiddeness of what she was about to do
always got her blood churning. She closed
her hands around his sheath and began
stroking it slowly.

She could feel his cock getting
harder and harder under that furry sheath.
The warmth of it was building up as time
passed. Then she began rubbing his balls
to get him more aroused.

His pointed cockhead finally poked
itself out of the sheaths opening. She was
always fascinated by this. Its strange
shape as it came shooting out. All slim
and pointy. Then as it became fully
exposed, it would begin to balloon in its
girth. Later, its knot would swell up and
push out of the furry sheath as well.

Becky couldn't understand why women
didn't fuck with dogs regularly. It seemed
such a waste to not make use of all of
those poor pets in their homes. It seemed
to her that dogs were meant to fuck with
women, since they were so easy to get into
the houses.

'Maybe I should do a show on this,'
she thought to herself, a devilish grin on
her face.

Once the first few inches poked out
of its sheath, she dropped her face into
Comet's groin and started licking along its

"Damn," she told the dog. "You don't
know how much I miss this Comet."

She moved her mouth to the tip and
began swallowing his shaft as it continued
growing. She wanted to feel it grow in her
throat. This way, she didn't even have to
fuck his cock. It would simply keep
growing until she found herself
deepthroating it naturally.

Comet was all confused at what was
happening to him. He couldn't understand
how this human bitch could be fucking his
cock when he could clearly see her cunt
near his head. He couldn't grasp on the
concept that human females could get fucked
in numerous holes, but he would learn all
of this soon enough, Becky would make sure
of that.

"Mmmmmmh!" Becky moaned as she
continued sucking on his hardening rod.

Next, she began bobbing her head up
and down in a fucking motion. She wanted
to feel him fucking her mouth. She loved
being subjugated to an animal's whim.

But she also understood that Comet
wasn't quite ready yet to do this for her
on his own. It would take her a few more
tries before he learned what he could do
with her.

She could feel his balls filling with
a fresh batch of cum for her. And she was
looking forward to swallowing his warm seed
as she continued sucking harder on his

Comet was feeling restless from
Becky's sucking mouth. And so, looking
around he found her cunt laying open near
his snout. Curling his body around in an
awkward position, he began lapping at her
seeping pussy.

"Mmmmmmh!" She moaned in lustful

She urgently shuffled her legs closer
to the large dog, to make things easier for

'Maybe it won't take so long to teach
him what to do,' she thought to herself.

Comet didn't miss her compliance of
his tongue. He buried it as far as he
could, tasting some of his own cum from
when he had fucked previously. What little
remained in her pussy, after she had
emptied herself in that bowl.

Becky intensified her sucking of his
hard cock. It had once again regained its
full length and girth and was stretching
her mouth to its limit, but she was
determined to deepthroat him till he came.

Fifteen minutes later, but it seemed
longer, she felt him shooting straight down
her throat. She pulled back slightly so
she could get a good taste of his cum on
her tongue. She gulped urgently for a long
time from then on.

Comet was shooting so much sperm into
her mouth that, as expert as she thought
she was, Becky was having a hard time
keeping up with him. As fast as she
swallowed one gulp, her mouth was re-filled
by another shot of cum.

Finally she had to concede defeat to
Comet, as cum escaped past her clenching

When the last of Comet's cum trickled
out, Becky pulled her face away from his
crotch and patted his belly.

"That's a good doggy, Comet," she
cooed him. "You and me, we're gonna be the
best of pals from now on. At least as long
as Jesse is away."

Comet returned her friendly demeanor
by licking her face clean of his cum.

Becky then led him back down the
attic staircase. And, checking the hallway
to make sure nobody was around, sent him
back to the kitchen.

She then returned to her bed and just
collapsed in pleasure for a well deserved
rest. She didn't even bother putting her
teddy back on.

Chapter Three

Becky had spent a good three hours
fucking Comet, the Tanner's pet Golden
Retriever, and she was exhausted. So
exhausted in fact that she slept through
the alarm clock next to her bed.

DJ was Danny Tanner's fifteen-year-
old daughter. Though she was much younger
than her Aunt Becky, both were about the
same height and size. Though Becky was
better endowed in the chest department.

DJ knew that her Aunt had to do the
morning show in the absence of her Dad. So
when she noticed that Rebecca hadn't come
down yet, she took it upon herself to go
and check up on her. She had on a pair of
form-fitting shorts and a tankini top,
which looked more like a sports- bra to her
dad, and a pair of slippers.

She went up the attic stairs and
walked in on the still sleeping Rebecca
Donaldson. Imagine her surprise when she
found her spread across the bed, naked.
She always found her Aunt Becky one of the
most beautiful woman that she had ever
seen. But she always saw her well dressed.

Seeing her body naked before her made
her feel strange inside. For some reason
that she couldn't understand, she found
herself getting excited at the sight of her
naked Aunt. She could actually feel a
wetness forming in her panties.

'God! I Hope I'm not peeing,' she
thought. 'I haven't done that since I was
a baby.'

Shaking herself out of her reverie,
she walked up to the bed and shook her
sleeping Aunt awake.

"Aunt Becky," she shook her. "Wake
up. You'll be late for work."

Becky stretched herself out of her
slumber. Arching her back like a cat while
on her back, which stretched her breast
taut before DJ's eyes. The teen girl
gulped loudly at the erotic sight that her
Aunt presented to her. Becky looked up
smiling at her niece, then remembered that
she wasn't wearing anything at all. She
pulled the sheet over herself to cover her

"Wha... what are you doing in here
DJ?" Becky asked, alarmed at seeing her
fifteen-year-old niece standing above her.

"Uh? Oh! You missed the alarm, Aunt
Becky," her niece said. "I came up to wake
you. You better hurry or you'll be late
for your show."

"Oh shit," she said, jumping out from
the bed, still naked.

She rushed around getting her
underwear on, while DJ just watched her.
It took her a good fifteen minutes before
she was presentable. Then the two young
women went back downstairs for a breakfast.

Sitting around the table were
Michelle and Stephanie, Danny's other two
girls, as well as Joey. He wasn't really
related to them, but they treated him like
a member of the family nonetheless. He was
still wearing his 'Scooby- Doo' pajamas.

Rebecca always found him a bit
strange. Though he was a man in his
thirties, she found that he acted so
juvenile sometimes.

"Hey, did you guys hear Comet last
night?" Joey asked the girls. "He was
howling up a storm. Why, I haven't heard
him howl like that since the last time he
got lucky."

"Lucky at what, Joey?" Michelle, the
four-year-old, asked innocently.

"Uh, lucky at the doctor's,
sweetheart," Becky covered, scowling at

"Yeah, right," Joey said. "Anyway,
it was the strangest thing. I could have
sworn that I heard him on the roof."

Becky bit down on her lower lip with
concern in her eyes. She knew from his
yelling last night that he had heard the
dog. But she had hoped that he thought
that the dog was downstairs, not above his

"You must have been tired last night
Joey," the twelve-year-old, Stephanie,
responded. "Imagine, a dog on the roof."

That brought out laughter from all
the girls at the table, and a grateful sigh
of relief from Becky. Joey just hunched
his shoulders and assumed that he must have
been dreaming it all. He just bent his
face back into his bowl and finished eating
his Froot Loops.

'That was too close,' Becky thought.
'Gonna have to be more careful next time.
If there is another time that is.'

Just the thought of getting at Comet
again was getting her excited. She could
feel her nipples pushing against the thin
fabric of her bra and silk blouse. If she
didn't get control of herself, all of San
Francisco would see her nubs poking through
her close live and on camera.

Joey was staring up at the girls at
the table when he too noticed Becky's
aroused state. He could see her nipples
stiffening with each passing second.

'Damn, that Jesse is lucky,' he
thought. 'To have a hot honey like that in
bed almost every night. I could go for
some of that nookie myself.'

"Joey," Michelle asked. "How come
Comet is so tired this morning? You don't
think he's sick, do you?"

"Uh? No," he shook out of his
daydreaming of Becky. "No, I don't think
he's sick munchkin. He's probably just a
little tired from last night."

"But why would he?" She pressed on.
"He went to bed before me."

"Welllll," he tried to be more
delicate then his last outburst. "He
probably met up with some doggy pals after
you went to bed and... played around a lot
last night."

Becky had to suppress her smile as
she knew that in a way Joey was one hundred
percent correct. Comet did find a friend
to play with last night. And the memory of
last night just got her more excited and
her nipples hardened still more.

Joey noticed Becky's body reaction to
his explanation and was confused by it

'Now why would Beck get excited over
Comet getting lucky?' He wondered. 'I
mean, its not like she... Woaaah!' He gave
his own impression of a Popeye surprise
moan. 'Nah! It couldn't be. No way could
she have... with... Nah!'

He tried to explain away the
ridiculous suspicion that had jumped into
his head. But the image of Becky being
mounted by Comet was playing havoc in his
mind. He could feel his cock stiffening
under the kitchen table.

'What now?' He was asking himself.
'I can't get up from the table with a
raging hardon. Becky would have me skinned
alive. Not to mention Danny when he hears
about this.'

So, he resolved himself to remain
seated until everybody left for either work
or school.

"What you got planned today Steph?"
He tried changing the subject.

"We're suppose to learn about animal
reproduction today," she told Joey.

That threw a whole new set of images
in his head. Becky with a pony. Becky with
a ram. Becky with a lion. Becky with a
full grown horse. Becky with a bull.

'C'mon Joey, snap out of it,' he
shook his head. "Um, that... that's
interesting," he said, clearing his throat.

"Yeah, the girls think its gonna be a
cool class," she added. "Especially Gia."

"Why's that Steph?" Becky asked.

"I dunno," she answered. "I think
maybe she wants to be a ve... a vetch..."

"A veterinarian," DJ helped her out.

"Yeah, that," Steph said. "She wants
to be an animal doctor, I think."

"That's so cool," Michelle said.
"Can I be that too?"

"You can be anything you want to be
sweetheart," Becky caressed her cheek.

"What?" Joey feigned shock. "You
mean you don't want to be assistant to
Ranger Joe," Referring to his television
personality on the kiddy show 'Ranger Joe'.

"No disrespect Joey," Stephanie
jibed. "But get a life."

"*$%$# @?% $#@&!" Joey slurred out a
bunch of expletives in his famous Tasmanian
Devil voice.

"How rude!" Was Stephanie's retort.

This always brought out a giggle from
the girls. Becky couldn't help but smile at
his juvenile antics herself.

She finished her cup of coffee and
pulled her jacket on. Thankfully, this
would help hide her stiffening nipples from
public view. But it didn't help Joey's
situation in the least. For as she pulled
her shoulders back to slip into its
sleeves, her breasts were brought taut
against the thin material of her blouse,
giving him a much better view of her hard

He could actually make out the darker
skin of her aureoles through her shirt.
Which caused his cock to jerk again with

"What about you Michelle?" Becky
asked the baby of the family. "What do you
have planned for today?"

"Today we get to go to the petting
zoo, remember," she scolded her Aunt. "You
signed the slip yesterday."

Images of Becky with a lama, Becky
with a zebra, Becky with a gorilla invaded
his perverted thoughts.

'Again with the animals,' Joey
thought to himself. 'Give me a break

"That's right," Becky smiled down at
her. "I forgot that was for today. Have a
good time now."

"You gonna see anteaters are ya?" He
kidded, sticking his tongue out.

Becky was shocked to see how far the
man could stick his tongue out. It must
have reached over six inches in length. It
reminded her of Gene Simmons of KISS.

'Maybe I should have married Joey
instead,' she gave it a passing thought.

But then discarded the notion all
together. She was perfectly satisfied by
Jesse when it came to sex. The only bump
in the matrimonial road was his present
absence. But still, that was an appetizing
tongue that Joey just displayed. She could
just imagine how it would feel spearing
inside of her wanting pussy.

"And you DJ?" Becky asked the eldest
sister. "What have you got planned?"

"Nothing today Aunt Becky," she told
her. "Its a teachers conference, remember.
So I get to lay back and relax. Maybe
Kimmy and I'll go to the mall later on."

'Oh no,' Joey thought, distressed.
'How do I leave the table with DJ here?'

He shoved the chair further under the
table, squeezing his chest tight against
it. He hoped that this would hide his
hardon until he figured how to get out of
this mess.

"Well, I better get going," Becky
finally said. "C'mon Michelle. I'll drop
you off at school."

"Bye Aunt Becky," Joey and the two
remaining girls called out together.

Stephanie grabbed her schoolbag when
the doorbell rang. It was Gia, her best
friend at school. At first Danny didn't
like the vampy lolita. But then, after
meeting her mother, he found that she was
really an all right girl. And that her
associating with Stephanie was actually
helping her at school.

But he still didn't approve of the
way she dressed. Always wearing those
tight, thin T-shirts that pushed her bust
out. If the girl didn't wear a bra
underneath, he was sure that he would be
seeing her teenaged nipples all the time
poking through them.

Joey didn't mind the little minx
though. He got a thrill seeing her every
time. For he too could imagine, only too
well, what her perky tits would look like
exposed. Ever since Stephanie had first
brought her to the house he began hoping
that she would stay over for a sleepover
with Stephanie. And he could then catch a
naked glimpse of her nubs.

Now that the others had left the
house, that left only DJ and Joey still at
the kitchen table. And with him still
trying to hide his hard cock from her

"Why don't you go watch some
television DeeJ?" He suggested.

"Naw, its too early for anything good
to be on," she told him. "You want to talk
a while."

Joey's face was getting redder by the

"You all right Joey?" DJ asked,
concerned. "You don't look to good."

'No kidding,' he thought.

"Maybe you should go back to bed,"
she told him.

"Maybe I should," he said.

Then an idea crept into his mind.
This could be his best opportunity to sneak
by DJ without her noticing his real

"DeeJ," he told her. "Why don't you
go run the bath for me. "Maybe that'll

"Okay," she said, getting up from the

She ran up the backstairs to the one
bathroom that the whole family shared.
Joey sighed a sigh of relief that his plan
had worked. He might get himself out of
this jam after all.

He got up from the table and headed
for the staircase at the front so as to
miss DJ, his cock tenting his pajama pants
out. But it completely slipped his mind
that both staircases joined to the same
upstairs hallway.

Chapter Four

DJ was in the bathroom running the
water when she remembered that Joey always
liked having toys with him. So she stepped
out and headed for his bedroom to select
some of his favorites.

Joey reached the hallway and heard
the water running in the bathroom.
Assuming that DJ was in there to watch for
overflow, he headed for his room hurriedly.
Maybe if he jerked off a bit he could
deflate his problem.

As he turned the corner to go into
his room, he collided with a just as
surprised DJ coming out.

"Gosh Joey," DJ exclaimed, landing
hard on her behind. "Watch where your

She stopped in mid-sentence at seeing
his pajama bottom sticking out almost a
foot ahead of the rest of him.

"Gee I'm sorry DeeJ," he started. "I
thought you were..."

Then he too stopped in mid-sentence.
He realized why DJ was staring at him so
strangely. She was staring blankly at his
crotch. At his hardon.

"Don't get scared DJ," he tried to
calm her. "I'm not gonna do anything.

DJ blinked her eyes back to life and
looked up at him.

"Uh?" She said, puzzled. "Wha...
what do you mean?'

"I said," he repeated. "I'm not
gonna do anything."

"Oh," she said, still dazed. "I knew

Joey was a bit uncomfortable with her
still staring at his crotch. But DJ was
more curious than anything else. They
talked a lot about guys penises in Sex-Ed,
but she had never seen one before. And
before she realized what she was doing, she
reached up and touched the tip of Joey's
cock through the 'Scooby-Doo' pajamas that
he was wearing.

"Oooooh!" Joey moaned. "Don't do
that DeeJ."

"Oh! Sorry," she pulled her hand
away. "Did I hurt you?"

"Its not that," he tried telling her.
"Its just... its just not right, that's

"Sorry, you're right," she responded.
"It... its just that I've never seen one
before. You know... a guys thing."

"Never?" Joey was surprised.

He was sure that a beautiful fifteen-
year-old, like DJ, would have been
approached by jocks showing off their dicks
to impress her. And maybe get a shot at
her pussy.

"No," she confirmed. "Never."

Thinking it over for a bit, he
decided that maybe he could take the risk.

"Would... would you like to see one?"
He asked.

DJ gulped loudly, for the second time
that morning. She thought about it for a
few minutes. Joey waiting patiently for
her answer, hoping that his offer wouldn't
make her run to Danny in a panic.

"You sure... you sure you don't
mind," she finally said.

"Anything for you DeeJ," he told her,
sighing. "You know that."

"What should I do?" She asked

"Why don't you pull down my pjs," he
told her.

Hesitantly, DJ reached up to his
waist and began pulling down his bottom.
She found it a struggle as his hardon was
acting like an anchor. She found that she
had to pull on the waistband to get it past
the stiff rod. Once the waistband got past
his cock, it bounced up and down like a
diving-board just a few inches from her

"Oh wow!" She exclaimed. "That is
so neat."

"You wanna touch it?" Joey then

"Can I?" She checked.

"Sure, go ahead," he told her.

Her hand slowly reached up and
touched his cockhead lightly. Joey closed
his eyes, luxuriating at the feeling of her
young hand making contact with his cock.
She then wrapped her tiny fingers around
the shaft and squeezed it lightly, pulling
off suddenly. Joey opened his eyes in
surprise at her retreat.

"It... it's like its alive," she told
him. "it's so warm and soft. I didn't
think it would feel anything like that."

"Did you like it?" He asked, sure of
her answer.

"Mmh, yeah," she conceded. "It was
kinda neat. Can I do it again?"

"Sure," he told her.

Her hand returned to his hardon and
wrapped around it once again. She could
feel his pulse beating rapidly in her palm
as she squeezed tighter.

"Gee! I can even feel your heart
beating through it," she told him.

"That... that's right," he had to
catch his breath. "You see, the penis, or
the cock as most guys like to call it, it
gets hard when lots of blood fills it.
It's like a balloon. The more air you put
in, the bigger it gets."

"Ar... are all... cocks as big as
yours?" She asked him.

"No, I guess not," he smiled down at
her. "I'm in the special size group you
might say."

He was both proud and disgusted at
his thirteen incher. For one thing, he got
a lot of girls attention because of it. On
the other hand, he never saw them again
after the first fuck. They were all too
scared of his monster cock to try again.
That was the main reason he was still a
bachelor at his age. No woman could handle
his cock.

"I didn't know that," she said. "I
thought they would all be the same size."

"That's okay," he told her.
"Everybody thinks that at first. But as
time goes by, you'll find out for

Looking down past his hardon, Joey
could see that DJ's nipples were stiffening
under her tankini top. He could even make
out a damp spot building in the crotch of
her mini-shorts.

'The little minx is getting horny,'
he thought.

But he knew that he shouldn't push
things with her. After all, she was almost
like a niece to him. That would be like...
like incest. But that wouldn't stop him
from looking at her as her nipples kept
growing under his gaze.

DJ knew that she was getting excited,
aroused even, at the sight of Joey's penis.
But what she wasn't aware of yet, in her
naïveté, was that he could see it plainly
on her body. She just focused her
attention strictly on his cock.

friend, and next door neighbor Kimmy
shouted from downstairs. "HEY! DJ, WHERE

The always annoying Kimmy Gibbler
just walked in through the front door as
she always did. The skinny girl began
snooping around downstairs for a few
minutes before shouting out.

"Damnit!" Joey swore. "What is she
doing here?"

"She was supposed to meet me later,"
DJ said. "Remember, we were going to the

Joey was busily struggling to get his
hard cock back inside his pajama bottoms
before Kimmy decided to come looking for DJ
upstairs, which she always did eventually.

"Listen DJ," Joey pulled her back to
her feet. "You can't tell anybody about
what just happened today, okay?"

"Sure Joey," she said. "But why?
Did we do anything wrong?"

"Not really," he lied. "But some
people wouldn't understand."

"But I can talk to Dad about it,
right?" She asked.

"NO!" he yelled. "I mean, no. You
can't tell him about this either. Swear to

"Okay, I swear," she said, crossing
her finger across the hard nub of her

Joey gulped as he saw her hand cross
over her young tits, even though they were
still covered by her clothing.

"Good," he finally sighed, guiding
her out of his room. "You better go join
Kimmy then."

"See you later Joey," she said, as
she rushed down the stairs to join up with

Joey locked himself in his room to
take care of his own private business.
Between his rampant imagination about Becky
and animals, and DJ's playing with his
cock, he needed relief something awful.

Chapter Five

After being interrupted by Kimmy's
barging into the house. Joey and DJ went
their separate ways. Joey locked himself
into his room so that he could relief
himself from all of the sexual tension of
this morning. While DJ went to join her
friend downstairs.

They had made plans for this free day
that they had from school, being a teachers
conference day.

"What happened to you?" Kimmy asked,
pointing at her damp crotch.

When she looked down at herself, DJ
gasped in surprise. She didn't think that
the moistness that she was feeling upstairs
would show through her clothes.

"Uh! I must have gotten them wet
filling the tub earlier," she tried
explaining it away. "Guess I didn't notice
that my shorts got wet."

"Well, you better change," Kimmy told
her. "The hunks at the mall might think
that you were horny or something."

'What did Kimmy mean by that?' DJ
was confused by what Kimmy had said.

She rushed back to her room to change
into some fresh shorts.

"Hold on for minute," she yelled
down. "I'll be ready in a sec."

But Kimmy didn't wait downstairs, she
followed DJ up to her room and barged in as
DJ was stripped down, naked.

"KIM-MY!" DJ exclaimed in a hushed
yell, clutching her clothes in front of
herself. "What are you doing here. Can't
you see that I'm changing."

Without uttering a word, Kimmy just
walked in and closed the door behind her.

"Don't worry about it DeeJ," her
annoying friend said. "I've seen ya naked

"B... but this isn't right," DJ
stammered. "Besides, Joey is in his room."
"So?" Kimmy said bluntly. "Why should I

Seeing no way of convincing Kimmy to
leave while she put on a change of clothe,
DJ simply turned her back to her friend and
started putting on a new set of tankini and
bottoms. She lifted her arms above her
head and began slipping the tankini down
her curvy body.

But before she could get it past her
head, Kimmy grabbed her from behind. In
this position, her arms were entangled in
the top around her head.

"Kimmy," DJ exclaimed. "Wh... what
do you think you're doing?"

"Relax DeeJ," Kimmy said as she pawed
her friends exposed breast. "I saw a video
about this at home. It was hidden in my
brother's room. Man, was it hot."

"B... but we can... can't," DJ tried
to tell her.

"Why not?" Kimmy said. "Its obvious
that you're horny. Just look how wet your
pussy is," she said as her hand slid down
DJ's slim waist to her crotch.

"Ooh! Kimmy," DJ said. "Don...
don't do that. I... I can't breathe."

"Its okay DeeJ," Kimmy told her.
"This is how you're supposed to feel. I
saw it in the movie."

Kimmy then slipped a finger in DJ's
pussy, which she clenched shut instinctly.
Trapping the finger inside of her. Kimmy
tried moving her finger around in her
friend's pussy, but her movement was

"Oh hell Kimmy," DJ moaned. "That
feels so... so weird."

"Yeah," Kmmy grinned. "That's what
the girls in the movie said. You wanna try
other stuff?"

"Li... like what?" DJ asked.

To answer DJ's question Kimmy pushed
her down on her bed, on her back. Her tits
and pussy fully exposed to her leering

"Like this," Kimmy yelled in a hushed
voice. "GERONIMO!" She yelled as she
jumped on top of her naked friend.

"Unff!" DJ grunted as Kimmy landed
heavily on top of her.

"Sorry," Kimmy said, laughing.
"Here, let me make you feel better."

With that she planted her lips on
DJ's stiff nipple and began sucking and
nibbling at it.

"Oooh!" DJ moaned. "That does feel
good. Do the other too."

Kimmy obediently obeyed her request
and moved to the other nipple. While she
did that, she slipped her hand back down
into DJ's naked bush and began rubbing her
clit. DJ had never touched herself there
before. Her father's teachings about the
birds and the bees was lacking in that

She could still remember his stern
lessons about masturbation.

{Now girls, remember what I told you
about touching yourselves in bad places,}
he always emphasized on the word bad.
{Don't ever, ever, ever touch where?}

And the girls would point where he
had told them.

{Otherwise you'll never meet a boy.
And you'll never get married.}

DJ would have to reevaluate her dad's
ideas about sex. She managed to pull off
her tankini top, so now she could reach
down and caress Kimmy's head as her friend
continued sucking on her tits. Then,
without any conscious thought, she found
her hips undulating against Kimmy's rubbing
hand on her clit.

"Now you're getting into it," Kimmy

DJ just smiled down at her friend as
this new experience progressed. She then
decided to really get involved. She
slipped her hand between their bodies and
rubbed Kimmy's already stiff nipple through
her clothing.

"Oh wow!" Kimmy moaned. "That does
feel nice."

"Wha... what else did you see in that
movie?" DJ needed to know.

"I thought you'd never ask," her
friend said as her body slid down DJ's

DJ held her breath when she followed
her down to her crotch. She let out a
perceptible gasp when Kimmy stuck her
tongue out and began licking along her pink

Kimmy was mesmerized at the sight of
DJ's pussylips. She thought that she could
actually see them flutter in excitement.

Not being able to control herself, DJ
placed her hands on top of the skinny girls
head and pushed her harder between her now
spread open legs. Feeling anything on her
pussy like that was the most exciting thing
that she had ever felt before. And the
fact that it was her girlfriend's tongue
only made it naughtier and more exciting

Kimmy's hands were flaring in the air
at DJ's surprising aggressiveness. She
thought that her friend was trying to
smother her in her pussy. But then she
began tasting DJ's leaking pussy and found
that she liked it. Liked it a lot. So she
intensified her licking, trying to get her
tongue as deep as she could in her
beautiful friend.

"Oh shit Kimmy," DJ exploded with her
first real orgasm. "I... I feel kinda
funny. What did you just do to me?"

"Uh? I dunno?" Kimmy was surprised
that she had done something to her friend.
"What happened. I just thought that you
peed in my face just now."

"I... I don't think... it was...
pee," DJ stammered, recovering.

"Then what was it?" Her skinny
friend asked.

"I... I think I just came," DJ tried
explaining. "You know, like what they said
in Sex Ed, I think I... I think I had an

"Cool," Kimmy grinned at her. "Think
you can do the same for me?"

DJ gave that some thought for a
moment, and decided that she should return
the favor that Kimmy had just given her.

"Okay," she told the frazzled hair
neighbor. "What do I do?"

Kimmy leaped off of the bed and began
stripping off her own clothes. She was
much less developed than DJ was. Her
breasts were still only small bumps on her
chest, but her nipples protruded almost
half an inch. Next, she bent over and
pulled down and shorts and panties in one
movement. She was so excited, she didn't
even bother taking off her sneakers. She
then leapt back on DJ's bed, spread-eagled.

"Take me," she called out. "I'm

DJ could only smile down at her zany
friend. Kimmy had done some crazy things
over the years, most ending in near
disasters. But this time, she might just
have done something right.

"So, what do I do?" She asked her
best friend.

"Well, you could start with my tits,"
Kimmy told her. "They really ache for

DJ smiled and leaned down to her and
nibbled on one of her hardened nipple. She
would have expected this to disgust her,
but she found it rather pleasurable
instead. She then moved over to the other
nipple and did the same thing there.

"Oh yeah DeeJ," Kimmy moaned, shoving
DJ's face with her hands. "Now I see why
you moaned when I did it to you."

DJ remembered Kimmy's fingers playing
with her pussy and did the same. Kimmy
arched her back in excitement as DJ's
fingers rubbed along her pussylips

"In!" Kimmy moaned. "Stick your
fingers in me."

DJ wasn't so sure about that. It
sounded too much like stabbing her friend,
but she relented and moved her fingers
between her puffed up lips.

"Oh yeah," Kimmy moaned as she humped
her ass up to meet DJ's fingers.

Her fingers disappeared in the folds
of Kimmy's pussylips. She was fascinated
at the sight of it. She couldn't
understand how a woman could be stabbed
like that and enjoy it. Then she recalled
that she had probably enjoyed the same
thing at the hands of Kimmy just a few
moments earlier.

She didn't quite understand what she
was doing, but she found her hand begin
moving, almost by their own volition. She
was mesmerized as her fingers began a
pumping motion into Kimmy's cunt. In and
out, they would disappear and reappear.
She could see a moistness on her fingers
and she was getting curious what it might
taste like.

Kimmy didn't know what she was doing
herself, for she too was humping her ass to
meet DJ's finger-fucking. All that she knew
was that it felt fan-fucking-tastic.

"Thi... this is... is much better
than... than the movie I saw," Kimmy said,

DJ finally gave in to her curiosity.
She switched hands, and brought the cum
soaked one up to her nose, and sniffed it

'That don't smell so bad,' she
thought. 'At least not as bad as Kimmy's

Kimmy always seemed to have a foot
odor problem. Its been a running joke in
the Tanner household for years already.

DJ then proceeded to lick Kimmy's cum
off of her hand and fingers. She was
surprised how good it tasted.

'If this taste this good off of my
hands,' she wondered. 'I wonder how it'll
taste straight up.'

To answer her own question the
fifteen-year-old plastered her face into
Kimmy's crotch and began sucking on it like
a straw.

"No, no," Kimmy told her. "Not that
way. Use your tongue. Lick my pussy like
I did you."

DJ was somewhat reluctant about
trying something so 'dirty'.

'The very idea of putting my tongue
where Kimmy pisses, of all places,' DJ
thought. 'How could she ask something like
that of me.'

But that thought didn't stop her for
long. The next thing she knew, her face
was back in Kimmy's crotch and her tongue
was lashing against her friend's puffed up
pussy. She could taste her friend's cum on
her tongue and around her lips.

"Oh yeah, just like that," Kimmy
moaned. "Suck that pussy, bitch. I heard
that in the movie too. It really got the
other girl going."

Being called a bitch by Kimmy excited
her somehow. She felt like one too. And
she smiled as she continued licking at
Kimmy's pussy.

"Wanna try a 69?" Kimmy asked DJ.

"69? What's that?" DJ had to ask.

"We get to suck each other at the
same time," Kimmy told her.

"Wow," DJ gasped. "That sounds so
cool. Okay, lets do it. How?"

"Keep your head at my pussy," she
instructed DJ. "And turn around. Get your
pussy above my head. That way I can do you

DJ saw how that cold work. So she
quickly flipped herself around and
straddled Kimmy's head with her legs.
Looking down between her hanging tits and
past her legs she could see droplets of her
own cum dripping onto her friend's face.
She smiled devilishly as she then decided
on her own to just drop her crotch onto
Kimmy's waiting mouth.

The two teenaged girls were busily
sucking each others cunts. They were
luxuriating in the wild experience they
were having.

While all of this was going on,
neither DJ nor Joey remembered that the
bath water was still running. Left
unattended, the bath finally began

Joey was still keeping himself busy
giving himself a handjob to relieve his
aching cock. And DJ was so busy with
Kimmy, she didn't really care what was
happening outside of her room.

Kimmy decided to kick off her
sneakers in her excitement.

"KIMMY!" DJ yelled out. "NOT THE

In desperation to escape from Kimmy's
smelly feet DJ buried her nose up Kimmy's
snatch, using it as a breathing mask. She
immediately got intoxicated by her friend's
pussy juices.

After shooting three strong loads in
his room, Joey needed to take a long piss.
So he walked out into the hallway, his feet
getting wet right off the bat.

"Holy Bat-flood Batman," he gave his
best Robin imitation from the old Batman
television show. "DEEEEE-JAY!" He yelled

DJ and Kimmy jumped at the sound of
his yell. DJ found herself tumbling hard
to the floor. Looking at each other
quickly, they both decided that the better
part of valor was to get their clothes on
as fast as possible.

When they both came rushing out of
her room, they were met with a glaring Joey
who was tapping, or rather splashing his
feet in the water that was accumulating on
the floor.

"Dee-Jay," he said to her, slowly.
"What is all this?"

"Guess I forgot about your bath
running," she told him.

"My bath..." he stopped, remembering
that it was in fact his idea to take a bath
to begin with. "Oh yeah, right."

"Did you check downstairs?" Kimmy

"Nnnooo," he replied. "Why should

"Because water goes downhill, dim-
bulb," Kimmy said sarcastically.

Joey and DJ looked at each other as
they realized the implication. They rushed
downstairs two steps at a time. Sure
enough, it was a regular Niagara Falls
pouring from the second floor. They both
had a panicky look on their faces.

They knew that they had to clean up
the place before the rest of the family
returned from their day. Kimmy saw the
look on their faces and decided this would
be a good time to say goodbye.

"Well, I see you're gonna be too busy
for the mall DeeJ," she said, backing
towards the door.

"Kimmy!!!" DJ yelled at the closing
door. "Ooooh, sometimes I really hate

"I know what you mean," Joey said in
understanding. "Why don't you take care of
things upstairs," Joey told her. "And I'll
start down here."

DJ was so mad. Now her whole free
day was going down the drain, literally.
Between the both of them, it took over four
hours of mopping and sponging to get all of
the water off of the floor and furniture.
But they finally got it all done before
Becky and the two younger girls got home.

They both collapsed in exhaustion on
the couch. She found herself leaning
against his chest, where she could hear his
heart beating rapidly.

Chapter Six

After having cleaned up the house
following the bath overflowing, Joey and DJ
were just sitting, exhausted on the sofa
when Becky walked in.

"Hi guys," she said. "Have a good

"Oh yeah, sure," they both said in

Despite the disaster of the flood,
they both had their own reasons to
appreciate at least part of their day.

The family spent a pleasant evening
together, but nobody seemed willing to talk
much. Which was somewhat unusual for the
Tanner household.

Joey couldn't talk about what went on
between DJ and himself earlier. Becky
couldn't talk about her daydreaming about
animals through her show. And DJ, well DJ
was confused about everything that happened
to her today. About her seeing her Aunt
naked that morning. About how Joey let her
touch his thing. And finally, about what
she and Kimmy were doing for most of that
morning in her room.

At her age she was greatly confused
about anything sexual. But who could she
discuss this with. Then she looked up and
her eye caught Becky's face.

'Aunt Becky,' she thought. "I can
talk to her about all of this stuff. She's
so cool.'

So she decided right then and there
that she would meet with Becky later that
evening and get some clear answers about
the things she has been feeling all day.

Becky was wondering why DJ was so
jumpy throughout the evening. The family
would sit to watch some television, maybe
talk about school, but through it all she
could see the teen girl act jumpy. A few
times she even spied her looking at her
expectantly, then turn away every time she
looked at her.

"Yaaaaawn!" Joey faked a yawn, his
way of telling the girls that it was time
for bed. "Well, it sure is late. Guess I
should hit the hay. What about you
Michelle? Steph? DJ?"

"Okey-dokey," Michelle chipped in.

"Well all right," Stephanie murmured.
"But just wait till I get older."

"I... I need to talk a bit with Aunt
Becky," DJ braved. "I'll be up later."

"Oh?" Becky was surprised. "What

"Welll, its kinda private," DJ told
her. "Could we, maybe go to your room and

"All right," Becky said, then turning
to the younger girls. "Goodnight
Michelle," giving her a peck on her
forehead. "Goodnight Stephanie," doing the
same to her sister. "Pleasant dreams."

"Well, I'd better go up myself," Joey
said. "I got a busy day tomorrow."

But what he really needed to do was
go stroke his hardening cock again. Seeing
Becky and DJ together at the dinner table
had him fantasizing about them both. Not
that anybody could blame him for that, both
young women were very desirable.

"So, what do you want to talk to me
about DeeJ?" Becky asked, tucking her leg
under her calves.

"I think it would be better if we
talk upstairs," DJ said softly. "It... its
gotta do with, you know, girl stuff."

Becky surmised that this discussion
might have to do with sex. She realized
that DJ was at that age now, and it would
only be natural for her to ask these kind
of questions to her, being the only adult
female in the family.

"Okay," Becky agreed. "You want to
do it now?"

"Sure," DJ perked up. "That would be

The two of them got up and headed up
the stairs for her attic room. Once there,
they settled into the Katsopoulos sofa.

"So?" Becky started. "What was so
important that we had to talk?"

"Wel... well," DJ stammered. "Some
pretty... weird stuff have been happening
lately. And its got me all confused."

"Like what?" Becky asked.

"Well," the teenaged girl was
hesitant to say. "When I saw you naked
this morning. It really got me... I
dunno... excited."

Becky smiled at hearing her say that.
She wasn't surprised about it though. She
herself had had her share of womanly

"That's perfectly all right DeeJ,"
she reassured her niece. "There's really
nothing unusual about that."

"There isn't?" DJ was surprised to
hear. "Have you ever... you know... try
stuff with another girl before?"

"Sure," Becky reassured her. "I
think most girls do, at one time or

"That's so cool," DJ replied. "Then,
it was okay what Kimmy and me did today.
Does that make me a lesbian?"

"No DeeJ, that doesn't make you a
lesbian," this caught Becky's attention.
"No more than I am. Just what did you do?"

"Well," DJ began. "Kimmy saw this
movie where two girls did things together.
So we tried that." "Really?"
Becky was getting wet picturing that. "What
exactly did you do?"

DJ spent the next fifteen minutes
describing what she and her friend had
done. Becky could see that her teenaged
niece was excited about what she had done.
But she also recognized how inexperienced
she was about it all. Maybe she could help
her in that.

"Sounds like you two had a lot of
fun," she asked.

"Yeah it was cool," DJ replied. "Its
so great having you here. Its like having
a best friend that I can talk to about

"How did you do?" Becky pushed DJ
for more details.

"Well, I... I was really nervous and
all," DJ started. "I think I did okay.
Kimmy seemed to enjoy it."

"You want me to teach you more stuff
to try?" Becky offered.

"Gee, would you?" DJ was getting all
excited again.

"Of course I will," Becky tells her.
"But first, I'm gonna get my clothes off so
you can see what I'm talking about."

"Oh wow!" DJ exclaimed.

Becky stood up and began taking off
her clothe in front of her fifteen-year-old
niece. She started by removing her skirt.
Reaching behind her back, she unsnapped it
and let it slide down her legs. Then she
simply stepped out of them.

DJ could see that her Aunt was
wearing a garterbelt to hold up her
stockings. And in her high-heels it made
her legs look so sexy. And her loose silk
blouse made her appearance a touch more

"Gee Aunt Becky," DJ said. "I
thought you wore pantyhose, like I do. I
didn't even think women wore that kinda
stuff anymore."

"Now why would you think that?"
Becky smiled at her. "Don't you think they
make my legs sexy."

"Gosh, yes," DJ agreed.

"A woman should wear anything she
wants," Becky told her. "Especially if its
to attract a man's attention."

"I can see how that would work," DJ
told her Aunt. "I'm feeling kinda wet just
looking at you."

Next, Becky pulled down her panties.
The blouse acting as a tease, hiding her
treasures from DJ's view still.

"How do you like it so far?" Becky
asked her.

"Uh? Oh, its making me so nervous,"
DJ told her, snapping herself out of her
daze. "When will you show me things."

"You ever frenchkiss before, DJ?"
Becky asked her. "With a boy, I mean."

"N... no, not yet," she admitted.

"And what about with Kimmy?" Becky
pushed the issue.

"Not really," the teenager said. "We
only... you know, kinda kissed. That's

Becky was feeling daring all of a
sudden. She walked up to DJ and pulled her
to her. The two were almost the same
height, which made them perfect for each
other. Then she planted a kiss on her.
She gently maneuvered her tongue past DJ's
lips and gently forced her way into her

DJ was fascinated by the whole thing.
She had never had anything in her mouth
before. Not a tongue, and definitely not a
cock. She found her own tongue acting on
its own volition as both tongues began
swirling around each other. She found the
sensation the most exciting thing ever.

Becky smiled inwardly at DJ's
positive response to her deep kiss. She
decided to proceed to the next step and
began groping DJ's budding tits. She could
feel the teen's nipples were already hard
under her clothes.

"Put you hand on my breast," she told
DJ, pulling away from their kiss

DJ did as she was told and moved her
hands up to Becky's chest and began
massaging the older woman's tits through
her blouse and bra.

Becky was getting all excited about
what they were doing herself. She soon
found that her leg had wrapped around DJ's
leg in an erotic embrace. The next thing
that she did was that she was starting to
hump her groin against DJ's.

"Mmmmmmh!" DJ moaned while
maintaining their kiss.

She too found herself begin humping
her groin in time with her Aunt's. She
still didn't know what she was doing, but
her body sure seemed to know.

"Mmmmmmh!" It was Becky's turn to
moan. "You're doing just fine DJ," she says
as she pulls away from her. "But I have to
finish getting my clothes off."

"Let me do it," DJ offered without a
second's thought.

"Okay," her Aunt agreed. "But you
have to do things slow. Making love to
someone, man or woman, isn't something that
you rush through. Not if you want it to be

DJ understood what she was trying to
say. So she moved her hands along her
Aunt's arm, caressing it along the way.
Once she reached her shoulders, she slid
her hands down the front of Becky's soft,
silky shirt, towards her firm breast.

While still caressing her skin, she
began to slowly undo one button after
another, exposing her bra enclosed breast.

"Oh! Yesss DJ," Becky moaned,
watching the teenager do her thing.
"You're doing great."

DJ smiled up at her shyly. Despite
how well she seemed to be doing, she was
still very much a novice in all of this.

She finally undid the last remaining
button and slowly opened Becky's shirt,
exposing her trim body to her. The sight
of her Aunt's curvy form made her catch her
breath, in the same manner that it had
earlier that morning.

"You're so beautiful Aunt Becky," DJ
told her. "I wish I looked like you."

"You have nothing to be ashamed of
DeeJ," her Aunt told her. "I know a lot of
men would love to be with a hotty like

"Really?" DJ couldn't believe what
she was hearing. "Like who?"

"I can't tell you that," Becky
smiled. "You're still too young to get
involved with them."

"So what?" DJ frowned. "What
difference does that make?"

"For one thing," Becky tried
explaining it to her. "They could get in
trouble with the police. Its illegal for
them to get involved with a minor."

"Really, I didn't know that," DJ was
surprised to hear that.

Joey told her that what they were
doing that morning was all right. Then she
remembered how insistent he was that she
keep it a secret from everybody, now she
understood why.

"Okay enough chit-chat," Becky told
her. "Back to the business at hand. Pinch
my nipples DJ."

DJ did as she was told and pinched
her Aunt's nipples until they were hard and

"Would you like to kiss them?" Becky

"Huh uh."

Becky guided DJ over to her bed and
lay back on it, drawing DJ along with her.
Becky then pulled her niece's head down to
her breast and let the young girl do as she
pleased to her tits. Her own chest was
heaving in deep breaths as she watched.
Then she gasped when DJ actually bit on her
nipple lightly.

"Sor... sorry," DJ apologized.

"Don't be," her Aunt told her. "This
kind of surprise is good. You should
always try to be spontaneous any chance you

The two young woman smiled at each
other momentarily before resuming DJ's

"Okay that's enough of that for now,"
she told her niece. "Now for the real good
part. Go down between my legs."

DJ was reluctant to relinquish her
soft tits, but she did as her Aunt
instructed her and slid down till she was
facing her trimmed pussy.

"See that little nub at my pussy,"
she waited till DJ indicated that she
could. "That's what is called the
clitoris, or clit for short. Its like a
woman's penis."

"Gee," DJ said in surprise. "They
never talked about that in Sex Ed."

"Now, I want you to rub your finger
over it," Becky told her. "Don't worry if
I make noises, it will be good."

DJ followed her instructions and
began rubbing Becky's clit with her finger.
Almost immediately Becky's clit stiffened.
DJ could also see her Aunt's pussylips puff
up red in her excitement.

"Oh wow," DJ exclaimed. "Your pussy
is getting real red Aunt Becky. Is that

"Very sweetheart," Becky could only
smile at her innocence. "Don't stop on my
clit honey."

DJ shook herself out of her daze and
returned to her manipulation of Becky's

"Now, I want you to kiss it," Becky
told her. "Kiss it even. And when you
think you're ready, I want you to suck on
my clit."

"Tha... that sounds so... so dirty,"
DJ replied hesitantly.

"Don't worry about it," Becky

With the reassurance of her Aunt, DJ
lowered her head and kissed her clit
lightly at first. Then she stuck her
tongue out and passed along Becky's
pussylips, provoking a gasp of pleasurable
surprise from her Aunt. That, brought a
smile to her lips as well.

Becky brought her own hand to DJ's
head and caressed her soft, long brown

"Oh yes DJ," Becky said. "You're
doing great. I don't know why you thought
you needed my help."

Encouraged by her Aunt's reaction,
she then opened her lips partly and
inserted Becky's clit in her mouth. She
found the taste a bit salty at first, but
pleasurable nonetheless. She intensified
her sucking, causing Becky to arch her back
in ecstasy.

Becky suddenly wrapped her slim legs
over DJ's sucking head and crushed her
harder against her groin. DJ offered no
resistance to this physical action by her
Aunt. She actually found it more arousing.

As she continued getting more and
more excited, Becky's hands busily pinched
her own nipples.

"Oh Chrisss DJ," Becky exploded.
"You're making me so horny." DJ was
surprised to hear that from her beautiful
Aunt. She had always thought that she just
loved men, like her Uncle Jesse. But from
the sounds of it, she liked making out with
girls just as much.

'I wonder who else Aunt Becky fools
around with?' DJ wondered. 'Does she have
girlfriends to play with?'

Suddenly, DJ was inundated with
Becky's cum as her Aunt experienced her
first orgasm at the hands of her young
niece. Without even thinking about it DJ
began swallowing her Aunt's sexual

Becky was luxuriating in her orgasm,
and smiling inwardly at her niece's
willingness to follow through on her own
volition. She could feel sweat beading on
her forehead as she continued with DJ's
sexual education.

"Tha... that was so cool," DJ finally
said as she pulled out from Becky's groin.
"Did I do okay?"

"You did great DeeJ," Becky smiled
down at her.

Chapter Seven

Becky Donaldson had started DJ down
the road of sexual enlightenment. Her
young niece had already successfully
brought her to a first orgasm and drank her
love juices without any encouragement on
her part. But now it was time for her
teenaged niece to experience the same.

"Now its your turn," she told her
niece. "Lie down."

DJ obeyed immediately, taking up her
Aunts previous position on the bed. But
she had forgotten that she was still
clothed. Only when she felt Becky's hands
over her tankini top did she recall it.
When she tried getting back up so as to
strip, her Aunt pushed her back down.

"Don't move," Becky told her. "I'll
take care of it."

Becky began massaging DJ's tit-mound
through her top. The friction of the
fabric against her sensitive nipples only
served to excite her more.

"Oh Aunt Becky," DJ moaned. "That...
that feels so... so weird."

"But good," Becky asked.

"Yeah," DJ smiled back at her.

Becky then lowered her head to her
niece's tits and began sucking against her
stiffening nipples through the clothe,
getting them wet in the process. When she
bit her nipple tip through the thin fabric
DJ exploded into orgasm. She could feel her
panties getting wet as she arched her back
in rapture.

'Oh DJ,' Becky thought to herself.
'You're the hottest girl I've ever been
with. You came so fast. I can't wait to
taste your honey.'

DJ wrapped her legs around Becky's
waist as she continued to cum from her
Aunt's attack on her tits. Her hands
crushed against Becky's head pulling her
tighter against her tits.

"Oh god Aunt Becky," she said,
breathlessly. "Tha... that was... that was
so great."

"Mmmmh! Mmmmmh!" Becky could only
moan past her niece's tits.

She couldn't wait to see what
treasures lay hidden under all of that
useless clothing. She brought her hands up
and started pulling DJ's tankini top down
until it bunched up around her slim waist,
leaving her breast totally exposed.

Feeling the cool air against her
naked skin made DJ's nipples stiffen up
even more. Becky concentrated her efforts
on them, sucking on them even harder than
before. She could feel her Aunt's tender
hands caressing along her soft skin, making
their way softly towards her skirt covered

Becky went straight to DJ's hard
nipples and began suckling on them like a
baby. DJ was loving the attention that her
Aunt was giving her. She couldn't see
anything wrong with anything that had
happened to her this day. Not Joey's cock,
and certainly not Becky's mouth and tongue.

"Oh yessss Aunt... Becky," she had to
pause while catching her breath again.
"Kimmy wasn't this good. Do you think I'll
be able to teach her myself later?"

"No reason why you shouldn't, DeeJ,"
her Aunt told her, and returned to nibbling
on her tits.

"Ooooh!" DJ moaned, climaxing again.

Becky was finding it hard to believe
how easily DJ could be brought to orgasm.
The young girl was a natural sex machine,
she could imagine how wild she would get
with a boy in some future encounter.

Not wanting to waste DJ's cum to her
bed-covers, Becky reached under her tight
skirt and palmed her hand in her niece's
crotch to catch some of her juices for
herself. She would then bring her hand up
to DJ's chest and rub the moistness all
over her exposed tits. Next, she would
begin lapping all of that succulent female
cum with her tongue, driving DJ wild.

DJ's breathing was getting very fast
by now. Occasionally she would have to
catch her breath in her excitement. She
could feel the warmth of her own cum on her
titties. And her Aunt Becky's tongue
licking it clean right off of her skin.
The combination of both scenes was exciting
her more and more with each passing second.

"Oh damn Aunt Becky," the teen-girl
moaned. "It... its so... so hard... so
hard to breathe... Is... is that normal?"

"Perfectly sweetheart," she told her,
pulling away from her niece's tits
momentarily. "Just relax and enjoy it."

DJ did just that. She dropped her
head heavily on the pillow and relished in
the explosive sensations that she was
experiencing. Closing her eyes as Becky
continued munching on her tits. She must
be having the wildest daydream ever
recorded is what her mind was trying to
tell her. But another orgasmic explosion
told her otherwise again.

Becky decided that it was now time to
move on to the better things. She slid
down DJ's slim tight body until she reached
her skirt, and she began pulling it down
her niece's legs.

DJ's eyes shot open when she felt the
tug on her skirt. Looking down her body,
she smiled when she saw the problem that
her Aunt was having pulling it off. But
since she was as desperate to keep going in
this sexual adventure, she lifted her ass
off of the bed, allowing her Aunt to pull
the remainder of her clothing off of her.

She now found herself with only her
shoes and knee socks on. She made the
perfect picture of a teasing teenaged

Without any instructions from her
loving Aunt, DJ spread her legs apart,
unfluttering her pussy to Becky's gaze.

Becky smiled in lust at her niece's
instinctual reaction.

'Yes, DJ is really going to be a sex
crazed woman when she grows up,' Becky
thought to herself. 'Just like me.'

Becky plastered her lips to DJ's wet
pussy and began eating her teenaged niece
out. DJ could do nothing but relish the
new sensations that she was feeling.

'Wow,' she would think. 'If I'd know
that girls could be so good, I'd have
messed with Kimmy a lot sooner.'

For fifteen minutes Becky continued
tonguing DJ's pussy and clit. Twice more
the teen girl had climaxed in her Aunt's
sucking mouth in that time. But suddenly,
Becky pulled her head out of DJ's crotch.

"Wha... what happened?" DJ asked,
surprised. "Did... did I do something

"No dearie," Becky reassured her.
"Just moving to the next lesson. Have you
heard about 69?"

"Yeah," DJ responded. "Kimmy and I
did some of that. Is that what you want us
to do now?"

"Yep," Becky smiled. "You ready?"

Without waiting any further Becky
flipped herself around so that her crotch
now stood before DJ's doe-wide eyes. The
teenager could actually see her Aunt's
pussylips glittering with moistness. She,
almost instinctly, moved her head up and
began licking her Aunt's pussy.

"Oh yeah DeeJ," Becky moaned. "You
know exactly what to do."

The two young women fell into a
passionate embrace as they hugged each
other for closer contact. They could feel
the warmth of their body being transferred
back and forth between them.

"Golly Aunt Becky," DJ exclaimed. "I
never knew this could be so... so goood!"

For fifteen long minutes they
continued to satisfy themselves in a 69
position. DJ cumming five times, while
Becky managed to orgasm only three times.
But DJ didn't care about that. Until this
evening, she hadn't really experienced any
orgasm. Her own, or tasting another girls

Chapter Eight

When the two young woman finally
broke away from each other, they realized
that they had been loving each other for
well over two hours already. They both
collapsed exhausted and laughing on Becky's
bed, gazing into each others eyes.
Admiring the curvature of each others young

"Wow, Aunt Becky," DJ whispered.
"Tha... that was great. Why didn't you
ever teach me about that before?"

"I honestly didn't know if you were
ready sweetheart," Becky admitted.

DJ just smiled back at her in
amusement and understanding. But now
another question started creeping into her
mind. A very nagging question.

"Aunt Becky," she started to ask.
"Coul... could you tell me a bit about...
well, about men's... you know."

"You mean their cocks," Becky could
only smile at her niece's awkwardness.

"Yeah," DJ admitted to her.

"You sure you're ready to hear about
that?" Beck had to ask.

DJ nodded her head in confirmation,
as her cheeks blushed a deep red.

"Well, okay," Becky started. "First
of all, not all cocks are alike. Some are
small, some are big. Some can be real
skinny, while others can get so thick that
no woman can take them."

"How about Uncle Jesse?" DJ asked

"Uh? Oh," Becky was caught off-guard
by her question. "Jesse is terrific. He's
got a beautiful cock."

"What does that mean?" DJ pushed on.

Becky was getting embarrassed by DJ's
insistence on details of her and Jesse.
After all, Jesse was her Uncle. Talking to
DJ about Jesse was getting a little too
close to incest. But then who was she to
quibble about something as insignificant as
incest. After all, she fucked Comet just
last night.

"Let me show you," Becky finally

She reached into her nightstand and
pulled out an eight inch dildo with a
bulbous head. She placed the large
phallus in DJ's hand.

"It took me months to find one just
the right size," she told her niece. "I
use this whenever Jesse goes out of town."

"Like last night," DJ said excitedly.

"No, I had something else last
night," Becky blurted out before realizing
what she had admitted to.

Her comment hadn't struck DJ just
then. She ran her hand around and along
the length of the dildo. It didn't feel
anything like Joey's cock that she had
manipulated that morning.

"It's not as big as..." she stopped

"As big as what, DeeJ?" Becky caught
her hesitance.

"Not as big... as I thought it would
be," DJ hoped that this would keep her

"No, this is a nice size for a man's
cock," Becky told her. "Do you know what a
blowjob is?"

DJ had a puzzled look on her face.
She had no idea what her Aunt Becky was
talking about. And Becky hadn't intended
to push her cock knowledge on DJ so fast.
But now that the question was out, she
pushed forward.

"A blowjob," Becky urged her niece.
"You know. When a girl sucks on a guys
cock, like this."

To demonstrate she pushed the dildo
head past her lips into her mouth. She
heard DJ gasp in shock.

"You can't be serious," DJ blurted
out. "You really do that to Uncle Jesse?"

"Him," Becky told her. "And all my
other boyfriends before that too. Its
really a great feeling. Here, you try it,"
she said, handing the dildo over to DJ.

DJ hesitantly took hold of the dildo,
feeling her Aunt's saliva over its texture.
She looked at it curiously, studying its
curves and thickness carefully.

"C'mon DeeJ," Becky urged. "Don't be
scared. After all, its only a sex toy. If
you don't like it, you won't have to do it
to a real cock. But I think you will want

DJ smiled at her Aunt and brought the
dildo head up to her lips and kissed the
tip softly. Becky had to move her hand
over hers and push the head past her lips
so she could feel the thick rod slip into
her mouth.

DJ's first instinct was to gag
against the invading phallus as Becky kept
pushing more and more of it past her lips.

"Breathe easy DeeJ," Becky tried to
instruct her. "Breathe through your nose
and it'll get better."

DJ did as instructed and she was
surprised to find that it was getting
easier for her to take more of the large
cock in her mouth. Before she knew it, the
dildo was driving past her tonsils down her

Becky was pleasantly surprised at
DJ's natural ability at deepthroating. But
then DJ had demonstrated numerous talent in
the sexual arena so far. She was sure that
her teenaged niece would be a real
nymphomaniac if they didn't keep an eye on

DJ was bobbing her head up and down
on the dildo as her Aunt held it steady for
her. She hadn't even realized what a
special accomplishment she had conquered by
taking the stiff rod down her throat on her
first try.

Then, Becky pulled the dildo free of
her niece's clutching lips.

"I knew you could do it DeeJ," Becky
smiled at her. "You took the whole thing on
your first try. How was it?"

"I... I took that whole thing?" DJ
was stunned. "No way."

"Way," Becky smiled back.

"Bu... but how?" DJ was confused.
"I mean, my mouth isn't that deep, is it?"

"You took the dildo down your
throat," Becky explained to her. "Its
called deepthroating. Guys love that."
"Really?" DJ was astonished to hear
something like that. "Cool! What else can
we do with a... a cock?"

By now Becky was thinking that what
DJ really needed was on-hands experience
with a real pulsing cock. And there was
only one such item available to them

"Wait here," she told DJ. "I'm
getting something better for you to
practice with."

Becky jumped out of the bed and
grabbed her silk robe, which barely covered
her ass, and rushed through the door,
downstairs. She was in such a rush that
she wasn't even fully covered as she came
out into the hallway.

'What is Aunt Becky talking about,'
DJ was a bit confused. 'The only thing
better would be a real penis. God, I hope
she's not thinking of bringing Joey up

Just then Joey was just coming out of
his room, heading to the washroom, when
Becky burst out of her attic door. She
hadn't even noticed him as he peeked
through the crack of his door. But Joey
was lucky enough to get a flash of her firm
tits as she pulled the robe tighter around

'Damn,' Joey muttered to himself. 'I
always knew Beck was hot, but... whoah!'

Becky disappeared down the back
stairs leading to the kitchen. Joey
decided that it would be best if he stayed
out of sight. Maybe if his luck held out
he would get another glimpse at her hidden

Only a moment later he could hear her
clambering back up the stairs.

'That didn't take long,' he thought.
'Wonder what she wanted in the kitchen so

His question was answered almost
immediately when he spotted Becky leading
Comet up to her room. Joey's cock jumped
to full attention again. His fantasies of
that day seemed to have been right all
along. Becky is fooling around with Comet.

'What should I do now?' He tried to
come up with a plan. 'Maybe I should
forget about it,' as his hand drifted to
his hardening rod. 'Nah! I'll wait a few
minutes until those two are really into it,
then I'll sneak up on her and get some of
that for myself.'

He had always admired Becky's beauty,
but she was Jesse's girlfriend and now his
wife. And he was too good of a friend to
do something like that. But now. Now,
Becky was presenting a much too tempting
choice. And with blackmail to keep this
away from Jesse, he felt that there was a
good chance that she wouldn't give him any

As Becky led Comet back up to her
attic room, she was so excited at the
prospect of teaching new things to DJ that
she wasn't as cautious as she had been the
night before. In her rush, she hadn't
closed the door properly, leaving it
slightly ajar. She also didn't think to
bother with locking them either.

DJ jumped up off the bed in surprise
when she saw her Aunt bring her dog into
the room.

"Aunt Becky," DJ exclaimed. "What is
Comet doing here?"

"He's your learning tool DeeJ," Becky
told her bluntly as she removed her robe

"Wha... what do you... what do you
mean?" DJ was more confused than ever.

"Well, unlike a boy, Comet can keep a
secret," Becky tried to calm her niece.
"But just like a boy, he too has a cock.
You can practice on him."

DJ had that confused look in her eyes
again. Then it hit her.

"No way," DJ said.

"Why not DeeJ," Becky was worried
now. "Its okay you know. Lots of girls
learn this way."

"You?" DJ asked.

"Yes, I did," Becky admitted, hoping
that this confession would ease the girl's
apprehension. "Back at the ranch in

DJ thought about that and Comet some
more. Becky could see that the young girl
was calming herself. Finally DJ looked up
at her Aunt and smiled.

"What do I do?" DJ asked.

'Thank god,' Becky sighed. 'For a
minute there I thought I was sunk.'

Becky led Comet to the bed and patted
the mattress. Comet obeyed that command and
jumped up next to DJ, licking her on the
face as he always did. DJ just laughed at
his loving attention.

"Lie down on your back," Becky told

DJ did as she was told and spread
herself on the bed. Becky diddled her
finger in DJ's wet pussy and brought it up
for Comet to whiff.

The dog licked her finger clean of
DJ's cum. Becky then guided him with her
finger back to DJ's pussy for more treat.
Comet followed the finger till his nose
found the teenager's wet pussy and
plastered himself in her groin.

"Oh god Aunt Becky," DJ groaned.
"He... he won't hurt me, will he?"

"Don't you worry about it DeeJ," her
Aunt assured her. "Comet knows what to

"Yo... you mean," DJ stammered. "You
and him. You've done things with Comet

Becky didn't intend on revealing her
relationship with the family dog. But now
that it came out she had no other choice.
As Comet kept licking DJ's pussy, Becky
related what she had been doing with the
dog the previous evening.

"Wow!" DJ exclaimed, pausing.
"Wil... will he do the same for me?"

Becky smiled at her niece.

"Of course he will honey," she told
DJ. "Anything you want to do, I'm sure
he'll be able to help."

In response, DJ spread her legs wider
apart, giving Comet better access to her
pussy. She could feel another orgasm
approaching, and she couldn't wait to see a
dog's reaction to her cumming in his snout.

Becky sat back and played with
herself as she watched DJ experiencing a
male for the first time, even if it was
with the family dog. She knew that that
didn't really matter from personal
experience. As far as she was concerned, a
cock was a cock. No matter to whom, or
what, it was attached to.

DJ was getting so excited by Comet's
tongue that she started mauling her own
tits before Becky's eyes. She remembered
how horny it made her feel when her Aunt
pinched her nipples before, so she did the
same to herself now. She continued playing
with her tits, not forgetting her clit
occasionally, and closed her eyes in

Becky noticed that Comet's cock was
poking out of its furry sheath.

"Look at Comet DeeJ," Becky told her
niece. "Look how excited you're getting
him. His cock is coming out just for you."

DJ could barely make out what her
Aunt was saying, but when she heard the
word 'cock' she opened her eyes and looked
over at where Becky was sitting. She could
see her Aunt pointing towards Comet, so her
eyes shifted in that direction.

"Oh wow," DJ gasped at seeing the
dog's pointy dick peeking out at her.

Comet didn't care for any of that.
He was too happy at licking his mistress'
pussy. But his body kept reacting to the
sexual instinct that he was bred with.
Already his cock had grown to five inches,
but Becky knew there was more where that
came from.

DJ's eyes almost bugged out as more
and more cock made its appearance. Six,
seven inches came snaking out. Then it went
on to eight, nine and finally his whole ten
inch cock stood before her gazing eyes.
She was fascinated by the cock's strange

'Wow!' The teen thought. 'It don't
look nothing like Joey's.'

Becky was glad that DJ wasn't scared
by the sight of the large cock. Her
greatest fear was that her niece would have
freaked out and alerted the whole family as
to what was going on. Or worse, that she
would have told everybody that she, Rebecca
Donaldson, fucked with a dog.

"So, what do you think?" Becky

"Its really weird looking," DJ said.
"Are guys cocks like that too?"

"No, their shaped a bit differently,"
her Aunt told her. "But they work the same
way though."

DJ was mesmerized at the sight of the
cock. She was unsure what she should be
doing next.

"You want to touch it?" Becky asked.

DJ could only nod her head.

Becky took her niece's hand in hers
and guided it to the dog's raging hardon.
DJ tried to pull her hand back when she
felt the heat of Comet's rigid cock on her
skin, but Becky held her there. After a
few moments she relaxed a bit more and
closed her fingers around the canine cock,
just as she had with Joey's. It felt much
slimier that Joey's, like something was
covering it.

"Ho... how come its so... so
slippery?" DJ asked.

"Oh that," Becky replied. "That's
just how a dog lubricates his cock. With
us people, your wet pussy does the same job
on a guys cock."

"Cool," DJ smiled.

She then began stroking Comet's cock
just as she had Joey's. Becky was a bit
surprised at DJ's initiative, and her
natural adeptness at stroking a cock. Of
course, she had no knowledge of Joey's and
DJ's earlier encounter.

"How do you like it so far?" Becky

"Weird," DJ admitted. "But fun."

By now DJ was a bit curious about the
slime that was on her hands. Without
waiting for Becky to say anything, she
brought her hand up to her nose and sniffed
it. She found the smell exhilarating.

Becky smiled broadly as she watched
her niece experiment on her own. She was
glad that DJ was curious about Comet's pre-
cum. She still recalled her own
fascination when she did animals back at
the ranch for the first time. She too was
curious about the slime on her young hands,
and that how it led her to taste it soon

DJ was no different than her Aunt.
She moved her hand to her lips and stuck
her tongue out, licking the pre- cum
hesitantly. The first tangy taste of the
dog's lubricant was all that she needed to
convince herself to be more daring.

Chapter Nine

DJ was being educated by her Aunt
Becky in sex. But Rebecca Donaldson was
using some rather unconventional means to
conduct that education. She had started
with masturbation. That moved into
lesbianism. And now she was using the
family pet, Comet, a large Golden Retriever
to continue her lessons.

DJ had been letting the dog lick her
naked cunt in front of her Aunt, while at
the same time she was busily stroking the
dog's hard cock. There, she discovered his
slimy pre-cum covering his shaft, and
wetting her stroking hand.

Her curiosity finally got the best of
her and she smelled the pre-cum before
actually getting a taste of it. The
fifteen-year-old loved the tangy taste of
her doggy's cum. And now she wanted to go
even further.

Without any hesitation or
instructions from her Aunt, DJ turned
herself around, pulling her pussy away from
Comet's licking tongue, and got under her
pet. Just a few inches above her head
raged his ten inch cock. She could see
droplets of more pre-cum building at its
tip, and wanting to taste it some more, she
lifted her head higher and licked the drops
clean off his cockhead.

"That a girl DeeJ," she heard her
Aunt cheer.

With those words of encouragement
reverberating in her head, DJ got even
bolder. She opened her teenaged, virgin
mouth and let Comet's cockhead slip past
her lips. The first scalding contact of his
throbbing cock on her tongue was all she
needed to know that she wanted to taste him
some more.

"Go girl," Becky said cheerfully.

DJ had never had a cock in her mouth
before. She didn't know what she should do
with it, now that she had one.

Becky could see her hesitation. She
figured that her niece didn't know how to
give a blowjob. So she moved onto the bed
to teach her what to do..

DJ felt Becky's hand rest on the top
of her head. The next thing she knew, her
Aunt was pushing her head down on Comet's
cock. Allowing more of the dog's cock to
enter her sucking mouth. Then her Aunt
pulled gently on her hair so that she was
pulling away from the cock's base, then
pushed back down.

After only a few hints of this kind
and DJ finally got the hang of what was
expected of her. She began bobbing her
head on Comet's rigid cock without any
further assistance from her Aunt.

Becky settled back and began playing
with her pussy and clit as she returned to
just watching DJ explore Comet's cock.

"Oh yeah DeeJ," she told her niece.
"Now you got it. Now, remember how you
swallowed the dildo before. You can do the
same with Comet's cock. Go on, try it."

DJ found that claim hard to swallow
(no pun intended) but she tried to do as
she had with the dildo earlier. She pushed
her head deeper into Comet's groin, taking
in more and more of his cock down her

Before she knew it, her lips were
banging against something. This was
something she hadn't expected, or even knew
about. It was Comet's knot. She had
successfully deepthroated her dog's ten
inch cock with no effort whatsoever.

"Yessss DeeJ," she heard Becky hiss.
"You did it. You took the whole thing. I
knew you could. You're a natural cock

DJ didn't quite know what to make of
that compliment. But then, she was much
too engrossed in sucking on Comet's cock to
worry about it at the moment. She kept
bobbing her head at a steady rhythm on her
dog's seeping penis.

She was amazed that all the while she
was sucking on that cock, a steady stream
of pre-cum was quenching her thirst. But
according to her Aunt, he hadn't cum yet.
When he did she would know it. At least
that's what her Aunt Becky told her. So
she kept on sucking to reach that goal,
driving on until Comet released his tasty
cum to her.

While watching DJ deepthroat Comet,
Becky had reached over and had grabbed hold
of her eight inch dildo and was busily
shoving it in and out of her own pussy. She
was trying to reach her own orgasm at the
same time as Comet's so she could be part
of their coupling.

Becky had to admire DJ's tenacity and
perseverance with Comet. She didn't expect
her fifteen-year-old to be so... so
talented in sex. She took to it like a
street whore. Nothing seemed to be taboo to
the beautiful teenager. In this, DJ
reminded Becky a lot like she was at that
age. She fully expected this new
relationship of theirs would bring them
even closer than ever.

"Play with his balls DJ," Becky
instructed her. "Don't squeeze them though.
Dogs don't like that."

DJ did as she was instructed and
brought a hand up to Comet's crotch and was
seeking his hanging balls. Becky was
mesmerized at the sight of those huge ball

'Man, he must be holding quite a
load,' Becky thought to herself. 'Boy, is
DJ in for a drowning.'

DJ finally located Comet's balls and
began massaging them in her dainty young
hands, while never relenting on her sucking
his hard shaft.

Becky could see Comet start reacting
as she had expected. She could see his
rump starting a slow humping motion,
shoving his cock into DJ's sucking mouth.
Though DJ obviously needed no assistance in
sucking him, it always looked so much
hotter when the dog became active in any
coupling. Especially with a woman, or in
this case, a girl.

Suddenly DJ pulled away from Comet's
cock. He had started spurting cum down her
throat and she wasn't expecting that.

Becky rushed to her side and held
DJ's head down on the dog's cock.

"Don't panic DJ," she tried to soothe
her. "Just relax and drink it all down.
You'll love it, honest."

DJ tried to relax as her Aunt was
telling her. She took a deep breath
through her nose and gulped down Comet's
next spurt of cum. Soon she kept on
sucking on her own. She no longer needed
Becky's hand to keep her in place.

Becky knew when to release her hold
on DJ, when the young teen shoved her face
back down on Comet's cumming cock. Once
she knew that DJ was going through with it
on her own, she settled back on her back
and fucked her dildo into her wet pussy.

"Mmmmmmh!" She heard DJ moan around
the canine cock.

Becky could also see droplets of the
dog's cum escape at the corner of her
niece's mouth. But overall, she was
pleased to know that the teenaged girl was
managing to swallow the dog's whole load
without losing much in the process.

'Even I wasn't that good my first
time,' she smiled to herself.

Finally DJ pulled away from Comet,
cum dripping down her chin.

"Come here DeeJ," Becky called out.
"Let me clean you up a bit."

DJ crawled over to her naked Aunt and
allowed the older woman to kiss her
lovingly on the lips. At the same time she
felt her Aunt's tongue explore her cavity
for dog sperm. She didn't mind, she loved
to frenchkiss with her. She learned that
very quickly tonight.

Becky reached up and caressed the
teens budding tits. Occasionally pinching
her hard nipples. DJ followed her Aunt's
example and did the same thing to her.
Though Becky's tits were a bit more
developed than hers were.

Comet simply did what all dogs did
after cumming. He jumped off the bed and
scurried into a corner to lick his cock

"That was so cool, Aunt Becky," DJ
said excitedly. "What else can we do?"

Becky smiled at DJ's enthusiast to
learn more. She could still remember her
first time with animals at her parents
ranch. It took her over a week before she
had the courage to return for a second
round. DJ was nothing like her, she had to
admit finally. This girl wanted to try
everything the very first time around.

She looked over in the corner and saw
that Comet wasn't going to be ready for her
for a while still. So she might as well
prepare her niece for that round now.

Chapter Ten

Rebecca Donaldson had already exposed
her fifteen- year-old niece to the
pleasures the her dog, Comet, could give
her. But now that she knew all about
Comet's cock, Becky was curious if there
was other things that she could teach her
beautiful young niece.

"Have you ever fooled around with
your boyfriends?" She asked her niece.

"You mean Steve," DJ replied. "No,
never. You know Dad, he'd freak if Steve
even kissed me."

"So you're still a virgin then?"
Becky pushed on for more information.

"Uh? Oh, yeah, sure," the teen
answered. "I'm still a virgin. I don't
know about Kimmy though."

'Here comes the touchy question,'
Becky thought before pushing on. "Would
you like to get fucked?"

There was a long pause before DJ
could mouth a response.

"I... I don't know," she finally
said. "I always thought... you know...
that Steve would be my first. But with Dad
around, that might never happen. Even if
we got married."

"I know what you mean DeeJ," Becky
understood her all too well. "Sometimes
Danny can be a real stick-in- the-mud. But
if you could, would you like to get fucked?
Here. Tonight."

Again DJ had to think hard on what
her Aunt was offering her. Would she like
to get fucked? Could she get fucked? And
if she did, who did Aunt Becky have in mind
for her?

"I... I think so," she stammered.
"But how? With who? The only guy in the
house is Joey. I sure hope you don't mean

DJ was still haunted with the memory
of his thirteen inch cock. The thought of
having something that large in her tiny
pussy scared the daylights out of her. She
could never imagine any woman ever taking
something that monstrous inside her body.

Becky assumed DJ's objections to Joey
fucking her as a natural reaction on her
part. Just like all the girls, she too
treated him like a member of the family.
So the idea of DJ fucking with him was just
as incestuous to her, as she thought DJ
did. She had no reason to believe that it
was his cock that scared the fifteen-year-
old, and not that he was almost related.

Besides, she couldn't picture Joey as
being to great a lover. I mean, he can
never hang on to his dates. So how good a
fucker can he be. No, she had another in
mind to break DJ's hymen.

"No, I don't mean Joey silly," she
laughed at the absurd suggestion.

"Then who?" DJ asked, confused.
"Nobody else is around."

"What about me?" Becky offered.

"You?" DJ was caught off-guard.
"Bu... but how can... I mean, you don't
have a... a cock. Do you?"

Becky was amused at DJ's confusion.

"She reached back in her nightstand
and pulled out a strange looking
contraption. The one thing that DJ noticed
was that it had a dildo attached to it.

Becky got up to her feet and slipped
the straps through her legs, with her back
to DJ. When she turned around DJ burst out
laughing. There in front of her, her Aunt
had grown a cock. It was about the same
size as her dildo that she had earlier,
about eight inches long and slim.

"This is what is called a strap-on
dildo," she told her. "This lets two women
enjoy fucking each other. So, do you want
to lose your cherry to me tonight DJ?"

"I... I would love to get fucked by
you, Aunt Becky," she finally answered,
stifling her laughter.

"Good," Becky smiled down at her
niece. "Why don't you lie back and let me
take care of you."

DJ did as she was told and stretched
out on her Aunt's bed, lying flat on her

Becky crawled back onto the bed and
up to DJ's face. Once there, she gave her
niece a long deep frenchkiss as she lowered
herself on top of her.

DJ squirmed under her Aunt's body as
she felt the hard tip of the dildo brush
against her vulva. The hard plastic
phallus wasn't as pliable as a real cock,
so Becky knew that she had to proceed
cautiously in fucking DJ's virgin pussy.

"Suck my tit DJ," her Aunt implored

DJ obeyed and lowered her head
between them to suck in one of her Aunt's
beautiful, firm nipples in her mouth. The
teenager munched lovingly on the morsel of
tittie flesh. Becky's hardened nipples
made something solid for her to grasp
lightly with her teeth.

"Oh yesss DJ," Becky moaned. "Just
like that."

Becky took this opportunity to guide
her strap-on dildo at DJ's vaginal
entrance. DJ's body tensed when she felt
its tip slip past her virginal pussylips.
She could still recall the teacher's
warning on how painful losing one's
virginity would be. But DJ trusted her
Aunt and was sure that she would be as
gentle as possible.

Becky began undulating her hips,
humping DJ's groin gently at first. But
with each passing second she increased her
tempo a bit more each time. She didn't
want to harm DJ in her first fuck, even if
it was with her plastic phallus. Inch by
inch she would fuck the strap-on dildo a
bit deeper.

"Oh, Aunt Becky," DJ moaned. "That

Becky slowed down a bit, giving DJ's
cunt time to get used to the invading
shaft. She pulled back just until the tip
remained inside of her niece's
inexperienced pussy, then slowly pushed it
back in until DJ signaled some pain or
resistance. It was a slow process, but for
DJ's sake Becky was willing to take her

"Mmmm!" DJ moaned again. "That's
much... that's much better, Aunt Beck..."
she stopped in mid-sentence as the tip of
the dildo made contact with her unbroken

Becky felt the resistance as well and
stopped immediately. She leaned her face
next to DJ's ear to whisper to her.

"Okay now, DeeJ," she whispered.
"I'm just about to break you're cherry.
Are you absolutely sure you want to go
through with this?"

"Y... yes Aunt Becky," DJ told her
after only a second of hesitation. "Do it.
Bust my cherry wide open. I... I want to
get fucked by you, now."

With DJ's consent Becky was preparing
to shove her 'cock' into her young niece's
pussy. But before she did that she
plastered her lips over DJ's in a
passionate kiss, both for the pleasure of
it, but also to smother her cry of pain
that she knew the teen would soon

DJ reciprocated the kiss back to her
Aunt, wrapping her arms around her slim
waist, to rest on her shoulders from below.

Once Becky thought that DJ was ready
and well prepared, she shoved her hip down
hard so as to accomplish a clean break
through DJ's hymen. Her cherry was no more.

"Ummmmm!" DJ groaned painfully in
Becky's mouth.

Becky busily caressed DJ's body to
help her get over the pain of her busted
hymen. All the while she kept humping her
hips and her dildo rhythmically into her
teenaged niece.

DJ couldn't get over how painful it
had been to get her cherry busted. The
pain was excruciating. Tears were
streaming down her cheeks as she felt her
Aunt fucking into her relentlessly.

'Ho... how could... how could Aunt
Becky keep fucking me,' she thought.
'After hurting me so bad?'

She just couldn't understand how the
older woman could be so insensitive. She
always thought that her Aunt was the best
thing to come into their family since her
mother died some years ago.

"Its okay DJ," she heard Becky
whisper. "The pain will be gone soon.
Just relax and let it happen."

All the while Becky kept on humping
her dildo into DJ's pussy.

DJ wanted to believe her Aunt, but
the pain just didn't seem to want to go

After giving DJ the few moments she
thought she needed to get used to her
'cock', Becky resumed humping her niece
feverishly. Driving the eight inch dildo
deep into DJ's tightly clenching pussy.

"Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!" DJ
would grunt at each thrust of Becky's hips.

"Ho... how you doing DeeJ?" Becky

"Ungh! Ungh!" DJ just kept grunting.
"Bet... better... Ungh! Aunt Becky.

Becky smiled as she brought her mouth
to DJ's once more and kissed her again
deeply. This time it was a much more
passionate kiss. One out of love, not to
keep her quiet. DJ reciprocated at the
same level of lust.

"Oh! Aunt Becky," DJ moaned as she
came all over the thrusting dildo. "Tha...
that was so... so good."

Becky smiled down at her fifteen-
year-old niece. She recognized a woman in
orgasm well enough to see it on DJ's face.
She lowered her head to DJ's chest and
sucked in her hard nipples. DJ exploded
into another orgasm even before that last
one subsided.

Once DJ came back down from her
climax, Becky pulled herself up and out of
her vagina. The dildo slipped out quietly
with a reddish coat on it, DJ's hymen
blood. She was fascinated how lewd it
looked. She had to remind herself that DJ
was the first virgin that she had

"Oh wow Aunt Becky," her niece
moaned. "That... that was so coold."

"I'm glad you liked it DeeJ," her
Aunt smiled down at her. "Ready for the
next lesson?"

"There's more?" DJ was surprised to
hear. "What else is there?"

"A real cock, of course," Becky
smiled back.

DJ was shocked to hear that her Aunt
was actually thinking of getting Joey to
fuck her just fucked cunt. After all, he
was the only guy in the house.

"You can't seriously expect me to
fuck Joey!" DJ exclaimed.

"Joey!?!" Becky started laughing at
such a ludicrous idea. "Why would you even
think of Joey. I mean, he's nice and all,
but he can't get past a first date. How
good a fucker can he be? No DeeJ, I was
thinking of Comet here," she said, nodding
her head towards the Golden Retriever.

"Com... Comet?" DJ was more confused
still. "Bu... but how?"

"The same way any guy would," her
Aunt smiled. "With his cock."

Chapter Eleven

DJ Tanner had lost her virginity to
her Aunt Becky. The older woman had fucked
her to multiple orgasms using a strap-on
dildo. DJ had never experienced the
sensations that flooded her body during
that fuck. Until today, she had never
really experienced an orgasm. So far she
must have had at least eight, but she
wasn't sure about the number. She had lost
count very early in her sexual encounter
with her Aunt.

But now her Aunt was suggesting that
she get a real fuck from a real cock. At
first, she had assumed that her Aunt was
talking about getting Joey to come in and
fuck her. But that wasn't what her Aunt
had in mind at all.

DJ's jaw dropped when her Aunt told
her that she was talking about the family's
Golden Retriever, Comet, as her sexual

"You... you've got to be kidding,
right?" DJ finally asked.

"No DJ," Becky smiled at her
mischievously. "I'm not."

DJ looked over at Comet in lustful

'Could he really do that,' DJ
wondered. 'Could Comet stick his thing in
me and fuck my pussy?'

Becky could see in her eyes that the
idea was intriguing the young woman. She
would give her a moment to contemplate the
upcoming fuck. But then she would get the
dog to fuck her niece whether she wanted to
or not. She was beyond caring now.

But she needn't have worried about DJ
going for it. She was already hooked on
sex, and the dog seemed like the logical
next step in this perverse Sex Ed lesson
that her Aunt was giving her this night.

"Okay," DJ finally announced. "What
do I do?"

Becky lay back on the bed, her legs
dangling over the edge. She wanted to have
a front row seat to this show.

"Get over my face DeeJ," she told her
niece. "I want to see you get fucked up

DJ smiled and complied to her Aunt's
request. The teenager straddled Becky's
face, her pussy just above the older
woman's face. In the position that they
were in, DJ was a few feet away from the
edge, thus giving Comet enough room to
maneuver himself into position.

"Now what?" DJ asked excitedly.

"Here Comet," Becky called out in

The large dog ran over to the two
females on the bed. Of course he targeted
the first cunt that he could reach, which
was Becky's.

"No Comet," she said sternly.
"Here," she told the dog as she patted DJ's
upturned ass.

To the dog, that looked a much more
appealing pussy. One that knew the proper
position to assume. So he leaped up onto
the bed and began licking DJ's wet pussy to
get her prepared for his already growing

Becky could see his long tongue
lapping at the girl's pussy. She could
also see his cock growing rapidly between
his hindlegs. She knew from past
experience that it wouldn't take him long
to be ready to do the deed.

"Oh Aunt Becky," DJ moaned. "I just
love his tongue. Does he have to stop
while he fucks me?"

"Yeah, he does," Becky smiled at DJ's
question. "Sorry. But don't worry, I'll be
tonguing you while he fucks the living
daylights out of you."

"Oh! That sounds so..." DJ paused,
looking for the right word. "So cool."

Comet was getting used to all of this
female attention that he's been getting
lately. First, it was Becky that
introduced him to her cunt. And now, for
the second night in a row, he was getting
another shot at fresh pussy.

Becky could see that his cock was
nearly fully hard by now, but Comet wasn't
quite done licking his goody. So she just
relaxed and enjoyed the performance he was

"Whe... when will he do it, Aunt
Becky?" DJ moaned in orgasm. "I... I
can't wai... wait any more."

Becky could hear the frustration in
her niece's voice. No matter how good a
licking the dog would give her, it couldn't
compare to what his cock could offer. And
even though DJ had never experienced it
yet, she was desperate enough to demand it.

"Hold on DeeJ," she told her. "I'll
try to get him to you."

So she reached down and took hold of
his dog's hard cock. She could feel the
pre-cum covered cock between her fingers as
she gingerly pulled him towards DJ seeping

Comet felt Becky's fingers on his
cock and began humping against her hand
instinctively. As Becky pulled his loin
closer to the teen's ass, his back would
curve sharply. Finally he got the idea and
jumped onto DJ's back, wrapping his
forelegs around her slim waist.

"Oh wow!" DJ exclaimed. "He's gonna
do it! He's really gonna do it!"

"Yeah DeeJ," Becky told her, as she
watched the approaching cockhead. "Get
ready now. I'm going to aim him in your

DJ tensed as she awaited the dog's

Becky finally got Comet's cockhead
near DJ's pussy. The first thing that she
did was rub his hot member along the ridge
of DJ's pussylips. DJ's reaction was
predictable. Her breath caught in her
throat and her pussy trembled in

As soon as Comet felt his cockhead at
DJ's pussy entrance he surged forward,
burying half of his cock in that initial

"OH GOD Aunt Becky!" DJ yelled out.
"It... its so hot. Is he all in?"

"No DeeJ," Becky smiled at her
naïveté. "You only got half of him."

DJ couldn't believe that she only had
half of his doggy cock inside her pussy.
Her cunt felled already full, so she
couldn't conceive that she could accept any
more of it.

Comet didn't wait for her to make up
her mind, he resumed humping his ass,
driving his cock into her pussy. Becky just
watched, getting wet in the process, as
more and more of Comet's cock disappeared
into DJ's teenaged cunt. She was totally
mesmerized at seeing her niece's tight
young pussylips get pulled in and out along
with the dog's thick cock.

"Oh wow Aunt Becky," DJ groaned.
"It... it feels like... like my insides are
being pulled apart."

Becky lifted her head to DJ's pussy
and began licking both Comet's cock and
DJ's clit in turn. This excited both
participants. Comet increased his humping
tempo while DJ was trying to hunch down on
her Aunt's face, dragging Comet's cock
along with her.

The dog was humping her fiercely like
only an animal could. DJ had a problem
catching her breath, so hard was he fucking
his hard shaft into her.

"The best is yet to come DeeJ," Becky
announced at spotting Comet's knot
approaching DJ's pussy.

"Wha... what do you... you mean?" DJ
grunted between strokes.

It was then that she first felt a
mass striking her vulva.

"Wha... what is that?" She asked
urgently. "Is Comet all in now?"

"No, honey," Becky told her. "He's
not quite done yet. That's his knot DJ.
Its the pièce-de-résistance. Now brace
yourself, this could be a bit painful."

DJ knew that her Aunt wouldn't steer
her wrong, she hadn't so far. And she was
fairly certain that she wouldn't allow
anything to harm her. So she braced
herself, clenching her teeth, awaiting what
was to happen next.

In one final lunge, Comet shoved his
knot past DJ's tightly clenching pussylips.

"ARGHH!" DJ grunted painfully. "Oh
god Aunt Becky, that hurts. Pull it out.
Please, pull it out. I can't stand it.
He's too big."

"Sorry honey, I can't," Becky told
her apologetically. "Once his knot is in,
he can't pull it out until he's finished.
Just relax and it'll feel better."

"HOWWWLLL!" Comet howled in the air.

The first thing that DJ noticed was
that Comet had stopped humping her and just
stood there on top of her, his knot tied
inside of her pussy. Then something hot
was spraying inside her clenching pussy.
This triggered her latest orgasm as she
sprayed her juices over Comet's balls and
her Aunt's face.

"Oh hell Aunt Becky," DJ moaned.
"You... you were right, it does... it does
feel great."

Becky couldn't answer her niece right
then, she was too busy licking DJ's cum off
of Comet's balls.

Feeling her pussy getting filled by
her pet's cum and her own orgasm was too
much for they teenaged girl. DJ collapsed,
unconscious, to the bed. Her ass still in
the air, impaled by Comet's cock and knot.

Chapter Twelve

Joey was waiting patiently by the
attic doorway for the opportunity to go
barging in on Becky and Comet, not knowing
that DJ was also with them.

He kept his cock hard just by
picturing what he imagined Becky might be
doing with the large Golden Retriever. He
could see her getting licked by the dog.
Maybe even sucking its cock. And, dare he
even think it, letting the dog fuck her

If he was right, then his signal to
catch her in the act would be Comet howling
as he reached his climax.

"HOWWWLLL!" Comet howled in the air.

'That's my signal,' Joey thought as
he opened the attic door and rushed up the

Opening the second door, he barged
right in without knocking.

"Hey Beck," he tried to sound
alarmed. "Is everything all r... WOAH!"

He stopped in shock at the scene
before him. Sure enough, there was Comet
with his cock stuffed up a female cunt.
But then, who was the other piece of pussy
lying under them?

'Oh no! Joey,' Becky was alarmed by
his presence. 'He must have heard us. Or
at the very least Comet.'

She was trapped under the tied
bestial couple with no way to get herself
out from under them. Being caught in the
act and seeing no way out of this, or how
to explain it to him, she resolved to just
keep doing what she was doing and resumed
licking DJ's pussy and Comet's cock. She'd
figure a way to keep Joey quiet later.

Joey pulled out his thirteen inch
cock and made his way closer to the
threesome on the bed. He still had no idea
who the other woman might be. He didn't
see anybody sneak into the house this
evening, so it really had him stumped.

"WOAH! BLOW ME DOWN!" He gave his
best Popeye imitation when he saw that DJ
was the girl with Comet's cock stuffed up
her cunt.

Looking beneath the dog's belly, he
could see Becky busily licking both of
their genitals. This made his own cock
jump to full attention.

'Damn!' He thought to himself.
'This is even better than I could have
asked for.'

Making his way back to the foot of
the bed, Joey dropped to his knees and
spread Becky's legs apart. He then lowered
his face and began doing his own bit of
licking. And with is long tongue, it
didn't take long for Becky to react either.

'Damn,' Becky moaned as her tongue
kept doing its job. 'I knew his tongue was
long... but... WOW!'

She could feel his long, six inch
tongue bury itself in the deepest recesses
of her wet pussy. She was finding it more
and more difficult to concentrate of her
own licking.

Just then DJ began stirring back to

"Oh wow, Aunt Becky," she moaned,
drunkenly. "Tha. That was so cool."

But when the teenager tried to pull
away from the dog, she found that they were
still tied together. She didn't know what
to do about it, and her Aunt didn't seem to
be answering her.

Becky was much too busy with her own
pleasures to be bothered with DJ. She
could plainly see that Comet's knot hadn't
even begun to shrink in size, so she
suspected that he was preparing another
load for her niece.

And Joey's snake-like tongue was
giving her pause to wonder why he didn't
have much success in keeping past
girlfriends. She squirmed excitedly under
DJ and Comet's bodies as Joey kept on
licking her pussy to orgasm. She started
thinking that maybe Joey wasn't the problem
in his sex life. Maybe it was the girls he
picked that didn't recognize a good catch
when they saw one.

"Aunt Becky?" DJ tried to get her to
respond. "Is... is everything all right?
Why can't I get loose from Comet?"

The teenager wasn't yet aware of the
newest addition to their gathering. If she
had know that Joey was right behind her,
hidden by Comet's body, she wouldn't be
blabbering on about his cock in her pussy.
Becky could hear DJ's concern in her voice,
but she just couldn't pull away from her
sucking, nor did she want to.

Joey got really turned on hearing DJ
describe how Comet's cock was stuck up her
cunt. He could glance along Becky's slim
body, between the dog's hindlegs, and make
out its cock filling DJ's pussy. Grossly
distending it with its large knot.

All the while, his hand was busily
stroking his thirteen incher in preparation
for what he really wanted to do. He wanted
to bury it into Becky's love channel. He
didn't care if she wound up despising him
for it later. From past experience, he
realized that that was a definite
possibility. He hadn't found a woman yet
that appreciated his 'gift'. Worse comes
to worse, he's simply leave the Tanner

Becky had no idea what was about to
transpire, other than her luxuriating to
Joey's unusually long tongue.

'If only he had a cock to match,' she
thought, still believing that he must have
a puny cock indeed.

As Joey and Becky watched, they could
both see that Comet's balls had balloon
substantially since he had blown his first
load. DJ could feel a change in Comet's
demeanor herself.

Slowly at first, but then a bit
faster with each passing second, Comet
began to resume his humping of his bitch.
Now used to his cock, DJ was reciprocating
to his humping along with some ass movement
of her own.

The scene being played before him was
all the incentive that Joey needed to add
his cock to the picture. Raising himself
up, he aimed his cockhead to Becky's pussy
and slowly began pushing himself past her
beautiful wet cunt.

Becky's breath caught when she felt
the over- extended cockhead pushing its way
past her pussylips. She couldn't believe
how thick it seemed to be. Now she wished
that she could be in a better position to
see exactly what he had between his legs.

"Oh shit Aunt Becky," DJ moaned as
she began humping against Comet's groin.
"He... he's starting all... all over

Becky could see for herself that
Comet had resumed fucking her niece. But
her mind kept wandering to her own fuck
lust. Inch by inch she could feel Joey
shove more cock into her.

'How big can he be?' She had to ask

"Ugnh!" Joey grunted, the first
sound from him that DJ did hear. "You're
so tight Beck. I knew you would be."

DJ panicked when she heard Joey's
voice. She tried, without success, to turn
and see what he was doing here. She was
disquieted to realize that he was
witnessing her with a dog penis fucking

'What will he tell Dad?' She had to

But that was the furthest thing from
his mind at the moment. He was too busy
concentrating on burying the second half of
his cock into Becky.

"Ungh! Damn Joey," Becky finally
grunted. "Ungh! Jus... just how big are

"Ungh! Ungh!" He grunted as he kept
on shoving. "Ungh! About... Ungh! About
a... a foot. Ungh!"

"A FOOT!" Becky exclaimed. "No

"Yes, way!" Joey grunted back.

"You gotta... you gotta be kidding.

"No... Ungh!" DJ grunted, joining
into their conversation. "Ungh! It
really... it really is. Ungh! I... I saw
it... honest. I... I think its even...
even bigger than what... what Joey says."

"You what?" Becky was shocked to
hear this bit of news. "How? When?"

"This morning," DJ told her as Comet
kept humping. "Joey showed me."

"JO-EY," Becky sounded mad as her
voice carried that tone.

"It... it was an accident Beck,
honest," Joey tried to explain what had
happened. "Tell her DeeJ."

"It was... Ungh! Aunt Becky," she
tried to tell her Aunt. "We... we sorta
bumped into it."

"Good one DeeJ," Joey laughed at her

"This is nothing to laugh about,"
Becky said, trying to be the adult about
the situation.

"You're a... Ungh!" Joey countered
as he grunted. "You're a fine one to
preach. What do you... Ungh! What do you
call what you've been doing here."

Becky's mouth opened to speak, but
she shut it immediately recognizing the
absurdity of her reaction under the

"Oh shut up and fuck me," she finally
blurted out, conceding her weak position.

"Yes, ma'am," Joey imitated a cowboy
as he shoved his huge cock back into her
grasping pussy.

"Ugnh!" Becky grunted as another few
inches of Joey's monstrous cock found its
way inside of her.

"Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!" DJ kept
grunting with each of Comet's renewed

All the while Joey kept his eyes on
the teenager's progress as the large dog
kept humping her. He never dreamed, okay
he dreamed it a lot, but he never really
hoped to ever witness something like this
for real. With each of Comet's thrust, it
seemed that his own cock would jerk,
sending shivers to both himself and Becky.

Becky was finding the sight of DJ's
dog-cock stuffed pussy exciting as well.
She too noticed Joey's jerking cock in time
with Comet's thrust. The idea sent shivers
up and down her spine. She didn't know how
long she could hold off before cumming yet
one more time.

Joey could see that at least ten
inches of his cock had wormed its way into
Becky's pussy. As for Becky, she hadn't
had something this large in her cunt since
the time she actually fucked her pony back
at her family's ranch. But that was many
years ago.

"Ungh! Oh, Aunt Becky," DJ
exclaimed. "Comet is such... Ungh! He's
such a great fucker. I love it. I...
Ungh! I love getting filled by his nice
big cock! I love... Ungh! I love getting

"Ungh! Ungh! I... I know... I know
just how you... how you feel DeeJ," Becky
grunted up to her niece as she kept getting
fucked by Joey's cock.

Comet's tongue was hanging out of his
panting jaw. His saliva dripping onto DJ's
bare back. She found the slimy warm fluid
only excited her more. She hung her head
down loosely. From there she could see her
own pert tits hanging down. She was
fascinated at seeing her hard nipples
pointing towards the ground.

Landing her forehead on the bed's
mattress, she could make out her Aunt's own
hardened nipples on her flattened chest.
She could also see Joey's cock disappearing
almost completely into Becky's pussy.

"Oh wow, Aunt Becky... Ungh!" She
exclaimed excitedly. "How... how can your
pussy take something so big. I... I
mean... Ungh! How can... how can your body
take... take something so... so big. I...
I never could."

"Sure you could... Ungh! DeeJ,"
Becky assured her. "Arrgh!" Becky yelled
out as the last, thirteenth inch, of Joey's
cock was shoved into her.

"Damn Beck," Joey groaned. "You're
the... the first to take all of me. I
never dreamed it could be this good."

"It don't... it don't feel too bad
from here either," Becky laughed.

"Oh Aunt Becky," DJ exploded. "He's
cumming. Comet's cumming in me again," she
yelled out over Comet's howl. "I... I
think I'm cumming too."

Becky knew that DJ was orgasming.
She was getting sprayed by her juices, and
this triggered her own orgasm just as Joey
started shooting his own load of jism up
her snatch.

All four of them were cumming
simultaneously. DJ couldn't know what a
rare event she was being part of. But Becky
and Joey knew how much more exciting this
made their fuck.

Joey buried his cock deep into
Becky's pussy, while Becky plastered her
lips around DJ's spasming pussy and Comet's
surging cock. She was hoping to get some
of the dog's cum to be leaking out of her
pussy, since her pussy had already been
filled by one load. She didn't expect her
to be able to hold two full loads inside
her inexperienced hole.

Becky wasn't going to be
disappointed. DJ's pussy had indeed
reached its full capacity. Comet's cum
began spurting out past his pussy stuffing
cock. Becky wrapped her mouth around the
edge of where his cock merged with DJ's
pussy and began drinking it down

It was at this time that Joey made
the decision that he wanted a feel of DJ's
orifice as well. Clamping his fingers at
his cock's base, he pulled out of Becky's
clenching pussy.

"Wha... what are you doing Joey?"
Becky was alarmed that he was pulling out
too soon.

His cockhead popped out of her pussy
loudly and he could hear Becky complain.
But by this time he didn't care about her,
or her pussy. He got up awkwardly and made
his way to the side of the bed and lay
himself in front of DJ's head.

"Here DeeJ," he said, alarming her.
"Try some of this."

DJ pulled her head up alarmingly when
she heard Joey's voice above her head.
When she looked up, she was met with his
pussy moistened cockhead just inches away
from her face.

Becky realized what Joey was planning
and the thought of DJ sucking on his cock
excited her as well.

"Go ahead DeeJ," Becky encouraged
her. "Give it a kiss."

This was nothing like when she had
touched his cock earlier that day. She had
only given him a handjob then. But now her
Aunt Becky and Joey were telling her to
touch it with her mouth. Her lips.

"Gee, I... I don't know if I should,"
she said with trepidation. "I mean... I
mean, it sounds so... dirty."

"Aw, c'mon DeeJ," Becky scolded her
from beneath. "You already sucked Comet's
cock. This isn't as naughty as that was."

"Yeah Deej," Joey chimed in. "Don't
let me hanging here."

DJ had to concede that she had sucked
Comet's cock and that Joey's wouldn't be so
dirty after all. So she leaned forward and
pulled his cock closer to her lips. She
gave it a tentative kiss and tasted Becky's
juices which still coated it.

She loved that female cum. So
without even thinking about Joey's cock,
she began to lick her Aunt's cum off of his

"Oh yeah DeeJ," Joey moaned. "Lick
my dick. It never dries out."

Becky only wished that she could see
DJ with Comet's cock in her pussy and
Joey's at her mouth. But she was trapped
under the bestial couple until the dog
pulled his knot out of her tight cunt.

Joey just leaned back on his arms and
luxuriated in DJ's tongue lavishing his
cock. He could clearly make out that she
was primarily interested in licking off
Becky's cummy residue off of his cock, but
he didn't care. It came to the same thing
as far as he was concerned.

DJ was getting so turned on by what
she was doing that she started undulating
her hips against Comet's groin again. This
was getting him all aroused again. Just a
few seconds earlier his knot had begun
shrinking, but now with the bitch-girl
indicating that she wanted more, his knot
regained its previous dimensions and his
balls started filling with yet another load
of jism to give her.

Becky had been busily sucking in as
much of the leaking dog cum that she could.
That was why she was so disappointed when
the flow seemed to slow and then suddenly
stop. That's when she realized that
Comet's knot had re-grown and plugged up
DJ's pussy yet again.

She was amazed that the Golden
Retriever had enough stamina to want to
have another round with her teenaged niece.

DJ also felt the dog's knot grow back
to its fullness. She was still too
inexperienced to understand why that was
happening, she was just happy that it was.
She returned her attention to cleaning off
Joey's cock.

It took her a good ten minutes to
finally get all of Becky's female cum off
of that huge piece of meat. And when she
was done she decided that licking a guys
cock wasn't so bad after all. In her young
mind, the next logical step was to suck it.

So, without any urging from Becky or
Joey, she moved her mouth to the tip of
Joey's cock and opened it ever so slightly.

Seeing her tantalizing mouth open
before his cock was driving Joey nuts. But
he decided to hold himself back and let DJ
take control of the situation.

DJ wasn't going to disappoint him.
She lowered her head into his cockhead and
let the first few inches make its way past
her lips.

"Oh gee whiz!" Joey exclaimed at her
young tight lips wrapping themselves around
his raging hard cock. "She's doing it," he
announced. "DJ is trying to suck my dick."

Becky was even more frustrated at
hearing that. She would miss watching as
DJ tried to suck Joey's obviously monstrous

DJ was loving the velvety feeling of
his cock on her tongue. She began to
wonder if the rest of it would feel just as
nice. But the only way that she could
think of to find that out was to take more
of it in. So, remembering how her Aunt
Becky had taught her to take Comet's cock
down her throat, she proceeded to suck in
more of Joey's cock in her mouth. When the
huge staff reached the back of her mouth
she adjusted her breathing to let it slip
down her gulping throat.

Joey couldn't believe what he was
seeing. DJ was trying to deepthroat his
thirteen inch cock. He hadn't ever found
any woman willing to suck his cock, much
less deepthroat it before.

"What's going on Joey," Becky moaned
from her trapped position. "Tell me,
please. I want to know what DeeJ's doing."

"Sh... she's trying to take all of my
cock," Joey gulped. "She's already...
she's already got the head past her

Becky gasped at hearing that. She
had enjoyed watching her niece deepthroat
Comet earlier. But from what she had felt
in her own pussy of Joey's cock, she
couldn't conceive how the teenager could
ever manage to take such a cock in her

DJ didn't know anything about the
impossible task she had created for
herself. All that she was interested in
was sucking the beautiful monster all the
way in.

Joey was still finding what he was
seeing hard to believe. DJ had already
managed to take in half of his cock down
her throat. He noticed how much trouble
she was having taking any more of it
though. Analyzing the situation as much as
he could, he saw what her problem might be.

With her having to lean down on him,
her throat presented more of a curved
obstacle than anything else. The obvious
solution to that was for him to allow her
throat to straighten out.

So, he eagerly got up on his knees so
that DJ know had her head pulled back,
making her gullet one long tunnel for his
cock to make its way through.

DJ immediately realized how much
easier sucking a cock gets in this position
and increased her efforts on Joey's cock.

Becky had felt Joey's movement above
her head. Craning her head back she saw
that he had assumed a kneeling position
before DJ's face. She smiled inwardly
knowing how much easier it would be for the
girl to suck that monster down her throat.
Becky let out a small gasp when she saw the
size of Joey's bloated balls.

"Damn Joey," Becky gasped out. "When
was the last time you emptied your balls?"

"This morning," he groaned back.
"When I started imagining you with Comet...
and other beasties."

In this position, Joey could also see
Comet's rump fucking into DJ's rear. He
then realized that the horny beast was
fucking her as he was getting a blowjob
from her other extremity.

DJ was able to take yet another more
few inches of Joey's cock down her throat.
But she had to pull back continuously to
get a fresh breath of air.

Joey still couldn't believe what he
was witnessing. DJ was almost effortlessly
taking nine of his thirteen inches by this
time. And she was showing no signs of
wanting to stop there.

"Go-o-o-lly!" Joey imitated Gomer
Pyle's outcry. "Beck! You won't believe
this, but DJ is taking my cock. I... I
think she wants it all!"

DJ smiled at how excited she seemed
to be getting Joey. She couldn't
understand the surprise in his voice

'Why should he be surprised that a
girl can suck his cock?' She wondered,
not yet realizing the feat that she was

With that thought, DJ shoved her face
back to his cock and this time managed to
get past the ten inch mark. She pulled out
slightly and then shoved herself forward
again, dragging Comet along with her. This
time, only an inch of Joey's cock remained
out of her grasp. Her nose twinkled as his
groin hair tickled her.

Joey almost passed out from the
tightness of her throat around his twelve
inches that were buried in her. He still
couldn't get over the fact that this young
fifteen- year-old was doing something that
no other woman had ever even considered, or
succeeded, in doing.

DJ was enjoying the fantastic
sensation deep down her throat. If she had
known that sucking was so cool, she would
have done it to Steve, her boyfriend,
months ago.

"Oh fuck, Beck," Joey kept trying to
describe what was happening to the trapped
woman. "DJ's got at least twelve inches
down her throat."

"No way!" Becky moaned, helplessly
from beneath.

"Yes way!" Joey groaned back. "And
I think she's getting ready to tak..."

He stopped in mid-sentence when DJ
shove that last measly inch past her lips.
Her chin hitting his aching bloated balls.

As Becky looked up, she could see
that DJ's chin was indeed striking against
Joey's large balls.

'Then its true,' Becky thought to
herself. 'DeeJ does have all of that
beautiful cock down her gullet.'

Joey grabbed DJ behind the ears and
began humping his cock in and out of her
sucking mouth. He would pull back until
only the head remained and then shoved it
all the way back. He hoped that the teen
girl's throat had gotten used to the large

DJ was loving the fucking her mouth
was receiving at the hands of Joey. With
having deepthroated the thirteen inch penis
accomplished, she now realized that Comet
had resumed fucking her as well. She
couldn't believe how great having two cocks
fuck her felt.

The two large cocks were so deeply
imbedded in her that she felt like a pig
spitted for a roast. She was also helpless
to stop the two raging males fucking her,
and that excited her too. For some reason,
being powerless under their assault only
seemed to feed her excitement.

Becky was tired of missing out on
this spectacle. She had spent the last few
minutes struggling to slide past DJ's
straddling legs so she could join in the
show that DJ was doing.

Finally the 27-year-old woman pulled
herself free from her confinement. She
hurriedly ran around the bed and gasped in
amazement as she saw her teenaged niece
stuffed at both ends by studly cocks.
Though Comet's cock remained locked in the
confines of DJ's pussy, she knew what lay
inside the girl's cunt.

What she was finding truly amazing
was seeing the size of Joey's cock pulling
out of DJ's sucking mouth, then
disappearing just as suddenly. She
couldn't believe the size of that monster.
Never in her life had she ever seen such a
tool on any man. Horses sure, but never a

'Maybe I should have given Joey a
chance,' Becky thought to herself. 'Before
settling down with Jesse.'

And to see this feat being
accomplished by such a novice girl such as
DJ, just excited her all the more. She
couldn't believe that until today, DJ was a
complete virgin in every way.

The two adults just stared,
flabbergasted, as DJ managed to accommodate
all thirteen inches of Joey's thick cock
down her teenaged throat. Becky herself
had rarely taken such a cock so deep in her
mouth, but she couldn't deny her own eyes
as she watched the cock slip out of DJ's
mouth only to be rammed back in to the

And Joey, well Joey needed no
convincing on the girl's obvious talent.
He gladly just shoved his aching cock in
and out of the sucking girl's throat.

DJ was simply enjoying herself in the
double fuck that she was receiving by the
two cocks. She now loved the feeling that
Comet's knot was giving her. She couldn't
understand why it scared her so only an
hour before. As for Joey's cock, she hoped
that all guys had penises like he had.
She'd have to check out Steve's to see what
he has to offer her.

Becky settled herself on the chair
nearby and began playing with her aroused
clit. The scene before her was driving her
crazy with lust. She had a perfect and
unobstructed view of DJ, on her hands and
knees, with two gorgeous cocks at both
ends. Her teeny tits and hard nipples
hanging under the girl's chest.

DJ was too busy undulating her ass
against Comet's cock to even worry about
what she might look like to her Aunt.
Besides, what hadn't she shown her so far.

Joey was totally engrossed in the
sight of his cock disappearing and
reappearing in DJ's mouth, as well as
seeing Comet still grasping the teenager's
waist, to be concerned about any trouble
Becky could create for him after this. It
would be worth getting kicked out of
Danny's home just for this one night's

"Mmmmmmmh!" DJ moaned loudly around
his dick as she felt Comet exploding in her
for a third consecutive time.

"HOWWWLLLL!" Comet howled as he
emptied his balls again in the teenager's

DJ's humming vibration against his
cock was all that Joey needed to reach his
own climax as he began flooding her throat
with his warm jism.

DJ could feel his cum as it shot deep
down her throat, almost causing her to gag.
But she couldn't taste it that deep. She
remembered the same thing happened when she
sucked Comet. Luckily, she also recalled
what Becky had taught her then.

She pulled her head away from his
spurting cock until only its head was left
in her mouth. She used her teeth to anchor
his cockhead there and allowed him to fill
her mouth with his hot cum.

She found the taste of his cum was so
different from Comet's. It added a whole
new dimension to sucking for her. She made
up her mind that she wanted to discover if
it was just because they came from
different species, or was it different for
each cock.

So DJ figured that the best way to
test out that theory would be to suck as
many cocks as she could find and see what
was what.

Becky came all over her hands as she
watched DJ cum along with her two male
partners. Joey simply collapsed in shear
exhaustion on his back after such an
incredible blowjob.

And DJ, well, she just collapsed
unconscious for the second time that
evening. Becky watched intently as
Comet's knot began shrinking and he tried
pulling away from her niece's still
clenching pussy.

As soon as his knot shrunk enough, he
pulled out with a loud pop. This was
followed by a splash of his doggy cum
pouring out of her cunt. Becky couldn't
believe how much cum DJ had managed to hold
inside her pussy. And not wanting to see
any cum go to waste, she rushed to the bed
and plastered her mouth to DJ's cunt and
began drinking as much as she could before
it disappeared on the bed sheets.

Chapter Thirteen

After their night of debauchery, all
four of them slept soundly in Becky's bed.
Becky fell asleep between DJ's legs. DJ,
she fell asleep with her face in Joey's
crotch. And Joey, he simply had a stupid
grin on his face with his legs apart to
accommodate DJ. As for Comet, the Tanner's
Golden Retriever, he just nestled his head
between DJ's budding tits.

When morning came around they all
slept past the alarm clock ringing. This
time it was Stephanie, Danny's twelve-year-
old daughter, that came up to make sure
that her Aunt was awake. When the teenager
walked in the attic room she was very

"How rude!" She yelled out,
awakening the slumbering foursome.

"Uh! What?" Becky yawned.

"Who? What's happen..." DJ started,
stopping when she recalled her adventure of
the previous night.

"WOAH! Becky," Joey started. "That
was the best..." he too stopped when he
noticed that they weren't alone.

"And what went on here tonight?"
Stephanie said angrily.

"Now Stephanie," Becky tried to
explain. "I can explain. This isn't what
it looks like."

DJ realized the trouble her little
sister could create for them.

"Yeah sis," she joined in with her
Aunt. "Its really... easy to explain."

"Yeah! Right!" The bratty twelve-
year-old responded.

"Aw c'mon Steph," Joey added his
defense. "You wouldn't rat on your old bud
Joey now, would you?"

Stephanie was looking over the naked
people on the bed, as well as Comet, who
still had his head nestled between DJ's
legs. His big soft eyes looking at her

She had to admit that she loved how
her Aunt and sister looked naked before
her. She could see their nipples harden
before her eyes as panic overtook them.
But what really caught her attention was
Joey's cock. Even soft it was still an
impressive nine inches long.

"What I think this looks like,"
Stephanie told them. "Is that you stole my
Comet for some pussy licking and fucking

"Uh?" The three naked people all

"Wha... what do you mean by that
Steph?" DJ asked her sister.

"Comet's mine," the twelve-year-old
proceeded to tell them. "I trained him and
everything. You had no right to steal him
away from me. I was looking for him for
the past two nights, but now I know that
you took him away from me."

"You..." Becky was shocked to hear
this. "... Trained Comet. How did you
manage to do that? I mean, we would have
heard you and him if you two were...
playing together like this."

"Duh!" Stephanie groaned. "We went
down in Uncle Jesse's recording studio of
course. Its soundproof, remember."

Becky was mad at herself for not
thinking of her husband's recording studio
herself. It made it the obvious place if
she wanted to keep her encounter with Comet
a secret. But then, if she had done that,
she and DJ wouldn't have been fooling
around last night.

She wouldn't have seen DJ take on
Comet. Nor would she have discovered about
Joey's monster cock. "Uh! Steph,"
it was Joey's turn to question the tyke.
"Just how long have you and Comet been...
playing together?"

"Its been almost a year now, why?"
Stephanie was still just a naïve child
after all.

They all gasped in surprise to hear
that she had been fucking with the dog
since she was eleven. Even Becky had to
admit that that was much younger than even
she had started at the ranch.

"Why... why didn't you tell me?" DJ
asked her sister, jealous that she had kept
Comet's talent a secret from her.

"What!" The selfish girl responded.
"And let you tell dad about him, miss

DJ conceded that she had a point
there. Until last night, she probably
would have told their father about such a
disgusting thing her little sister was
doing. But now, her attitude had undergone
a major readjustment.

After last night, she was thinking of
what other dogs she could locate to test
out her notion about the taste of their
cum. Not to mention all the guys in school
that she had turned down over the years
because all they wanted out of her was her
mouth or pussy. Now she a true purpose to
give them a shot at her body.

"We'r... we're sorry if we borrowed
Comet Steph," Becky could understand the
young nymph's anger. "But I used to do the
same thing with the animals back at my
ranch in Montana, and I missed that a lot.
So I didn't think anybody would mind me
borrowing Comet a few times."

Stephanie loved her Aunt Becky as
much as DJ did, so she couldn't stay mad at
her for long.

"Its okay Aunt Becky," she told her.
"But next time, invite me to your party.

Becky, DJ and Joey smiled at her as
they all promised that she would be invited
for sure the next time they decided to meet
again for some bed fun. Comet yapped his
own agreement to the next rendezvous as

"Hey you guys!" Michelle yelled from
down the attic stairs. "Are you gonna
sleep all day. I'm waiting for my
breakfast you know."

They all hurriedly got out of bed and
got dressed with whatever they had handy
around the bed.

DJ showed up downstairs, still
wearing the same clothes that she had the
day before. She could still feel some of
Comet's jis squishing inside her pussy, but
she didn't have enough time to wash herself
properly before school. She would have to
go to class smelling of sex this morning.

Joey was still wearing his soiled
'Scooby-Doo' pajamas, while Stephanie was
already dressed and ready for school.

Rebecca Donaldson needed an hour to
freshen herself up for work at the
television station. She tried to relax
herself in a warm bubble-bath, but that
didn't seem to help her lustful thoughts.
As soon as she stepped out of the bath, she
could feel her juices building up again
between her legs.

When Becky got to the station, she
was greeted by the guard at the gate. He
was new there and he had his own guard dog
with him. A large, menacing looking
Doberman. Becky was immediately taken by
the beautiful animal. The first thing she
did was check to see his gender. She
smiled when she saw its cock sheath wobbled
between his hindlegs.

Her glance at his dog's genitals
didn't go unnoticed to the guard. In fact,
he had trained his dog specifically to
service women.

'Now if I could get the famous
Rebecca Donaldson to have a whirl with
Lucifer,' he thought as he returned her
smile. 'I could get a bundle off the

He didn't realize it yet, but Becky
was plotting on how she could get to be
alone with the ebony Doberman herself. Her
first thought was that she might have to
service the man as well. But she figured
that it might be worth it if his dog's cock
was as promising as it appeared.

It didn't take long for Becky and the
guard to get acquainted.

"You've got a beautiful dog there
Jerry," she told him. "Did I ever tell you
that I was raised on a ranch. I really
miss my animals you know. You just can't
find good spots for them in San Francisco.
I guess being raised on a ranch makes a
girl really love animals more."

The guard could recognize the signs
of a fellow zoophile.

"You know Miss Donalson," he quite
bluntly told her. "Lucifer here can really
make you feel loved, if you know what I

Becky was caught a bit off guard by
his bluntness, but she smiled at him
knowingly nonetheless.

She and the guard snuck into a vacant
lot along with the brutish Doberman for
some privacy. As soon as Jerry closed the
door, it triggered some hidden cameras he
had planted in just this place, for this
wasn't the first time he had pulled this
stunt on the studio lots.

Becky didn't want to soil her clothes
so she stripped before the stunned guard.
He always felt that she would be a real
looker if she ever got out of those prissy
clothes that she always wore for the show.
And he wasn't disappointed.

'Man, just look at her,' he murmured
to himself. 'She looks like a teeny-bopper.
I bet I could sell this on a pedo-site, no

He could see money signs floating
before his eyes. Because the paedophile
sites was where the real money was. And
having someone who looks this young getting
screwed by a big mean looking Doberman like
Lucifer was even more profitable.

"Where can we do this?" Becky asked
Jerry, being unfamiliar with this lot.

"Right over there I think," he told
her faking a pause. "I remember seeing a
bedroom set. Probably one of those hokey
soaps was taped her once."

He knew better. He had snuck the
bedroom set from the prop-room months ago,
before they moved him and Lucifer to the
front gate.

Becky walked into a real bedroom set,
complete with curtains and sunset through a
fake window. The whole thing made it seem
very romantic in her mind.

This was what Jerry wanted for his
recordings too.

"Why don't ya lie down and call
Lucifer over," he suggested.

Becky did as she was told and lied
down sexily on the comfortable bedding.
She spread her legs open and called the
Doberman over.

"Here Lucifer," she beckoned,
spreading her pussylips apart with her
fingers. "Look at what Rebecca has for

The huge dog obeyed as he was
trained. He leaped on the bed in a single
bound from six feet away, landing between
her parted thighs.

Becky gasped in pleasant surprise at
the dog's talent. He immediately shoved his
pointy snout between her legs and began
licking her clit energetically.

"Oh good doggy," she purred. "Lick
my clit. You really trained him well
Jerry. Why don't you come over here and
let me take care of that bulge in your

The guard couldn't believe his luck.
Not only is he getting Rebecca Donaldson on
tape with his dog, but he was going to get
a crack at her himself.

He rushed to the bed, tugging at his
belt and buckle. By the time he was
standing next to the bed, his pants were
down around his ankles.

Becky reached over and sucked his
puny seven incher into her mouth. By now,
Lucifer was ready to move on to better

The dog nipped at her pussylips to
let her know that he expected her to assume
the proper position. Jerry noticed his
dog's signal and pulled his cock out of her

"What's wrong Jer?" Becky was

"Lucifer wants ya to turn over," he
told her. "He's ready for a fuck now."

"My," Becky moaned. "You really do
have him trained well."

"Yep ma'am," he grinned at her.

Becky got a glimpse of Lucifer's
cock. She gasped in shock at the size of
his cock. It matched Joey's in length and
girth. She couldn't get over its size.
The idea that such a cock could belong to a
dog amazed even her. She urgently flipped
her body around so that she was now on her
hands and knees and waited patiently for
Lucifer's initial thrust.

Lucifer didn't waste any time. As
soon as he saw this new bitch assume the
position, he leapt on her back and began
humping towards her cunt.

Being a trained animal, he found her
pussy with his first thrust. Shoving a
full ten inches in that first moment of
fucking her.

"Oh hell," Becky grunted in pleasant

Jerry smiled as he watched the famous
television personality getting fucked by
his stud canine. All the while she kept on
sucking on his cock.

'I'm gonna be able to retire with the
money this one's gonna make me,' he thought
to himself.

Lucifer kept lunging his hips into
Becky's rear, trying to bury his remaining
cock into her warm crevasse.

Jerry kept watching her wanton
performance as she humped her ass back
against his dog's forward thrust. He could
see that she wanted him all inside of her.
And as soon as possible.

"Arghhh!" Becky finally yelled out
as Lucifer buried his knot into the popular
bitch. "He's in me Jer. All of him."

Jerry could see for himself that
Lucifer had tied with Becky. He had to
admire her tenacity. Not many woman could
manage to take the dog's knot on their
first try. This only served to confirm his
suspicion that Rebecca Donaldson was indeed
a beast lover.

For thirty long minutes Lucifer
remained tied to Becky, and she loved every
second of it. There was nothing that she
enjoyed mare than a large knot in her cunt.

When Lucifer had finally dumped his
huge load of dog jism in her pussy, she
felt his knot shrink. This disappointed
her a bit. She had hoped that the large
Doberman would have shown as much stamina
as Comet had.

But this wouldn't stop her from
having further fun with the horny beast.
As soon as his large cock popped out of her
cum-gushing cunt, Becky turned around and
sucked in that succulent morsel of cock
into her mouth.

Jerry almost fell on his ass at her
sudden move. This was an unexpected bonus
for him. This kind of action by a
celebrity would bring him much denero, he

Lucifer simply wrapped his forelegs
over Becky's head, grasping her tightly
around her hanging tits. His sharp nails
scratching along her rock hard nipples.

Jerry settled back and jerked himself
while watching her and his dog perform for
him, and his hidden cameras.

After blowing the dog for about ten
minutes, Becky began to drink his second
load as it spurt out of his red cock. She
just loved cum, especially animal cum.

"Tell me Jer," she had to know
something. "You've done this with other
women in the studio?"

"Yep," he told her. "I gotta admit,
Lucifer here as a real large harem here.
If you're ever interested in another go at
him, just let me know miss Donaldson."

"Thanks," Becky smiled at his offer.
"I just might do that. Do you have any
other dogs?"

Jerry was pleased at her curiosity.
He didn't get to meet many woman looking
for more than one animal at a time.

"Yes ma'am," he told her. "I got
myself a place out in the woods outside of
the city. Got myself half a dozen trained
dogs. I also have a pony, a ram, a large
stallion and a pig for them woman
interested in trying new things."

Becky smiled broadly at him.

'Maybe I'll take the girls over for a
day in the country sometime,' she thought

She began wondering if DJ would be
able handle a full grown stallion. She
knew from her time at her family ranch that
their cocks would make Joey's look like a
piece of straw.

"Tell me about your stallion," she
pushed for more information. "How big is

"He's over three feet, and the size
of my fist," he showed her his clenched

"Mmmmm! That sounds promising," she
wetted her lips.

"You just let me know in advance," he
told her. "And I'll book ya some time at my

"All your animals are trained I take
it?" She dug for more detail.

"Yes ma'am," he grinned. "I pride
myself in offering the best in the beast.
I came up with that myself ya know."

"Do you allow your... guest to bring
friends along," Becky needed to know.

"Sure," he grinned back. "The more
the merrier I always say. Only condition
is that they've done it before. I don't
need some freaked out broad calling the
cops on me. You know what I mean."

"I understand perfectly Jer," she
nodded. "You don't have to worry about
them. They fuck their dog at home

With that they parted. Becky got
dressed and headed for her car then went
home for some more group loving. Jerry
collected his movie cartridges from the
various cameras that had caught Becky's

It would take him a few days to
process the clips into formats that he
could then post on the various websites
that he operated.

This weekend he'd have to check all
of his hidden equipment in preparation of
miss Donaldson and her friends impending
visit. He was sure that he would be
hearing from them very soon.


At her school, DJ had already snuck
into the boys washroom and sucked three
guys together before lunch. And she was
working on a way to be alone with the coach
of the football team. After all that she
had been through in the last 24 hours, she
began wondering how a black man's cock
would differ from all the others that she
had played with so far.

As a blackman, she always found Mr.
Geason very attractive. But now she wanted
to know how a blackman's cock would feel in
her pussy and mouth.

'Maybe I should try out the guys on
the football team first,' she considered.
'After all, some of them are blacks.'

So she made her decision to sneak
into the boys locker room while they were
out on the field for practice. She would
wait for them, naked, in the shower where
they too would be naked for her. If things
worked out right, she might even get a shot
at Mr. Geason at the same time.

She wouldn't be disappointed. An
hour after she had stripped and snuck into
the showers, she heard the team come into
the locker room. She waited patiently for
them to make their appearance in the
showers when she heard the coach yell out.

"That was a good work out boys," Mr.
Geason shouted. "Now hit the showers, I
won't have pigs on this team."

There was a lot of jabbering as the
guys chatted while stripping. When the
first of them entered the shower area they
stopped dead in their tracks. A smile
creeping over their lips.

One by one the rest of the team
joined them in the showers. DJ was soon
surrounded by twenty-five horny football
players, two thirds of them black. She was
fascinated on how different each cock
looked. The diversity of their texture,
size, color and shape made her realize that
every cock would be a different experience
for her.

The players formed a circle around
DJ's kneeling form as she moved from one
hard cock to another. Sucking each in turn.
This went on for over twenty minutes. By
this time, the coach was beginning to
wonder what was keeping his boys.

yelled out, seeing the boys huddled in the
middle of the shower room.

As they pulled away at his outburst,
they exposed DJ to the coach's gaze.

"Well, well," he grinned down at the
fifteen-year-old beauty. "What do we have

"I'm... I'm DJ Tanner, sir," she

"Well, hello DJ," the coach
responded. "You planning on giving my boys
the proper incentive to win next weeks
game, are you?"

"Uh? Oh, sure," DJ smiled up at him.
"Anything for the school, you know. Rah!
Rah! Rah!"

"Anything you say," he grinned at
her. "Even the brain of the team?" He
asked as he pulled his sweatpants down,
exposing a fourteen inch cock.

DJ's eyes popped wide open.

"God," she gulped. "You're even
bigger than..." she stopped, preferring to
keep Joey a secret.

"You've had one this big before?"
The coach asked her.

"Just about," DJ told him proudly.
"And I sucked him all in too."

Now it was the coaches turn to have a
surprised look on his face. He couldn't
believe that such a young and tiny girl
could ever manage a cock of his size.

"Prove it!" The whole team shouted.

DJ intended on doing just that. She
crawled on her hands and knees to the coach
and began lavishing his cock with her

The coach closed his eyes as he felt
the teenaged girl licking his hardening
cock. It didn't take long for it to be as
stiff as a board for DJ's attention.

The guys on the team were stunned at
the size of their coaches dick. They had
assumed that he was fairly normal where
that was concerned, but they weren't
prepared for anything like this.

DJ opened her mouth wide and took in
his cockhead. She was working feverishly to
get his cock down her throat as she had
done to Comet and Joey.

The boys were roughly jerking
themselves off as they watched her take in
seven, then eight, and nine inches of the
coaches raging hard cock. They couldn't
believe that this was the same girl that
had turned them down only a few months
before because they wanted to kiss her.

The coach was finding it hard to
remain conscious. This girl was amazing.
Already she had managed to take eleven
inches of his cock down her sucking throat,
and she was still trying to get him in
deeper. All of the blood that was required
to keep his cock stiff was rushing to his
loins, leaving his brain dangerously low.
This had the effect of making him feel
slightly faint as DJ continued to suck him

After sucking his dick down her
throat for at least ten minutes, DJ finally
managed to bump her chin against his
bloated balls. The team cheered her as she
pulled back and then drove the hard cock
back down her throat, giving the coach a
true deepthroat experience for the first
time in is life.

As she continued deepthroating the
coach, DJ felt the splattering of cum
hitting her skin from all sides as the
players began shooting their load at her.
Within moments, DJ found herself drenched
in the slimy jism of 25 virile football

Seeing his team ejaculate all over
the kneeling teenager was all the incentive
the coach needed to unload his own charge.
DJ immediately pulled away from his loins
to get his cockhead trapped inside her
mouth rather than her throat. She needed
to taste what a black's cum tasted like for

After what seemed an eternity, DJ had
drained his balls and the coach collapsed
to the floor with a wide grin on his face.

He offered DJ fifty dollars to be
there whenever the team won a game. He
called it incentive. The players cheered
the coaches idea. And DJ readily agreed.

Though she would have preferred not
having to wait for victories before getting
together with the team. After all, she
knew that this wasn't the best team around.

To her surprise, the team managed to
win their next eight games. So, for the
following eight weeks she would be waiting
in the locker room for them. There, they
would spend the next three hours
celebrating their victory with DJ Tanner as
the main course, including the coaching

DJ liked to believe that she was
responsible for the team's success, and she
was probably right in thinking that. Ever
since the coaches suggestion, he noticed a
vast improvement in his players. They
would put out 150 percent at each game,
which was much better than what their
opposition could put out. But the coach
had to admit that DJ was the master in
putting out.

By the final week, DJ had earned
herself four hundred dollars under the
coaches agreement. But now that the
football season was over with, DJ was
beginning to wonder where she would get her
steady supply of studs. That's why she was
pleasantly surprised when the basketball
coach approached her with a similar offer.

He had been told how helpful the she
was in helping the team in their wins, and
Mr. Geason had convinced his basketball
counterpart that she could do the same for
his team.

She jumped on that offer even faster
than Mr. Geason's. She would get to fuck
with all of those giant guys on the
basketball team. The only thing that she
was hoping for was that their cocks were in
line with their height. She would soon
discover that she would have to accept her
disappointment like a trooper.

On the final win of the football
season, DJ was surprised and pleased when
one of the guys brought the team mascot in
the locker room during the celebration.

You see, DJ never tried a ram before.

P.S. Rebecca Donaldson received some
exciting news a few weeks later. That's
when she found out that she was pregnant.
It didn't dawn on her until after she made
the announcement to her husband, Jesse
Katsopoulos, that Joey might be the father
of her child. Which later turned out to be

Jesse never gave any thought as
to why his two twin sons hair was much
lighter than his or Becky's. But Becky
realized that Joey must be the father, as
the twins kept resembling more and more
with each passing month.

The End
For Now

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