Full House: Sex Adventures Of DJ Tanner Part 1: Seven Minutes Of Heaven
by Ambush Bug ([email protected])

DJ checked her hair in the mirror for about the thousandth time that day,
unable to decide if she looked great or utterly horrible. The perm had come
out really nice, her golden blonde hair frizzy and puffy, but unfortunately,
she still had her same old face.

"Why do I get the feeling," she asked, "that I should be breathing fire and
stomping all over Tokyo?"

Kimmy laughed from her spot on DJ's bed and said, "Stop it, Deej, you look
stupendous. Especially with that dress."

"Really?" DJ said, turning to look at her best friend. "It looks okay?"

"Absolutely. It fits you perfectly, and the way it hugs all your curves, I'm
actually surprised your dad bought it for you."

"I begged him for it for about three months." DJ looked down at herself. "It
doesn't make me look fat at all?"

"Nope, not at all," Kimmy said, letting her eyes wander over her lovely
friend's body. The dress was blue, thin, and really did hug all the curves.
Plus, the neckline was a little bit deep, allowing a glimpse of DJ's
developing cleavage. "In fact, you look totally hot." Kimmy, who was wearing
a blood red blouse and black miniskirt, was painfully aware that she herself
had no cleavage to speak of. Hell, she barely had tits. Fortunately, she
could console herself with the fact that some guys dug that.

DJ clicked her tongue and gave Kimmy a shy smile.

"I'm not hot," she said.

"Don't be silly, DJ. You're the epitome of hotness. The only way you can be
any hotter than you are right now is if you take off your bra. Or go naked."

DJ giggled and said, "Yeah, right. My dad would have a heart attack if I went
downstairs like that."

"Like what? Braless or naked?"


Kimmy shrugged and said, "Yeah, but if you did, everybody would remember your
thirteenth birthday party for the rest of their lives."

DJ turned to look at herself in the mirror again.

"I guess this is okay," she said, sounding cautiously pleased.

"So, you're ready, then?" Kimmy asked.

"Yeah, I'm ready."

"Great." Kimmy got up from the bed and approached DJ, who turned to face her.
"Kiss for good luck." The girls pecked each other on the lips. "Now, let's go
downstairs and show everybody just how beautiful you are."

"Thanks, Kimmy," DJ said. "You're the best."

Kimmy gave DJ another quick kiss, then smiled sweetly and said, "I'm rubber
and you're glue."

* * *

DJ stopped at the bottom of the stairs, her hands clasped together in front
of her, and looked at the small group of kids that had already arrived for
her party. There was Patricia Green, and Danny Holt, and April Brant, and
Brittany Crawford, Steve Woodford, and a few other kids as well. But not Nick
Sanders, the boy she'd been hoping would come. The boy she liked the most.
Nick was fifteen, in the tenth grade, and was without a doubt the cutest boy
DJ had ever seen in her whole life. She'd sent him a very special invitation,
scented and with a personal note, and had even had the nerve to sign it,
"Love, DJ." But he wasn't here yet, and she was immediately disappointed and
afraid that he wouldn't show up at all.

"He hates me," she mumbled to herself.

Kimmy touched the small of her back and said, "He's probably just fashionably

"Hey, there's the birthday girl!" DJ's dad called out from across the room.

DJ cringed as everyone looked at her and smiled and cheered and applauded and
wished her happy birthday. She smiled weakly and waved hello, then ducked her
head and went directly to her dad.

"Dad," she said, "I thought you were going to stay in the kitchen."

"I will," Dad said, "I'm going in there right now. I just wanted to get a
look at you in your new birthday dress." He looked her over quickly, which
creeped her out a little bit, then gently grasped her arms and, with his
Loving Dad look, said, "You're absolutely beautiful, sweetheart."

DJ couldn't help but smile; despite the fact that he was her dad, he could
always melt her heart in a second. "Thanks, Dad."

Dad kissed her forehead, wished her a happy birthday, then disappeared into
the kitchen. DJ turned and searched again for Nick but he still hadn't shown
up. She decided to just play it cool and made her way around the room, saying
hello to everyone and letting them wish her a happy birthday. She found Kimmy
by the punch bowl, surrounded by guys. Of course. Kimmy was about ten times
as popular as DJ could ever hope to be. She greeted a few more people, smiled
and said thank you to the birthday wishes, then grabbed Kimmy by the elbow
and pulled her out of earshot.

"He's not here, Kimmy," she said, her voice wavering.

"Really?" Kimmy replied, sounding unconcerned. "Then who's that behind you?"

DJ turned around and nearly fainted. Nick Sanders was standing there, holding
a red rose and smiling at her.

"Oh," DJ said, sounding to herself the same way she sounded when she was
touching herself in the shower. "Hi, Nick."

"Hi, DJ," Nick said. He held out the rose. "This is for you. Happy birthday."

"Thank you." DJ took the flower and held it up to her nose. She felt her
knees getting weak. She looked around for Kimmy but Kimmy had already
rejoined her flock of boys. She returned her gaze to Nick and said, "It
smells wonderful."

Nick shrugged and said, "I picked it out of somebody's front yard on the way
over here."

"I, um, I guess you got my invitation."

Duh, DJ told herself. Of course he got your invitation, stupid.

"Yeah, it was really nice. Thanks for inviting me." The two teens stood
facing each other for a moment, awkwardly silent, until Nick said, "Would you
like some punch?"

"Sure," DJ replied.

Nick took her hand, which caused her to blush, and led her over to the punch
bowl. He grabbed two glasses and easily ladled some strawberry punch (DJ's
favorite) into them.

Wow, DJ thought, he didn't spill a drop. Me, I probably would have spilled a
gallon of the stuff all over myself. Such poise and confidence. He's done
this before.

Nick handed her one of the glasses and said, "Nice party so far."

"I guess," DJ replied. She shrugged and accidentally spilled a little bit of
her punch. "Actually, it seems a little boring." Like me, she thought.

"Don't worry," Nick said, "It'll get better."

"You really think so?"

Oh great. Call him a liar.

"Sure." NIck clinked his glass with hers, lifted it to his lips and took a
sip, then gave her the most perfectly beautiful guy smile she'd ever seen.
"I'm already having the time of my life."

He locked his dreamy blue eyes onto hers and DJ suddenly felt her smile turn
into a stupid grin. At the same time a warm sensation spread through her
body, from her stomach all the way down to her toes and up to her chest. She
opened her mouth to thank him but the only words that came to her mind were
My nipples just got hard. To keep the words from spilling out and ruining her
life she brought her own glass up and quickly drank some punch.

"You wanna dance?" Nick asked suddenly.

"I'd love to," DJ replied.

Whoever was in charge of the music was playing an upbeat dance tune, which
was good, because she wasn't sure she was ready for slow dancing yet. But
then, as soon as they set their glasses down and started for the center of
the room the dance tune ended and Can't Help Falling In Love started. DJ
stopped, wanting to go back to the safety of the punch bowl, but Nick
already had his arms out, beckoning her to join him. Before she could move
he'd stepped toward her and taken her in a gentle embrace, placing his hands
on her hips. DJ, not knowing what else to do, put her arms around him and
they began to dance, swaying slowly back and forth as Elvis crooned.

A bunch of other kids were dancing too, which helped DJ to feel a little bit
more comfortable; at least they weren't all staring at her. And there was
Kimmy, her arms draped around Paul Hendershot's neck and their bodies
practically welded together. DJ remembered one time when Kimmy had told her
that she loved to slow dance because when she pressed herself up against her
partner she could feel his hardon. DJ had been a little bit shocked and
embarrassed when she'd heard that, but Kimmy had just shrugged and said, "All
guys get hardons when you slow dance. Heck, even my Dad gets 'em." DJ had to
admit that she was curious about whether or not Nick had one, or would get
one, but she was too scared to let that part of their bodies get close enough
for her to find out. She was nervous enough just letting her boobs
occasionally brush against his chest.

The song finally ended and, with a mixture of regret and relief, DJ let go of
Nick and stepped back a step. She smiled at him, then casually glanced to her
left and saw Kimmy still locked in a tight embrace with Paul Hendershot. They
were french kissing, and Paul's knee was pushing up into Kimmy's crotch.

"You dance really well," Nick said.

"Thank you," DJ replied. "So do you."

Say something else. she thought, but nothing else came to mind.

"We could go back and finish our punch," Nick suggested.

DJ opened her mouth to reply but was cut off by loud guitar music suddenly
blasting out of the stereo speakers. A moment later kids were dancing again,
wildly jumping around and bumping into her. Nick grabbed her by the hand
and pulled her over to one side of the living room, out of the way of the
frolickers, and put his arm around her waist.

"I think we'll be safer over here," he said, practically yelling in order to
be heard over the music.

"Thank you for rescuing me," DJ yelled back. She tried to make it sound
lighthearted, but in her mind she was thinking, My hero.

They stood there together for several minutes (probably too long, DJ
thought), trying to make small talk over the blaring music, until finally
Kimmy came over. She had seven other kids with her, four boys and three
girls. They were all from her junior high school, but they were older,
mostly ninth graders. DJ knew she hadn't invited them to the party, but
she didn't say anything; she didn't want Nick to think she was a jerk or

"Hey, Deej!" Kimmy shouted over the music. "You guys wanna play a game with

"What kinda game?" DJ yelled back, although she figured it didn't matter;
anything was better than standing here and boring her hunky date to death.

"Seven minutes of heaven!" Kimmy yelled. "Come on, it'll be fun!" She took
DJ by the hand and led her, along with Nick and all the other kids, over to
the stairs.

"What's seven minutes of heaven!" DJ yelled. Kimmy yelled back but DJ
couldn't understand what she was saying. "What?"

"I'll explain it when we get upstairs!" Kimmy yelled.

DJ wasn't sure it was such a good idea to be going upstairs, especially with
boys; her dad would certainly get mad about that. But she was tired of having
to yell over the music, so she went along with the rest of the kids as they
started up the stairs. When they reached the top the group milled about in
the hallway in front of the closet, all eyes focused on Kimmy, who was
obviously the ringleader.

"What's seven minutes of heaven?" DJ asked again, glad that she didn't have
to yell now.

"It's a totally cool game," Kimmy said, a glint in her eyes and a goofy smile
on her face. "Each couple has to go in the closet and make out for seven
whole minutes."

"What?!?" DJ said. "We can't play a game like that! My dad would kill me!"

"Your dad has been exiled to the kitchen, and I've got people down there
doing lookout duty, so if he comes out they'll warn us. Come on, DJ, it'll be
fun." She took DJ's hand in hers. "In fact, since you're the birthday girl,
you get to go first."

DJ's mouth dropped open and she looked at Nick. He was looking at her, but
she was sure the expression on her face wasn't the same as his; he obviously
thought this was a good idea. DJ closed her mouth, looked back at Kimmy, who
was still grinning, and said, " I guess."

"Don't worry, Deej," Kimmy said, "It's just making out." She looked at Nick.
"And I'm sure your boyfriend will be a perfect gentleman."

Some of the kids in the group laughed at that, but DJ hardly heard them;
Kimmy had referred to Nick as her boyfriend, and Nick hadn't corrected her.
In fact, he was looking at her now with a sort of affectionate, yearning
kind of look that boys generally only gave to their girlfriends. Was that
what he wanted? Did he want her to be his girlfriend? The idea made DJ smile,
probably like a goofball, and she could feel herself blushing. She decided
she wouldn't mind going into the closet with Nick one bit.

"Okay," she said, shrugging her shoulders like it wasn't a big deal.

The other kids cheered and clapped as Kimmy opened the closet door. DJ
continued to smile, more out of nervousness now, and walked with Nick into
the closet. She had to move some old musty clothes over to the side so they'd
have room, and as she did so the door closed behind her, leaving her and her
new boyfriend in total darkness.

"You sure you wanna do this?" Nick asked, squeezing her hand.

"Sure," DJ replied, although she didn't sound as confident as she had out in
the hallway. "Um, but what do we do? I mean, just stand here and make out, or
do we sit down?"

"We should probably sit," Nick replied. "After all, we're gonna be in here
for seven minutes."

"Oh. Yeah. Okay."

DJ dropped down to her knees, then sat on the carpeted floor, and Nick did
the same next to her. It was so dark that she couldn't see him, but he was so
close to her she could smell the cologne he was wearing. It smelled nice. And
she could feel his arm as it came around her shoulders, his hand lightly
touching her elbow. She felt goosebumps suddenly growing all over her body.

"Well," she said nervously, "I guess we could start with kissing."

"Yeah, kissing," Nick said. He sounded like maybe he was just as nervous as
she was.

DJ wondered if maybe he expected her to start, if she should lean closer to
him or something, but then she felt his lips on her cheek. He sort of bumped
into her at first, probably because he couldn't actually see her in all this
darkness, but then he gave her a real kiss. DJ turned her face to him and his
second kiss landed right on her mouth. She just about melted inside. She was
actually kissing a boy, and not just any boy but Nick Sanders, the dreamiest
dreamboat ever.

Oh my God, she suddenly thought, what if he thinks I'm a lousy kisser? What
if I am a lousy kisser? But then she felt the distinct impression of his hand
on her right boob and she stopped worrying about it. She felt his tongue push
past her lips next, and as they began to french kiss Nick gently caressed and
squeezed her boob through her blouse. DJ could really hear her heart beating
in her chest now, and she was sure Nick could feel it in the palm of his
hand. She felt her breath quicken and her stomach tighten up. She was scared,
maybe even terrified, but she didn't want this to stop. She liked the way he
was touching her, and the way his tongue felt moving around in her mouth, and
besides, she didn't want him to think she was just some dumb kid who didn't
know anything.

Nick continued to kiss and fondle her and DJ forced herself to relax. She
even put her arms around him and began caressing his back and shoulders. They
made out this way for two minutes (Kimmy was calling in the time to them),
then they broke their kiss and Nick sort of hugged her a little as he began
unbuttoning her blouse. DJ wondered if maybe she should be doing something
too, like unbuttoning his shirt or something, but she just sat there, frozen
as Nick worked the buttons of her blouse free. He undid four of them before
he slipped his hand inside and touched her boobs through her bra. He fondled
her for another minute (Kimmy again), then started trying to unhook the clasp
between the cups. He couldn't seem to get it, though, and DJ only took a few
seconds to decide to help him. She reached up and undid the clasp herself,
then pulled her bra away from her body. Nick's hand was quickly on her naked
boobs, feeling and squeezing, and he was kissing her again.

"Four minutes, guys!"

As if that was his cue, Nick suddenly moved his hand from DJ's boobs down to
her thigh, and then started to move it between her legs. DJ's first impulse
was to grab his wrist and keep him from touching her there, but it seemed
like he was insisting, so she let his wrist go, sliding her hand up his arm
and over his shoulder. Nick resumed his quest and DJ felt his fingers move up
her thigh and right over her pussy. He gently began to rub her, still moving
his tongue in and out of her mouth, and DJ felt a sudden and powerful charge
of pleasure inside of her.

Oh man, she thought. This is so wrong. But so nice. SO nice. She moaned
lightly and opened her legs a little bit, to give him more room. I'll make
him stop, but not just yet. Soon, though, I swear.

Nick continued to kiss her and touch her, and DJ became more and more
excited. She began to squirm and moan (as lightly as she could, so the crowd
in the hallway wouldn't hear), feeling the heat growing between her legs.
She was almost to the point of orgasm when she heard Kimmy call out, "Five
minutes!" Nick suddenly stopped kissing her and rubbing her, leaving her
flustered for a second, but then she felt his fingers slip inside her panties
and start to burrow between the lips of her pussy. In the next moment his
head was down in front of her chest and he was sucking her nipples. DJ
quickly regained her momentum, soaring back toward that point of ultimate
pleasure. Nick licked and nibbled at her boobs as his finger explored the
warm wet interior of her pussy, gently sliding in and out of her. DJ's breath
quickened and she felt the muscles in her body grow tense as her insides
transformed into a swirling mass of pleasure. Nick's tongue and lips caressed
and sucked on one nipple, then the other, and his finger probed steadily into
her pussy, rubbing repeatedly over her clit as it fucked her. Finally, the
billowing tempest of sexual fulfillment burst within DJ's womb and she came
with a shudder and a sharp cry of delight.

"Six minutes!" Kimmy called. "One more minute to go!" Then, slyly, "Better
hurry uu-uup!" There was laughter in the hallway.

"My turn," Nick whispered into DJ's ear.

DJ was still floating on a huge cloud of gratification and didn't stop to
think about what he meant, or what he was doing now as he let her go and
pulled his hand out from between her legs. She started to straighten her
clothes out when she realized that he'd moved around in front of her and
was doing something with his clothes.

"What are you doing?" she whispered.

"Hold on just a sec," Nick whispered back. More fumbling with his clothes,
then DJ felt his hand on top of her head. "Just lean forward a little bit."

DJ leaned forward and suddenly felt something bump her nose.

"What is that?" she asked.

"Shh. Just open your mouth. We gotta hurry, we only have a minute left."

DJ was confused but she did what Nick asked anyway, and a moment later she
felt something large and hard sliding into her mouth. She realized then what
it was, his dick! and she wanted to pull away but it was too late, it was
already sliding over her tongue and to the back of her throat. Nick placed
his other hand on her head as well and he gave out a low moan as his cock
filled DJ's mouth. DJ was afraid it was going to choke her, but just as it
got to the back of her throat Nick stopped, then started to pull it out. He
stopped again, pushed in again, then pulled out again, all the time moaning
and breathing strangely, and holding her head in place.

DJ didn't know what to do. She knew she should make him stop, she was only
thirteen, she was too young to be having sex, but at the same time she didn't
want Nick to stop liking her. Besides, he'd touched her and played with her
and made her come, so didn't she sort of owe this to him? Also besides, how
much of a geek would she look like if she couldn't even stay in a closet with
a boy for seven minutes? She would be the laughing stock at her own party.

So she decided to just go along with what was happening and hope that it
didn't last too long. Which it didn't; DJ counted each of Nick's thrusts into
her mouth, and on the thirteenth one (one thrust for each year of her life,
she dimly noted) he stopped, groaned, and suddenly his dick was throbbing and
squirting come into her mouth. The stuff splashed over DJ's tongue and to the
back of her throat. It tasted awful and she gagged and tried to pull her
mouth away from Nick's cock, but his hand was still holding her head in place
and she couldn't move. The stuff continued to squirt out, filling her mouth
and spilling past her lips and down her chin. She even felt some of it drip
down onto her boobs in warm little droplets.

Guess I'm a woman now, she thought.

Finally, Nick seemed to run out of come, and as soon as he let go of her
head DJ pulled her mouth away. She made a hurling sound like she was
gonna barf because some of the stuff had gone down her throat and she'd
accidentally swallowed it. There were still big globs of it on her tongue
and she did her best to gather it all up to spit it out. But then she
realized she had nowhere she could spit it, so she simply swallowed that
too. And nearly barfed again. She managed to find her bra in the dark and
used one of the cups to wipe the goop off of her chin.

"Oh, man," Nick said as he sat on the floor next to her. "That was great, DJ.

She felt him kiss her cheek, and then Kimmy's voice, leading a chorus of
several other voices, called out, "Ten! Nine! Eight!"

"Oh shit," Nick said.

"Oh!" DJ cried, and the two of them quickly began straightening out their
clothes. DJ knew she wouldn't have time to get her bra back on so she just
shoved it into the corner under a pile of other clothes, then buttoned her
blouse faster than she ever had in her life. She still had the top button
to go when the crowd in the hallway shouted, "Zero!" and the door came
flying open.

Nick went out, pulling DJ by the hand, and the group of kids laughed and
shouted and clapped for them. Nick was laughing too, but it was all DJ
could do to offer half a smile. Kimmy came up to her and said loudly,
"Congratulations, birthday girl, you lasted a whole seven minutes!" Then
she leaned in closer and whispered in DJ's ear, "Did he get it in you?"

"Well, technically," DJ replied. She felt tired, and she was still confused
about whether or not she'd done the right thing. She wanted to talk to Kimmy
about it, but Kimmy was suddenly moving toward the closet and shouting, "My
turn! Brad, let's go!"

Brad Ellis. a high school kid who'd crashed the party, didn't waste any time
following Kimmy into the closet and shutting the door. DJ stood with Nick,
his arm around her waist, and did her best to go along with the rest of the
kids, who were laughing and joking and counting down the minutes. She would
just have to figure everything out later on.



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