This story is a work of fiction and deals with adults having sexual relations
with pre-teen children. If this offends you, do not read any further.

Copyright (c) 2009 AceWorld. ALL Rights Reserved.

Full House: Stephanie And Joey (Mg,inc,oral)
by AceWorld

The scene begins with a 5-year-old Stephanie Tanner in the living room sitting on the couch watching a Yogi Bear Cartoon on Friday Afternoon with Joey. Also D.J. is spending the night at Kimmy's house from Friday to Saturday night. Michelle is with Danny and Jesse in Las Vegas, Nevada. Joey and Stephanie had the house for 1 day alone together. Stephanie is a small beautiful child with curly blonde hair and a pure face. Joey happy that he can get to spend a lot of fun time with sweet little Stephanie! Later on Friday night, Joey and Stephanie went out to get some American Pizza to bring home for dinner. Stephanie and Joey just got back home and sit at the kitchen table to eat some pizza. Then Stephanie got the pizza and a glass of milk at the table. Joey smile at her cute pure face when she is drinking the milk. Stephanie smiles and giggle at Joey while drinking her milk. Joey is now thinking about what game will Stephanie like to play with him? Joey loves little Stephanie and thinking about what he want to do with her?

Joey: Hey Stephanie what kind of game do you want to play tonight?

Stephanie: I don't know? What game do you want to play Joey?

Joey starts to smile at this pure angel of his dream and Stephanie smile back at him too.

Joey: Stephanie why don't you go cleans up and brushes your teeth?

Stephanie: OK Joey and you go find what game we can play!

About 20 minute later, Stephanie went to the living room and see Joey sitting on the couch waiting for her.

Joey: Hi Stephanie!

Stephanie: Hi Joey! (Giggle)

Joey: Do you want to play a game called "Hotdog Game"?

Stephanie: What is a Hotdog Game?

Joey: It is in my bedroom and why don't we go to my room so I can show you the game?

Stephanie: OK Joey! (Giggle)

Then Joey and Stephanie come downstairs to see the Game. Joey penis starts to feel good because of little Stephanie!

Joey: OK Stephanie we are in my room now.

Stephanie: OK so where is the game Joey?

Joey: It is in my pants Stephanie.

Stephanie: Is the game from your pants Joey?

Joey: Yes Steph and why don't we go sit down on my bed to show you?

Stephanie: OK silly Joey! (Giggle)

Joey: Do you want to see it?

Stephanie: OK! (Giggle)

Joey got ready to take off his pants and underwear off to show her his penis. When Stephanie saw it and giggles at his penis.

Joey: Would you like to touch it?

Stephanie: OK Joey! (Giggle)

Stephanie grab Joey penis with her bare hands and rub it. She thinks Joey penis is nice and soft! Joey smile at Steph while she playing with it.

Joey: Will you like to do something with my hotdog?

Stephanie: OK so what do you want me to do with it?

Stephanie smile and giggles at him. Joey loves her with her pretty blonde hair. He also wants little Stephanie to suck on his penis.

Joey: Stephanie do you know how to suck on things and lick?

Stephanie: Yes I did that with a lollipop candy and I am a good sucker!

Joey: So do you want to try it on me Steph?

Stephanie: OK silly Joey! (Giggle)

Joey dream had come true that Stephanie will do it for him!

Joey: OK I will lie down on my bed and open up space between my legs. You need to lie on your stomach so you can put your face toward my thing.

Stephanie: OK Joey and please relax while I put it in my mouth so I can suck it good for you! (Giggle)

Stephanie lies down on her stomach and put her face toward Joey penis. She smiles at Joey penis and ready to give Joey a good blowjob! Stephanie took Joey's penis and put it into her little mouth! Joey penis is big and Stephanie is able to fit his thing into her mouth. Stephanie is ready to start sucking on Joey big penis. Stephanie also holds on to Joey penis with her both hands she can on suck on it. Joey begins to feel Pleased while Stephanie is sucking on his big head penis in her mouth for about 15 minute.

Joey: Oh Stephanie that feels so good and keep sucking on it harder!

Joey felt something coming and Stephanie starts to fill her mouth with cream. Stephanie is now swallowing all of Joey semen by sucking on his penis harder! Joey feels his penis start to shoot out his load of sperm faster. Stephanie had all of Joey cream down into her throat by drinking his milk and she begins to like the taste of Joey whipped cream! Stephanie lick off all of Joey cream off his penis with her little tongue.

Stephanie: Hmm! It tastes salty and too good!

Joey: Oh Stephanie you are one good hotdog sucker! Thank Steph!

Stephanie: No Problem Joey! (Giggle)

Joey: I love you Stephanie!

Stephanie: I love you too Joey! It was a fun game you showed me Joey!

Stephanie smiles at Joey and thank him for the ice cream dessert that he gave to her!

When Stephanie got tried, she sleeps with Joey in his bedroom for the night.


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