Full House: Stephanie's Evil Encounter Part 1 (Mf,ncon)
by Ynyn ([email protected])

Stephanie Tanner, the middle child of the widower Danny Tanner was very
excited about her new band, Girl Talk. After the girls blew off rehearsals
and bickered amongst each other, their performance ended very poorly.
However, after that performance, 14 year old Stephanie faced a much worse

The girls from the group all left the auditorium in a huff after the
disastrous performance by the band. Stephanie stormed out the back door,
leaving Kimmie and the others inside. The teens concentrated too much on
image, and although this caused the singing to worsen, they did a fine job
on their looks. Stephanie wore a very short skirt and thigh-high stockings
to go with her dress shirt.

The Tanner household and the band was scouring the auditorium in search of

"Hey, Steph??" called out her older sister D.J.

Kimmie was searching the restrooms for her, and the rest of the family was
searching around backstage.

"Hey, Stephanie, where are you at?" asked her uncle, with still no reply.

Meanwhile, Stephanie was planning on walking home, but she was not alone in
the alley down the street as hungry, lustful eyes were watching the young
girls' every move.

Stephanie turned a corner near an old building, and suddenly was grabbed by
someone inside the doorway.

"Heeeyyyy!! Letmegooo!! Helpppp!" Stephanie cried out at she was dragged into
what appeared to be a shabby little apartment. Her cried were muted by a hand
covering her mouth, she kicked her feet trying to free herself. The man
pulled her into a back room and tossed her onto a mattress. Then he slammed
and locked the door.

"What the fuck are you doing? What do you want? You bastard!?" Stephanie
yelled at the creepy looking man moving back towards her. SMACK!!

The man smacked young Miss Tanner across the face, the force of which knocked
her onto her back. He then pounced on top of her,and forcibly shoved his
tongue into her mouth amid her struggles.

"Noooo-mppphhhhh!!!" Muted grunts were all that came from Stephanie.

Stephanie's eyes were wide as she felt the man's tongue probing her mouth.
Then, to her horror, she felt him pinning her arms over her head and
handcuffing her to a radiator as she lay on her back.

"No, please, please let me go!! I'll never say anything to anyone!! PLEASE!!"

Her pleas for freedom went for naught as her forced her legs apart, and then
tore off her halter top, exposing her perky young tits to his desires.

"Oh my God!! Don't rape me, please!!! I'm a virgin!!!"

He smiled and snarled "Not for long, bitch!"

With that, he reached down and yanked her panties from her body and then
quickly mounted her as she squealed for help.

"Nooooooo!!! Ohhnoooooo!!!Ohmygawddddd!!!!"

Stephanie cried out as she was raped by this man.


He told her to wrap her legs around him, when she didn't obey, she was
slapped, and then she reluctantly did what she was told as tears streamed
down her cheeks.


Stephanie would be raped a second time before the man covered her mouth with
a chloroform-laced rag to knock her out and her limp body was left in an
alley. Young Stephanie's unconscious body lay there, her golden blond hair
strewn about, her naked chest exposed and her mini skirt and thigh-highs the
only clothing that remained.

She had no way to know what would happen next...


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