Full House: Taking Steph Tanner To The Prom (mf,oral,anal,ncon,drugs)
by Wacky Wing

This happened a few years ago. Steph Tanner was 14, and in ninth grade, with long blond hair, slender but a nice chest, not bad looking. I was attracted to her long legs, shown off by her almost always wearing a skirt or dress, and by her mouth and lips.

But she was as cold as ice, I was 17 and in 11th grade. Earlier in the year when we were more an item I asked her to the junior prom and she had said yes. So being the gentleman I supposedly was, I called her and asked if we were still going.

"I don't know-I didn't think you would still go with me," she said.

I said I would be honored to take her.

"Thank you" she repiled.

We talked about times, she said she would let me know on the color of her dress for a corsage, etc. and we hung up. Well, the day came and I put on my tuxedo and went to pick Steph up.

My mom was a hospital nurse. So seeing a bottle of Seconal on the kitchen counter, I took two pills [capsules] and stuffed them in my pocket. An idea was formed. [I had never drugged someone before, but the scheme was sounding even more interesting.]

At Steph's house I pinned the corsage to her gown, with a V neck-showing more cleavage than I would have guessed she would show-and in a light silver blue satin color that had 1" wide straps that she didn't tell me about, tied with a ribbon at the waist, and hung down to mid-calf, tight but wide enough to walk easily.

Well normally you pin the flowers on the left shoulder, a few inches down, but those straps would not let that be done so I had to go lower. So with her back to her Dad, I put my left hand in her dress to hold it and the flower so she didn't get stuck while I put the pins in with my right hand. This lower position of course meant that the back of my fingers were on her left boob and when I was done it was touching her nipple, and I saw the look on her face with the death seeking daggers coming from her eyes straight at me, but with her Dad there taking pictures she couldn't say anything.

I didn't care, I was having fun and on a devilish course. The prom itself wasn't bad. Steph danced with me twice-the first at an arm's distance, and before the dance I spent all of the dinner hour talking with the others at the table and drinking a few dozen cokes just adding the caffeine to my mood. So about 2 hours in a plan came to mind.

Seeing her coke empty, and I being the gentleman went and got her another. Although this time I emptied the Seconal capsules into her drink. She thanked me and took a couple of gulps, not even minding that I was sitting next to her. It was finished off in a few minutes and in about 20 she was feeling the effects. I said you don't look good - she said she didn't feel well either - so I suggested we leave.

Her best friend, Gia, was on my other side and when she asked where are we going, I told her Steph was having bad cramps she said "Ah, she was worried she would get it early. "

My plan was working better than I thought, now if I could get her out past the chaperones in one piece and without questions. Done!

We were outside and headed weaving to my car. I got her in, she was starting to be really spaced out [Seconal is a type of sleeping pill/pain killer], and I had to buckle her in. One thing I didn't know, which would have hindered my plan, was if she was wearing pantyhose. So I reached down and slid her skirt up to her knee and felt her leg.

"What are you doing?" she mumbled.

"Your shoe was caught in your dress and I was just fixing it."

"Oh, okay" not realizing I was lying and her head dropped back on the seat, eyes closed.

I took off her shoes, and was thankful that she didn't have pantyhose on. Leaned her seat back half way, buckled her seat belt, closed the door and got into the driver's seat and off we went - 3 hours before her curfew! Plenty of time. My heart was racing with the next steps, thinking where we could go park and not be disturbed.

I rejected all the normal places, too busy or too crowded for what I had in mind. Then 'bingo', a light went off in my head. Her Dad was not expecting us home early, he would be dead asleep by 9PM, her Aunt and Uncle, her Dad's friend Joey, and her two sisters; D.J. and Michelle, all had gone to Disneyland for the week-end. Also they had just moved from the city to a rural location. Their house was set back from the street, has a curving wooded driveway that shielded both the street and house in places, and the horse shed was on the front side.

Steph fell asleep on the drive home, first allowing me to hold her hand, which let me see how out of it. She was then letting me stroke her thigh from knee to crotch on that smooth satin dress then rubbing her stomach from her ribs to just above her pussy, finding out that she was not wearing the old Granny panties but a bikini style panty. Her head was back and to the side and she was asleep, so next I was running my right hand over her neck and the skin of her chest. Still no response I thought, but in the street lights, I saw hard nipples poking thru the dress [and yes, I knew surprisingly that she had no bra on from the corsage pinning earlier]! Time to go for broke.

I slipped my hand under the dress top and over her right boob. Yes that nipple was hard and damn it was big. Steph was at most a B cup, probably 32B, but that nipple was much bigger than the imagined pencil eraser. Her breathing increased with a deep breath and I panicked a moment thinking she woke up, but no she was feeling the pleasure. I rubbed the nipple between my thumb and finger and she took some more deep breathes. Her breathing was quicker and I could feel her heart beating faster.

The rest of the ride home I alternated between my hand inside playing with her bare boob, rubbing the outside of her left boob [couldn't reach under that and still drive], and stroking down her body to the knee and back up again. Who would have known that the ice queen could react so?

So I drove to her house, turned off my lights, pulled in, no lights on in the house, and then backed in next to the horse shed where we couldn't be seen from the house or the street. I had to check things out. I also had to move fast for several reasons, first of which I was hard and horny as hell and her response so far shocked me, and I didn't know how long the effect of the Seconal would last on her and I was now bound and determined to fuck her good before the night was over, even if she woke and tried to stop me.

I got parked, opened the window a crack to listen for a while, and to keep the car windows from becoming steamed up. I slid over to the center seat and undid her seat belt, felt her face, called her name to see if she was still out, and also to check that she was still alive! Full moon coming in her window provided plenty of light to see her laying there.

While I was thinking of my next moves I kept running my hand along her body, from her knee up her thigh brushing her pussy, then over her stomach to kneed each boob. I stopped, took off my jacket and tie, and leaned over and started kissing her. She didn't freeze as usual but was receptive! I kept kissing as I used my had to squeeze her breasts more inside her top and on top of them-still amazed at how big and hard her nipples were. Moved to her neck and in my amazement she actually stretched it out. Maybe the ice queen image was just a fašade and she knew how sensuous she would be if she let herself go??

Time for more though, and I reached my hand behind her back for the zipper I found earlier while dancing. Unzipped it down to her waist under the ribbon belt, to the end at the top of her butt, untied the ribbon, sat up and pulled the gown straps out and down to her elbows. Those two boobs were so firm and round, just like a teen girls' are. No sagging, not out of shape, just 2 softball sized mounds and her nipples were light pink.

I used both hands to knead them, rub the nipples, pull at them, all the time Steph was taking deeper and quicker breaths. I wanted more, so reached over and lowered the seat back all the way so she was almost lying flat, pulled the gown down to her waist and started kissing her all over. All those years of drum and bugle corps work, horses, and youth kept her in shape. Her stomach was flat, ribs slightly showed, boobs stood out proud, and I kissed every inch from her belly button up to her tits. And there I stayed for a long time, licking them, sucking on them, nibbling on them with my mouth as I used my hands to fondle her body. I was tempted to give her a big hickey [or several], as her skin was that soft but firm texture, but figured her dad would kill me and not having marks would let Steph keep this night's secret.

Steph became more restless and seemed to be pushing her chest out wanting more, which is when I realized that her ass was moving and so were her legs! She was really turned on! I sat up and looked down at her slowly moving, then stopping, squirming body. I reached down for the hem of her gown and pulled it up. She still had thin legs-kind I like-and there was no baby fat on them, I guess all the marching took care of that. In the moonlight I could see that she didn't have plain jane white cotton bikini panty on, it was a blue mesh like lace! I almost came then. Another shock for the night-she wore a sexy panty, and now I wonder if all her lingerie was like this.

I ran my hand over her thigh and rubbed her pussy and back down to the knee and back again, this time spending more time on her crotch. I could tell that she didn't shave and I could feel the give of her hair. About the third time around she was spreading her legs so I could access more or she could feel more. I moved my hand down the front and she was wet, so I continued to stroke her pussy while her knees spread more and her hips started moving. I didn't want to waste my time so I had to get the panties off her.

The satin gown made it easier and down they went. I was glad I took off her heels, made it easier to pull one leg through leaving them hanging on her right knee. I was about to go back to that now wider open and wet pussy but the 'gentleman' instinct cut in and thought having this big wet spot of sperm on the back of her dress would raise questions from her dad so reached in the back for a towel to put under her [yes, a boy scout is always prepared], and then worked the back of her dress up to bunch with the top half at her waist and put the towel under to protect my seat.

I figured by now, with all my attention to her body, she must be going crazy in her mind [or dream], so I started rubbing her pussy, finding an already throbbing clitoris begging for attention, and a very wet tight hole-no hymen, figured her activities took that a long time ago, but she was tight. I rubbed some more with one hand, working 2 fingers into her while my left thumb played with her clit. My right hand joined my mouth in working on her boobs, she was pushing her chest out to my sucking and pushing her hips out to get more of my fingers.

I could not take it anymore, I just had to get into her. Hopefully I could think of garbage trucks or something so I didn't pop immediately and could hold out and enjoy her for a while. I got between her legs on the front floor, opened my pants and pushed them down releasing my 8 inch cock from the torture it was in. I put her left leg up and into the spokes of the steering wheel and then her right foot up on the dashboard where it could be pinned there by my side.

I leaned over her, let my cock rub up and down her pussy getting it nice and wet, her hips now must have sensed what was coming as they rotated up for more access, and I put my hands on either side of her head and just lowered myself in. She let out a loud moan.

I in was heaven! Soft, warm, oily, tight, form fitting, I closed my eyes and paused to enjoy. Steph didn't, her body knew there was more and was squirming to get it. I looked down one last time to see me deep inside her, then laid down on top, held her face in my hands, kissed her, then moved my mouth down to her boobs and started back on them.

I was balls deep in her and started moving in and out, slowly at first, then after holding out as long as I could, started going faster and harder, hitting the cervix at back of her womb. Seconal or not, out of it or not, Steph's body was responding like anything. Her leg was off the dashboard and was around me holding tight, her cunt was moving and squeezing me tight, and I could feel the sweating of her body. And then I came.

Boy did I. I guess two months stored up was great. I had to stop moving Steph's body kept spasming for a while before ceasing. Guess it didn't get what it wanted. I just laid there on her, still inside, still pretty hard, enjoying the feeling.

Too bad she didn't want to do this awake, we would have had a wonderful time. Carefully I lifted up off her, moved her right leg to the floor, undid her left leg from the steering wheel, and slowly pulled out of her. What a sight Steph was. Legs spread, pussy wide open and slightly dripping, untrimmed blond hair wet and matted down from sex, gown bunched at her waist, still holding her wrists in the straps on her sides, pink nipples still hard and inviting, pinned up hair now falling around her face, and her mouth parted half way.

That's when I remembered that my mom told me to take her polaroid and get some pictures and boy did I ever! I took pictures of her pretty pink nippled tits and of her blond pussy hair, I even took one of her hand gripping my cock. I felt my cock stirring again. That's when the next idea hit me.

Not pulling my pants up I slid onto the center seat, reached over and pulled her seat up halfway, then I knelt on the seat facing her, and pulled her over to my cock, slid into her parted mouth, and let the feeling sink in. Slowly I moved back and forth in her slack mouth, wondering what she would think of not only blowing me, but blowing me after I fucked her??

I wasn't in a comfortable position, my back against the roof and my head against the side, but when I felt her tongue moving I forgot all about it. She must have liked the taste as not only the small tongue movements, but I thought I felt some sucking on my cock. I didn't want to deep throat her, she still might have awakened, but was moving in and out enough that the feeling was coming on again.

I came shooting some in her mouth and pulling out and hitting her face with a few squirts, a little went in her hair. The feeling was so great. I couldn't believe it I had just cum in Steph Tanner's mouth, after I fucked her.

I let her slide back in the seat; she actually kept moving her mouth and smacking her lips, like she was looking for my cock. Cleaned up now, I pulled up my pants and not thinking of this in advance, how was I going to get her dressed again? I got out of the car and went around to her side, opened the door, and surveyed the project.

First thing that caught my eye as I was thinking was the sexy blue lace panties, that looked like a great souvenir to pocket so off they came. Then without cleaning her off, I wanted her to wonder what happened to her panties and what all the stuff was on her, slid the towel out from under her. Still how was I going to zip her up and retie the bow?

Pulling up her dress in front I slid her down in the seat so I could swing her legs out the door and turn her over face down. Gently moving her bit by bit I succeeded, and kept her from falling off the seat onto the floor, except now her knees were outside on the ground, the gown now higher up around her waist, and my cock stirring at the sight of Steph's cute little butt shining white in the moon light.

While I considered that thought, I moved her arms up and got the dress straps in place, then zipped up and tied the bow. I knelt down and was caressing her butt, opening her cheeks up, kissing and nibbling on the tender skin, probing the little hole, seeing her cheeks clench in reaction, trying to remember if I had anything to lubricate with, I figured spit would just have to do. I licked my finger and slowly slid it into Steph's asshole, Steph moaned, started pushing her ass up for a better contact, and then I saw she had moved her legs further apart. She was in a perfect angle and I moved behind her and rubbed my cock against her asshole. Steph moaned louder and pushed her ass back toward me. I spread her ass cheeks and slipped my cock head in. Steph pushed back against my cock. I grabbed her hips and I buried all 8 inches into her and she groaned. I thought she was going to collapse, but instead she started to really grind her ass into me. Within a few minutes she was moaning loudly and shaking all over. I figured she must have been having an orgasm, so I joined her and shoot a load of cum into her ass.

I snapped to reality thinking how the hell am I going to clean this up [let alone explain it]. I took the towel, wiped off my car where I could, dabbed Steph's cunt and her ass, it still was leaking out, time was getting late I knew and I had to get her inside. I took the prized panties out of my pocket, put them on her to stop the leaking [and thankfully her gown was still bunched at her waist].

I cleaned her up with some tissues, turned her back onto the seat, closed the door, got in my seat, and drove up to the door. I got out, opened the front door, opened the car door, put her shoes in my pockets, pocketbook on her lap. Then opened it and sure enough there were tampons, opened one up, threw the tampon in the garbage bag, put the wrapper back in the pocketbook to confuse her when she woke up, picked her up, and went inside. Thankfully her dad was asleep on the couch.

I took her downstairs to her room, pulled the sheets down, put her in - gown and all. I thought about that pussy again - or rather my cock did, but she was stirring and no chance of that now. I covered her up, put her shoes and pocketbook on her desk, kissed her cheek, whispered that I wished she would have been like this before.

Steph called me the next day and told me she was sorry that she got sick and that it was so nice of me to help her in the house. Anyway she asked you did help me in didn't you.

I said "Yes you really looked ill."

She was really sorry, "I didn't even get to give you a goodnight kiss."

I told just being with you was good enough for me. She said she felt so wonderful this morning, I said you must have had a good rest.

We said bye and I never went out with her again, oh but I still have those pictures and I look at them every now and then.

Alternate ending:

"I didn't even get to give you a goodnight kiss."

I told her just being with her was good enough for me. She said she felt wonderful this morning.

I said, "You must have had a good rest."

"I need you to promise me something Charlie" she said.

I said, "Sure, Steph, anything you want."

"You have to promise me you won't show those pictures that you took last night to anyone."

I was stunned and I just said, "ok."

She said she had to run and thanked me for a wonderful prom night.


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