Full House: The Game (fg,inc,anal,squirt,reluc)
by Insomniac

It was rainy day, and Joey, Danni, and Jesse had all gone off to do their own things, errands etc. Meaning DJ was left alone to watch her younger sisters, Stephanie and Michelle. Stephanie was only a few years younger than her, and could basically take care of herself. While Michelle was much younger, but she was in her room taking a nap so DJ had it pretty easy. The only problem was, she was bored. She watched all the movies she had, played all the games. And she wasn't allowed to have her friend Kimmy over while she was babysitting. All she could do was stare at her Patrick Swayze poster.

'God he's hot,' she thought to herself. 'Just looking at him gets me hot. I wanna just rub myself.' But then she got an idea. One that seemed to be much more fun for her.

"HEY STEPH!" she shouted down the hall, "Come here."

The two shared a room, so it wouldn't seem out of the ordinary for her to call her in for no reason.

Stephanie: Ya Deej?

DJ: Oh, you left your stuff on my bed, I didn't know what you wanted to do with it.

Stephanie: Oh... ok just let me toss it on my bed.

As she started to walk out again DJ stopped her.

DJ: Hey Steph, I'm pretty bored, you feel like playing a game?

Stephanie: Sure, like what?

DJ pretended like she didn't know what to say. "Ohhh, hmmm. Well, we've played every board game we have. What if I make up a new game?

Stephanie: Ok, lets hear the rules of this new game. What's it called?

DJ: Its called 'Taste and Touch.' Here are the rules.

She thought of how to phrase this so Stephanie would not find them weird.

DJ: Ok, so you say a part of your body, then I touch it for 30 seconds. Then I have to taste it for 30 seconds. Now for the touch, its not just set your finger on it, its massaging it. And for the taste, its not just stick your tongue on it, you have to lick or suck it the whole time. Now, we rotate turns, and you can request the other person to go another 30 seconds longer. If they agree then you go more, if not its the other persons turn. But, ever third turn, we can say I want to touch and taste something on the others body, not have the other person touch and taste them.

Stephanie: Ok... I think I got it. It seems kinda weird.

Stephanie wondered why she wanted to play such a game. But she didn't really think to much of it at the time.

So... whose first she asked shyly

DJ: I'll go first since its my game. Touch and taste...(she wanted to start light) my finger.

Stephanie: Haha, ok?

Stephanie reached out and grabbed DJ's finger. She started stroking it like you would if you were trying to warm it up. DJ giggled, very good. 30 seconds went by.

DJ: OK now taste.

Stephanie bent down and started sucking on DJ's finger. Even this was getting DJ wet. She could feel a puddle forming in her panties. It was just a finger but Stephanie could suck. 30 seconds went by.

Stephanie: OK my turn. Touch and taste my... foot.

DJ pretended like she was not excited. "Ewww gross," she laughed.

Stephanie: Hey, its your game she chuckled.

DJ reached over and started massaging Stephanie's feet. After that she started licking them rapidly. She couldnt get enough of them. "Do you want me to go longer?"

"NO!" Stephanie laughed. "This tickles so bad. I can't believe you licked my feet!"

"Yeah, yeah," DJ replied eager to move the game on.

DJ: Ok, now touch and taste. My neck!

Stephanie thought that this was fine, and moved behind DJ and started massaging her neck. 'This was a little less ridiculous than a finger,' she thought. DJ let out a little moan. Stephanie just attributed this to any other massage, a little bit of pain mixed in, she had no idea her own sister was aroused by her hands. Next she bent down and started making out with her neck. DJ was beside herself now. Her nipples became fully erect, as did her clitoris. "MMMMM!" Dj said biting her lips.

Stephanie: Ok.... uh now me. Touch and taste my....ear.

She laughed.

DJ didn't even hesitate. She grabbed her little sisters earlobes and started rubbing them. Stephanie had to admit this felt pretty good. But she was in no way aroused. Next DJ started sucking her lobes, and without warning stuck her tongue in her ear.

"Wooah!" Steph resisted. "Getting a little carried away are we?"

DJ laughed, "Hey I'm just following the rules! But now, its my third turn. So now I get to do something to you that I want."

Stephanie was kind of on edge now. DJ seemed a little too into the game. She already had licked her foot and stuck her tongue in her ear. She wondered what she would do if she had her own choice.

DJ: Ok im gonna touch and taste your tongue!

Stephanie: DJ this game is getting a little too weird for...

But before she could finish DJ shoved her fingers in her mouth and started rubbing them around.

Stephanie spit out her fingers. "What was that?!" she yelled.

"Its all part of the game. C'mon, you already sucked my finger... its the same thing."

Stephanie really didn't have an argument for that, and just nodded her head.
But since we already basically did that. "We might as well skip that, and go to the taste part." Stephanie picked up her head at the same time DJ leaned in. DJ stuck her tongue in her sister's mouth, who got wide-eyed quickly. Stephanie couldn't believe DJ was making out with her. She naturally fought it at first, but then gave in to the pressure and let DJ roam her mouth. DJ had grabbed her own breast and was squeezing it like a stress ball, she had as dipped her other hand into her pants and started fingering herself. she was so wet her fingers were making a sloshing sound, that Stephanie heard, and opened her eyes. She could she DJ fingering and grabbing herself while she was kissing her. She finally saw the big picture. DJ wanted to get her naked and to things to her. Stephanie all of a sudden felt a little turned on herself. She decided that she could no longer fight it.

DJ: Want me to continue?

She sensed that Stephanie was getting into this, and her plan was working.

Stephanie: Are you kidding me? Its my turn to do something to you, at my choice.

DJ smiled wide. "OK! What's its gonna be?" she asked intrigued.

Stephanie: I'm going to touch and taste... your chest...

DJ didn't give Stephanie time to rethink that, she threw her shirt over her head, leaving her in just her white bra. Stephanie had seen her sister in her underwear many times. But she hadn't seen her naked in quite a while, years even. as DJ grew older and more developed she didn't let her sisters see her naked anymore, but today would change that. DJ's then removed her bra exposing her tits to her little sister. Stephanie couldn't help but smile, her nipples were small and a dull pink. Her breasts weren't huge, but they were perky and easily a B cup. Stephanie didn't wait for an invitation as she reached out and grabbed them. She pinched the nipple ever so lightly. DJ bit her lip and let out a gasp.

Stephanie: You like that? Wait for this.

She bent down and stuck her sister's breast in her mouth. Furiously swiping her tongue over the nipple, driving DJ wild.

DJ: Ohhh shit, Steph thats so good!

Stephanie had never heard her sister swear, but then again she had never sucked on her boob either... so she didn't really care.

"Ok your turn," Stephanie said. "What are you gonna touch and taste?"

DJ thought for a second, Stephanie had small breasts. Barely stuck out of her chest. Sucking at touching these may give some sensation for Stephanie, but she would get no benefit. so it was either her pussy, or her...

DJ: I want to touch and taste you BUTT HOLE!

Stephanie was taken back. "WHAT!?" she said shocked. "My butt hole? Why would you wanna taste that?"

DJ: Hey, its different and I'm curious, arent you?

She was trying to seduce her sister into doing whatever she wanted. Truth is she had had lesbian sex with her friend Kimmy, but they never did anything involving anal. She thought Stephanie would be easier to convince.

Stephanie: Yeah but, that's kinda gross!

DJ: Hey, the rules! Don't say you can reject anything. So take off your pants.

Stephanie was enjoying the game, and loved sucking her sister's breasts, and honestly was hoping that there would be some pussy involved, but the ass? This seemed over the top for her, but she sighed and pulled off her pants revealing her tinker bell underwear.

DJ laughed, she was so caught up in the game, she had forgotten just how young Stephanie was. "Keep going," she said getting hornier and hornier.

Stephanie bowed her head and pulled off her underwear. Her pussy was completely bald as she had not yet gone through puberty. Completely hairless, as the same with her backside.

DJ: Adorable! Now get on your knees and elbows.

Stephanie positioned herself on her hands and knees, she then bent down so she was resting on her elbows, this spread her ass naturally. 'God this is amazing!' DJ thought. 'So tight and young.'

"Is this gonna hurt Deej?" Stephanie asked timidly.

"No, it may feel tight for a second, but you'll like it after that," DJ assured her.

"OK," Stephanie replied.

DJ started circling her asshole with her index finger, after a couple circles, she stuck her finger up to the first knuckle. Stephanie bucked forward and clamped her hole tight.

"UHHH!" she said. "That feels weird. but.... not bad..."

DJ smiled and proceeded, sticking her finger down further, then pulling it out and pushing it back in. 30 seconds passed by and DJ pulled her finger out. She bent down and drug her tongue across Stephanie's asshole.

"OOOOOOO, that feels nice Deej," Stephanie was surprised she actually liked this. She bent down even more laying on her head, she reached back and spread her cheeks further for her sister. DJ then dove her tongue deep into her sister's ass. Stephanie matched this by pushing back against DJ until her hole was resting on her chin.


DJ then stopped and stated that it was her turn.

DJ felt like cutting to the chase. "Stephanie, we both know where this is going. I'll take off my pants and then lets both eat each other out!"

Stephanie: What does that mean?

DJ: Ahh, so innocent. Lick each other's crotch.

"OK!" Stephanie said.

DJ then removed her pants and underwear, DJ had a small patch of hair on her vagina Stephanie admired her crotch, as she did not yet have hair down there. DJ then laid on her side, and motioned for Stephanie to lay in the opposite direction. Stephanie did as she was told. DJ caught the smell of her sister's pussy and couldn't handle it, she dove in and started lapping away at Stephanie's clit. Stephanie returned the favor. DJ was already so wet, Stephanie felt her cum on her tongue, sloshing away as she continued to eat her sister out.

DJ was basically screaming. "OHHHHHH STEPH! I LOVE YOUR PUSSY." DJ was shaking her head back and forth making a vibration with her mouth.

"OH MY GODDDDD!" Stephanie started shaking, she was not old enough to cum so her body was just convulsing. "OHHHHHHH SISSYYYYYY!!!"

At the same time DJ was about to finish, she lifted her leg and started rubbing her own pussy, Stephanie not knowing what was going on stopped ad let DJ do her thing. DJ then began to moan uncontrollably and then without warning sprayed all over her sister's face. Stephanie had just barely closed her eyes not knowing what her sister just did.

"WHAT THE HECK! she yelled.

"Hahahah, sorry Steph, don't worry. Its just what happens when older girls get really excited, it'll happen to you some day if your lucky. But here stay still." DJ then got up and licked her cum off her sister's face. "MMMM! Yummy!" she said. She then kissed her sister as the two got redressed.

Stephanie: That was a fun game! Is this the first time you've played?

"Well..." DJ admitted. "Kimmy and I did something close, but she never let me lick her butt. Hahah!!!"

Stephanie: Maybe next time Michelle can join us!

DJ: Well she's a little too young for me to play with, but as long as you don't say anything. I can watch you play with her.

Stephanie: Deal!



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