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Full House
The Untold Story

Written by Mongo

"Come ON, Joey!" cried Stephanie from the kitchen door. "The Wizard of
Oz is getting ready to start! I just GOTTA see it this time."
"I'm coming, Steph," said Joey as he applied the last bit of topping to
his ice cream sundae creations. He glanced at the six-year-old and smiled at
her enthusiasm. The poor child had never seen the Wizard of Oz, and the last
time it was on the network the cable system crashed. His attempt at portraying
the characters himself didn't alleviate her desire, though, so he made a point
of getting a video copy himself. It was a Friday, and both Danny and Jessie
were gone, Danny at a special news conference down in Los Angeles, and Jessie in
Vegas performing with his band, and neither would be back until Sunday.
That left Joey with the girls. Well, "girl," at least. DJ decided to
spend the night next door with Kimmie, and Danny's in-laws swiped baby Michelle
and headed off with her to Palm Springs. That was just fine. Stephanie was a
well-behaved child when she was alone; she only became a brat when her sister
was around (which of course was the job of the younger sister, so he didn't
fault her for that in any way).
"Here we go, two bowls of French vanilla ice cream dripping with
chocolate sauce, peanuts, shredded coconut, and a cherry," said Joey as he
lifted his creations from the kitchen counter and headed for the door.
Stephanie dutifully held the door open for him as he carried the concentrated
sugar substance to the coffee table and took his place on the couch. Stephanie
dropped beside him and handed him the remote.
"I forwarded it through the previews," she explained.
"But I LIKE the previews," whined Joey.
"But Daddy said that I had to be in bed no later than ten, remember?
It's eight now."
"Since when did you worry about that? I ALWAYS let you stay up."
Stephanie put a tiny hand across his mouth. "No more talk," she said.
"Tape. Now."
"Mfphokay," Joey managed through her hand. He pressed play on the
remote, and the two scooped up their bowls of ice cream and began to eat.
The ice cream was gone by the time Dorothy had met the tin woodsman, and
Stephanie had moved her seat from the couch to Joey's lap. She had always been
the cuddler of the family, which was okay with Joey, since she was such a good
one. She leaned back against his chest, and the scent of the fruit-scented
shampoo in her hair was quite stimulating. She was wearing her purple pajamas
that felt quite smooth and soft, and Joey was jealous of the fact that the girls
always got the good stuff to wear and let her know. Stephanie giggled and said
he was being silly. Well, of course he was being silly. After all, he was a
comedian, and it came naturally.
Joey was also jealous of something else: here he was, a thirty-something
single guy with no social life to speak of, sitting on a couch with a very
pretty girl who was at least twenty years too young for him. After all,
Stephanie was by far the epitome of cuteness, with big blue eyes, a button nose,
and curly hair that cascaded down her shoulders. Her skin was smooth and
unblemished. She was just pure little girl, and Joey couldn't help but wish
that he could find someone just like her, just a bit older.
Stephanie shifted, trying to get comfortable. Joey realized that she
was sitting directly on his cock, which had since begun to stir as his mind
wandered along the possibilities of a mature Stephanie in his life. In fact, it
was rising quite vertically, which was about to become very uncomfortable for
both him and Stephanie. Her pajamas weren't very thick fabric-wise, and he was
wearing nothing but a pair of sweat-pants.
Joey did his best to shift positions himself, and Stephanie shifted with
him. He managed to get his now engorged member to lie flat against him, and
Stephanie settled back against him, her tiny butt cheeks settling on either side
of his cock. She rose a little bit, then looked back at Joey curiously. Then
she smiled, sat back down, and wiggled her little ass against his manhood.
Joey began to sweat. Did Stephanie realize what she was sitting on?
And if she did, why on earth did she sit back down on it? He certainly did not
mind. But she's only SIX, for crying out loud, he thought to himself. But who
was he kidding? The moment he was asked by his best friend Danny to come live
with him and help take care of his girls he couldn't get this little vixen out
of his mind. Since he was a teen-ager he knew he was a pedophile, and since
Danny and his wife had the girls he had never passed up the opportunity to visit
and admire the girls as they grew. DJ was always a cute little girl, with a
wide smile and just enough baby-fat to be cute but not chubby. Stephanie was
perfect; not a flaw on that tiny little goddess.
But that was only in his mind. The thought of actually DOING anything
with the girls was out of the question. He would never get the opportunity;
girls this age weren't interested in such things. So he only admired from a
Until today. This tiny little angel was actually SITTING on his cock,
and moreover she seemed to LIKE it! It was all he could do to keep his head as
the movie continued.
The story continued as Joey remembered it: the witch was dead, the old
man was behind the curtain, the balloon left without everyone, and Dorothy woke
up in her own bed realizing it was all a dream. But he certainly didn't watch
very much; his mind was on his cock and the girl who was sitting on it,
occasionally moving her bottom and making Joey wonder if she was trying to get
comfortable or trying to drive him crazy. She was accomplishing the latter.
"Well, Steph, what did you think?" he asked.
"I loved it," said Stephanie as she slid from his lap. "Can we watch it
again? Tonight? Pleeeeeeez?"
"Sorry, girl. It's ten now, and you're supposed to go to bed. You told
me that yourself, remember?"
"But you always let me stay up later!" she argued.
"Not this time." He stood and took her hand, then led her up the
stairs. "There's something I have to do, and I can't have you staying up too
They entered the girls' room, and Stephanie hopped into bed. "Now go
right to sleep, Steph. We'll have plenty of time to do stuff tomorrow."
"Oh, okay," Stephanie said, resigned. She hopped onto her bed and slid
under the covers. Joey moved to the night stand to switch off the light, and he
noticed Stephanie's eyes focus on the huge bulge that rose tent-like in his
sweatpants. Panicked, he quickly switched off the light. He heard Stephanie
giggle in the darkness. "G'night, Joey," she said.
"Good night, Steph," said Joey as he quickly moved through the door.
He hurried to the basement where his new bedroom was. He definitely had
something to do, and it had a great deal to do with his relieving of the
pressure in his cock on which a beautiful six-year-old sat for the better part
of two hours. As soon as he staggered down the bed into his room he shucked off
his sweatpants and began pumping his swollen cock like a madman. Stephanie's
beautiful and innocent face never left his mind as he jerked. He knew it was
only a matter of seconds before his seed would explode from him and . . .
"I knew it!" came the voice from the stairs on the other side of the
Joey froze in mid-stroke and turned to see Stephanie standing wide-eyed
and smiling on the third stair from the bottom. There was no lock on the inside
of the door, since technically it was a garage and the lock had been on the
opposite side; Joey never worried about it, because the girls always respected
his privacy. That is, until now.
"Stephanie, what--" he managed to spit out as he reached for his pillow
to cover himself.
"The wicked witch scared me, so I couldn't sleep," Stephanie explained
as she walked deeper into Joey's bedroom. "I wanted to know if I could sleep in
here with you."
"Steph, you're going to have to--" Joey tried to say.
"No, don't cover it up!" demanded Stephanie as she climbed up on the
bed. "I wanna see it. I never saw a grown man's wiener before, but I felt it
through your pants during the movie."
"Steph, I don't think this is such a good idea," Joey said.
Stephanie would have none of that. She grabbed at the pillow and
tugged. "Come on, Joey, show it to me! You've seen me plenty of times in the
bath tub!"
That he did, and those images would forever be etched in his mind. She
had the most perfect little ass he had ever seen, and her skin practically
glowed when it was wet. And now that perfect vision was trying to get a look at
his manhood. He was torn between his friendship with Danny and his animal-like
lust for this little slice of perfection. What would Danny say if he did
anything with his daughter?
The lust began to win out. Joey made a very futile attempt to hold the
pillow in place before letting it go, sending Stephanie tumbling backward on the
bed. She righted herself in time to see the most amazing thing she had ever
seen in her life. Joey's cock stood at attention a full eight inches long. Her
wide blue eyes grew even wider as she took in the sight. She had seen pictures,
as well as the tiny excuse for a penis on Harry her schoolmate, but she never
imagined such a magnificent cock existed in all the universe.
"Wow," was all she could say.
Joey knew he was already waist deep and decided he might as well stick
his head under. "Would you like to touch it?" he asked.
Stephanie didn't need to be asked twice, as her tiny hands wrapped
around the huge shaft as best they could. She stroked it a couple times, then
removed one hand to fondle the ball sack below. She drew a finger along the
crown of his cock, which sent shivers of pleasure through his body. Stephanie
smiled. She knew that she had caused that, and the thought of having such
control over a grown man was exhilarating, even if it was only Joey.
"Why were you rubbing it before?" she asked.
"Well, when I rub it, it feels very good," Joey explained, wondering how
he could ever be so open with the child. "It feels even better when someone
else does it, like you're doing now."
"It feels good when I rub my thing too," said Stephanie. "But I don't
get to do it much because of DJ. She's always around."
"You can do it now, if you want. DJ's not here, is she?"
Stephanie brightened. Without a second thought she shed her pajama
bottoms, then clasped one hand around Joey's cock and began to fondle herself
with the other. Joey knew exactly when she found her most sensitive spot, as
she seemed to jump and gasp all of a sudden. She concentrated less on his
member as she drew her attention to the growing feeling in her own groin. Her
breathing grew shorter and quicker, and her hips began a slow, rhythmic thrust
against her hand. Joey sat in wonder as he watched this six-year-old work her
way to climax.
Finally he could stand it no longer; he had to have a part in this
girl's first orgasm. He grabbed her by the hips and forced her to her back on
the bed, then shoved his face into her tiny cunt, lapping furiously. Stephanie
squealed in pleasure, grabbing him by the hair and forcing him deeper between
her legs. He concentrated on her tiny yet erect clit, and her hips began to
buck wildly. Joey had to hold her down to keep his tongue on target.
Her body stiffened, her back arched. "JOOOEEEEEEEEYYYYYY!!!!!" she
cried, then she was lost as the orgasm washed over her small body. She spasmed
over and over, then collapsed on the bed as the climax was spent. She gasped
for breath, then looked up into Joey's face which was covered in her own juices.

"That was . . . I've never . . ." she said between breaths. "Can we do
it again?"
"Well, Steph, I don't know . . ." began Joey.
"I wanna do it all!" she exclaimed, raising herself on her elbows. "I
wanna do everything with you! Please, Joey? I've never wanted anything more in
my whole life!"
"Stephanie, I don't think you know what you're asking for," Joey tried
to explain.
"I know exactly what I'm asking for. Harry told me all about it. He's
got HBO. I want you to fuck me, Joey. And I want you to do it right now."
Joey's mind reeled at the revelation. The girl actually wanted sex with
him. It was a dream come true! But he had to go slowly. She might be eager,
but in her eagerness he might just hurt her.
"Okay, girl, let's just take this one step at a time," said Joey.
Stephanie would have none of that at all. She pushed Joey back onto the
bed and grabbed his swollen cock between her hands. Her lips slid across the
bulbous head of his manhood and sucked furiously, her hands pumping whatever bit
of cock that couldn't fit in her mouth. Joey groaned at the sight and feel of
this tiny angel working his manhood like a professional. He knew it was a
matter of moments before he filled her mouth with his cream, and as much as he
wished to do so, he didn't want to scare the girl off with such a demonstration.
She had no idea what was coming.
"Steph, I . . . think you should . . . stop now before . . ." he tried
to say, but the climax welling up in his body stifled any literate conversation,
and all he could manage was a "Wwwrrrraaauuugh!" as his cock let loose its load,
filling Stephanie's mouth and spilling out the sides. Stephanie pulled away,
coughing, and several more streams of cum slapped her in the face and hair.
Joey's cock convulsed a few more times, and the streams became dribbles. Joey
could only lay on the bed repeating "Oh wow . . . oh, wow."
"Eeewww, gross," said Stephanie, wiping the cream from her face. "What
is this stuff?"
Joey looked up at the sticky child. "Oh, I'm sorry, Steph. I wasn't
supposed to let that happen . . ."
"Oh, is this the stuff that makes babies?" Stephanie asked, brightening.
"Well, yes. When a man . . ."
Stephanie didn't wait for the lesson on reproduction and began to scoop
the cum from her hair and from around Joey's cock. She shoved it home into her
tiny slit with her fingers, doing her best to get in every last drop. When she
was done she licked her fingers clean. "Kinda salty, but not bad," she said.
That erotic sight caused his limp cock to immediately jump to attention,
not without the attention of Stephanie. "Oh, good, you're big again! Will you
fuck me now, Joey?"
Joey was still having second thoughts. "I don't know, Steph. You're
still a bit too young for that, and I might hurt you."
Stephanie straddled his chest and leaned down, her sticky little vagina
rubbing against his body. "Look, Joey, I'm not a baby any more. I'm six years
old. I can handle this. Now are you gonna fuck me or not?"
Joey's last bit of resistance faded as he looked into the child's wide,
anxious blue eyes. Oh, how much he wanted to be in her! It may cost him his
friendship with Danny and maybe several years of his life in the state
penitentiary, but this little goddess made the choice quite easy.
"Okay," said Joey with a little more determination. "But not in your
pussy the first time. It'll be easier to go into your butt anyway, and if you
don't like it we don't have to do any more."
"Aw, but Joey--" Stephanie protested as she slid from his chest to allow
him up.
"Don't be in such a hurry. We have all weekend." Joey pulled a tube of
k-y jelly from his nightstand drawer. He never knew why he kept it; maybe he
expected his dreams to come true. Either way, it was going to come in handy
tonight. He spread a liberal amount on his throbbing cock, then turned
Stephanie onto her hands and knees and applied as much as he could to her tiny
asshole, slipping a finger in and out to relax it.
"Ooo, that feels so weird," she half-moaned.
"You think THAT feels weird, wait until I shove into you," Joey replied.
"Oh, hurry hurry hurry! I can't wait any longer! I GOTTA know what
this is like.
Joey kneeled on the bed behind Stephanie and guided his member to the
liberally lubricated target. Stephanie's butt certainly wasn't high enough on
the bed, so he lifted it until her knees rested on the sides of Joey's thighs.
The head of his cock pressed against her tiny asshole that opened
ever-so-slightly to the pressure. Joey thought his brain was about to explode!
He was about to butt-fuck the most beautiful creature to ever walk the face of
the earth!
"Push it in, Joey!" urged Stephanie. "Push it in!"
Joey needed no more encouragement. He threw gentleness to the wind and
shoved Stephanie back on his cock. Her asshole gave, and half of his shaft
disappeared into the tiny child.
"OOOoooOOOOOO!" she moaned. "GOSH, that feels so . . . oh, WOW!"
Joey heard none of Stephanie's reaction. His mind was occupied by the
fact that his cock was being squeezed like a vice inside Stephanie's rectum. He
began to pump in and out, pulling Stephanie up and down on his shaft. She never
stopped making noises that bounced in volume as she was fucked. She reached
down with one hand and rubbed her tiny clit, doubling the sensations she was
"AAAaaaaaAAAaaaaaAAAaaaaaAAAaaaaaAAA. . . !"
"Cool!" came a voice from the stairs.
Joey stopped and looked up in horror at the two girls standing at the
foot of the stairs and watching with fascination. DJ and her friend Kimmie
stood wide-eyed and smiling from ear to ear.
"Woah, major butt-fucking action here," said Kimmie in her usual
"We were bored and came over to see if you wanted company," said DJ. "I
guess you don't."
"Uh . . . DJ," Joey said, fumbling for words, "it's not what it looks
DJ never stopped smiling as she approached the bed. "Well, Joey, it
LOOKS like you've got your dick shoved into Steph's butt and that you're fucking
Joey sighed. "Okay, it IS what it looks like." He then borrowed an
exclamation he had heard from little Stephanie for years: "I'm dead meat!"
"Well, actually," said DJ, circling the bed, "Dad and I were wondering
when you'd finally DO it."
"WHAT?!" cried Joey and Stephanie in unison.
DJ, unplussed, shoved Stephanie deeper onto Joey's cock. "I MEAN," she
continued, "that Dad and Uncle Jessie and I have known that Joey has the hots
for Stephanie for a whole year. We figured it was only a matter of time before
you finally fucked her brains out."
"Yeah, and I won the pool, too," said Kimmie, holding up a ticket.
"You . . . you mean you and Danny and Jessie EXPECTED this to happen?"
sputtered Joey.
"Sure. Dad and I have been doing it for about three years now, and
Uncle Jessie joined in as soon as he moved in."
"Yeah, he even diddled ME last week," said Kimmie. "He only PRETENDS he
can't stand me."
Joey shook his head in confusion. This had to be one big dream he was
having, and before long he would wake up in his bed wearing his Scooby Doo
pajamas with a huge stain in the front from his tremendous wet dream. But in
the mean time he should make the best of it . . .
"You mean Daddy and Uncle Jessie do this to YOU?" asked Stephanie.
"Yeah, Steph," said DJ. "And when they get back they'll fuck you as
much as you want."
"No, I DON'T want," said Stephanie, pulling herself off of Joey's cock
and wrapping her arms around his neck. "Joey's the ONLY one I want to do it
"Wow, do you really mean that, Steph?" Joey asked.
"Mm-hmm," agreed the youngest sibling, nodding her head and causing her
curls to bounce. "Now forget the butt. Are we gonna do this the right way or
Joey was too excited for words. Not only was he making love to the
most beautiful creature in the world, but his friends actually WANTED him to do
so. And now she was demanding that he have her all to himself! This was an
opportunity not to be missed.
"If you say so, little princess," he replied. "DJ, Kimmie, could we
have a little privacy?"
"Hell, no!" demanded Kimmie. "I wouldn't miss this for the world."
DJ shrugged. "Sorry, Joey, but it looks like you're gonna have an
"Do you mind?" he asked Stephanie.
"I don't care, Joey," she said. "Just hurry up and stick it in. I've
been waiting all NIGHT for this!"
Stephanie climbed from Joey's lap and lay on her back on his bed, her
legs splayed wide and her tiny hole visible and inviting. Joey kneeled before
the sight that he had dreamed of for so many months. The tiny child, so
beautiful, so innocent . . . so HIS. He leaned over, took a firm grip of
Stephanie's waist, and lifted her to his throbbing member. Stephanie pushed
herself forward on her forearms, showing no patience whatsoever, but Joey wanted
to go slow, to savor the moment. The engorged head of his cock rested against
Stephanie's tiny vagina, already wet and lubricated from his tongue-lashing just
a little while ago.
"What are you waiting for, Joey?" asked DJ from her viewing place at the
edge of the bed. "Just fuck her!"
"Steph, this could hurt a bit," he warned.
"Oh, just hurry up!" she snapped back. "I can take it."
"Okay." Joey took a breath, then began to push his cock home. The tip
of the head began to disappear into Stephanie's vice-like vagina, and she
grunted but said nothing. Joey pushed deeper, savoring the sensations that
vibrated from his cock through his entire body. He hit the barrier of her
virginity and stopped, catching his breath and keeping himself from cumming on
the spot.
"Steph, I'm gonna push real hard, and this'll definitely hurt," he
explained. "But it'll only hurt the first time, and we can't do this unless I
do it now. Okay?"
Stephanie didn't quite understand what Joey was talking about, but she
Joey decided that the best route to go was the quick one, and she drove
his cock through her newly ravaged hymen. She cried out and struggled, but Joey
held her firm, picking her up and holding her tightly against his body. His
cock was half-way in, and a tiny trickle of blood ran down the shaft. He
thought that she would squeeze it off in that tight pussy of hers.
"It's okay, Steph," Joey said, stroking her hair. He began to slowly
pump his cock in and out, working deeper and deeper as he held her. Stephanie's
sobs quieted, then turned to mild whimpers, then slowly became sighs of
pleasure. He loosened his grip on her, and soon she was doing all of the work,
her hands on his shoulders and her body bouncing up and down on his shaft. She
grunted with each thrust, her eyes fluttering in what Joey could only assume was
pure, raw pleasure. His own cock throbbed, and he could only lean back and let
the child work her unique magic on him.
It was quite a site to behold for the two older girls who watched with
awe. DJ had reached a hand into her jeans and was rubbing her own swollen clit.
Kimmie had shucked off her mini-skirt and panties and was attacking her
love-button with both hands. Joey and Stephanie were lost in their own little
world of raw sex, the tiny figure of Stephanie impaled on Joey's huge manhood
and attempting with each thrust to swallow every last inch within her.
Stephanie's moans became quick gasps, and her rhythmic dance on his cock
became more frenzied. Joey felt his balls rise up into his body and his shaft
swell. He grabbed Stephanie's head and drew it to his own into a deep kiss,
then they were both awash in their respective orgasms, Stephanie's body jerking
and spasming and Joey's cock filling her womb with burst after burst of semen.
Their climax seemed to last forever, but finally they both collapsed, Stephanie
atop Joey. His quickly deflating cock popped out of her vagina with a slippery
"pop," and whatever love juices that could not remain where they were deposited
dribbled onto his crotch and legs.
"I love you, Joey," said Stephanie, and she kissed him hard on the lips.
"I love you too, Steph," he replied, rubbing her back.
"Wow, that was awesome!" said DJ.
"Yeah," added Kimmie. "So how about it, Mister J? Ready to give us a
shot at it?"
Joey sighed, looking into Stephanie's deep blue eyes. "Sorry, girls,"
he replied. "I have everything I want right here."
Kimmie shrugged. "Suit yourself. Come on, Deej. I got a nice
battery-powered surprise for you back in my room."
The two older girls left, and Joey and Stephanie drifted off to sleep in
each other's arms. Joey was still convinced this was a dream, a fantasy made up
by his sub-conscious to entertain him in his slumber.
It was a dream come true when he awoke the next morning with Stephanie
still lying on top of him . . .


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